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									                                                                                                                        Volume 11, Spring 2004

Greetings from the Department Chair
             hat a year (yikes)! This newsletter       The university has been hit very hard by       check with your employer as well.
             finds the department in excellent     budget cuts in the State of Wisconsin and             Please stop by and see all of the exciting
             shape but it hasn’t been an           this has resulted in large increases in tuition    changes in the program when you’re passing
uneventful journey. Several items stand out        and a decrease in staffing in several pro-         through Eau Claire. We love to hear from
as real accomplishments and improvements           grams. Geology has largely been spared             our alumni and share the stories of your
over the past year. We have finally hired a        from the pain of the budget cuts, but the          success with both our current students and
hydrogeologist for the program. Katherine          reduced budgets do make it harder to make          the administration at UW-Eau Claire. Please
Grote will be joining us this fall and will be     progress on department initiatives. Speaking       keep in touch.
responsible for picking up where John              of initiatives — the department is finally            Sincerely,
Tinker left off in the program. These are          getting two field vehicles in support of our
indeed big shoes to fill, but Katherine            excellent field geology program! The
comes with significant experience in               university came up with initial funding to
hydrogeology and is prepared with a PhD in         purchase a 3/4 ton Yukon XL (Suburban)                Bob Hooper
geological engineering from UC Berkeley. I         and an F-350 club-cab, long-bed, pick-up
have every confidence that she is up to the        truck for moving students and equipment.
challenge. The department continues to see         We are responsible for purchasing the
significant growth in instrumentation and          replacements when the existing vehicles are
facilities. We are converting an outdated          retired. In addition, we’re converting two            Inside this Issue:
lecture space (Phillips Hall 175) into a new       faculty office spaces into a new department
mineralogy and petrology instructional             office this summer. This will provide Nancy
laboratory. The new                                                    with improved working
                                                                                                         New Lecture Series ........... 2
petrology lab will                                                     conditions and will result        New Geology Grads ......... 2
actually have windows             “...the department is finally        in a higher-profile entry
and ventilation to make           getting two field vehicles in        point for initial contacts        Field Trip Updates ........... 2
those four-hour labs a           support of our excellent field        coming to the university.
little less stuffy.                                                    Unfortunately, the faculty
                                                                                                         Geology Club Report ........ 3
                                        geology program!”
Coincident with this                                                   and staff are still going to      Guest Speakers ................ 3
move, the old Min/Pet                                                  work out of “shoeboxes.”
laboratory (Phillips Hall 110) is being                Our geology majors continue to be very            Research in Antarctica ....... 3
converted into a new High Resolution -             active in research and nine students will
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spec-              have presented at regional, national and
                                                                                                         Student Research Day ...... 4
trometer lab with an associated clean lab          international scientific meetings by the end          Geology Dept. History ...... 5
for isotope and ultra-trace-element                of the year. We have a full slate of students
geochemistry. This facility represents an          doing research this summer in areas such as           Excellence Awards ............ 6
investment of well over a half million             Maine, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.
dollars in the geology program.                    We even have a student participating in a
                                                                                                         Faculty News................... 7
    We have had Ms. Nathalie Brandes and           research cruise in Antarctica this spring, so         Donations ...................... 11
Dr. Nancy Bowers around the program this           the UW-Eau Claire Geology Department is
year as the University has allocated funding       in far-flung corners of the globe!                    Kell Scholarship.............. 11
for temporary faculty to offer more seats in           With decreases in State funding, we are
geology courses. They have been great              more dependent than ever on contributions
                                                                                                         Alumni News ................ 12
additions to our program. It seems the             from our successful alumni to help with               Lost & Found Alumni ..... 18
geology courses are in very high demand            student travel expenses for professional
among both the majors and the general              meetings. Your generous donations support             Ask an Alum ................. 18
education population. The number of                current students so that they can become
students remains stable at about 67 majors         tomorrow’s professionals. I appreciate your
                                                                                                         New Publication ............ 18
and 10 minors; however, 15 students have           past support and hope you’ll continue to              Questionnaire ............... 19
graduated since last summer and 18 more            support your program. Many companies
will be graduating this semester.                  match employee contributions, so be sure to
                                               Rocky Mountain Field Studies Summer 2002
  GUEST LECTURE                                by Bob Hooper
                                               Lori Snyder and Bob Hooper took a large group (about 23 students and one mouse named
  SERIES TO BE                                 Lucky) to the Rocky Mountains for 16 days and had spectacular spring weather. The snow
                                               pack was still very significant, but fairly firm, so hiking in the backcountry was just fine. There
  INITIATED                                    were no visits to hospitals and no mishaps in the field. Probably the most notable occurrence
  Outside speakers are one way to enrich       was the presence of a mouse on the trip. We picked up a mouse in the Black Hills and he rode
  the educational experience for our           with the group all the way to Yellowstone by stowing away in the cab of the pick-up truck. He
  undergraduate students. You probably         went through a lot of snacks (loved cheese puffs) and the wires on headphones on the
  can remember some speakers during            student’s CD-players, so he was rather unpopular! Lucky abandoned the trip somewhere in
  your undergraduate career that im-           Yellowstone so I hope he’s having a good time in the national park. There’s increasing wolf
  pacted the direction of your degree          activity in Yellowstone and it’s relatively easy to see them when traveling in and out of the NE
  program. The UW-Eau Claire Geology           entrance to the park. It makes the geology that much more enjoyable when there’s wildlife to
  Department is starting a guest speaker       see along the way. Last year a hike up the stratigraphic section in Tensleep Canyon was added
  series to provide students with chances      to the trip and it worked out really well. Tensleep is a spectacular canyon, yet with minimal
  to interact with geologists in regulatory    trouble (except for heavy breathing) you can walk through the entire Paleozoic section
  agencies, industry, and academia. Dr.        between the road and the rim of the canyon. We look forward to using this new exercise in
  Phil Ihinger, the lecture series coordina-   coming years. There are lots of good memories from past trips and it’s a great experience for
  tor, reports that we do not have a lot of    students to get out and see lots of rocks. It continues to be a very successful offering for the
  money to offer for expenses and an           program.
  honorarium. However, if you would
  enjoy giving a talk in your undergradu-
  ate geology department about your
                                               FIELD CAMP II ~ Summer Interim 2003
  geological job experiences, PLEASE           by J. Brian Mahoney, Instructor
  contact Phil Ihinger (ihinger@uwec.edu,      Field Camp II was a resounding success this year, with two full back-to-back sessions held in
  (715) 836-2158) and he will coordinate       late May and early June. Mahoney and Shaw co-taught the first session with Sarah Gordee
  your visit. If you ever know that you are    (2003 grad) as the TA; Mahoney and Gordee took care of the second session. Montana is a
  going to be visiting Wisconsin and           wonderful place, and everyone reveled in the mountain air and sunshine. Both groups were in
  would like to arrange a talk around that     high spirits, and thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality and good cheer of Bev and Jeff Jones at
  time, PLEASE let us know!                    the Castoria Inn. The field exercises went well, with excellent weather and great rocks. Phil
                                               Ihinger stopped in for several days to assist with the Doherty Mountain exercise, which seems
                                               to be expanding each year! Several horses decided that the UW van and Travis Mast’s (2003
                                               grad) truck tasted pretty good during the Rustler’s Gulch exercise, but, beyond that, we
New Geology Graduates                          escaped without a scratch! The two-phase field camp experience (New Mexico + Montana) is
Fall 2003:                                     firmly established and working quite well, and the integration of field mapping and computer
Jacob Chmielowiec, General Geology with        techniques has become a significant benefit to students in the Department.
   C.S. minor
Ryan Hammes, Environmental Science
                                               FIELD CAMP I ~ January 2004
Winterim 2004:                                 by Colin Shaw, Instructor
Ryan Sauter, Hydrogeology                      This January Colin Shaw co-taught Field Camp 1 (GEOL 470) with Brian Mahoney for the
                                               first time. It was great to get back to New Mexico! Our stay in New Mexico started and ended
Spring 2004 (unofficial list):                                                                       with visits to the famous Frontier
Ian Anderson, General Geology                                                                        restaurant in Albuquerque where we
Jesse Bernhardt, Environmental & Earth                                                               sampled the green chile. As always, Pete
   Resources with History minor                                                                      and Catherine made the Black Range
Kristin Block, General Geology                                                                       Lodge feel like home-away-from-home
Casey Bowe, General Geology                                                                          for all of us. In addition to our tried-and-
Mark Ciardelli, General Geology                                                                      true field exercises at Apache Gap,
Christopher Drabrandt, Hydrogeology with                                                             Rattlesnake Canyon, and Trujillo
   Business Admin minor                                                                              Canyon, we checked out a classic field
Andrew Eddy, Geography with Geology                                                                  area in Estadio Canyon in the Manzano
   minor                                                                                             Mountains where we mapped a spectacu-
Nicholas Freiburger, General Geology                                                                 larly folded amphibolite-schist-quartzite
Daniel Hennessy, General Geology                                                                     sequence.
Andrew Kennedy, General Geology
Kelly Plathe, Environmental Science
Sarah Prindiville, General Geology
Suzanne Reed, Journalism with Geology
Mike Rohlik, General Geology with Geogra-                                                             Student Ryan Dayton on the ‘nose’ of a
   phy minor                                                                                          minor fold in quartzite near the crest of the
Benjamin Running, Environmental Science                                                               Estadio Canyon Antiform, Manzano Mts.,
Laura Strumness, General Geology with                                                                 New Mexico. The fold is downward facing
   Math minor                                                                                         (i.e. it’s an antiformal syncline) implying
Andrew Sudbrink, Hydrogeology                                                                         that it is on the lower limb of a larger
Rebecca Thorn, Geography with Geology                                                                 recumbent isoclinal fold. The folded quartzite
   minor                                                                                              is about 1.7 billion years old.
                                                                                                 Sophomore Geology
                                                                                                 Major Conducts
                                                                                                 Research in Antarctica
                                                                                                 (modified from UW-Eau Claire News
                                                                                                 Bureau article)

                                                                                                 Joshua Kinsman, UW-Eau Claire
                                                                                                 sophomore, spent April 12-May 12,
                                                                                                 2004, on a National Science Foundation
                                                                                                 [NSF] research cruise to the Weddell Sea,
                                                                                                 Antarctica. Kinsman, a geology major
                                                                                                 from Lavalle, WI, was one of seven
                                                                                                 students from the United States chosen
by Sarah Prindiville, Geology Club President                                                     for the expedition. The expedition was
                                                                                                 headed by Dr. Eugene Domack, professor

          ello all UWEC alumni! We began our year by rewriting our club constitution. Not        of geology at Hamilton College in New
          much changed, except we no longer have monetary dues.                                  York. Domack, who taught at UW-Eau
              The club started the fall semester with a talk and weekend field excursion with    Claire for one year before joining the
Professor Emeritus Paul Myers. Paul and the Club’s new advisor, Colin Shaw, planned a            faculty at Hamilton College, has 25 years
wonderful day of geology in the Eau Claire area. We were lucky enough to have Paul with us       of Antarctic research experience. He is
to explain the map of Wissota Dam that the department has been using for years.                  interested in understanding the natural
    Our newest project for the spring is our “Knowledge Parties.” Every Wednesday from noon      record of environmental variability
to 2pm geology students get together to work on homework. Students in entry-level geology        locked in glacial marine sediments in
classes are encouraged to attend and ask questions of the “older” students. This allows all      fjords and inner coastal basins on both
students in the department to either learn or refresh their geologic knowledge.                  sides of the Antarctic Peninsula. He is
    Geology Club also sponsored several pizza lunches or afternoon snacks for guest speakers     currently investigating the paleorecord of
in the 2003-2004 academic year. In fact, we would like to thank all of our guests for the time   Antarctica’s disintegrating ice shelves.
they spent with us. Special thanks go out to speakers Rob Bruant, Katherine Grote, Kristen           Kinsman states that the entire
Gunderson, Paul Myers and Aaron Walczak. See section on “Guest Speakers” for more details.       research experience was an adventure.
    Stay up to date with club activities at: http://www.uwec.edu/Geology/club/.                  The Gould, an ice-strengthened vessel
                                                                                                 leased to the NSF for Antarctic marine
                                                                                                 research, was a floating research platform
SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL GUEST SPEAKERS!                                                            that was constantly active. The scientific
                                                                                                 team took core samples of the ocean
We are grateful to the following individuals who presented in the department during the past     floor and set sediment traps along
year. These talks have supplied our students with perspectives from outside UW-Eau Claire        various ice shelves. They also used
that are extremely important for broadening our students’ horizons. If you would like to         subsurface sampling and SONAR to
present a talk sometime, we would enthusiastically accept (see separate article about the new    verify a previously unrecognized
speaker series being initiated)!                                                                 submarine volcano. Even getting to and
                                                                                                 from the field area was an adventure!
UWEC Alumni Students:                                                                            The Gould had to cross Drake Passage
Kristen Gunderson (1995) - Kristen presented a lecture entitled “Life After Graduation...” to    from Punta Arenas, Chile, to Antarctica.
the geology students on April 30, 2004.                                                          Drake Passage has the reputation as one
Eileen Kramer (1989) - Eileen presented a lecture in Bob Hooper’s Chemical Hydrogeology          of the harshest areas to sail. Kinsman
course on April 22, 2004.                                                                        states that the reputation is earned—the
                                                                                                 ship encountered strong winds and 30-
Dr. Paul Myers (Professor Emeritus) - Paul guided a field trip for anyone interested on          foot-high wave swells that made
October 18th and 19th, and then he presented a talk entitled “Reading the Rocks: Field           sleeping, eating, and walking difficult as
Studies in Complex Tectonic Settings” on October 20, 2003.                                       the ship rolled 30 degrees from side to
Aaron Walczak (1998) - Aaron presented a lecture entitled “Job Opportunities in the              side. On the flight back from Chile,
Environmental and GIS Fields” to the geology students on April 23, 2004.                         Kinsman was able to see the spectacular
                                                                                                 glaciers of Patagonia flowing out of the
                                                                                                 Andes Mountains. Kinsman reports that
Non-UWEC Guests:                                                                                 even though he missed several weeks of
Dr. Robert Bruant, a research associate for the Department of Civil and Environmental            classes for this research expedition, he
Engineering at Princeton University, presented “Geochemical Considerations Related to Deep       learned a lot and is thrilled that he had
Subsurface Disposal of Carbon Dioxide” on February 25, 2004.                                     the chance to participate.
Dr. Christina Gallup, an assistant professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at the         More information about Kinsman’s
University of Minnesota-Duluth, presented “Uranium-series dating of fossil corals: Testing       research trip to Antarctica is available on
Milankovitch Theory predictions for the last two glacial cycles” on March 1, 2004.               Hamilton College’s Web site, http://
Dr. Katherine Grote, a hydrogeologist with Weiss Associates at the Lawrence Livermore
                                                                                                 2004/. We hope that more UW-Eau
National Laboratory, presented “Field-scale estimation of water content for engineering and
                                                                                                 Claire geology majors will have opportu-
agricultural applications using ground penetrating radar” on February 16, 2004.
                                                                                                 nities such as this in the future!

Student Research Day ~ Spring 2004
      he Twelfth Annual UWEC Student                 Havholm, “Origin and Distribution of              Strumness, Laura and Jennifer Thornburg,
      Research Day was held April 26-27 in           Fluvial Terraces Along the Saskatchewan              with Robert Hooper and J. Brian Mahoney,
      the Davies Center on the UWEC                  and South Saskatchewan Rivers: A GIS and             “Speciation and Mobility of Trace Metal
   campus. This event is held to showcase            GP Approach.”                                        Contamination in the Lower Coeur
   faculty/student collaborative research         Pace-Graczyk, Kali, with Garry Running                  d’Alene River Valley, Idaho.” Laura will
   occurring on campus. The Geology                  (Geography & Anthropology), “Karst                   also be presenting at the American
   Department has been very well repre-              Hydrogeology: An Investigation of the                Geological Union/Canadian Geological
   sented throughout the years, and this year        Origin of Lake “What-the Hell” Wind Cave             Union 2004 Joint Assembly Meeting in
   was no exception. All of the students             National Park, South Dakota.”                        Montreal, Canada, May 15-20, 2004.
   noted below presented posters this year.1      Plathe, Kelly, with Robert Hooper, “Using            Thornburg, Jennifer, with Robert Barth
   We are very proud of our students!                Transmission Electron Microscopy to                  (Geography & Anthropology) & Phillip
                                                     Determine Arsenic Speciation in Mine                 Ihinger, “Geochemical Characterization of
Anderson, Ian, Dan Hennessy, Jesse                   Contaminated Sediment in the Lower                   Red Lithic Artifacts in the Chippewa Valley,
   Bernhardt, and James Watkins, with                Coeur d’Alene River Valley in Northern               WI.”
   Phillip Ihinger, “Origin of felsic segrega-       Idaho.” Kelly will also be presenting at          Treague, Jeremy, with Steve Abbott (Southern
   tions in mafic magma chambers: Compar-            the American Geological Union/Canadian               Cross University- Australia), “Geological
   ing tholeiitic and calcalkaline intrusive         Geological Union 2004 Joint Assembly                 Context of Peat Deposition in Cumbebin
   complexes.”                                       Meeting in Montreal, Canada, May 15-20,              Swamp, Northeast New South Wales,
Ciardelli, Mark, with Phillip Ihinger, “Hy-          2004.                                                Australia: A Geological Framework for
   drous Impurities in Speleothems: Indica-       Prechel, Ryan, (Undeclared) with Phillip                Carbon Sequestration Studies.” Jeremy
   tors of Growth Rates and                          Ihinger and Dan Stevenson (Computer                  also presented at the 2003 Geological
   Paleoenvironments?”                               Science), “Visual Simulation of Quartz               Society of America Annual Meeting in
Dayton, Ryan and Karilyn Niss, with Colin            Crystal Growth.”                                     Seattle, WA, November 2-5, 2003.
   Shaw, “Mesoproterozoic Deformation and         Prindiville, Sarah, with J. Brian Mahoney,           Watkins, James, with Phillip Ihinger, “Major
   Metamorphism at Cerro Colorado, NM:               “Geochemical Characteristics of                      Element Characterization of OIB Source
   Insights into the Rheology of the Brittle-        Glaciogenic Sediments, Puget Lowland,                Regions: Insights from the Hawaiian-
   Plastic Transition.” The students will also       Washington.” Sarah also presented this at            Emperor Hotspot Chain.”
   be presenting at the 2004 Rocky Mountain          the 2003 Geological Society of America            Watkins, James, Breck Johnson and Jesse
   Geological Society of America Meeting in          Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, November              Bernhardt, with Phillip Ihinger, “Origin of
   Boise, Idaho, May 3-5, 2004.                      2-5, 2003.                                           North American Cordillera: Lithospheric
Fell, Chris, Scott Formolo and Kali Pace-         Selb, Michael (Biology), Rebecca Thorn and              Response to Plume-Slab Interaction.” The
   Graczyk, with Colin Shaw, “Ancestry and           Jeremy Treague, with Harry Jol (Geography            students will also be presenting at the
   Reactivation of the Homestake Shear               and Anthropology), “A Ground Penetrat-               2004 Rocky Mountain Geological Society
   Zone.” The students will also be present-         ing Radar Investigation of an 1805 Lewis             of America Meeting in Boise, Idaho, May
   ing at the 2004 Rocky Mountain GSA                and Clark Site, Oregon.” These students              3-5, 2004.
   Meeting in Boise, Idaho, May 3-5, 2004.           also presented at the 2004 Association of         1
                                                                                                           Students who presented posters at professional
Formolo, Scott, with Phillip Ihinger, “Micro-        American Geographers Centennial                          conferences are also indicated. Student travel to
   IR Investigation of Apatite Crystals.”            Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, March 14-19,                conferences was supported with money from the
                                                                                                              Geology Advancement Fund and the Office of Research
Freiburger, Nicholas, with Kristina Beuning          2004.                                                    and Sponsored Programs.
   (Biology), “Widespread Drought in
   Tropical East Africa During the Grand
   Solar Maximum.”
Grosvold, Lisa, with Phillip Ihinger, “Micro-IR
   Investigation of Doubly-Terminated
   Gemmy Quartz Crystals.”
Hauser, Emily, with J. Brian Mahoney and
   Sarah Gordee (May 2003 graduate),
   “Magmatic Evolution of Central Coast
   Plutonic Complex.”
Herrick, Morgan, with Robert Hooper,
   “Crystal Structure of a Pyroxene,
   CaFe3+[Fe3+SiO6], with Significant
   Tetrahedrally Coordinated Fe3+.” Re-
   ceived Third Place in the Natural and
   Physical Sciences category. See photo.
Kohel, Christopher and Kali Pace-Graczyk,
   with J. Brian Mahoney, “Geochemical and
   Geochronologic Analysis of Volcanic
   Suites of the Bella Coola Region, West-
   Central British Columbia.”
Johnson, Breck, with Phillip Ihinger and
   Brady Foust (Geography & Anthropology),
   “Visual Display of the Cenozoic Evolution
   of the North American Cordillera.”             Morgan Herrick with his Student Research Day project titled “Crystal Structure of a Pyroxene,
Lange, Adam, with Garry Running (Geogra-          CaFe3+[Fe3+Si06], with Significant Tetrahedrally Coordinated Fe3+.”
   phy & Anthropology) and Karen
Geology Department History Part II — John R. Bergstrom
by Paula M. Sumpter (Class of 1983)
[Editor’s note: In the 1998 Geology newsletter,
Professor Emeritus Paul Myers published an article
summarizing the history of the UW-Eau Claire
Geology Department. The article, entitled “Up
from the Mud: The History of the UWEC Geology
Department,” was well received by our alumni
(see our web site). Ms. Paula Sumpter conducted
a lot of research to produce this article on Dr. John
Bergstrom, one of the founders of the UWEC
Geology Department. If you would like to
showcase a former UWEC geology faculty member,
please let us know!]

    John Bergstrom was the first geologist to
join the faculty at UWEC, hired as an
Associate Professor of Geology in the
Department of Geography and Geology.
There would be no separate Geology Depart-
ment until he established it, a task that took
six years. His specialty was Structural Geology,
but in his eighteen years at UWEC he taught
25 different courses.
    Bergstrom was born in Brooklyn, NY in
1916. He received a B.A. in Geology in 1938
from Union College in Schenectady, NY. After
graduation he found jobs in geology to be
scarce and made a living selling ski equipment
and vacuum cleaners, as well as working for
Eastern Airlines. In 1942 he enlisted in the            Department of Geology faculty at the mouth of Little Niagara Creek, October 1980. Pictured left to
U.S. Army and became a member of the 10th               right: Paul Myers, Nancy Pickett, James Wilson, Ron Willis, and John Bergstrom.
Mountain Division. After the war, he returned
to college at the University of Wyoming at              “Man B” “Man C” and “Man D” over a period            processes that shape the planet and my
Laramie, where he earned an M.A. in 1950                of five years, as well as the new courses and        interest has not wavered. In retrospect I
and Ph.D. in 1954. He taught briefly at the             additional sections that would be added to the       realize I had inadvertently chosen the perfect
Univ. of Connecticut, Williams College, North           curriculum. It was supplemented by inter-            course to begin my study of geology. Every-
Dakota Univ., Western Illinois Univ. and                views with students who wanted to become             thing I’ve learned since has been more
Arkansas Tech. in sabbatical-replacement                geology majors at UWEC, and these and other          meaningful for having this global view of
positions. In 1964 he joined the faculty of the         students would have to go elsewhere if the           geological processes as a foundation.
UW-Eau Claire where he taught until his                 major was not offered at UWEC. Projected                 During every lecture he took at least one
retirement in 1982.                                     increases in employment for geologists,              trip down memory lane and related some
    The case for establishing Geology as a              primarily in the petroleum industry, had             story relevant to the topic of discussion. He
major and as a separate department was                  helped to spark student interest.                    knew the geologists who were regarded as the
outlined in the form of white papers                        The Geology major was offered in the             experts in the field and peppered his lectures
Bergstrom wrote to administrative personnel.            catalog for the first time in 1967 and an            with first-hand anecdotal information. J.
One such paper, written in 1965, described              independent Geology Department was                   Tuzo Wilson, a pioneer proponent of the
how the advent of space exploration had                 established in 1969. Bergstrom served as             theory of plate tectonics, was discussed in an
increased public interest in “The World We              department chairman from 1969-1971. He               early reading assignment. In the subsequent
Live In” and caused Earth Science to be added           was joined by “Man B”, Ron Willis, in 1967           lecture, Bergstrom digressed into the story of
to the public school curriculum. By 1964,               and “Man C”, Paul Myers, in 1969. “Man D”            how he and Wilson had once discussed
demand at UWEC had resulted in the hiring               happily turned out not to be a man at all, but       particulars of the theory far into the night
of a geologist and the implementation of a              rather Nan Pickett who was hired in 1973.            over a bottle of bourbon. He was not name
program intended to provide pre-professional                I met Bergstrom in my first geology class,       dropping - he brought it up so he could tell us
training and courses that would satisfy the             Plate Tectonics. He greeted me warmly and I          what Wilson himself had to say.
general education laboratory science require-           liked him immediately. He had bright blue                Bergstrom was a life-long student and a
ment. By 1965 the Curriculum Committee                  eyes and a face that crinkled when he smiled,        born teacher. He was interested in everything
had approved the offering of a Geology minor            which he did often. He was outgoing and              and always learning something new. If you
for the fall semester of 1966.                          friendly, the sort of person who makes you feel      were sensible enough to listen, he would turn
    Another paper included a graph demon-               like an old friend as soon as you meet him.          right around and teach it to you. He got an
strating projected growth in student enroll-            After a few sessions of the class I was hooked.      obvious thrill out of seeing the lights come on
ment in geology courses and a detailed chart            It didn’t take long for me to realize that this      in a student’s eyes when they finally under-
outlining the corresponding need for                    man was literally telling me how the world           stood and it spurred him on to teach some
additional staff. The chart illustrated how             worked. He had opened my eyes to the                 more. His lectures always exuded enthusiasm.
Bergstrom would eventually be joined by                                                                      He was excited about the prospect of learning
Gordee and Paulson presented the “Excellence in
Geology” Award in 2002-03
The “Excellence in Geology” Award recognizes        most advanced classes for our majors. He was          the opportunity to work for two summers with
the academic achievements of the outstanding        elected president of the Geology Honors               J. Brian Mahoney and researchers at the
graduating geology major. The 2002-2003             Society (Sigma Gamma Epsilon) and brought             Geological Survey of Canada mapping and
winners of the Geology Excellence Award were        new life to the organization, which had been          conducting plutonic rock studies in the Bella
Benjamin D. Paulson and Sarah M. Gordee.            dormant during the previous years. But Ben’s          Coola region of west-central British Columbia.
                                                    most impressive quality while he was with us          She was primarily responsible for the examina-
Benjamin Paulson (written by Phil Ihinger)          was his dedication and passion for his research       tion of plutonic petrography and geochemistry
Ben came to us from Chippewa Falls, WI.             project. Ben’s project focused on the                 in the eastern Coast Plutonic Complex. She
Shortly after coming to Eau Claire, Ben             geochemical and petrographic characterization         tackled the project with a vengeance, and did
discovered geology and became a regular             of the unusual and controversial Shonkin Sag,         an excellent job of synthesizing all the data
fixture (at all hours) in our department. As an     which is the classic locality for the study of K-     into a workable model of magmatic evolution
undergraduate, his contribution to our              rich mafic magmas. Surprisingly, Ben’s work           of the Coast Plutonic Complex in the Bella
department was enormous. Ben was a favorite         represents the first study of these rocks in          Coola region. She has authored or co-
of both the professors and students alike, and      which systematic quantitative mineral                 authored two posters at the Annual Cordille-
volunteered to be the TA for an amazing array       chemistry was performed. Ben has made some            ran Round-up in Vancouver, British Columbia
of courses that ranged from introductory to the     profound new observations that bear on the            (2002 and 2003), a poster at the annual
                                                    origin of syenitic magmas, and we hope to see         Geological Association of Canada meeting in
                                                    his work in press soon. Ben graduated in              Vancouver in 2003, and she gave a talk (a
  FORMER AWARD RECIPIENTS:                          August of 2003 and is now attending graduate          UWEC undergraduate first!) at the annual
  1995-96:   Kristin Weaver and                     school at Western Washington University.              Geological Society of America meeting in
             Chad Underwood                                                                               Seattle in 2003. She is now in the process of
  1996-97: Sarah Weaver and                         Sarah Gordee (written by J. Brian Mahoney)
                                                                                                          writing a manuscript with Mahoney for a
             Mark Holmes                            Sarah is a native of Eau Claire. After a year or
                                                                                                          refereed journal publication in 2004. In
  1997-98: Tom Danielson and                        two of wandering about the department
                                                                                                          addition to being active in research, Sarah was
             Michelle Haskin                        (including participating in a Costa Rica spring
                                                                                                          invaluable around the department as she TAed
  1998-99: Mae Willkom and                          break trip), Sarah found geologic research to
                                                                                                          field camp a couple of times and did whatever
             Beth Wenell                            her liking. She first examined Tertiary volcanic
                                                                                                          needed to be done. Sarah graduated in May of
  1999-2000: Jean Morrison and                      successions in Nevada with Brad Burton, and
                                                                                                          2003 and is now attending graduate school at
             Carrie Rowe                            she and her co-author presented their work at
                                                                                                          the University of British Columbia in
  2000-2001: Katie Thornburg and                    the annual Geological Society of America
                                                                                                          Vancouver, where she is examining Jurassic
             Karl Beaster                           meeting in Reno, NV, in 2002. Sarah then had
                                                                                                          volcanic arc systems in the Coast Mountains.

John R. Bergstrom                           (Continued)
and clearly did not understood people who           always observing and his conversation was                 There’s an art to being a mentor; to be able
were not.                                           never dull. There was always something going          to explain and correct so much without being
    He didn’t just teach for the 50 minutes he      in the world, on campus, in the department or         condescending to the student. To know when
was scheduled, nor did he keep just the office      in his head that he was prepared to discuss.          they’ve had enough for the moment and let
hours required of each professor per week. If       He had a firm command of the English                  up so they can tell you about something for
he was in his office, it was office hours. If he    language. He was a student of words,                  awhile. To encourage them to think for
was awake, it seemed he was willing to teach.       interested in their meaning and devoted to            themselves. To let a student argue a point and
He taught in hallways, parking lots, moving         their appropriate use. An eloquent writer, he         sharpen his or her skills on you without being
vehicles (those riding shotgun needed to            chose his words carefully and always said             offended. The students must trust that the
watch the road), while he walked, drank             exactly what he meant. To this day, whenever          instructor is inviting them to share what they
coffee or ate lunch. If you really wanted to        I read something he wrote I know I will never         know and not criticizing them for what they
learn he would make time. If a geology              do it that well.                                      don’t. Bergstrom had all the qualities of a
student was studying in the evening and                 Bergstrom rarely arrived at any destination       mentor and generously shared his wisdom
didn’t understand something, they could call        by way of a straight line. His lectures were full     and passion for discovery with his students.
him at home and he would explain.                   of asides, his conversations full of stories, and         John Bergstrom died entirely too soon on
    His office was at the end of the hall at the    his path to anywhere full of detours. He              June 24, 1988 at the age of 72. The flag on
back stairway, a room that would be later           would be walking along and something would            Schofield Hall flew at half staff in mourning.
occupied by John Tinker. Books and manu-            catch his eye and off he would go. You could          During the memorial service, his twin sister
scripts clogged the shelves, covered every          be talking to him and look around and he              read aloud a portion of a letter he had written
available surface, including the floor, and         would be gone. He didn’t intend it to be rude         to her. In it he described his observations of
climbed into great piles that sometimes             (actually, he didn’t intend it at all); he was just   the change of season from summer to fall and
teetered precariously. As far as I could tell, it   unashamedly fascinated by everything.                 his continuing effort to understand all he had
was an organizational system based entirely         Follow him and he would tell you all about            seen. It was a beautiful letter, more like poetry
on the Law of Superposition. Students were          the thing he had just discovered. He under-           than prose. There was one line that remains
always welcome to move the inevitable pile of       stood that important things happen all along          in my memory, “I am a slow and impatient
reading material from the visitor’s chair, find a   a journey, not just at the destination. He            study, still learn I do.” I can only hope to do
spot to put it down, and make themselves            taught me to keep my eyes open because I              as well.
comfortable. It was interesting to see what his     never knew what discoveries I might make
subject of the moment would be. He was              along the way.
NANCY E. BOWERS,                                                                                                               curriculum to enhance the
Associate Lecturer                                                                                                             teaching of science in
Nancy received her Ph.D. in                                                                                                    middle and high schools as
Earth Sciences from Scripps                                                                                                    well as to provide a
Institution of Oceanography at                                                                                                 historical, environmental,
the University of California-San                                                                                               and social context for the
Diego in 2002. She has a B.A.                                                                                                  mining industry. I also
in Anthropology and a B.S. in                                                                                                  work with the Wisconsin
Geological Sciences from the                                                                                                   Academy Staff Develop-
University of Washington from                                                                                                  ment Initiative, a Depart-
1990, and a M.S. in Geology                                                                                                    ment of Education-funded
from the University of Wyoming                                                                                                 program that concentrates
in 1993.                                                                                                                       on the development of
bowersne@uwec.edu                                                                                                              leadership in the teaching
    I joined the UWEC                                                                                                          community, primarily in
Geology Department last                                                                                                        the areas of science,
August in order to teach                                                                                                       mathematics, and technol-
Geology 106 (Earth Science           Left to right: Nancy Amdahl, Lori Snyder, J. Brian Mahoney, Nancy Bowers, Robert          ogy education.
for education majors), for the Hooper, Karen Havholm (front), Phillip Ihinger, Colin Shaw, Kent Syverson, and                  On weekends, I have spent
2003-4 academic year while           Nathalie Brandes.                                                                         time memorizing every
Karen Havholm was on                                                                                                           curve and pothole on the
sabbatical. Prior to my appointment at                                                                    roads between Eau Claire and Calumet,
UWEC, I completed my Ph.D. in marine                     ers but not others, most of my data files had    Michigan. My husband (Paul) and my cats
geophysics at Scripps Institution of Oceanog-            been moved, entirely removed, or compressed      (Morgan and Sika) still live in our house in
raphy, and then taught at the College of                 by root but still under the ownership of root    Calumet while Paul completes his M.S. in
William and Mary in Virginia during the                  and not myself, and, of course, the root         geology at Michigan Tech. I drive home
spring and summer of 2003. Upon arriving in              password had been changed. After a week          almost every weekend to visit Morgan, Sika,
Eau Claire, I was instantly submerged in                 spent getting the system set up so I could       and Paul, and to watch some of my former
preparations for the beginning of the fall               make use of it, I began to make headway.         students who play hockey for Tech. I have also
semester, familiarizing myself with the                      I returned to Eau Claire a week later to     recently completed my first novel, a western
campus and Eau Claire, drawing up a syllabus,            begin the spring semester and continue           set in my home state of New Mexico, and
preparing lectures, and learning the local               pursuing future job prospects. The highlights    hope to have it published next year.
geology and prime locations for the class field          of the semester so far seem to be getting
trips that I would be leading in the following           introduced to the sport of curling and going     ROBERT L. HOOPER, Professor
weeks. Although I knew the first few weeks               on a Hobnailer’s spring break field trip         hooperrl@uwec.edu
would be a little hectic, I predicted that as the        entailing backpacking, rock climbing, and            It has been a busy year that has included
semester rolled on and I got into the swing of           river rafting in Utah. I’m looking forward to    planning department facility renovations,
things, I would have a lot more free time to             the rest of the semester and finding out what’s  brokering deals to buy trucks for field work,
write up the research I had yet to publish. I            in store for me when I teach Geology 110 in      faculty/staff hiring and a full slate of teaching.
successfully filled up all this free time by             the summer here at UWEC.                         I have 5 students active in collaborative
going on weekend field trips, attending the                                                                research involving pyroxene chemistry, the
GSA meeting in Seattle, applying for jobs for        NATHALIE N. BRANDES, Associate Lecturer               Coeur d’Alene mine contamination and clay
the upcoming year, and grading papers. The           Nathalie was a Ph.D. student at Michigan              mineralogy. I am also serving on several very
most memorable field trip was Bob Hooper’s           Technological University in Houghton, MI, before      active university committees. Given the
Mineraology/Petrology I excursion to the UP          she came to Eau Claire. She has a B.S. and M.S.       university commitments, I don’t have much
from which I learned how to get people out of        in Geology from New Mexico Institute of Mining        time left for anything else. The children
bed at ungodly hours and how to convince             and Technology in 1999 and 2002, respectively.        (Matthew and Jennifer) are both at college, so
students there is something in the rocks that        brandenn@uwec.edu                                     for a while Ginger and I had an empty nest.
isn’t there at all. With all these other distrac-       I came to UWEC to fill a one-year vacancy          Not for long, though, because we ended up
tions, I got very little done in the way of          teaching Earth Science for education majors. I        getting a puppy which takes almost as much
writing papers.                                      have enjoyed my time in the department and            time as children... go figure! I’m still teaching
    With the New Year’s resolution that I            regret that I will be leaving after only one year.    Mineralogy and Petrology, Geochemistry and
would write up my research, I spent the winter       In addition to teaching, I have been actively         Physical Geology. This spring I also took on
break term in San Diego working on a                 involved in two K-12 teacher development              Chemical Hydrogeology due to John Tinker’s
research paper. As what usually happens              programs. The Teachers’ Earth Science                 retirement. I don’t know what the students are
when you have been away for an entire year,          Institute is a National Science Foundation-           learning, but I have learned a great deal as a
everything seems to be the same yet entirely         funded program sponsored by Tennessee                 result of teaching the course. I’m trying to stay
different. The most obvious difference was in        Technological University and Michigan                 active by riding bike, playing ultimate Frisbee
the computers. I had access to some comput-          Technological University. This program uses a         with a student group from Scotland and
                                                     hands-on mining and mineral processing
working around the house. If I make it              anticipated! However, we are glad we stayed!       they “just had to come and see it” for
through the rest of the semester I have the         My experience in Eau Claire has been very          themselves.
summer pretty well planned out (and used            positive, with a long list of interested, active       We’re planning a trip to Peru in late
up) with Rocky Mountain Field Studies and           students who continually challenge conven-         October. Meanwhile, we spend a lot of time
mapping in the Coast Range of British               tional wisdom, and a research program that         on community and political activities. I am
Columbia with Mahoney. I got a chance to            ranks with the best universities in the country.   working up a geologic map of the area around
connect with some relatively recent alumni at       The collaborative research opportunities,          the house, finishing a big collaborative
meetings in Seattle (GSA) and at AGU in San         research equipment and the strongly field-         mapping project with Reed Lewis at the Idaho
Francisco. I’m planning on attending the            oriented nature of this department offers its      Geological Survey, and working on several
annual meeting of GSA next fall, so maybe           students an unparalleled experience and a          riverside trail geology signs for the historical
we’ll be able to connect in Denver. Try to          fantastic geologic education. Kudos to all!        committee folks at Cadott, Wisconsin. Welthy
attend for at least a day if you’re in the area.        It has been a very busy year, as per norm.     devotes a lot of her time to microenterprise
It’s always great to see the alumni active in the   The ongoing explosion of interest in the           consulting work, and travels all over the place
profession and attending the conferences.           geologic evolution of British Columbia has         to conferences. “Retirement” has meant only
Stop by and see the department when you’re          kept me hopping, with a full field season last     a career change for us. No complaints!
passing through Eau Claire. I love to give          year, and an unbelievably full field season
department tours and show off the advances          coming up this year. We are expanding our          COLIN A. SHAW, Assistant Professor
in the program. Cheers!                             bedrock geologic mapping program in the            shawca@uwec.edu
                                                    Bella Coola region, and will be running                I just returned from Baraboo, Wisconsin
PHILLIP D. IHINGER, Associate Professor             several crews into the remote mountains of         where another great group of structural
ihinger@uwec.edu                                    west-central British Columbia. Bob Hooper          geology students investigated the famous
    Hello alumni! My, how quickly time has          will be joining the effort in mid-July, and I      Baraboo syncline (see photo). We spent three
gone by. Just when I feel as if I’m finally         look forward to introducing him to the             days studying bedding-cleavage relationships
unpacked at home, I look up and find that           magnificent terrain that we have been              and trying to understand the connection
many of my students are now official UWEC           focusing on for the past several years. I          between outcrop-scale structures and regional
alumni! This past year has been a very busy         recently acquired an NSF grant that will allow     tectonics. This trip always helps students to
one for my current students and me. We have         us to dramatically expand our provenance           synthesize many of the concepts they have
presented our research at international             studies in British Columbia and Baja Califor-      learned in structure. We are lucky to have such
conferences in Iceland, Vancouver, BC, and          nia, where we will be examining the utility of     a classic field area so close to Eau Claire.
San Francisco, CA. We are currently preparing       U/Pb studies of detrital zircon, whole rock        Structural Geology (GEOL 330) class, Spring
nine separate posters for presentation at the       neodymium, and Ar/Ar analysis of K-spar in         2004, on and around the famous Van Hise rock in
upcoming UWEC research day; Ian Anderson            constraining the dynamic linkage between           the Baraboo syncline. This outcrop shows
(2004), Jesse Bernhardt (2004), Marc Ciardelli      orogenic exhumation and basin evolution.           spectacular bedding-cleavage relationships and
(2004), Scott Formolo (2004), Lisa Grosvold         This year marks the start of a major three-year    cleavage refraction.
(2005), Dan Hennessy (2004), Breck Johnson          project, and is timed perfectly for the develop-
(2005), Jenny Thornburg (2005), and James           ment of the new HR-ICPMS laboratory, which
Watkins (2005) are all busy working on              will be up and running in late 2004. We are
projects that range from crystal growth to          looking very forward to the new laboratory
magma evolution to ancient Wisconsin paleo-         that will dramatically increase the geochemi-
Indian trade patterns to the tectonic evolution     cal capabilities of the department. We are
of the North American Cordillera. Casey             being forced to develop the laboratory on a
Bowe (2004), Christopher Kohel (2005),              shoestring, but we are committed to doing it
Angela Remer (2004), and Andy Sudbrink              correctly - this is going to be a world-class
(2004) continue to make great progress in           facility!
their collaborative research projects on                So....as always, thing are wild and wooley,
diffusion in quartz, the timing of structural       yet much the same around here! Stop by and
deformation in Montana, and deciphering the         say hello, or drop an email to keep in touch.
bulk composition of the Lower Mantle. My            The success of our former students and their
students continue to take full advantage of the     continued interest in our program are
financial grants provided by the National           important components of our work here!
Science Foundation for both research and
equipment. Meanwhile, I continue to teach           PAUL E. MYERS, Professor Emeritus
Physical Geology, Earth Resources, and              myerspe@starband.net
Mineralogy-Petrology I, II, and III courses.           Welthy and I had a fabulous two-week tour           In addition to my usual structural geology
                                                    of Thailand and surrounding countries last         and physical geology courses, I had the
J. BRIAN MAHONEY, Associate Professor               February. After that, we were engrossed in the     opportunity to teach applied geophysics
mahonej@uwec.edu                                    final stages of the construction of our new        during the fall 2003 semester. The small class
    The year 2004 is a milestone, as it marks       energy-efficient, off-grid house. Our home         size made it easy to get out for a number of
ten years that JBM has been at the University       receives numerous curious visitors every week.     hands-on geophysical experiments around the
of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. That is nine years,        They frequently read about this advanced-          Eau Claire area. We focused on gravity and
eleven months, and three weeks longer than          technology house in local newspapers, and say      seismic methods, but also had a chance to

learn about several other geophysical tools.      LORI D. SNYDER, Senior Lecturer                           sity Senate and University Academic Policies
One of the highlights of the semester was a       snyderld@uwec.edu                                         Committee.
combined seismic and ground penetrating               Hello again and happy spring to everyone.                 This past year my research focused on the
radar survey (with Geography associate            That means it must be time for the annual                 publication of research results. I submitted
professor Harry Jol) at the Hubbard Property      news from the Geology Department. After a                 several manuscripts for review this year—an
near Durand. Our data will contribute to          very brief field season, I spent an enjoyable             overview article about the glacial history of
ongoing work by Geography associate               year teaching Physical and Environmental                  Wisconsin (for an Elsevier volume about the
professor Garry Running to develop a model        Geology and Geology of National Parks.                    glaciation of North America, now in press),
for soil development in this study area.          Rocky Mountain Field Studies and assorted                 the Chippewa County Pleistocene report and
    I have been working with two groups of        other field trips, along with a visit to the New          map (for a Wisconsin Geological and Natural
students on research related to the Precam-       Mexico Field Camp, have also been keeping                 History Survey bulletin, now accepted for
brian tectonics of the Rocky Mountain region.     me busy and active. The big news this year is a           publication pending revisions), and a text and
We will be presenting our results at the UWEC     major remodeling project on the house. It is              map about the geology of the Phillips
Student Research Day and at the Rocky             our first house and our first major project, so           Quadrangle, Maine (co-authored with UWEC
Mountain GSA meeting in Boise, Idaho. Kali        there was some serious learning to do. Luckily,           alumna Rachel Greve, now published, see
Pace-Graczyk, Chris Fell, and Scott Formolo       the work is almost finished (and it’s beautiful)          below). The submission of the Chippewa
joined me for two weeks of field work near        and I’m looking forward to not living in a                County report was a milestone of sorts-I
Leadville, Colorado. We mapped mylonitic          construction zone. My summer plans are two                began that research in 1996 and the report
shear zones and pseudotachylyte-filled fault      months of field work in British Columbia                  represents the culmination of numerous
zones that record a complex interplay between     with three current students. Stop by for a visit          UWEC student research projects! I hope to
slow plastic creep and sudden earthquake-         if you’re in town!                                        resubmit the Chippewa County report for
generating fault motion in the middle crust                                                                 publication before this summer. Student
about 1.4 billion years ago. Understanding the    Publications during 2003:                                 Rachel Greve presented her Maine research
interaction between these modes of deforma-       Evenchick, C.A., McNicoll, V.J. and Snyder, L.D., 2004,   results at NC GSA in Kansas City. This spring I
tion is important for modeling how strain            Stratigraphy, geochronology, and geochemistry of the   presented research results in St. Louis (NC
scales between seismic and orogenic cycles.          Georgie River area, northwest British Columbia, and    GSA) and Duluth (Institute on Lake Superior
Geology Students Kali Pace-Graczyk and Chris         implications for mineral exploration: Canadian         Geology). Speaking of Duluth, my UMD
Fell on Homestake Peak (13,209 ft.) in the           Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 41, p. 199-216.          Bulldog hockey team made it to the Frozen
Sawatch Range, Colorado. The high Peaks in the                                                              Four in Boston this year! We lost a heart-
distance belong to the Gore Range.                KENT M. SYVERSON, Associate Professor                     breaking game in the semi-finals, but the
                                                  syverskm@uwec.edu                                         UMD fight song resounded throughout our
                                                      Greetings from Eau Claire! The biggest                new house anyway...! Besides, a UMD player
                                                  news of the year—after ten years in our house,            won the Hobey Baker Award, the hockey
                                                  the Syversons decided that it was time to find            equivalent of the Heismann award for
                                                  a neighborhood with more kids, a larger                   football. This summer I will be working for
                                                  garage, and cheaper interest rates...! Thus, we           the Maine Geological Survey in southern
                                                  went through all of the normal hassles to get             Maine with UWEC geology major David
                                                  the house ready and put our house on the                  Mans.
                                                  market. Our house sold in late May 2003. We
                                                  found a nice house one block from the kids’               Publications during 2003:
                                                  elementary school and moved in July. The                  Syverson, K.M., and Greve, R.M. , 2003, Surficial
                                                  kids (ages 10, 8, and 6) are all in school—                  geology of the Phillips 7.5-minute quadrangle,
                                                  another major transition for the Syverson                    Franklin County, Maine: Augusta, Maine
                                                  family! The new house is within easy walking                 Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-48, 12 p.
                                                  and biking distance to the junior high, high              Syverson, K.M., and Greve, R.M., 2003, Surficial
                                                  school, and our church, so we appreciate the                 geology of the Phillips quadrangle, Maine:
                                                  convenience. I miss the wooded park at our                   Augusta, Maine Geological Survey Open-File Map
                                                  old home, however. I am still able to walk                   03-47, scale 1:24,000, one sheet.
    Kari Niss and Ryan Dayton joined              and bike to work, but the 1.5-mile commute
scientists and students from the University of    is along busier roads than my previous route.             JOHN R. TINKER, JR., Professor Emeritus
New Mexico, University of Massachusetts, and          I am now in my 12th year at UW-Eau                        I want to thank everyone for the best
University of Texas, El Paso to investigate the   Claire. I continue to teach my normal                     wishes you sent to me at the time of my
relationship between metamorphism and             rotation of classes, and that is very rewarding.          retirement. I thank the Geology Department
deformation at Cerro Colorado in the Tusas        I also taught an eight-week Environmental                 for the retirement party and for the honor of
Mountains of northern New Mexico. This            Geology class during the summer, and it was               naming the hydrogeology laboratory with
project focuses on plastic deformation at deep    nice to teach the course in field mode.                   my name. I thank all of you.
crustal levels during an intracontinental         Normally I teach that course in the spring                    I enjoyed teaching during the fall
orogenic event 1.4 billion years ago.             when field opportunities are more limited. I              semester of 2003. I have been luck to ease
                                                  continue to be very involved with university-             into retirement and still have the opportu-
                                                  wide political issues as I serve on the Univer-           nity to interact with students. Now that the
                                                                                                            Geology Department has found a replace-

ment for the hydrogeology position, I can         of course the beautiful covered bridges. We       NANCY AMDAHL, Program Assistant
look forward to full retirement except for        hit the east end of the Bay of Fundy at the       amdahlnj@uwec.edu
consulting. I will miss the students: you are     Hopewell Rocks during low tide, which was             This academic year seems very uneventful
the reason I had 33 happy years of teaching.      fun to walk on the rocky beach along the 50       in the Department of Geology compared to
   I built a 12 x 20 foot storage building last   ft. cliffs. Nova Scotia was not disappointing     last year, but this is NOT a complaint! We
winter. I guess one should build during the       in the least—including Cape d’Or lighthouse       ran a successful search to hire a hydro
summer or fall but I can honestly say that I      and south onto the Digby Neck, then around        replacement for Dr. Tinker (see separate
did not get sunburned once when it was            the coast road to Lunenburg and Peggy’s           letter from the Chair), but otherwise it has
below 32 degrees F. I am still playing farmer     Cove. All of it thrilling. We soon crossed over   been a fairly peaceful year. Nathalie Brandes
on my 73 acres, and I seem to be successful       to Cape Breton Island and on north to             and Nancy Bowers were added to our
because I am losing money! I am having fun        Ingonish and found a place to bed down            department this year to teach the Earth
however.                                          right on the beach...with the appropriate         Science course for Education majors while
   I hope you are all in good health and are      sunset and sunrise, listening to the waves        Karen is on sabbatical, and they have both
enjoying your work. Please take time to           coming in during the night.                       been real joys to work with...In fact, it would
enjoying your work. Please take time to               Next was around the north coast and           be nice to keep them both around on a more
enjoy your family and friends. Whatever           finally crossing over to Prince Edward Island,    permanent basis, but with State budget cuts
your opinion may be about the war in Iraq         which was another marvelous experience. I         I’m sure that’s not going to happen.
and Afghanistan, please remember our              am sorry to have to make this such a long             Here’s some exciting news...I have been
soldiers. I know some of our graduates are        dissertation, but it’s impossible to leave out    notified that my office is going to be moved
serving our country during these difficult        anything...each day was so beautiful—perfect      and improved this summer, so I’m looking
times.                                            weather all the way. We spent several days        forward to that! Our current game plan is to
                                                  on PEI before going back into New                 remove the wall between John and Kent’s
RONALD P. WILLIS, Professor Emeritus              Brunswick and heading north along the             offices and turn that into one large main
willisrt@charter.net                              coast into the Gaspe Peninsula of southeast-      office, with new furniture, cabinets, glass
Dear former students: And you are very dear       ern Quebec. One area in particular was            window to hallway, carpet, etc. I’m sure Kent
to me....                                         noteworthy...the small town of Perce—with         won’t mind having his office outside (far
    Oh, the memories! I thank you from the        motel accommodations right on the beach at        more spacious anyway!). The expected
bottom of my bottom....wishing there were         the foot of a cliff...watching the fog roll in—   completion date is the end of this summer,
some way we could get together and                the next days were also very rewarding—           but I’m just hoping it will be finished
reminisce—but then, I would probably just         down the St. Lawrence region. We crossed          sometime before I retire! ;-)
sit and cry. The only news I have is to relate    back into the U.S. through an isolated point          Not much for vacations this past year.
a truly fantastic trip this past autumn. My       on the northern border of New                     However, our basement is almost finished!
wife Thorie and I headed north from Eau           Hampshire...And I should mention we saw           This turned out to be a much larger project
Claire on Sept. 19—the day before my 77th         several moose in New Hampshire, Maine,            than what we had originally planned, but I’d
birthday...Such beautiful fall scenery with all   and Nova Scotia.                                  have to say that it looks great! We tried to
the appropriate colors throughout the entire          Our second drive through Vermont was          give it the cabin ambiance...log siding, stone
trip...and northern Wisconsin and the U.P.        made extra special by a visit to Paul Myers’      fireplace, rustic fixtures, bar area, Jacuzzi tub,
are not exceptions. In fact it set the standard   beautiful home—unfortunately he was not           etc.
for the journey down through Michigan             there at the time, but his lovely wife Welthy         Thanks to all that visited the department
along the coast of Lake Huron etc., passing       was most kind and hospitable—showing us           this past year. Please keep those e-mail
through southern Ontario and into western         through their home. Believe me, Paul is one       updates coming too. It’s always nice to
New York, eventually crossing the                 fortunate guy to have such a fantastic wife       know that you haven’t forgotten us. Take
Adirondacks (never any regrets or disap-          and partner. On crossing over into Massa-         care!
pointments) to Saranac Lake before crossing       chusetts, we dropped in on John Tinker’s
into Vermont...just making decisions as we        father in the town of Gardner, and had a
went—no reservations beforehand. Stopped          great visit with him. He’s so much like
at a couple of granite and marble quarries on     John—a great person to be around.
the way. Finally hit the Kancamagus                   Our drive home to Wisconsin took us
Highway through New Hampshire and drove           through the Catskills—eventually crossing
to the top of Mount Washington, then into         Pennsylvania, West Virginia and
Maine where we visited several limestone          Kentucky...Beautiful all the way. Arrived
quarries.                                         back about mid-November. Thorie and I can
    We then headed north to Moosehead             recommend this region to anyone with a
Lake country before going south to hit the        slight travel bug. Most rewarding!
beautiful coastal scenes all the way to Lubec.        Have a great year! You were wonderful
Went north again to the Fort Kent country         students here at UWEC, and I want to
and crossed into New Brunswick. Here we           encourage each of you to continue your
had another fantastic bed and breakfast at St.    search for increased understanding of this
Martins. I should mention we were enjoying        beautiful earth through travel. Warmest
scallops and clam chowder all the way once        Regards Always, Ron
hitting the coast of Maine—delicious! And
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    Foundation Office: Please deposit donation into the Geology Advancement Fund,                     scholar was recently announced and awarded
    #279.                                                                                             to Jim M. Watkins of Spooner, WI. Jim has
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    PLEASE MAIL COUPON & DONATION TO:                                                                 projects with Phil Ihinger. The 2003-04
    University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire                                                                award winner was Laura A. Strumness of
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    Schofield 214                                                                                     research with Bob Hooper and Brian
    105 Garfield Avenue                                                                               Mahoney. Jim and Laura have both recently
    Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004                                                                         presented their research projects at national
                                                                                                      conferences. For more information, check
                                                                                                      out the “Student Research Day” section.
ALUMNI NEWS                                                                      The latest and greatest news from UWEC Geology Alumni.

Kimberly (Ball) Kaiser (1996). After               the provenance of Neoproterozoic zircons           Dr. Paul Myers and his wife, Welthy. “We
spending a couple of summers teaching at a         that record the rifting of Rodinia in central      are mostly pen pals now that he’s moved to
science camp and one year with the Idaho           Idaho.” Although he has been very busy,            Vermont, but it’s a joy to see and be in
Department of Environmental Quality,               Luke admits, “I have reaped the benefits of        touch with him again, she explains, “He
Kimberly is back in school for her master’s        living in such a beautiful place; downhill         reminds me that youth is a state of mind.”
degree in Environmental Science-Policy &           and cross-country skiing, winter camping,          Lynn mentioned that she would be happy
Law through an extension of the University         and hiking.”                                       to hear from any former UWEC students
of Idaho. She has been living in Driggs,                                                              with whom she went to school.
Idaho, since 1997. “I will be defending my         Nicole Bergstrom (2002). Nicole is a
thesis on ‘Estimating Streambank Erosion in        customer-service representative for the            Brad Burton (Assistant Professor, 1997-
the Big Lost River Subbasin’ at the end of         Claims Research Unit at Humana Insurance           2001). Brad continues to enjoy his position
March. It has been a busy year, after              in Green Bay, WI. She was engaged this past        with Shell Canada in Calgary, CA. Brad’s
spending a couple weeks on the Colorado            Christmas Eve to Chris Kane, and they are          two children, Russell and Rebecca, have
River through the Grand Canyon in April,           planning a wedding in September 2005.              recently moved to Calgary to live with him.
Doug and I were married in Wisconsin on            Chris works as a process engineer at Georgia       “I’m Mr. Mom, but really happy to be with
July 19, 2003, and I was trying to finish my       Pacific.                                           them again.” Brad admits. “All three of us
thesis field work at the same time!” Kim-                                                             are in Karate together, which is great fun,
berly is currently working for a non-profit      Lynn (Borgenheimer) Moline (1976).                   and it gives them the opportunity to kick
called “Friends of the Teton River (FTR).”       Lynn is the President at LMA, Inc, where she         and punch the old man.”
FTR is committed to surface-water and            works from her home near Minneapolis,
ground-water issues in the Teton Valley. “Life   MN. She described, “My office overlooks my           Kirsten Cahow (1997). Kirsten is in the
is good. I am enjoying my mountain views,        garden landscaped with river rock and                process of finalizing her MS thesis at UM-
deep powder skiing, and white water              granite cobbles.” Lynn was a double-major            Duluth. We recently noticed an article in
kayaking-without going on vacation! Give         in geology and english, and she joked,               the Journal of Geomorphology which Kirsten
me a call if you are in the Greater              “Admittedly, geology isn’t a predictable             had co-authored. It was entitled “Lateral
Yellowstone Area!”                               major among management consultants;                  flow routing into a wetland: field and
                                                 neither is english, for that matter. But I must      model perspectives.”
Greg Beckstrom (1984). Greg is the               say this: those terrible puns that all of us
Director of Global Client Development for        young field mappers thought were so clever           Josh Carlisle (2002). Josh is Project
Golder Associates Corporation. He has been       have helped me explain more than once                Manager for a small environmental
with this company since                                              how geology is relevant to       consulting firm in Laramie, WY, called CBM
1992. Greg commented,                                                my chosen field. I simply        Associates, Inc. According to Josh, CBM
“Highlights for the last        “I’m sure I’ll bore the              say that while some              specializes in water resources management,
year include my first trip     dickens out of my kids                management consultants           specifically with coal bed methane (natural
to South Africa. Golder        with my explanation of                are full of schist, most of      gas) production in the Powder River Basin
acquired an operation                                                us are gneiss people who         of Wyoming. “My specialty is environmen-
there and I’ve been           how the canyon formed.” are skilled at transforming                     tal permitting,” Josh states. “I maintain
involved in assimilating            Greg Beckstrom (1984)            the behavior of managers         close communication with my clients for
the business. South                                                  who occasionally act as if       the establishment of project goals and
Africa is a major                                                    they have rocks in their         budgets. I develop parameters and water
precious metals mining region and they           heads and take their subordinates for                management options for permitting and
have many interesting technical and social       granite. Works every time. What’s more, my           development within the boundaries of the
problems and challenges. On the personal         clients think I’m witty. It’s perfect, really.       Clean Water Act.” Josh also commented
front, the Beckstrom family is progressing       Since most of my clients are local, my travel        that there were two courses at UWEC in
toward our goal of seeing all the major          is almost always for fun. But once a                 particular that have been specifically useful
league baseball teams in their home              geologist, always a geologist, at least at heart.    to his career thus far, “1. Geochemistry-
stadiums. Last year took us to Detroit and       My family has grown accustomed to the fact           thanks Hooper, and 2. Technical Writing.”
Cincinnati. This year we plan to visit           that places like the Canadian Rockies,
Boston, Baltimore and Phoenix. A side trip       southeast Utah, and the Grand Canyon sing            Richard Christy (1985). Reverend Rick is
from Phoenix will take us to the Grand           me a siren song at vacation time. Of course,         the pastor of Conklin Reformed Church in
Canyon. I’m sure I’ll bore the dickens out of    when I visit places like these, I find myself        Michigan. He commented, “My training in
my kids with my explanation of how the           trying to remember, always unsuccessfully,           geology helps me to enjoy the research, and
canyon formed.”                                  what I once knew about the difference                the experiences working with people have
                                                 between synclines and anticlines. But I’m            helped me to be a better minister. I believe
Luke Beranek (2003). After graduation last       willing to bet I’m one of                                                 that science is learning
spring, Luke moved to Pocatello, Idaho,          a select few management                                                   how God did things or
where he is now pursuing a master’s degree       consultants in America             “But once a geologist,                 does things. I still play
in geology at Idaho State. “I am working         who regularly read                  always a geologist, at                my guitar in every
with Paul Link on a variety of topics            Scientific American.”                                                     worship service and I am
including the detrital zircon geochronology      Lynn said that she has                   least at heart.’”                still a football fan. I
of Neogene strata in the western Snake River     also been in touch with             Lynn (Borgenheimer) Moline            look back at my years at
Plain, mapping near Sun Valley, Idaho, and                                                       (1976)                    UW-Eau Claire very
ALUMNI NEWS                                     (Continued)

happily. I learned a lot about geology and a        spring and assisting our department with           [Editor’s note: Based on the address associated
lot about life. I believe that I learned as         the Advanced Field Geology course, Sarah           with this message, it appears that Harrison is
much how to live as how to make a living.           spent the summer working in the Eastern            still up to his tricks while working with BLM in
My wife and three kids enjoy hearing about          Coastal Mountains of Bella                                                 Alaska. However, one
geology and I am always of help to them             Coola, British Columbia. In                                                never knows....!]
when they have troubles in earth science.”          the fall, Sarah went to
                                                                                         “And now, here I am
                                                    graduate school at the                 in Houston ... the                  Kristen Gunderson
Michael Cummings (1971). Professor                  University of British Colum-         inevitable end of the (1995). Kristen contin-
Cummings is in his 25th year of teaching in         bia in Vancouver. Sarah
the Department of Geology at Portland State         comments, “Grad school has
                                                                                         road for geologists.” ues her position as an
                                                                                                                               environmental manage-
University. In addition, he has also been the       been challenging in many                Heather Golding (1998)             ment systems consultant
department chair for the past three years.          respects, but so far, it has                                               for Earth Tech in
Michael writes, “My research involves               been pretty rewarding.                                                     Milwaukee, WI. She gave
hydrogeology (Oregon coast and Klamath              Vancouver is a fantastic place to live, which      a very interesting talk to our majors this
basin), volcanic stratigraphy (Klamath              makes the tough days a little bit more             spring describing how she has integrated her
basin, Cascades near Mt. Hood, southern             enjoyable.” More than anything, Sarah is           interest in politics, geology, and environ-
Blue Mountains province near Juntura), and          looking forward to the summer field season         mental issues.
K-12 education (rural school districts in           and the chance to get into the mountains           Kristen_Gunderson@earthtech.com
Oregon and Portland Public Schools). I am           again. On a more personal note, Sarah is
Co-PI for the Center for Learning and               the proud aunt of Reed Michael, who was            Doug Hallum (1996). Doug started his
Teaching in the West, a $10M, five-year             born in early January 2004. Sarah has been         own business last summer called Hallum
project funded by the National Science              home a few times this year to visit the little     Residential Consulting. He provides
Foundation. This collaborative between              guy, and luckily for us, she typically visits      assistance to homeowners seeking to
PSU, University of Montana, Montana State           the department during her stay in Eau              enhance their home environments. Doug
University, Colorado State University, and          Claire.                                            resides in Cornell, WI.
University of Northern Colorado conducts
doctoral-level research on the achievement        Harrison Griffin (1996). Having narrowly              Michelle Haskin (1998). Michelle is
gap and equity and diversity issues in            survived 2 years of blinding depression in            teaching at the University of British Colum-
science and mathematics. In my spare time,        the Great Land, I have been asked repeatedly          bia in Vancouver. She has taught a variety of
I garden.”                                        by my friends and family to admit myself              courses at UBC in the past year, including
                                                  into a mental health facility in upstate New          Natural Disasters, Min/Pet, Earth Science for
Chris Elvrum (1992). Last fall we received        York. The trees here are frosty and they              Engineers, Earth Systems, Earth and the
a brochure announcing the annual Minne-           speak to me from time to time, saying bad             Solar System, and field school. Michelle
sota Ground Water Association Conference          things, like “Geology has done this to you”,          said, “In the future I’ll be continuing to
and Chris was one of the speakers. Accord-        or “Brian Mahoney is the DEVIL!!!”. I’ve              teach (at a much reduced load!) and do lab
ing to the program, Chris is with the             since come to believe otherwise, but for a            and distance education course develop-
Metropolitan Council and he presented a           brief period of time, there was some                  ment.” On the home front, Michelle and
talk at the conference entitled “Metro Area       uncertainty as to whether or not my hospital          her longtime boyfriend, Adrian, visited
Water Conservation and Planning for               sheets were plotting to kill me. I’ve come to         Corsica last summer on a 3-week climbing
Growth: Efforts to Counteract the Assump-         believe this diabolical scheme to be true,            trip. She stated, “It was spectacular! We
tion of Limitless Ground Water Availability.”     and have disposed of both the fitted and the          spent our time staring at rocks, eating
                                                  regular sheets in a most violent manner.              excellent French food, and sleeping in. I
Heather Golding (1998). As of last                The meals here are also very conspiratory. I          was in heaven!” This summer they are
summer (the last time we heard from               overheard the cobbler mention to the                  planning a climbing trip to the southwestern
Heather), she and her new husband, Joel,          meatloaf that it might be best if I were to           US to visit some national parks.
had just moved to Houston, TX, to start new       “have an unfortunate accident in the
jobs. Heather was working as a geologist in       bathing room.” So, I slammed the tray -               Hodek, Dave (1995). In the past year Dave
the marine geohazards department of a             cobbler and all - against the far wall of my          has quit his job in Duluth, got married, and
geophysical consulting                                              haunted room. They found            is now living in St. Paul, MN. He took a job
firm called Fugro                                                   the gun in the toilet, so I         as an environmental engineer with
Geoservices. Joel had just       “I still play my guitar couldn’t defend myself                         ProSource Technologies in Minneapolis.
finished his M.S. at the            in every worship                against the bed frame at            Dave commented, “I still get into the field
University of Tennessee                                             night when it would begin           when I can, I use some of my geology brain
and was starting to work
                                    Richard Christy (1985)          its torturous chanting: “Ice        cells (atrophied from five years of engineer-
for ExxonMobil as a                                                 cream, bottle cap, sticky           ing), and I even put my Civil Engineering PE
geophysicist. Heather                                               pads AAAAHHHHH!!”                   to use and do some design work. Since
remarked, “My career goals did change, I left     Lately, my walks through the frozen garden            those changes were not sufficient, we also
the PhD program at the University of              remind me of times I’ve never spent in                bought a new house two months ago. It’s
Georgia. Instead, I did a geoscience policy       Greenland, observing the fjords being                 my own version of ‘shock and awe.’ I figure
internship with the American Geological           formed by the glacial flow of rock and ice. I         by the time I come to my senses; I’ll be in
Institute in the Government Affairs depart-       hope this spring is going well for all of you.        my late 40’s and will have even missed the
ment. And now, here I am in Houston...the         I won’t be able to write or visit for some            best mid-life crisis years. Seriously though,
inevitable end of the road for geologists.”       time as I have just been given some pretty            life is probably the best it’s ever been and
                                                  heavy sedatives that should....be...ZZzzz.            I’ve never been happier.”
Sarah Gordee (2003). After graduating last
ALUMNI NEWS                                     (Continued)

Terri Hogue (1995). Terri is in her first           due to sheer boredom. You can only watch         Roger Kocken (1979). Roger is a Staff
year as an assistant professor of Civil and         dump trucks haul clay for so many minutes        Geologist with Chevron Texaco. He
Environmental Engineering at UCLA. In a             before losing interest. So I left that and       commented, “I’m still working in New
message from her in late October she                went back to work as a carpenter, and now I      Orleans, trying to find enough natural gas to
commented, “Sometimes I still can’t believe         expedite for my Dad’s building business.         keep everybody up north warm for the
I have a position here-and it all started in        However, I’m still quite interested in a job in  winter.” Roger said he enjoyed his years at
Eau Claire...the support from all of you to         geology.”                                        UWEC and the department, “Mostly, I
go to grad school was certainly instrumental                                                         remember spending a lot of time learning
in getting me here...”                              Dale Kerner (1996). Dale                                           the basics-describing and
                                                    continues his position at                                          analyzing rock and mineral
Matthew Hostak (1989). Matt has been                Brown and Caldwell, an             “We spent our time              samples. You never know
employed by the Wisconsin DNR in                    environmental consulting         staring at rocks, eating about the geology
Oshkosh since 1989. Due to budget cuts,             firm, in Boise, ID. He            excellent French food,           business...A friend of mine
when the State asked for volunteers to work         reminded us that he has                                            retired to open up a
less so they could save money, Matt took            been in Boise for almost            and sleeping in. ”             dinosaur dig! He is doing
them up on the “opportunity.” He ex-                eight years already. He             Michelle Haskin (1998)         real well.”
pressed, “I now have 3-day weekends EVERY           remarked, “Love the town,
weekend and I only work a half day on               love the state, and love the                                        Josh Kohn (2000). Josh
Thursdays. I would never go back to full-           climate. The pervasive, and at times              has been working for Mueller Pipeliners, an
time. Why wait until I’m 65 to retire? As I         militant, right-wing conservatism is a bit        underground utilities contractor, in the Twin
look at it, I’m starting retirement early-one       tiresome, but that’s the price you pay for        Cities for the past three years. Josh re-
Friday at a time!” In his spare time, Matt          living in Idaho. Thus far I’ve accumulated        marked, “I work hard for eight months of
continues to enjoy working on his historical        one wife (Kathy), one child (Lauren), two         the year, and then have Christmas until May
home in Oshkosh, WI. Matt summarized                cats (Emma and Bella) and one dog                 off since the ground is too hard to install
his life as “No wife, no ex-wife, no kids, no       (Macy).” Dale said he received a visit from       underground utilities.” In the winters, Josh
plans for such, and no complaints!”                 Mel Klinger last year on her way back from        takes advantage of his time off by traveling
                                                    field season. He also gets together with Pete     around the world. “This March I am going
Joel Hyzer (2003). Joel is attending school         Eades once in awhile. “He’s got a pool in his     on a mission trip to Mexico with a group of
for law enforcement/park ranger training in         backyard,” Dale commented, “so we go              men from my church to build two houses in
Rangely, CO. His goal is to work in the             there a lot. It’s good to have occasional         a small village near Pico de Orizaba, the
National Parks. Joel and April Johnson (see         reminders of the old Wisconsin home. Not          third highest mountain in North America,
below) are planning an October wedding in           that there’s any shortage of Midwesterners        which I hope to climb on my day off.” Josh
Madison, WI.                                        out here. You can pick them out because           has hopes to work at the McMurdo science
                                                    they generally don’t have bumper stickers         station in Antarctica next winter over his
April Johnson (2002). April is working at           proclaiming their native Idahoan status.”         2004/05 break. Josh said, “Long term, I
CBM Associates in Laramie, WY, as an                Dale also reminded us that the 2004 annual        have been thinking about coming back to
Environmental Compliance Auditor. April             meetings of the Rocky Mountain and                Eau Claire to do the fast-track to the
explained, “I deal with regulations and             Cordilleran Sections will be held jointly in      teaching program and get certified to teach
procedures for coal bed methane drilling in         Boise this May, and he welcomes any visitors      high school earth science.” Besides work
CO, WY, and possibly MT soon. It is weird.          to look him up.                                   and travel, Josh also keeps himself enter-
I never thought I would be working for the                                                            tained with ultimate Frisbee leagues, disc
development side of geology, but it has           Melissa Klinger (2001). Mel is finishing            golf, and attending concerts and movies.
given me a very new perspective from this         her MS thesis in structural geology at the
side of the fence.” April                                              University of Idaho.           Ric Kopp (1975). Ric recently started a
hopes to apply to CSU to                                               Upon completion, she           new position as the Vice President of
obtain her master’s in
                                    “I have been asked                 hopes to obtain a position     Exploration and Production for Elk Re-
teaching in a few years.             repeatedly by my                  in the petroleum industry.     sources, Inc., in Englewood, Colorado.
                                  friends and family to Mel suggested, “If that
Tony Jones (1992). Tony                                                isn’t what I’m looking for,    Lisa Kraft (1999). Lisa continues to map
summed up his update with
                                   admit myself into a                 then I plan to teach. I’ve     power lines, but she is hoping to attend
a one-liner, “Still bobbing      mental health facility.” done lots of traveling in                   Colorado University in Denver for a master’s
along on the tide of                 Harrison Griffin (1996)           the Pacific Northwest out      degree in Recreation Planning in the fall.
life...watching my kids grow,                                          here in the past three         She recently purchased a condo in Lake-
spending time with my wife,                                            years, but course work         wood, CO. Lisa commented, “It is near I-70
surveying and brewing a bit of beer every         usually takes me to Nevada. I have found            and Green Mountain, so it makes for quick
now and then.”                                    that I love mapping in the desert and have          trips up and down the mountains.”
                                                  worked in the Hawthorne/Walker Lane, NV,
Brent Kabat (2002). Since graduation,             area for the past two field seasons. Idaho is       Stephanie Larsen (2001). Steph obtained
Brent has done some hydrogeology, some            great! I call it ‘the Best Hidden Treasure of       a master’s degree in geography from UW-
drill rig work, and has completed training        America.’ Bob and Ginger [Hooper] know              Madison last summer. She wrote, “I am
on plastic liner and geomembrane inspec-          what I’m talking about! All I can say to            currently taking a year off from my PhD
tion for landfill construction. However, he       describe it out here: Bitterroots, Idaho            program to re-evaluate my goals and heal
recently decided to change paths. He              Batholiths, Blues, Palouse, Cascades, and           some of the burnout I’ve been experiencing.
admits, “Days ranged from 10-16 hours, and        microbrew!”                                         Instead, I’m working as a policy intern for
the hardest thing was keeping my eyes open                                                            the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute on
ALUMNI NEWS                                     (Continued)

issues of sustainable agriculture. I’m also         enjoying life’s simple pleasures. They had      the year that I actually get to do field work,
doing research for the UW Biological                plans to head to North Carolina to visit        and when it is light 24 hours a day...there’s
Systems Engineering Department, where I             family over the kids’ spring break. Greg        plenty of time to do field work! This year I
am helping plan a conference about bio-             commented, “Rock Fest tickets in hand and       installed some deep wells into fractured
refining agricultural products in Wisconsin.        motorcycle is up and running, so I’m getting    bedrock. The idea was to isolate some active
I’ve recently been to Cuba with a group             ready for summer. I’m also cycling out to       fractures or fracture zones to collect hydro-
from Madison to learn about the agricul-            Ottawa for Canada Day (July 1st) and I’ll be    logic parameters and chemical data. It was
tural system there. It was an eye-opening           in Philly for the 4th.”                         very exciting to finally use some of the
trip and a nice respite from January in                                                             knowledge I gained from my master’s
Wisconsin!”                                         Jeremy Miller (1995). Jeremy continues          research!” Todd is also extremely active
                                                    his position as Lost Foam Supervisor at         with the Vermont Sierra Club on public land
Taryn Lopez ( 2003). Taryn received a               Mercury Marine. He explained, “We have          issues. In addition, he is a volunteer and a
fellowship from Michigan Technological              had a busy year, even though we didn’t          board member for COVER, a non-profit
University to work on her master’s degree.          travel much this year as we normally do.        organization that works with the elderly,
She will be studying sulfur gas fluxes at a         However, we are eventually planning to          low-income, and handicapped people who
fumarole field in Santa Ana Volcano, El             make trips to Kentucky and New York this        need help with home repairs. As far as
Salvador. “Apparently I couldn’t get away           year, and to top it off we’re heading to        vacations, Todd explained, “I was able to go
from the geochemistry research!” Taryn              Hawaii at the end of the year!” Jeremy is       across The Big Pond and visit my sister and
joked. “I’m excited, though, and I think it         also a new father! He remarked, “Our            her family in England for a week. I also had
will be challenging and it will give me an          second child, Adria Elise, was born on May      a very nice visit with Ann Melby, Darin (her
opportunity to do field work in Central             30, 2003. Isabelle, our older daughter just     husband), and their new little one, Ayden,
America, and there has been very little             entered kindergarten this past fall. My wife,   for a week. That little Ayden is going to be
research done at Santa Ana.” Taryn com-             Shawna, is also preparing to enter nursing      an outdoorsy guy! He even did some
mented that she has adjusted well to life on        school next fall.”                              paddlin’ with us up in the northern woods
the U.P. “Besides having to shovel every day,                                                       of New Hampshire.”
I’m enjoying the snow and have recently         Irvin Mossberger (1994). It has been a
taken up snowboarding.                          busy year for Irvin. He explained, “I took          Michael Palet (1996). Mike owns and
                                                and passed the Wisconsin Professional               operates his own financial services agency in
Tyler Mace (2000). Tyler accepted a new         Geologist exam in March 2003, and received          Chicago, IL. Mike wrote, “As a Financial
position in Calumet, Michigan, this spring.     my license shortly thereafter. I became             Services Professional, I’m constantly
His new company does thermal dynamic            manager of Twin Ports Testing’s Environ-            challenged by the heat and pressure of an
analyses using software based in C++. On        mental Department (where I’ve worked the            unpredictable market. A rock steady strategy
the home front, Tyler and Jen are new           past 6 years) in November. I now supervise          has been the best way to get through the
parents! Samuel Christopher Mace was            five employees, two doing air monitoring            mass-wasting of a stock portfolio. I’m sure
born November 19, 2003, at 11:53 a.m. and       and the other three working on soil and             we all experienced some tremors within our
weighed in at 8lbs. 12.6oz.                                       ground-water contamina-           portfolios. You know, as I’m composing this
Tyler proudly admits, “He’s                                       tion projects. I also took a      letter it occurs to me that I might have just
                                    “I use some of my
a cutie!”                                                         business communications           found a new niche...writing investment
                                    geology brain cells           class and attended the            newsletters for rock heads. I still have Geo
Amy (Marcon) Lesik                 (atrophied from five           WGWA and MGWA field               Lingo in my brain.” Mike said his greatest
(2002). Amy has been
                                years of engineering).” trips. I took trips to                      venture for 2003 was relocating to Chicago.
with the WDNR in Eau                                              Georgia, Florida, and my          He joked, “I still bleed Green and Gold, and
                                      Dave Hodek (1995)
Claire for the past three                                         wife’s homeland of                hanging out with all these Bear fans is
years. She is currently                                           Bulgaria. In my rare spare        wearing on me.” Mike invites any visitors in
holding two LTE positions at the DNR. She       time, I am canoeing and overhauling and             the area to drop him a line, “We’ll go out
is a Water Resources Management Specialist      riding a couple of 1970’s bicycles (including       and ‘rock’ the town.”
where she is responsible for planning and       an English racing bike). I also attended the
conducting lake monitoring with the DNR’s       annual camping session with some Geology            Benjamin Paulson (2003). “Four days
Regional Lake Planner, and she is also a        Dept. alumni at Devil’s Lake State Park over        after I walked down the aisle to pick up my
Water Management Program Assistant where        Labor Day weekend. Interestingly, we                diploma, I loaded everything that I could fit
she is responsible for helping administer       spotted a silver-backed ape on one of the           into my ’92 Ford Taurus station wagon and
DNR Chapter 30 Waterway and Wetland             picnic tables in our campsite-bellowing,            headed across country to pursue my
Regulations. Amy married Jayson Lesik in        beating his chest, and sipping some                 education...destination: Bellingham, WA,”
December 2003. Jayson graduated from            bourbon!”                                           Ben wrote. “I am currently attending
UWEC in 2001 with a degree in ELED, and                                                             Western Washington University and am
he is currently a middle school teacher and     Todd “Pyro” Myse (1995). Todd is a                  working towards a master’s degree in
coach in Elk Mound, WI. Amy and Jayson          research hydrogeologist with the Army               geology.” The tentative title of Ben’s thesis is
also recently purchased their first home,       Corps of Engineers. He said, “I’m still             “Along-strike variations in magmatic arcs:
where they live with their two six-month-old    plugging away at the Cold Regions Research          insights from the Jurassic Bonanza arc,
Lab puppies, Samson and Spencer.                and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL), and it          Vancouver Island, Canada.” He explained,
                                                has been another educational year. During           “On the west coast of Vancouver Island there
Greg Michael (1996). Greg is a senior           summer 2002, I spent another 1.5 months             is almost continuous along-strike exposure
hydrogeologist with the Wisconsin Depart-       up in Fairbanks, Alaska, doing field work. I        of the volcanic portion of a Jurassic island
ment of Commerce, PECFA Site Review             really enjoy it because it is the only time of      arc system. My field work this summer will
Section. Greg and his two boys are busy                                                             try to correlate the stratigraphy and collect
ALUMNI NEWS                                      (Continued)

numerous samples for geochemical analysis.           straight to Alaska for a summer of sampling         on-farm store offers flavorful grass-fed
My goal is to document any along-strike              on the tundra. Yippee!!! That is the reason         buffalo, pastured pork, pastured poultry,
variations in the geochemistry which may             I came to school down here!” Heidi will be          tanned buffalo hides, skulls, and
shed light on processes that occur in the            studying small headwater streams on the             handcrafted buffalo leather goods.
subduction setting.” Along with his own              tundra to determine their roles in nutrient
graduate courses, Ben is also a teaching             spiraling and energy (i.e. food web) transfer    Paula Sumpter (1983). Paula continues
assistant for several introductory geology lab       to the larger stream network. “I am hoping       her position with the City of Aurora while
sections.                                            to include a cross-site comparison between       living in Denver, CO. She commented, “I
                                                     streams on three glacial surfaces of different   head for the high country often and try to
Michelle Peterson (1992). Michelle is the            ages and a bedrock surface.” Heidi joked, “I     take longer trips when my work schedule
office manager/Senior Project Manager for            just HAD to sneak some geology in there!”        allows. Rocky Mountain National Park is a
AMEC Earth & Environmental in Fairbanks,             “Other than school,” she admits, “I have no      day trip from here and I spend as much time
Alaska. Michelle states, “This year the big          life. My boyfriend still lives in Iowa (it’s hardthere as possible.” Paula described her big
news for my family is that we moved from             to find a job for a limnologist down here!),     vacation of 2003, which was a week-long
Portland, OR, to Fairbanks, Alaska! Em-              the dog is still nuts and I wish I were home.”   trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Teton
ployee departures opened up opportunities                                                             National Parks. “I realized when I arrived in
for my husband and me, so we took the                Kitt Siegfried (2002). Kitt is a                 Jackson Hole that it was 20 years to the day
opportunity to experience life in Alaska.            hydrogeologist with the WDNR in Eau              since we camped there on the way to
Today, as I write this, it is -39C, which is         Claire.                                          Boulder, MT, during Field Camp in 1983.
pretty darn cold, even for Alaska. As the                                                             The Tetons, of course, look the
office manager, I have spent most of my              Lisa (Sobczak) Robinson (1998). Lisa is          same...beautiful as ever, but I wouldn’t have
time in the office in Fairbanks, so I have           in the customer service department at Hach       recognized Jackson if there hadn’t been a
seen relatively little of the state. My              Company in Loveland, CO. She explained,          sign in front of it. It has grown and
husband, Brian, however, has driven to               “The year 2003 started off as a tough one,       continues to grow. About the only thing I
Alaska twice (he moved us), and has flown            getting layed off from my job with Valleylab     recognized was the Dairy Queen. (Yes Paul,
all over western and southwestern Alaska to          after moving into our newly built home.          I stopped. It has a drive-thru now!) I spent
complete fieldwork. Needless to say, I’m a           While looking for new employment, I took         a few days exploring Jackson Hole, visited
bit envious! Our ‘kids’ (two cats named              the month off to landscape and accomplish        Gros Ventre and took entirely too many
Magnum and Sylvie) made the trip with us             some much-needed                                                    photographs. I also made a
and seem to be managing all right. They are          organization. I was                                                 brief side trip to
NOT very fond of the cold weather though,            grateful to find a job             “I’m starting retire-            Yellowstone. I really love
and haven’t been outside in months. We are           within the first month of            ment early—one                 driving across Wyoming.
impatiently waiting for the beautiful                looking at the Hach                                                 Colorado is getting
Alaskan summer weather to                            Company, just seven miles
                                                                                         Friday at a time.”              crowded, but Wyoming is
arrive...sometime in May!”                           away. I’m working with               Matthew Hostak (1989)          still a place where you can
                                                     customers to solve any                                              get away from it all. I’ve
Christina Pint (1999). Tina finished her             kinds of problems regard-                                           enjoyed hearing from the
master’s degree in geology from UW-                  ing waste water and drinking water using         former classmates who have taken the time
Madison in 2002. Since that time she has             instrumentation from our company. I really       to drop me a line.” [Editor’s note: See the
been working as a hydrogeologist with Barr           enjoy the water-quality industry, and Hach       article about Dr. Bergstrom written by Paula.]
Engineering Company in Minneapolis, MN.              is a great place to work. My husband and I
Tina commented, “I am slowly adjusting to            spent the summer finishing our basement          Michael Thompson (1991-1996). Mike
life as a consultant, although I thought             while taking breaks to do some windsurfing       was a geology major at UWEC for several
working on the weekends was over once I              and rock climbing. Doing all the construc-       years before he transferred to UW-Stout and
left grad school! Most of my time at work is         tion ourselves, we look back at how much         graduated in 1999. He is currently teaching
spent groundwater modeling, but I do get to          we’ve learned, and we can now enjoy the          3rd grade in Abbotsford, WI. Mike is also in
go play out in the field just enough to feel         fruits of our labor. We’re looking forward to    the process of working on his master’s
like a real geologist.”                              our annual trip to the Caribbean for some        degree in administration from UW-Superior.
                                                     scuba diving this May.”                          “I am also still in the Guards,” Mike
Elizabeth Prueher (1980). Libby received                                                              commented, “In fact, I got called up for this
her PhD from the University of Michigan in           Jim Spinner (1995-1999). Jim is the              war on terrorism and spent a year at Fort
1999. She now lives in Lakewood, CO, and             owner and operator of Couderay River Bison       Bragg, NC, from September 2002 to August
works in the Argon Geochronology lab at              Ranch. His family ranch features home-           2003.” Mike has since been married (to
the USGS.                                            grown ‘Buffalo Boy Brand’ grass-fed buffalo.     Lisa, another teacher at Abbotsford) and
                                                     The ranch consists of 235 lush acres nestled     they are expecting their first child. They
Heidi Rantala (1997).                                                  in the vast Wisconsin          currently reside in Stratford, WI, but Mike
Heidi (a.k.a. our “bug                                                 Northwood’s, and home to       said that once he obtains his MS they are
nerd”) is now working her             “I call it ‘the Best             over 100 head of North         willing to relocate for a principal’s position.
way to her PhD at the                Hidden Treasure of                American plains bison who      Mike told us about his new hobby. “I started
University of Alabama.                                                 share pastures with Ameri-     panning for gold while I had free time in
She explains, “In June I’m                 America.’”                  can quarter horses, pigs,      NC. It was a blast to be digging in the dirt
off to Vancouver to present            Melissa Klinger (2001)          turkeys, and chickens. As his  again! To this day, my rock hammer is
last year’s data at the                                                website states                 always in my truck under the seat just in
annual meeting of North                                                (www.buffaloboy.net), Jim’s    case I see some rocks. I find myself stopping
American Benthological Society, and then                                                              at road cuts every few months reliving my
ALUMNI NEWS                                        (Continued)

days as a geology student...seeing if I can            to the families and enjoy being able to wrap         marked, “Life is good. The fish are biting
still ID rocks. While I was in the Guards, the         up the paperwork for a family in time for            and the rock is dry for climbing. I recently
guys in my unit would always ask me ‘Hey               them to have pie at their new house on               returned from spending a few months in
Thompson, what’s this rock?’”                          Thanksgiving.”                                       Central America, surfin’ and such. I also did
                                                                                                            some backpacking in the jungles of Costa
Katie (Thornburg) Stariha (2001). Katie              David Tomten (1980). David is a geologist              Rica and Belize, visited some impressive
had a busy spring and summer ’03...She               and project manager at the US EPA, Region              Mayan ruins in Guatemala and spent some
married her high school                                                  10. He explained, “I split         time in Oaxaca, Mexico.”
sweetheart, Justin, in June,
went on honeymoon in
                                    “The dog is still nuts my time betweenat old
                                                                         Superfund work                     Kristin Weaver-Bowman (1996). Kristin
July, graduated from UW-               and I wish I were                 hard rock and phosphate            had an eventful fall/winter. On August 3,
Madison with her MS in                        home.”                     mine sites and review              2003, she gave birth to son, Alexander
Geology in August, , and                 Heidi Rantala (1997)            active and proposed                William Bowman, and then started teaching
started a new job in August!                                             mines.” David and his wife         part-time at California State University-
Katie is Grant Coordinator                                               are proud to announce              Fullerton in the fall. Kristin admits, “Being
and Ground/Surface Water Specialist for the          that they had a baby girl last spring, Mira            a new mom and teaching at CSUF is keeping
St. Croix Tribe of Chippewa Indians of               Audrey. “As it turns out, she is a Packer fan,”        me busy.” She said that little Alexander is a
Wisconsin. She commented, “I am really               Dave joked. “We are all doing well, just a             healthy, happy little boy and a real trooper.
enjoying my work. In my spare time, Justin           little more tired than usual. We have had to           She explained, “In his first few months he
and I enjoy taking walks through the woods           temporarily cut back some of our pastimes              has gleefully put up with exploring volca-
with our 6-month-old Golden Retriever                such as kayaking, mountain biking, and                 noes and faults in Owen’s Valley, CA, as well
puppy and playing on the many                        skiing. All in all, life is good.”                     as the streets of Paris, France. In fact, shortly
northwoods lakes in the area. Currently, we                                                                 before I sat down to write this note, little
are being kept busy building our home this           Chad Underwood (1996). Chad continues                  Xander had his first ride on the Metro and
spring...so that’s what we will be up to for         to work for GME Consultants, Inc, in                   visited Jim Morrison’s grave at Pere Lachaise.
the next 6...9...12...24 months!”                    Minneapolis, MN, as a project engineer/                This past December, he also met some
                                                     manager. He commented, “It was a big                   fellow Blugold geo-types at the AGU
Jennifer (Tobias) Borski (1996). “Last               adjustment going from a large company to a             meeting in San Francisco and he heard some
year will be tough to beat,” was Jenna’s             relatively small one, but I’m really enjoying          embarrassing stories about his mom and her
comment when we last heard from her in               the change so far.” His wife, Alison, is               undergraduate adventures.” Kristin invites
January. She continued, “It was a whirlwind          teaching for the Minnetonka, MN, school                any visitors to the Fullerton, CA, area to
of parties, showers, my wedding, a honey-            district. Chad said, “We went on a road trip           look her up.
moon, and all the chaos that comes with              around Lake Superior last summer and we (I
such an event.” Jenna and her husband,               mean “I”) enjoyed seeing some interesting              Sarah (Weaver) Moore (1996). Sarah is a
Jerry, were married outdoors on his parents’         geology, although I should note that Alison            contract attorney for Holland & Hart LLP in
30 acres, and for their honeymoon they               came out big in our agate hunt-she found               Denver, CO. Sarah explained, “A lot has
went on a two-week tour of Yellowstone,              one and I didn’t find any! My geology                  changed since the last newsletter. In August,
Glacier and Banff. “I was looking forward to         alumni encounters are becoming a little less           my husband, KG, accepted an offer to work
showing my farmer/firefighter husband the            frequent; however, I did have one surprising           for the State Department as a Foreign Service
beauty of these places from a geologist’s            encounter last summer. I was doing                     Officer. KG’s new job brings us first to
perspective,” Jenna commented, “but as               reconnaissance at a site in Minneapolis for a          Washington DC for his training, and in
irony would have it, he showed it to me              geotechnical exploration, and I ran into               August 2004 we ship out to our first post in
from a firefighter’s perspective! The fire at        fellow UWEC geology graduate Aaron                     Ponta Delgada, Azores. After two years in
Yellowstone was just calming down and                Walczak at the site (actually, Aaron and I go          the Azores, we will bid on our next post. In
Glacier had 99,000 acres in flames, some             all the way back to junior high!). It turns            the meantime, I have been doing part-time
just across our cabin on Lake McDonald. It           out that his office is only about a half mile          contract work for my law firm. KG and I just
was quite a surreal honeymoon. There is              from mine. Small world! If any of you                  started taking Portuguese classes. We are
something unsettling about staying at a              other alums are in the area, look me up!”              very excited about the new adventure. I will
place with the fire hose laid outside your                                                                  keep you posted.”
cabin ready to be used at a moment’s                 Aaron Walczak (1998). Aaron is a
notice! Being out west brought back so               Geologist for Liesch Associates, Inc., an              Melissa Weisheipl (2002). Mel continues
many memories...Thanks to all the profes-            environmental consulting firm in Minne-                to enjoy her work at a sports bar in Irvine,
sors that did and still do offer field trips.        apolis, MN. “My life is pretty good,” Aaron            CA, at the Irvine Marriott, where she was
With budgets getting tighter, I assume there         remarked, “I’m married now, but no kids                recently promoted to Lead Supervisor. Mel
is pressure to discontinue or minimize these         (no plans)...only two dogs, border collies.”           admits, “It’s great to be able to write your
expenses. While there is always the geology          [Editor’s note: Aaron was very kind to our             own schedule-it gives me the ability to have
to learn, there is so much more to experi-           department this year. He sent us a cash                all weekends off to enjoy the wonderful
ence during the journey and I hope that              donation, along with a surprise holiday package        Southern California weather.” Mel returned
these field trips are able to continue.” Jenna       full of hand lenses, field books, some field radios,   to Eau Claire for Christmas in 2003 and she
continues her position as a hydrogeologist           and a rock pick hammer.]                               said “I came to the conclusion that I really
for the Wisconsin DNR. She also continues                                                                   do hate winter, and I don’t plan on ever
to work with Habitat for Humanity. She               Reno Walsh (1995). Reno is a sales                     moving back! Hopefully, I will use my
remarked, “I’ve moved farther away from the          manager and tour guide for Off the Beaten              degree some day, but I’ve just kind of put it
construction side of it and into the policy/         Path, LLC, out of Bozeman, MT. He re-                  on the back burner and am enjoying life
business side. I still remain very much tied                                                                right now. Running a bar is my little nitch
Attention Geology Alumni:                                                                             ROADSIDE GEOLOGY
                                                                                                      JUST RELEASED!
       emember the difficult process you went through
       as a student, trying to determine what you
       wanted to do with your life and how to get                                                     Description of
there? Remember the time and energy you put into                                                      the publication
your job search? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have                                                   (taken directly
had the opportunity to contact professionals working                                                  from Roadside
in a variety of careers and locations to help you learn what you really wanted in a job? The          Geology text):
Ask An Alum program at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire gives students that chance.                 Robert H.
   Ask An Alum, co-sponsored by Career Services and Alumni Relations at UW-Eau Claire, was            Dott, Jr. and John
developed to connect students with UW-Eau Claire alumni and friends who are currently                 W. Attig wrote
working in a variety of occupations. Students can search the database of alumni to learn              Roadside Geology
about college and the career paths alumni have taken. The student can also receive contact            of Wisconsin to
information and meet with the alumni on an individual basis, or job shadow the alumni in              help residents and
their workplace, discuss responsibilities and other aspects of their jobs and to get a feel for       visitors alike
that specific work environment. Alumni involved in the Ask An Alum program can assist                 “envision mastodons roaming in front of
students in exploring career fields, developing realistic views of different work environments,       glaciers 12,000 years ago, feel storm
and becoming comfortable with networking and                                                          waves pounding sea cliffs 500 million
informational interviews.                                                                             years ago, and hear volcanoes exploding
   Career Services is currently building the database of alumni from all University depart-           1,900 million years ago.” With lively
ments and we would love to have you represent the Geology Department. If you are inter-               prose, detailed maps, black-and-white
ested in participating in the Ask An Alum program, please check out our website at                    photographs, and shaded-relief images, the
www.uwec.edu/asp/askanalum/ to register.                                                              authors succeed in their goal, unraveling
                                                                                                      the 2,800 million years of geologic history
                                                                                                      recorded in Wisconsin’s rocks. Introductory
ALUMNI NEWS                                   (Continued)                                             sections describe the geology of each
                                                                                                      region, and thirty-five road guides locate
in the world and will hopefully own my                interesting opportunity because I was pretty    and interpret the rocks, sediments, and
own bar someday soon.” Mel encourages                 content with freelancing, but I couldn’t turn   landforms visible from the state’s high-
her classmates to stay in touch.                      down an opportunity to learn more. A            ways, including the Great River Road in
                                                      couple of months after this job began we        the Mississippi Valley. Roadside Geology of
Beth Wenell (1999). Beth continues to                 learned that our family will have a new         Wisconsin delves further into the geologic
work as a graphic designer, both part-time at         member this summer. After three years of        history of specific sites such as Apostle
a local print shop and freelancing. Beth and          trying, we are very excited and humored by      Islands National Lakeshore, the Wisconsin
Dave went on a 4200-mile road trip in                 the timing: the baby’s due date is July 4th,    Dells, the geologically renowned Baraboo
September that took them to Teddy                     opening day of Dave’s busiest summer camp       Hills, and more than twenty-five state
Roosevelt, Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand            sessions!”                                      parks. Features of and access points to the
Teton National Parks, as well as the Black                                                            Ice Age National Scenic Trail are noted.
Hills. Beth described, “It was a whirlwind            Mae Willkom (1998). Mae is a                        The lead author, Dr. Robert Dott, is
two weeks that we will never do again! We             hydrogeologist for the WDNR in Eau Claire.      a renowned sedimentologist at UW-
would most like to return to Glacier, where           “Much is the same,” Mae commented,              Madison who has done much research
the snowy weather didn’t dampen the                   “Same husband, same kids, same house,           on the Baraboo quartzite and Paleo-
beauty or our day hikes. (Ironically, we only         same dog. Spending a lot of time                zoic sedimentary rocks in Wisconsin.
saw glaciers in the Tetons.) Shortly after our        jazzercising and horseback riding...trying to   Dr. John Attig is a glacial geologist with
return from vacation, a local print shop              fend off middle-age. We’re planning a trip      the Wisconsin Geological and Natural
offered me a design position. This was an             to Europe in April.”                            History Survey and is widely respected
                                                      Tim Zimmer (2002). Since graduation             for his glacial research in Wisconsin
                                                      until a few months ago, Tim had been            and Scandinavia.

   LOST & FOUND                                       working for an engineering firm in Madison,
                                                      WI. He recently started a new position as an    Product Details
   Please look through this list to see if            environmental geologist with GZA                Paperback: 400 pages ; Dimensions
   you can help us locate any of our                  GeoEnvironmental, Inc. in Pewaukee, WI.         (in inches): 0.85 x 9.08 x 6.08
   missing alums.                                     Tim and his girlfriend, Amy Buttner (UWEC,      Publisher: Mountain Press Publishing
      We have been very fortunate in the              MA, 2003), reside in Milton, WI. Amy is a       Company; February 2004
   past few years in finding people.                  Spanish teacher at both of the high schools     ISBN: 087842492X
      This is the shortest list we have had           in Janesville.                                  Cost: $20 plus shipping charges (Can
   since we started with the newsletters!                                                             be ordered from the Wisconsin
      If found, please contact Kent                                                                   Geological and Natural History Survey,
   Syverson (syverskm@uwec.edu) or                                                                    3817 Mineral Point Road, Madison,
   Nancy Amdahl (amdahlnj@uwec.edu                                                                    Wisconsin 53705-5100; telephone 608/
   or 715/836-3732). Thank you!                                                                       263.7389, http://www.uwex.edu/
   Scott Eades, 1999                                                                                  wgnhs/roadside.htm. Visa and
   John Jefferson, 1977                                                                               MasterCard are accepted. Can also be
   Traci Kromenaker, 1993                                                                             found on-line and at Wal-Mart.)
   Nicholas Loomis, 1995

                         Alumni Questionnaire

Name___________________________________________ Date ___________________

Address (If different than the mailing label we used.)





E-mail Address ___________________________________________________________

Home Phone _____________________________________________________________

Year of Graduation from UWEC _____________________________________________

Major(s) _________________________________________________________________

Present job/title ___________________________________________________________

Advanced Degree(s) _______________________________________________________

News for the next department newsletter (NOTE: if you send us news, and then some-
thing major in your life/job changes by March, feel free to get in touch with us so we
can update your news item. Our newsletter goes out every May.)






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