Banyule Network Specialists list 2010

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					Banyule Network Specialists List - 2010

        School                            Staff        Curriculum Focus                           Days / Time Worked
                            Charlie Packett       Music and Art                    Full time
     Bundoora PS
                            Pina Ciaglia-Saliba   Phys Ed                          Monday, Wednesday and Friday-all day
                            Anne Murray           Performing Arts                  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday am
                            Kerri Glennon         Phys Ed                          Monday, Tuesday and Friday-all day
    Norris Bank PS
                            Satoko Kuhlmann       LOTE-Japanese & Visual Art P-2   Monday Tuesday and Friday-all day
                            Trudi Gleeson (AP)    Visual Art 3-6                   Full time
                                                  Art                              All days – 0.9
                                                  Art                              Thursday-0.1
                                                  Music                            Full time
                                                  Music                            Thursdays-0.2
                                                  Phys Ed.                         Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday-0.8
                                                  Phys ed.                         Wednesday-0.2
      Ivanhoe PS
                                                  Library / ICT                    Full time
                                                  LOTE-Italian                     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday-0.6
                                                  LOTE-Italian                     Thursday, Friday-0.4
                                                  Intervention / Enrichment        Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday-0.8
                                                  Intervention / Enrichment        Friday-0.2
                                                  Intervention                     Wednesday-0.2
                            Clive Hoskin (AP)     Library P-2                      Full time
                            Fran Gould            Library 3-6 & ICT                Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday-0.6
                            Lauren Fairbairn      Music P-6                        Full time
                            Kylie Barlow          Phys Ed                          Full time
    Ivanhoe East PS
                            Silvia Dai            LOTE-Italian                     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday-0.8
                            Gayle Raftery         Visual Art                       Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 0.7
                            Lyn Morrell           Visual Art                       Tuesday-0.2
                            Jo Bremner            Integration                      Monday, Wednesday, Thursday a.m. – 0.5
Concord School              Jackie Ellis          Art & Library (junior)
                            Pam Wright            E learning
                            Catherine Ruhl        Library
                            Chris Cunneen         Literacy Support -Middle
                            Rebecca Campbell      Music -Junior
Banyule Network Specialists List - 2010

                            Suzanne Bates          Phys Ed (Junior)
                            Karenne Tattersall     Phys Ed
                            Annie Fletcher         Visual & Performing Arts
                            Sarah McCrohan         Visual & Performing Arts
                            Liz Portelli           Social Competencies
                            Deb Bay                Social Competencies
                            Karenne Tattersall     P.E.
                            Pam Pickering          Food Technician
                            Kelli Lambert          Phys Ed                    Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 0.6
      Rosanna PS            Sharyn Martinussen     Visual Art                 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- 0.8
                            Nadia Tarquinio        LOTE - Italian             Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 0.5
                            Jenny Donald           Visual Arts                Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 0.6
      Streeton PS           Mark Nunis             Performing Arts            Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 0.6
                            Lorena Raspa           LOTE - Italian             Tuesday, Thursday – 0.4
                                                   Visual Arts                Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 0.6
                                                   Phys Ed                    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 0.6
Rosanna Golf Links PS
                                                   LOTE -                     Tuesday, Wednesday – 0.4
                                                   Science                    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 0.6
                            Sally Beren            Visual Arts                Tuesday, Wednesday am, Thursday – 0.5
 Watsonia Heights PS
                            Bev Brooks             Phys Ed                    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – 0.5
                            Jennie Roach-Pierson   ICT
      Banyule PS            Renee Rawlinson        Art & Cultural Awareness   Full Time
                            Bronwyn Jones          Music                      Tues/Thurs/Fri.
                            Janet Troy             Visual Arts/ICT            Wednesday & Thursday – 0.4
  Greensborough PS
                            Jeanette Farley        Library                    Tuesday & Friday – 0.4
     Heidelberg PS          Peter Ruff             Science/PE                 Full Time
                            Chris Kyriacou         Art/Support                Full Time
                            Dani Dirando           LOTE-Japanese              Friday
                            Allison                LOTE- Japanese             Thursday
      Viewbank PS           Maralyn Lamb           Visual Arts                Mon/Tues/Wed.
                            Jenni Hall             Visual Arts                Thurs.
                            Mika Tonai-Walsh       LOTE- Japanese             Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs
Banyule Network Specialists List - 2010

                            Ruth Panaccio     Performing Arts      Mon/Tues/Wed
                            Pamela Robinson   Performing Arts      Wed/Thurs/Fri
                            Chris Symons      Library              Mon/Tues/Thurs
                            Matt Crowe        ICT                  Wed
                            Sophia Noakes     Physical Education   Mon/Tue/Wed
                            Narelle Taylor    Physical Education   Wed/Thur/Fri
                            Don Crowe         Intervention         Mon/Tues.

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