October 14, 2010 - BAND BOOSTERS MEETING

    Welcome – Lori Gleason started the meeting at 6:00 pm - thank you for attending.

    Motion to approve minutes; seconded - minutes approved.

    Fundraising update - Janice Castro

    We were informed that Kiwanis will not be donating to the band this fiscal year.
    They are hoping to purchase some property and need to cut back on their donations.

    Thieves Market was a huge success but we probably didn’t make very much money.
    We did sell a lot of water bottles, because it was so hot that day! Cave Creek was
    happy to have us there with our music! The Boosters may consider having a booth
    at another Thieves’ market, when the weather is cooler.

    One new fundraiser - VIP Card - A representative from VIP Card was available to
    explain the VIP Card. Ed explained that these cards are new in the market, about a
    year old. Anyone in the country can use them. No coupon book is needed.
    Purchase the card; go online and register; band receives 50% of every card sold.
    Just present your card at participating merchants. Card owners receive a small
    savings when they use the card. There will be no out of pocket money for band.
    The card can be used nationwide. Locally, the card can be used at Roots Coffee
    House, Harvest Restaurant, and Cherry on Top; there are lots of vendors in the
    Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Nationwide, the card is good for Disneyland and
    many nationwide prescription drug stores such as Wal-Mart, CVS, and Target. Card
    is good until October 2011. Ed explained that the VIP Card is always adding new
    vendors. There is a free app that you can download to notify you of locations that
    use the VIP card.

    If you missed the meeting, please contact Janice Castro to get some cards; she can
    be reached at More information on the program can be found at

    One parent suggested that we keep a list of people that purchase our cards. That
    way we can renew their cards next year. Our goal is to sell 350 cards, which will
    bring in $3,500 for the band. We have a very short time to sell the cards, so this
    should not be big time commitment. We need to sell our cards by end of October.

    One parent suggested selling the VIP cards at the upcoming Parent-Teacher
    conference next week. PTO is selling spirit cups.


Another new fundraiser for us is Daily Deal - To participate go to to register. An e-mail will be sent to you; respond to link in
the email; then every time you purchase a “daily deal”, CSHS gets 8 percent of the
purchase. You just print out the coupon and redeem your deal.

Successful fundraising events
1. The Car Wash was a great success - thank you to all who participated.
2. Thieves Market - CSHS band was the featured non-profit group for the event.
   Parents worked the entrance gate. Groups of students played music at different
   times throughout the day. Other students sold water bottles and snacks.

Director’s News - Gary Wykoff
Thank you everyone for all your help. He reminded the students to thank the
parents for their support. The students have a qualifying invitational ahead of them.
Currently there are approximate 30% of students with Ds and Fs which will hurt the
band if there are Fs in place by Monday. If they are on the list they will be ineligible
for at least two performances, which will include the U of A band day.

Homecoming Friday October 15 - there will be an assembly during the day and
football game that evening.

Flowing Wells High School is scheduled for October 23rd, it will be a long day to
Tucson - leave at 6 am return to band room around 6 pm.

The following weekend, October 30th, is U of A Band Day. Even though it doesn’t
qualify, it’s good practice for the students to perform in the large stadium at a

Mr. Wykoff feels that he needs hire some specialized teachers. There is some
concern about drum line; a coach is very much needed. Mr. Wykoff encouraged the
students to take their instruments home and practice.

December - some holiday events coming up; mostly for choir, but some for band.
Christmas parade will include the band on December 11. There is some idea about
approaching the Chamber of Commerce, reminding them that we are the community
band, and we need the financial support of our local merchants.

Thanks to Barb Maroney for donating a keyboard cart; CSHS bought another cart
with school funds! We were originally under the impression that school funds were
not available, so we are pleased to receive these funds.

Thank you parents for helping to support the band.

Lori Gleason - Valley Gold fundraiser - November 18


We will be participating in the Valley Gold fundraiser next month at the High School.
Parents, neighbors and friends are invited to bring in unwanted gold or silver jewelry,
silverware or any sterling silver household items. Band Boosters made $1,800 last
year. They will be set up in the teacher’s lounge during the day and sales will be
limited to district staff. From 2:00 – 6:00 a table will be set up in front of the blue
gym. Valley Gold will weigh the gold or silver and write a check on the spot. They
will even remove gems and give them back to you. Last year, Valley Gold paid out
$18,000 to people who had items to sell. The band receives 10% of the amount
paid out.

Parent recommendation - we should advertise as best we can, to neighbors, co-
workers and friends.

Treasurer Report from Knoppy Hoffman
Money spent - Checks for pictures for buttons; paid out color guard uniform; water
and cookies to sell at Thieves’ Market
Money coming in - $79.00 for muffins, trend is somewhat downward on sales; some
competition from Jamba Juice and donuts sales.
Carwash - $1,094 in pledges; $840 during the wash - a huge success; button sales
are a huge success; Rubio’s sent us a check for $230.46, Thieves’ Market paid $273
for the entrance fee and we received $54 from IGive.

Ian Cordwell - Discussed the ACN website has needed some trouble shooting. It
should be working better now as Lori has updated the
website so that there is a direct link to our ACN fundraiser.

Parent recommendation - Another fundraiser idea - every time the football team
makes a touchdown, we could ask supporters will make a donation to the band.

Meeting closed at 7:06. Thank you everyone for attending. The next scheduled
meeting is November ??? - (the 11th is a holiday) at 6:00 in the band room.

3D. Bills
October 16, 2010


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