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                           Frequently Asked Questions

1. How/where do I pay the $50 processing fee?
    The processing fee can be paid online, at the cashier’s office on campus, or at the
    Irvine campus.
2. If I have been accepted to CSUF, does that mean I have been accepted into the
    credential program?
    No. Application to the credential programs is separate and needs to be done following
    the individual credential program’s criteria.
3. Where do I send/mail my paperwork/application materials?
    Send all application materials to the Admission to Teacher Education office at P.O.
    Box 6868, Fullerton, CA, 92834. Be sure to indicate which credential program you are
    applying to on the outside of any mailed documents.
4. Do I have to sign-up/RSVP to attend an Overview?
    No. You may attend any of the program overviews at your convenience.
5. Where/how do I apply to the University?
    All University applications need to be submitted through CSUMentor. The link to
    CSUMentor and tips for filling out the CSUMentor application can be found here.
6. Do I have to wait to be admitted to the University before I can apply to the
    credential program?
    No. You can submit your application before you have been accepted to the University
    but you must be admitted before you can be fully accepted into any of the credential
7. What is the due date for the application?
    Due dates for University applications through CSUMentor can be found on the CSU
    Fullerton Admissions website. Due dates for applications to the credential program can
    be found here.
8. What do I do if I am an international student?
    International students should visit CSUF’s International Education and Exchange
    website for information about applying to CSU Fullerton.
9. Do you offer any CBEST/CSET preparation classes?
    Some preparation courses are available throughout each semester through Extended
    Ed and through the Center for Careers in Teaching.
10. I’ve had my Livescan (fingerprints) done. Do I need to do anything else?
    Yes. Your Livescan places your fingerprints into the database that can now be
    searched by the state to verify your ability to teach in a public classroom. Your next
    step is to apply directly to the CTC for your Certificate of Clearance.
11. Should I make an appointment to visit Admissions to Teacher Education?
    No. You may visit the Admission to Teacher Education office at any time, Monday –
    Friday, 8am – 5pm.
12. Can I apply BEFORE the application deadline?
    Yes. It is a good idea to turn in your application to the Credential program at least 6
    weeks before the deadline to avoid long lines.
13. How do I find out about the Single Subject Credential Program at CSUF?

   You can attend our regularly-scheduled credential program overview or view the
   online version.
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14. I earned my Bachelor’s degree from another institution. Can I attend CSUF to earn
    my credential?
    Absolutely! We encourage applicants from CSUF as well as other universities.
15. What are the admission requirements for the Single Subject Credential Program?
    The admission requirements and all applicable documents can be found on our
    Admission to Teacher Education website.
16. Do all my application materials have to be submitted by the application deadline?
    Yes. Immediately after the application deadline, all files go out to the subject area
    advisors for review. An incomplete file may not be considered for admission. If you
    need to submit one or more of the application documents after the deadline, you must
    get approval beforehand from your subject area advisor. Written approval should be
    included in your application packet.
17. I have been admitted to the university. How do I register for courses?
    When you are admitted to the university you are issued a campus username and
    password. Using this information, log on to the student portal at www.fullerton.edu.
    Once you are logged in you register through Titan Online. Please view the Titan Online
    tutorials to learn how to use the system.
18. Are there courses I need to take before I enter the credential program?
    Yes, there are four mandatory prerequisite courses: EDSC 310, EDSC 320, EDSC 330
    and EDSC 340. These courses must be complete before you start the credential
    program but not by the application deadline. You may be in progress with prerequisite
    courses at the time of application.
19. Do I have to take EDSC 304 and EDSC 410 before I start the program?
    No, however we do recommend it. If you do not take these courses before you start
    then you must take them during the credential program. However, if you are
    completing an SMPP and EDSC 304 or 307 is part of the plan, then you must complete
    it before you start the program.
20. I took education courses at another university. Do I still have to take the
    prerequisite courses at CSUF?
    You may petition course equivalency for any of the prerequisite courses (EDSC
    304/307, 310, 320, 330, 340 & 410). You will need to submit a course equivalency
    petition for each course you think is equivalent. With the petition you must submit the
    syllabus or other documentation of the course which outlines the course content and
    you must provide transcripts showing proof of course completion. Course equivalency
    is handled on a case by case basis and we do not guarantee that any of the petitions
    you submit will be approved. Please note, the content of the course you are
    petitioning must closely match the content of the CSUF prerequisite course or it will
    not be approved.
21. My GPA does not meet the 2.75 (in the last 60 semester units) requirement. Can I
    still be admitted to the university to take the prerequisite courses?
    The Single Subject Credential Program Admissions Director can grant exceptional
    admission to the university for some students. The decision is made on a case by case
    basis. You must meet with the Admissions Director to discuss your situation, reasons
    for your low GPA, reasons why you want to become a teacher, and goals for the
    credential program. The Admissions Director will work with you to establish a path to
    **Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the credential
22. My GPA does not meet the 2.75 (in the last 60 semester units) requirement. Can I
    still be admitted to the program?
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    All program admissions decisions are made by the subject area advisors. Advisors may
    admit you with a lower GPA. The decision is up to the discretion of the advisor. You
    need to meet with your advisor to discuss options for raising your GPA to the minimum
    requirement or demonstrate your academic competence in some other way.
23. Do I have to verify subject matter competency before I enter the program?
    Yes. You can verify subject matter competency by completing a commission approved
    subject matter preparation program (SMPP) or by taking the appropriate California
    Subject Exam for Teachers (CSET). The SMPP must be complete before you enter the
    program but not by the application deadline. You may be in progress with SMPP
    courses at the time of application. The CSET must be complete by the application
24. I took courses at another university that I think meets SMPP required courses. Can
    these courses count toward fulfillment of SMPP requirements?
    Subject area advisors can evaluate transcripts to determine course equivalency for
    SMPP courses taken at another university. You must set up an appointment with your
    subject area advisor to evaluate course equivalency.
    If you have additional questions regarding admission to the Single Subject Credential
    Program, please contact Melissa Simnitt, Credential Admissions Specialist
    (msimnitt@fullerton.edu, 657-278-4028) or Dr. Kristen Shand, Admissions Director

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