The Prom by stariya


									The Prom
  By: Zac Goldstein
  NOTE: This is fiction. It is not meant to be taken seriously. Be forewarned it contains sexual
suggestiveness and profanity. Enjoy.

   Chapter 1
   It was that time of year again. May bowed out and June emerged. Spring faded slowly into summer. Kids
of all ages rejoiced the coming close of the scathing
   school year. For many a high school student across the country, it was Prom Season. For George
Marazankis, it was the peak period of business. He was,
   after all, the only tuxedo vendor and dress realtor in town.
   It was late May and George had received a good many customers. Most of them were high school seniors
looking forward to their proms and graduations and
   needing the clothes to fit the occasion (pun intended). George became so busy with special orders and
alterations to purchases that he hired his niece to assist
   him. Libby Marazankis was only a year or two removed from many of her customers and proved
invaluable in aiding with the selection of apparel. To sum it all up,
   things were good.
   As George quietly read his newspaper, the bell above the shop’s entrance rang, signifying that he had a
customer (or, in this case, customers). Jessica Flune,
   Michelle Sparato and Tamara Tuck, all 17-18 and all very pretty, entered the store. George put down his
paper and shot a glance at them through his thick
   spectacles. He could not help it: they were beautiful. Judging by the way they walked, they seemed to
know it too. The girls sauntered through the shop, smiling
   and gabbing with one another amicably. A sudden horrible thought struck George’s mind: they are here
to complain. There is something wrong with their dresses
   and they are going to get their parents to come in here and badger me about it. I’ll be ruined.
   “Can I help you girls?” he finally willed himself to say.
   The three girls turned and looked at him, regarding him the same way they might regard a squirrel.
George would have felt a pang of indignation had they not
   been so impossibly good-looking.
   It was Jessica who smiled at him and was the first to speak.
   “Yeah....actually you can,” she said. “I like my dress and all, but I’m looking for something to
compliment it.”
   “Earrings?” George asked.
   “No....I have plenty of those,” she said, and the other two girls giggled.
   “A necklace perhaps?”
   “Hmm....” Jessica said, contemplating. “It would have to be one hell of a necklace.”
   George masked his enthusiasm and merely nodded in agreement. As a matter of fact, he did have one
hell of a necklace. It was blue sapphire and very pretty.
   Libby had come across it and given it to George to add to his inventory. He was very grateful for it and if
somebody did indeed buy it, he promised himself to buy
   the girl a present.
   “I believe I have just the thing,” he said. “Libby!”
   Libby Marazankis had been in the back sewing, but she heard enough to know what to bring. She was 19
years old, tall and blond. She was a plain-looking girl
   who was neither exceptionally ugly nor exceptionally beautiful. Her father died when she was 15 and she
had come to rely heavily on the work provided to her by
   his brother George. He was a kind man and she was grateful for the opportunity. It did not escape
George’s notice that she was troubled. Her mother wanted her
   to have what she did not and demanded much of her. The two years of community college that she
attended was not good enough, nor was working for Uncle
   George. While Libby sat mending prom dresses she occasionally cried: she had never been able to attend
her own prom.
   Libby emerged carrying a box. Upon seeing her, the girls sneered. They knew her, of course. They didn’t
know who she was, but they resented her appearance.
   She made no overt effort to look beautiful, and by their standards, that was unacceptable. George
summoned Libby forward and asked her to open the box. She
   did and when they saw it, the girls’ eyes seemed to glow.
   “I’ll take it!” Jessica said without hesitation. Her friends seemed a little disappointed but made no
objection to her decision. She paid using the credit card her
   father had given her and they left, expounding upon the beauty of the necklace and sneering at Libby as
they passed. George smiled as he went back to his
   newspaper. His internal promise to Libby was soon forgotten.

   Chapter 2
   “So why aren’t you going again?” asked Pete Parmell over lunch.
   Gil shrugged his shoulders and sighed. He hated questions like these.
   “I already told you,” he said. “It’s stupid. It’s a waste of time.”
   “Uh-huh,” said Pete. “Or maybe it’s just because you couldn’t get a date.”
   “Fuck you. I have no problem getting a date. But I’m not going to empty my wallet on some girl who I
don’t even really like.”
   Pete continued to grin as he took a swig of soda. “So why not ask a girl that you like?”
   Gil looked behind him and saw Jessica, Michelle and a couple other girls eating with their friends and
   “Their already taken,” he said somberly.
   Following his conversation with Pete, nothing that day seemed to go well for Gilliam Zander. He was
upset and with good reason: how could a loser (albeit a
   loser who was his friend) like Pete Parmell be all set for the prom? As much as he ranted and raved about
how much he hated it, the truth remained that Gil
   wanted to go. He would have given anything to go and have a great time with one person......if only that
one person had wanted to go with him. Alas, she didn’t.
   He knew she would look incredible in her prom dress and there was a good chance she would later be
putting out for her boyfriend as they all went down to the
   beach for the weekend. Gil couldn't face that. He just couldn’t. Thus....he decided not to go.
   As he walked home from school and the problem bothered him more and more, he reached a
determination: I am going to go and have a good time no matter
   what, even if it means going alone. The prom was in a matter of days and Gil sure hoped there was time
to get a tux. His parents would pay for it, though he was
   bound to take some ribbing for waiting so damn long. Oh well....better late then never.
   Gil stopped in front of the door of The Right Fit formalwear store and peered inside. The sign on the
door read OPEN, but there was no sign of the old Greek guy.
   Gil’s father knew Mr. Marazankis and he hoped he’d be able to cut him a discount. Shrugging his
shoulders again, Gil entered. The place looked how he
   expected it would look: nearly empty. Most of his peers had visited the place a few days before and
carefully combed through an appealing item of apparel. All
   that remained were leftovers he wouldn’t wear even if he were going to the far reaches of the Sahara.
   “Can I help you?” asked a voice, and Gil nearly had a heart attack. Where the hell did that come from?
He turned slowly and cast his eyes on the most beautiful
   woman he had ever seen. She was tall, with blond hair a bit lighter than honey and olive colored eyes.
She put even the secret object of his affection, Jessica
   Flune, to shame. His jaw must have been gaping open for a full thirty seconds before he spoke.
   “Uh...yeah,” he said. Gil usually spoke his mind. “I’m looking for a tux.”
   “Hmm,” said the blonde. “Kind of last minute, don’t you think?”
   “I know,” Gil answered. “It’s just that I was even sure if I was going and......”
   “Come with me,” she interrupted, grasping his hand. “I have just the thing.”
   Hypnotized by her attractiveness, Gil marched obediently forward.

  Chapter 3
  Jessica looked at herself in the mirror and nodded approvingly. She was trying to get some idea of how
she would look on Friday and so far she was impressed.
   Her hair would be different, of course, but her elegant blue sleeveless gown would be the same. What
really caught her attention as she looked in the mirror,
   however, was the sapphire. It sparkled radiantly and made her feel extra special. She had given that fat
old guy a lot for it, but if he had any idea how much she
   wanted it, she would have paid a lot more. It looked great. Rick wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of
her....and it felt good knowing that he would be firmly in
   her control.
   A few blocks away, Michelle was baby-sitting her 13 year old sister Lisa. Though resentful at times, Lisa
all but worshipped her older sister and tried to emulate
   her in every way. Michelle appreciated the adulation, but found it somewhat annoying. When Lisa
announced she was going to cut her blonde hair short just like
   Michelle’s, Michelle threatened to shave it off if she did. Michelle also made sure that Lisa kept a bit of
a distance from her friends. This was not just out of a
   sense of embarrassment, but from a genuine concern for her younger sister. Tammy and Jessica
sometimes took things too far in an effort to have fun.
   The two girls were lying on Lisa’s bed playing poker (their father taught them how to play and although
they kept it a secret, they were actually quite good at it).
   Lisa took her eyes off of her cards and looked at Michelle and smiled.
   “What?” Michelle asked.
   “Where did you get those earrings?”
   “These?” Michelle asked, pointing to the radiant red rubies that hung from her ear lobes. “Oh.....I went
down to The Right Fit and got them yesterday.”
   “They look so great on you.”
   “Yeah...I know,” she said, smiling. They really did look good. When Jessica got that necklace, she felt
like she too needed some wardrobe modification. Thus,
   she returned to the store and met with Mr. Marazankis (who arrived about 15 minutes after Gilliam
Zander left). He told her his niece had discovered a very pretty
   pair of earrings. She wasted no time in buying them.
   “Anyway,” Michelle said, trying not to gloat over them........
   “I’m amazing,” Tamara told herself. She too was looking in the mirror. She had been doing it for the past
half hour. Every once in awhile, she’d fool with her hair
   or extend one leg seductively outward. Nothing she did, however, drew her attention away from the gold
hairpiece nestled atop her head. It was the perfect thing
   for her to have. For awhile, she was so angry that Mr. Marazankis sold that necklace to Jessica and not to
her. Then....she discovered the hairpiece. It was ten
   times better than the necklace (at least she thought so). It made her feel like royalty.

   Chapter 4
   Libby Marazankis smiled. Her plan was finally working. She had some initial hesitation at first: can I
really do this? She thought back to when she was in high
   school and how she happened to miss the prom. She pretended to be unaffected by the whole thing, but
like Gil, she secretly wanted to go. However, not a
   single boy would ask her. She didn’t blame them really: she was plain and poor while others were rich
and pretty. As her mother would say: life’s tough; deal
   with it.
   Eventually, somebody did ask her. He was a tall, strong young man named Martin Flune. She couldn’t
believe that HE would ask HER. She was actually
   breathless. Naturally, she accepted. As her excitement grew, a voice warned her not to get too anxious.
What if this was all a big joke? Libby silenced the voice
   but kept a close eye on Martin nonetheless. To her, he seemed sincere.
   Martins’ friends were very supportive of his choice. Even though these boys and girls looked down on
Libby most of the time, they put aside old grudges and
   helped her make the necessary preparations for the big night. They even picked out a most magnificent
dress for her. Libby finally felt happy.
   The night before the prom, Libby spent some time with Martin and his friends making final
arrangements. Each of them was dressed as they would be the next
   night: the boys wore their tuxes, the girls wore their gowns. It was agreed that they all pose for a picture.
Libby positioned herself next to several others while
   Martin got his camera. She was beaming with Joy.
   “Hey Libby,” said one of the girls next to her. “You have a loose thread.”
   She pulled on the thread and the entire dress unraveled. Libby was standing there wearing mere rags
when the photo was snapped. She was surrounded by
   wave after wave of taunting laughter and was tormented from then til graduation. To them, it was a very
funny if somewhat cruel prank. To her, it was the one
   night that she’d never forget.
   Libby couldn’t take any revenge on Martin directly; he had moved on to college out of state. However,
his sister bore the same superior attitude and good looks
   that must have run in the family. Libby made it her priority to ruin her and her friends at any means
necessary. She waited for two years until it was time for
   these girls to have their prom....then made her move.
   Ever since the death of her father, Libby had been experimenting with various methods of coping. She
read books on spirituality and eventually a few on
   witchcraft. The concept intrigued her, though she didn’t share this knowledge with a single soul. She did
her reading in private and soon became knowledgeable
   in all sorts of rituals and spells. Doubting they would really work, she cast a few of them and was
pleasantly surprised with the results. This newfound power
   would play a big part in her plan for revenge. She already had her targets; all she needed was a gun at
which to aim them. That gun was Gilliam Zander and he
   didn’t take much convening. He was a nice boy and she felt a little guilty about using him, but as her
mother said life’s tough; deal with it. Besides, he would
   more than reap the rewards of her efforts.

   Chapter 5
   It was Wednesday and Gil had trouble sleeping. He assumed it was because the prom was only two days
away, but in actuality he knew better. He couldn't
   sleep because he kept dreaming about her: the girl he met in the shop. He remembered very clearly how
she led him aside and showed him the black tuxedo
   with red trim. He remembered her telling him how handsome he’d look in it. He remembered wanting
her...and wanting to serve her. He remembered buying the
   tux and putting it on. It certainly was sharp.....but it had an odd feel to it. The weirdest part was the
cufflinks: they were both gold. One was studded with a
   sapphire and the other with a ruby. They reminded him oddly of her eyes.
   Feeling that he was losing his mind, he finally brought the cufflinks in and showed them to Pete.
   “Wow,” exclaimed his friend.
   “Aren’t they weird?”
   “Yeah......but their awesome. I told you you’d regret not going.”
   Jessica walked by and Gil stopped to admire her as he did every day. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pang in
his wrist. Something strange happened: he began
   thinking thoughts that weren’t his. He thought about what shade of make-up would look best or which
member of N’Sync was the hottest. With a powerful surge
   of realization, he knew that he had somehow entered Jessica’s mind.
   “What is it?” asked Pete.
   “Nothing,” Gil answered. He then took the cufflinks and put them away.
   Later on, he began to ask himself about what had happened. What exactly had happened? Why? How?
He knew it had something to do with the blonde from
   The Right Fit and made up his mind to ask her about it.
   “It’s best not to ask,” her voice whispered from inside her head. “A girl can’t give a guy all her secrets.”
She giggled. “But don’t you worry. You’ll be able to have
   most of Jessica’s......”
   Jessica. Just hearing that name made him forget all about her. He had a crush on Jessica for the past 5
years, but always found himself at arm’s length from
   her. They had talked every now and then and he was certain that while they weren’t enemies, she had no
such feelings for him. He either wasn’t strong enough
   or wasn’t popular enough or what ever the case may be for her to like him. It made him sick that she
could deceive herself into being so shallow.
   Gil took the cufflinks out of the box and rubbed his thumb against them. Suddenly, he was in Jessica’s
mind again. He could see all her thoughts very clearly.
   He began to wonder if he could change them.
   “Lift right hand,” he whispered, and he saw her do just that. The discovery astounded him: this meant
that he could get her to go to the prom with him. No,
   wait.....that wouldn’t be right. He couldn't accept her affection if it wasn’t natural. Besides, her boyfriend
would certainly not approve.
   Thinking about Ricky Dunbar made him angry. He didn’t appreciate her at for the way he
looked. He treated her well enough, he supposed: bought her
   things, took her out, made sure she was happy, but he had felt that to the Ricky Dunbars of the world all
she was was a slut. And the thought that over the
   weekend Ricky would be down at some beach house fucking her made Gil furious. Perhaps it was more
jealousy then concern speaking, but he couldn’t let him
   do that. He wouldn’t. He would have to devise a way that made sure nobody had her.....except for him.

   Chapter 6
   It was the day of the prom and George expected a wave of customers coming in seeking emergency
alterations and such. While he would gladly take whatever
   business he could get, it bothered him that these kids made such a big deal of this whole thing. Besides, it
would likely be more then he could handle: Libby
   asked for the day off and he gladly gave it to her.
   Across town, Gilliam Zander put on his tux. He still had plenty of time left before the prom began but he
had plenty to do beforehand. He had a plan to make sure
   that Jessica would be all his. He knew it would work, too. The blonde (her name was Libby) said that it
would. She also said she hoped he had a good time and
   he believed her. After all, why wouldn’t he? Even if she was a witch, she wasn’t doing anything to hurt
anyone as far as he could see.
   Jessica knew she would be having an impossibly late night and decided to take a nap beforehand.
Carefully setting aside her beloved necklace, she climbed not
   bed. When she awoke an hour later, she had quite a surprise. At first, she couldn't close her legs. Then
she looked down and saw why. Wrapped around her
   crotch was a big, thick baby diaper. Covering the diaper was a pair of lacy plastic panties. Attached to
the panties was a small lock. Jessica put her hand over
   her mouth to keep from screaming.

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