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									 F O U N D A T I O N

NEWSLETTER/ANNUAL REPORT OF THE DECA TUR EDUCA TION FOUNDA TION, INC.                                           Fall 2004 • Volume 3, No. 1

DEF Student EdVentures Program
Sends Decatur Kids Packing

       n the fall of 2003, the Decatur Education Foundation (DEF)              classroom. Though books have great value, there is a dimension to
       launched a new program called Student EdVentures.                       learning that cannot be captured in a book. Some things simply
       Targeted toward middle and high school students, the pro-               must be experienced to be understood.
       gram is designed to give support to Decatur teenagers who                  During the 2003-2004 school year, DEF granted nine Student
hope to take advantage of an educational enrichment opportunity                EdVenture Scholarships to Decatur High School students. Their
that takes place outside the regular school day or school year and             EdVentures took them to Italy to study mask-making, to South
requires some form of travel.                                                  Africa to celebrate the 10th anniversary of freedom from apartheid,
  For anyone who has been fortunate enough to travel, it is clear              and to Virginia’s Washington and Lee University for a Summer
that some of life’s best learning experiences happen outside the               Scholars program. These are their stories.

                                                                                                      Summer Scholars at
  Studying with the                                                                                   Washington and Lee
  Masters in Florence                                                                                 by Beth Mack, DHS Class of 2005
  by Lizzy Smith,
  DHS Class of 2005                                                                                   THIS SUMMER I PARTICIPATED IN A PROGRAM
                                                                                                      called Summer Scholars at Washington
  TO ME, ITALY WAS EVERYTHING I                                                                       and Lee in Lexington, Virginia. I attend-
  expected and more. The historic                                                                     ed three classes each day, American
  buildings, famous artwork and                                                                                               continued on page 2
  beautiful landscape took my
  breath away. Though we visited
  Milan, Padua and Venice, the
  most interesting part of the
                                        Lizzy Smith (right) works on her mask in Professor Dessi’s
  whole two week trip was our           studio.
  stay in Florence (Firenze).
     While in Florence, we stayed in a little apartment located on the other side of the
  Arno river from the main part of the city. The view was amazing. Every day, we would
  wake up and go roam the streets of Florence. We would go to museums, eat at deli-
  cious restaurants or just find new shops to explore. Then around 15:30 (3:30 pm), we
  would head over to the workshop where we learned how to make authentic paper
  maché masks from Professor Augustino Dessi. We spent about 20 hours in five days
  learning how to make masks using traditional methods. The workshop was packed
  with old masks that had been made by other students through the years.
     Our class consisted of me, my friend Corrye Mobley, our teacher Ms. Keith-Ott, two
  American teachers who were teaching at an Army school in Germany, a guy from
  California who owned his own theater, and a Japanese lady who knew very little
  English and some Italian. This group of such a random handful of people came to
  share the same very special experience. At the end of our class, our teacher, Professor
  Dessi had us all over to his apartment for a home cooked Italian dinner. This was such                Beth Mack at
  a wonderful experience for me — an experience I’ll carry with me for the rest of my                   Washington and
  life thanks to the generosity of the Decatur Education Foundation. Grazie!                            Lee University
Edventures                                        we had a dance and some kind of social             country and around the world, I also met
continued from page 1                             activity. The first week was casino night,         two other people from the City of Decatur
                                                  the second was Lip-sync, which is where a          whom I did not know before but am good
Political System, Civil Liberties and Civil       group of people come up with a routine             friends with now. I learned a lot more than
Rights, and Political Rhetoric. Although          and pretend to sing a song, and the third          the things taught in the classes. I learned
the classes only lasted until noon, I was         weekend was the talent show. While I was           responsibility with my time and what to
working on homework until late in the             there, I joined the knitting club which met        expect from college. Many thanks to the
night, but I really enjoyed it.                   everyday; I am now an accomplished knit-           foundation for the scholarship. This was
  On the weekends we participated in              ter who can knit, purl, increase, and              an experience that I will never forget and
many side trips that included hiking, vol-        decrease.                                          an experience that will help me in choos-
unteering, Wal-Mart runs. Every weekend              I met many people from across the               ing a college that is right for me.

 Celebrating the
 End of Apartheid                                                                                               formed at an event called “Ten
 in South Africa                                                                                                Years of Our Democracy,” hosted
                                                                                                                by the King-Luthuli
 by Derrion Myrick, DHS                                                                                         Transformation Center. Later
 Class of 2007                                                                                                  that evening, we saw a docu-
                                                                                                                mentary on 20th Century
 ON FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2004, I                                                                                   Nonviolence Struggles that was
 departed Atlanta Hartsfield-                                                                                   very interesting for all of us.
 Jackson International Airport for                                                                                 During the next several days
 the adventure of a lifetime. I                                                                                 we took scenic tours through the
 couldn’t believe the day was                                                                                   mountains and townships of
 finally here, and I was on my                                                                                  South Africa, got to see gold
 way to Johannesburg, South                                                                                     mines and diamond cutting, and
 Africa. As South African Airways                                                                               viewed big game on an African
 began to call seat numbers for                                                                                 Safari. On our journey to Cape
 boarding the plane, my emotions                                                                                Town, I saw the Indian Ocean
 were running high. I felt like I                                                                               and the place where
 had run a marathon and                                                                                         Bartholomew Dias landed after
 crossed the finish line first.        Front row: Phyllis Primus, Tireje Dickson, Jayne Walton, Shannon         rounding the Cape of South
                                       Zackery, Derrius Myrick; second row: Chris Carter, Aretha Foster,
    After 18 very long hours, our Ericka Reese, ChastitySimon; back row: Derrion Myrick, Lapurchea              Africa and a lot of very beautiful
 flight landed in South Africa. A      Hill, Andrea Middlebrooks                                                scenery.
 lot of questions began going                                                                                      While in Cape Town, we visit-

 through my mind: What would                            It’s hard for me to                                     ed Robben Island where
 the people be like? How would the food                                                               President Nelson Mandela was held 19 of
 be? How would the people treat me?                capture what this trip                             the 27 years he spent in prison. It was a
 Once we passed through customs, I                 meant to me in just a                              very moving experience to hear about the
 exchanged my American dollars for                                                                    way the prisoners were treated there. We
 South African Rand and for the first time
                                                   few words … it was the                             also visited Nelson Mandela High School.
 in my life I felt like a very rich man.
    Our group was greeted at the airport
 by Reverent Joseph N. Tshawant, the
 South African Founder and President of
                                                   trip of a lifetime.
                                                   Township to participate in an African wor-
                                                   ship service. Then, we toured the historic
                                                                                                      It is about three times as big as Decatur
                                                                                                      High and sits in the middle of a very
                                                                                                      poor part of town. We got to meet some
                                                                                                      of the students and teachers and talked
 the King-Luthuli Transformation Center,           city of Soweto including the Hector                about the differences and similarities in
 who would serve as our host and tour              Peterson Memorial and President Nelson             our cultures. That was fascinating for me.
 guide. After checking in to our hotel, we         Mandela’s home where he lived with his                It’s hard to capture what this trip
 went to have dinner at Mandela Square.            wife Winnie when he was first arrested.            meant to me in just a few words. As I
 It reminded me of the Omni. It had a              After the tour, we ate at a restaurant that        said before, it was the trip of a lifetime,
 mall and a hotel and several fine restau-         was the equivalent of Paschals Restaurant          and I am appreciative of Sgt. Primus for
 rants — it all felt very familiar — at least      in Atlanta. Many South Africans met there          arranging it and to the Decatur
 for a short time.                                 to organize rallies against apartheid. That        Education Foundation for giving me the
    The next day we went to Soweto                 evening, the DHS JROTC Chorus per-                 scholarship to go.

Mini-Grant and Construction for Instruction Grant Recipients
In 2003, the foundation board expanded            Project: Africa: Art, Music, and Dance           Project: Culture Club
the mini-grants program to include a fall         Amount awarded: $1,400                           Amount awarded: $500
giving cycle in addition to the spring cycle.     Teacher: Virginia Maxfield                       Teacher: Amy Lighthill
This, combined with the Construction for          For two performances of African Uhuru            To provide funds for disadvantaged students
Instruction grants program, resulted in an        Dancers and Drummers at Oakhurst                 from Renfroe Middle School to participate in
increase in total giving for grants to            Elementary and Winnona Park Elementary.          student outings to cultural events in Atlanta.
approximately $29,000.
                                                  Project: SAT Prep Course                         Project: Advanced Placement Biology
Mini-Grant Recipients                             Amount awarded: $7,000                           Amount awarded: $1,025
Fall 2003 (for 2003-2004                          Administrator: Karen Davenport                   Teacher: Amanda Lockhart
school year)                                      To offer a Princeton Review SAT prep course      To purchase biology labs on CD ROM for use
                                                  for a targeted group of 25 students at Decatur   with the Advanced Placement Biology pro-
Project: Sound Learning                           High School.                                     gram at Decatur High School.
Amount awarded: $1,000
Teachers: Anne Putnam, Mandy Peters,              Mini-Grant Recipients                            Project: Election 2004
and Rachel Duys                                   Spring 2004 (for 2004-2005                       Amount awarded: $450
A collaboration with Atlanta Symphony             school year)                                     Teachers: Theresa Schilling and Barbara
Orchestra to infuse music instruction into the                                                     Sherman
curriculum at Glennwood Elementary.               Project: The Game of Life – Using                To purchase software, books and simulation
                                                  Recreational Mathematics                         games to teach children at Glennwood
Project: California Here We Come                  Amount awarded: $265                             Academy about the presidential election
Amount awarded: $1,800                            Teachers: Marcia Pauly and Barbara               process.
Teachers: Hamilton Edwards, Tom                   Sherman
Seetoo, Melanie Wilder                            To purchase classical books on recreational      Project: Garage Band
To assist students with travel expenses associ-   mathematics for the Glennwood library to         Amount awarded: $800
ated with attending the International Media       enhance student use of the Game of Life soft-    Teacher: Rob Hodges
Festival in Anaheim, California.                  ware program.                                    To purchase software that assists students with
                                                                                                   original musical compositions.
Project: Living History Museum Featuring          Project: The Boys’ Book Club
Famous Women Throughout U.S. History              Amount awarded: $512                             Project: Junior Master Gardeners
Amount awarded: $450                              Teachers: Barbara Sherman and Harold             Amount awarded: $1,500
Teachers: Theresa Schilling and Barbara           Rall                                             Teachers: Mary Farmer (CSD) and Mary
Sherman                                           To purchase books for use with an after-school   Miller (Decatur Recreation Center)
To purchase books about women in history          book club for boys at Glennwood Academy.         To purchase materials associated with the
that will be used for student research at                                                          experiential curriculum for Junior Master
Winnona Park Elementary.                                                                           Gardeners at the After School Program for
                                                                                                   3rd-5th grades.
                                                                                                                              continued on page 4

  Hamilton Edwards teaches Barbara Sherman and Willie
  Washington how to operate equipment for their new TV                   Glennwood music teacher Rob Hodges
  production project at Glennwood Academy.                               shows children how to create rhythms.

                                                                                                     FALL 2004 • FOUNDATION FOOTNOTES • 3
Grants                                             To provide funds for enrichment activities     Sherman and Willie Washington
continued from page 3                              associated with the high school student men-   For the creation of a TV news show at
                                                   toring program known as T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R.       Glennwood Academy.
Project: I Read It, But I Don’t Get It
Amount awarded: $1,200                             Project: ActivBoard                            Project: TV Studio Improvements
Teacher: Carole Jenkins                            Amount awarded: $1,795                         Amount awarded: $1,100
To buy supplies to implement ideas from Cris       Teacher: Joe Winterscheidt                     Teacher: Hamilton Edwards
Tovani’s work titled “I Read It, But I Don’t Get   To purchase an ActivBoard for use with high    To purchase a character generator and light-
It” in high school remedial reading classes.       school chemistry and physics classes.          ing for the Oakhurst TV News Show.

Project: T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R.                          Project: Production of a School TV News        Project: Summer Reading Program
Amount awarded: $500                               Show                                           Amount awarded: $1,500
Teachers: Charlette DeLoach and Patricia           Amount awarded: $3,000                         Teacher: Cara Cassell
Douglas                                            Teachers: Hamilton Edwards, Barbara            To purchase books for the 11th grade summer
                                                                                                  reading program at Decatur High School.

 Angelina Cavalli studies
 video production under
 the direction of teacher
                                                                                                  Construction for Instruction
 Jon Reese at DHS.                                                                                Grants 2004

                                                                                                  Project: Advanced Body Building
                                                                                                  Amount awarded: $100
                                                                                                  Teacher: Amanda Lockhart
                                                                                                  To build a frame for physiology models.

                                                                                                  Project: Broadcasting News Desk
                                                                                                  Amount awarded: $1,500
                                                                                                  Teacher: Jon Reese
                                                                                                  To build a news desk for the Decatur High
                                                                                                  School Broadcast Journalism class.

                                                             Jenkins with
                                                             Saleban Ali


 Daniel is the manager of the Decatur
 Starbucks. He helped the foundation
 secure a grant from the Starbucks
 Foundation to support our literacy ini-
 tiatives. The grant will be used to con-
 duct Family Reading Nights at each of
 Decatur’s K-3 primary schools and the
 Early Childhood Learning Center.
 Decatur High School creative writing
 students will also be involved with the
 project. Family Reading Nights are
 scheduled on the following dates:

 Oct. 21    Winnona Park
 Nov. 11    Clairemont
 Dec. 1     Pre-K at Westchester
 Jan. 27    Oakhurst                                                                               Teacher Ann Moore assists students in the
                                                                                                   Sound Learning Program at Glennwood.

Join the Race!
3rd Annual 5K Road Race and
Fun Run Set for March 19, 2005

                  e have a new tradition at City Schools of Decatur. For the past two
                  years a 5K Road Race and Fun Run has been held in the spring to ben-
                  efit the Decatur Education Foundation.
                     More than 200 people from all age groups have participated each
year, and the winners have posted competitive times. Overall winners receive $100 gift
certificates, and prizes are raffled off for all runners at the end of the race.
   The race route starts at Decatur High School and winds through Decatur’s neighbor-
hood streets, passing Renfroe Middle School, Oakhurst Elementary and Winnona Park
Elementary. Since 2002, the race has helped to raise approximately $6,000 for founda-
tion programs.
   Mark your calendars now for the third annual 5K Road Race and Fun Run on March
19, 2005 – and join us! Information and applications will be available soon from or or
   We would like to thank the following sponsors
of our second annual 5K Road Race:

ReMax Executive Emilie Markert
One Step at a Time
Fitness Together
Dorough and Dorough, LLC
Twain’s Billiards and Tap
New Beginning Full Gospel Baptist Church
Agnes Scott College
Edward Jones Investments
SunTrust Bank

                                                      Third Annual
                                                      CSD 5K Road Race and
                                                      One-Mile Fun Run
                                                         to benefit the Decatur Education Foundation

                                                      Mark Your Calendar! March 19, 2005
                                                      Registration fee (before March 13, 2005):
                                                      $17 adults, $10 children under 12
                                                      Online registration will be available at and www.rungeor-
                                             For information contact Ed Williams at
                                                      404-327-7738 or

                                                                                           FALL 2004 • FOUNDATION FOOTNOTES • 5
                                                                        LETTER FROM THE CHAIR
Changing of                                                             DEAR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS,
the Guard
                                                                              n May, the Decatur Education Foundation (DEF) cele-
                                                                              brated its third birthday! Much has happened since our
                                                                              creation. Our early successes and steady growth have

     t is not an overstatement to say that this organi-                       been due to the outstanding leadership of our first
     zation would not be where it is today without                      board chairman, Bob Wilson; the organizational skills of our
                                                                        executive director, Sherri Brown Breunig; the financial and
     the leadership of Bob Wilson.                                      time commitments of our entire board; and the ideas and
  At the foundation’s annual meeting in late April, Bob turned the      dollars that so many of you
chairman’s gavel over to Gayle Gellerstedt after having served as       have shared with us.
founding chair of the Decatur Education Foundation Board of                In the following pages, I
Directors for more than two years.                                      invite you to read about
   Bob brought experience, wisdom and energy to his position that       what DEF has accomplished
were invaluable in the founding of the organization.                    this past year. We have been
   It is impossible to adequately express our appreciation to both      able to provide more than
Bob and Lynda Wilson for their contribution to the establishment of     $25,000 in mini-grants to
the Decatur Education Foundation. As a small token of our thanks,       Decatur teachers for class-
we presented Bob with a framed photograph of Decatur High School        room innovation, $6,000 to students for study trips and lead-
created by local artist (and foundation supporter) Bill Bibb.           ership development, and have given more than 30 teachers
   Gayle Gellerstedt, who will serve as the chair of the foundation     funds to help with professional development opportunities.
board for 2004-2005, comes to us with an extensive leadership              We are also blessed to be able to work with the Woolf,
resume. She has served as president of the Atlanta Junior League        Hauk, Renfroe and Mealor families in establishing scholar-
and on the board of directors of both Agnes Scott College and           ships in memory of beloved family members, scholarships
Rabun Gap School. She, too, is a founding board member whose                                         that will reward outstanding
experience and wisdom have been very valuable to us, and we are         We have                      Decatur students for their service
lucky to have her.                                                      provided                     and academic achievement.
   Rotating off the board in the spring were Dr. Mary Brown                                             We’re proud of these achieve-
Bullock, Dennis Byerly and Jerry Eickhoff. We appreciate their          $25,000 to
                                                                                                     ments, but we know that there is
involvement and support in the establishment of the foundation          teachers for much more to do so we are in the
and look forward to their continued support in the future.
   The newest members of the board of directors were installed at       classroom                    process of planning for our
                                                                                                     future. Members of the various
the annual meeting. They are Emilie Markert of Remax Executives,        innovation                   board committees have begun
Gué Hudson of Agnes Scott College, and Jean Eickhoff, daughter
of former school superintendent Dr. Carl Renfroe. Valarie Wilson,
                                                                        and $6,000                   work on investment and scholar-
                                                                                                     ship policies, a development
who was elected as chair of the school board in January 2004, also      for student                  plan, a communications plan and
joined the foundation board of directors as an ex-officio member.       study trips                  an overall five-year strategic plan.
                                                                        and                          We hope to release details of our
                                                                                                     strategic vision within the next
                                                                        leadership                   six months.
                                                                        development Our goals are lofty and can
                                                                                                     only be reached by working
                                                                        together in partnership with the community – sharing our
                                                                        time, our talents, and our dollars. To those of you who are
                                                                        already supporters of the Decatur Education Foundation,
                                                                        please accept our sincere thanks. We hope that you will con-
                                                                        tinue to support us. To those who have not yet joined us,
                                                                        please consider doing so. We are honored to work together
                                                                        with all of our friends and neighbors in support of Decatur’s
                                                                        children and youth. Here’s to a great fourth year!


                                                                        D. Gayle Gellerstedt
Incoming DEF Board Chair Gayle Gellerstedt presents a framed photo-     Chair, Decatur Education Foundation Board
graph of Decatur High School to Bob Wilson.

Board of Directors                                        Gayle Gellerstedt    Tony Powers              David Ewing            Charles Orth
                                                                Chair           Vice-Chair               Secretary              Treasurer

Candler Broom    Susan Cobleigh    Haywood Curry       Walt Drake    Phyllis Edwards      James Eley          Bill Floyd           Bill Funk

Edith Hambie      Rich Mahaffey   Susan McCullar Laura Mendenhall      Lyn Menne          Mary Miller       Andre Pattillo       Jimmy Smith

                    Judy Turner   Sara Turnipseed      Ken Willis      Bob Wilson      Elizabeth Wilson    Sherri Breunig
                                                                                                          Executive Director

DEF Welcomes Four New Board Members
                 Emilie Markert has been a resident of the City of                    Gué Hudson has lived in Decatur for more than
                 Decatur for more than 20 years. She is in sales                      22 years and has worked at Agnes Scott College for
                 with Re-Max Executives and is currently involved                     29 years, where she currently serves as Vice
                 with the DeKalb Board of Realtors. She is a past                     President for Student Life and Community Relations
                 president of the Decatur Business Association                        and Dean of Students. In addition to the Decatur
                 (DBA) and serves on the board of directors for                       Education Foundation, Gué serves on the board of
                 both the DBA and Leadership DeKalb. She is mar-                      directors for the DeKalb Rape Crisis Center and
ried to Bill Markert.                                                Aldersgate. She is married to Bill Hudson and they have three sons.

                Jean Eickhoff, a long-time resident of Decatur, is                     Valarie Wilson, a resident of Decatur for 12 years,
                the daughter of former school superintendent Dr.                   was elected to serve as chair of the Decatur School
                Carl Renfroe. She is an active member of Decatur                   Board in January 2004. She is employed as the
                First United Methodist Church where she teaches                    Director of the Human Services Department for
                various Bible study classes. She attended Oxford                   the Fulton County Board of Commissioners and
                College and Emory University and later served on                   serves as an elder at Oakhurst Presbyterian
                the Oxford Advisory Board. She is married to Jerry                 Church. She is married to Carter Wilson and they
Eickhoff, and they have three children and two grandchildren.        have one son who attends Renfroe Middle School.

                                                                                                 FALL 2004 • FOUNDATION FOOTNOTES • 7
     Fall and Spring Fundraisers Support
     the Book Club

              he I Love to Read Book Club is a literacy
              initiative of the Decatur Education
              Foundation. Each year, funds from the
              Book Club are used to purchase books
     for the personal libraries of Decatur students in
     grades K-5. We believe that giving children access
     to good literature in their homes will help to
     increase academic achievement and will foster a
     life-long love of reading.
        Two events were held during the 2003-2004
     school year to raise funds in support of the Book
     Club program, which requires approximately
     annually to sus-
     tain. In the fall,
     Great Lakes resi-
     dent Paula Collins
     teamed up with
     Emilie Markert to
     host a Low
     Country Boil at
     Paula’s home. Jon
     Abercrombie and
     Fred Boykin served
     as executive chefs for the evening. More than 100
     guests were in attendance and we raised $5,000.
        In the spring, The Horizon Theater in Little Five
     Points gave a benefit performance of the award-win-
     ning play “The Drawer Boy” to benefit the founda-
     tion. The Brick Store Pub donated refreshments for
     the event, which raised $2,500 for the Book Club.
        Other fundraisers are planned for the 2004-2005
     school year. Let us know if you would like to be
     included on our guest list by sending an e-mail to

                                                            Top: Jon Abercrombie and City Commissioner Fred Boykin served as “celebrity
                                                            chefs” for the Low Country Boil fundraiser.

                                                            Above: Decatur resident Paula Collins opened her home to the Decatur Education
                                                            Foundation for the Low Country Boil.

                                                            Left: Horizon Theater staged a performance of “The Drawer Boy” to benefit the
                                                            I. Love to Read book club.

One for the Kids                                                                                       FOUNDATION FRIEND:
                                                                                                       Paula Collins
Employees Support Payroll Deduction Campaign

In fall 2003, the foundation launched an employee payroll deduction campaign called
“One for the Kids.” All employees with City Schools of Decatur were challenged to donate
at least $1 each pay period to support the programs of the Decatur Education Foundation.
Currently, 201 employees are participating in the “One for the
Kids” program and the foundation receives $393
each month in donations.
   We’d like to thank Mr. Jimmy
Smith of Rutland Contracting
Company for providing financial
support for the campaign. We’d also
like to thank the following Decatur
businesses for offering incentives for
employee participation:
  Intown Ace Hardware                                                     for the kids
  Jake’s Ice Cream                                          ONE FOR THE KIDS

  My Friend’s Place
  Twain’s Billiards and Tap                         for the Kids
                                                                                                       A big supporter of the I Love to

An Apple for the Teacher                                                                               Read Book Club, Decatur resident
                                                                                                       Paula Collins hosted our first Low
                                                                                                       Country Boil fundraiser at her
If you’re looking for a creative way to say thank you to the people who work with your chil-
                                                                                                       home in the Great Lakes neigh-
dren each day, consider buying an Apple of Appreciation.
                                                                                                       borhood. The event raised $5,000
   For a minimum donation of $5 to the foundation, we will send an Apple of Appreciation
to any employee in the City Schools of Decatur. A duplicate apple will be hung on the                  to buy books for kids.
school “foundation tree” in their honor.
   Order forms are available in each school office and on the foundation website. In 2003,
more than $1,500 was raised for the foundation from the sale of Apples of Appreciation.

  Decatur Education Foundation Financial Report for 2003
  Revenue and Support:
    Unrestricted Contributions                             $ 61,915                                    and other
    Restricted Contributions                               $111,927                                    programs
                                                                                                          40%                 Decatur
    Investment Income                                      $    874                                                         Youth Fund
     Total Revenue and Support                             $174,716                                                            27%
  Expenses:                                                                                Funds
    Administrative                                         $ 9,914
    Fund Raising and Development                           $ 5,380                                                    Administrative
                                                                                                     Fund              Expenses
    Contributions for Scholarship Funds                    $ 41,720                                 Raising/              6%
    Contributions for Decatur Youth Fund                   $ 47,586                               Development
    Contributions for Programs and Grants                  $ 70,116

                                                                                                        FALL 2004 • FOUNDATION FOOTNOTES • 9
A Letter to Decatur from the Renfroe Family
DEAR FRIENDS,                                                                                                      Because of Mother and
                                                                                                                Daddy’s love for and dedi-

                other and                                                                                       cation to the City Schools
                Daddy, Mae                                                                                      of Decatur, we established a
                and Carl                                                                                        scholarship memorial with
                Renfroe,                                                                                        the Decatur Education
moved our family to                                                                                             Foundation. Each year,
Decatur in 1953 from                                                                                            scholarships will be given
Waynesboro, Georgia.                                                                                            to one male and one female
Daddy accepted the job as                                                                                       member of the Decatur
principal of Decatur High                                                                                       High School graduating
School, and six years later                                                                                     class in their honor. We
became superintendent of                                                                                        know it would have pleased
City Schools of Decatur.                                                                                        Mother and Daddy
   In 1964, Dad received                                                                                        immensely to know that
his doctorate in education                                                                                      their memorial fund is
from the University of                                                                                          being used to help Decatur
Georgia. We believe this                                                                                        students continue their
advanced degree was most Dr. Carl Renfroe, pictured with his wife, Mae, passed away on March 21, 2004, at       education.
important for it signified to the age of 93. He served as superintendent of schools 1959-1975.                     We are seeking to bring
all in Decatur the value                                                                                        the Carl and Mae Renfroe
Dad placed on education. Since his tenure,      ciation for his years of service to the com-   memorial fund to an endowed level so that
every subsequent superintendent of the          munity. Dad always spoke lovingly of the       it will be a permanent scholarship fund
school system has had his/her doctorate.        middle school, and whenever he was com-        with the foundation. If you’d like to assist
   Mother initially taught at the old Scottish  plimented, he could be heard to say, “I built us in securing this legacy for our parents,
Rite Hospital, and later when spouses were      that school just for you!” It was with some    please send your contribution to the Carl
allowed to work within the same school          sadness, yet faith in the future, that Mother  and Mae Renfroe Memorial Scholarship
system, she became Decatur’s first special      and Daddy both retired in 1975.                Fund, the Decatur Foundation, 320 N.
education teacher at Ponce de Leon                 In August 2002, Mother passed away and McDonough St., Decatur, GA 30030.
Elementary. In the following years until her    Dad (at 93) followed this past March.          Thank you so much!
retirement, she taught third grade at              The morning he died, Dad told us he’d
Winnona Park Elementary.                        had a happy life – wonderful family, great     With gratitude,
   In 1972, the board of education sur-         friends, and a great community in which
prised our family by choosing to name           to live. “I wouldn’t change a thing,” he       Sue Renfroe Tetterton
Decatur’s middle school after Dad in appre-     said.                                          Jean Renfroe Eickhoff

 FOUNDATION FRIEND: Office Depot at Toco Hill

 Office Depot at Toco Hill has been very generous to the Decatur commu-
 nity this year. Store manager Lee Osaer and print shop manager Gloria
 Moore (pictured) supplied all of the printing for the
 foundation calendar that was
                                                          hool Year
 distributed to all Decatur par-            2004 - 2005 Sc
 ents, students and teachers for
 the 2004-2005 school year. In
 addition, Office Depot provides
 support for our teacher recogni-
 tion programs and donated more
 than 125 backpacks and school
 supplies for kids.

Decatur High Grads Receive Scholarships
DEF awarded $7,500 in college scholarships to these members of the Decatur High School Class of 2004.

 Sarah Woolf Memorial Scholarship                               Bill Mealor Scholarship Fund
 Meredith Webb, Carlton College                                 Andrew Kelly, Miles College
                                      The Sarah Woolf                                                     This Bill Mealor
                                      Memorial                                                            Scholarship is pre-
                                      Scholarship is                                                      sented each year to
                                      awarded to a                                                        a graduating male
                                      female member of                                                    student who best
                                      the DHS graduat-                                                    displays the posi-
                                      ing class who                                                       tive attitude and
                                      excels academically                                                 overall determina-
                                      and demonstrates                                                    tion and spirit that
                                      character qualities                                                 were characteristic
                                      that defined the life                                               of Bill Mealor.
                                      of Sarah Woolf.

 Carl and Mae Renfroe Memorial Scholarship
 Chris Tavel, University of Georgia      Audia Jones, Georgia College and State University
                                                                                 Éstablished in honor of former
                                                                                 Superintendent of Decatur City Schools Dr.
                                                                                 Carl Renfroe and his wife, Mae, the Renfroe
                                                                                 Scholarships are awarded to one male and
                                                                                 one female member of each DHS graduat-
                                                                                 ing class who demonstrate a determination
                                                                                 to succeed.

                                                                                 For more information about
                                                                                 establishing a scholarship with
                                                                                 the foundation, visit our website at

    The Decatur High School
              Class of 1960                  is working with the Decatur Education Foundation to establish a
                                             scholarship in honor of of their classmate, Harry Edwards, who was
                                             killed in Vietnam in 1966. Leading the effort is Jim Moore of
                                             Advance, N.C. For more information about the fund or to make a
                                             donation, contact the foundation office at 404-370-4400 ext. 28.

                                                                                       FALL 2004 • FOUNDATION FOOTNOTES • 11
Making Every Marathon Minute Count

For Thomas
by Dr. Gary Hauk
                                                                                                       the Friends School of Atlanta. Reared as a
                                                                                                       Christian, he identified early with Buddhist
                                                                                                       philosophy and at age 14 shaved his head
                                                                                                       for several months to emulate Zen monks.
                                                                                                          Following his death, our family estab-

      “                                          Friends, colleagues,                                  lished a fund through the Decatur

      n August 2002, my son Thomas died                                                                Education Foundation to make an annual
      at the age of 16 from complications      family members, and                                     college scholarship award to a graduating
      of Addison’s disease. This extremely     community supporters                                    Decatur High School senior in Thomas’s
      rare disorder had come into his life                                                             memory. The Thomas Hauk Fund honors
when he was 13, and he had lived under
                                               pledged to push me                                      Thomas’s fearless spirit for making peace
its shadow for three years, before it caused   along to finish the race –                              and friends, by recognizing a Decatur High
a cardiac arrest and subsequent six-week       and to support a worthy                                 School senior who embodies many of
coma leading to death. Until then, howev-                                                              Thomas’s qualities.
er, he had lived his life to the fullest.      cause: the further                                         As of January 2004, that fund was about
   Enthralled by wrestling, and determined     education of Thomas’s                                   halfway toward being fully endowed at
to find an outlet for his competitiveness,                                                             $25,000. In February, I ran to close the gap.
Thomas lobbied hard to join the Decatur        generation and                                          I had been training for my first marathon
High wrestling team while he was still in
seventh grade, the year after his diagnosis.
And although the regimen of the sport
took a tremendous toll on his body during
                                               generations to come.
                                               as a wrestler to advance from being pinned
                                               in 15 seconds by a particularly skillful –
                                                                                            ”          the summer when Thomas was stricken
                                                                                                       with his last illness and coma. On February
                                                                                                       7, at Tybee Island, Georgia, I ran my second
                                                                                                       marathon to raise funds for the scholarship.
that year, the satisfaction and enthusiasm     and much bigger – senior, to hanging in                    Friends, colleagues, family members,
on his face each time he ran into the gym-     for a whole 30 seconds.                                 and community supporters pledged to
nasium in his singlet for the warm-ups            Thomas possessed a wry sense of humor                push me along to finish the race – and to
before a meet warmed the spirits of those      but could also cry easily at the pain of oth-           support a worthy cause: the further educa-
who knew him.                                  ers. He had a gift for connecting immedi-               tion of Thomas’s generation and genera-
   Unable to keep on much weight because       ately with strangers, often years older than            tions to come. Some pledged a dollar or
of his illness, Thomas wrestled in the         he, but was also content in solitude.                   more for each minute I shaved off my first
smallest weight category – and sometimes          Passionate about great food, to the point            marathon time. Others pledged a dollar for
won by default because other teams lacked      of learning gourmet cooking, he could not               each mile finished in under four hours.
competitors so light. His greatest achieve-    keep enough meat on his lanky frame. A                  And others simply pledged a specific
ment, he thought, was progressing enough       fanatical fan of professional wrestling, he             amount to make me run.
                                               also took great pride in serving as a peer                 In the end, I finished in 4:13, taking
 Thomas                                        mediator at Renfroe Middle School and                   more than a half hour off my first finish –
 Hauk at                                       learned the art of peace while enrolled at              and, more importantly, raising more than
 age 15                                                                                                $5,000 toward the scholarship fund. By
                                               Gary Hauk, at right, with Craig Henderson and Sara      the end of 2004, the fund will be fully
                                               Haigh Porter, both of whom ran the race with him “for
                                               moral support and also to raise a bit of money.”
                                                                                                       endowed, and the first Thomas John
                                                                                                       Anthony Hauk Scholarship will be award-
                                                                                                       ed next spring to a member of Thomas’s
                                                                                                       own graduating class.
                                                                                                          Not a waking hour goes by without my
                                                                                                       thinking of Thomas, and his family misses
                                                                                                       him terribly. But I am grateful that his
                                                                                                       memory will live not only in us who have
                                                                                                       known him, but also in the young lives
                                                                                                       that will be enriched and shaped by the
                                                                                                       scholarship in his name.
                                                                                                          Donations may be sent to the Thomas
                                                                                                       Hauk Memorial Scholarship Fund, c/o
                                                                                                       Decatur Education Foundation, 320 N.
                                                                                                       McDonough St., Decatur, GA 30030.
DEF Youth Fund Receives                                                                       Tech Support for DEF

Falcons Grant                                                                                 Quinn and
          he Atlanta Falcons Youth                                                            DEF Streamline

T         Foundation has awarded a grant
          for $43,500 to the DEF Youth
          Fund. The grant will be used for
          a broad-based training program
for coaches who work with children and
                                                                                              Record Keeping
                                                                                              Sean Quinn joined
                                                                                              the Office of
                                                                                              Community and
youth in Decatur athletic programs.
   “Our coaches are the heart of any qual-                                                    Public Relations for
ity youth sports program,” said Mary                                                          City Schools of
Miller, director of the Decatur Recreation                                                    Decatur in the sum-
and Community Services Department.                                                            mer of 2003. In his
“This grant will allow us to provide                                                          position, he does a
coaches with training that supports them                                                      lot of work for the    Sean Quinn
as volunteers and to enhance the quality                                                      foundation, especial-
of the sports experience for all of our                                                       ly with technology.
kids. We hope this program will serve as                                                         Since coming on board, Sean has
a model for other communities.”                                                               given our website a facelift and revolu-
   Up to four major training opportunities                                                    tionized our record keeping by using a
will be available each year to all coaches                                                    web-based software solution for manag-
who work with the Decatur Recreation                                                          ing donor contributions. The software,
Department and City Schools of Decatur,                                                       called eTapestry, was specially designed
including First Aid/CPR, Sport                                                                and built for charitable organizations to
Psychology, How to Work with Teens and                                                        manage donors and their donations and
Nutrition for Adolescents. The grant                                                          pledges.
funds will also be used to host an annual                                                        The software has greatly simplified
coaches appreciation dinner.                                                                  reporting, allowing us to view total
   The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation                                                       donations by user or specific funds.
(AFYF) is a fund of the Arthur M. Blank                                                       Through a powerful mail merge feature,
Family Foundation, which awarded more Decatur coaches receive CPR training at DeKalb          we can create personalized thank you
                                              Medical Center.                                 letters and acknowledgements. It has
than $1.8 million in grants and scholar-
ships to nonprofit organizations around the state of Georgia in 2003. The Decatur             saved us time and effort while maintain-
Education Foundation was one of 34 Georgia nonprofit organizations approved by the            ing accurate records of contributions.
AFYF board of directors to receive grants in the third round of grants for 2003.

 FOUNDATION FRIENDS: Trish and John Haugaard

 When John and Trish heard that the
 foundation wanted to have an apprecia-
 tion event for Decatur teachers before the
 start of school, they did not hesitate.
 They made a generous contribution that
 was matched by contributions from Ply
 Mart and Bank of America. Their gift
 allowed us to host a picnic on the
 grounds, catered by the Varsity, for all
 school district employees on the Friday
 before the first day of school. It was a big
 success and would not have been possi-
 ble without their generosity.
                                                                                       Decatur Schools employees enjoy an appreciation
                                                John and Trish Haugaard                picnic on the lawn.

                                                                                              FALL 2004 • FOUNDATION FOOTNOTES • 13
  Honor Roll of Supporters                                                                    Carl and Erika Riden and
                                                                                                Mike Smith
                                                                                              Fred and Susan Roberts
                                                                                                                              Martha Clinkscales
                                                                                                                              Steven Darsey
                                                                                                                              Carolyn and Eric Datry
                                                                                              John and Jo Robinson            Decatur High School
  September 2003-August 2004                                                                  Harriet L. Robinson             Development Planning and
                                                                                              Jordan Rose                       Engineering, Inc.
  1901 Summa Cum               Jim Moore                      William and Joan Chace          Bob and Cherry Rutland          Stanley Dodson
  Laude                        Emily Norton                   Molly Campbell Clark            Joyce Sammel                    James Dooley
  $10,000                      Nichea Paris Inc               Bruce Cohen                     Julie Sammons and Drew          Scott S. Drake
  Atlanta Falcons Youth        Cecil Phillips                 Ann Strickland Cooper             Stauss                        Donald and Genevieve
    Foundation                 PlyMart                        Archie and Geneele Crenshaw     William and Deborah Sauder        Edwards
  Bill and Donna Woolf         Joyce Reedy                    Dean and Susan Danner           Rosemary Schneringer            Anne Estes
                               Steve and Lynda Roberts        Harold Davis                    Clarence and Eleanor Scott      Elizabeth Etheridge and
  1901 Magna Cum               Carl Rojas and Mindy           Decatur City Jewelers           Nancy Seideman                    Michele Colee
  Laude                          Stombler                     Debtors Class, DFUMC            Paul Sharian                    Rebecca Fleischman
  $5,000-$9,999                Decatur Rotary Club            Decatur First Bank              Martha Shepherd                 Eddie and Anne Fowlkes
  The Mealor Family              Foundation                   John and Karen Devendorf        Gary and Diane Simms            Georgia State University
  The Starbucks Foundation     Tom and Memmi Stubbs           Sally Dobbins                   Henry and Ellen Cliburn Slack     Foundation
  Sue and Frank Tetterton      Anne and Jim Topple            Monica Farley and Doug          Carolyn and Harv Soff           Glennwood Elementary
  1901 Cum Laude               George and Tama Trotti           Aholt                         Margaret Souza                  Frank and Ruth Golley
  $2,500- $4,999                                              Jim and Mary Farmer             Jane Ellen Speers               Matthew and Amanda
                               Benefactor                     Barbara Fox and Jonathan
  Gary Hauk                                                                                   John and Gloria Spencer           Goodfriend
                               $250-$499                        Saxton                        Peggy Steelmon                  Jan and Buddy Goodloe
  1901 Society                 Agnes Scott College            William and Carol Fox           Ashley Tetterton                William and Pat Graves
  $1,901-$2,499                Marty Avant                    Dorothy Gautier                 Carol Tetterton                 Dickson and Gail Grimes
  Bill Funk and Gayle          Bill Bibb                      Jon and Karin Gunnemann         Ellie and Kirk Thompson         D. M. and J. B. Grimm
    Gellerstedt                Mary Brown Bullock             Lisa Halleck                    Mary Travis and Rik Hodge       Martha and Leonard Gunn
  Sara and Bill Turnipseed     Jane and Ed Carriere           Art and Murlin Hartley          Jason and Judy Uchitel          Cheryl Gutterres
  John and Barbara Vining      Cottage Properties, Inc.       Paul and Cleora Hauk            Mark and Rebecca Valentine      Amanda Hall
                               David and Suzanne Crenshaw     Mary Leila Honiker              Rex and Sacra Vaughan           Alice Ann Hamilton
  Gold Benefactor              Decatur First UMC              Don and Becky Hooten            Raymond L. Viers                Ruth Hanners
  $1,000-$1,900                Edward Jones Investments       Howard and Susan Hunter         Gay Wells                       Mary Joe Hartley
  Matthew Berberich            Karen Eldridge                 Bryan and Suzanne Jackson       Ann Whitley                     Vitus and Ethel Hartley
  Candler and Colline Broom    Jim and Mattie Eley            Ben W. Jernigan                 Mark Whitmire                   Sharon Hazelray
  Susan Cobleigh               Emory University               Debrah and Van Johnson          Ian and Elizabeth Williams      Laurie Hooker
  Haywood and Linda Curry      Fitness Together               Panos and Cheryl Kanes          W. Loren and Susan Clark        Anne R. Hughes
  Walt and Beverly Drake       Minnie Foster                  Don Keiser                        Williams                      Katie Hung
  Jerry and Jean Eickhoff      Herbert and Linda Gilbreath    Mary E. Kelly                   June and Bob Willis             Thomas E. Jenkins
  David and Heather Ewing      Joe Gottardy and Maureen       Margaret Kerr                   David and Sandy Wilsdon         Chase and Suzanne Jerol
  Mary Gellerstedt               Leahy                        Daniel Kidder and Lisa          Joe Winterscheidt               Michael and Trina Johns
  John and Trish Haugaard      Mike and Anna Kandrach           Armistead                     Marc and Stacey Wisniewski      Samuel L. Jones Boys and
  Ida H. Love                  Cheryl Kuebler                 John Kline
                               Gloria and Oliver Lee                                          John Witte                        Girls Club
  Susan and Tony McCullar                                     Melvin Konner
                               Pat and Steve McElroy                                          James and Kathleen Wood         Ronnie and Kay Jowers
  Old Norcross Investments,                                   Marcia Lampe and Greg Farley
                               Jim and Karen Meadows                                          Don Woods                       Wendy Keith-Ott
    Inc.                                                      Lex Langston
                               New Beginning Full Gospel                                      Warren and Sue Woolf            Brian and Jennifer Kerr
  Charlie and Elizabeth Orth                                  Robert E. Lanier
                                 Baptist Church                                               Sylvia Wrobel                   Pat and Clark Kjorlaug
  Diane and Henry Parkman                                     Susan Leonard
                               Anthony and Leisa Powers                                                                       Spencer and Suzann Knap
  Andre Pattillo                                              Kenton L. Lipham                Silver Donor
                               Vee Simmons                                                                                    Lynn Lisella
  Julie and Rhett Rhame                                       Ann Ross MacIver                $50-$99
                               SunTrust                                                                                       William Magee
  Jimmy and Connie Smith                                      Terry and Nancy Mann            Kay Adams
                               Judy Turner                                                                                    Jeremy Mauldin
  Robert Tolbert                                              Meg and Frank Manning           Tom and Marianne Adams
                               Twain’s Billiards                                                                              Michele Maupai
  Bob and Lynda Wilson                                        Martha and Stephan Monroe       Allison Adams
                               Twinsparc                                                                                      Michael and Catherine
  Winnona Park Elementary                                     Joe Martin                      Carol Adams
                               Stuart Zola                                                                                      McCarthy
    PTA                                                       Lauri McKain-Fernandez          Helen Allen                     Ellis and Gordon McIntyre
                               Gold Donor                     Alvin McNeeley and Katie        Beth Allgood-McKinnon           Leigh McNelis
  Silver Benefactor
                               $100-$249                        Pedersen                      Susan Archer                    Peggy Merriss
                               Jon and Frances Abercrombie    C.R. and Joy Megahee            Theresa and Jackson Ball        David Moore
  Maud Baker Flowers & Gifts
                               Doug Adams                     Lyn Menne                       Decatur School of Ballet        Susan Nease
  Jeffrey and Mary Ann Bier
                               John and Becky Ahmann          David Merritt                   Bob and Christy Barrineau       Michael and Lee Nichols
  Sherri and Mike Breunig
                               Timothy Albrecht               Mary Miller                     Clifford and Sylvia Bates       Mary Margaret Oliver
  Dennis Byerly
                               Frank and Elizabeth Allan      Elva Mills                      Michael and Sara Baxter         Bill and Betty Painter
  Jane C. Clark
                               American Classic Realty        Ellis and Polly Mills           Diana Evans Berman              Dan and Anne Patillo
  Tom Cousins
                               Tina and Russ Atchley          Megan and Darin Olson           Kenneth and Katherine           Joe and Barbara Patterson
  DeKalb School Employees
                               Julie and Tom Barefoot         Johnny Panos                      Bernhardt                     Reba Pelot
    Foundation, Inc.
                               Jim and Michalene Baskett      Joyce Paris                     Tommy Lee Boyette and Dawn      Paul and Cindy Petersen
  Kathy and David Dorough
                               Nick and Jane Bath             John and Mary Lois Partridge      Diedrich                      Jean H. Pitts
  Phyllis Edwards
                               Rick and Ann Berg              Robert and Julie Pennington     Vicki Brasfield                 Sara Haigh Porter
  Equifax Foundation
                               Jenna Black                    Stephen C. Perry                Linda Bricker                   Patricia L. Powell
  Bill and Sydney Floyd
                               Peter and Gale Bloom           Louise and Andy Plankenhorn     John and Leslie Brown           Red and Evelyn Prosser
  John and Julie Freeman
                               Bill and Haqiqa Bolling        James C. Platt Jr.              Joyce Buggs                     Gabriel Ramirez and Lisa
  Julia Gary
                               Arthur and Lynn Bowling, Jr.   John and Teresa Pratt           Scotty and Karna Candler          Whittle
  Edward and Barbara Goodloe
                               Brick Store Pub                Roger and Joanna Quillen        Thomas and Rebecca Casey        Brian G. Randall
  Edith Hambie
                               Peg and Mark Bumgardner        Linda Harris and John Randall   Mary McCall Cash                Mary and Donald Rigger
  Myron Kramer
                               Mark Burnette                  Bob and Jane Reinhart           Cynthia and Darrel Chaney       Harry L. Robertson
  Miriam and Donald Lollar
                               Bill and Sonja Capehart        Kathleen Rhinehart              Jerry and Deanne Cheadle        Karen Salisbury
  Bill and Emilie Markert
                               Fred and Mai Cavalli           Rebecca Rhodes                  Clairemont Elementary School    Nolley and James Sanchelli
  Laura Mendenhall
Sam Schwartz                 Grace Burnett                Douglas Fortenberry           Lettie Jordan                   Marcia Pauly
Betty Spiker                 Shawn Burnette               Skip and Jill Fossett         Doug and Rhoda Joyner           Reba Pelot
Olga and Sally Stapleton     Stanley Burney               Randy Foster                  Ted and Lucy Katz               Gerard Pendrick
Mary Stonner                 Joel and Helen Byars         Meyer Friedman                Mary Alice Kemp                 Wendy and Robert Penland
“Studioburns, Inc”           Desiree Cabrices             Bradley Frietas               Donald Kendrick and Robin       Robert M. Penland, Jr.
Arthur G. Tarr               Laura Cadenhead              Rafael Fuentes                   Everhart                     Randy and Malinda
Wendell and Dewi             Cafe Lily                    Jenette Fullard               Deadra Kenner                     Pennington
  Tetterton                  Betty Callahan               Ruth Fuller                   Kathleen Langdon                Courtney Perrin
Cedric and Trudie            Angelic Campbell             Kim Gardner                   Debra Le Doux                   Nedra Perry
  Thibodeaux                 Kim W. Campbell              Cara Gasses                   Debbie LePage                   Connie and Greg Perry
Vandy Vail-Dickson           James Campbell               William Gates                 Brenda Leder                    Catalina Pescatore
Dawn Vincent                 Mrs. Scott Candler           Alice Gerstel                 William and Susan Lee           Mandy Peters
Jennifer Weissman            Andy Cannon                  Libba Gillham                 Bruce A. Leffingwell            Jeffrey Petrea
John Weitnauer               Susan M. Carini              Susan and Charles Girardeau   Levi’s Key West Fishouse        Kate and Michael Phillips
Doug Whitehead               Carswell and Jane Carr       Rena Glass-Dixon              Amy Lighthill                   Jane and Fred Pitman
Bobby and Pat Whitmire       Cara Cassell                 Robert Godsall                M. A. Lindskog                  Khalilah Pitt
Elizabeth Wilson             David Castle                 M.E. and Mary Golding         Amanda Lockhart                 Suzanne Plishka
Robert O. Wilson             George Michael Cawthon III   Otmara Gonzalez               Mary Loftus                     Marcia Poole
Claire Winkler               Catherine Chapman            Dennis and Chris Goodling     Jennifer Looper                 Jeremy Porter
                             Rainey Chapman               Allison Goodman               Deb Louwen and Dan Grego        Steve Powell
Donors                       Elon Cherry                  Ellis Goodwin                 Nancy Luckey                    William D. Powers
up to $50                    Sterling Christy             Wesley Googer                 Kim Lyle                        Michael Provencial and
Abbott Laboratories          Libby Church                 Devin and Kim Gordon          Jewel Magee                       Jerylann Warner
Mark Abel                    Patricia Clarke-Evans        Janice Goumillout             William Magee                   Stephanie Purvis
Charles and Marian Adair     Esther Clark                 Janet Gray                    Keith Magnes                    Anne Putnam
Brooks and Amanda Adams      Summer Clayton               Dennis and Judy Greene        Christy Mann                    Harold Rall
Agape Class, Decatur First   Bev and Jane Cochran         Arinthia Grier                Stuart Mann                     Penelope Ratliff
   United Methodist Church   Beverley Cockerham           Karen Grier                   Paul and Tracy Markowski        Lauren Rauscher
Gloria Alexander             Lisa Coffey                  Paul Griffin                  Charles Martin                  Ernestine Reasor
Jim Alexander                Anthony Colbert              Steve Grilli                  Mary Mack                       Anthony Rector
Janet Amos                   John and Terry Conway        Erika Guerrero                Catherine Matyja                Jon Reese
Dino Anastasiades            Kristin Cooley               Phil and Shirley Guy          Virginia Maxfield               Melanie Regnier
Gary Anderson                Bette and Oliver Cope        Michael and Gail Habif        William and Leslie Mayer        Carl G. Renfroe Middle School
Lynda Anderson               Kelley Costantino            Lori Hale-Singleton           Martin McKinnon                 Jack and Susan Renner
Stefanie Anderson            Alfred Cronin                Jeffery Hall                  Kevin McMahon                   Julia Riggs
Cynthia Andrews              Teresa Cross                 Janet and Daniel Hall         Mary McMahon                    Susan Riley
Ben and Caroline             Jennifer Crumbley            Jim Halling                   Cameron McWhirter               Christopher and Deena Riley
   Armistead                 George Crumbley              Katherine Harber              Rachel Mealor                   Enidia Rinaldi
Susan and Bill Atkinson      Fellowship Class DFUMC       Michael Harbin and Rowena     Kendel Melin                    Bonnie Roberts
Oluremi Awolana              Stacey Daniel                  Worrall                     Louise and Dale Miller          Tom Robertson
Beatrice Bailey              Shirline Daubon              Angelic Harkness              Stephen and Jane Miller         Deidre Roche
Louise and Milton Bailey     Karen Davenport              Margaret Harris               Roger and Ruth Mills            Shelley Rogers
Denise Bailey                Hope Davis                   James and Tracy Harrison      Erricka Mitchell                Dewitt and Claire Rogers
Jane S. Baumgartner          Sara Davis                   Tabitha Hastings              Oscar Mitchell                  Ivy Rolfes
Hugh Beasley                 Marion L. Dearing            Margaret Hatch                Jason Moncure                   Olivia Roller
Betty Langford Bedgood       Laura Deming                 David Hauk                    Frances Moorer                  William J. Royal
Marc Bell                    Shannon M. Dollar            Kathryn Hauk                  Carlos Morgan                   Ben Russell
Herbert Benario              Daniel R. Dollar             Edith Heard                   J. Tom and Carol Ellis Morgan   Pamela Russell
Tim Bennett                  Jerold Donovan               Karen and Jimmy Hearn         Ola Morgan                      Linda Rutherford-Sadler
Randy and Lana Billman       Peter Dooley                 Deborah Hedges                Sharon Mudd                     David Rutter
Khalisa Bolling              Robert Dowd                  Beverly Herbert               Linda Nalley                    Caroline Saffo
Dawn Bolton                  Bryan and Nancy Downs        Paula Herrema                 Sonja Neely                     Jane Sanders
Eileen Boone                 Jason and Mary Dressler      Dionne Hicks                  Charlotte Neil                  Robin Sanders
Julie Booth-Lamirand         Lisa Dribble                 Robert Hill                   Holly and Banks Neil            Jeanne Sansone
Nancy Borgschulte            Colleen Dunbar               Rob Hodges                    James and Claire Newbury        Frank Sasser
Heather and John Borowski    Margaret Dunn                Lynn Holden                   Bethany Newcomb                 Edward Sayre and Wendy
Kim Boswell                  Karen Durisch                Jody Holden                   Mark and Una Newman               Atkins-Sayre
Marvin Boyles and Jan        Rachel Duys                  Jim Hope                      James and Kimberly Newsome      Philip and Donita Schambra
   Lichtenwalter             John Dyer                    Caroline R. Howard            Karen Newton                    Liz and Kees Schellingerhoudt
Reinhard Breckner            Allison Kay Dykes            Vickey Huffman                Vi Nguyen                       Theresa Schilling
Lynn Briggs                  Carl Edmonson                Mahalia Jackson               Michael Norman                  Colleen Schlenke
Mia Broder                   Hamilton Edwards             Nadraline Jackson             Matthew and Caroline O’Brien    Jeanne and Steve Schmidt
Annette Brown                Paul and Caroline Enloe      Margaret C. Jagger               .
                                                                                        T.P O’Callaghan                 Elizabeth A. Schuler
Leslie Brown                 Thomas and Irene Erdie       Kathy Januzelli               Jackie Oglesby                  Lois Sciame
Scott Brown                  Robert Espy                  Carole Jenkins                Candace Overton                 Peggy Scott
Michael and Lee Brown        Hopie W. Eubanks                  .
                                                          A. P and Marie Jerencsik      James and Lisa Owen             Yvette Scott
Lewis and Fannie Brown       Stephanie Everett            Faybian Johnny                Mary Oxley                      Tom Seeto
Courtney Brownlee            Engevar Fant                 Jacob Johnson                 Gary and Mary Page              Julie Semones
Steven Buckner               Rachel Fiore                 Kimberly Johnson              Richard and Alexandria Parker   Nkenge Shakir
Susan Bundschu               Rebecca Fiscal               Lauriette Johnson             Jane Parker                     Carrie Sherer
J. Vance Burgess             Joan Fisher                  Linda Johnson                 Monique Parker-Bailey                          .
                                                                                                                        Mrs. Robert P Shinall
Carol Burgess                Ann and Scot Fleckenstein    Sara Joiner                   Betty Partin                    Jeffrey Shrader
Kristen Burkhart             Deanna Fleenor               Daniel Jones                  Rasik and Vibha Patel           Donors
Sallie Burn                  Karen Flowers                Stacey Jones                  Beverly Patton                  continued from page 15
Gordon and Elloweene         Rod Flowers                  Lewis and Tamara Jones        Patty Class, Decatur First
   Burnett                   Patricia Forero              Jessica Jonker                   United Methodist Church                  continued on page 16

                                                                                                       FALL 2004 • FOUNDATION FOOTNOTES • 15
                                              Riley and Becky Stephens and           .
                                                                             Elaine F Thurston             Lou and Flo Wells           Charles and Connie
            Annalisa Silliman-Lindsey           John North                   Todd Towns                    Jeannie Weston                Wirth
            Helen and John Simmons            David Stevens                  Wendy Trenum-Nalley           Erin Wheeler                William Witcher, Jr.
            Lynn Simpson                      Michele Stiger                 Donna Troka                   Danny Whittle               William Withers
            Anna Sitz                         Treyvon Stodghill              Lori Umberg                   Melanie Wilder              Tracy Woodhall
            Lucia H. Sizemore                 Clarence Strickland            Frank Valerio                 David E. Williams           Nancy C. Woodley
            Angela Slade                      Mary Strickland                Connie Vance                  John Buxton Williams III    June Woodside
            Donna Smith                       Larry and Patricia Stultz      Argean Vokes                  Jim and Barbara Williams    Robert Dean and Sally
            Loreen Smith                      Suzanne Sumrall                Angela Wade                   Kerri Williams                Wylde
            Tom and Killian Smith             Eric and Dorothy Sundquist     Christine Waldron             Maury Wills                 Frank and Jennifer
            Toni Smith                        Heather and Harvey Sutton      William Wansker               Carter and Valarie Wilson     Wynne
            Patricia Solomon                  Matthew Tankersley             Richard Ward                  Devon Wilson and Jeffrey    Mary Young
            Nathan and Rachelle Spell         Michael Tanks                  Willie Washington               Rogers                    Starr Zalanka
            Kelly and Jeffrey Spratt          Alan Thorton                   Annemarie Wasley              Faye Wilson                 Lisa Ziegler-Chamblee
            Eric Stafford and Kirsten Small   Autherine Thornton             Caitlin Way                   Vickie Wingard              Chris Zimbardo
            A. Louise Stark                   Gerald and Lynda Thurman       Gwendolyn Weaver              Marjorie Winkler
            Arthur Starr                      Mildred Thurman                Thomas and Frances Wechsler   Winnona Park Faculty

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                                                                                                                                             Non-Profit Org.
         annual publication of the Decatur                                                                                                    U.S. postage
         Education Foundation, Inc.                                                                                                               PAID
         Editor: Sherri Brown Breunig                                                                                                       Decatur, GA 30030
                                                                                                                                             Permit No. 290
        Contributors: Jean Eickhoff,
        Gary Hauk, Beth Mack, Derrion
                                           Fall 2004 • Volume 3, No. 1
        Myrick, Sean Quinn, Lizzy Smith,
        Sue Tetterton, Kira Wilsterman
                                         320 N. McDonough St.
                                                      Decatur, GA 30030
         Photography: Sean Quinn

         Design/layout: Lampe-Farley

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