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11Mi COMMlflMtl
ll deports In it ArrnnicRtentt
complete for rroprxly ltece > > ir
the People Who Will > itu the
Metropolis or Texas
Tha final meeting or the excursion exec
Utlvs committee occurred 3 esterday aRef
i noon at > CTjQ P6 t editorial room and all
thewAngoments wero completed us far at
t > nt committee Is concerned for receiving
iie Micuratanlsts and assuring tbepv < t
Jjmmk while hers
AJriBl Packard rtported collection d
patwHswled that tho pyrptechnlo display
would take plate WMr evening at
r Wlirt bous Waro beginning at f l
v o wk Me tt dB C Crawford X Btude
Ana Clwlo j > Helm havo this display In
thcMmmtdlatw charge
WTJteUerb and WkIb hand has beenen
JWWln Bna > aer too Predion ot Mr
ft Jftbstd whl meet Vs f1 at S
11 oclock fFrlaay aftcrpOonJ ttd 1H play o
Msjrket wiuare unui SJtf during the itre
wt > rkatillsplay On Kitnrday th band
> sW to as nn es
nmbe on duty trom
P cort to die belt line excursion and from
fctf toll m at whatever point
desired IncludhiR the nrcmeits parade and
i xto market display
to tako
excursionists to Houston Heights and w
the various manwnctories Ml leave tlsa
ifi iSjSL eVlIDS wttal tnv tatioh to
tii JraCSet Ule orks and sample the
product The secretary ro lnatnicted
return suitable replies to them notM ac
3y l repart t contraet
It J ° 5PS taf iS3 reception comrtmtee at jer < l
< Kam jaiid I ost haditea prepared for
the excursionists
25ffiJrfJs Httm Cook and tVarner
SfT Wnted e nrolttee to see Mar
5fiaJ Erichson r sardlns a police tort for
SSlayKiuaro ff We fireworks
1 iSl0 m5v iEe1iP0rt lan < iccmamoda
Mr J Jlarnts com r T xas ay
SbV wchf1 meU > s f > r at >
Joajrftijr for two at rt nts eacu
a t it ria
ZS B Tucker 50i
a il ronsregs av
m a vr lodgers at w cents ea h
W ftiSti iV ot J Walker
BBS fohrteen RTntlencn if H per rtay avenue
Sn ll Fannin
J street four
jjenHeWeai at tl pr Any ich
ftmfff g5 ° Sa r ht
MSE i5 nK or man SnVvXr
m fT 4V Jor room
uSJKJv J A st 10 iajulxlana atret
enue tfn nitBfPk H nlsn w
ilff t e Bue ts thfy now have
J VlWtr of nfoB on the following
cliedule of rat put on hy the Houston
V Jh Ftii Oecemb l Published
r i r S and cood
p jn tmln on Sunday X > eefimtr JO
i 5t t < for
Ilguhd Trip
li Ed
y Jeav > Knatii 7JU a nv
f jiveCo te4Ba 8Wit ni SS
X av Wortham 5341
3e ve Mexto DM mZ
zsrp ltt8 a nj
I veIIaramond
1133 a m
any rivert n t ml
p n
eaveJlnitwtead wkSuit
We Wailer as p
Caava Hpekier n w
Leve Cynr 4 mK
Tjtetft J < Hinii3Da
Jejve m4s JU wj IL
avRT ah > tterr Wsft11
ve titpjni T
J w
Mp w ill
t y Bmnliaia H p nwL 1 St
Arrtv Houston J3 pT Jw
Drr WaJWs 1 rMkt
M tha LouiKl m tlrr < ilt J4 v t
jfsW t r > lutlon try Uktfi Mgi iif
A4mi r Matulltoii arid thy we into
t j hm6 of puhhe woikY MnttjC
ft f wajdfatr t an jb t tf n jJ
J ho bajron are embraced In tliMi resoJU
tJ aD l adla sonc placl tba v
Jon e e4 fttuntlou nob > lj fl > iifli
v Bae fj B ansavto wti t fo the rettkUw
veou J rtd k tw f owitiff m th
tr niiuvNt lot wMk n
WMAdjnwtwn ntre t fc < I filt mrcet tw
t froni lt ll
Joins S trvlu asshtnnl dlstrlbutlnit
clerk at the posiofflcs Is u happy
rather of i Usy KH tl svn grandchildren
In the tolitly this tho only grandson
The ladles nmi tantlemen who will par
tleipalo in tho chorus of 1ocahontaa nad
a rehearsal l t nlprlit at th parlors of
tbij Touns Men Chrlmlan association
iMttlnee Vtruto were Infant yeitcrday
to tho fjllowimr counlaa Will Taylor and
Mary Ann Smith John A WelllnKton and
Mls A P Xrata Mchmldt 13 S Alex
ander and Salllo Wilson
Thrflnanca conimltteo of tho Vblkiteot
aiuMtUtioQ met ut Turner Hall lajst een
Ins and transacted bnrlne < s OC mi > ort
ance inly to thB jasocutlon A vjiksfest
for next jeaf la understood to be aksurod
A cow Ixiloniflnsc to Xtwton Myers and
a mule belonslux to Jim Httnter colored
wererun over by the SouUvrn Iaclfio
Tueidy ulshtPetr fhp SotiUiertt Oil mllla
rflno hy n ireljtht ami the other by s
l > aeenjjo > train
a JaJfpa nssetnblaffp ofjounR
lnc and
jirtple enjoyed uancl
meats until a lattt hour
Ins and other arftuse
At 8 oelotJc IrUay evenlmr Sth
ot tbeTTounS peopletraoclety of the First
IrTeebj tcrlan chtiah nt the inante Mat
ters of tmiwcusneo are to ha discussed
hhd a full jYtMdahce h dmlred
JJnscoes at flfai oclock An interest
programpio rail ba eaiHed out and all
member ara expectpd to be present
The grahd Clmnihah fesfval to be
given by the Hthrow ixdlea Benevolent
socKty at Titrne Hall toniithij jsromlaes
to lie an enjoiable affalt tmd well at
tended as are ail the event undisr the
aup e > oj this noewtj
At the uit pieetlnc Of Curtln 0 fire
company a masquerade and fancy ors s
ball wna determined an for I > t > runry
fur the 1eneilt of the Uniform tund
Charles Kinsbtck and Cliariea Mateer
Vrtrp appointed a coniniti to f curc
Turner Hall for tlio occasion
John Yotium Jtctlns llepitty arrtstcil
A C TInl < y about jour miles on tha
ottir ej16 of Eureka icstreday morning
TlrtsJ < vte cliarssd vvltn beatlnco woman
with < shijVeJ A mtn nivlnjj his name at
Wm Hatrlit nd cUimlntf to be from Me
regular t
tneetlife of Satt Jaclni
tern oT the iupuuilc of
ratnfn Jitusht
Texas will w held thh Afternoon at Mn
brasfca was alw urreatM yastonUy
Officer NoWcs on Tuesday rdsht cap
tured Hpencer Sewiimss uMlonjd < youth
jvho tharged with rt proclivity for
Cothlhs thtt bUoms to other people
Deputy Marshal Knpnmn aecoxnpanieil
the youth on 4 round of sectmtl hBnd
stprca ond other pUce and fUCJVeWd tt
jiumber of artJclis
Thhop comphmi ntary to Mr and Mrs
lotiiu jr PchweikaVt at Turner Hall last
nltht was attended hy a iarffo assemblage
of friends ff the yews proide It wan an
Informal affair and was th inoro highly
entoed on that account Tho younff
couple i hijthH popular and dseivetii >
o ana ttwiir fnendii one and all rejoice
tu their happ1r
1lr ii A Abbott euri > rired Id maty
Wends In Hauatpn yesterday by rcturn
luir to the etty with a bride lis was mar
ried Wednesday in Son Antonio to Mihb
M f ouis WooJhuU uf that city Mr
Abbott Is in the real estate MislttM lure
and is a BtttI < m ti of worth and sound
bustnew JuUrftn nt whtio hl bride Is one
of Ban AWontos most accomplished
A parly of peniti > Mtiry offtclaln who
are atteujlne io MaK iIi convention
this Wfek nlfl Wt the susar plantations
at Areola tumurrow and on tho nevt
perlntntdent ot the Jtti3k branai and N
M Harrison of Husk awlitnnt
A frpuid mtosten Is to l > i rfven at th <
Ch iiai of the Annunciation next week
befttnulrtE at hlBhm4a3 hundiy morn
lais by tha MiaalOtry Fathera vt She
Moiy crowi nnd l naion of Our l rd
The pilisihn la andcr the Jenderrfilp of
th celebrated orjWor Very Itev IJthcr
ttotrt and the learned Instructor Uev
and a so oclock oveainss at vte > oclock
The poultry farm of Rray IMUtats
about thttwr nillea iioiitlivvest fit the lty
had atiarrow t rap Irotn lite ycsitbnlty
mornlnif While the people were nt breik
fast Itntern Wot tnertormM li the
tt W by one of the horses nd when
nt UttUlolt went out in the yan ho
found tliit hty on tlw o r of tha atal4j
n tire Iy < s socCdy aetlon me tameis
fwere BsUnaulabed and
no further d n
a o vvh djne
Th Wg cew flra sIMmer wn imloaJed
ri I1 0 wi > nyJho > 9 at thn flwthern
W ye lepof je wTjny and t kao i wp
tTWHtfJi nert ef Vt i whrre will he
tajoncd for the pj eijt it In a beauty
He in proiertinif the rrnperty iBterpsfs of
V ISS i S1 pu work tho tiebool
fify ro unMi had jnetlnK yesterday
toWjIv the uu < rtlttrf plane1 ft tjia
T H fX0 1 WfUlhT A o ltnll ea
tejin o tho ad rtM aeut and Jater
h y will un a toewlae nd n h rt M
m ona will to eiect < 4 tor th9 bulldlnV
Mr U netujop JRoseabenr U n tha
Li 5iUsrirfi iii eminent plaotor of
vvfiartohj H la tliocjty
G5 < it niivMton is one of the
prominent v > df > ra litw iodssV
i mi fi A < Car1 uh toiitlal
ci init of vVIH Wl t th Hutohlna
ObIv jhw
Idp wa Jrf < jity iaxt
MM < +
hs ciqrr > i t to tJalyWton Veaterday
Sfi t tf urt a Khadlue
Woo41ilUHTdeTa frhM ttlcftinohJ
Major C C Attw U g of thb ImstllnB
OJt > 1 Tir
M ior iXok rwreserjUfiva
iUISIiliS 4 < w
a M lf
JB l rt q W A f AiStfaiWM amohis
Jejiuty Unjity M r sl
WJirteu w L lit ywlpinyr lle
4w ys ft luh o twit theitterar >
y it street to the Mifttfbrf Juntas arid
T Knots the couth acof Jlallnnd
jthwt from feccond street to Third Street
th south sldo of Saabingttm tret from
IhJrrt street to Sixth street to bo six feet
Jioth gldei of Third lte l trom Mlloni
eti el hHdR t White Ostk bayou bridge
glxth fitrcet trom > V nshlncton street tt
Ti K li HehueldetH re tten < j Glrnrd
street trom mnh Hreet to Utgltth Btreit
northMdoot IWllrosd utrectfrom Sixth
mreet to telghth etrcei tw he lx feet
Comtneree ttcl from Travis mrfet tt
MllAM > itr et Tmvln etreet from roiiftres
to Uomnteree Alllain street from Connres
street to itinra Klreet lirldjje t Wi eight
IVnnkUn street on both nldix from Mnln
to JTaiiklln street lirtdce north side uf
Conpre s ntreot from Main to loujxluna
street bHdRoi tommetro ttrcct TriMi Stnln
to TrnAU street the west side of ilain
trcet rron Conurwis to Commerce to be
tneie f < wt > eiact
err siutEvi him
Mr irt ° SV iraeareeor WAb reported
jrRtcriJ to bo lulto uifk
Mr nnd 2iJrj jt 8 tTpvett haw re
moved from thaCMpltol iwel to the home
of Dr Knox on ilaln am
Tho entertainhient At the Second Bap
tist ch ril TiiHMlny iiisst ws very
lamely atttnded aitd waa iv llnahelirt
Tir Xi llaphael manager OC the IIoUsi
jon trleirifl Hiuso rotiort tho t nk
movement for Oeeember d 3HiJ at
The new ottico of the Acme Lumber
eompany hua Just been flnlihed and la
tho most nttrctlVe looking onica building
In tho Vitth
llio dante ctvrn at the > forth Btar fire
compnny hall by tho Mistletoe Hoclil
aluu last nisht wa simply out of ti ht
la cv ery wpeeu
Who ptnfervPAe out oh tho blinwood
Blreat car lln at about til jenttrtHy
Wand V ntr aepot nt 9 c w Suursiv and 1M KWners nets dc
i rSl tl Vwr f0 spay oy U1 tuycl Xullr n hxlf hour
The display by tho ore oepartmcnU un
d r oommand of ChlefT 11 itartlm Bill
4 oocur Saturday from ll oclock u > noon
Wyor Urowrtewchalnwin of the commit
tee hut added to that committee the
foremen of tho various edmpsnlca Thero
U sret rivalry between tna companies
ftne diwlay < al th < s woTWns quali
ties of the depaftment may bo expected
Including a te t of the uew aiVAnce
> t jB < ckti market will be open
and > larkct Master Knelleon nttd his
f ripmmlttea promise that the decojatton
E Jihall bo fine Inclutilni a miiioiUlccnt MU
> lecuonof th > n tht atalla anvt
cood tB at
> xh fltunjs An appropriation of l n Kaa
tnnde by the committee for ljuntlns Wtd
such thfnes
4Xii > street car pmde will 5S = 5sSte a
tmvtivsr ami jomelhlnif iwhlch etui tho
ciuaeni of IIou ton hae not een Oeni
i eral Wauaser itaeartKbr of tLe electric
linen and air Ildstone are emrhteurms
thbx feature which a < i befora ausse lod
will he novel and attractive
Tho chairman of the committee en dec
oration numreated a the cnmrniueo had
found tt Impossible to see all the huxtneHs
men that they be retinested throuch tho
pressto decorate their wludowa and to
lllomlnat their hSaMs Friday evening
< Sir J tl Hrljht report d that tho olue
trio Ucht company had tweed to pine on
> toln street twelve are light to remain
from December 8 to a nt a coot of til
each All these have been taken and a
itfunner < jt others are wanted
A yeas received trom Colonel t
21 Carter and Mr John Howard of the
Omaha ana Sodth Texas Land and Im
provement company that tbey htd biren
compelled to preco active work In con
necuon with the exctiraJJii nne they
yecetengased Jn metjine more perlaha
ble but ot equal benrnt to Houston
Notlees wera received from Messrm
Prince Hamilton of the MaKholla brew
ery anil from Ir LouU Illmer Keeretary
of the American Brewing nmn > i < n
Wf tba klr eilablishment v ould > cei >
if open house while tli > DXcnralonlstsi are
Pt g T
would lllte o Ret heUi of but they
uon t set thent always
Mr l > at oriljan or the Southern Pa
flflc inllrond made ft pletsant call on
The Votd yesteiMay
II Norwood ft tvrtl kiinwn and hlKhly
Tjne l busincRS mil ot Wtttawrtn la n
the eity ror few days
Wjir AldrldBC of the AtarMtfejMtn
her tompany and n member of the last
lesMature is in tho city
Mr A SI Moloney of the firm of O n
JUlopey Co of Alexander Urath coun
t > la in thd city on huskies
eoloitetJf C Whacker wnd faililly from
Ohvahn NkU arc nt tho Spenrer house
Thoy intend to locate In the city
Mc r t Mutchieon and T
Phlppjt two ot Is > utadyK best known
butlnceut tnen nre In the diy
vAusiln Meaotr of laifcon county
la Jn the city Mr ifrUW l minister
vytll known in MolhodlH elcelcs
Mr and > fr Mrt < Pudon are vltltlno
Colonel and Mrs Wi li Ploion at fit
J amar aeniiiv canter smith street
Tojri Rlelitnlton tof tho i n Porto Land
and Town eontMny was attendlns to bus
Ineas matters In I a Jorte ve terday
J Chpvv one of Hotulonft prominent
yj nc men ipft last niitht for Jlaltlmore
whem ho wlij be tnarrlevl next wik
i > it Orove Of Dallas a well tmown
insurance Inspector wat In the city ye
tenlay nd went to anvcstm In ilto ar
0 Pirtselln of Auetui one of the bid
tlmo travcllif men of TVxas who knows
all tha ins and outs of Texas trade is lit
the cltyl
TftpKslr rr J Short and wlffe from
lllrniln ham Am ar stopplrtjt attin
Hpeneer hous They hnvo coma to H6us
tot to reside
tharlea tfrown tha Galveston hardware
lnaiivva In th elty yesterday Tho
crovvdwl comjitlijn of tho sidewalks seemed
to do his JbusineMi eye ko 1 <
Mr and Mia A M ftarsm of WWIt
arc vtsttina Jlotittivn Oils weeki fjr4 Car
sort Is onu of the rnjst highly < ssttemed
merchanw of bis place
y C Ilatt paasttx through the city Hat
tjidttt en muttto Hrfaihuro where he will
aid tha jiosdor Of the rim llaptlit church
Jtcv J l Mldjet In a revival
Chas It BUsbee bUKln ra manager of
Archie Itoyil h tho Country Squire
ivm in Houston jvttcrday arranglnK for
the nijncarunce of that play hero soon
SpentVT Jfutchltts left ust night for
Grtveiiion to be present ntan entertain
ment tp be irtven by Colonel nnd Mrs r
It > rKxtv n honor of Mlsa Katie House
of tnW city
Hon AVharton nates one of tJie bctt
ltbown of south T as local ll < ht war
in th < city yesterday crt > oute from Jjra
Kbria to attend lo Borne lav business at
ilofi ph 1A rnrosivorth auditor of the
Hoiithwestern TelOKraph and Telephone
cotupon la hi tlia city He camo to
ivsat home ddten jear usw to hmIc
hcallli fivuinl it and remains permatttntly
a misled man in a most important posi
Dr 1 G J hn of Nashville Tenn was
the city yesterday Dr John vya for
several yrara editor of the Texas chris
tian Advocate hut Is how holding the po
sltlua of iTilsalona
mctetar of the
Methodist Uptticopal ehtirch
South Ho
Will return to JNnsltVtlla In a few days
coMtvu to itouiiii
V Inrsc Numljcr > Vtstlora IMny tie
liiitikcil for
The following telegrams received last
night from seventeen nut of furtyelsht
towns nlops the Central Slv a good fore
cast as to tho number vt vlillorw who wltl
cortv dow on the Old Jteitflblea ex
cursion Friday and Saturday lhe es
ttmate a v ry conservative and up to last
nisht tlio tolal footttl up 333 vvlilch would
Indicate a trowd of 2300
KnrJSrariftcan or twjnty at this point
will avail thmielvct of tho cheap rato
and go to Ijouaton on iiii Centrals big
AtlBtln Prospe ts are that a good crowd
will 0 down from here to Houston on
Pridiy and Saturday Tho cheapness or
tho rntts i fully appreciated c
Manor It is fllfftciilt tp estimate tho
number who will 50 to Houston on tho
bis excursion tmtnt least twrnty mo win
avail thematlVca p the cheap rate
McTJada Tbtnlc this point will have
about twentylit or thirty passehtcrs for
the Honstop excuralon but can rit eny
lor sure Much depends on tha w athcr
aa moat of the imBscngcrs wilt come from
the country
Pulpit Vlftcen or twenty from this
piece fionteniplato taldng In the great
Hounton nxcurslon Friday
OWdlniitkJlfitween Mand 150 will p >
to Houston on tha oiairajon and perhaps
more frrjn JhO country Hverybody Is
pleased With the rate
J > dberter Tropt all appearances about
ftywH tako advantage of the excursion
rales and Allt Houston
Carmhiolt H nlrnotj certain that aev
ent > vot tickets will he bought at this
point for the excursion to Houston on
Brenkatn Tho number polng from hero
tvwttyflvo or tlllrjy fan ue safely count
ed on t
Corslcana The remarkably cheap rato
to Houston put on hy tho Central for Kri
tlay next jvJlt Induse about lltty to Vtatt
tho tjommeieiil and mahuraelurmg mo
tporiolla of SpiiUi Texas
Clroesheock Willi favorable weather
fully twenty or thirty will Ko down to
Houston on the Centrals grand holiday
Thorntopir9tn this point fifty or sixty
cxcuMlcintal will taiin a ivaniago oftho
low nt and visit Houston on the nth
Calyert Thsr > will probably bu twenty
rive ititUoni from thla tty to Houston pn
Ucarno I > rol > ect pre tltat nt least
fifty wiir g down o Hpitston tmn here
JC vrcdfher j JaVorabln tliero ut y bs plh
er from tho surrounding poUnfry
fIijva otaj tnleva ft r od mauy come
from tho country thoro wilt only lie atjout
flftf or sixty who wHbgbfrom this point
to IJottijtpn o the Centrals big exctir
< U
QouMnmyfl n or flficen havo Slgpltled
their fnTentlwt Uf taktafin tlia bis holiday
jfatiurslon to Hot3tpn < Jnrlirldar
HempBt dJhe Kreato InterM is he
ng tiktn tr In tho pontral txciiraioA
th HototaH next WhsaCH the weather
1 fair tup jinmhtr ttM ra tre w
Hyjiibwst > y i l vtHs
To m mite rh F ti v
ii ti icuui im tiirflujfh
iho wmBimi ot lh > l iha city ot
lloptfpn trying 1 > 4t > jeWop of
tho IJflrtH UK KtWiS vfIa
tor of tho nWj r > IJ W J thr
niim m JMJm M V
svpeatlon ppr m iHl
grant me Jjpice to y 9 r Hm fo
Jovlng asaaafeg >
e the jovlrttwaw biNrtwf of o j
ttnlon No 151 of U dti fll WoiBHOji beg
to Inforrh tho public that wc are lallmt
no steps olHer than jiertalnlns tp our
own wetfirej that wo ha a fornjed our
se m into a body known a the Journey
man Jtarbera l ocal Union So lul for tit
nurposa of Bliortejilflir bur Jtimra of labor
and ttiUInn ourselves to a certain dor
oht of slavery or bonflnfeol aw nny pet ton
VvlU t < w hy scanning the foUowtnu Timt
ne are at Hear Hs as any clan of
HborlnK people under the sun Our aim
It to free ourselves from thii bondane
and place ourselves on equal footing with
the free people of our country The hours
of worklnp have ben nlnotynlv rneck
aincc the orcanlxatlon of this body we
have sneceded In
elKhtyscven hoUra
ret iuchiR the labor to
shortcnul our time
nine hours or nearly one day In seven
I dare say Rood people that If those
ptrtles who arn ptittlnir up atioli a honl
almoin the llorbera union had to work
ten hdurs p t vlity they would kick and
howl wor e than they an now donsi
How many cltlMns nro there In tho city
of Houston lhit f id nt npnre lltteen
minutes to Ret shaved on a Haturdai5 1
date ny theto It not one Of courio jou
will have a certain clias of peolde con
dentins our actions and sayln lh v can
not upare the time hut let mc tell yuu
to our certain knowledge this class of
pcoptn are warmlnd tho waltlnc chairs
In our shops nt least from onchalf to
tlirecqunrtere of an hour per day keep
tmf many nil honcit bushiest tnon from
cnterlni our doors thlnklnR perhaps he
nould hltvc to wait soma time for Ids
turn In the chair
AJ regards the aundfty closlncr thlt Was
hit forced upon tho piople by tha JJar
bera union ub soma aro under th im
pretnon but was a mutualagreement be
tween tho bo bathers ot the city provld
Ins tht > union wouia piotect them by pU >
ln or havlns closed all ouUkle shops
which rtfuecd to obey tho demand This
we agreed to do and conseqiKntly led
Mrstrs MiUrle and Alvln to do tae action
taken hy them on Sunday last
I want to lay their action Is Alehly In
dorsed by the liirbeiv union avlh by the
hot bf tho hftdlhte shops in thlsiSll
both whltn nnd colored rnrtHernlore wo
have the State to to back tta In our ac
tions and any pirson found vtolittltier thl
hV hy followlusr their avocation ns bar
brr on the Sabbath will be prosecuted
to the bitter end
Hoplne that our hCtlont In this step
will bo indorsed and sustained by the law
clUsens o the city of Houston
1 am 5 Ours tndst respeottully
B 12 Jn
tvus nferred the petition of MrR Manun
ni Dnsby protestlihr against tho Isstl
anco ft imvfnc certlllcatea nsihiht block
itf fot paviiisr done on McJIInney avenue
pear leave to report that they havo lit
veatlunted the 6alne and report that the
special assessment tax levied uRatnsi petl
tloner in the roll of ownership bts adofCd
and that the petition be not grunted tor
the follow liur reason towlti
1 Petitioner oomplitlns because the
street was excavated enough to secure
proper dralnaije saylnif that rhiS ought
not to be taxed with excavations to dialn
anothn8 laud It thla proposition b
tru then as you near the point toward
vvldch dralnHgo la made ever person
owning property on a paved street would
have an < iual right to complain ot his
neighbor on the inline street but further
away from tho point tovvnrd which drain
age is made with equal fprc tmld tha
putltlonsr complain of her neighbor Just
behind her who has the advantage of the
paving on McKiuncy avenue but becausa
he does not ewit property abutting on
Bald utroet does not pay ono cent toward
tip pavhiir In regard to tho present
rootta of street paving nes ramentt in
compelling the abutting property owners
to pay for the paving while lit adja j t
nelrhbor who does not ll > o on the street
to be pived but drrlvet almost as much
bcnellt from the paving la pot required
to pay unc cent much ht > B been Bald hot
It la tho only way prescribed by our
charter Is upheld b our supremo court
supported by the vast weight ot outsau
thorltlea from every Mtato In the Union
and It probably after all tho ppst solution
of a difficult problem
2 In regard to the charge ot thf etirh
wall and tho ppsl t tt of tho petitioner
that she can bo charged only for the
curlns betwen her property lines and
tho statement that your city attorney
had rendered an opinion covering this
point we be leave to differ with petl
1 oner us the opinion reiikreJ by your
cty attorney vvnt in reference to street
paving and pot to curb vvnlla and gutterj
for section 2H er the charter ot tho city
of Houston In operation at tho tlmo th
contract for pivlng was let txceptscu b
Ing by providing that the cost of con
Hirudins curb walls and gutters and
t > ldi walks on the coiner ot any block
Fhall be assesswl against tho owner or
owners of the eornr lots or tracts of
land abutting thereon Jn consideration
Of th nbovo we have to report adversely
to tha petition or protect of Mis Ifag
Commttteca tJint Will Have the Af
fair In tJinrKC
The fourth ntlnunl eoclets ball la to
tale place Wednesday evening December
530 nt the Capitol nnd will like ls pro
to llutuiton onftho Centrals blc excursiohl dceestora ha w affair which
society pco
drtHhdsffieatty1 on the weather At leftist pits wi
111 eagerly anticipate
Corrcspondlnsr Secretary of tho Journey
man JJarbrt
Hotiilon Texas
jAJcnl Union No 151
Vrxl nl a Iteport ijr > lfTie irr Attor
ncy uml Clt > UnBliieer
aomc time ago Mtn Marlapna n gby
resldine or a block alonir one side of
which McRlnney avenue runt presented
tft tho city council a petition In the fond
of a ptotest agalust the excavntlne along
thnX Avenue ahd the chirge for curb
walls This petitionwas rcfordd to CUV
Attorney Stqwart and City tSiutltteer Ui
Noue ror rcpott and they presented such
report last Monday It was concurred
In by the council and ns tho derision Is
olie which allecla numerous people It Is
hero printed In full
our undersigned committee to whom
All tho arrangements aro complete lhe
gentlemen In charge being us follow a
Arruigementa Committee b II VV1I
son chairman W II Ctirth li DarBan
V H Crank Jr H B Jllcc Abbott
Coekrejlptlon Comtnlttce R 11 Morrls
chairman W O Clevehinii J FvDlck
oon A P Hoot W M l tewi If VV Oar
row Jlcnr Uraahear Ji SI Jlushmore
O fc Drew H 1 Dick T J IJoy es J
H lrlce JameH1 A Uaker Jr > ic
Kwing i I fehenrrtlt Jtutherford c
Mllltyvh im I A Ilelchardf li II nick
un U r MncClregor C M WlBg C 8
Jtouee I T nv 1 > Cooley B
A ISrown H K Alellheiwy J A Pulton
Henry limine 81 Packanl
Imitation Committee Jt Lttlitun
chalrwsrft Jr A Nnrtpn llugene tleorai
H W Bcott C 11 lucy T U Ittiah
por U J ParlH Uujvno Mitchell I
S3 Jtobms
lloor copntfttPv ipencer Hptchlnn
chalrmnn 11 T I > Wilson T II > ank
ltnj K it llUic B carfliiw >
ton Ned Wlnateil 8 J Cmlth li 11
cnp n for UoiiKintlllntlnn
rrlcndt of Mr 8 P TvOjr fero tonsratu
lutingiim Jipoh tho verdlctat the Jury In
his caw yesterday and boforo ho Jeft tho
totirl room ho wpu tho roclptont ot many
it hearty handshakeTh rooh was welt
tilled with hla frlehd > ho nwjlted the
serdiet wlllitt seamng perfect a wrn < tce
Pt what It would be BUd ther < f re hey
w ro not surprised 1 hoiStato dl 1 Ita part
through lia attorney and 1 not In fault
that It fallesl to mike a jns but the
IvvelvB tnen did not flml evidence of guilt
a rltarge < t and Mr Hoas has trouble
liehlnd him US Chrlatmaa Mr Ho > ta wjii
Ixj Jn his Pcvj1 store oppoattft Whr he Va
burned opt rjady for thaJiblld ys
ft targo iiiopk J > t iiciKy pieces pljmo
hamtuet and otlftrJamPfv cut Mass i h
smij K m i wine wator atid liquor
i dinner ten mid toilet tew We ar
uw > j > rojied la Apply tho couptry trade
THB Wi > nj9R HVOmL >
48J8 f t from Vrntmtoyf T stonv
Whot l nd retail
ataok In hs fijtate t 9e
tb aaaortiitwit bvfora the
and n o
us mud make mnmajf siMtt
Iar l
ru h and pbHifo
8 P
nOss AtitivrriBD of asiawit
The Jnry Ont Only
Kerr Mlnntes
Trnnsfer of Mlsilemcnnor
to Jnstleo JiiirtIntcresttiiir
Ulroreo liooccdln r
Criminal District CourtJudge E D
Cavln jircsldlngj J K P Olltaople dis
trict altorncyj S S Afhe clerk John
II Ashe deputy Cleorga Jillia shetllfj
In this court yesterday tho chief Item
pf Jptercst wad tho trial ot 8 l Poss on
1 ohilrgo pt assault to murder The cir
cumstances of tho difilculry were pub
lished at the tlmo Ot thO occurence After
exapilmtlan of witnesses and argument
tho jury was but o few minutes in ar
riving nt a verdict ot not gutltj
S J Itoss appeal nolprps
William Crumor disorderly house com
plaint quathed
Amelia Nelson bund forfeited for 200
aus Jtnlly nd Frank Dunn sureties
J J Cotton theft from person con
tinued by btfitc
Jack M oon exhibiting gaming two
caveat 123 lino and ten daa imprisonment
in each
n 1 Collins assault to murder con
tinued by ytatc
Joseph IJ Hurts murder case con
tinued by agreement and set by agree
ment for Tuesday Of tho second week of
the February term of court
r Gates et a astault to murder con
tinned by defendant
Irank Sparks murder on chango ot
venue from Wharton couaty continued
by defendant
Tho grand Jury returned six bills of In
Under a recent decision ot the court ot
criminal nppealt the criminal district
court has no original Jurisdiction in cer
tain cases and a number of these have
b + n transferred to the Justice courts as
lo Justice Schwandere court
Jdquor cases W A Bankln George
Gallagher r Dunado T H Boldln S
Pave Mrs II Mycr C IT Saunders
Disorderly IioIibo cat a Mary Reynolds
Catric Ittottn Nick Moore Hmmx 13n
Ing Sadie Coman Pearly House Crecy
DavdB mil Davis Hllzi biund M i
cases It R Ii Dixon C J Wilglit
Daisy Clayton Ltlllo Allen Allca Jock
son Sadie Coman Mamlo Gray Jennie
Permitting gaming D Domlnlck Solo
mon fancy
Occupation cases W T Coulter Chas
Laborbin Paul Paul Josephine Ring V
i Chew C D Ward Peter PollmanlCo
Renting to prostitutes Nick Moore
Selling liquor to minor I Domlnlck
Publication ot obscene matter Al
Tcs Ttistlce Mahoneys court
Ilimor cases 1 Inrrlet Raines R P
Feottf r F Cotllnt r Sililserlat W
M jfcianK AnnIitConn Hy CnrMo Robln
conR Hotn r PafilT William PollU
Disorderly house cases Lucreni Jones
Kfttfa McCral > b Harry Quluan Dick
Declrer llllia Saimders Cresy Davis
Jll le Allen Jennie Murray Josephine
William Jennie Rttrrell Cresy Dmis
Dllii Baunders I ott Hattzell Jennie
lllake Dora floors Dou HarUell Lmtlse
Ijxmarlie Crecla Jones
Permitting gaming C V Hardle
Occupation cjiHtrs C V Hmngf A Good
Mrs C Prlester Mnrshall Tankersley
John Klriicks
Renting to prostitutes Potcr Gabel
Endle Levy
Selling liquor to minor D Domlnlck
Civil District Court Judge 8am II Bra
shear presiding J R Watles clerk by
J 11 William deputvi Gcorso Ellis sher
iff hy J II Pruett deputy
1509 T T < Johnson n Joseph Austin
et nl dismissed nt plaintiffs cost
lJIIIO H Ruby vs A J Owen et al
C 13 Aaho appointed guardian od litem
of minor Samuel Reynolds bond tlxed
at IKK
iSOIttiMltchcll Ewtng vs Salllo Kwlng
dltorce granted
15V2W IJ Ralley vs It E Bailey
di orce granted
15 931 Krupp Tuffly vt Alex Alex
ander et al settled and dismissed at costs
of defendant including JW uliowetl Oliver
OllVcr for filing bill of Inerplcadcr
15Xt Ednard f ciopper et at vs M
W Saje et al leave granted to amend
rioeck vs Plocek divorce taken under
advlstirent until Saturday
Hon John a Tod presiding Will I am
bert deputy clerk In attendance J IJ
Parker bailiff
WJ3 Tha 0 N Roberts company va
Ccorgo and E B bpencci judgment
against George Spencer for 5300 with 10
per cent Intercut from May 12 J833
Probato Docket Ustnto of M ateer mln
ora Mrs Mary C Mateer appoint d guar
dlun Jacob Keller J W Sam and George
Jills appointed apprpJseis
Eitalo of Theresa Edgocomb deccitiedi
report of sale of personal property p
Capital IMOWOCOMlcliigan Savings and
Jjoan Vraoclatlon He what we have done
for Houston A local board was organ
ized May lKU since then It has mado tht
following loans IJ 1 Alexander S OOO
Cooper Kenncy J700 a KJrschnlck saw
A it Darling ISWO Sam II Dixon Mt > 0
Walter T Strong aiOO J W Campbell
WX > Wm Wood TX Mory J Huston
KM Max Steibcrauch Jr J3SM ljjulaa
Ddllfrcsso J5000 G II Hengen tIMO Ju
lius Sonnen JlOno and Alexnnder Darling
A Co jaiON We wish to extend the bus
iness to 1Kb thousand shares by January
J ISO We offer tho greatest Induce
ments to those desiring to save mono
better than n savings bank na w o can not
break Ono dollar per month will mature
1100 in stxtysix months or GQ cents per
month will mature J10Q In 10S months all
onW IU McClellan at Houston Crockery
Jnst k Minute
of your time plcaso to remind yon
o liow well
Wo can gorvo
you in 0110
hnvo made n
regular stutly
of at least ono
buVJoct and
the values wo
havo to oilfcjr
5911 on that
account aro
jtvit what you
hhould makcit
your businesa
to look into
Our special
stibject is
We have n excellent tock to effect
trCTJ and can plena in qitality and
price W5 take great ploaKtre in how
ng tur el ant llw at
cii aism i lips
> > Ktl intending ptireiuwtH wMi do well
to esAl t
407 mAIN STttEST
t r > B w fVj > TlT1jjS8f J
rt5ffmr Nwi W3 ff 9 r rTt
> i
A vory largo shipmont yestorday of OAPES and
JAOKBTS including all tho now and stylish
effects bought at very low figures and wo in turn
havo marked thom away down
Black Broadcloth Gapos with largo collar furtrimd 786
Black Broadcloth Capos with largo collar braid and
furtrimmod 4 9 00
Havanah Oolor Gapes with largo collar furtrimd 750
Tan Color Capos with largo collar furfcrimmedi 850
Black AllWool DoubloBroasted Jackets t 3750
Navy Blue Wool DoubloBroasted Jackets 350
Tan and Havanah Oolor Jackots Butterfly Capes
650 760 and 900
Our stock is largo and varied and you will do well
to examine it before buying
nioljHtquaUyof all kiiitlB of
Coal cnitiiMl in sto k antl retailed at
bottom fisriiretf Free Deli very to any
part of tliocity
Yard Oth Glrard Ffs Phono 201
Office Cotton Kichango Ihoite 87
no other need apply
to take charge of and run a
RESTAURANT MAN ono who thoioughly understands
his BUSINESS and could if necessary attach as an
FUESHMENT department whero those who desire it
BEER manufactured in Houston good cigars etc also
For particulars and other information call on or
address Respectfully yours
B O lftlto
Jiemcnt Cultivators and Harrows < s
a rf
1413 IsTKHjXn T AV j33iTTXSX4l
Fitted up and used exclusively for tho Cure of the LWilor MorphWj
aooaoco Habits The ii
treatment whsra
uue Syringo 01 ot used to inject Medicine under tho skin of tlib patient
DR MoKANNAS treatment is indorsed by hundreds of tho leadingwl
tho State Address all lottors to is DR J J MoIoUwf
1113 Franklin Avenue Hom
Wo havo something e t pd will
gtveilttovm JtrST > COMB TN
1 fllll K A ll wtl a JR4Jt Jin
Uffiott SU KaiwdD OpK au SulU
OOK at our Iron Axle Wagons One go
E Boys Suit or Overcoat tliaf oTolli r0v
stock1 is full of bargains You am gfj j
G50 Boys Knee Pants and Shirt Waists B4
4 ffeffi
rl < i
Tho largest irie in the Tvrentyflvn o
buy pno of eaqh ft 4
4Monr6ddiAH Wpol PanFat 3 00 0

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