blood vessels and blood pressure by liaoqinmei


									                  Blood vessels
There are three types of blood vessels, as shown in this
magnified part of the circulatory system.
           blood from                      blood to the
            the heart                         heart

  artery                                                  vein
carries blood                                       carries blood
 away from                                            back into
  the heart                                           the heart
                        carries blood to
                         and from the
                          body’s cells

        Why are there different types of blood vessels?
               Blood vessels
                   thick outer wall
       thick inner layer of muscle
       and elastic fibres
               narrow central tube
                thin outer wall
                 thin inner layer of muscle
                 and elastic fibres
               wide central tube              CAPILLARY

             wall only one cell thick
Construct a table like the one below and identify the differences between the
  3 types of blood vessels using the information on page 198 of the Sport
                             Examined textbook.

      Arteries                Capillaries                  Veins
Thick walled              Microscopic blood vessels
                          linking arterioles and venules
Use sport examined page 193 to answer the following
             1. What is blood pressure?
       2. How do we measure blood pressure?
3. What are the effects of exercise on blood pressure?
                  Blood pressure
Blood pressure depends on the speed of the blood coming
into a vessel and the width of the vessel itself.

 Arteries          Capillaries          Veins
 Speed: high       Speed: medium        Speed: low
 Width: medium     Width: narrow        Width: wide
 Pressure: high    Pressure: medium     Pressure: low
   Construct a spider diagram like the one below and identify what affects blood

Age: blood pressure increases as we
grow older because our arteries are
less elastic

                         What will affect blood pressure

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