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					                                COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                   Winston-Salem, North Carolina
                                 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES

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       General Policies for Committees and Councils                1
       Bereavement                                                 2
       Children and Student Workers                                3-7
       Deacon Vacancy                                              8
       Facilities Usage                                            9-16
       Church Flowers                                              17
       Kitchen                                                     18
       Media Center                                                19
       Church Owned Vehicles                                       20-26
       Weather (Inclement)                                         27
       Wedding                                                     28-31
                           COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                        General Policies for Committees and Councils

                                                                                   Revised May, 1999

1.   No church member shall be elected as a committee or council member without his or her previous

2.   All committee or council members shall be elected by due process following nomination by the
     Enlistment Committee.

3.   All unexpired terms shall be filled as necessary by nomination of the Enlistment Committee. An
     unexpired term in no way shall count as any part of a regular term for a committee or council

4.   Members of committees/councils shall be elected to serve three-year terms unless stated otherwise.
     One-third of each committee/council is subject to rotation each year. A member must be inactive one
     year before re-election to the same committee/council. All committees/councils, unless otherwise
     specified, will be made of six members. It is desirable that a person serve on only one committee at a
     time. (In most extenuating circumstances, the Enlistment Committee may consider exceptions in
     each specific need.) Youth members of committees/councils shall serve one-year terms.

5.   A committee/council chair shall be nominated as chair by the Enlistment Committee and elected by
     the church. Persons may chair only one committee/council at a time. As our goal, no chair shall
     serve more than one term during three years on the committee/council, but circumstance may at
     times overrule the goal.

6.   Each committee/council, under its chair, is responsible for its own organization and time of meeting.
     In this regard, the following suggestions are made:

     a. The church shall provide each committee/council with an outline of its duties as agreed upon by
        the church.
     b. Each committee/council shall select from its membership a vice-chair and a secretary as needed.
        The names of these officers shall be given to the church office.
     c. The ministry of each committee/council shall be regarded as that of the church, both in request
        for assistance of the entire membership, and in service rendered by the committee/council in its
        given sphere of responsibility.
     d. The committee/council meetings shall be held as necessary and scheduled so as not to conflict
        with other church meetings.

7.   General procedures for the accomplishment of the work of the committee/council shall be as follows:
     a. Each committee/council shall maintain records of all its business proceedings and such records
        should be filed by the committee/council secretary with the church educational office following
        each committee/council meeting.
     b. In addition to the basic discharging of the duties of the group, appropriate reports to the church in
        business session and through the newsletter should be made to keep the congregation informed.
     c. The Church Council shall serve to clear dates, work out non-policy matters and function as a
        sounding board for programs to be presented to the deacons and/or the church.
     d. Any major proposal from an officer/committee/council requiring church action shall be submitted
        to the congregation in plenty of time for study and discussion before action.
     e. Attention is called to the Constitution on Election of General Officers that are limited to three
        consecutive years of service.
                                COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                   BEREAVEMENT POLICY

                                                                        Revised - August 4, 1993

PURPOSE:      To ensure that bereaved families of church members receive food during the early days of
              bereavement upon the loss of an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent) as an
              expression of Christian compassion and a practical service.

    1.   Upon receiving the news, the church office will notify the Bereavement Meals Director of
         the Missions Council.
    2.   The Bereavement Meals Director will call the family to offer a deli tray immediately, or
         when requested by the family.
    3.   A deli tray will be prepared or purchased and delivered to the family as a first response to a
         practical need and expression of caring concern.

     1.  The teacher or president of the class will be notified by the church office and be requested to
         respond to the need.
     2.  The expectation is that the Sunday School class will contact the family and offer to provide a
         meal when most helpful.
     3.  The church fellowship hall is available for serving a meal to the family should it be needed.

    1.   The responsibility for coordination of the food for the family will belong to the Bereavement
         Meals Director.
    2.   The director will determine whether there is an appropriate group in the church, other than a
         Sunday School class, which may provide the food or meals needed.
    3.   Should there not be such a group, the Bereavement Meals Director will determine the need of
         the family and organize the meal needed. It is suggested that the director have a menu in
         mind and persons already identified as available should this need arise.

Flowers/Memorials are sent only when a church member dies.

Deacon of the week.

                                     COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                                 Policy for
                                       Children and Student Workers

                                                                                          July, 1998

It is the purpose and intent of College Park Baptist Church of Winston-Salem, Inc. to provide a safe, secure
environment to teach and care for the children and students of this church. To avoid physical and mental harm to
children and students is of the highest priority to this body.

To avoid acts of child sexual abuse or child molestation by workers or volunteers in this church and to protect
workers and volunteers from false accusations.

Definition of Child Sexual Abuse
“Any sexual activity with a child, whether in the home of a caretaker, in a day-care situation, in any organized
ministry, whether at the main facility (church) or away, or in any other setting, including on the street by a
person unknown to the child. The abuse may be an adult, an adolescent, or another child provided the child is
four (4) years older than the victim.” (National Resource Center on Child Sexual Abuse, 1992)

Child sexual abuse can be violent or non-violent. It is criminal behavior that involves children in sexual
behavior for which they are not personally, socially, and developmentally ready. Child sexual abuse can involve
touching and non-touching.

         Touching involves fondling, oral, genital, and anal penetration, intercourse, and forcible rape.

         Non-touching includes verbal comments, pornographic materials, obscene phone calls, exhibitionism, or
         allowing children to witness sexual activity.

The policy and procedures set forth below will apply to all people who work with children and students (0-
18 years of age) whether paid or volunteer.

This policy will address four (4) areas that are critical for the protection of the children, our workers, and our

    A.       Worker Selection (Primary Screening)
             For purposes of this policy, workers and forms and actions are defined in the following manner:
             1. Paid – Anyone who is paid by the church on a full-time or part-time basis, whether or not they
                 work directly with children and students.
                      a.      These paid workers will be required to complete an application form, complete a
                              primary screening form, be interviewed by appropriate staff and/or committees,
                              have references checked and verified, and have a criminal record check performed.

             2. Volunteer – Any teacher or worker who serves in the preschool, children, or youth division,
                including activities such as Sunday School, Discipleship Training, choirs, RAs, GAs, childcare,
                athletic activities, etc.
                      a.       These volunteer workers will be asked to complete a primary screening form,
                               review the policy, and be interviewed, when deemed appropriate, by the Pastor,
                               age-group Minister, or Minister of Education. These workers must be a member of
                               College Park Baptist Church for at least six (6) months.

              b.      In addition to the above requirements, individuals who have been members of
                      College Park Baptist Church less than six (6) months may serve as volunteers upon
                      verification of references and approval of the age-group Minister.
              c.      A policy review – all paid and volunteer workers. This review ill be conducted the
                      Pastor, age-group Minister, or Minister of Education. The worker will have this
                      policy reviewed and asked to sign off that it is understood.
              d.      A reference check – Each reference may be checked and responses recorded on
                      paid or volunteer workers. Should a reference refuse to give answers, the records
                      should reflect who was asked the questions.
              e.      A criminal records check – This form is to be completed and signed before a
                      Notary Public. This will be done on all paid workers and volunteer workers when
                      deemed necessary by the Personnel Committee, Pastor, or Minister of Education.

B.   Worker Supervision
     1. Two Adult Rule: Every attempt will be made to have two (2) adult workers present with children
        and students at all times during church activities, except in situations prescribed in advance by
        the age-group Minister and/or Minister of Education. Teaching classes, such as Sunday School,
        would be exempt from the two-adult rule. Every effort will be made to assure that one adult is
        not left alone with one child or one student.

     2. Overnight Activities: All participants will have parental consent and a notarized medical release
        form in writing. Adult chaperones and supervisors will be required to comply with this policy.

     3. Church Nursery and Preschool ID Procedures: College Park Baptist Church has a working
        program that should be conscientiously followed. (See Preschool Childcare Identification

C.   Reporting Procedures
     1. Observed or reported child sexual abuse or child molestation should be reported immediately to
        the age-group Minister, Minister of Education, and Pastor.

D.   Responses to Allegations
     1. ALL allegations will be taken seriously, and church staff will take appropriate action.
     2. The official spokesperson for the church in any of these matters will be the Pastor, or church
        official appointed by the Pastor. No other staff member or church member will speak to the
        media in an official capacity.
     3. The church staff will document all efforts at handling any incident.
     4. The church staff will not deny, minimize, or blame. College Park staff will minister to all
        involved, as well as investigate and cooperate with authorities.

                               (The review of this form is restricted to the Pastor,
                         the Minister of Education, and/or relevant age-group ministers.)

                       Primary Screening Form for Children or Student Worker
                                    College Park Baptist Church

       This form is to be completed by all paid and volunteer workers for any position involving
       the supervision or custody of minors. Our sole purpose is to provide a safe and secure
       environment for those children and students who participate in our programs and use our


Date: _________       Social Security # ____________________ NC Drivers License # ________

Name: _________________________________________________________________________
          (last)              (first)                 (middle/maiden)

Present Address: __________________________________________________________________

                  (city)                           (state)                 (zip code)

Home Phone: ____________________________ Work Phone: __________________________

During your lifetime, have you ever been convicted of, or pled guilty to, molesting or abusing a child, or
convicted of physical assault, or sexual offense of any nature? YES______ NO ______
(If yes, please explain on a separate sheet of paper.)

                         Church History and Prior Children and Student Work

Are you a member of College Park Baptist Church? __________
List (name and city) of other churches you have attended regularly during the past five (5) years:

List all previous church work involving children and students within the last five (5) years. (List each
church’s name and address, if known, city, type of work performed, and dates):

List all non-church work involving children and students within the last five (5) years, including
organization’s name and address, type of work performed and dates:

List any gifts, callings, training, education, or other factors that have prepared you for children or student

Personal References (i.e., Pastors, church staff, friends):

Name: ________________________________                 Name: ________________________________

Address: ______________________________                Address: ______________________________

_____________________________________                  ______________________________________

Telephone: ____________________________                Telephone: ____________________________

                                                      Page 2

                                   Volunteer/Paid Worker’s Statement

The information contained in this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize any references or
churches listed in this form to give you any information (including opinions) that they may have regarding
my character and fitness for children or student work. I understand that a criminal background check may
be a part of this screening process.

I agree to be bound by the children and student worker policies of College Park Baptist Church of Winston-
Salem, North Carolina and to refrain from unscriptural conduct in the performance of my services on behalf
of the church. I have carefully read the foregoing release and know the contents thereof, and sign this
release as my own free act.

Volunteer/Paid Worker’s Signature: ______________________________________________

Date: ______________

Minister of Education/Age-Group Minister’s Signature:: ______________________________

Date: _____________

                                 COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                           Policy for
                                      DEACON VACANCY

                                                                              Revised - May, 1999

When a Deacon vacancy occurs at any time during a given year after the annual regular Deacon election by
the church, the Church Enlistment Committee will nominate for church approval a person:
  1.   whom the church had previously elected as Deacon during a scheduled annual election, and
  2.   who would be eligible for election by the church at the next scheduled annual Deacon election (see
       the By-Laws for a definition of eligibility.)

This person, if approved by the church:
 1.    shall complete in its entirety the unexpired term of the Deacon whose office has been vacated, and
 2.    shall be eligible to succeed himself after having completed the unexpired term of the Deacon whose
       office has been vacated.

Note: This policy does the following:
      1. Provides an experienced person to fill the unexpired term.
      2. Eliminates the need for a possible additional Ordination Service.
      3. Does not interfere with the regular annual scheduled fall Deacon election.

                                   COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                              Policy for
                                           Facilities Usage

                                                                                        October, 2000

The facilities of College Park Baptist Church are owned by the membership and are dedicated to the glory
of God in the service of His people. In order to assure that these facilities are maintained in good condition
and that they are used fully and fairly in the ministry of the church, the guidelines in this document have
been adopted. The church staff, acting with the advice and support of the Properties Committee and the
Pastor, is assigned the specific responsibility to act for the church in scheduling events related to the general
church program and for approving or disproving specific requests for use of church facilities which come
from those outside the usual church program.

I.     General Statement of Policy

       A.      According to the Scriptures, the purpose of the church facilities should be two-fold:

               1.      To serve as a place of worship and fellowship.
               2.      To serve as a mission base for the body of Christ.

       B.      To the extent possible, the expenses of all activities of the church should be included in the
               annual budget.

       C.      To the extent possible, all community groups who wish to use the church facilities should be
               encouraged to do so. This is in keeping with the teachings of Christ to reach out to share the
               good news. However, where possible, and especially for groups that operate within a
               budget, these groups should reimburse the church for operating and set-up costs.

II.    General Guidelines:

       A.      Use of church facilities is assigned priority in the following order:

               1.      Activities which are congregational in nature.
               2.      Activities of groups which are part of the congregation.
               3.      Activities of groups which include a member or members of the
                       congregation. (Fees may be charged - see fee schedule.)
               4.      Activities of outside groups which have no relation to the
                       congregation. (Fees will be charged - see fee schedule.)

       B.      Approval for use of church facilities by outside groups will normally be confined to non-
               profit, service oriented or community-type groups. Clubs, professional groups and
               organizations which are commercial in nature, such as dancing and music schools, will not
               normally be granted permission to use church facilities. All outside groups which use church
               facilities must designate a responsible representative who, under normal circumstances, will
               be a member of College Park.

       C.      The church secretary will maintain a calendar for the purpose of scheduling all church events
               and all approved functions of outside groups. Scheduling will be handled on a first-come,
               first-served basis in accordance with the priorities established in paragraph A, with regular
               church programs taking precedence in every case.
       D.    Appropriate church staff will be responsible for room set-up for activities of congregational
             groups only. Groups using any area will be responsible for leaving it clean and in the same
             condition in which it was found. If housekeeping and/or supervision is needed, the fee
             schedule will apply.

III.   Specific Guidelines for O.E. Smith Hall

       A.     A calendar will be posted in the office suite for O.E. Smith Hall reservations.

       B.     All requests for reserving Smith Hall must be made in writing, or by phone, during weekday
              office hours.

       C.     Reservation requests will be confirmed by postcard, after the calendar has been checked for
              possible conflicts. Requests should not be considered final until the postcard confirmation is

       D.     Confirmed requests may be “bumped” by a church-wide event that requires the use of O.E.
              Smith Hall. If this action is necessary, phone contact will be made with the person who
              made the initial request.

       E.     Established, regular programming will have priority over other booking requests.

       F.     Conflicts that occur in requests and booking procedures will be resolved by the church staff,
              Properties Committee and Recreation Committee, if deemed necessary).

       G.     All “drop-by” usage of the Hall during office hours must be cleared through the church

       H.     All activities--regular, special, or drop-by-- in O.E. Smith Hall must be adult supervised.

       I.     O.E. Smith Hall may be reserved for activities outside the regular church programming, by
              church members, on an availability basis, according to the Policy for Facilities Usage.

       J.     No outside recreational equipment may be brought in for usage in O.E. Smith Hall, unless
              approved by the Minister of Youth, or Recreation Committee Chairperson.

       K.     Person(s) who reserve O.E. Smith Hall will be responsible for getting appropriate keys from
              the church office, and returning them the morning after the event (or as arranged by the
              church secretary). Securing the building after usage is also required. A deposit of $50 may
              be required for a key to cover the cost of having the lock rekeyed in the event the key is not

IV.    Rules Governing the Use of Church Facilities

       A.     Responsibility for Supervision

              1.     The user shall be responsible for the supervision of all activities it sponsors.
              2.     If circumstances warrant it, a church member or employee shall be on duty to assist
                     the user when a church facility is used.

     B.     Responsibility for Care, Custody and Control of Church Facilities

            1.     The user shall not deface church property in any manner. To do so, would result in
                   additional charges.
            2.     The user shall at all times respect the property as the House of God.

     C.     The following conduct is prohibited:

            1.     The possession or use or sale of any controlled substance is prohibited.
            2.     Smoking is prohibited inside church facilities.
            3.     Activities that are inappropriate for church facilities are prohibited.

     D.     Contractual Obligations

            1.     The user shall agree in writing to hold College Park Baptist Church free, harmless
                   and indemnified from any claims, suits, or causes of action arising from or out of its
                   use of church facilities, its entrances and exits and surrounding areas including
                   claims that may arise from or out of alleged violations of the ADA and its
                   implementing regulations.
            2.     A user shall not assign or transfer its permission to use the church facilities.

V.   Specific Guidelines for Church Area and Equipment:

     A.     Sanctuary

            The church sanctuary is a place of worship and will be used only for events and programs,
            which are consistent with this general purpose.

     B.     Equipment

            Folding/stack chairs, folding tables and other designated items, if available, may be loaned to
            church members. A loan agreement must be completed and signed by the borrower and kept
            on file by the church secretary until the items are returned.

     C.     Kitchen Facilities

            Any organization using the kitchen will have one person designated to be responsible for
            proper use of the facility and equipment and for reporting any breakage or damage to the
            church office. Cost of repair or replacement will be assumed by the organization causing the
            damage. Prior to using the kitchen, the responsible representative of each organization using
            the kitchen facilities will execute a checklist, which is available in the church office.

     D.     Key Policy

            The possession of a College Park Baptist Church key is a responsibility. The church security
            is entrusted to those who are assigned a key. Minimum distribution is necessary for
            maximum security.

            1.     Key assignments will be the responsibility of the church office staff and key use
                   policy will be in keeping with the church building policies.
               2.     Key distribution will be made by the church staff during regular church office hours.
                      Temporary key assignments will be made on a need-to-have basis.

               3.     Duplication or lending of church keys is forbidden.

               4.     A record of all key assignments will be kept. There will be a fifty-dollar ($50.00)
                      refundable key deposit required of outside groups using the church buildings to cover
                      the cost of rekeying doors in the event a key is lost.

               5.     Permanent key assignments will be made to church staff members only.

               6.     Church leaders who need to have a key, by virtue of their assigned responsibilities,
                      will be issued one.

               7.     An annual inventory of keys will be made.

       E.      The church secretary, in consultation with the church staff and the Properties Committee,
               will have discretionary latitude in applying the guidelines of this document while taking into
               consideration any special circumstances as well as the best interests of the church in allowing
               any exceptions for a specific event and changes in the fee schedule.

VI.    Schedule of Fees*

      Facility           Members             Non-Profit Organization        Profit Organization
      Sanctuary          No Charge**         $40/hr. plus $60 set-up        $60/hr. plus $60 set-up

      Chapel             No Charge           $25 plus $50 set-up            $25/hr. plus $50 set-up

      Smith Hall           No Charge**       $40/hr. plus $60 set-up        $50/hr. plus $60 set-up
      (If Kitchen is used)                   additional $60                 additional $60

      Other areas         No Charge          $30/hr. plus $30 set-up        $40/hr. plus $30 set-up
      (Youth - Adult II
      Education Building)

       * For weddings, see the Wedding Policy.
       **For non-scheduled activities, which are not for church members exclusively, there may be a set-up
          charge as well as an hourly charge.

                                            KITCHEN USE CHECKLIST

My name/organization, _____________________________________________________, has scheduled the use

of the College Park Baptist Church kitchen on _______________ (date).

__________________________________________(name) is the person responsible for the condition of the

equipment and the facility.

I.     Stove (check one)

       _____ A.        I am familiar with the stove and know how to turn it on and off.

       _____ B.        I have been instructed in using the stove by ________________________

                       (person) on ___________________(date).

       _____ C.        I have arranged for __________________________ (person) to be present while my

                       organization is using the stove.

II.    Dishwasher (check one)

       _____ A.        I am familiar with the dishwasher and know how to turn it on and off.

       _____ B.        I have been instructed in the use of the dishwasher by ________________

                       (person) on ________________ (date).

       _____ C.        I have arranged for _________________________ (person) to be present while my

                       organization is using the dishwasher.

III.   Refrigerator and Freezer (check all that apply)

       _____ A.        I will not put any food in the refrigerator that is not be used by my group.

       _____ B.        I will label the foods that are in my group.

       _____ C.        I have obtained permission from the church office to use foods already

                       in the refrigerator or freezer.

IV.    Other Equipment (check all that apply)

       _____ A.        I understand that the mixer and food processor are not available for my use.

       _____ B.        I have permission to use the coffee urn.

V.     Food (check all that apply)

       (Food on the shelves is stored primarily for use in preparing Wednesday night suppers.)

       _____ A.         I will label foods stored in advance of my group’s use of the kitchen.

       _____ B.         (College Park groups only) I have obtained permission from the church

                        office to use:

                        _____ Coffee

                        _____ Tea

                        _____ Sugar

                        _____ Drink Mix

                        _____ Other _________________________________

VI.    Paper Products (College Park groups)

       I have secured permission to use (indicate quantity):

                        _____ Plates

                        _____ Napkins

                        _____ Cups

                        _____ Knives, Forks, Spoons

                        _____ Tablecloth

                        _____ Other _____________________________________________

VII.   Left-Over Food (College Park groups only)

       Foods that have been purchased with College Park funds should be handled as follows:

       If quantity and packaging are appropriate, members of the group may purchase excess foods and notify

       the church office for crediting to the proper account.

       Leftover portions of perishable items should be distributed to members to take home rather than going to


                Examples: Extra slices of pie, cakes, biscuits, tossed salad, etc.

         No perishable foods should be left in the refrigerator or elsewhere where spoilage may occur.

                                     COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                           Winston-Salem, NC


The facilities of College Park Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, below described are hereby made
available to:_________________________________________________________________________________
                                             (Name or organization/person)
on the date specified subject to the following terms:

   1. Members of the using group will not go into areas of the building other than those
      which this agreement covers.

   2. All portable furniture and equipment will be returned to the original place before leaving
      the area. No permanent furniture is to be moved.

   3. Any damage to furnishings will be repaired at the expense of the using organization/person.

   4. All lights, heat and air conditioning will be turned off when leaving the part of the facility being used.

   5. All external doors will be locked when leaving the facility, unless another activity is still in progress,
      in which case it must be clearly understood that the last group leaving will lock up.

   6. No smoking is permitted in the building.

   7. No alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substances will be permitted on church premises.

   8. The using group and all members thereof shall use the Church at their own risk and the using group hereby
      agrees that it will absolve the Church from any liability to members of the group for injuries or damages
      arising from such use. The user promises that it carries liability and medical payments insurance to cover
      the liability and medical payments exposures resulting from their use of College Park’s facilities.

SPACE TO BE USED _______________________________________________________________

SIZE OF GROUP __________________________________________________________________

KEY REQUIRED ____________________________________ TIME TO BE USED ___________
              (Deposit required for non-church members)

CHURCH PERSONNEL REQUIRED __________________________________________________

CHARGE FOR USE _____________________________________________
                (Make checks payable to College Park Baptist Church)

       ________________________                  ____________________________________
              (date)                                  (Church representative)

The above AGREEMENT is acknowledged and agreed to and all stipulations therein will be adhered to.

_________________________________                ____________________________________
      (date)                                        (User or Representative)

                                  COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                        Winston-Salem, NC

                                    PROPERTY LOAN AGREEMENT

The undersigned, a representative of _____________________________________________

hereby acknowledges receipt of the following property from College Park Baptist Church, Winston-Salem,

North Carolina, on ________________________:








The above items will be returned in the same condition as received no later than ___________________.


The using group and all members thereof shall use the Church’s property at their own risk and the using

group hereby agrees that it will absolve the Church from any liability to members of the group for injuries

or damages arising from such use.




                                   COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                             Policy on
                                          Church Flowers

                                                                                Revised - April, 2002

Flowers add beauty to the sanctuary and should be used for regular services, cost to be in keeping with

Additional flowers for special services, church-wide receptions for staff members etc. in keeping with
budget are in order.

After the flowers have served their purpose at the church, they should be taken to members in hospitals, sick
at home, shut-ins, etc. or as the need arises. Information for such deliveries should be obtained through the
church office. Deliveries should be made by members of the WMU or other persons designated by the
church office.

         Flowers should be sent when the deceased is a member of College Park Baptist Church.

Sanctuary Flowers
       If flowers are given for a regular worship service in memory of a deceased person or in honor of
       someone, the same procedure is followed as in the above policy. The family giving the flowers may
       take them after they have served their purpose at the church.

         Sanctuary flowers should be noted in the church bulletin, giving proper mention of the family giving

         Persons wishing to give flowers should contact the church office so arrangements can be made.

It is felt that flowers should always be ordered from a florist even though members might have flowers that
could be used on some occasions. This will be true in all situations for church flowers.

                               COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                       Policy for using

                                                                            Revised - May, 1999

1.   The kitchen is available for use by any church group. The date must be cleared through the church
     office so no conflict occurs.

2.   Supplies to be furnished by the church must be requested in advance of day to be used; from 3 to 5
     days if possible.

3.   The kitchen should be left clean and in order. Paper/plastic supplies should be returned to kitchen
     supply room.

4.   Nothing is to be borrowed from kitchen unless "signed out" through church office.

5.   The kitchen may be used for wedding receptions, etc. Necessary arrangements should be made
     through the church office.

                                  COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                            Policy for
                                           Media Center
                                                                                 Revised - May, 1999

I.     Book Selection
       Members should feel free to suggest books for the Media Center. The Director should study
       suggestions, referring suggestions to Minister of Education for final approval after he/she has made a
       thorough study of same.

       All books placed in the Media Center shall be approved by the Director and Minister of Education.

       All orders should be made through the church office and in keeping with funds.

       Donations of books are subject to the approval of the Media Center Director and the Minister of
       Education. Memorial books should be approved by the same procedure.

II.    Damaged and Lost Books
       Members are responsible for books checked out. However, it is the policy of the church to leave the
       matter with the individual involved as to their paying for such damages.

III.   Fines
       If a book is overdue, the Media Center Committee should contact the person repeatedly until such
       book is returned.

       Fines will not be collected for overdue books.

IV.    Check-Out and Recall Policy
       Books will be loaned for a period of two weeks unless otherwise marked.

V.     Visual Aids
       All audio-visual materials will be kept in the Center. The same policy will be used for visual aids as
       with books. (See above I-IV) Audio-visual equipment will be kept in the audio-visual storage room.

IV.    Other Information
       The Media Center will be open as published in Highlights.

       All materials shall measure up to tried and studied principles that contribute to Christian practice and
       influence. They shall be scripturally and doctrinally sound. They shall be of educational and literary
       worth. They shall preserve the right ideals of Christian conduct and achievement. Books and audio-
       visuals which present drinking of alcoholic beverages and gambling as acceptable social practices
       will not be put in the Media Center. Books and audio-visuals which deal with sex in a loose and
       frivolous manner will not be put in the Media Center.

                               COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                         Policy for
                                 CHURCH-OWNED VEHICLES

                                                                                Revised – April, 2002


     The Transportation Committee is assigned responsibility for administration, use and maintenance of
     the church-owned vehicles.


     A.     Minimum age is 21 years of age.

     B.     All drivers will be members or staff members of College Park Baptist Church. To drive a
            vehicle, individuals should be recommended by a minister or organization head.

     C.     Applicants will submit a Driver Application form to the Transportation Committee for
            review and approval, and may be subject to a Motor Vehicle Record Check.

     D.     Approval for driving the vehicles will be given only after individual completes the
            orientation and required road test to demonstrate familiarity with the size and operation.

     E.     An approved drivers list will be maintained in the church office.


     A.     All drivers will be thoroughly familiar with the vehicle being operated and shall be
            responsible for performing the pre-trip and post-trip inspections as prescribed by the
            Transportation Committee.

     B.     Drivers are responsible for picking up the vehicle keys from the church office during regular
            office hours (8:30am-4:30pm). On trips where gas will be purchased, the driver should
            check out the credit card(s) from the Financial Secretary and be responsible for them. All
            receipts for gas and oil, signed by the driver, must be turned in with the credit card(s) and
            keys, upon return.

     C.     The vehicles are to be parked in their reserved spaces at the church and are to be locked when
            not in use.

     D.     All maintenance equipment/supplies such as spare tire, chains, brooms, fluids, etc., will
            remain on the vehicles at all times and should not be removed to make additional luggage


     A.    Any organization of College Park Baptist Church or sponsored by College Park
           Baptist Church may use either vehicle.

     B.    Other special uses may be approved by the Transportation Committee. Required
           documentation for special use must include a completed and approved Vehicle Loan
           Agreement and proof of insurance. This documentation must be received by the
           Office Administrator before the reservation is confirmed.

     C.    The van should be used when carrying 6 to 15 persons, including the driver. The van
           is not intended to be used to run daily errands or for hauling cargo.


     A.    Reservations will be made during regular church office hours, on a first-come, first-
           served basis, through a church secretary. Any occasional conflicts in scheduling or
           priorities to be given will be resolved by the Transportation Committee. It is
           expected that any group needing the van will check availability before making final
           plans for the trip.

     B.    A specific calendar for recording the reservations for the vehicles will be maintained
           in the church office.


     A.    The group leader will arrange for a driver by contacting someone on the "approved
           driver list" for the vehicle being used.

     B.    The group leader is responsible for the conduct of those using the vehicles. Groups
           should always remember that they are representatives of College Park Baptist Church
           and should conduct themselves in a manner that would bring honor to the Church and
           to Christ.

     C.    Consumption of food and beverages on the vehicles is discouraged.

     D.    Upon return of the vehicle, the group leader shall be responsible for insuring the
           inside of the vehicle is clean. A clean-up fee of up to $25 will be charged to any
           group leaving a vehicle dirty. When a group finds a vehicle in a dirty condition, the
           church office should be notified immediately.


     A.    When the bus is used for an activity that promotes spiritual growth, whether for
           fellowship or recreation, the expenses will be paid for by the church.

     B.    Groups outside of College Park Baptist Church membership must bear the operating
           expenses and the charges as determined by the Transportation Committee.


     A.     If an accident should occur, drivers will complete a church accident report form which is to
            be submitted to the Transportation Committee for review and record. A copy of the Police
            Report should be attached.

     B.     Current insurance information should be available on vehicles at all times.

     C.     The committee will review the situation to determine the status of the driver.


            Church policy prohibits the operation of any church vehicle while under the influence of
     alcohol and/or drugs. Any person with a history of alcohol and/or drug use or abuse will be
     excluded from the list of approved drivers. Any driver of a church vehicle must be willing to submit
     to any testing, including specifically random testing for alcohol and/or drug use, as required under
     applicable state or federal statues, rules or regulation.
            In the event of an accident, if a drug test is required by law, the church will bear the expense
     of such tests.

                                        DRIVER APPLICATION
                                         College Park Baptist Church

                                                                   Date of Application: ____________

NAME __________________________________________                      PHONE ____________________


DATE OF BIRTH __________________________________                      S.S.# _____________________

N.C. LICENSE # ______________ COMMERCIAL C.D.L.? _____ YES                         ______ NO
                               (CDL, air brakes and passenger tests required for bus)

        CLASS: [A] [B] [C] PASSENGER ENDORSEMENT? _____YES                                  _____NO

                                        HEALTH CARD?            ______YES                  ______NO


I certify that I have read and understand the current Policies for Church Owned Vehicles established by the
Transportation Committee.

I certify that I have a clean driving record with no moving violations during the past 12 months, as required
by the insurance carrier.

I hereby state and certify that I have no history of alcohol or drug abuse, and have not been convicted of any
offense involving the use and/or possession of either said substance. Further, I certify that I currently
possess a valid Drivers License issued by the State of North Carolina, and am willing to submit to drug
and/or alcohol testing as may be required by College Park Baptist Church, in accordance with the duly
adopted policy concerning such testing.

                                                                                   Applicant Signature

 Driver has received orientation and vehicle check out:
                                                                             Committee Representative

 Approval granted by Transportation Committee:                   ______________________________
                                                                                        Date Approved

                                                                               Transportation Chairman

                            INSPECTION CHECKLIST FOR VAN
                      Transportation Committee - College Park Baptist Church

_____ Air Cleaner                                Date of Inspection: ____________________
_____ Belts & Hoses
_____ Engine Oil
_____ Radiator                                   Inspected By: _________________________
_____ Coolant Overflow Tank
_____ Battery Water                                           ________________________
_____ Brake Fluid
_____ Transmission Fluid                                      ________________________
_____ Power Steering Fluid
_____ Windshield Washer Fluid                    Odometer Reading: ____________________
_____ Muffler/Exhaust System
_____ Brake Pedal Adjustment
_____ Tires: wear and pressure (Normal = psi)

_____ Head Lights: __ Low and __High beam
_____ Turn Signals: __ Right and __Left
_____ Parking Lights
_____ Clearance Lights
_____ Brake Lights
_____ Interior Lights
_____ Horn
_____ Gauges
_____ Heater/Air Conditioning Fan/Temp Control
_____ Defroster
_____ Windshield Wiper Blades & Tension

_____ Windows Clean
_____ Windows Closed and locked
_____ Interior Clean
_____ Exterior Clean
_____ Body Condition/Damage
_____ Mirror adjustment
_____ Reflectors
_____ Gas Covers Locked

_____ Fire Extinguisher Charged                 TEST DRIVE: ___Yes ___No
_____ Flares _____ Triangles
_____ Chains                                    INSPECTION: Current? Due: ____________
_____ Jack
_____ First Aid Kit Stocked                LICENSE TAGS: Current? Due: __________
_____ Flashlight (batteries changed ________)

                                ACCIDENT REPORT
                    College Park Baptist Church - Winston-Salem, NC

CHURCH DRIVER: _________________________________ Drivers License No.:____________

Address: ____________________________________________ Phone: ______________________

Church Vehicle: VAN Registration No.: __________________   License No.:_________________

Insurance: Utica National Insurance Group Policy No.: CPP2931253
Agent Name: Chris Meinberg Company: The Phoenix Company Phone: (336)765-9332

OTHER DRIVER: __________________________________ Drivers License No.:____________

Address: ____________________________________________ Phone: ______________________

Age: ______ Sex: ______           Vehicle Registration No. _____________________________

Owner of vehicle: ___________________________________ Relationship: __________________

INSURANCE COMPANY: ___________________________ Policy No. ___________________

Agent Name: ________________________________________ Phone _______________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

INVESTIGATING OFFICER: __________________________ Badge No. _________________

Jurisdiction: _________________________________________ Contact Phone: ________________

What Charges were made? ___________________________ Who was Charged? _______________

Witness: __________________________________________ Phone: ________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Witness: __________________________________________ Phone: ________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

LOCATION OF ACCIDENT: (Highway, streets, city, county, milepost, etc.)


Date: _________________ Time of Day: ______________ Weather: ________________________

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT: ____________________________________________________

                       DRAW SKETCH ON BACK     

                                     College Park Baptist Church
                                         Winston-Salem, NC

                                   VEHICLE LOAN AGREEMENT

College Park Baptist Church agrees to loan ________________________________________

to ___________________________________________________ on ___________________
                (organization)                                (dates)

to be used for ______________________________________________________________,

traveling to _____________________________________, subject to the following conditions:

      1.     Borrower agrees to bear all the operating expenses and charges as determined by the
             Transportation Committee of College Park Baptist Church.

      2.     Borrower agrees to be responsible for returning the vehicle in clean condition, both inside
             and outside. A clean-up fee of up to $25 will be charged for leaving the vehicle in a dirty

      3.     Borrower agrees to be responsible for any damages, mechanical or structural, that occur
             while in their possession.

      4.     Borrower agrees to only use the vehicle for the above-stated purpose and above-stated times.

      5.     Borrower agrees to provide proof of insurance coverage for liability and medical payments
             to cover the liability and medical payments exposures resulting from borrower’s use of the
             vehicle(s). Borrower will have vehicle(s) borrowed from College Park Baptist Church as
             Additional Insured on borrower’s policy and will provide a Certificate of Insurance to the
             Office Administrator of College Park Baptist Church showing the vehicle(s) as an Additional
             Insured. This documentation will be provided no less than one week prior to use.

      6.     Borrower agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and defend College Park Baptist Church from
             any and all liability which may result from the use of the vehicle(s).

      7.     Borrower agrees to abide by all the stipulations in the “Church-Owned Vehicles” Policy of
             College Park Baptist Church.

__________________________________         _________________________________________
             Borrower       (date)         Transportation Committee Representative (date)
 (Must be notarized)                             (Must be notarized)

                                COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                    Inclement Weather Policy

                                                                           Revised: October, 1996

New Policy

      Sunday morning services will be cancelled in extreme situations. Canceling the services will be left
      to the discretion of the Pastor. He will consult with the Chairman of the Deacons and/or Chairman
      of the Properties Committee, if possible. An announcement will be made on WXII TV and WSJS
      radio. Even when services are held in inclement weather, each person should use his/her own
      discretion about trying to get to church.

      Cancellation of Sunday evening services will be announced on Sunday morning and/or on WXII TV
      or WSJS radio.

      Wednesday evening services and activities will be cancelled if school is closed because of snow or

                                       COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH
                                            WEDDING POLICY
                                                                                                 Revised: March, 1998

        A wedding should be an inspiring and meaningful service. At College Park we want to help in every way to
make the wedding a special occasion. It is a service of divine worship. There are certain policies that are basic to our
concept of weddings and couples who plan to be married here should know of them and agree to them. These policies
are both suitable and practical and above all seek to lead to a service that honors marriage and glorifies God.
        The wedding will be carried out as a worship service. The actions and attire of the wedding party, the music
used, and the manner of the occasion should be fitting for a service of divine worship.

Setting the Date and Securing the Minister
         You will want to plan as early in advance as possible so that the church space can be arranged without
conflict and so there is needed time for conferences with the officiating minister. Ideally, contact should be made
with the minister four to six months prior to the desired date of the wedding.
         The date for the wedding should be announced only after arrangements have been made with the church
office and minister.

Premarital Conferences
        The pastor is pleased to officiate at weddings. At the same time, the couple will need to respond
cooperatively with him for several premarital conferences prior to the wedding date. It is the policy agreed upon by
the pastor and endorsed by the deacons that couples who wish to use church facilities meet with the pastor for a
number of conferences and premarital counseling sessions dealing with areas of marital relationships, expectations,
building growing relationships, and strengthening communications.
        Other ordained ministers of the church staff follow the same procedure of counseling as outlined here.

Using Church Facilities
       Church facilities:        Sanctuary - 550         O. E. Smith Hall - 250-300
         (capacity)              Chapel - 130                    Adult I - 50

General Guidelines
       1)      Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings.
        2)      The use of alcoholic beverages on the church premises, by the party or guests, is prohibited.
        3)      The throwing of confetti and/or rice is not permitted inside the building. Bird seed is suggested for
                use on the outside.
        4)      All paper or other "decorations" from the "get-away" car must be removed from the parking lot by
                the wedding party.
        4)      The buildings will be open 2-1/2 hours before the time of the ceremony.
        5)      Air conditioning or heating will be turned on at a reasonable time before any scheduled event. (In
                most cases not more than four hours in advance.)

        6)      The custodian is needed to prepare the building for the wedding and for returning the building to
                readiness for regular church activities. The normal fee for these services is $60 for sanctuary and
                dressing area and should be deposited at the church office prior to the wedding. If the church is used
                for a reception, an additional fee of $60 is required. Actual cost may vary, dependent upon the
                number of hours required for preparation and clean up.

        The church buildings are available to all the church family for weddings with the following stipulations:

Flowers and Decorations
       Care should be used in the decoration of the church and its facilities.

 1)     Tape, glue, tacks or nails should not be used.
 2)     Non-drip candles should be used with a floor cover under each candelabra to protect the carpet.
 3)     Extreme care should be taken in moving of furniture. Rearrangement or removal of pulpit furniture should be
        done in consultation with the officiating minister. The intent is to maintain the spirit of worship consistent
        with the Christian understanding of marriage.
 4)     Please do not use chairs and hymnals as supports for plants or other decorations. Chairs are not to be
        removed from the choir loft.
 5)     If runners are used on the aisles, these must be attached with pins, not tacks.
 6)     Property belonging to the florist must be removed immediately after the ceremony (within 2 hours maximum)
        and the church left in good order. The florist is responsible for any property damage or cleaning expense
        incurred through any failure to comply with guidelines.
 7)     If seasonal decorations are in place, any changes in decorations must be cleared with the Flower Committee

Use of Fellowship Hall and Kitchen
         Receptions in the Fellowship Hall range from simple to elaborate, prepared by family or catered. Reservation
of the fellowship hall must be made at the time arrangements are made for the wedding.

        General Policies:
         1)    Setting up of tables and/or chairs in the fellowship hall will be done by the custodial staff. A desired
               arrangement should be submitted no later than one week prior to wedding date.
          2)    Dish washing equipment is to be used by trained persons only. A fee will be charged when church
                personnel assist.
          3)    Due to air-flow currents, wax candles are not satisfactory in the fellowship hall. Beautiful tables have
                been ruined by rapidly melting candles. Dripless or encased candles should be used.
          4)    Every group is responsible for cleaning the kitchen before leaving the church.

         The photographer shall identify himself to the minister and clarify any of the policies of the church regarding
         No photographs are to be taken once the bride has started down the aisle. Photographs of the processional (if
any) will be made near the entrance to the sanctuary with the photographer remaining as inconspicuous as possible.
No flash pictures should be taken during the wedding ceremony by professional or amateur photographers.
         Pictures may be made of the recessional, but the photographer is to remain near the entrance to the sanctuary
for these.
         The rationale for these guidelines is that a wedding is essentially a service of worship. Distracting movement
and sounds as well as the consciousness of being photographed take away from the seriousness and the beauty of the

Taping the Ceremony
        Audio taping of the wedding ceremony may be done by church personnel who are trained to use our
equipment. The fee is $25 payable to the person who does the recording.

        Video taping is also permitted as long as the following guidelines are observed:
         1.     No extra lights will be allowed.
         2.     No sound cables or other wiring will be extended through the building.
         3.     The use of the equipment will be discussed with the minister.

Wedding Music
        Where music is desired, an appointment should be arranged with our Minister of Music. This should be done
as soon as possible after the first pastoral session. It is our desire to help you plan a wedding that will be a meaningful
and worshipful experience for all. A wedding is a religious service. Therefore, all music should be in keeping with a
service of worship.
        In order to accomplish this, all instrumental and vocal music is subject to the approval of our Minister of
Music and our church organist. It is preferred that our own organist play for weddings. If for some reason this does
not seem to be desirable, this should be discussed with our Minister of Music. Proper remuneration for the service of
musicians used in the wedding is the responsibility of the bride.

Wedding Bulletins
        Some couples choose to have a printed order of the ceremony which may also include the names of the
wedding party. The church office will prepare these if desired using the regular church bulletin. Information for
these must be in the office no later than two weeks prior to the wedding date. The charge for this is fifteen cents (.15)
per copy to cover the cost of materials.

Wedding Director
         A wedding director can be a valuable person in helping to ensure that the ceremony moves along smoothly
and promptly, avoiding confusion both at the rehearsal and the wedding. Some of the responsibilities of the Wedding
Director will be:
          1.     Pre-rehearsal conference to plan with bride and groom
          2.     Direction of the rehearsal in close cooperation with the officiating minister.
          3.     Direction of the wedding party at back of the sanctuary prior to the processional.
          4.     Assistance with closing of buildings after the rehearsal.
         The director will manage the wedding party from the back of the sanctuary and the minister will direct the
actual service.

Wedding Information Sheet
         The Wedding Information Sheet (attached) should be returned at your earliest convenience. Your reservation
is confirmed upon receipt of this form and applicable fees.

Use of Facilities by Those Outside the Church Family
        If neither bride, groom, nor the immediate family of either is a member of College Park Baptist Church, the
following conditions apply:
          1)    Availability of the building
          2)    Adherence to all guidelines in the preceding Wedding Policy
          3)    Payment of a fee of $250.00 (for chapel only, $100) to the church office (must be paid at time church
                is reserved). This fee will reimburse the cost of utilities, sound system, custodial service, and staff
                person to open, close and supervise the building. A fee of $20 per hour will be charged to reimburse
                the staff member on duty during rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception.

                                COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH

Date of Application ___________________           Officiating Minister: _______________________________
Name of Bride _______________________________________
Present Address _____________________________________________________ Phone _______________
Name of Groom ______________________________________
Present Address ____________________________________________________ Phone ________________
Wedding Date _____________________ Time ____________            Reception at CPBC _____Yes         _____No
Rehearsal Date ____________________ Time ____________            Dinner at CPBC _____Yes         _____No
Church Facilities to be Reserved:
        Sanctuary        ______            O. E. Smith Hall      ______           Kitchen _____
        Chapel           ______            Adult I        ______

Supplies Needed from Church: ______________________________________________________________________
Instructions for Properties Manager: __________________________________________________________________

Organist _______________________________________________                  Phone    __________________________
Soloist _________________________________________________                 Phone    __________________________
Director ________________________________________________                 Phone    __________________________
Florist __________________________________________________                Phone    __________________________
Photographer ____________________________________________                 Phone   __________________________
Caterer _________________________________________________                 Phone   __________________________
Invitation to be in church newsletter?            Yes ______    No ______
        We have read and do accept the "Wedding Procedures" of College Park Baptist Church. We will cooperate
        accordingly to have a meaningful and well-planned wedding.

______________________________________________                  _______________________________________
           (Signature of Bride)                                           (Signature of Groom)

                                         TO BE FILLED IN BY CHURCH OFFICE

Wedding Date entered on Church Calendar __________________________________
                                            Month        Day          Year
Wedding Procedures given? Yes ______        No ______
Janitor's fee received by_______________________________________ Date _________________
Fee for facilities received by ___________________________________ Date _________________


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