Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire - Introduction by pptfiles


									Attached is a copy of our Client Satisfaction Questionnaire. The information you provide will play
an essential role in the ability of internal audit to better meet your expectations for services. I want
to thank you in advance for your willingness to participate in our client satisfaction program.

To complete the survey:

1. Launch the CSQ Template.
2. To select your responses, click on the gray boxes located in the right-hand column of the
   questionnaire. A drop-down box of responses will appear for your selection. On page 2 of the
   survey, there are gray text fields for any comments that you may have.
3. Save the completed questionnaire on your hard drive, click the reply button on the original
   email, attach the completed questionnaire, and click the send button to submit your

If possible, please respond by (insert date). We look forward to your response and will contact
you regarding any comments that require our attention or clarification.

Thank you for your help with this important matter.

(insert name)
(insert position title)
(insert company name)

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