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					CSCE 101 – Introduction to Computer
Concepts                                         Attendance:
Syllabus - Spring 2011
                                                       Attendance in the lab is important for
                                                        the proper understanding of this
Instructor: Heath Carroll                               course. Labs and classes are equally
Office Hours: M-Th, 10:00-11:00am                       important, and excessive absences
(Subject to change)                                     from either will affect your final
Email:                            grade.
Phone: 803-777-5609                                    As per USC policy, "Absence from
                                                        more than 10 percent of the
                                                        scheduled class sessions, whether
Required Text: Computer Science                         excused or unexcused, is excessive
Illuminated, fourth edition by Nell Dale and            and the instructor may choose to
John Lewis                                              exact a grade penalty for such
                                                        absences." from:
Grading Policy                                          dregs.html.

A: 90-100, B+: 87-89, B: 80-86, C+: 77-          Note: ATTENDENCE IN LAB IS
79,C: 70-76, D+: 67-69, D: 60-66, F: < 60        REQUIRED AND LOGGED!!!. You
                                                 cannot sign the sign- in sheet and leave
Homework and Quizzes (10%), Test 1               before the lab time is over. If you do, you
(20%), Test 2 (20%), Final (20%), Labs           will be marked absent. If you are done with
(30%)                                            the lab assigned for the week, then you must
                                                 show it to me before leaving.
Grades will be posted on Blackboard as
soon as I have them.

NOTE: YOU MUST PASS LAB TO PASS                  Lecture Policies:
(<60%) WILL RESULT IN A FAILURE                        There will be a quiz or homework
FOR THE ENTIRE COURSE.                                  due about once a week (typically
                                                        Mondays). The lowest
                                                        homework/quiz grade will be
Course Goals:                                          Exams are composed of about 20
                                                        short answer questions. The exams
Students will be expected to become                     are not trivial and require thorough
familiar with many important topics relating            understanding of the course material.
to modern computing. They will also be                  Most questions will follow directly
exposed to basic programming fundamentals               from homework and quiz questions.
through the use of XHTML, Alice, and Ch                A cumulative make-up test will be
as well as being required to use Microsoft              given at the end of the semester for
Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Applications.               students who miss an exam and have
Lab assignments are geared toward helping               a legitimate excuse confirmed by the
the student learn to apply knowledge gained             instructor.
in lecture to real world application software.         Absolutely no late work is accepted
                                                        except for documented emergencies..
      You must pass the lab to pass the         Students are expected to follow the
       course. In other words, you cannot        University of South Carolina Honor Code
       pass the course if you fail the lab       ( and
       even if you have a passing grade for      expect that any suspected violations will be
       the lecture part of the course.           reported. All work, either for lecture or lab,
                                                 should be the sole effort of the student who
                                                 is submitting that work. Basically DON’T
                                                 CHEAT!! Some examples of cheating are:
Lab Policies:
                                                 1. Sharing, giving and/or receiving
      Attendance for labs is mandatory          assignments with other students. Do not
       and will be tracked in lab. Penalties     share copies of your files in any format
       WILL be enforced accordingly.             (hard copy, electronic file, sharing USBs,
      Late work is accepted up to a week        etc.) with other students.
       after the original due date and time.     2. Looking over another student’s shoulder
       The work will be penalized by 15%         in lab and copying their work.
       if it is late. No work will be accepted   3. Having another student dictate to you
       after the two weeks are over without      what to write word for word
       proof of a major emergency.               4. Although giving your account
      Using the lab when another class is       username/password to another students is
       in session is prohibited. You may         not cheating in and of itself, it may lead to
       use the lab only during your lab          unauthorized copying of your documents, so
       time or the open lab hours, which         don’t do it
       will be posted on the lab doors. A        5. Since this class is intended to teach
       lab monitor will be available to          XHTML programming, use of an HTML
       answer your questions.                    editor that generates HTML automatically
      Be on time, and do not hesitate to        (e.g. MS Word, Frontpage, DreamWeaver,
       ask for help or clarifications.           etc.) is considered cheating and will be
      If you have problems in lab, get          treated accordingly
       help! Try not to fall behind. Every
       instructor in Sumwalt 340 can (and        Note: If you are having any problems with
       will) help you if you ask. Don’t be       any parts of the class or the labs email me or
       shy.                                      you can come by the 101/102 office in
                                                 Sumwalt room 340 when during my, or
Note: In addition to the regular labs and        another instructor’s, office hours. In
lectures, there will be open lab hours.          addition, there are lab monitors during open
Students are encouraged to make proper use       lab hours that can help you with your lab
of them for regular submission of lab            work.
assignments. Times are to be determined.

Academic Responsibility

Students are required to read the article
"What every college student should know"
found at
onse.htm .

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