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  November 12, 2009 ~ 2:00 – 3:30 P.M. (Eastern
Introduction to Shared Decision Making in Mental Health
        Creating Dialogue, Promoting Choice, Supporting Recovery


                                 Patricia Deegan
                          Pat Deegan Ph.D. & Associates, LLC.

                                   Laurie Curtis
                         Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.

  We invite you to join us for an informative and lively introduction to SAMHSA’s

           to support Shared Decision Making in mental health services.

                   Participation in this Webinar is free of charge.

                                    Sponsored by

               The Office of the Associate Director for Consumer Affairs

     Center for Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
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As part of its ongoing effort to promote recovery and consumer choice SAMHSA will host a
webinar introducing shared decision making on November 12, at 2:00 pm (EST). The
teleconference is open to all interested persons including consumers, providers, family members,
and other stakeholders.

This Webinar is the first of a three-part series, which will include follow-up presentations in early
2010 oriented to service providers and people who use mental health services. All presentations
will be archived and available on SAMHSA’s shared decision making website.

Shared decision making has been practiced in general health care and is being adapted for use in
mental health settings. It combines transparent information and decision making aids with
respectful two-way conversations between a person and his or her service provider. The outcomes
are treatment decisions that fit and reflect the person’s personal values and preferences.

Patricia Deegan will provide an overview of shared decision making, provide examples of how it
can be used in mental health care, and distinguish the approach from other best practices such as
consumer-directed care and person-centered planning. Laurie Curtis will share information on the
SAMHSA shared decision making project and the tools and resources being developed for
service providers and consumers in mental health services. There will be time for questions and
answers with the presenters.

Patricia Deegan, Ph.D.
Patricia Deegan Ph.D. is an independent consultant who specializes in researching and lecturing on the
topic of recovery and the empowerment of people diagnosed with mental illness. She is the creator of the
CommonGround software program to support shared decision making in the psychopharmacology
consultation, and is being implemented in seven psychiatric clinics and one state hospital in Kansas,
Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Pat is an activist in the disability rights movement and has lived her own
journey of recovery after being diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager. She is an Adjunct Professor at
Dartmouth College School of Medicine and at Boston University, Sargent College of Health and
Rehabilitation Sciences.

Laurie Curtis, M.A.
Laurie Curtis is the Project Director for SAMHSA’s project, Shared Decision Making: Making Recovery
Real in Mental Health. She is a consultant and educator on best practices in community mental health
services and supports for people with psychiatric disabilities with an emphasis in the areas of recovery-
oriented services, consumer empowerment, consumers as colleagues, and alternatives to coercive treatment.
Recent projects include SAMHSA’s Consumer Operated Services KIT and Safety First, a curriculum on
workplace safety for mental health organizations. She is on the core faculty of Southern New Hampshire
University, Program in Community Mental Health.

                                         Follow-Up Webinars

   “Getting the Mental Healthcare that is Right for You: Shared Decision Making from a
    Consumer Perspective” (January 21, 2010, ~ 2:00 – 3:30 EST, more information to follow)

   “Using Shared Decision Making to Build Recovery-Oriented Services: Shared Decision
    Making from a Provider Perspective” (April 8, 2010, more information to follow)

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