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OEA August


									           An affiliate of the
    National Education Association
                                                     The Education Focus                For the membership of the Oklahoma Education Association
                                                                                                                                                                August 2004
        In this issue –
       The Benefits of
                                                     Help is only a phone call away
                                                             Marlow teacher overcomes serious accusation with quick help
A good Building Rep
                                                                  By Doug Folks
is the key to success
                                                       With nearly 20 years of experience
Page 3                                               teaching first grade and special educa-
                                                     tion, Marlow Elementary teacher Ter-
Yukon’s Pries t finds
 ukon’s Priest                                       rie Keck knew how to handle children
talent for lobbying                                  with behavioral problems and how to
Page 4                                               work with their parents.
                                                       She had always received good
Math PDI makes                                       evaluations and had never had prob-
teachers better                                      lems that required a plan for improve-
Page 7                                               ment or even a disciplinary discussion
                                                     with her principal. That all changed in

Regional Team
         Team                                        a heartbeat when the school secretary

contact information                                  showed up at her classroom door.
                                                       “It was about 10:30 in the morning,
Page 8                                                                                           Marlow’s Terrie Keck faced a teacher’s worst nightmare – an allegation of child abuse
                                                     just before lunch,” Keck said. “The         – but she found out that immediate help from OEA is just a phone call away.
                                                     secretary came to my room and said
NEA benefit and OEA
                                                     the principal and the superintendent        Over the next hour, OEA staff and at-        OEA legal staff, she pulled herself to-
discount programs                                    needed to speak to me immediately.”         torneys spoke with her several times to      gether and did the things she needed to
Pages 13 & 14                                          It was the meeting every teacher          determine the seriousness of the             do to help resolve the issue.
                                                     fears. A parent had contacted the school    charges and plan a strategy to handle           “I was trying to get my wits about
                                                     district and accused Keck of abusing her    the situation.                               me,” she said. “I gathered up all the
                                                     child. While the charge was a shock to        The ordeal was obviously unnerving         documentation I had on my dealings
   Okla. City, OK

                                                     Keck, she wasn’t surprised an accusa-       for Keck. But after speaking with                    See “Attorney” on Page 3
    Post Paid at

                                                     tion had been made. The child had been
                                                     involved in a number of discipline issues
                                                     and the mother had been resistant to dis-
                                                                                                                  Join your professional
                                                     cuss the problems or the source of the
                                                                                                                    association today!
The Education Focus

                                                     behavior with Keck.
                                                       “The superintendent told me that the          Today is a great day to join the Okla-   ries of how members utilized OEA ser-
                                                     mother was going to file charges,” Keck      homa Education Association. Just like       vices, stories of how the Association
                                                     said. “The child’s mother said I had         doctors belong to the American Medical
                      OEA’s all-member publication

                                                                                                                                              works for you and your students, and
                                                     grabbed him and slammed him against          Association and lawyers are members         lists of products and services that can
                                                     the wall once and that I had slammed         of the Bar; teachers, education support     be accessed only by OEA members.
                                                     him to the ground during recess.             professionals and administrators should        For membership information, see the
                                                       “I said, ‘I guess I better call the        belong to the strongest voice and advo-     OEA representative in your building,
                                                     OEA for help,’ and my principal said         cate for public education – the OEA.        visit our website at or
                                                     that would be a good idea.”                     If you already belong, thank you for     call us at 800/522-8091.
                                                       Keck immediately contacted an              being part of Oklahoma’s strongest edu-        If you aren’t a member, join us to-
                                                     OEA staff person, who in turn put her        cation association. If you aren’t a mem-    day. If you are a member, tell a col-
                                                     in touch with the Association’s Center       ber, we invite you to join us. This issue   league about how the OEA has
                                                     for Legal and Corporate Services.            of The Education Focus is full of sto-      improved your life.
August brings great opportunity
             By Roy Bishop                 the National Board process; and the                                                       evidence and a definition of what ad-
             OEA President
                                           equalization of benefits for those                                                        equate funding is.
  August is a busy and exciting time
                                           people who fall under the rule of 90 in                                                      Remember that your OEA gover-
of year for those of us in education.
                                           the Teacher Retirement System.                                                            nance and staff representatives want
We’re all getting ready for the new
                                             In addition, the largest revenue pro-                                                   to hear your questions, concerns and
school year and the opportunity to in-
                                           ducing bill for education since 1990                                                      comments. Please call or email us
spire a new class of students.
                                           was passed pending passage this fall                                                      when you have something you need to
  It also provides an opportunity to
                                           by a vote of the people.                                                                  talk about. Providing information to
share the benefits of OEA membership
                                             Our work falls outside the legislative                                                  you and coming up with workable solu-
with prospective new members. I hope
                                           process as well. Last fall, we were the                                                   tions is the best way to handle any is-
you will take time to remind people of
                                           only statewide teacher’s association                                                      sue that might occur in your building or
the importance of being a member in
                                           working with the State Department of                                                      local. Let us be of service.
their professional association.
                                           Education on the Oklahoma HOUSSE                       President Roy Bishop                  The areas we provide benefits to
  This issue of The Education Focus
                                           definition of “Highly Qualified.” It was                                                  you are numerous. Please share copies
details many of the reasons that mem-
                                           through our work that a checklist was          And where are we headed? This              of this issue and your own personal ex-
bership in the OEA makes a difference
                                           established to keep teachers from hav-       year, the Delegate Assembly passed           periences with potential members. Ask
in peoples’ lives – both professionally
                                           ing to take a test to prove that they        our Adequacy and Equity Program.             them to join.
and personally. It is a tremendous re-
                                           were highly qualified.                       We will be investigating whether or not         Membership is the lifeblood of the
source that I want you to use in your
                                             OEA has been instrumental in the           Oklahoma adequately funds our                Association. A strong and active mem-
buildings as you tell people why you
                                           training of teachers to meet the de-         schools. While we believe that Okla-         bership is the reason that we are the
belong to the OEA, the strongest voice
                                           mands of changing certification and          homa hasn’t adequately funded educa-         Association that makes the difference.
in Oklahoma’s education community.
                                           strategies in teaching through our pro-      tion, our program will help provide the         Have a great year.
  You’re going to read articles in this
                                           fessional development institutions.
publication about people who have

                                                     Help Us Make the Case
benefited from the Association in a va-
riety of different ways. These are real-
life, true experiences in which the
OEA made a difference.
  You will find listings of our Centers
                                               As the new school year opens, members of                                   how inadequate funding has been detrimental
and the services that they provide.
                                            the Oklahoma Education Association will                                          to Oklahoma students.
Knowing who is there to serve you
from both governance and staff is at        begin working on a very important                                                       All you need to be a Legal Liaison is
your finger tips.                           project. We’re looking to make the                                                        a home phone number, a home
  You will find information about NEA
                                            case for an Adequate and Equitable                                                         email address and a willingness to
Member Benefits programs and OEA
                                            education for every Oklahoma                                                               help us identify where adequate
discount programs that will save you
money in a variety of ways. This infor-     child, and you can help. Our goal is                                                    funding will make for improved

mation will allow you to show col-          to have one Legal Liaison in every school building in              education opportunities.
leagues that not being a member             Oklahoma. The Legal Liaison will communicate directly                 For more information on the A&E Project or to
actually costs them money.
                                            with the OEA Legal staff, sharing stories that illustrate          volunteer to be a Legal Liaison, visit
  When talking with nonmembers –
and even fellow members – remember
that last spring the OEA enjoyed one
of the most successful legislative ses-                                                 The Education Focus
sions in the history of the Association.
                                                                                                      Editorial Staff                The Education Focus (ISSN 1542-1678) is
In collaboration with Governor Brad                     Volume 21, No. 9                            Doug Folks, Editor               published nine times annually with issues in
                                                                                                   Contributing Editors              September/October, November, December/
                                                     A production of OEA’s
Henry, we were able to provide all                                                                                                   January, February, March, April, May, June/July
                                                    Communications Center                              Marty Bull
                                                                                                                                     and August for $5 by the Oklahoma Education
education employees with state-paid,                                                                  Stacy Martin                   Association, 323 E. Madison, Oklahoma City,
                                                                                                       Jeff Savage                   OK 73105. Periodicals postage paid at Okla.
single premium health insurance; a                    Roy Bishop, President                         Bruce Treadaway                  City, OK, and additional mailing offices.
                                                    Becky Felts, Vice President                        Patti Razien
five-year salary plan to take us to the          David DuVall, Executive Director                                                    POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The
                                                                                                 Pam Westbrook, Proofing
                                              Lela Odom, Associate Executive Director         Maureen Peters, Center Assistant       Education Focus, PO Box 18485, Oklahoma
regional average; continued support of
                                                                                                                                     City, OK 73154

Page 2/Oklahoma Education Association
Attorney meets with Keck                                                                Keck’s part.                                 my professional association. I cherish
                                                                                          “It didn’t cost me a dime, and many        my membership because of the friend-
                                                                                                                                     ships I have developed and the oppor-

just hours after her first
                                                                                        times my attorney dealt with different
                                                                                        issues and I didn’t even have to spend       tunities I’ve had.
                                                                                        my own time to deal with it,” she said.        “Having immediate help when I

telephone call to OEA                                                                     One could assume that because of
                                                                                        the incident, Keck would never drop
                                                                                                                                     needed it most just adds to the value of
                                                                                                                                     my membership.”
                                                                                        her OEA membership to insure she               Terrie Keck’s story, while admit-
           Continued from Page 1            had seen an incident between Keck
                                                                                        always had that security. But for her,       tedly dramatic and rare, is all too real.
with this parent and her child.”            and the student, but the situation
                                                                                        membership is much more than liabil-         It points out that even the best teach-
  It would later prove to be important      wasn’t what it seemed to be at the
                                                                                        ity protection.                              ers can face adversity, but only OEA
that she had kept track of her encounters   time. And on the day Keck was al-
                                                                                          “My membership was important to            members have access to immediate
with both the student and the parent.       leged to have thrown the child to the
                                                                                        me to begin with,” Keck said. “I’ve al-      help just a phone call away.
  “At 2:30 that afternoon, the school       ground at recess, Keck wasn’t on
secretary came back to my room and          playground duty or even outside of          ways believed that I should belong to
said I had another visitor. He offered      the building.
to wait until school was out to meet           What helped Keck the most was               “Oh my! What do I need to do first?”
with me,” Keck said.                        that she was innocent. It also made a           Only a small percentage of OEA           and Corporate Services of your situa-
  The visitor was an OEA-provided           huge difference that OEA was with            members ever need legal help, but           tion, and an attorney will contact you.
attorney from the White Law Firm,           her through the entire ordeal.               when a situation arises take comfort          If you need legal help for a situa-
which became involved in Keck’s case           “While I may have been a little ner-      that someone is there to help.              tion away from work, access the Per-
because it involved potential criminal      vous about the situation, I never felt          If you have a work-related prob-         sonal Legal Services Program by
charges.                                    really worried because I knew I was          lem and need help, call the Advocacy        calling Legal Services at OEA Head-
  The issue took several months to          innocent and I knew the OEA would            Specialist in your geographic region        quarters in Oklahoma City at 800/
clear. Keck met several times with          take care of me,” Keck said.                 first (see the box below).                  522-8091, or 528-7785.
her attorney, the principal and a local        The charges were eventually dis-             If the matter requires a lawyer, the       However large or small the prob-
investigator who was looking into the       missed because the investigation             OEA staff person will inform Legal          lem, help is only a phone call away.
case. An eye witness for the parent         found no evidence of wrongdoing on

A good building rep is the key to Association success
              By Patti Razien                                                           has chosen to be more involved by serv-      in her building and then makes contact
  The Building Representative (BR) is                                                   ing as a BR (for many years) and cur-        with new teachers and teachers who
the foot soldier of the Oklahoma Edu-                                                   rently serves as the vice president of the   have not previously joined the OEA.
cation Association.                                                                     Mustang Education Association (MEA).           “I personally visit with every non-
  The most important work of the As-                                                      McCullough’s commitment to her pro-        member,” McCullough says of her re-
sociation is carried out by this person.                                                fession is thus reflected in her commit-     cruiting tactics. “Then, I assign teams
He or she has the responsibility to                                                     ment to her professional organization.       of two or three teachers to go by and
communicate messages of the local,                                                        As Lakehoma’s BR, she passes out           visit with the nonmembers in their
state and national organizations on a                                                   membership information to all members               See “Followup” on Page 4
one-on-one basis; listen to the con-
cerns of members in the building; and                                                                            Center for Advocacy
to recruit new members while retaining                                                                                Regional Specialists
veteran members.                                                                           Oklahoma City Metro                       Southeast
                                                                                           Pam Westbrook                             Jackie Davis
  In fact, the BR is most often the
                                                                                           800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785             800/563-4230, or 405/275-4060
one person who has the greatest ability                                                       
                                                 Mustang’s Paula McCullough                David Williams                            Southwest
to be a successful organizer. Most
                                                                                           800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785             Nancy Peavler
people buy a product or participate in      members in a building.
                                                                                                         877/616-3279, or 580/223-0173
an event because of who asks them,            Paula McCullough has been a teacher          Northeast                       
and the BR knows that to join an orga-      at Lakehoma Elementary in the Mustang          Paul Gayowski                             Tulsa Metro
                                                                                           800/331-5143, or 918/665-2282             Linda Hendrix (TCTA)
nization you must first be asked.           school district for 19 years. She cares                        918/749-2544
  All it takes to be a successful BR        about her profession and she cares about       Northwest                       
is to be organized and take a little        the issues. Not only is she a career-long      Mary Pratz                                Susan Stowe
                                                                                           800/439-0393, or 580/256-0071             800/331-5143, or 918/665-2282
time to talk with and listen to the         member of the OEA, but McCullough                     

                                                                                                                                                          August 2004/Page 3
Yukon’s Priest
                                                                                                                                                               I’ve ever done.
                                                                                                                                                                  “Having a
                                                                                                                                                               governor who is

discovers hidden
                                                                                                                                                               so supportive of
                                                                                                                                                               teachers is

talent in lobbying
                                                                                                                                                               the Yukon edu-
                                                                                                                                                               cator said.
                                                                                                                                                                  She has found
                                                                                                                                                               that she has been
             By Stacy Martin                 storm. She watched inside as it pelted                                                                            able to establish
   Yukon Spanish teacher Alicia Priest       her late model Honda’s windshield and                                                                             productive rela-
never cared a lot for politics.              body with $7,000 worth of damage.                                                                                 tionships with
   Then, one day, the Yukon Professional        Persistence? There’s plenty of                                                                                 lawmakers, even
Educators Association (YPEA) member          that, too.                                                                                                        when there is dis-
realized her job is controlled by those         Priest’s wispy-haired, blond seven-                                                                            agreement on
who participate in the political arena.      month old daughter Kenna resulted                                                                                 how to solve an
   Priest has been an educator and an        from six grueling years of never-give-      Grace under pressure and persistence help Yukon’s Alicia Priest       issue.
                                                                                         serve OEA as an effective hometown lobbyist.
Oklahoma Education Association               up infertility treatments.                                                                                          Priest said
member for 10 years. She is president           You can bet that when Priest hits the       “I’d sit and listen to her in awe of     she discovered many unexpected bo-
of YPEA and a newly elected member           State Capitol with her calm-yet-steely      how much she knew and how eloquent          nuses from lobbying. When she re-
of the OEA Board of Directors.               determination, those legislators listen.    she was,” Priest said. “I started study-    turned to her local to report on State
   Priest never realized how well-              Priest learned about member lobby-       ing it, and really learning about it. I     Capitol activities, her members gained
suited she is for the responsibilities she   ing by watching and working with            loved it. And I’ve never had a problem      an even greater trust in her. The bot-
has as a member lobbyist.                    former Yukon president Carolyn Bal-         giving my opinion.”                         tom line was it deepened the rapport
   Grace under pressure? She has it.         sam. Her respect for Balsam began to           Priest concedes that the OEA’s suc-      with her members.
   Priest is not easily flustered. She       light a fire in Priest for the importance   cessful legislative session helped make        While her members don’t always
was recently caught in a savage hail-        of lobbying work.                           the experience even more enjoyable.         agree completely on the issues they do
                                                                                         She counts attending Gov. Brad              concur on one thing: they all want

Following up crucial to recruiting                                                       Henry’s signing of the health insurance
                                                                                         bill as one of “the top five cool things
                                                                                                                                     what’s best for schools and for kids,
                                                                                                                                     Priest said.
         Continued from Page 3

                                                                                          PLSP -- unique legal assistance
                                             about local members at Lakehoma.
grade level to share their stories and          She attends MEA meetings where
invite them to join.”                        she voices any concerns of the mem-
                                                                                             The OEA is the only state organi-          ▼   Paternity support enforcement;
   McCullough designs a flyer targeted       bers in her building.
                                                                                          zation in the NEA family to offer le-         ▼   Powers of attorney;
for those teachers who have never               “As a Building Rep I feel like my
                                                                                          gal assistance to its members for             ▼   Uncontested divorces;
joined as another follow up to encour-       main job is to be the ‘go between’ be-
                                                                                          off-the-job legal problems. Through           ▼   Uncontested adoptions (steppar-
age their involvement and invites them       tween members and our local officers,”
                                                                                          the Personal Legal Services Pro-           ent adoptions only); and
to come to her with any questions and        McCullough said. “I try to keep everyone
                                                                                          gram (PLSP), members have ac-                 ▼ Consultation and assistance in
concerns they might have about the           aware of current issues and any prob-
                                                                                          cess to free legal services, or            creditor disputes.
Association.                                 lems that we may be experiencing. I’m
                                                                                          services at discounted costs.                 Other situations allow a mem-
   Each month, members in her build-         the voice of our building when I attend
                                                                                             If you need help for one of the         ber five hours of free legal
ing are treated to little goodies thanking   local executive meetings.”
                                                                                          following services, call OEA’s Cen-        service, with any additional time
them for their membership. These in-            McCullough believes that being a
                                                                                          ter for Legal and Corporate Ser-           covered at a reduced rate. Those
centives can range anywhere from a           building representative really doesn’t
                                                                                          vices at 800/522-8091, or 528-7785         situations include:
chocolate mint with the attached slo-        require a lot of time.
                                                                                          in central Oklahoma.                          ▲ Personal injury;
gan, “You are worth a mint to MEA/              “I like to have a voice in my profes-
                                                                                             Free services include:                     ▲ Felony    charges;
OEA;” to a packet of flower seeds            sional organization,” she says proudly.
                                                                                             ▼ Wills, including amendments;             ▲ Contested modifications to      di-
stating, “Come grow with us.”                “I would encourage anyone to do this.
                                                                                             ▼   Name changes;                       vorce decrees;
   McCullough also keeps the Associa-        You have such an opportunity to learn
                                                                                             ▼ Uncontested modifications to             ▲ Wrongful death;
tion bulletin board updated with infor-      more about the benefits of being a
                                                                                          divorce decrees;                              ▲ Nursing home neglect;
mation and sends information to the          member and become more knowledge-
                                                                                             ▼   Defense of misdemeanor                 ▲ Contested   divorces; and
Association’s webmaster concerning           able about our profession.”
                                                                                          charges;                                      ▲ Contested adoptions.
celebrations, activities and information
Page 4/Oklahoma Education Association
Voluntary donations, not dues,
elect friends of education
  Friends of public education need       organizations representing members
the support of those they intend to      with a broad range of differing
help in order to win political office.   views. The one binding element is
  Thus, the Oklahoma Education           that all members support public
Association provides members a           education causes.
way to make voluntary donations            Because a variety of politicians
through the OEA Political Action         hold pro-public education positions,
Committee (OEA-PAC), and the             OEA and NEA routinely recom-
National Education Association of-       mend Republicans, Democrats and
fers the NEA Fund for Children and       Independents for office. Selection is
Public Education (FCPE).                 based strictly on the candidate’s
   OEA members may voluntarily           worthiness as a friend of public
become more influential in the politi-   education.
cal process by choosing to make po-        Both the OEA-PAC and the NEA
                                                                                   Center for Legislative & Political Organizing
                                                                                                         Regional Specialists
litical contributions to candidates      FCPE interview qualified political can-
through the PAC. The funds are en-       didates and study their track records.    Oklahoma City Metro              Southwest
trusted to the OEA-PAC, which            After concluding this exhaustive pro-     David Kueter                     Norman Cooper
                                                                                   800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785    800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785
uses the money prudently to help         cess, candidates are recommended to
elect friends of education to state      members for their support.                Northeast                        Tulsa Metro
and local offices.                         Donations can be made in cash           Jim Bynum                        Pat Smith
                                                                                   800/331-5143, or 918/665-2282    800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785
  The NEA fund uses donations to         or by payroll deduction.                
elect friends of education to federal      To learn how you can donate to          Northwest
offices.                                 the OEA-PAC or the NEA FCPE,              Joel Robison                     Nancy Garcia, Center Assistant
                                                                                   800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785
  Member dues are never used for         contact the legislative and political                Bruce Hunt, Assoc. Exec. Dir.
contributions to political candidates.   organizing specialist in your region      Southeast              
                                                                                   Jerry Johnson                    800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785
  OEA and NEA are nonpartisan            (see box at right).
                                                                                   800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785

                                                                                                                                      August 2004/Page 5
TCTA plan fosters better
communications and
increases membership
              By Marty Bull                 updates through the TCTA Connec-
  Whether you have 50 members or            tion. We felt it was important that our
2,200 members, one of the most impor-       members receive some sort of printed
tant characteristics of a strong local is   information in a timely manner.”
the ability to effectively communicate         Just last year, the TCTA website
the activities of the Association to its    ( was launched,
membership.                                 offering up-to-date information that is rel-   Leaders of the Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association saw a need for better
                                                                                           communications and developed a plan to consistently and frequently talk with their
  Every local Association should take       evant to the members’ needs.                   members. In this photo, TCTA President Steve Stockley (center), Vice President Denzel
the time to examine its individual com-        “Electronic communication has helped        Kesterson, and OEA Advocacy Specialist Linda Hendrix look over the local’s website.

munication needs and take steps to-         us disseminate information at a much             “One of the most important aspects         devise a communication component
ward improved communications                faster rate,” said Stockley. “The site has     of the plan was a concerted effort to        that fits their needs.
between the leaders and members.            also broadened our ability to communi-         visit every work site in the district over      “Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed
  Several years ago, when the Tulsa         cate a wider range of information. We          the course of the school year,” said         with fancy newsletters or complicated
Classroom Teachers Association              also use email to alert our building reps to   Stockley. “It gives both the member          websites,” said Stockley. “Find a way
(TCTA) leadership was faced with this       call our office or to check the website        and (TCTA leadership) the opportunity        to communicate with your members
dilemma, they took the problem head         for detailed information.”                     to make a connection that just can’t         and you will be a stronger local for it.”
on and developed a plan that not only          Although print materials and elec-          happen with a piece of paper.”                  If you would like assistance in de-
improved communication but fostered         tronic communications are valuable               Stockley recognizes the advantage          veloping a communication plan for
membership growth. Funded by an             communication tools, nothing takes the         that release time officers have in mak-      your local, please contact the OEA
NEA grant, the ongoing plan has             place of face to face meetings with            ing more personal contacts, but he rec-      Communications Specialist in your re-
helped TCTA leadership develop a            members at the building level.                 ommends every local take the time to         gion (see the box below).

                                            NEA honors students with literacy grants
strategy that offers members a variety
of communication avenues.
  After a comprehensive survey of
the executive committee and board             Third and fourth graders are provid-         projects across the nation.                   Reg Weaver.
members that assessed TCTA                  ing books and story hours to children in          “While NEA is privileged to recog-            To learn more about Youth Leaders
leadership’s communications needs, fo-      homeless shelters in Connecticut and           nize their efforts with these awards,         for Literacy grants, visit
cus groups were formed to ask mem-          teens are teaching moose safety to             we cannot match with dollars the value        readacross/volunteer/youthleaders.html.
bers what they wanted.                      young children through literature in ru-       these young people will bring to their        For information on this year’s grant win-
  “Too often we try to make decisions       ral Alaska.                                    communities or to themselves as pro-          ners, visit
based on what we think our members            These and other youth-led literacy           ductive citizens,” said NEA President         unteer/yllwinners04.html.
want instead of talking to them di-         service projects were recognized last
rectly,” said OEA Advocacy Specialist       spring by the National Education Asso-
                                                                                                              Center for Communications
Linda Hendrix. “Our focus groups            ciation (NEA) as part of the organ-
                                                                                                                         Regional Specialists
were valuable in determining what           ization’s commitment to literacy and
                                                                                            Oklahoma City Metro                         Southwest
steps we needed to take to improve          public service. Since 2000, the NEA             Stacy Martin                                Doug Folks
communications with members.”               has awarded grants to student-led pro-          800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785               800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785
  Utilizing the focus group information     grams through Youth Leaders for Lit-                    
                                                                                            Northeast                                   Tulsa Metro
plus other time honored organizing tech-    eracy, a joint initiative of the NEA            Jeff Savage                                 Marty Bull
niques, the plan improved communica-        and Youth Service America (YSA).                800/331-5143, or 918/665-2282               800/331-5143, or 918/665-2282
tions in a number of different ways.                                                                
                                              Traditionally, literacy service
  “Historically, TCTA has sent out          projects begin on NEA’s Read Across             Patti Razien                                Maureen Peters, Center Assistant
some sort of newsletter throughout the      America Day (March 2) and continue              800/439-0393, or 580/256-0071     
                                                                                                              Lela Odom, Assoc. Exec. Dir.
school year, but not on a consistent ba-    through YSA’s National Youth Service
sis,” said TCTA President Steve             Day in April.                                   Bruce Treadaway                             800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785
Stockley. “For the past two years, our        This year, 21 grants totaling more            800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785
members have been receiving monthly         than $10,000 were awarded to youth
Page 6/Oklahoma Education Association
Connected Math makes for better teachers
                                              Cache teacher finds fresh ideas in OEA’s Math PDI
              By Doug Folks                   that new certification.”                     attitudes toward math, she said.            Math and the OEA Math PDI, contact
   Val Mullinex says she wasn’t exactly          OEA’s Math PDI uses Connected               “I had one student who told me,           your regional teaching and learning
angry at being required by the state to at-   Mathematics to teach teachers how to         ‘Ms. Mullinex, I’m a math atheist. I        specialist (see the box below).
tend a Math Professional Development          incorporate a problem-centered cur-          don’t believe in math,’” she said. “But
Institute (PDI) in 2002. But she was
frustrated and more than just a little put
                                              riculum in their classrooms. For many
                                              teachers, it’s an entirely different way
                                                                                           by the end of the year, he was doing
                                                                                           well and enjoying the class.”
out that she was being forced to attend       to teach math. With few exceptions,            Mullinex is attending her second           development
the intensive training session.               participants leave the PDI completely        OEA Math PDI. The first one was
   After all, she had 17 years of expe-       energized with the new method.               geared toward individuals looking to
rience teaching all of the elementary            “I’ve always liked projects and ac-       gain a middle school math endorse-              In addition to the Math PDI,
grades, at one time or another, in            tivities that reinforce the lesson,”         ment. The second PDI is geared to-           OEA’s Center for Teaching and
                                                                                                           ward vertical math           Learning provides members with a
                                                                                                                                        wide variety of professional devel-
                                                                                                           teams in a district or a
                                                                                                                                        opment opportunities. Following is
                                                                                                           school. Mullinex is at-      a partial list of workshops and
                                                                                                           tending along with           seminars we can bring to your dis-
                                                                                                           Cache Middle School’s        trict or your building.
                                                                                                           seventh and eighth              To schedule a training, contact
                                                                                                                                        the T&L specialist in your region
                                                                                                           grade math teachers,
                                                                                                                                        (see the box below).
                                                                                                           and the school’s spe-
                                                                                                           cial education and Title     ! Birth Order
                                                                                                                                        ! Bullying/Harassment Prevention
                                                                                                           I teachers.
                                                                                                                                        ! Communicating With Families
                                                                                                              The OEA was cho-          ! Cooperative Learning
                                                                                                           sen through a competi-       ! Dealing With Angry Students
                                                                                                                                        ! Dealing With Difficult People
                                                                                                           tive bid process by the
                                                                                                                                        ! Gung Ho!
                                                                                                           Oklahoma Commission          ! I Can Do It!
                                                                                                           for Teacher Prepara-         ! Keeping Schools Safe
Cache Middle School math teacher Val Mullinex teams up with Dillon Bryant (right)                                                       ! Leadership Styles
to play a factor game against Hyley Ryder (left) and Carly Ward. The math game is          tion to deliver the state-legislated Math    ! Mentoring
one of the Connected Math tools Mullinex uses in her classes.
                                                                                           PDI to 150 fifth through eighth grade        ! Resident Teacher Training
                                                                                                                                        ! Seven Habits of Highly Effective
Cache Public Schools west of Lawton.          Mullinex said. “I don’t like to just make    math teachers. The PDI is a three-
But after moving to the middle school         assignments out of the text book. Con-       year program that allows teachers and        ! Seven Habits of Highly Effective
to teach math, she found that she no          nected Math is an investigative ap-          their schools to create and sustain an         Teens
                                                                                                                                        ! Stress Management
longer met state requirements for sec-        proach. Students learn different             exemplary math program.
                                                                                                                                        ! True Colors
ondary math certification. That meant         strategies that reinforce the concepts         For more information on Connected          ! Who Moved My Cheese?
she could take a state-mandated test          I’m teaching.”
or attend a PDI.                                 Mullinex saw immediate changes in
                                                                                                        Center for Teaching and Learning
   “I was frustrated that the state was       her students after implementing the
                                                                                                                         Regional Specialists
changing my certification. It was             concepts she learned at OEA’s PDI.
something that I had worked very hard            “I’m not driven by test scores. I don’t      Oklahoma City Metro                      Southwest
                                                                                              Floyd Cox                                Bonnie Hammock
for,” she said.                               check (student achievement test) scores.        800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785            800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785
   However reluctantly, Mullinex              But, yes, I can tell students are learning                  
signed up for the Oklahoma Education          more now that I’m using Connected               Northeast                                Tulsa Metro
                                                                                              Sharon Moore                             Deborah Brooks
Association’s (OEA) Middle School             Math,” she said. “I’ve seen students that       800/331-5143, or 918/665-2282            800/331-5143, or 918/665-2282
Math PDI. It didn’t take long for her         have gone home and taught their parents                
to change her mind about the training.        what we’re doing in class. I’ve had stu-
                                                                                              Debby Stine                              Cindy Manning, Center Assistant
In fact, before the first day was over,       dents go home and research perfect              800/439-0393, or 580/256-0071  
she became a believer.                        numbers on the Internet when it wasn’t                          Anita Harrington, Admin. Asst.
   Mullinex said. “OEA provided us            an assignment, and bring their findings to
                                                                                              Larry Miller                             Lela Odom, Assoc. Exec. Dir.
with a continuing education opportunity,      class the next day.”                            800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785  
a service that would also help us meet           The method even changes student                             800/522-8091, or 405/528-7785

                                                                                                                                                           August 2004/Page 7
                            OEA Regional Teams and Maps

  Northwest Region
  2315 Downs Avenue, #220
  Woodward, OK 73801
                                                                                   Tulsa Metro
  800/439-0393 or 580/256-0071                                                     Region
  (fax – 580/256-0073)                                                             10810 E. 45th Street, Suite 301
                                                                                   Tulsa, OK 74146
  Board of Directors                      Oklahoma City Metro                      800/331-5143 or 918/665-2282
  Mike McIlwee, NW-A                       Region                                  (fax – 918/665-2362)                 Northeast Region
  Teresa Barbour, NW-B                    323 E. Madison, OKC, OK 73105                                                 10810 E. 45th Street, Suite 301
  Alicia Priest NW-C                      P.O. Box 18485, OKC, OK 73154            Board of Directors                   Tulsa, OK 74146
  Mary Hamilton, NW-D                     800/522-8091 or 405/528-7785             Lynn Stockley,                       800/331-5143 or 918/665-2282
  Geographic Team Members                 (fax – 405/524-0350)                       Tulsa Metro-A                      (fax – 918/665-2362)
  Mary Pratz, Advocacy                                                             Karen Dawson,
  Patti Razien, Small School              Board of Directors                         Tulsa Metro-B                      Board of Directors
    Specialist/Communications             Mary Jane Chiles,                        Carol Randall,                       Judy Locut, NE-A
  Joel Robison, Legislative & Political     OKC Metro-A                              Tulsa Metro-C                      Cristi Thomson, NE-B
    Organizing                            Vicki Vaughan,                           Ted Auwen, Tulsa Metro-D             Tom Osburn, NE-C
  Debby Stine, Teaching and Learning        OKC Metro-B                            Janet Brewster, Tulsa Metro-E        Don Ryan, NE-D
  Carol Bradley, Team Assistant           Martha Wissler, OKC Metro-C              Geographic Team Members              Geographic Team Members
  Charles McCauley, Associate             Lori Burris, OKC Metro-D                 Deborah Brooks, Teaching &           Jim Bynum, Legislative & Political
    Executive Director                    Geographic Team Members                    Learning                             Organizing
                                          Floyd Cox, Teaching & Learning           Marty Bull, Communications           Paul Gayowski, Advocacy
  Southwest Region                        David Kueter, Legislative & Political    Linda Hendrix, Advocacy (TCTA)       Sharon Moore, Teaching & Learning
  323 East Madison, OKC, OK 73105           Organizing                             Pat Smith, Legislative & Political   Jeff Savage, Communications
  P.O. Box 18485, OKC, OK 73154           Stacy Martin, Communications               Organizing                         Denise Pollock, Team Assistant
  800/522-8091 or 405/528-7785            Pam Westbrook, Advocacy                  Susan Stowe, Advocacy                Charles McCauley, Associate
  (fax – 405/524-0350)                    David Williams, Advocacy                 Denise Pollock, Team Assistant         Executive Director
                                          Mary Lou Koskie, Team Assistant
  Board of Directors                      Charles McCauley, Associate
                                                                                   Charles McCauley, Associate
                                                                                                                        Southeast Region
                                                                                     Executive Director
  Linda Long, SW-A                                                                                                      624 W. Independence, #105,
                                            Executive Director
  Todd Richards, SW-C                                                                                                   Shawnee, OK 74804

  Charlsie Allen, SW-D                                                                                                  800/563-4230 or 405/275-4060

  Sheri Childress, SW-E                                                                                                 (fax – 405/275-1151)
  Geographic Team Members
  Norman Cooper, Legislative &                                                                                          Board of Directors
     Political Organizing                                                                                               Judy Chaffin, SE-A

  Doug Folks, Communications                                                                                            Lawrence E. Lane, SE-B

  Bonnie Hammock, Teaching and                                                                                          Vivian Garner, SE-C
                                                                                                                        Geographic Team Members
                                                                                                                        Jackie Davis, Advocacy
  Nancy Peavler, Advocacy
                                                                                                                        Jerry Johnson, Legislative and
  Teresa Davis, Team Assistant
                                                                                                                          Political Organizing
  Charles McCauley, Associate
                                                                                                                        Larry Miller, Teaching and Learning
     Executive Director                                             ESP – Sherrie Barnes & Judy Hancock                 Bruce Treadaway, Communications
                                                                    Administrators – Todd Crabtree
                                            Board                   Retired Teachers – Marian Clark
                                                                                                                        Kim Holley, Team Assistant

                                            Members                 Students – Katy Cook
                                                                                                                        Charles McCauley, Associate
                                                                                                                          Executive Director

Page 8/Oklahoma Education Association
Representing every OEA member
Bishop is a relentless advocate                                                         Accessibility is important to Felts
             By Stacy Martin                tion, improved working conditions,                      By Stacy Martin
   As President of the Oklahoma Edu-        more effective local associations, and        Oklahoma Education Association
cation Association, Roy Bishop knows        greater professional development op-        Vice President Becky Felts wears
exactly what his purpose is as the          portunities.                                many hats while juggling the numerous
organization’s leader – to advocate re-         Bishop developed his passion for        tasks of her office.
lentlessly for OEA members, children        members’ needs in the trenches. He            Accessibility to members is among
and public education.                       taught history and world geography          Felts’ highest priorities. At every op-
                                                                  in Stillwater for     portunity, she visits school sites and
                                                                  13 years. He          works with classroom teachers on
                                                                  was a local           critical issues. She drives countless
                                                                  president, build-     miles to attend building, local and zone
                                                                                                                                        OEA Vice President Becky Felts
                                                                  ing representa-       meetings across the state. Every group
                                                                  tive and              of Oklahoma public school employees        the OEA Budget Committee. Being a
                                                                  committee chair       is important to Felts, no matter how       good steward of Association dollars,
                                                                  in the Stillwater     large or how small. She is always          Felts’ charge is to ensure that OEA pro-
                                                                  EA. He also           available to members, whether in per-      vides programs and services to members
                                                                  served on the         son, by phone or email.                    that are of high value and benefit.
                                                                  OEA Board of            Felts’ rich background includes 27          In addition to her duties with mem-
                                                                  Directors and         years of teaching in the Tahlequah         bers, Felts can be found speaking to
                                                                  on the NEA’s          area, two years as a commissioner on       groups outside of education, lobbying
                                                                  Resolutions           the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher        state-elected officials and legislators, and
                                                                  Committee.            Preparation, plus six years on the Na-     providing interviews to news media out-
                                                                      Besides work-     tional Education Association Board of      lets on a wide range of education topics.
                                                                  ing in Stillwater,    Directors. She has first-hand knowl-          Ultimately, members’ needs drive
                     OEA President Roy Bishop                     Roy worked in         edge of student achievement and qual-      Felts’ time and schedule. She recog-
   He knows that representing teachers      the Oklahoma City School district. He       ity teaching issues.                       nizes and is committed to the dedi-
and support professionals is an honor and   has seen declining student enrollment         Currently, Felts serves as chairperson   cated and hardworking school
a privilege that he takes seriously.        force job elimination, including his own.   of the OEA Convention Committee and        employees of Oklahoma.
   President Bishop takes members’          He understands the ups and downs
messages to many venues that include        that teachers face each day.
                                                                                                               Center for Governance
the State Capitol, the nation’s Capitol,        Bishop served six years as OEA vice
                                                                                                           800/522-8091 or 405/528-7785
the National Education Association, the     president, chairing key committees such
Oklahoma Education Coalition and be-        as budget, convention and the Insurance
                                                                                                  Roy Bishop                                 Becky Felts
fore the media.                             Task Force. He has also served as presi-
                                                                                                   OEA President                            OEA Vice President
   In order to communicate the impor-       dent of the Oklahoma Commission on                           
tance of public education to all Oklaho-    Educational Administration (OCEA) and
mans, Bishop maintains a heavy              is OEA’s liaison to the Oklahoma Retired                                    David DuVall
speaking schedule, addressing groups        Educators’ Association.                                                     Executive Director
such as educators, OEA members, and             Each month Bishop distills his many                           
civic and business leaders.                 experiences and encounters with mem-
                                                                                                         Janice Dealy, Administrative Assistant,
   His commitment to members’ priori-       bers into columns for the OEA website                     Lorraine Newton, Administrative Assistant,
ties goes into his work helping develop     ( and The Education Focus.
policy, strategy and plans at OEA. Ul-          The many challenges Bishop faces                                       NEA Directors
timately, member input leads to a num-      are done so with the heart of a class-                                    Linda Hampton
ber of positives for Oklahoma               room teacher as he continues to try                             Pleasant Grove EA (Seminole County)
education including opportunities for       to make a positive difference in                            (School) 405/382-0454,
student success, teacher compensa-          people’s lives.                                                       Greg Johnson, Mustang ACT
                                                                                                          (School) 405/376-7827,

                                                                                                                                                         August 2004/Page 9
 ‘Team NEA’ leaves RA re-energized
                                       Members mobilize to fix NCLB flaws, close achievement gap
   More than 9,000 delegates of the                                                                           that in order to         education, the rights of education em-
National Education Association (NEA)                                                                          close the achieve-       ployees, and standards for those work-
united in early July to recommit them-                                                                        ment gap among           ing in education professions. Among
selves to ensuring that every child in                                                                        their students, edu-     significant changes in the Resolution
the country has an opportunity to at-                                                                         cators and schools       language were amendments placing
tend a great public school.                                                                                   need more support        NEA in support of strengthening stan-
   The delegates, including more than                                                                         for methods and          dards for charter schools so that they
100 from Oklahoma, were attending                                                                             practices that work      are held accountable for meeting their
the NEA’s Representative Assembly                                                                             to boost student         goals, strengthening teacher standards
(RA), the world’s largest democratic                                                                          achievement. These       such that “testing only” routes were
body, in Washington, D.C.                                                                                     include smaller          not allowed by states, and calling for
   In his Independence Day keynote ad-                                                                        class sizes, teacher     schools to adopt stronger policies and
dress to the assembly, NEA President                                                                          training, increased      programs to eliminate bullying.
Reg Weaver affirmed that “our goal is                                                                         parental involve-           Delegates amended a policy state-
for every child to achieve and succeed.                                                                       ment, enhanced           ment on early childhood education to
   “Team NEA, we are the foot sol-           Putnam City’s Katherine Bishop offers a friendly amendment       early childhood and      reinforce the organization’s belief that
diers for democracy’s foundation –           during discussions on NEA’s Legislative Goals during July’s      after school ser-        pre-kindergarten teachers should be
                                             Representative Assembly. Bishop and members of the Oklahoma
public education – and we are on the         delegation and the national IDEA Cadre had to work fast to       vices, updated text-     fully licensed and certified.
move!” said Weaver, a middle school          present the amendment, which eventually passed to provide for    books and materials,        Also, delegates overwhelmingly
                                             a proactive stance in lobbying for changes to the reauthoriza-
science teacher from Harvey, Ill. “De-       tion of IDEA. Moore’s Roma Clark spoke to the motion while       and adequate sup-        adopted a strategic budget that directs
fend democracy, defend public educa-         other Oklahoma delegates helped draft the language and secure    port for children and    resources to enhance teaching and
                                             microphone time to present the amendment.
tion and defend the opportunity for all                                                                       families outside of      learning, advocate for children and
children to have access to a quality        mans, have already signed up to host        school.                                        members, and build partnerships with
public education.”                          parties on Wednesday, Sept. 22.                The RA passed a number of New               organizations and individuals who sup-
   Modifying the so-called No Child Left      OEA members interested in attend-         Business Items, calling on NEA to take         port public education.
Behind (NCLB) law to make it workable       ing or hosting a House Party should         action on issues in the near future.              Delegates made a commitment to
is one of NEA’s top priorities, with mem-   contact OEA Associate Executive Di-         Among the most significant was a state-        NEA’s fight for public education by
bers in full agreement that the law must    rector Charles McCauley at 800/522-         ment in opposition to federal funding for      continuing a program to help state af-
be fixed and fully funded for its promise   8091, 405/528-7785 or                       the American
to become reality.                                         Board for Certi-
   One key element of NEA’s strategy          The event is expected to be the           fication of
to ensure that every child has access       largest one-day discussion of education     Teaching Excel-
to a great public school is to elect a      in the nation’s history.                    lence, a com-
pro-public education president of the         During the RA, 25 state affiliates        petitor to the
United States in November. NEA del-         and more than 150 delegates partici-        National Board
egates overwhelmingly recommended           pated in dialogues focused on their ex-     for Professional
John Kerry as the association’s candi-      periences with the NCLB law and             Standards. In
date (see Page 5), based on the Mas-        innovations that would help close the       addition, the del-
sachusetts senator’s long record in         achievement gap. Oklahomans attend-         egates stated
                                                                                                             OEA Vice President Becky Felts, Tulsa Metro D Director Ted Auwen
support of public education, support for    ing the meeting included Sheri Chil-        their opposition     (left) of Union (Tulsa) CTA and Bartlesville EA’s Gerald Thompson
fixing and fully funding NCLB, and op-      dress, Norman; Bonita Gay,                  to tests that, by    attended the NEA Human and Civil Rights Banquet prior to the
                                                                                                             Representative Assembly in Washington, D.C.
position to school vouchers.                Muskogee; Jamie McCoy, Mid-Del;             themselves, are
   NEA also kicked off an unprec-           Rick Moulton, Enid; Steve Stockley,         barriers to grade promotion or high            filiates with ballot measures and legis-
edented, nationwide effort to host          Tulsa; and Lisa Yahola, Tahlequah.          school graduation.                             lative crises and to support national
“house parties” and other get-                Delegates adopted a report that              The RA adopted its Resolutions,             and state affiliate media campaigns to
togethers to raise the profile of educa-    calls for additional study on issues af-    statements of the NEA’s philosophy             advance the cause of public education.
tion issues in the upcoming election        fecting the achievement gap. The re-        that covers a broad range of issues in-           The 2005 NEA Annual Meeting and
and beyond. More than 2,000 NEA             port by NEA’s Professional Standards        cluding children’s health and well-be-         RA will be held in Los Angeles.
delegates, including several Oklaho-        and Practices Committee’s reiterated        ing, quality and access to public

Page 10/Oklahoma Education Association
 Supreme Court avoids Pledge of Allegiance ruling
         By Richard Wilkinson
         OEA General Counsel               against the district on behalf of his                                             Justice Stevens in the majority opin-
  It was supposed to be a ruling to        daughter. The 9th Circuit Court of Ap-                                            ion. Justices William Rehnquist, San-
settle one of our country’s most con-      peals agreed with him, holding that the                                           dra Day O’Connor and Clarence
troversial issues: Is the Pledge of Al-    words “under God” in the Pledge vio-                                              Thomas shared opinions which con-
legiance to the American flag              lated the First Amendment.                                                        curred in the judgment, but dissented
constitutional with the words “under         “[I]n light of the obvious impor-                                               from the majority decision not to re-
God” included?                             tance of that decision,” the Supreme                                              view the constitutional issue pre-
  In late June, the U.S. Supreme           Court granted certiorari to review                                                sented.
Court ruled, in effect, that the pledge    the First Amendment issue surround-                                                 The concurring justices argued in
is constitutional, but in actuality it     ing the content and the mandatory                                                 their concurring opinions that the
sidestepped the question by dismiss-       recitation of the Pledge in the Elk                                               Pledge of Allegiance is constitutional,
ing the case on a technicality unre-       Grove School District.                                                            but for differing legal reasons. Jus-
lated to the core issue                      The Supreme Court issued its                                                    tice Antonin Scalia took no part in
  Under California law, “every pub-        opinion on June 24. In an 8-0 deci-         General Counsel Richard Wilkinson     the consideration or decision of the
lic elementary school” must begin          sion, it held that Newdow did not         First Amendment? However, the ef-       case, removing himself because of
each day with “appropriate patriotic       have proper legal standing to pursue      fect of the Court’s decision reversed   his public comments in support of the
exercises.” The statute provides that      the constitutional challenge on behalf    the decision of the 9 Circuit Court     Pledge prior to the grant of certiorari
the “giving of the Pledge of Alle-         of his daughter. Although Newdow          of Appeals, which held that the         by the Court.
giance to the Flag of the United           shared “physical custody” of his          Pledge was unconstitutional.              So, the current recitation of the
                                                                                       Justice John Paul Stevens deliv-      Pledge is constitutional for now, pend-
      The Court did not reach the legal merits of the case.                          ered the majority opinion and three     ing a subsequent challenge by other
        However, the effect of the Court’s decision held                             justices authored opinions concurring   litigants and another grant of certiorari
               that the Pledge is constitutional.                                    in judgment, but expressing various     by the Supreme Court.
States of America shall satisfy” this      daughter with Sandra Banning, the         views about why the Pledge should         Although there are no current cases
requirement. The Elk Grove Unified         daughter’s natural mother, Banning        be deemed constitutional under the      challenging the Pledge that are pending
School District implemented Califor-       had obtained a court order granting       First Amendment. The “split” in the     in any of the Circuit Courts of Appeal,
nia law by requiring that “each el-        her “exclusive legal custody” of the      Court followed recent tradition on      there are several anticipated cases that
ementary school class recite the           child which included the “sole right to   such issues with Justices Anthony       will probably be filed soon and the is-
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag once      represent [the daughter’s] legal in-      Kennedy, David Souter, Ruth Bader       sue will likely be before the Supreme
each day.”                                 terests and make all decision[s]          Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer joining     Court in the foreseeable future.
  Michael Newdow is an atheist, as         about her education” and welfare.
well as an emergency room physi-           Banning objected to her ex-                   Center for Facilities & Program Operations
cian and a licensed attorney, whose        husband’s litigation on behalf of their                    800/522-8091 or 405/528-7785
daughter participates in that daily ex-    daughter.
ercise along with her kindergarten           The Court ruled that under Cali-                   Charles McCauley, Associate Executive Director
classmates in Elk Grove. Because           fornia law, Newdow had no status as
the Pledge contains the words “under       either “next friend” or as a natural
God,” Newdow viewed the district’s         parent to pursue legal action on be-
                                                                                               Center for Finance and Technology
policy as a religious indoctrination of    half of his daughter. The Court did                        800/522-8091 or 405/528-7785
his child in violation of the First        not reach the legal merits of the
                                                                                                    Bruce Hunt, Associate Executive Director
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.        case: Does the phrase “under God”                          
  Newdow initiated legal action            contained in the Pledge violate the
                                                                                                                  Business Office
                                                                                                    Dianne Wigley, Comptroller,
         Center for Legal & Corporate Services                                                  Caryn Roach, Administrative Assistant,
                                                                                                Kevin Winstead, Account Specialist,
                   Richard Wilkinson, General Counsel                                                          Information Technology
              Heath W. Merchen, Associate General Counsel                                      Debbie Moore, Network Administrator,
               Brandon Webb, Associate General Counsel                                        Michael Morrison, Computer Technician,

                 Marian Bottoms, Paralegal,                                                     Membership
               Jo Davis, Administrative Assistant,                            Brenda Snider, Membership Consultant,
                 Melanie Engh, Legal Assistant,                                 Ronnie Walker, Membership Consultant,

                                                                                                                                                 August 2004/Page 11
Standing proud and tall in Pittsburg County
McAlester ESP form active local
          By Bruce Treadaway               Kevin Stone, and the secretary/trea-
  The McAlester Support Personnel          surer is Sherry Truitt. Membership in
Association (MSPA) hasn’t been             MSPA holds steady at close to 30 and
around as long as some local Associa-      includes at least one member of every
tions, but it has a remarkable history     classification of ESP in McAlester.
and has accomplished a great deal in a       Early bargaining successes by the                                                                                              Officers for the
                                                                                                                                                                            McAlester Support
short time.                                MSPA included:
  The MSPA was formed in 1985                • One sick leave day for each month                                                                                            Association are, (from
                                                                                                                                                                            left) Kevin Stone, Gary
when an OEA professional staffer,          of employment;
                                                                                                                                                                            Short and Jim
working in conjunction with OEA              • 12 month employees were given                                                                                                McFarland. The local
                                                                                                                                                                            has been able to
UniServ director Jerry Johnson (who is     leave during spring break;
                                                                                                                                                                            accomplish a great deal
now a legislative and political organiz-     • 16 paid holidays;                                                                                                            for its members in spite
                                                                                                                                                                            of a short history of
ing specialist for the Southeast Team),      • Grievance policy;
came to McAlester and explained the          • Disability policy; and
benefits of organizing and speaking up       • 100 percent school-paid retirement.     cause we don’t have college degrees                            is a constant challenge to keep our
for themselves.                              Pressing issues for this year are:        doesn’t mean we’re not educated.                               members informed and active. We are
  In 1991-92, MSPA negotiated its            • Three additional holidays for bus         “Almost all of us are certified in the                       always working on increasing our
first contract. Early leaders of MSPA      drivers;                                    areas where we work, and we have a                             membership, and with the recent suc-
were Don Brewer, David Smart and             • Better salary steps;                    vast amount of experience also,” she                           cesses that the OEA has had at the
Jan Harrington.                              • Increasing beginning salaries           said. “We are proud of what we’ve                              legislative level, we hope to sign up
  The early membership was com-            (McAlester has the lowest starting pay      accomplished as an association, but it                         more members this fall.”
prised mostly of custodians, bus drivers   of any district in the region); and
and maintenance workers. Once the            • Seniority receiving more vacation
MSPA began negotiations, the McAl-         days (figured on five year increments).
ester Board of Education and adminis-        “Protection while on the job was
tration had to come to the table and       and continues to be the most important
discuss work place issues with employ-     function that MSPA performs,” said
                                                                                                                                      developed by:
ees for the first time. Before that, the   former member and activist Sandy
Board could make arbitrary decisions       Trousell. “Jim McFarland makes sure
without input from its employees.          that the membership is continually edu-           SEAS SEAS Web Administration Module Evaluation Report Writer
  Problems over working conditions         cated on what is happening in Okla-
                                                                                              SEAS is a computer automated IEP program that is currently being used in over 1,250
were the first issues that actually        homa, both in the legislature and within          school districts in 15 states with an estimated 40,000 users accessing the program daily.

brought about the formation of MSPA,       the OEA itself.”                                  The SEAS program features:
                                                                                                  Faster IEP’s
and from there the local has pro-            Truitt added, “We’ve educated our-                   Measurable Goals & Objectives
                                                                                                  Oklahoma Child Count
gressed to the point where there is a      selves in the law. We want our board                   On Site In-Service Training
fully negotiated contract in place.        and administration to know that we                     Customizable Form Groupings
                                                                                                  Electronic Student Transfer Feature
  Jim McFarland is the MSPA presi-         know what’s happening and that we’re                   District specific forms capability
                                                                                                  Timeline Tracking
dent this year. The vice president is      updated and knowledgeable. Just be-                    Free Unlimited Technical Support
                                                                                                  Always Current State Mandated Forms
                                                                                                                                                         Save up to 2 hours per IEP!

 Yes! ESP are invited to join OEA!                                                           SEAS Web offers all of the above and more…
    In many schools, education support     at any time during the year. If a dis-                 Access the SEAS program from any computer via the Internet
 personnel (ESP) are not aware that        trict has a certified unit that bargains,              The latest and greatest web security features
                                                                                                  Assign security levels to staff
 they can join the OEA, but ESP is a       ESPs join independently and do not
 growing segment of OEA member-            have to form a bargaining local to be-                      Call today for a free web demo
 ship. ESPs receive the same benefits      long.                                                                or demo CD!
 as certified employees while paying         For more information, call your re-                                                       For more information contact:
                                                                                                                            Computer Automation Systems, Inc.
 about half as much for membership.        gional office (numbers are listed on                         Toll Free: (877) 221-7327    Fax: (870) 425-6968 e-mail:
    Support employees may join OEA         Page 8).

Page 12/Oklahoma Education Association
Membership brings wide range of benefits, discounts
 Association Provided                       caused by catastrophic illness. Pays a
                                            lump-sum benefit to member upon first
                                                                                        members with the NEA Platinum Plus
                                                                                        MasterCard®, NEA Premier Gold®
                                                                                                                                    • A Simple Guide to Home Financing
                                                                                                                                    • Understanding Medicare and
      Insurance                             diagnosis of a wide array of critical       MasterCard®, or the NEA School            Medicare Supplement Insurance
   Your membership includes $1              conditions.                                 Days® MasterCard®. Benefits to              • How Much Income Protection Do
million in civil liability insurance, and      NEA MemberCare® Long-Term                members include no annual fee, low        You Need?
$35,000 in criminal liability. Also, you    Care Insurance Program – Provides           introductory rates, travel benefits and     • NEA Survivor’s Guide
receive $1,000 in accidental death and      financial support in paying for             competitive interest rates.                 • Managing Credit
dismemberment (AD&D) insurance,             necessary long-term care services like         New NEA WorldPoints Program              • 23 Financial Mistakes You Can’t
plus an additional $4,000 if the accident   nursing home, home health care and          – Earn 1 point for every dollar spent.    Afford to Make
occurs on the job with additional           assisted living facility care.              Redeem points for cash, travel and          • Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
coverage available through American            NEA MemberCare® In-Hospital              merchandise rewards.                        • Understanding the Taxpayer
Fidelity Assurance. (800/637-8489)          Plan – Helps you pay the “extra”                                                      Relief Act
                                            expenses associated with a hospital
                                                                                          Loan and Mortgage                         • Disability Income Insurance
                                                                                                                                  Consumer Guide
      Life Insurance                           NEA MemberCare® Medicare                       Programs
        Programs*                           Supplement Program* – Coverage
                                            for hospital and medical expenses not
                                                                                           NEA National Board Certifica-             *Provided by the NEA Members
                                                                                                                                  Insurance Trust®
                                                                                        tion Loans – A low-cost line of credit
     (800/637-4636)                         covered by Medicare after age 65. It        designed to cover the assessment fee         **Receipt of the maximum credit
   NEA Preferred Term Life Plan –           includes a supplemental discount            for National Board Certification. (800/   line is subject to MBNA America’s
Provides $100,000 to $500,000 of very       package and hard-to-beat prices. You        637-4636)                                 income and creditworthiness
affordable life insurance for healthy       get to choose your own doctor.                 NEA Home Financing Program®            standards.
members.                                       NEA Income Protection® Plan –            – Includes new mortgages, refinances         ***You may contact the issuer and
   NEA Term Life Insurance Plan –           Helps replace your income if you are        and home equity loans. Handle every-      administrator of this program, MBNA
Provides decreasing term insurance          out of work due to illness or injury.       thing up to closing through a toll-free   America Bank, to request specific
with benefit amounts ranging from                                                       telephone number. Vacation package        information about the costs associated
$50,000 to $150,000. Optional spouse           Casualty Insurance                       bonus with new mortgages and              with these credit cards by calling 800/
                                                                                                                                  468-7632 or by writing to P.O. Box
and dependent coverage.                                                                 refinances. (800/632-4968)
   NEA AD&D/AD&D Plus                              Programs                                NEA Personal Loans – An                15020, Wilmington, DE 19850. Certain
Insurance Plan – You can cover your             NEA Members Auto & Home                 unsecured personal loan between           restrictions apply.
entire family with AD&D insurance.          Insurance™ – An auto and home               $3,000 and $25,000 – no collateral           Platinum Plus is a federally
Choose from plans with rates starting       insurance program designed to meet          needed. (800/525-1211)                    registered service mark of MBNA
at $19 per year and coverage options        the needs of NEA members, with                                                        America Bank, n.a.
                                                                                                                                     MasterCard® is a federally
up to $520,000.
   NEA DUES-TAB® Insurance –
                                            exclusive rates and excellent benefits.
                                            It’s all made possible by NEA Member
                                                                                             Special Discount                     registered service mark of MasterCard
Free coverage for eligible members.         Benefits and a unique collaboration of              Programs                          International Inc. used pursuant to
DUES-TAB is a special benefit that          insurance providers managed by
pays up to $50,000 in AD&D                  California Casualty. (800/800-9410)              (800/637-4636)                       ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
insurance or dismemberment that                 NEA Homeowners® Insurance –                NEA Car Rental Programs –
occurs on the job or while acting on        Provided through Horace Mann, this          Enjoy free unlimited mileage and            For more information, contact
Association business, and a $150,000        plan offers inflation-proof protection      special year-round savings when you       your NEA Member Benefits
benefit for death due to unlawful           for owners and renters at school and        rent a car from Hertz or Alamo            Consultant:
homicide while actively engaged in          at home. (800/999-1030)                     through the NEA Car Rental Program.
their occupation.                                                                          NEA Magazine Services – Over           Liz Picone
                                                                                                                                  NEA Member Benefits Consultant
   NEA Guaranteed Issue Life Plan
– For NEA Members 50 and older –             Savings, Deposit and                       500 titles at up to 80 percent off
                                                                                        newsstand prices. Visit our web site at   800/609-6580
you cannot be turned down for                Investment Programs                                
   NEA Level Premium Term Life                  (800/637-4636)                                Free Member                         NEA Member Benefits Member
Insurance Plan – Provides up to                NEA-sponsored, FDIC-Insured                                                        Service Center
$250,000 of decreasing term life            Money Market Account – Superior                 Education Guides                      800/637-4636
insurance coverage with a premium           yields with easy access to your funds.                                                Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and
that does not increase. Receive a              NEA-sponsored                                (800/637-4636)                        Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (ET)
special 20 percent discount when you        GoldCertificate® CD – Some of the             or read online at
purchase a minimum of $40,000 or            highest yields in the nation. FDIC            • Auto Insurance Consumer Guide         Hearing-impaired members call
$100,000, depending on your age.            insured up to $100,000 per depositor,         • NEA Homeowner’s Insurance             800/445-1269 TTY.
   NEA Home Protection® Plan –              with terms from 6 to 60 months.               • NEA Tax-Deferred Annuities
Life insurance benefits of up to               NEA Valuebuilder® Program –                • NEA MemberCare Long-Term
$300,000 with optional disability           Build a retirement nest egg with the only   Care
benefits.                                   annuity and mutual fund program
                                            sponsored by the NEA. (800/632-8258)
 Health and Disability                                                                                      Explore all of your benefits @
                                                 Credit Programs
      Programs                                   (800/637-4636)                                    
                                               NEA Line of Credit® – Access a
  (800/637-4636)                            credit line between $500 and                                                          &
   NEA MemberCare® Critical                 $25,000** using personalized checks.
Illness Program – Up to $100,000               NEA Credit Card Program®***
protection against the financial disaster   – Superior benefits exclusive to NEA

                                                                                                                                                      August 2004/Page 13
OEA membership includes benefits and discounts
    Insurance Programs                         Horace Mann (800/999-1030)              OEA to receive the discount. (405/         vital information on financial aid.
                                               Variable Annuity Life Insurance         521-2496 or 800/777-1793)                  (405/948-0800,
    Home health care in custodial, in-
                                            (800/448-2542)                                Vantage Deluxe World Travel –              Bose Corporation, makers of
termediate and skilled care with no
                                                                                       The largest organization providing af-     highly acclaimed audio products, offers
lifetime maximum through National
Teacher Associates, which also offers           Discount Programs                      finity group travel. As such, it can of-   special pricing to OEA members on all
                                                                                       fer the best values and the highest        Bose home-audio products. Whether
specific dread disease coverage.               Flowers USA – Send fresh flow-
                                                                                       quality programs in the market place       in your office, classroom or home, just
(800/825-5682)                              ers, plants, balloons and gift baskets
                                                                                       to OEA members. (800/634-2180)             imagine surrounding yourself with
    Permanent cash value insurance          from Flowers USA. Save 10 percent
                                                                                          Oklahoma Breast Care Center             Bose concert like sound! Bose Corpo-
through Horace Mann. (800/999-1030)         by giving reference code 544. Call for
                                                                                       – Providing discounts on mammo-            ration has the perfect pricing just for
    Whole life plans available through      delivery anywhere in the world.
                                                                                       grams, ultrasound and litescan.            you. Special OEA pricing is available
American Fidelity. (800/637-8489)           (800/243-3687)
                                                                                       (405/755-2273, or 877/349-8677)            through the Educators Direct Group at
    Disability Income Protection and           Jiffy Lube – A subsidiary of Penzoil
                                                                                          AmeriPlan Vision Care – Mem-            800/643-2673, and press 2.
Group Life available through Ameri-         Company, Jiffy Lube will honor a 10
                                                                                       bers can save up to 60 percent on vi-         Staples The Superstore – Staples
can Fidelity. (800/654-8489)                percent discount for standardized fluid
                                                                                       sion care. Membership is only $8.95        stores throughout the state hold
                                            maintenance services at any participat-
                                                                                       per month for individual coverage, and     Teacher Appreciation Days in August,
     Financial Services                     ing Jiffy Lube service center. Just
                                                                                       $12.95 per month for family coverage.      with special discounts and freebies for
                                            show your OEA membership card.
         Programs                           (405/613-1921)
                                                                                       (877/349-8677)                             OEA members. Check with the
                                                                                          AmeriPlan Dental Services –             Staples nearest you for your Teacher
   OEA Visa card with interest rates as        American Automobile Associa-
                                                                                       Members can save up to 80 percent          Appreciation date.
low as 9.9 percent and no annual fee, of-   tion – AAA will waive the onetime en-
                                                                                       on dental services. An individual mem-        Saturn of Oklahoma City – Mem-
fered through the Oklahoma Educators        rollment fee of $15 for any OEA
                                                                                       bership is $11.95 per month; and the       bers receive a $35 Staples gift card for
Credit Union. (405/722-2234)                member when joining. Access this dis-
                                                                                       entire household can be covered for        test driving a Saturn, and can receive
                                            count by contacting Carol Turner
                                                                                       only $19.95 per month. (877/349-8677)      $500 towards the purchase or lease of a
   Investment Programs                      Bales at AAA. (800/926-9922)
                                                                                          College Funding Solutions – A           new Saturn through Sept. 30, 2004. To
                                               Oklahoma Today Magazine –
   All programs provide no-cost, finan-                                                financial aid consulting company that      receive the test drive coupon and sales
                                            Subscribe to Oklahoma Today and
cial planning and tax reform seminars                                                  offers private workshops to locals, at     offer, you must first collect a certificate
                                            learn about the people and places of
with products that feature choice, con-                                                no cost, as a benefit of OEA member-       that will be distributed in educator gift
                                            Oklahoma. Members receive seven is-
sistent performance and flexibility.                                                   ship. The sessions are designed to help    bags at Staples stores’ “Teacher Appre-
                                            sues full of award-winning stories and
   American Fidelity Assurance                                                         parents of college-bound students with     ciation Days” events.
                                            photographs for $15 per year. Mention

                                                                                               Slow down!

                                                                                             Choose your auto
                                                                                            insurance with care
                                                                                           Car insurance is more than just a card you
                                                                                          store in your glove compartment. It’s the
                                                                                        security that comes with professional, personal

                                                                    Don’t take chances when selecting an auto insurance
                                                               company. Go with the company founded by teachers for
                                                            teachers. Call your local Horace Mann representative or
                                                            1-800-999-1030 today.

                                                                                                                                                   CM-V40009 (June 03)

Page 14/Oklahoma Education Association
                                                  American Fidelity
                                                 Assurance Company
                                                          Providing Quality Products
                                                              and Services to the

    American Fidelity Assurance Company has been providing financial
security solutions to the Oklahoma Education Association since 1949. With
  insurance products and services developed specifically for the education
  employee, our commitment to the members of the Oklahoma Education
     Association is to continue to provide quality products and services.

                          • Disability Income Insurance • Accident
                   • Cancer Expense Protection • Tax-Deferred Annuities
                             • Life Insurance • Long-Term Care
                                • Section 125 “Cafeteria” Plans

   Oklahoma City Branch Office                                                              Tulsa Branch Office
                Kacey Taylor                                                                        Martha Pate
7510 Broadway Ext., Ste. 202 • OKC, OK 73116                                         4606 S. Garnett, Ste 100 • Tulsa, OK 74146
      (405) 416-2116 or (800) 933-1853                                                   (918) 622-6994 or (800) 365-2782

                                                Lawton Branch Office
                                                         Kacey Taylor
                                        1 S.W. 11th Street, Ste 195 • Lawton, OK 73501
                                              (580) 248-0011 or (800) 288-1239

                                                                                                                     August 2004/Page 15
                                                                                      Okmulgee drama teacher
                                            Low rates exclusively
                                         for NEA members like you.
                                                                                      wins NEA Fine Arts grant
                                         As an NEA member, you qualify                   OEA member Shae Factory was re-              Other grant winners included Linda
                                         for the NEA Members Auto &
                                                                                      cently named one of 10 teachers na-          Cohen, San Diego; Christine Patella,

      Discount                           Home Insurance Program. It’s an
                                         outstanding plan with discount
                                         rates negotiated just for you.
                                                                                      tionwide to receive a prestigious grant
                                                                                      from the National Education Associa-
                                                                                                                                   Bridgeport, Conn.; William
                                                                                                                                   Hartenberger, Rockford, Ill.; Ellen
        auto                             For over 50 years, A+ Auto & Home
                                         Insurance Plus has been creating
                                         unique plans for education
                                                                                      tion (NEA) Foundation.
                                                                                         Factory was awarded one of the
                                                                                                                                   Taylor, Olathe, Kan.; Peggi Stevens,
                                                                                                                                   Brooklin, Maine; Sally Schendel,
     insurance                           professionals. We offer the benefits
                                         you need at rates you can afford.
                                         You could save hundreds of dollars
                                                                                      $2,000 grants given to secondary fine
                                                                                      arts teachers to create and implement
                                                                                                                                   Sheridan, Mont.; Joanne Arnold,
                                                                                                                                   Binghamton, N.Y.; Melinda Chaney,
      for NEA                            each year.
                                         Comprehensive From $250 personal
                                                                                      programs that promote learning among
                                                                                      students at risk of school failure.
                                                                                                                                   Chattanooga, Tenn.; Christine Turner,
                                                                                                                                   Milwaukee, Wisc.
     members                                 coverage. property coverage,
                                                       which includes
                                                       school supplies you’ve
                                                                                         For the second year, the NEA Fine
                                                                                      Arts Grants program is honoring all art
                                                                                                                                      The NEA Foundation regularly of-
                                                                                                                                   fers hundreds of grants each year to
        only.                                          purchased; to a
                                                       summer skip payment
                                                       option, A+ offers
                                                                                      forms, including painting, sculpture,
                                                                                      photography, music, theater, dance, de-
                                                                                                                                   fund innovative or professional devel-
                                                                                                                                   opment projects. Grants are available
                                                       unique benefits.
                                                                                      sign, media and folk arts. Eligibility for   for all subjects, including the arts, lit-
                                             Guaranteed While most auto
                                            lock-in rates insurance companies         the grants has alternated between el-        erature, science, mathematics, social
                                          for a full year. only offer six-month       ementary and secondary fine arts spe-        sciences and technology. All practicing
                                                           plans, A+ will lock you
                                                           into a low rate for an     cialists who are members of the NEA.         U.S. public school K-12 teachers, edu-
                                                           entire year.
                                                                                         Factory, a seventh and eighth grade       cation support professionals, and
                                                  Great    Educators as a group       drama teacher at Okmulgee Middle             higher education faculty and staff are
                                               discount    are responsible drivers.
                                               for good    At A+, we believe that     School and a member of the Okmulgee          eligible to apply.
                                                drivers.   excellent driving
                                                                                      Classroom Teachers Association, intro-          Visit for
                                                           records like yours
                                                           should be rewarded         duces her disadvantaged students to          grant guidelines and an application or
                                                           with discount rates.
                                                                                      theater. They study the history of the-      call 202/822-7840.
          Protecting                           Excellent Our friendly, courteous      ater and explore stage designs used             The NEA Foundation inspires public
           America’s                            service. representatives provide
                                                         free quotes. And our         during several eras.                         education employees to ensure that all
         educators for                                   emergency claims
                                                         service is available
                                                                                         Focusing on the Middle Ages,              students succeed. Created by the NEA
         over 50 years.                                  toll-free 24-hours
                                                         a day.
                                                                                      Factory’s students build their own           in 1969, the foundation makes grants to
                                                                                      stage and perform period dances at a         improve public education nationwide.
                                                                                      local Renaissance fair.

                                                                                      Start the school year right with a
                                                                                      grant from the NEA Foundation
                                                                                        There’s still time to submit a grant          Innovation Grants and Learning &
                                                                                      application by the September 15 re-          Leadership Grants are available for all
                                                                                      view date to The NEA Foundation.             subjects, including the arts, literacy,
                                                                                        Applications are accepted on an on-        science and technology.
                                                                                      going, year-round basis for both Inno-          All members who are practicing
                                                                                      vation Grants and Learning &                 K-12 public school teachers, educa-
                                           Call today for a                           Leadership Grants, so it’s never too         tion support professionals, or higher
                                         free quote, toll-free:                       late to apply. If you apply by Septem-       education faculty and staff at public
                                          1-888-744-9717.                             ber 15, you will know if your grant is       colleges and universities are eligible.
                                                    approved by February 15.                        Applying for a grant is easy, so why
                                                                                        If the September date is too early         wait? Visit to-
                                                                                      for you, start working on a proposal         day for more information, including
                                                                                      now for the next review date of Febru-       guidelines and an application, or call
                                                                        AH390804      ary 1. Grants fund activities for 12         202/822-7840.
                                                                                      months from the award date.

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