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					                         CONSTRUCTION ADVISORY COMMITTEE
                                 MEETING MINUTES
                                               January 3, 2007

The Construction Advisory Committee Meeting was held in the Large Conference Room in the Support
Services Annex, 3308 Canal Street, Fort Myers, FL 33916.

PRESENT (MEMBERS*)                                    ABSENT
Art Steidel*    Reggie Snell                          Ray Campbell*          William G. Moore, Jr.
Gregory Fasano* Susan Waite*                          Carlo C. Lane*
Jody Neubert*   Jeanne Dozier                         Ophie Franklin*
Deanne Robison* Trish Leonard*                        Hellen Arteaga*
Karen Rubin*    Gary Griffin*                         Art Castellanos
Nelson Glueck*                                        Rick Reynolds

The meeting was called to order at 3:54 p.m.


Mr. Steidel asked if there were any public comments. There were no public comments, so Mr. Steidel closed
the public comments.


Mr. Steidel asked that those members present review the minutes for December 6, 2006. Mr. Steidel then
asked for a motion for approval of the minutes. The motion was made and seconded with all members
present saying “Aye”.


Mr. Snell commented on the District safety and security plans for all schools. He stated Mr. Moore is
designing a guard shack for high schools. It will be standardized for all schools. The Security Department
will have command over the guard shacks. If security guards are rotated throughout the day in the guard
shack; bathrooms will not be incorporated in the guard shacks. Electricity and A/C will be a part of the
design work. Estero High School, Cape Coral High School, South Fort Myers High and East Lee County
High School already have guard shacks. Prior to opening Island Coast High School (HHH) and East Lee
County High School will have a guard shack in place. Monitors will not be in the guard shacks. Monitoring
will be implemented at the Lee County Public Education Center for the entire district. Infrastructure for
information technology, electric, phones, and monitors will be a part of the design work. Pre-cast structures
have been considered since it would be a cheaper approach for construction of the guard shacks.

Mr. Snell stated that site design incorporates a single entry point for all schools. Fencing is necessary but a
tough situation when schools are a public facility. The public feels they should have access therefore we
cannot build a fort. All elementary schools are mandated by the state to have 6 feet high fencing. Also any
safety hazards must be enclosed such as chillers, and retention ponds. The District has made a policy to
enclose all schools with fencing.

Fingerprinting of workers on our construction sites has been put in place due to the Jessica Lundsford Act.

Cameras are a part of the design plan for all new sites. Cameras are the lead instrument for safety.
Monitoring of hallways, parking lots will help decrease crime and protect our children. Security will decide
the appropriate location of cameras. The high schools will receive 24 cameras per school, the middle schools
will receive 16 cameras per school and the elementary schools will receive 5 cameras per school.

Key card access is a great concept but limited due to shear cost and magnitude of the population of the
District. The cost of doors and maintenance is expensive. Fingerprinting access is another option along with
iris imprint.

All schools have a policy and procedure for lockdown mode. All doors on campus are locked. The
lockdown is initiated by announcing a code via the loudspeakers from the main office. Students are gathered
by staff. Administration announces when lockdown is over. Students are then released. All students must
be accounted for. A lockdown is usually initiated by a shooting in the area, an intruder or a parent trying to
take a child.


Mrs. Jeanne Dozier as Chairman of the School Board enjoyed the field trip on December 6, 2006 to the
construction site of the East Lee County High School.

Mrs. Jeanne Dozier as Chairman of The School Board also commented how 2006 was a very busy year with
a change in curriculum regarding Reading and Science. Other districts in the state of Florida are using Lee
County’s model which was developed by Dr. Larry Tihen.

Mrs. Jeanne Dozier as Chairman of The School Board will be presenting legislation philosophy at the next
meeting. Impact fees could be a challenge regarding a specific municipality wanting part of our impact fees.
This would be a detriment to our building plan for the Lee County School District. Charlie Crist has the
same philosophy as Governor Jeb Bush.

Closing of Charter schools could have an impact on the District due to staff and students returning to the Lee
County School District.


Mrs. Jeanne Dozier suggested that we have another field trip for our February meeting. The Lee County
School Board members are planning a field trip to the construction site of Lee County Public Education
Center. She will try to coordinate the board members and our committee members to attend at the same

Safety has been identified as a major topic of interest and concern. This topic will be discussed at the
February and March meetings.


Mr. Steidel called for a motion to adjourn. Karen Rubin made a motion to adjourn and Gregory Fasano
seconded the motion. All approved the motion by saying “Aye”. The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

The next Construction Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for February 7, 2007 will meet at 3:30 p.m.
at the construction site of the Lee County Public Education Center located at 2855 Colonial Blvd.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Beckingham
Recording Secretary

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