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									                          New Student Registration Information
              Course Planning                     New Student Registration
              Preparing to Register               Summer Courses
              How to Register                     Autumn Courses
              Postdocs/UW Employees Using Faculty/Staff Tuition Exemption


     Bookmark Student Guide for frequent reference. []
     Course Planning Worksheets for EPI Degree Tracks with days/times for core courses
      o Course scheduling information is subject to change without notice.
     NOT ACCEPTABLE to MISS CLASS for clinic or job duties so students (including postdocs/UW
      employees) must re-arrange schedule to attend class.
     Acceptable Electives are in Degree Checklists on Current Students' Page.
     Course Descriptions are in Student Guide. []
     Quarters, Days & Times of courses by quarter are in Time Schedule in the Student Guide.
      o Information from previous quarters can be helpful in planning for electives, but days/times, and even
           quarter, can change.
     Quarterly Dates of Instruction: In Academic Calendar in Student Guide


     You must have been officially admitted by Graduate School.
     You will need your student number (Email if lost).
     You must have paid $100 Enrollment Deposit, except new summer and faculty/staff exempt students.
         o Include your name, student number and “Deposit” on your check.
         o Mail to the address below:
               Registrar’s Processing Center, 355850
               University of Washington
               Seattle, WA 98195
         o Credit card payments not accepted.

     UW NetID (computer access) required to register.
        o Student number required (see above) section.
        o Personal Access Code (PAC) included in enrollment packet (letter) from Registrar’s Office
        o If lost, call Registration Office at 206-543-8580 (press 0 to skip voice mail). Student number
        o Set up UW NetID. []
        o Your login name becomes your UW email address by adding
        o Send your UW email address to


      Not Allowed Until Period II (See Academic Calendar in 1 section above.)
         o New Summer Students: May 28, 2009
         o New Autumn Students: June 22, 2009
         o International Students may not register until after arriving in Seattle and checking in at
              International Student Services.
                   Days, Times & Required Documents for Check-In []
          o   Postdoc Fellows/UW Permanent Employees using faculty/staff tuition exemption may not
              register until 3 day of quarter. (See below.)
          o   Last day to Register Without Late Fee for at least 1 credit: Day prior to 1 day quarter

     Add/Drop Deadlines in Academic Calendar
         o Last day to add/drop for free: 7 calendar day of quarter


     Schedule Line Number (SLN) from Time Schedule required
           o SLNs change every quarter.
           o SLN is underlined (linked) 5-digit number under the course number.
     Add Code Required if “>” is in front of SLN
           o An add code guarantees space in a class.
           o If no “>” a code is not required; please do not request one.
           o Sometimes add codes are imposed later if a class is close to filling.
           o Add codes usually mean that class overfills. Request codes as soon as Time Schedule is
               posted from indicated email below:
                   EPI:
                   BIOST:
                   ENVH:
                   GH:
                   HSERV:
                   NUTR:
                   PHG:
                   PABIO:
     Maximum Credits/Quarter without Surcharge: 18
     Maximum EPI 600+(700 or 800) Credit/Quarter: 10
     Read Registration & Add/Drop Directions []
           o You are responsible for understanding all the procedures.

         o HSERV 511 (Open to US licensed physicians in MPH only): Add code required
         o EPI 532: Epi of Infectious Diseases in Resource Limited Countries, if desired as elective: Add
           code required. (Only offered odd years)
         o BIOST 511: Register for lecture and one QZ (problem) section. Add code NOT required.
         o EPI 542: Conflicts with BIOST 511 and requires completion of EPI 512-3.
         o Most summer Public Health courses start after July 4.
                See Time Schedule for exact dates.
         o EPI 600 Independent Study requires advance arrangement of study plan with appropriate
         o EPI 700 Thesis requires the following to obtain an entry code:
                Send name of Thesis Chair and tentative thesis topic to
                Discuss Human Subjects requirements with Thesis Chair.
                Have Chair sign “Uses of Human Subjects for UW Graduate Student
                Send signed form to Epi Program Office, 357236 or fax to 206-616-4053.

         o EPI 512 Obtain add code from
                GNM students will be placed on the waitlist until SPH graduate degree students have
                  received a code due to the class overfilling. The waitlist will not be processed until the
                  first week of the quarter. Attend class in the meantime.
         o BIOST 511: Medical Biometry I, unless taken previously
                Add code NOT required
                Part of 3-quarter BIOST 511-2-3 series
                   Usually recommended for MPH & MS students (except MS Clinical Research students),
                    but see BIOST 517 below.
                  Register for lecture and one QZ (problem) section.
                  Class will fill (definitely some QZ sections) before all students using the faculty/staff
                    tuition exemption can register. Try to register at 6 am on the 3 day of the quarter (Oct 2).
                    If there is no room, keep trying or take BIOST 517. (There is no way to hold a space for a
                    specific student.)
         o   BIOST 517: Applied Biostatistics I
                  Add code NOT required
                  Part of 2-quarter BIOST 517-8 series
                  Required for MS Clinical Research Track students
                  Recommended for PhD students and MPH/MS students who have some statistical
                    background or pick up mathematical concepts and computer applications quickly.
                  Register for lecture and one QZ (problem) section.
         o   HSERV 511 Introduction to Public Health and Health Services
                  Required for MPH students (except GH Track), unless taken previously
                  Class will fill. Faculty/staff tuition exempt students should try to register at 6 am on 3 day
                    of quarter (Oct 2). If it is full, keep trying through the first 2 weeks of the quarter and
                    attend class.
                  Add code may be required when class is close to filling. See Time Schedule.
         o   EPI 583 Seminar
                  Add code NOT required
                  Optional, but strongly recommended
                  Only requires attendance at 3-4 seminars/quarter, no homework involved
         o   EPI 600 Independent Study
                  Add code required
                  Recommended for PhD/MS students and others only taking EPI 512 & BIOST 511/517
                  Requires advance arrangement of study plan with appropriate professor
                  If you have an RA, ask your supervisor if you could earn 1-2 credits for your research.
                  One credit should entail 3 hours work/week.
                  See Time Schedule (URL in top section) for available electives.
                  Check prerequisites in Course Descriptions (URL in top section)
                  Discuss whether it is a good idea to take an elective with your faculty advisor. (EPI 512 &
                    BIOST 511/517 are quite demanding courses, especially if you have an RA.)
         o   EPI 700 Thesis
                  Most students will not be ready to register for thesis credits in their first Autumn Quarter,
                    put some postdoc fellows who have already identified thesis projects may be.
                  Requires the following to obtain an add code:
                          Send name of Thesis Chair and tentative thesis topic to
                          Discuss Human Subjects requirements with Thesis Chair.
                          Have Chair sign “Uses of Human Subjects for UW Graduate Student
                          Send signed form to Epi Program Office, 357236 or Fax to 206-616-4053.


     Postdocs: Ask your fellowship director if you be required to use faculty/staff tuition exemption.
     Exemption Request Due 2 Weeks Prior to Each Quarter to the Registration Office (September 16,
         o It must be signed in 2 places by your funding department chair or fellowship director.
     Regulations []
     Form [ ]
      Do not register until the 3 day of the quarter or you will be charged full tuition (October 2, 2009).
       Exact registration date for each quarter listed in Academic Calendar.
              o  Some courses may already be full. See Faculty/Staff Tuition Exemption Page for information
                 [] about how to maximize your
                 chances of getting in. There are no guarantees.
        What Tuition Exemption Covers:
            o Only covers 6 course credits (course number below 600) per quarter.
            o Does not cover EPI 600, 700 or 800.
        Cost of Using Tuition Exemption:
            o Up to 6 course credits/quarter—about $75 is fees
            o Six course credits/quarter plus addition course or research credits (600, 700. 800)--about $800
            o Non Washington residents must apply for WA residency 2 months prior to end of first calendar
                 year in State (international students ineligible).
                  Residency Information and Application
            o International postdocs at UW or related teaching hospitals who started fellowship more than a
                 calendar year before current quarter registering as above—about $1500.

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