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Nelson Student Services
            Today’s Session
   Finding the Fit…..          Out of Province, U.S.
   Process Timelines            Schools, SAT’s, Global
   Admission Criteria           Opportunities
   Resources                   Questions

   Scholarships, Awards and    Closing
    Finding the Fit: Making
        Good Choices
   Introspection – What’s best for me? What’s my
    passion? What’s my path? What do I want to start
    with? Am I being realistic?
   Research – internet and print sources
   Visitation – fairs, campuses, open houses, tours,
                residences, cities
   Consultation – student services, counsellors,
    admission reps., work place contacts
   Discussion – parents, teachers, counsellors, friends,
   College, Univ., Work,           Friendships/Relationships
    Apprenticeship?                 Cultural Exchanges
   Small/Med/Large School?
                                    Global Opportunities
   Downtown/Urban/Rural?
                                    Gap Year
   Distance from Home?
                                    Finances
   Sports and Co-curriculars?
   Residence, Off campus,          Readiness and
    Home?                            Responsibility
   Transportation issues?          Etc., etc., etc.
   Choosing the “Best” School
• Friends go to a certain school – should you?
• Parents are (insert careers); is that really the path you want?
• Prefer to be close to family or out west?
• Your marks (really) vs. cutoffs? - pick a “safe” school, too.
• Be realistic and listen to both your head and your heart
• Type of Program? – specializations, double major, CO-OP,
concurrent ed., applied degree, etc.
  Choosing the “Best” School
• Do a realistic self-assessment (include strengths, weaknesses
and interests) – maybe try a self-assessment tool, e.g.,,
• Talk to people who know you well: parents, teachers…
• Go to Liaison Visits & Our “Post Secondary Pathways Fair”
• Visit Student Services and check postings on board outside
• Consult:
• Visit schools of interest (book a tour, go to an open house)
   Choosing the “Best” School
• For you, what’s the best first step after high school?
• Your application doesn’t lock you in for life!
• There is still flexibility ahead. You can change your
choices, just be sure to meet deadlines!
• You can change programs and even schools (although
this may be difficult).
• Make informed choices, knowing/believing they’re the
best for you right now.
  Choosing the “Best” School
• The Cost! – residence vs. home, meal plans,
tuition, books, transportation; Student Loans -
e.g. O.S.A.P.; Scholarships – e.g.
• What else must a school provide for you? -
Sports facilities (intramural and varsity), clubs,
cultural opportunities, extra
help/support/counselling services, distance to city
centre, on-campus stores/restaurants,
     Process Timelines (University)
   Sept. – Jan. - Research, Info. Sessions, Fairs, (see
                   handout and postings for dates)
   Dec. – Jan. - Online applications for Ontario
   Jan. 11, 2012 – Ont. University Application deadline
   Feb. 7, 2012 - Recommended last date for program
   April, 2011 - Sem. 2 midterm marks submitted (full
                  disclosure is same day as marks are sent!!);
                  regular offers begin (early offers underway)
   May 29, 2011 - Latest date an offer or denial can be sent
   June 1, 2011 - Earliest date a response from you is req’d
       Process Timelines (College)
• Sept. – Jan. - Research, Info. Sessions, Fairs, (see
                handouts and postings for dates)
• Oct. – Jan. - Online applications for college
• Early Nov. - Attend a lunchtime application seminar
• Feb. 1, 2012 - Equal Consideration date for applications;
                 applications still accepted beyond this date on a
                first come, first served basis; Earliest date offers
                can be made and accepted
• May 1, 2012 - Applicants must confirm acceptance of offer
• June 15th    - Earliest date for payment of tuition fees
• July/Aug.    - Admission offers may continue
Common Admission Criteria
 OSSD (40 hrs. Service, Gr.10 Literacy Test)
 6 Gr. 12 U or M level courses – Specific
  prerequisites are based on program
 Some programs require additional information, e.g.
  Supplemental Applications, Auditions, Portfolio’s
    (consult the school’s website and/or their correspondence for details)
 Supplemental information is submitted to each
  school, not to O.U.A.C.
 Early offers are made based on Gr. 11 marks
  (generally with prev. completed Gr. 12 marks)
 Common Admission Criteria
• OSSD (40 hrs. Service, Gr.10 Literacy Test)
• College Level courses as prescribed
• Some programs require additional information e.g.
Supplemental Applications, Auditions, Portfolios, Testing,
Questionnaire, Essay, Reference letter, Info/orientation session,
Volunteer experience
• Supplemental information is submitted to each school, not to
• Some schools offer a grade differential. Ask the Liaison Reps
    College Admission Cont’d
• Applications are submitted online to O.C.A.S.
• Choose from a variety of programs; Diplomas,
Certificates, Co-op Diplomas, Apprenticeships, Joint
College-University programs, Applied Bachelors
Degrees in various areas of study
• Required subjects may vary from school to school and
program to program
• Minimum grades and required courses for highly
competitive programs vary from school to school
        Starting To Research
See handout and postings outside
Student Services for Fair, Open House
and Liaison visit details

Nelson Post Secondary Pathways Fair
•Thursday Oct. 6th 12:15 – 2:30 p.m Nelson Gym
U.I.P. for Burlington Schools
•Thursday October 27th 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. Corpus Christi
Scholarships, Bursaries, Awards
  • Most scholarships are granted strictly on the basis of
  marks, but many require outstanding extra-curricular
  or volunteer contributions as well.
  • Have your parents inquire at their employer
  • Generally, Ont. Uni. applicants are automatically
  considered for most entrance scholarships.
  • Nominations and special applications are required
  for some of the major university scholarships
  • Many other scholarships are offered nation-wide,
  province-wide, or community–wide by various
  organizations - emphasize community involvement
  and/or leadership (but still need marks in the 80’s)
U.S. Schools, S.A.T.’s, Global
Opportunities, Exchanges,
GAP Year…..

Info in Student Services
If applying out of province, speak to Mrs.
Pemberton so all documents are sent
Community Service Hours, etc.
    Plan to have hours completed and recorded by the
     end of May, at the absolute latest

    Bring documentation of hours into Mrs.
     Pemberton in Student Services as soon as you
     have it

    See Mrs. Pemberton in October to book your grad
     photo. At the same time, please see Mrs
     McCullough in the Main Office to pay your gown
     fee for Commencement
    Forms to be Completed…..
   Freedom of Information Forms will be
    completed right now!
    Completion of this form generates the PIN number
    necessary for your online university application and
    ensures marks are sent to Colleges!!!

    PIN numbers will be distributed at a University
    Application Assembly Pd 4, Friday, Dec. 2

   Scholarship Resume*(*optional)
    (pick one up in Student Services, Dec. – Jan.)
     If you have
     questions, come
     see us in
     Student Services
                 Thank You!
Student Services Staff
   Mr. P. Bird
   Mrs. T. Raithby
   Mrs. Hall
   Mrs. Victorino
   Mrs. N. Pemberton

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