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					Info for Weatherstation Operating- and Data Acquisition Software
Status: 2011-10-06

Distinguished to the full-version/registered version:
- only 180 minutes of online-operation = recording of the weather-data
  (The representation / view is not effected by this)
  in order to continue recording after it, you must start the program
- Stores the altered values of "internet settings" - that is alterations
  here only in the full-version meaningful.
- in the Html tables also the min./max. values presented!
- with the Htm tables, own remarks are possible - otherwise here is a
  hint with "restricted version" passed out.
- Partial remarks with "restricted version" become in the restricted
version in the Html-tables passed out.
- all "automatic" is not possible
- Timing control conditionally only possibly.
- Command line parameters are ignored

- all "automatical"

Version History:
Known Problems: since V2.80.2
                 with introduction of a posted component version, WsWin32
does not react again anymore to the
                 Windows-embassy "program termination/closing" !!!
                 That is, the program WsWin32 must before Windows new
start/-termination are self ended.

Consider:       For most calculations is a 24h-Showing and/or
                dates of at least 6 hours necessary !!!!
                Since V2.93.8 switches the program by force to the 24h-
View in such a case
                The correct time-zone-values are necessary.
                The correct location coordinates are necessary.
                When you see under "Help" "About ..." a "current memory
utilization" value over 95 %,
                you should upgrade the RAM and/or end other programs.

                From the version V2.78.0 on the default setting is
"without interface".
                That meant for you, if you start this software for the
first time:
                You must choose first the corresponding weather
station/Wireless PC interface, deselect
                "Operation without interface" and then control/select a
valid COM-interface.
                Possibly after that, you should restart the program!
EXE-file differences:
WsWin32.exe   -> functions only with available lame_enc.dll -> absolutely
WsWin32ns.exe -> version without speech output support (ns=no speech) -
lame_enc.dll not necessary

Program-help for Vista/Windows7:
Please download the support of the help function for itself from the
Microsoft-site and install it:
Vista: Windows6.0-KB917607-x86.msu as well as Windows6.0-KB917607-x64.msu
Windows7: Windows6.1-KB917607-x86.msu as well as Windows6.1-KB917607-
x64.msu (64-Bit)

If you activates with the WS2500 station the calculation of the solar
radiation, it can be necessary,
to choose another station (for example WS2000) and to pick after it the
WS2500 again!
For the calculated solar radiation values (only with WS2500 and
brightness sensor possibly), is system-induced no
recording of Long Time values possibly!

from V2.94.1 on, a update file can be installed only, if a corresponding
pre-version is found.
If the Update is rejected, the Update alerts to download the complete-

V2.96.8 2011-10-06
- Bug since V2.96.7 at the stations with brightness-sensors (old ELV-
stations) solved:
  Brightness-values (lux) were after exporting and re-importing of the
EXP*.CSV data file wrong and with this also the
  Sunshine-time wrong

- new variables:
  Season days <=      %season_idldaysx[id~ddmmyyyy~ddmmyyyy~vvvvvvN]%
  Season days >=      %season_idhdaysx[id~ddmmyyyy~ddmmyyyy~vvvvvvN]%
  With season_idhdaysx or. season_idldaysx the set units are used! and
  the compare value vvvvvv must always have 6 signs (for example. 000002;
0003,5; -001,5 ) !!!

  days User5 x-month/year   %u5days_mpast[mm~yyyy]%
  Season days User5         %season_u5days[ddmmyyyy~ddmmyyyy]%
  Limit value U5            %ws_u5daysvalue%
  Text U5                   %ws_u5daystext%
  Days Month U5             %ws_u5days_m%
  Days Year U5              %ws_u5days_y%

  For the using of Extra5, the settings must be done there and after it
  the update of the yearly-data file must be done.
- Bind the graphics solar energy, thermal-sum, growing-temperature,
frost-sum into the "menu", provided
  these yearly-graphics are available/created.

V2.96.7 2011-07-01
- Support the transformation of brightness-values (lux) with XCSV-Import
and general import over the ID=138
  to solar-radiation (W/m²).
  Settings for limiting value and alternative calculation for it is under
Weather station, Special sensors - TAB "#3"
  at WS2500 / XCSV.
- "wswin_x-csv_wh3080.cfg" for the Fine offset Electronics Co. WH3080
Weather station

  Remark about the WH3080:
  this station shows too high UV-values - you can use the factor 0.65, so
that you get realistic values
  for example 14 UV-I shown, actually 14*0.65 = 9.1 UV-I

V2.96.6 2011-06-18
- Bug with wind direction name "NWN" - should be "NNW" solved.
- corrected Winddir graphics names "n.gif,nne.gif, ne.gif,ene.gif ..."
(since V2.96.5)
  Consider! the variables "%windd_gra%, %winddrange_gra%, %windgd_gra%"
are concerned also at it!
  Furthermore, these renamed graphics-data files must be transferred on
your Web-page!

V2.96.5 2011-06-12
- Adaptations for DAVIS Envoy8x for XCSV-Import
  Now the wind-directional-data 'N, NNE,NE...' are also supported -
necessarily for this is set Unit=2
  and the ReceivedPackets for the calculation of the reception -
additionally in the XCSV-config-area the
  Data-logger-interval must be set.
  You get a example "wswin_x-csv_envoy8x.cfg" and "wswin_x-
csv_Envoy8x.csv" (for this data structure is
  the XCSV-Datei included: 1xISS, 1xTemperature-station, 1xDavisVUE,
1xLeafStation, 1xMoistureStation)
  So it should be possibly to produce an independent XCSV-Config-File for

  With utilization of the Envoy8x, it gives up the restriction of the
solution with the temperature-addition-sensors ~ 0,55°C (= 1°F)!
  As well, the wind-speed-values of a VUE don't have the solution-
restriction of 1mph (~ 1.6 km/h)
  But not valid for VantagePro-ISS - here no higher solution is possibly

- For the TFA Data-loggers and KlimaLogg...Pro now is calculated the dew
point-values automatically and is grasped - with it
  the possibility is to get all such functions, as for a solid sensor
(for example alarm-values).
  To get these data for older data before V2.96.5 (valid only for
climate-loggers as well as KlimaLogg pro):
  under File, Exporting..., Export all month files, Data Files,
  The exported data files are stored under..\AllData
  - after this delete/rename the monthly-data
  - then under File, Import weather data, choose "CSV-Text file (Excel)"
and the
    Option ".\AllData - >????-???? - the data are again imported.
  Caution! your weather-station-setting must be able to grasp the
temperature-sensors ID10..ID16 - only with
           VantagePro, WS2xxx or weather-sensor. (not WMR!)

- under Weather, Degree Days +... adaptations were performed with
  -> so, it is also possibly to make comparisons with other years.

V2.96.4 2011-04-25
- If a value for wind-temperature (TE923) is contained with the export,
this is reused with import
  (until now, the wind-temperature was calculated again!)
- Possibility of the display of "time date" to rearrange to "date time".
  Option under Internet, Adjustments and here TAB Common

- Calculate solar-energy with a VantagePro and available solar-sensor
(and only with it!)
  - with corresponding variables to it
  -->the year file must be updated!
  - Possibility to show the solar-energy as graphics under "Statistics

- with the season variables the relative values from, -901... -9xx,
  -> if the chosen season period has not yet begun, the program declines
another year with it
  for example look at ws_variables.txt

- The single-graphics (yesterday, week, month) now become also for
minigraphics (mini_? as well as mmini_?) generate
  -> if chosen
- Possibility, to represent the process of the growing-temperature in a
diagram and as graphics to save

- PWS weather is now supported with an included Template
  but the support of PWS weather didn't answer at email questions!

- Possibility to send older as well as ancient hour-data to Wunderground
(-> Update tables/graphics ...)
- Alterations for sending data to Wunderground:
  now for sending always is used -
> no more modifiable.
  To look at the data, one can still inputs an independent URL (example
  Default is:

- if one uses the start-parameter /WG (for Wunderground), older hour-data
for max. 24 hours are send to Wunderground at
  program start (if the computer was powerd off).

- Possibility the chosen unit format (example °F, m/s etc..) and choosing
months (or all data) to store in one
  single-export-data file.
  Selection: "Date: 1 file" under File, Exporting..., Export weather data
  This generated export-data file lets itself import again only with a
independent X-CSV_Import-configuration!
  The file name is formed from the chosen year and month.

- supports the "" from the firm TFA via File Watching
  the watching data file lies normally here:
  or dissolved C:\Documents and

V2.96.3 2011-01-01
- problem mit week files or last week in year solved (was created as

V2.96.2 2010-12-25
Caution! Under Windows7 as well as Vista admits the program no more that
it is started under% ProgramFiles%\%Installationpath%
For example C:\Program Files\Wswin or C:\Progra Files (x86)\Wswin !

- Changes at WWW-Templates - now max. 50 possible
  - if monthly-data should be transferred with it, the first Template
must for this used,
  further Template are possible
  - as soon as the program meets an inactive entry, it finishes the check
wether further WWW-Templates
  should be worked off! The first 3 Templates cannot be switched inactive

- Improved X-CSV-Import function (for example day, month, year as single-
value are allowed)
  furthermore the program now tolerates also values with units, if the
option "PreChar" is set.
- With using of X-CSV and File-Watching, also UTC-times/Unix-time-format
are now allowed.
- Bug at email-send and text only in subject solved
- new variables (for example Output for spring period )
- new season-variables for longest frost duration
  and longest dryness duration
  -> to the utilization, it is absolutely necessary that the yearly-data
file(s) is updated!
  -> these variables also available directly in the program under
Weathers, Weather forecast and here in

 - Alterations, if only 1 data records exist for a day.
  The program now takes this into account!
  However, with only one value for day no meaningful min-/max-day-
interpretation is possibly.
  If is set, that for the day-average calculation are 4 values (7, 14,
2x21) is used, the
  Data record must have a time >= 07:30. If the time lie before this
point, the data record is not recognized!
  With the setting "all data" for average-value uses, this restriction is
not valid.

V2.96.1    2010-08-11
- Altered GIF-graphics-delay time now are not put back again to default
500ms after program-start!
- Alterations at the instruments-graphics-generatrion
- bigger area for solar-monthly-factors (now 0.2 to 0.7) because of
altitutes-height in higher location.
- new variable %makewind_txtlong[v]% (mainly for speaking!)
- new value "ApparentTemperature" (Australian alternative to Windchill)
as variable %apparenttemp% and
  under Weather, Weather Calculator in the TAB "Windchill"

V2.96.0    2010-06-26
- Alteration of the %ws_season_xxxxx[yyyy]% variables:
  If for year 0000 is used, the program uses the current year, besides
this time period has not yet begun,
  then the program declines one year
- the offset-time introduced with V2.95.11 for the aktuell.gif-files now
can be individual set in a range from
  0...2000 ms, 0=off = as before V2.95.11, 500=default)
  -> Internet, Adjustments, Graphics
- at automatic export of the ws_export.csv all relevant data (as well as
activated sensors) now become written into this export file.
  therefore also the weather forecasts coming from the stations are here
  Possibly, for that reason, it is necessary to rename/backup a current
- With CSV-Import, one now can also directly import the "ws_newdata.csv"
(if it contains only the indexes and not the other header lines).
  Renames to EXPmm_YY.CSV (mm=month of the 1. Data record, YY=Year of
the 1. Data record)

- Possibility of exporting all monthly-data files in only "one"
EXPmm_jj.CSV file,.
  -> File, Exporting, Export Weather data and here selects at Measure
items then: "Export all month files: 1 File"
  --> so that easier shifts with sensor-exchange in that one must alter
only the indexes!
- The program checks at program-start (and under Help, Info about...)
wether a new program-version is available
  -> Update check can be disabled: File, Options
- Adaptations at tables because of the bigger "ScrollBars" under Windows
- Possibility, to not transfer the wind-direction to internet-services!
  -> Weather, Weather condition, Tab "Values 1"
- Possibility, to send e-mails per weekday and/or monthly-day

- With gradient displaying there is the need to set also "Color
reducement in GIF picture".
  If this isn't set the program corrects this at program start.
  -> so in Windows7 such graphics (with gradient) should be correct
created now.
- new variable: Unix32Date/Time   %ws_unix32datetime%
- new season variables: with customised compare values!!
  %season_uldaysx[ddmmyyyy~ddmmyyyy~vvvvvN]% days <= vvvvv
  %season_uhdaysx[ddmmyyyy~ddmmyyyy~vvvvvN]% days >= vvvvv
  (N=CompareTyp A:Day-Average-Value, L:Day-Min-Value; H:Day-Max-Value)

- with TE923 (with OEM-Stationen) now the possibility, to read out the
data-logger-content and to analyze.
- with FileWatching and CSV- or X-CSV-data files possibility, to let
finished the program after importing the data.

V2.95.11   2010-02-16
- Bug with NearRealTime solved - settings wasn't taken over
- new variables: see ws_variables_en.txt and V2.95.11 ( example:
%ws_season_spring [yyyy]% )
- Offset-time for aktuell.gif-file(s)
- Bug in producing of the ws_newdata.csv and wind gust solved (involves
only VantagePro)
  ->last value was registered at calm further.

V2.95.10   2010-01-08
- Expansion of the wedaal.txt with month and yearly-data
- If the time-sensor was chosen for rain-time, these data are shown at
single-sensor-view as well
- for the settings Vantage and TE923 now passes the possibility for each
settings-rider to produce a Hardcopy
  with the program (double-clicks).
- for most options, which start a program, there is now the possibility
over a "test-button" of executing
  to check the chosen program.

V2.95.9    2010-01-04
- bug at status weather-station Vantage and outdoor temperature ISS under
-17,7°C in day, month, and annual values solved
- Support of the WS2800 (via data File-Watching).
- a few new variables.

V2.95.8     2010-01-01
- Bug at creating week files solved:
  for CW53 in new year the files for CW1 in old year was created!
- Bug at Year-Sum in Statistic Data for sunshine time and rain time
- Reset Longtime Values:
  - Possibility to reset all longtime values (for complete new
  - a double-click on the sensor-names resets only the values for this
    - for longest Duration Dryness and Duration Frost double-clicks on
    - for "Max. Air pressure tendency" this is not intended not (only
over Reset)

  Caution! -> the values for "Max Air pressure tendency" and "max.
Rain/h" can be grasped only correctly in the online-operation!
  - if one Resets the values for "longest Duration frost", the current
last forst values are also reseted
    under Weather, Weather forecast, Statistics dates - last frost.

    The long-time "longest Frost Duration" is only determined if no frost
prevails during acquisition!!!!

V2.95.7    2009-12-28
- bug "deselection of "Import/Merge not possible" at Time-Sensor setting
- allows at X-CSV-Import also UTC-date/time
- allows at X-CSV-Import also the Unix-date/time-format (seconds since
1970/01/01 00:00:00)
  -> formattype must be Date+Time choosen and the formatstring must be
"zzzzzzzzzz" entered
     additional is here "UTC" to choose (normally)!
- the variables %season_maxdt[id~ddmmyyyy~ddmmyyyy]% and
%season_mindt[id~ddmmyyyy~ddmmyyyy]% was reactivated
  -> show time and date simultaneously

V2.95.6    2009-12-20
- Restrict the max. solar-radiation of 1750 W/m² (former 1800))
- Only values for solar-radiation are automatical taken over until 1700
W/m² for the longtime values!
- Backup-longtime values are only taken over, if between the values is 1
- mini-graphics for gust winddirection can and is only generated for a

V2.95.5    2009-12-08
- bug at time data (rain duration) at month and year solved
- new variable: %season_tropndays[ddmmyyyy~ddmmyyyy]%

V2.95.4    2009-11-21/23
- corrected a problem at Time View and paging forward
- new variables: %avgmin_mpast[id~mm~yyyy]%,
%avgmindate_mpast[id~mm~yyyy]%, %avgmax_mpast[id~mm~yyyy]%,
- variable
  read commend   %varstore_readc[xxx]% wasn't documented (content is
  read commend file    %varstore_readr[xxx]% was lost - replaces ^
through % for using of this varialbe

V2.95.3    2009-11-10
- Now proposes for 64-bit operating systems also C:\Wswin as installation
- At chosen utf-8 encoding in the Min./Max.-table for ° (degree) the utf-
8 encoding wasn't used.
- Correct in History data the rain showing (for no data)

V2.95.2    2009-10-31
- bug with template "template_season.txt" solved
-> further% openfile=xxx% was ignored (= only master file was worked off)

V2.95.1    2009-10-24
- Shift to new year-data file-format!
  When first starting of the V2.95.1, the program generates these new
data format.
  If the program "hangs" on that generating, is the corresponding
monthly-data file defective and must fore the further utilization
  berepaired (- > monthly-data file exports, corrects, imports).
  The older yearly-data files remain gotten, is necessary for version
before 2.95.1)

- Adaptations to VantageVUE:
  - the used Windcup-Typ is now correctly recognized and set
  - the possible values (in accordance with the supported sensors) are
only appraised.
    In the V2.95.0, all values were appraised - with what these values
for the not possible sensors was wrong
    (f.e. SoilMoisture, Leaf...)

- Is for charset "utf-8" chosen, Wswin generates the own Html-Dateien in
accordance with this encoding!
  = Adaptation of the umlauts etc.. at this format

- Support of 2 further user-defined interpretations - > Weathers,
Statistics dates, Extra
  (with variables and season-variables - for current values Updating of
Year-Date files necessary!
  The table with values is only shown, if a sensor was selected for it.
- determine Thermal Sum - sees to it under Weather, Degree-days +... -
the taken into account months are yellow deposited.
- even further new variables, sees also ws_variables_en.txt marked with
  replace with UTF-8 code %ws_replaceforutf8 [the ° ^ Ä is äöüß only one
  Text-comparison = / < >% ws_comparestrx=text1~text2~text3~text4%
           If text1 = text2 then result = text3
           If text1 <> text2 then result = text4

- new Template: template_season.txt
  control/activate under Control, Parameters
Template/APRS/Synop/Metar/NearRealTime and there TAB Template
  If as well as long as this Template is worked off, other internet-data
files (also Templates) becomes
  put back. Possible start-times from 00:05 to 23:49

V2.95.0    2009-09-26
- Supports the Weather Station DAVIS VantageVUE
- solved bug at investigation tropics-nights.
- Adjustments for sun-time as well as. Rain-time for the week-values on
- for %avg10minwind%, %avg10minwindg%, %avg1minwind%, %avg2minwind% now
you can use alternative units (m/s, BFT, Knts ...)
- new variable Value to Time %ws_valtotime[h,hh]% - Beispiel
%ws_valtotime[%sunmonth_d%]% -> 158:35
- Alteration of the indication for windrun - only in the monthly-
statistics-graphics becomes the wind-run-value through 24 devided.
- values before 1980 (exactly from 1.1.1938) is represented again.
  Is absolutely necessary, that under View, Adjustments the option
  'not active: available from" is set!
   Without this option no data are generally represented before 1.1.1980!
  Without this option
- the set limiting values for Leaf and Moisture (VantagePro) now are
taken into account.
- Data for UV, sunshine-time now are also at manual send to AWEKAS.
- Times (sunshine-, rain-duration-time) now are passed out mostly in the
time-format hhh:mm
- in the history-graphics, also the unit (°C or km/24) is presented in
the legend
- in the wind-distribution / wind force graphics the reference (hour,
day, month) is presented
- rarely used menus has be been transferred in the Adjustments menu
(through it less resources necessary)

V2.94.3    2009-03-31
- Correction for choosen Weatherstation (Mebus,Irox,Honeywell,Cresta ...)
and using of a modified
  temperature-/hum sensor: for month and year the sunshine time wasn't
calculated, here expected the program a
  difference calculation
- Expansion variable:
  %curminmaxhour [a,h,x]% new a: 6=difference at the prior time (exact
hour) as well as sum with times, rain.
- bug at season-variable and ID 37 or ID 39 (times) solved: shows hours
vlues, but units minutes
- Expansion of wswin_x-csv_import: If more data defined as then occur,
this takes the program into account.
  With sunshine-time and data-delimiters ";" and numeric character-
grouping the program take into account this

V2.94.2    2009-03-24
- Correction at the %ws_calc-variables: %AllwaysSepPoint_on%   is taken
into account

V2.94.1    2009-03-20
Caution! Only use the new WsWinAprs V1.4.1!!!
the calculation-method in the program was rearranged, for that reason it
is absolutely necessary to update all yearly-data files
(Internet, Update graphics/tables ...).
A comparison with older Wswin-versions only is given through it

- The program now carries out an updating by force of the
weeks/month/annual values, if it is not done via
  Update Internet-data files (for example).
- Calculats tropics-nights
- Allows alternative calculation of the average day-solar-radiation
  (Settings for this under View, Adjustments)
  - After alteration, update all yearly-data files (Internet, Update
graphics/tables ...)

- Enables the calculation of the difference of two sensors (same type)

- Bug solved from V2.93.19 in the context settings as weather-station
"VantagePro" and data is put over CSV-File.
  Here the program ignored data (modified Temp/Hum sensor), which are
used for sunshine time.
- Bug solved with the difference-temperature (for sunshine-time) and
temperature-units in °F.
- Bug solved with WMR9xx-Stationen and calculation of the windrun:
  under certain circumstances, the windrun wasn't determined right.

- transfers to Wunderground also data of additional sensors (for example
UV, solar-radiation, Moisture), if yours station
  has these sensors.
- new variable %ws_array60min[xx]% - > for example for Clientrawhour.txt

- new variable-type %season_... for example
%season_avg[2~21122007~20032008]% - %season_avg[id~ddmmyyyy~ddmmyyyy]%
  One can determines/report values (or time/date) for a before-admitting
time limit: here 2007-12-21 to 2008-03-20.
- new variables
  To store in data file           %varstore_write[xxx~text]%
  Readings from data file    %varstore_read[xxx]%
  Commentary about the Var xxx      %varstore_writer[xxx~remark]%

- the variables %season_... and %varstore_ can you directly create and
write in the program under Weather, Weather forecast and here
  in the TAB "Statistics data" and "Text" ...
  Recommendation: Generate the values in the program directly

- new variable replace for Html-Code    %ws_replaceforhtml[das ° ^ Ä ist
nur ein test äöüß]%
  Result: das &deg; ^ &Auml; ist nur ein test &auml;&ouml;&uuml;&szlig;

- Variables general:
  The program treats the variables: Unit_on / Unit_Off and AlwaysSepPoint
no more global.
  Default = Unit_on and AlwaysSepPoint=Off (settings of the Windows-
system are taken over here)
  You must take care of that these settings for
  - customised Data files
  - Templates
  - customised report
  - customised speach output
  - NearRealTime
  is placed explicitly.

- for the VantagePro, the setting for Unit was free-switched
  -> Weather station, Adjustments, Console - this changes are only taken
over after complete power off Console/Envoy.
  -> For users, who want to rearrange the US-Units at the Envoy (at the
Console you can do that direct).

- Possibility of the import of each arbitrary text-based data file under
utilization of a corresponding configuration-data file
  here the File-Watching (also with Pause operation) is also supported,
in this case the configuration-data file must be
  Recommendation: set as weather station VantagePro and disable not
available sensors.

- if variables with the ID=45 (wind gust) are used for stations without
wind gust, the program favors ID=35 automatically here
  -> Wind speed.

- allow now the automatic creation of a 2. Sets (size) of mini-graphics
(= #2).

- Expansion of the WWW-Template - Interface - sees
  - among other things the program shows the Portal name in the program
  - Possibility, to send monthly-data also over this interface

- Canges at Instruments view: now Computer with a screen-view of 1024x600
(Netbooks) can the
  Wind-instruments correctly generate.

- at the Min./Max.-History Showing (and graphics for example
minmax2009_2.gif) the STDV reference is displayed (if one has it
  deposited accordingly)

- At Import/File-Watching and weather station TE923 (Nexus,Irox,Cresta
etc.) and transfer of the Original-Wind chill-value
  from these stations as ID7, Wswin can determine the sunshine-term with
help of the difference-temperature-formation.

- for the x-csv-Import, following ready configuration is made available:

  wswin_x-csv_wh1080.cfg, for the WH-1080, WH-8681, WX-2008, Elecsa 6975,
265 NE, stations, with what here noticing is, that
  the EasyWeather software (6.1) has often a problem. Watches the
EasyWeather.dat (or others)

  wswin_x-csv_tfa-nexus.cfg - for the TFA Nexus/Sinus stations. Need to
convert the NexusOrg.dbf (dbase) in Excel and store it as
  CSV-File, in Excel use the user-defined format for the date/time-field
"DATE_TIME" -> " hh:mm"!

  wswin_x-csv_elv_ws550.cfg - for the ELV/Conrad station WS500,WS550,
WS888. So that the sunshine-time is taken over, in Wswin
  (under Weather station, Special sensors, #3) Import/Merge must be
chosen. Before export in WeatherProfessional in the Windows "Region- and
Language Settings" (System-control))
  for numeric character-grouping here without the "symbol of numeric
character-grouping" must be chosen, otherwise
  the sunshine-times 234.201 (for example) are not right acquired.

  wswin_x-csv_hygrosens.cfg - for Hygrosens data-loggers - is it
considered only 2 by the 20 practicable temperature-sensor here.
  If you have more sensors, please adjust the configuration-data-file.

V2.93.19    2008-04-08
- allows for email-subject variables
- adaption at the WMR-9x8 and modified solar sensor
- at import and CSV-File-Watching now also always the German date-format
( is allowed
  normally, WsWin uses the date-format settings of the Windows-OS!
- now manual times for rain and/or sunshine-time (for example CSV-File-
Watching or or Merging)
  supported. The program then calculates these times no more and uses
these data.
  Settings for this under Weather Station, Special-sensors, #3 - on =
  allowed Sensor-ID's between 19 and 32.
- the CSV-File-Watching interface (as well as merging and importing CSV-
files) was extented.
  For rain, ET, sunshine-time, rain time also continuous values are
handled, the program
  then calculate the necessary difference automatically: necessary ID's
for this are
  134 rains
  140 ET as well as Hail
  137 sunshine-time as well as. hail-time (additional the utilization of
the manual time calculation is necessary here)
  139 rain-time, (additional the utilization of the manual time
calculation is necessary here)
  It is the times to be handed over (smallest value = 1 minutes, topmost
value = 60 minutes) as minute-number!
  Allowed also the weather forecast-numbers (ID's 97,98,99) and for the
  the windgust direction section as ID=96 with the values 0..16 (= N,
- supports for wedaal.txt now the newer format for wetterboard-de.
- adaptions for APRS (CWOP) - the program pretends the desired Send-
Offset automatically
- Acquisition of the frost-sum: see under Weather, Statistics dates or
under weathers, degree days + ...
  -> for former years, it is necessary to update the "Year-File" with all
availalbe dates
  turning off of the "ReadOnly" flag for updating is here not necessary!
- as maximum wind-speed, now 250 km/h are possible

V2.93.17     2007-06-21
- The viewing of the wind-distribution-graphics wind-direction/wind-speed
now is possible
  - only intended for day view!

V2.93.16     2007-06-18
- Bug at Windrose (introduced with V2.93.15) solved
  -> only 3 wind-directional-names were presented.
- New wind-distribution-graphics wind-direction/wind-speed:
  the time-times are represented color-like in accordance with the legend
with the peculiarities
  the last value, it is always passed out in "RED" and in recording mode
  the last 5 values are represented in "VIOLET" .
  For the last value, the wind-speed is shown in the legend (red).
  Graphics-name of it is ddis_f_?????.gif

V2.93.15     2007-06-07
- new variables:
  %ws_uvtext% -> none, minimal, low, moderate, high, veryhigh
  2 average   (w1+w2)/2 %ws_calc[2]=12,0~15,1~3%
  Changes at %valuechange[x]=mm% for Rain, ET, Sunshinetime and Time
Time sensor: now Result is the difference
- Possibility to clasp the min/max values as last-reach
  -> see view menu, adjustments: option "min./max.value = alternate
calculation ->last"
- Possibility, to start a program/batch file during the recording and
after working off internet files,
  -> see File, Options: Tab "timing controlling" and here recording
- for sending data automatically to after month change
the monthly-data now become automatic transfered.
- Possibility, to send data to 3 additional weather-portals over data
file-generation or http-post.
  or, to use this function as 3 additional customised file creation
  -> see Internet, Adjustments: TAB "WWW" and information in data file
- Additional safeguarding for TE923 (Irox, Mebus, Honeywell) against
wrong time-/date-values
- Bug resolved at producing of the 3 additionally possible current-
  -> reserved storage was released no more.

V2.93.14     2007-05-07
- Bug at TE923 (Irox,Mebus...) and hardware-version 4 and setting the
time-zone local/used solved:
  Longitude-degree greater 100 was not taken on.
- new parameters "Brightness in lux, sunshine-time, soil-temperature,
rain rate" for AWEKAS and Direct - Link (only automatic sending)
- new option "Charset" for Html - sides creation, under Internet,
Adjustments, HTML)

V2.93.13       2007-04-22
- Alteration   of TE923 (Mebus, Irox, Honeywell) because of wind speeds
>200 km/h
- Correction   from Czech language: the same graphics-name was used for air
pressure and   rain.

V2.93.12     2007-04-02
- Alteration of TE923 (Mebus, Irox, Honeywell) because of wind speeds of
195,6 km/h - 122.1 mph

V2.93.11     2007-03-18
- consider now also VantagePro 1 and updated firmware (daylight saving
time) of the 20.Nov. 2006
- considers now at the VantagePro 2 the new firmware version counting
  at this time V1.60: WirelessConsole Dec 1 2006, WirelessEnvoy Dec 12
2006, CabelConsole Jan 7 2007
- consider the max. daily wind gust at the Irox/Mebus during the
  Attention! If the max. daily wind gust didn' happen during the
recording (Data logger operation),
  the program can't assign that, because of missing time stamp and that
becomes not considered.
- with available grow sensor the first/last frost is investigated - as
variables too
  To the follow of these data, the "year-file" must be updated!!

V2.93.10     2007-03-05
- now at max wind gust the correct wind direction is assigned at all
- With the Irox / Mebux (TE923), also the UV-value now is represented in
the weather-overview (current.html), provided
- Degree-days: also the growing-temperature now determines - if is
reached the 200 value here, it begins
  Vegetation: the ground picks up nitrogen again, agricultural works can
be begun.
  To the follow of these data, the "year-file" must be updated!!

V2.93.9      2007-02-26
- Adaptations at VantagePro and crazy-playing solar-sensor
- Possibility at statistics data and long-time values to go back to the
prior value (backup):
  double-clicks on the unit name of the relevant sensor (after that with
OK+Close takes over)
- further adaptation for support WDLive (variables)
- Small things...

V2.93.8       2007-01-15
- new version of WsWinAprs - because of changeover of the APRS-Server
- direct sending of Aprs-Daten (without entry at time-control) - please
control your settings:
   The program puts automatically from time-control on directly control
(under Control, Parameters Template/Aprs/Synop).
- Adaptations to Synop in cooperation with Andreas Neuen - thank you to
   among other thing sending email all 10, 30 or 60 minutes.
- Email-profiles to 5 increased
- Possibility, to send the emails with "Blat" directly
( controlled over WsWin
   Blat must be set aside in a "search-path-folder" to it - > for example
under C:\Windows
   additionally, one can set an "optionfile" = blatconfig1.cfg..
blatconfig5.cfg, in accordance with the
   5 possible email-profiles, the option file must be stored in the WsWin-
- Additional command line start-parameter "/ER" - > send email-report at
automatical program start.
- Possibility of sending email report every 1,2,3,4,6 hours
- New variables and alterations for variables - specifically for WDLive
   with ws_calc, it becomes with not number-value, now the 1. Parameters
returned (early "blanc"-signs)
   Variables for sun-rise /sun-set for arbitrary data
- TE923: re-calc of the Wind chill-Temp altered on Wind-Temp
- Data become for 24 hours use (for example synop, variables), the
program switches to 24 hours view.
   (can be disabled)
- New time-control: sunrise/-set, additional time-control
- the year-file and with it statistics-data is always updated now (even
if internet-files updateing not activated)
- if set produce "each weekday a graphic" (day1.gif... day7.gif) and
preparation is behind longer, the program now gets this
   automatically after.
- now is with sun / moon a direct "paging through" is possibly (if
selects date was chosen), now becomes furthermore
  here the highest sun-stand (Elevation) additionally indicated
- carry along grow-frost-days (if a grow sensor is set)
- bug at location at cordinates of 0 Grad North or East solved

V2.93.7         2006-10-25
- Consideration at VantagePro, if the standard outdoor temperature sensor
isn't the main outdoor temperature sensor.
- Consideration of not existing rain-sensor in statistics-data.
- Wave-file-creation every hour should work again.
- Creation of UV-instruments-graphics of TE923 now possibly
- Optimized and new variables specifically for WDLive

V2.93.6         2006-10-19
- Awekas: Transmission time all 30 minutes should now work
- with TE923, now is also the long-time -UV-value determined
- Wave file creation can now also adjust to every 30/20/10 minutes

V2.93.5        2006-10-11
- Support of creation of aweaks.txt removed - please use now "Direct
- Adaptation for difference-sensor as solar-sensor: Shows in the
Min./Max. bar also clouding and sunshine-time.
- Bug at TE923 and almost filled data-lugger-storage solved (only data of
the last records were read out)

V2.93.4a       2006-10-05
- Bug: not saving settings for "Create statistic dates" solved

V2.93.4        2006-10-03
- Now carry along reception-statistics at recording for the station Mebus
TE923/Irox Pro-X
  -> the corresponding variables (% ws_state_sens [x]%,% ws_stateakt_sens
[x]%, '% ws_akt_sens [x]%,
     %ws_colorstate_sens [x]%) now are also valid.
- at automatic generating of historical data the program ignores values
of the first day in new month

V2.93.4        2006-10-01
- with Mebus TE923/Irox Pro-X and UV-Sensor, the mean values at month and
year now are calculated
  and shown.
- with File-Watching and set weather-station VantagePro and data not from
  (for example WS2300/WS3600), the day-min values come back correct.
  (issues from V2.93.3).
- with Mebus TE923/Irox Pro-X, there now is the possibility under Weather
station, Adjustments (need that the recording
  didn't run) to correct the data record pointer.
  -> necessarily, if one has reseted/cleared the station (Mebus TE923 /
Irox Pro-X) manually.

V2.93.3        2006-09-25
- Now supports difference temperature sensor for sunshine - especially
for Mebus TE923 / Irox Pro-X.
  Activate under Weather station, Special sensors and here with solar.
- Combines automatical at the VantagePro for main outdoor temperature the
min and max values

V2.93.2        2006-09-19
TE923: Bug at rain and read out of the datalogger of the station solved.

V2.93.1        2006-09-17
all TE923
- Corrections for texts. At alteration of the station name, this
immediately is shown.
- Adaption, if another program locks the USB - Port.
- Consideration if first Record has initial-values
- Consideration if storage-size is passed
- Consideration if hardware version alteration (newer station)

V2.93.0       2006-09-14
- In the case of the Test Version the possible ONLINE time was increased
from 90 minutes on 3 hours, in the same way and
  at available data logger all of the stored records are completely "read

- Support for the TE923 (MEBUS, Irox, Honeywell, RTS)
  Information on that: these stations are available in 4 hardware
implementations, marked in the program with HW1..4
  - HW1: Memory 8 KByte (208 records) - one can alter only the storage
interval (5..1440 minutes) over computers
  - HW2: as HW1. Additionally, one can over computers alters: Location
altitude, temperature alarms, wind/rain-Alarm .
         As well, HW2 prepares real time data for picking up all minutes!
  - HW3: available with different memory implementations (8kB, 32kB, 64kB
and 128 kB),
         with Memory 128 KByte = 3442 records - otherwise like HW2
  - HW4: as HW3
         additionally, one can alter over the computer the CityInfo for
Local and Selected Settings and can also
         change Time Alarms, (Single-, Weekly- and Pre-Alarm).

  Peculiarities in context with WsWin:
  If you receive an interface error at starting or changing to "with
Interface", so a reason for this can be:
  the helper file "usb.dll" is not available in the WsWin program folder.

  If an option is not selectable at this station, the hardware doesn't
support this possibility.
  - under "Weather station, Status interface" find you information about
the hardware and current weather data
  - under "Weather station, Settings" can configure this station.
  - with HW2..4 you can choose in WsWin whether you want to use the real-
time dates all 1 minutes or all 2 minutes or
    the possible datalogger ranges (5, 10, 20, 30, 60...)

  To heed: if the chosen storage interval exceeded one year of "storage
duration", WsWin don't allows these
               selection! (with the 3442 data records the duration would
reach up to the year in 2016)

  WsWin restricts the max. Ultraviolet-value to 25.5 UV-I!
  With chosen option (default: ON) WsWin converts the ultraviolet values
onto values similar to the VantagePro.
  Always the original values firmly held as "UV X" (id=9), with not
chosen option are Ultraviolet and Ultraviolet X
  WsWin observes the sent wind chill values as temperature value (id=8),
this value is is back-calculated as value without
  Wind influence (id=7).
  Difference temperature (id=10) is formed from the out door temperature
(main outdoor sensor = dewpoint sensor) and sensor ID=7.
  This value is planned for recording of sunshine duration.

- Possibility for Windrun to choose also the wind gusts (under View,

- Possibility to let produce graphics automatically for the statistics
data after month change (new month),
  -> monthlongtime.gif, longtimecalculated.gif, longtime.gif,
     year-covered: rainsun_y2006.gif, his_y2006.gif, wind_y2006.gif,
clima_y2006.gif, minmax2006_1.gif, minmax2006_2.gif

- Internet settings for Wetterarchiv and AWEKAS now also under Internet,
- Internet-Update-Times for Wetterarchiv and AWEKAS now separately and
settings for it under Internet, Adjustments
- Possibility now to send the data to AWEKAS also every 5,10,15 or 30

- When exporting of the monthly-data file, single-sensor-monthly-data
file or all monthly-data files now become combined sensors
  For example: 1+4=6 is exported,
  1+4=4, it is not exported since the data of an original sensor would
get lost here.
- with VantagePro, now the default-indication at ET is process, can under
View menu, Adjustments put back
  on the previous statement.

- new variables, sees custom_en.txt and V2.92.6

- Error solved: in case of input of the position coordinates and -0°, it
was not taken over negatively value
- VantagePro: in the recording operation, no data became stored, if no
wind data existed.
  This restriction was removed.

- VantagePro: The program uses now the rain calibrating-factor what is
entered under "Calibrate rain quantity".
  Please check your rain calibrating-factor: should be usually in 1.000!

- Supports now a modified temp./humidity sensor for the single month
export as solar sensor - for
  later import/mergen with a VantagePro weather station.
- Adaptations for weather station TE923 and import of the Records.txt
(from WeatherCapture).
  One can now choose whether the UV-values of the TE923 should be tried
on at the values of the VantagePro.

- Solved bug with ClimaLogger: as a humidity 4 the inside humidity was
  please convert data completely again (rename old ws*.dat files before)

V2.92.5       2006-05-29
- Bugs resolved

V2.92.4       2006-05-27
- APRS/CWOP news now can reported with the included program WsWinAprs.exe
(with existing internet conection).
  The using of VWSAprs is no more necessary with it.
  The support of VWSAprs is probably discontinued in the future.

  VWSAprs sends the data under the software-identifier Virtuel Weather
Station, WsWinAprs sends the data under
  the software-identifier PC-Wetterstation. From APRS/CWOP had been the
wish for a long time to introduce this differentiation.
  Please put to it under Control, Parameters Template/APRS/Synop/Metar...
and here under APRS your data
  and activates the option "WsWinAprs" (and when recording Aprs-Datei
  If you don't have yet any identifier with APRS/CWOP, so you register
yourself under to the receipt of
'unique "CWxxxx" identifier'
  This service is free and you don't become advertisement (as with
  If you input your data, goto File, Options, Time controlling2 and here
in the area "Extra1"
  click "= - > WsWinAprs.exe." All necessary data then are brought in,
you only must set the
  time (5,10,15,30, 1h etc..) when the data should be transferred.
  If this button is not available, no data are entered with CallSign-ID
or the data file WsWinAprs.exe is missing in the
  Wswin program folder. As well, it is important that under weather
station, location the correct location-coordinates
  entered is!
  Many thanks go to Steve Hatchett for his help.

- You can combine the Time controlling2/Extra1 with the Time
  For example with Extra2 starts a program, with Extra3 this program
control with key codes and then close
  the program after the set time (Quit program) from Extra1.
- VantagePro: control your rain calibration factor (under Weather
station, Calibrate rain quantity...), with not
  modified rain-sensor must stand here 1.000.
- Possibility to update automatically internet-data files (like year-,
month- files) now also each 12,6,3,2 or 1 hours

- Bug solved at Synop and station-air pressure (doesn't involve
VantagePro and Mebus stations)

V2.92.3       2006-05-07
- Bug at rain and unit "inch" when altering the data solved.
- For ET (Vantagepro) and simultaneous showing of the rain values, the
shown ET values are now correct.
- new variables: %ws_rfc822datetime% and time of value changes:
%ws_timetoval[09:14]% = 9.23
- With VantagePro and chosen DebugMode-Bit "9", a data file vtrain.txt
now is carried along (to recognizing the rain-duplication)!

V2.92.2       2006-04-24
- At chosen weather station "TE923", the UV-Sensor now is available also
with Mini-graphics, Minidisplay and Html.

V2.92.1       2006-04-22
- Bug at the production of current-graphics with the view profiles solved
  -> the instruments graphics were no more produced.
- Bug in Synop and sunshine-time last hour (553xx) solved
- with the usage the of 3 extra graphics-preparation-profile, now all
settings of is are used
  (Size, color, Min.-/Max-Displaybar, font color...)

V2.92.0       2006-04-17
- some inconsistencies resolved
- Program takes into account with autom. Scaling, that the zero-degree-
line appears no more outside the diagram
- in the Awekas.txt, also the snow-height is passed (snow-height must
confirm at least every 3 days under Weather condition)
- Adjustment-pixels at graphic are now takes into account again
- with the * _mpast[...]- variables now also negative values for month
in the range -12..0..+12 (0=Year !!!) are allowed.
- Possibility of the reverse publishing of values with Template and
current day - >% templatereverseday%
  -> must in line before %templatebegin% placed.
- support the Climate-logger - with File-Watching and converting of the
data file (history.drf)
  here WsWin can steer the program "Thermo - Hygro Data Recorder" with
the Keycodes={_A_DN}di{_A_UP}", (for the autom. Read Out)
  -> over new "Time controlling3" (under File, Options)

- support the updating more frequently of the air pressure with the
VantagePro (1,2,3,5,10 minutes)
  as standard intended of the weather-station (15 minutes)

  A problem should not be withheld on that occasion: (mainly with
  The firmware of the Console has apparently a problem with this
sporadically. Notices: if suddenly "beeps" the console and
  then also a air pressure of about 680hPa is shown. WsWin corrects this
mistake normally.
  The Console and also Weatherlink hold on to this low data record and
falsify the minimal-value of the air pressure with it!

- One can now use (without temperature/humidity-adjustment) the
Altimeter-Air Pressure with VantagePro and assignment at CWOP (APRS).
  (Setting under Control, Parameters Template/APRS/Synop/Metar... and
here under APRS)

- Option for File-Watching and no new data since x.. minutes:
Automatically stop / start of the recording.
- Possibility, to produce additional Aktuell.gif-Files (current) with the
settings of the 3 additional view-profiles.
  With the file name, the profile-number then is joined
  for example: View profile 2 -> aktuell_2.gif as well as 20060322_2.gif
- With not available COM2-Port, it is switched automatically to COM1.
  -> in former versions, the next lower number was applied for COM2..COM4
(or to COM1).

- Possibility of the production of a general monthly-data file
(month.gif) - sees Internet, Adjustments, Graphics
- Possibility to import the Records.txt from (MEBUS-Station), under
File, Import Weather data here under "TE923"
  - here, additionally also the weather forecasts are taken over, is
tried the Wind chill-value (the wind-sensor) furthermore
    has an independent temperature-sensor in it, back-adds to held on on
the measured temperature-value as Temp6-value.
    The UV-values are imported with a solid factor by 0.444 - with this,
you get the same values as with VantagePro.
- As well, there is the possibility to select the TE923 (Mebus, Irox,
Honeywell) as weather-station as preparation on the
  future direct support of this station.
- Possibility of the indication of the snowfall-border and cloud-sub-
border of the weather symbolic file (current.html))
V2.91.7       2006-01-05
- Bug at VantagePro2 and firmware May 27 2005 and simultaneously time set
at program-start solved:
  This firmware has the peculiarity that they at alterations (also the
time) the
  Reception-data (reception packet, lost packets, packet in row etc.) all
on 0 is placed. That became in the program with the
  Calculation of the reception-quality until now taken not into account.
- Alteration of the timeout with email sending from 30 seconds to 60
seconds and email attachemetns are no more "MIME" coded.

V2.91.6a     2006-01-02
- at weather-station VantagePro (in the online-operation) also now is
  + Automatic read out weather data at start
  + Automatic close program after read out
- correction at week (day new year - week last year)
- correction at week files creation

V2.91.5      2005-12-28
- the program now "tolerates" again data with same time-entries
- new variables - sees custom_en.txt and the entry V2.91.5
- Consideration if in the online-operation of the VantagePro the day-
rain-volume is put on "0."
- at online-operation of the VantagePro now become also for temperature,
humitity, Leaf, Moisture and wind-direction
  the adjustment-values applied.
  -> they are not used with ET in the online-operation!
  -> with what I hold it more meaningfully, to input the adjustment-
values for temp, humitidy and wind-direction in the
     VantagePro Console
     - > Look at Weather Station, Settings, CAL
     The calibration of temp, humitidy and wind-direction supports the
Console directly, other values not!

V2.91.4      2005-11-26
- Support for program language: Spain
- Some corrections - what me so stood out...
- new variables for values with different units
- new variables for texts for all supported languages - independently
from chosen program-language
- Adaptations at online-operation with VantagePro and more slowly/delayed
transfer for example with USB-serial adapter
- Possibility, to set date/time of the VantagePro console with date/time
of the computer at program-start
  (it is only done once on the day even the program starts more

V2.91.3      2005-10-24
- Adjustment at the APRS - wind-data and additionally utilization of
- Adjustment at the wind-directional-indication and wind-speed 0
- If the connection to the weather-station (VantagePro) is interrupted,
the program stops after 7 attempts to get
  get connection (DAVIS USB - serial - adapter)
- New option: Befaufort after DeutscherWetterDienst (not WMO)

V2.91.2      2005-10-16
- Bug when updating the yearly-data file solved
- Bug at creating of the Synop solved - for the grow sensor was the
average value used instead of the minimal-value
- Additional values of wind in Synop
- If after the "Waiting-Operation" the Com-Port cannot be opened (because
the other program still runs), no more a
  Messages window appears, however the program tries all minutes to
resume the operation.
- With APRS, one now has the possibility to choose between APRS-standard
and NOAA-standard.

V2.91.1      2005-10-03
- bug with File-Watching and station typ WS2500(-PC) solved (error
- Bug at Waiting operation solved:
  After using of Settings and/or Status and closing the communication was
for 2 minutes deactivated.
- Bug and time values (0..30) for updating customised user Html/Wml file
- For the wind-instruments the gradient lets itself now disabled.
- New variables for NRT wind in knots (%nrtwindkts%, %nrtwindgkts% ) -
please update your ws_clientraw.txt.
- The yearly-data file now becomes autom. update if one did an alteration
in behind months and
  after it the yearly view is chosen.

- Possibility of the control of the customised/template files about a
Controll - data file: wswin_customfiles.cfg:
  Look under Control, Settingss Template/APRS/Synop/Metar... and here at
"CFG Custom file."
  You have the possibility on this occasion to alter this data file, to
be in the habit of and that automatically the program
  builds this file with your data:
  Be sure that there the option "wswin_customfiles.cfg activ" is not
  and the Option "create/update wswin_customfiles.cfg" must be chosen!

- Caution: if you leave this setting-window and again goto to this
setting windows or the
  Program is cloesed, this setting is deactivated automatically!
  After activating, you should
  - Update Internet files
  - Customised Html/Wml file(s)...
  - all Template data files (in the corresponding view maybe week, month
  Build-up of the Control file:
  1) start-name
  2) number of data files (with 0, no data files are worked off) as well
as the control file is turned off!
  3) data files, with what the first data file always must one
identically with the start-name and also must exist!
     If a semicolon is after "=" and before the file name, this data file
is ignored, however must be with-considered in the number!

   If you control the working off over the wswin_customfiles.cfg (Opton
activated) all "&open..."- Variables in the data files
   ared ignored. As tip: nevertheless still use these variables, you can
then choose easily between both possibilities and
   so that has "built" the control file also again.

   Disadvantage of the utilization over the control over the
   Here, it is not possible to use control files dynamically: construct
the file names with variables.

V2.91.0      2005-09-25
  With this version also the operating systems Win95, Win98 and WinME are
again supported !!!!

- Bug at reading out the data-logger of the VantagePro solved.
- Updates of the yearly-data file with the monthly-average -Max -Min data
- Alterations of the instruments:
  Indication of the min./max-values as tool-tip, window menu-position is
  Shifts from the min-/max-values, that refer it to the representation-
time (only for day).
  New instrument for solar-radiation as well as Brightness
- VantagePro and online-operation:
  For UV, solar, wind, wind-gusts, rain is considered the adjustment-
  The temperature-values and wind-direction should be corrected in
  (When importing, file-watching and activated option "use correction
  a l l in setted adjustment-values considers. ) -> like until now.

V2.90.3      2005-09-17
- Support of Wedaal (Wetterdatenauslese - with generation
of the wedaal.txt (analogously to awekas.txt)
- Representation at statistics data of the rain-days with/without rain-
- Interval-times for online-operation (only WM918, WMR9x8, VantagePro,
weather-sensor-receivers) now are "lined up",
  if no rest remains with 60/interval (1..6,10,12,15 minutes)

V2.90.2      2005-09-13
- Bug at sendigng data to awekas solved - there was the wind direction
send for wind
- When generating the instruments-graphics, the color-reduction was
switched off -> gradient better.
- For rain-days, also the rain-duration-sensor (= time sensor) is now

- Bug at setting/changing the online=recording interval time for the
Vantage solved

V2.90.0      2005-09-10
- Bug with Longitude and Latitude and negative values solved
- Bug with the alarm-values solved: the program-internal units were
always passed out.
- With "update tables/graphics ..." and also "day" chosen, also the rain-
rate/hrs and the maximum Air pressure-alteration per hour
  are new calculated.
- The showing of the average min- as well as max-temperature in the Week-
Html-Tables are removed.

- Support of the VantagePro from Rev. B (firmware from April 24, 2002)
and the VantagePro2 in the direct online-operation
  with the corresponding online-variables, for example %ws_batteryvt%
%ws_totalpacketsvt% etc.
  Who uses the VantagePro Online in the pause-operation-mode can use the
Weatherlink-Software additionally online,
  provided there on the "Vantage bulletin" as well as "Vantage Summary"
is abstained.
  This function requires permanent access to the matching unit and WsWin
would not have any more access-possibility with it.
  Another possibility passes (also under utilization of the Pause-
/Waiting-operation) the Weatherlink intermittently the data
  be able to pick up from the weather-station. Must to it in the Pause-
/Waiting-operation as external program Weatherlink
  (for example) "C:\WeatherLink56\WeatherLink56.exe" set, as Option (for
example), "Home -d" are declared, must furthermore in the time-field
  mm:ss pause a value <> 0:00 is written down. Meaningfully here 1:00 or
2:00; Weatherlink has 1 minutes with it as well as 2 minutes
  time to pick up the data.

  It is possible only in the registered version, under Weather station,
Adjustments, EEPROM, to write data back
  on the VantagePro EEPROM - although the buttons are active.
  Here, you have the possibility, presupposed corresponding knowledge, to
modify each EEPROM-Byte of the VantagePro.
  (for example to the adjustment of wrong rain-values etc.).
  The utilization of this function happens only on own responsibility,
all liability for it is from-closed.

- Possibility of the production of Instruments graphics for
  Outdoortemp, Dew point, Wind Chill, UV, Rain, Outdoor Humidity, Air
pressure, Wind, Wind direction and Wind gusts (provided the
  Weather Station are give the corresponding sensor value).
  These graphics are created in the same time, as the Aktuell.gif
produces - there here even the program repuires the Main focus!

- Possibility of the production of a Synop file
- Possibility of the production of a Metar file

- New Option for recording interval >= 2 hours
  -> under View, Adjustments, chooses the option: "Day: always show
  such measuring points are connected with it also with a line.

- Additional support of a Time-Template (template_time.txt). Which is in
a solid time-screen from 5,10,15,30 or 60 minutes
  is worked off (offset to it possibly) .
- With the Work off of the Custom-files (custom.txt/wap.txt) during the
recording, now passes the possibility, to do this
  only each always=0, 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes.

- Possibility, to pretend the delimiter and the decimal-delimiter for the
monthly-data file-export:
  1),0.1,     2);0,1;     3);0.1;

- Possibility, to also send the weather-conditions automatically to
AWEKAS, - sees Weather, Weather condition.
  You must activate this function for again. Set at
wetterarchiv and/or AWEKAS the option "active"!

V2.85.11     2005-07-01
- for the variables for 2. Long time temperature sensor
(%LT_Temp2Max%/%LT_Temp2Min%) now becomes "- -" as well as "--" spent, if
  no sensor is chosen for it (that these variables were not dissolved

V2.85.10     2005-06-26
- The working off of the Test-Template "template_test~. txt" now is
steered over option (no more, if existing)
- Bug in hour number with humitity over 90 percent solved - > it is
necessarily to update the yearly files!
- Bug in week representation and wind direction and only one value each
hour solved.
- new variables (specifically suitable for WDLive)
  see wap-row-files: ws_clientraw.txt, ws_clientrawextra.txt and
- new variable% setdatepast[dd~mm~yyyy]% for defined allocation of the
using date if YYYY=9999
  - necessary for template_proplant_y.txt
    -> for %growtemp14[00~00~9999]%]% as well as %relhum14[00~00~9999]%
are wrong date used
- for all new variables, please look in the custom_en.txt for V2.85.10!

- Possibility of export of all monthly files - are stored in the folder
  -> see File, Exporting..., Export all month files ...: here Data Files
  and the possibility, to import all these files again (if folder/files
".\AllData\exp *. csv" existing)
  is with existing brightness sensor, lux = WS2500, - sun stand
correction chosen and activated calculation this
  Solar radiation W/m²: the solar radiation value is also presented in
the monthly export file!
  (If WS2500 transferred - > VantagePro...)
- In the mini display and for the day mini graphics, one can choose the
ad of the 10 min of average value for the wind.
  -> Production of mini graphics only possible, if the biggest, saved
interval is smaller then 10 minutes!!!
     With data gaps no 10 minutes of average mini wind graphics is
generated .
  -> File abbreviations: w10 - > Example: mini_currentw10.gif

V2.85.9     2005-05-18
- Bug at customised Html/Wap-files and using of a path at %customfile=
..." solved
- new debug mode for creating of Html/Wap/Template- files -> view for
broken "line"

V2.85.8     2005-04-17
- Support for data of 1938-2038 (formerly 1980-2038)
- Possibility to produce a Hardcopy of the weather station status windows
, - > double-click in the window area!
- new variable for current value at the exact time: %
curminmaxhour[5,h,id]% h: 0, 1 ..24; id: Sensor
  - generate wind directional text% makewind_txt[v]% v = 0 ..360
  -> normally require the 24 hours view (not day view)
- New variable to converting of blank characters and umlauts
%ws_modtext[das is äöüß only one tests]%
  - for example necessarily for WDLIVE - > result for these example
- the program now is more tolerant with the Calc-variables and values
with "given" units".
  for example %ws_calc1[+]=%avgval[35]%~10 km/h~1% this now is accepted
(without using %unit_off%)
  However, it is recommended to work still without units as well as with
  -> Acceleration of the working off!
- with the variable %customfileappend=.....% you can now form your own
data file row.
  -> the content becomes here, that itself from it %openfile=...%
yielding data at an existing one
     File (chosen with %customfileappend =....%) joined!
  -> not possibly at speech creating with custom file
-> for all new variables, see in the custom_en.txt and look for V2.85.8

V2.85.7     2005-03-28
- Bug with the percent values in the wind rose graphics (wind
distribution) solved!
  Faulty percent values became presented since updating of a software-
component in April 2004
  {about factor 1.11 to low} - the graphics representation is correct
- new variables: the possibility exists with it, to produce an
interface to the program proPlant
  -> it is necessarily to choose a "Grow sensor -5cm" under Weather
     to let updated all yearly files (values for hours with humidity
>=90% etc.)
     look also to the example-Template: "template_y_proplan.txt"
- php - files specifically now become as HTML files treats and becomes,
if no path statement with %customfile= contains,
  now also in the HTML - folder stored.
  - please take this into account, if you let "*.php" - files generating.
- for %customfile= now allowed the variables
   %ws_year%, %ws_month2%, %ws_day2% and %ws_yearfolder% too!!!
   example: %customfile=my file %ws_year%%ws_month2%.html%

V2.85.6     2005-03-14
- Bug in the saved monthly data in the year file and rain days for rain
with 2mm, 5mm, 10mm, 20mm solved!
  Please update your yearl files!

- with the snow graphics, the season representation now is default-wise
active in the northern Hemisphere
  (relocatable back on yearly opinion possibly)
- For the frost, there now is an individual Debug-Option - please
activates, if the long time duration frost itself unchecked

V2.85.5     2005-03-06
- At the History - data "year" you can "browse" also the monthly data of
this year
- The monthly data for the user-definable values/day >= as well as <= and
the Heatdegree - days now are stored correct in the year-file

  Therefore you must updates your year - file(s) again!!!!
  (Under Internet, Update Graphics/Tables... and here Year-File and the
complete time period of your data inventory chooses)
V2.85.4      2005-03-06
- At printing of the year history - data (under Weather, statistics
dates, year) now is considered the actual paper height.
- The calculation with two past data now is taken into account:
  Example: %
  Earlier only possibly with: , Example)
- at the weather symbolic file (current.html), the last frost now is
represented as well - provided valid data existing and
  the corresponding option, under Internet, Adjustments was not
  Necessary graphics file about is "frost.gif"!!!!
- there now is an individual option, that the setting "Available from":
unconsidered leaves, (under View, Adjustments).
  This option has only effect on the diagram representation - is not
valid for tables, min./max. etc.
  -> necessary for configuration, test mode.
- there now is an individual, independent TEST-Template-File
"template_test~.txt" - this file is always "worked off",
  if found in the data path!
- bug at variables %avgmintemp_mpast[mm~yyyy]%,
%avgmaxtemp_mpast[mm~yyyy]% and month 01..12 (not year=00) solved.
- bug at distribution wind direction and here year wind force view (in
BFT) solved.

  You need to update the year-file!!!!

- Variables with outstemp%, outshum% are no more supported!

V2.85.3a      2005-02-28
- Supplement of the variables for last frost beginning, longest frost,
with separate edition for time as well as date

V2.85.3       2005-02-26
- additional variables (wind direction, distribution wind direction) for
monthly-/yearly values
- additional variables with time and date for beginning last frost day,
beginning longest frost, end longest dry period
- At the History data of a year (Weather, Statistics Data, Year) now is
presented all year specific data
  (among others rain days for different values, degree days, percentage
share wind in Bft, wind distribution...)

Attention! This is the last version, which supports the variables with
outstemp, outshum (for example. %curvaloutstemp% ).

V2.85.2       2005-02-20
- the program now carries along also the month and yearly value if yearly
files are used.
  The program doesn't update these data    a u t o m a t i c a l l y
for older years!!!
  I.e. with utilization of these data (in history and/or variables), you
must singularly goto
  Internet, Update Graphics/Tables ..., choose here your existing time
period and pick "year file" as option.
  The program then supplements the yearly file(s) which the month-/yearly

- Recognition whether year file is current was altered - it gave problems
with the monthly change, the last month wasn't updated
- With existing month-/yearly data in the yearly file you can see these
data also under Weather station, History, Year or using
  with the variables.
  For the first time you have access with this to really all existing
data of the program about variables
- Bug in week view and sporadically appearing wrong min as well as max
values solved.
- The program now has an option (under Weather, History) with which you
can compare the monthly/yearly sun times
  with long current values.
- The program now carries along also the "last frost" additionally to the
"first frost" of one year.
  Furthermore the longest frost period for the existing data.
  The current data about it find you under weathers, weather forecast and
here in the new Tab "History data"

- everything "news" is supported with corresponding variables! (see

V2.85.1       2005-01-08
- Introduction of year-date-files:
  In the Case Of the first showing (manual or automatic) of month or year
view the program creates that one
  additional year date files - according to the available dates that can
already last something.
  Using of this can be deactivated under View, adjustments!
  Benefit of the year-date-files:
  The representation of the year view and also month view (here if the
dates are current) occurs just as quickly
  as the day and/or week view.
  With Variable you have access on all available last day values!
- Corresponding new variables (look at custom_en.txt too):
  Average x-day           %avgvalpast[id~dd~mm~yyyy]%
  Min-value x-day         %minvalpast[id~dd~mm~yyyy]%
  Min-time x-day          %mintimepast[id~dd~mm~yyyy]%
  Min-date x-day          %mindatepast[id~dd~mm~yyyy]%
  Max-value x-day         %maxvalpast[id~dd~mm~yyyy]%
   Max-time x-day          %maxtimepast[id~dd~mm~yyyy]%
   Max-date x-day          %maxdatepast[id~dd~mm~yyyy]%
   id:     sensor - id
   dd:     day -9..00..31 must to be always two-digit
   mm:     month -9..00..12 must to be always two-digit
   yyyy:   year must to be always four-digit, -001 is last year
   for 00 and/or 0000 current day/month/year is used
   if negative value occurs: prioritaet day, month, year. That is, if day
is a negative value, month and year automatic
   set onto the current month/year.
   In order to step up the processing of these variables, for
chronological execution you should summarizing the same time dates.
   Average x-day           %avgvalpast[0~-7~00~0000]%
   Average x-day           %avgvalpast[2~00~-1~0000]%
   Average x-day           %avgvalpast[2~00~00~-001]%
   Average x-day           %avgvalpast[0~21~12~2004]%
   Min-value x-day         %minvalpast[0~00~00~-001]%
   Min-time x-day          %mintimepast[0~00~00~-001]%
   Min-date x-day          %mindatepast[0~00~00~-001]%
   Min-value x-day         %minvalpast[0~21~12~2004]%
   Min-time x-day          %mintimepast[0~21~12~2004]%
   Max-value x-day         %maxvalpast[0~21~12~2004]%
   Max-time x-day          %maxtimepast[0~21~12~2004]%

- Allow "overdriving" too the intern limit values for sensor correction
/- factor.
- alternative calculation of the solar radiation from intensity
- Problem with week 53 solved

V2.85.0.6       2004-12-18
- Consideration that the frost days are counted at Tmin<0°C (not
  Please amend your Templates correspondingly!
- Consideration of the setting at properties of the sensors "Available
since" in all procurement
  (not more only in the case of Html tables)
- Consideration of the (abs)-humidity in g/m³ also in Mini-/Single
- Possibility of the advertisement of the current values of all available
sensors in tabular form while clicking
  on date/time in the display bar.

V2.85.0.5       2004-12-05
- Correction in the case of showing last rain in the minidisplay and too
small field
- at status WMR9x8 the difference of the last reception in seconds is
signaled now

- Korrektur bei Anzeige letzter Regen im Minidisplay und zuwenig Platz
- bei Status WMR9x8 wird jetzt die Differenz des letzten Empfangs in
Sekunden angezeigt
V2.85.0.4       2004-11-26
- Now supports the final Version of the HeavyWeatherPro 3600 - Software -
Data file
  -> the data file between the Beta-Version and the Final Version are

- With ELV-Weather-Sensor-Receiver and rain sensor and reception problems
(not receives dates) that is considered now.
  (up to now the rain amount "was repeated" here until valid dates were
- Documentation of the first frost/cold day of the year (with time of the
minimum value of the corresponding day)

- Changes at Minidisplay (with no menue)
- At WS2300 the UTC-Reference-time is used now for the time dates
  -> for Central Europe user no modification
  -> for all other now also correct date/time representation (many thanks
for this purpose to Peter Bennet, Australia)

- Error Recovery at use of °F and variables %curminmaxhour[4,h,0]%
(Difference) and/or %tempchange[x]=mm%
- Possibility also to correct the rain at the Vantage (Weatherlink) over
a factor.
- New debug-option: At "File Watching" controlling rain(File Watching
- Advertisement time of the tool tips (Insertion at mouse position)
increased from 2,5 sec on 10 sec
- MiniDisplay: other handling for weather forecast advertisement
  - when chosenly, own text line,
  - otherwise chosen, also the forecast graphics are not displayed
  For a correct advertisement you must "call" the properties of the
minidisplay and exit from the properties
  of the minidisplay with "OK"
- Support of the data file of the WS3600 = "File Watching"
- new Pause operation (was the reason for the BETA-versions)
- own month time sections for cloudiness - necessary in the case of
unfavorable solar sensor mounting or valley layer
- a few new variables, for example the sun time directly from the WS2500
(only as variables), weather comment from weather file,
  Week, week period
- new command line option for data transfer to at
- Bug at tables and use of other units in the event of the wind than
k.p.h. and at the time showing BFT removed
- Text output for dry season /dry duration changed (because of french
Speakers): at 0 hours the hour output becomes

V2.84.9b       2004-09-09
- Color falsification with use of dashed chart-lines solved

V2.84.9a       2004-09-03
- Corrections at Plausibility correction and Wind and WS2000/WS2500
  Correction now at 14*Interval or >60 km/h

V2.84.9        2004-08-30
- Bug at autom. converting Weatherlink month file solved:
  if last data record was the 1st data record after midnight, this day
was ignored
- additional ShortCuts for representation of Main single sensors
- additional inspections (for wrong data) in the case of the import of
- additional alarm for rain (Rain amont +)
  Caution: when at first rain alarm also current value is prepared (= 0
hours), this additional Alarm becomes

V2.84.8c       2004-08-22
- High-Sporadic fault corrected while converting the Weatherlink month-
  (1. Day or hours of that were skipped)

V2.84.8b       2004-08-11
- Inspection whether valid air pressure dates for changed
from absolute to relative air pressure
- Path length + file name for export file increased to 255 chars.

V2.84.8a       2004-08-09
- Correction for the Dutch translation at shortname for calender week ->
- Additional error texts at: to much Custom-Files, Template-Lines and not
setted %curminmaxhour_on% variable

V2.84.8        2004-08-08
- Possibility for rain alarm a period between 1 and 24 hours choose
- Bug fix at alarm and brightness sensor (klus)
- Multiple alternative of email-configuration at alarm-email (1..3)
- Corrections in the case of minigraphics and advertisement of the
min./max-value in the case of
  created mini-graphics
- New variables for Near Real Time - only relevantly for weather stations
without data logger/file-watching:
  WM918, WMR9x8 and weather sensor recipients
  - these variables refer to the value/time of the receive
  - support through a new control file: wswin_nrt.txt

- New control file: wswin_nrt.txt (near real time) (Activation under
Control, NRT-Flash)
  - this file is executed immediately after arrival of a new value (see
also above)
  - at the most 2 nesting (therefore in total 3 files) is possible
  - As default is here set: without unit and decimal separators is a
    (people can "oversteer" with control variables)
 - the currently not selectable control file "wswin_flash.cfg" is planned
for the future direct support
    of Macromedia Flash MX2004 pro.
    - if somebody has already a complete module for this purpose and can
availably set it,
      is taken over with pleasure.
- Changes at %customfile=.\Web\testx.html% (example):
  it is saved now, that through the use of ".\" itself the directory ever
to the program directory of WsWin relates.

- All variables with sensor number argument for example %minvalday[x]%
allow now also "-1" as a sensor number.
  If "-1" are used as a sensor number, this variable always refers to the
"main outdoor humidity-sensor"

V2.84.7       2004-07-15
- Extra settings for day wind distribution graphic
- Extra settings for day mini-graphics

V2.84.6       2004-07-03
- Bug at recording/autom. converting in the case of change to new month
and file watching at WS2300 solved
- if at available solar sensor no solar time sensor is initiated, this is
done now in the case of start of program.
- at autom. reporting to and available solar sensor also
coverage is announced:

V2.84.5      2004-06-30
- Bug introduced in V2.84.4 solved (at variable %maxvaldayoutstemp%,
- Bug for the time period title on the wind distribution graphics and the
mini graphics solved

V2.84.4      2004-06-26
- Changes at %minvalday[x]%, %maxvalday[x]%, %minvaldayoutstemp%,
%maxvaldayoutstemp% - there here
  under certain circumstances the wrong value was dumped.
- All variables with sensor number argument, for example %minvalday[x]%,
allow now also "0" as a sensor number.
  If "0" are used as a sensor number, this variable always refers to the
"main outside temperature sensor"
  Possibly the direct "main outside temperature sensor" variables are
dropped therefore in future
  (for example %minvaldayoutstemp%)
  -> look for the variables characterized with "*" in the custom_en.txt
(are the affected variables)

V2.84.3a      2004-06-21
- the file name for %openfile=filename.ext% can also be build with
- at Weather station receiver also USB-serial-Adapter are considered
- now supports 64 (%ws_set/getmem[x]=zzzzz%) variables (formerly 32)
- new variable for deleting of a line %ws_delline%

V2.84.3      2004-06-12
- Bug with Title/Header at Html tables and used background picture solved
- Now you can Reset the "last rain" under Weather, Weather forecast
(under certain circumstances necessary)
  after that "goto" to the day with last rain.

V2.84.2      2004-06-08
- Hardcoded GIF-Color-Reduction for MiniGraphic "Cloud low limit"
- Now the Title/Header at the Html-Tables for each day should be correct.

V2.84.1      2004-06-05
- Online activation of Weather-Sensor-Receiver is now possible (was still
- more settings and/or status-advertisements for the Weather-Sensor-
- new day's MiniGraphics for cloud lower limit
- new Controll-Variables in the case of problems during the speech of the
time %ws_time_in_text_on%
  and for sunset tomorrow %ws_sunsettomo%

V2.84.0      2004-05-29
- Support for the ELV Weather-Sensor-Receiver
  -> Recording time between 1 to 15 minutes
  -> the program "creates" the Current-Flags
- bug at email und text only in the subject (custom_sms.txt) solved
- new variables for longest dryness/last rain with own variables for time
und date
- with option in the case of minidisplay you can again energize the
completely compulsory foreground representation
  of the minidisplay (very left check at option "show MiniDisplay menue")

More Version History:

V2.83.5      2004-05-21
- Acquisition longest dryness season
  -> Representation at the History - dates
  -> choose for the automatic collecting of the longest dryness season
     Internet, update graphics/table... and here at Day "Dryness Time"
- you find the representation of the date of the last rain now under
weather, weather forecast
- new variables for longest dryness time and day of year (1..366)

V2.83.4      2004-05-09
- direct support for AWEKAS
  -> active this under Control, Aprs/Template, Tab:Template and here "->
- Bug at "act flag" at brightness sensor solved (act flag never was
- Bug at "Initiate Sensors texts again" solved (the Modification was only
saved, when after that "sensor
  settings" war called)
- Consideration of the modification/deselection of combined sensors and
sensors outside of possible sensors
  -> concerns the sensors with ID=10..16 and ID=26..32 (Sensors stayed in
the "background" as available!)
- Adaptations during the scaling the sun- / rainy season: among other
things now also the possible time limit
  considers -> rare scaling with 200 minutes
 - new variables for act flags, pick fault, dry (desert) period and for
those ones
  Vantage user the Week-, Month-, Year ET values (corresponding view must
have been signaled before).
  -> look custom_en.txt
- Acquisition of the dry (desert) period (during up to the last rain
- the program saves now, that at "autom. Internet files update" this is
only done, when in fact dates
  in the new day are available and/or. with a minute offset one can delay
the updating up to 6 hours.

V2.83.3      2004-04-11
- Changes at mini graphics and wind direction with dots:
  - now there is always a range from 0-360°
  - if the graphics size is smaller then 450 pixel the dot is also
- if the control varialbe %ws_userdate=YYYY-MM-DD% is used, then also for
the corresponding times is
  24hour format used (for example 13:00 instead of 01:00 PM).
- if no summary graphics lines "# Graphics" (at Internet,
Adjustments,Sensors) are chosen,
  the normal representation is used!
- Possibility to import the year date files (for example 2004dbase.csv)
of Virtual Weather Station release V12.0x (VWS)
  Please read for this purpose also in the program help.
- now direct operating mode of the WS2500 PC V3.1 and WS2500 V1.0 (not
tested with WS2500 V1.1)
  Attention! The WS2500 V1.0 does not set any wind direction!
  Procedure to change to direct Operation:
  1) Menu Weather station, Interface Typ, File watching: disable here
"Watching active" - Close with "OK"
  2) Menu Weather station, Interface Typ, click "without Interface"
(=enable Interface)
  3) Menu Weather station, Com-Port: select your COM-Port, where the
WS2500 is connected.

V2.83.2      2004-04-04
- Bug at mini graphics and representation of rain solved
- at mini graphic and showing wind direction also the option "Show as
Dots" is now reflected
- new variables for minimal and maximum day values (average value) for
month as well as year
- new control variable %openfile&remove=nextfile.txt" and
- new variable for wind range graphics %winddrange_gra%
- own settings for Gif-color-reduction and gradient for the graphics:
snow depth, wind direction and history
  -> please check your OWN settings!
- Possibility to generate PDF files (only anticipated for mini graphics,
History and snow depth)
  Files are stored in %wswin%\PDF.

V2.83.1      2004-03-20
- Changes at wswin_xml.txt - now with entry encoding="ISO-8859-1
- New Parameter for snow depth graphics: transparency (range 0-40,
40=default, 0=no transparency)
- Changes at the history dates and long-term month dates and here MIN
rain/sun and/or average temperature
- Possibility use of a Proxy server for the HTTP - data transfer.
- The setting for external browsers at weather conditions now is now
- own settings for Gif-color reduction and gradient for the graphics:
snow depth, wind distribution, history
  -> please check YOUR settings!

V2.83.0        2004-03-13
- new supported language: Dutch and Czechish (but here not some Czechish
special chars)

- Bug at the weather stations of WM,WMR-9x8 and representation of the
time sensor repaired: here the Max-time became
  in the representation week, month and year not computed.
- Bug at converting weather data with WS2000 and/or WS2500-files solved:
  If the file length of the file to be converted could correspond also to
a WS2300-HeavyWeather-file,
  so wrong time dates were dumped and the file was not converted.
- Bug at CSV file check and air pressure value removed.
- Bug with single sensor advertisement in connection with brightness
sensor eliminates (the date representation
  and alternative representation in W/m2 did not let deselect)

- Elimination of several smaller "inconsistencies"
- Optimization of different things: for example:
  - also negative location height (among others because of the Dutch
users) possibly
  - Ads the itself of yielding atmospheric pressure on being converted of
the wS2300-Daten
  - several Debug-Modi.
  - when generating a current.html over "customised Html/Wml-Pages" and
the Option "Generate Weather symbolic file" is
    activated then the program now deactivates this option

- own indepentend time selection for "aktuell.gif" generation
- Priorization of the option "Automatic search for new sensors at program
start" at the WS2000 weather stations and
  synthetic "time sensor" neutralized (with that this sensor "always was

- in the case of representation of the wind rate/gust in the display bar
and "visible tool tip" becomes here
  now additional the corresponding "Beaufort" value displayed.
- Possibility to represent in the display bar LEFT two more sensors, at
what, when here the
  wind or gusts is chosen, here the Max velocity in Beaufort is output!

- Possibility of the direct changing of the historical data:
  -> Change is only possible, if the year is "write-protected" (otherwise
this modification would become in the case of view change of this year
     to get lost)
  -> where you can only put the "cursor", modifications are possible (for
example at computed / dependent values not)
  -> in the case of the input of time values (sun time/rain time) becomes
the colon ": through a negative "-" replace,
     the time value must always
     being indicated with 2 minute-numbers and at least a number of
     The program recognizes the time value modification by the "negative"
(and only here)!
  -> you must energize the "request for modification" with the button
"Change", a far actuating of this "button"
     fuse the modifications
     without confirmation prompt
     after a modification, it can be necessary that you must press that
one "button" twice, with that that
     "Request for modification" acting becomes!
  -> as a period to be considered the beginning year is now allowed from
1901 (formerly 1980).

- Possibility the month long-time values and long-term values computed to
the new one also directly to print (as displayed).
- new calculation and representation of the own long-term values
(Temperature/rain) depending on the
  default long-term values.
- Possibility to display as an own climate diagram, to store as graphics
"clima_y.gif" or to print these long-term values.
- The norm-month temperature levels are managed now with 2 decimal
- For the time sensor also an alternative calculation is now possible "<=
x" (instead of "> x")

- for the timing there are now 8 additional, stand-alone times available:
  -> if as a time 00:00 chosenly = deactivates
  -> who would like to use only these times instead of the periodic
updating, must at "Update time with FTP" 2x choose the same time,
     as choose to one of these 8 times and in addition as Updating-range
"24 hours"
     -> so that deactivates
- for email report there are 2 additional times (with that 5) available
- additional time profile in the hour interval for the starting of an
arbitrary application

- one can affect the times for email-report and/or also program-restart
now also over the ws_controll.cfg.
  -> for this purpose there is a new argument "EmailReportTimeOffset=0"
and/or "PrgRestartTimeOffset=5" -> see program help
     allowed values for EmailReportTimeOffset and/or
PrgRestartTimeOffset: 1..60 -> 0 not acting
     -> with that is set EmailReportTime/PrgRestartTime automatically
onto the current time + the offset minutes.
        -> example: Current time 23:23, EmailReportTime=60
            -> the email report is sent at 00:23
  -> in other words: who are the present 5 times too little, can over a
schedule program
     (for example also over "Planned tasks" of Windows) these times
almost arbitrary enlarge!
  -> one can rearrange over the ws_controll.cfg also the to use email
section (3), for example for different

- at email one can change the necessary "Char-Set" now directly: default:
= "us-ascii" or "Western Europe"
  (only at certain Provider necessary!!!)

- New graphics from hardcopy function:
  Weather forecast,weather forecast: double click on "prognosis" ->
  Weather forecast,graphic: double click on solar symbol above sunny ->
  Weather condition,weather condition: double click on time-/date above
"conditions_yyyymmdd.gif" yyyy=year, mm=month, dd=day
  Weather condition, Values 1: double click on time-/date above ->
"conditions1_yyyymmdd.gif" yyyy=year, mm=month, dd=day,
  Weather condition, Values 2: double click on time-/date above ->
"conditions2_yyyymmdd.gif" yyyy=year, mm=month, dd=day,
  Statistics dates,Temperature: doppelclick in table ->
"minmaxyyyy_1.gif" yyyy=year
  Statistics dates, Rain/ET/Wind/Sun: double click in table ->
"minmaxyyyy_2.gif" yyyy=year
  Statistics dates, Long time values: double click on "Recording" ->
  Statistics dates, computed: double click in table ->
  Statistics dates, Parameters: double click on "year" ->
  Degree days, Values>: double click in table -> "degreedaysyyyy.gif"
  Sun/ Mond, Data: double click on moon graphic -> "sunmoon_1.gif"
  Sun/ Mond, more...: double click onto "Next eclipse" -> "sunmoon_2.gif"
  Location: double click on "Parameters -> location.gif"
  The in this case created files are stored in the "Html"-folder, except
  if it is a year depentend graphics and separate years was chosen, these
files are also stored into the corresponding "year folder"
  For the placeholders parameters yyyy, mm, dd are used the corresponding
current date dates - for example yyyy=2003.

- Graphics Distribution Wind direction/Wind:
  with the wind rose, one has the option of the labeling after
International standard or national abbreviation.

- Single-/Minigraphics:
  Fault corrected: when a modified temperature/humidity sensor as solar
sensor was used, became never
  the "alternative, corresponding" diagram displayed.
  Fault corrected: if for rain only "Process" was chosen, a pseudocolumn
was displayed instead of "Process".
- Modification of the representation of the minigraphics in the case of
week, month, year view.

* New at Minigraphics:
  For the VantagePro one can let also the wind direction of the gusts of
wind here be displayed (and only here).
  In the case of the entire advertisements in the day view is now
displayed the 24h-value and current day value.
  In the case of the other advertisements (and not chosen alternative
advertisement) the average value is shown now additional.
  One can choose with an option in the case of the graphics, that also
the average value (total value at rain, sun) and the
  minimum/maximum valus is shown.
  One can activate additionally the representation of the min./max
characteristic curve in viewing week/month/year (= default),
  however, the graphics size must be at least 312 pixels wide and
additional "Show total" activated.

- In the diagram also the combined values (as already the smoothed ones)
become now in the sensor name with one
  to additional characters labeled!

- During the data capture (and/or also file-watching) becomes now at the
VantagePro (and/or Weatherlink) in the
  + Temperature sensor 5 the minimum values of the outside temperature
related to the memory range performed
  + Temperature sensor 6 the maximum values of the outside temperature
related to the memory range performed
  Since DAVIS does very probably not supply any dates here
(Temp.Sensor5+6) in next time
  and/or to have the least users so many Temp sensors (to become) and at
  greater storing interval than nevertheless 5 minutes can diverge these
values, you are carried along now.
  -> Who would like to have these dates for the past, must clear his
DAVIS-WSwin monthly files and new
     convert it!
- The program considers also log intervals >= 30 minutes at the time
representation now (time showing)
- With the data takeover of Weatherlink, now also deleted records are
taken into account.

- It is now normally considered at file-watching and "breakdown" of the
master program!!!
  That is one does more absolutely not have "to stop" WsWin and after
reactivating of the master program "to start again".
  -> for the VantagePro owners that means, that the "download" of the
data in Weatherlink software (over Internet section) those ones
      no more the memory range of the meteorological data must

- Possible for identification/scaling of the axis of ordinates and
legende (short names) in sensor color -> now default-Setting
- One can make the norm-rain-value of the month/year now be displayed in
the month and year view.
  Presumption for that:
  only in the case of single advertisement of rain, at month or year
view, rain as a process, automatical scaling for rain must
  being energized.
- Potentiality of the compulsory wind direction evaluation also in the
case of wind rate "0"
  -> View, Adjustments, Parameters "Calculate Distribution Wind direction
< -> 0 km/h of | ms | mph"

- Possibility of the "deselection" of the generation of certain Html-
tables during "Internet-files" updating.

- Own multiple alternative for the representation of the sensors in the
summary graphics
  The former options for the representation in the summary graphic do not
become autom. "transfers"!!!! (there now
  other configuration)
  Please control your settings (Internet, Adjustments, Sensors and here #

- For the activation of the representation of the "Statical data" in the
Month-/year tables it gives now a own option.
- for the Table- heading and/or foot line(s) can one now alternative the
dates over the files "table_head.html"
  and/or setting "table_foot.html" availably. With that, one is not more
onto the limitation of 255 characters for
  the input restricted.

* Weather condition and/or wsarchiv.mdb:
  the air pressure tendency is stored now with decimal places, the air
pressure value now always becomes
  as relative air pressure stored -> the wsarchiv.mdb is not anymore
compatible with older releases with that
  in the reference to the air pressure (value 10000 hpa to high!)
  - Graphic with snow depth
  - Support of autom. Upload of the current dates to the
  - Possibility of the Uploads of the "month dates" to (only in month view!!)
  - Who would now subsequently like to store meteorological data in the
wswarchiv.mdb (for example special events):
    Stop Recording, go with cursor at position that dates are supposed to
be used, open Weather condition and here
    storing these dates then.

- a few new variables - for example in the case of the time values
edition in decimal form!
  for example rain variance of quantity with reference of the day manner
modification (Month value through number days in the month)
- in the case of the variables with "user specification" the separator
"~" is effective immediately (","=Komma kept on being allowed)
  with that, possible for nesting with others variables and/or its value
- three new Variablen types:
  -> calculation %ws_calc[x]=v1~v2~decimal places%
  -> value comparison with user specification
%ws_compare[x]=v1~v2~right~wrong% - for x: 1..6 = >,>=,=,<=,<,<>
  -> variables as buffers

- Consideration of the finishing at Wave file generation and/or voice
edition every hour.
- Whose Speech - Engine no negative values (minus) speaks, that can let
now correct this with an option

- new supplementary template file "template_yest.txt" - here the dates of
the day before (=yesterday) are considered
- Support XML-dates with the file "Wswin_xml.txt" and/or wswindata.xml

- Expansion of the supported COM interfaces to 16
  - at what the interfaces 5..16 are not changed to the next available
interface more automatically
    (the interface number was corrected formerly onto an available

- Caution! Meteorological data convert of WS2000, WS2500:
  Consideration of the time zone outside of central Europe.
  formerly central Europe was accepted general as a time zone (=UTC -1

- Caution!
  The graphic names for the wind direction ("n-ne.gif, ne.gif, e-ne.gif,
e.gif, e-se.gif, se.gif, s-se.gif" ...)
  is now for all languages the same.

V2.82.6       2003-07-18
- Bug with Maximum rain on 1. day of month/year solved.
- since V2,82.5: there is now a new st gibt es eine neue Statistics data
row: "Month longtime values"
  -> no variables are momentary anticipated for that -> only graphics

V2.82.5       2003-07-12
- Bug at variable %curminmaxhour[a,h,x]% and hour-time(h) resolved.
- Wave-File creating from destination file separated (now first it
becomes a temporary Wave-file produces).

V2.82.4       2003-07-02
- The humidity values now should at all stations in the weather - report
presented again!
- The warning function for lacking data as well as record not actively
now works generally also at "file - watching"
- Expansion of the variable "%curminmaxhour[a,h,x]%", is chosen for the
hour value "0" the data refer only to the current day
  -> even if 24 hours presentation active.
- additional variables %mintimecurday[x]% as well as %maxtimecurday[x]%,
-> with reference only on the data of the current day

V2.82.3       2003-06-29
- The setting at the min./maximum table in month/yearly representation
"shows average values" is now valid only for this.
  -> doesn't have any more effect on the representation in the Html-
Min./Max - table values.
- Possibility for the internet view (and graphic creation), to insert a
text in left corner.
  -> it is used the text, that is anticipated for the head line in the
mini display!
  -> the chosen font color is also used in footer line at single/mini

V2.82.2       2003-06-22
- Consideration at background picture with the tables if relative path is
used for file
  and if then not relative path
  Consideration of the year specific tables, that file must be existing
only in the main html folder.

V2.82.1        2003-06-21
- the setted Width of the mini graphics is actually also generated now
(not more: Width-46)
- Bug at WS2500 and representation of the brightness (lux) in the mini
display solved
- Bug at longtime values and representations of the brightness values
(lux) solved
- Bug at WS2500, week representation and brightness (lux) solved
- Restructuring selection of available sensors - the temperature- and
moist sensors now are individually set/deselect able,
  (because of "only" temperature sensors, i.e. without humidity
- Rain calibration factor is taken into account with the plausibility
  Plaus value<=(intervall*3)/rain calibration factor
  -> with same factor no alteration then before. With factor 1 old
calculation (8*Intervall)

V2.82.0       2003-06-15
- One can now give an individual name (under Weather station,
Adjustments) for your weather station
- additional, independent, combined sensor possibly
- additional, configureable "time sensor" (for time recording)
- Alterations at special sensors
- Possibility to set a mimimal limit for the humidity at Readin of the
weather data.
  Allowed area 0 ..20. Will also used at importing and "correct data"!
  Setting is applicable to all humiditiy - sensors.
- Possibility, to export separate sensor values of a complete month.
- Possibility to export only the rain data of a complete month, only
where rain actually was.
- Possibility, to replace the values of a sensor in the monthly file with
the values of another sensor,
  -> With election of the time period and consideration of different
record intervals.
     -> sees weather data importing and here "bringing together"
        (it can be used the above-mentioned CSV - file with the separate
sensor - values of month)

- Possibility, to modify also the height, additional size profile
(mmini_) and representation a second, affiliated sensor
  with the mini graphics.
- Possibility the Html-files "yearly-specifically" storing in year
  new variable for that % ws_yearfolder%, the Gif-variables, for example
%ws_weekgif% considers this changeover automatically.

- new ultimativ variable:
  Hour values: %curminmaxhour[a,h,x]% a: 0=current,1=min,2=max,3=average
- h: 1 ..12 - x:id 1 ..45[46])
  i.e., at once 2160 new values are available with it! , with 8 sensors,
values [T,H,B,W,R,WD,DP,WC],> 384 values,
  Since the evaluation and implementation of this variable can be very
time of-intensively, one can let also ignore this
  variable: Calculation hours values closes %curminmaxhour_off% (as well
as %curminmaxhour_on%)
- Possibility with the file "ws_merge.csv" into a running on-line
recording/file-watching, to bring in additional values,
  as well as, to "overcharge" existing values,
- Possibility to generate a new export - file (ws_newdata.csv), where
always written down the last readin, current record.
  -> with parameter "NewExportTxtForImport=1" under [export] in wswin.cfg
can this file become as import file for one
     further WsWin program -> other "header"
- for months and years an additional minmax table now becomes generates -
can be deactivated - this table becomes also
  integrated in the "start menu".
- Alternate APRS-format
- Expansion of the supported COM-interfaces on 12.
- Mini graphics and column representation: If chosen "white" as
background, becomes the gradients -
  representation of the column switched off or switchable, under sensors
-> with it, at the column beginning also "colored."

- Possibility of the takeover of the data of the Weatherlink 5.x software
with following restrictions:
  - by the 8 practicable extra Temp./Hum.Sensors, only 7 are supported
(the VantagePro uses actually only 3Temp/2Hum with what)
  - from the 6 possible SoilTemp/SoilMoisture sensors are only 4
  - for UV and sun radiation, the maximum value of the storage interval
is taken over.
  - If the very last record of a monthly file falls on 24:00, this time
is put back to 23:59!
    (with DAVIS is 00:00 -> 24:00 o'clock?!) example Weatherlink 2003-01-
31 24:00 -> WsWin 2003-01-31 23:59

  -> Outlandish data finally are filled with the last valid data
(Weatherlink uses here 255, or -255 or -32763)
  -> the program rebuilds the weathers-forecast-Icons of the weather
station (sees to it also under weathers (weather forecast)
     ... however the representation when is shown rain as well as snow
only finally must be determined.
  -> the long forecast text of the VantagePro can be displayed in the
program header.

  -> There the new Weatherlink software V5.4 also supports the DAVIS
stations: Monitor, Wizard, and Perception,
     this stations are automatically supported in WsWin over "Converting
weather data" as well as "File-Watching"!
  -> to take therefore beforehand, only the VantagePro is supported "on-
line" in the future, the other DAVIS - station only
     over with contering of the Weatherlink file!

  Hints at the changeover and takeover of the Weatherlink - data:
  First choose under Weather station, interface as weather station
    -> you can under Weatherstation, Adjustments, still set the names at
the actual weather station.
  - Goto File, Converting Weather data, here you pick an any Weatherlink
file (Extension ".wlk"), if the
    File is accepted as Weathlerlink - file, an additional button becomes
visibly "All Weatherlink."
  - With this "button", you can adopt all existing data of the
Weatherlink 5.x software all at once
    (files are searched for from 1998), you must have some patience
here, being converted can last something.
  - After being converted, you go to Weather station, available sensors
and selects your sensors there.
  - After that, you should chooes the "to representing" diagram lines =
sensors and their properties (color etc.)
  - Then: under Internet, Adjustments, Graphics still the sensors
chooses, for which later you wants produced graphics, speaking ...
  - Possibly after that: under Internet, "Update graphics/tables" the
further to produce files still choose.
  - for automatic data takeover (File-Watching) pick under Weather
station, Interface, File-Watching the corresponding
    current month-Wetherlink-file and activate "file-watching" and
chooses "converts data previously".

    -> You have the possibility to let inserted the long forecast text of
the VantagePro in the "program header"
       (Set under View, Adjustments), this text refers to the "cusor
position" and you can with it for each possible one
       Time, that was recorded in the VantagePro, on whose forecast text
"falls back",
    -> At monthly change there is automatically switched to new month
Weatherlink file.
    -> Caution: when being converted with "All Weatherlink" is converted
again only months, for which still it no affiliated one(s)
       WsWin - monthly file (wd_mm_jj.dat), if you want this, deletes
before the corresponding WsWin - monthly file(s)!

- Calculation of the sun time with existing brightness, as well as
radiation sensor and chosen "make sun positon correction" optimized.
  -> Time in the morning and evening and 100 percent of limit is
calculated automatically here and then is closed here.
  -> It is pretended by the program of optimized correction factors for
the individual months
  -> The "value for 0" percent serves here to fading out of "runaway" in
the morning and evening
  -> The users of the WS2500 can/must adjusts the limit of the sun
intensity record level at the atmospheres - HEAD BORDER with the year,
     (default 180 kLux) .
  -> The WS2500 users can let the brightness values (kLux) converted on
radiation values (W/m²) - with what, these values of course
     not 100 percent can be.

- So-called "tool tips" are shown values for min./maximum/average in the
display bar, with it, no more needs for
  looking of these data not immediately in the minimum/maximum - table.

- everything "newcomer" is supported also over the corresponding

- The "internet menu" = start.html now supports all of the program of
produced files (also weeks)
  -> for example new *rx.gif (reception), *tx.gif (extra time sensor) and
all Weatherlink/VantagePro specific files
  -> besides the daily files "yyyymmdd.gif" as well as "yyyymmdd.htm" as
well as "mini_yyyymmddx.gif"

V2.81.5a      2003-03-05
- the lost saving of the barotrend graphic color is back again.

V2.81.5       2003-03-03
- At file-watching and autom. converting the "takeover" was optimized
(actived option under "File watching")
- For the WM-918 and/or WMR-9x8 stations there is now a own wind force
diagram for wind gust available
- The variables for DCF-State with the WMR-Stations becomes now in
accordance with the possibilities of
  these stations.
- But with the yearly quantity from Evapotranspiration (ET) solved.
- Changes at Wind diagram (Wind force, Wind distribution)
- at statistic data there is now allways a complete year presented
- ... can recognize this version for the first time the interface WS2500-
PC/WS2500 ,
  the status of these appliances show or the interface configures.
  ... all other not!!! -> functionless!

V2.81.4b      2003-02-17
- bug fix for barotrend.gif - selected colours aren't saved.

V2.81.4a       2003-02-16
- you can use for the barotrend-graphic independent colors of the mini
display (see there under properties)
  Consider! The color must singularly again pretended/chosen -> otherwise
default color is light blue / black
- Possibility, to insert/show the "3 own text pairs" in the mini display!
- 3(6) own text/value with variables (%ws_own_txt1%...)
- New "Summary 4" for the min./max bar, here also "double selection" is
- Bug at generating "barotrend.gif" solved.
- Changes and new options at "File-Watching"
- new variables (among others for traffic light colors: red, green,
yellow, black)
- for the wind distribution/wind force diagrams now is own color election
possible for background.

V2.81.3      2003-01-26
- Bug with the moon symbol representation eliminates (if on a day only
moonrise/moonset is, was represented the
  counterpart of the next day too)
- Possibility to use own generated files for the template, and set in the
changeable time/date
  -> for example: %customfile=test*xy.html% -> "*" is replaced by
20020120, 2002_03, 200201 or 2002 according
  to the used Templates !
- Possibility to leave out the single graphics at month
- Possibility at wind distribution also let autom. create the week

V2.81.2      2003-01-19
- Adaptations to CSV - IMPORT:
  Possibility, to take over only newer data,
  Possibility also to take over "over month" data in the import - file,
  Possibility to delete the import file after importing.
  and to last -> the CSV import file now is expected no more in the
program folder!!!
- Adaptations at "file watching" with CSV - file:
  Auto start now is supported
  if several records are contained in this file, these now will always
taken over with "recording" start
  -> not only with "Autostart" (autom. converts generally is put in here,
even if chosen not).
  - the Import-CSV - file now is always deleted after the takeover!!
- new moonrise/moonset symbols, (thanks for it to Roland Schliwinski)
- with the report, also "sun time" and "brightness" now are taken into
account, if chosen with "HTML"
- with individual display of sensors and wind speed/wind gusts now
becomes the Beaufort value inserted (de-energized)
- The preparation of the "bfttrend.gif" graphics is now independently
from the mini display.
- New control variables: -> Speech output
  Always Comma as "decimal separator" on %alwayssepcomma_on%
  Always Comma as "Dezimaltrennzeichen" off %alwayssepcomma_off%       ->
  Always minus as "Text" on %minus_text_on%
  Always minus as "Text" off %minus_text_off%      -> default
- Security system at "file watching" implemented (because of sporadic
application erros)

V2.81.1      2003-01-11
- Bug fix at variable %ws_normaltemp% and %ws_normaltempyear%
- new variable:
  "Wind number values %wind_values%" = Number of the considered data
  "Wind force 0Bft..12Bft in percent of the representation time period
%windbftproz_0%" and so on until %windbftproz_12%"
  Support of wind directional graphics of 10 degrees - steps:
%windd10_gra% -> wind_00.gif.. wind_36.gif
  Support of wind directional graphics of 22.5 degrees - steps:
%windd22_gra% -> wind00.gif.. wind16.gif (Respect lacking "_")
- Consider! If you chooses for the preparation with the wind distribution
"wind direction" + "wind force" and until now
  not "wind rose" as result graphics had chosen and the preset graphics
"wind force" is, so, the "wind rose" always
  becomes created as the "directional graphics ddis_?????. gif".
- Supports now own font color für Menu and Tables

V2.81.0      2003-01-08
- Bug fix at the WMR-9x8 stations - in the Html-tables and selected sun
time the sun time wasn't considers.
- Bug fix: the WS2500 became with the "brightness - variables" doesn't
- Possibility to show moonrise/moonset with a symbol (and/or) time in the
day diagram,
- Possibility to show new summary values in the min./max. Bar.
- Possibility to produce one single week mini graphics automatically
(with and without the individual week graphics).
- with the WMx stations, now in "without interface operation" in the
display bar also values can shown.
- At "alarms", one can now choose, under file, options, "warning",
whether is warned at the "event" only once or
  "continuously" (previous setting).
- Bug fix at Wap files: removes "DEL"
- the template files (template_d.txt usw.) now support also in the
"Result" (%customfile=...%) folders
  (which, if missing, are created)
- the Template-Control-files (template_d.txt, template_w.txt,
template_m.txt, template_y.txt, template_t.txt
  template_noaa_m.txt, template_noaa_y.txt) allows now also a nesting
over the variable "%openfile=...%"
  -> however max 3 (three)

V2.80.9      2003-01-03
- Bug solved at the edition of the rain amount for month/year in the Html
tables (was always 0,0 mm rain)
  -> Bug since V2.80.1/September 2002
     -> please let patch these tables under "Internet", "Update
tables/graphics... " (Start 2002 09 01)
- Changes at the WMR stations and sun date representation in the
minigraphics at "no sun time".
- Standby system introduced for: "Update Internet files during recording"
and the preparation of the "Internet-files"
  lasts longer as the calm "recording interval", the dates are now
"buffert" for so long concluded to this updating.
- At "Auto" and making speech file the finishing of the speech file is
waited for before program end, however,
  a maximum of. 3 minutes (formerly only if also FTP transfer was
  -> however not, if the user ends the program (therefore without

V2.80.8      2002-12-30
- Bug at the recognition and creating of the 1st week of the year (Week
belongs to the new year - day in the week still to old year)

V2.80.7a     2002-12-29
Caution ! Change of the Javascript-file "libSMBM.js" - If you have done
here own changes, you safeguard this file before
installation of the new complete version ! (The start entries for French
and Italienisch are considered now)
- Program help and program description (Wswinen.pdf) corresponding to
software available
- smaller corrections with the international versions
- the import interface accepts now also the sealevel - air pressure. (see
under "File Watching")

V2.80.7     2002-12-26
- minior correction for french language
- program is now not "EXE-compressed" - necessary for the Windows-

V2.80.6     2002-12-25
- Additional display of the Mean-, Max value's of the wind and the wind
process (=direct -> not back counted on 24 hours)
  at wind distribution
- Possibility of the display of the snow line in the minidisplay
- Bugfixes (for example at changes for Display Bar)
- new export possibilities: Month export and "all dates export" now with
fixed export format (.)
- user-defined report file (E-mail)
- Possibility to import the SkyView2001 Access databases (also
automatically at program start)
- Pseudo on-line operation (with WS2000,WS2500,WS2300) -> file
watching/check of these stations and/or possibility to employ
  a CSV file as value handicap.
  - same behavior, how one of this ONLINE stations would be connected.
  - with possibility of the sensor correction (but no plausibility check)
  - at the WS2300 are taken over for the erroneous values, the previous,
valid values (provided that which ones were available).
  -> with that, one has the possibility to duplicate his "weather
station" !!
- Since it is not possible under specific circumstances to impose the
data format of the files 100 % to convert, there is the
  possibility to default the format (WS2000,WS2500,WS2300) now.
- While converting directly to weather data file, only "newer dates" are
taken over.
- While converting one has to employ now also the possibility the sensor
- At "Auto recording" and file watching and/or WMx stations with Access
logger file SkyView one can convert now "these" dates
  before automatically and/or let import "these" dates (Option for this
purpose: File, Options)
- Data sending to (Virtual Weather Station)
- with the file names into the Custom and Wap files now are allowed
result files with path specification (%customfile= ...).
  If the indicated path/folder does not exist, it is attempted to create
the path before.
- Evapotranspiration calculation (thanks for this purpose at Bastian
Rissling) - calculation must be activated at "statistical data"!
  ET is computed at 14:30, that is, "0,000 mm" is always ,before this
time, the value !!!!
- additional options for the "solar sensor"
- New variables (for example month values also outside of the month
observation period),
  - for "Sensor available" also nesting is now possible
    Example: %ws_availableX[2]=%curval[2]%,- - -% look for that too the
example in "custom_.txt"
- new contol variable (are valid only for %curval[x]% and %baro_station%)
with other chosen unit than "Metric"
  -> necessary for import interface !
  -> import interface: look at "watch.txt", needs Metric values
(°C,hPa,mm,km/h) and the station air pressure
     (not related to sea level)

V2.80.4      2002-10-12
- But at the minidisplay properties solved - "Esc" had the same function
as "OK"
- Fehler bei der Mini-Display-Einstellung beseitigt - "Abbruch" hatte die
gleiche Funktion wie "OK"
  - the font size can be set (since the V2.80.3) to a maximum of 24
pixels. If the font size is chosen too highly,
    it is patched automatically so that the minidisplay fits also onto
the screen.
- Bug with rain amount and the WMx9x stations solved: When during the
saving time range no rain value was obtained
  (= very bad reception and/or COM interface problems) the rain value was
not extinguished, entered that is the old value again.
- The autom. made single-/Mini graphics can be prepared now on max. size
of 640 pixel
- Possibility of the Max selection with "combined sensors"
- New Time Controling Option: "Program end and restart"
- The hourly recorded speech output can form one now also individually
with the file "ws_speech1h.txt".
- Change with the result language files: now a "x" is prefixed (necessary
when text folder = data folder)

V2.80.3     2002-10-01
- Possibility to use the Local Time in the APRS file (deselect UTC!)
- Make the Wave file (provided that option chosen) also after the "read-
- Program waits at the "Read-Out & Program end" and making of the Wave
file for finishing of the Wave file
  before the program ends itself (but a maximum of. 180 second).
- new variable "Senor available" (without Html) %ws_availableX[x]=Yes,No%
and LongtimeSensor2 acting: %ws_available[T2]=Yes,No%
- Bug with the variables and user handicap eliminates: if in the variable
name a capital letter occurred, the result was not correct.
- new option for the WM/WMR9x8 stations: Warning at switched off
recording. The possible necessary Wave file "ws_alarm.wav"
  must be in the program folder. Activation under "File", "Options ..."
and there under "Time controlling". Only for the
  WM?-Stations available/selectable!
- Change of the showing of the rain amount in the Aktuell.htm with the
option Number values in Aktuell.htm: "Hours"
  - when this option chosen, the rain amount of the preceded hour is
shown now.
- Speech output each hour:
  Spoken rain amount readjusted on rain amount last hour.
  If under Internet for the wind rate also Beaufort was chosen, this is
"spoken" now too.
  If under Internet the air pressure trend was chosen, the air pressure
change of the last 3 h. is "spoken" now besides.
- The possibility of the conversion of the WS2300 files I lost in the
V2.80.2 - is again there.
  (in fact not real, only the "dates" of the WS2300 dates were not
announced anymore).

V2.80.2     2002-09-21
- The former restriction to show the weather forecast ICONs only at a
program window width >=863 pixel was changed to >=800 pixels!
  However, Values to be represented here, are covered over with that at
the same position.
- Change at the state variable (%ws_state_sens[x]%) - it is "filled" now
also during the start of program,
- Possibility to manage 3 own weather forecast texts - planned only for
variable edition.
- Not acting, own weather icons are faded out! (for example, if somebody
lets announce the weather forecast of the WMR stations,
  at that the graphics are not available for unstable, snowfall, thundery
and stormy)
- Change in the converting-routine: If a RO-file is selected for
converting, so there is reference shown.
  Files to the converting must not be set to ReadOnly !
- New option: "Update Internet files always after program start"
Condition: On-line operation.

- Support for voice output and WAVE/MP3 file generation:
  Possibility a voice output every full hour and/or. to make a WAVE file
and possibly a MP3-Sound file of the meteorological data.
  A Speech-Engine (SAPI4) must be installed - the SAPI5 of WinXP is not
  That is, if WinXP users want to use this function, must also install
the SAPI4 - Engine.
  The registered users can load the necessary files for that, from the
folder "Speech" and install the necessary files for that.
  The national language variants are additional necessary - find under
the corresponding "country" folder.
  In addition, you find a link to a Micorsoft page here, where you can
downlaod further files and help for the Speech-Engine.
  You can employ, of course, also a payable software that supports SAPI4!
  The file "lame_enc.dll" must be available - else WsWin does not start
  This DLL is necessary for the transformation of the WAVE files in MP3
files -> with that, file size saving of approx. 90 % !
  Lame_enc.dll is released under GNU GPL - A Lot of thanks for this
purpose at Alexei O. Sabline (

  After the installation of the "Engine" always as the preset speaker is
"Sam" = American, masculine speaker -
  can and should be changed under "Control" "Adjustments" "Speech" in the
"Dropdown menu of the speaker selection.
  If no supplementary Engine is found during the start of program, that
is shown there, a gross-steeply the language options'
  stands then not for the disposal (deactivated)
  A MP3-file is stored always in the HTML-folder!
  The file name of the MP3-file is derived by the WAVE-file !
  For the generation of an own WAVE/MP3 file the file "ws_speech.txt" is
planned (look at the sample file ws_speech_.txt)
  In this file are, as default, the "unit" edition interrupted. (->
  The voice output is supported with new variables: %unitnamelong[x]%,

  Caution ! The average file length of a Wave file conducts ~700 KB, that
a MP3 file from that ~70 KB.If you let make this file(s)
  over the "FTP times", the running of the FTP program is delayed for so
long, to the generation of these files
  (Duration is with this example to approx. 30 sec.) concluded is.
  With FTP transfer and simultaneous voice output every hour, so the
speech output occurs 1 minute later.

V2.80.1        2002-09-07
- Possibility to show a weather forecast Icon in the Display Bar and with
selection of own pictures.

V2.80.0        2002-08-31
for the information: WsWin supports above 1200 variables ...
                     one should read for this purpose once in the
custom_en.txt (or progam help) ...

- Removing the limitation of the activation of display and minidisplay
only during "Recording".
- The long promised final composure of the minidisplay finished
  with new options: for width there now a correction available, new color
process (Gradient) for "pleasing" graphics
  Caution! Gradient-representation is default! absolutely read for this
purpose in the program help ;)
- Possibility to make a firmly defaulted only-text-weather data-report.
- New combination of values in the Min./Max.-Bar.
- new options with APRS file preparation -> air pressure possibility 5-
  -> you can use VWSaprs to send this file to Citizen Weather Observer
- new variable: %alwaysseppoint_on% & %alwaysseppoint_off%
- Scans whether data file is from WS2300 adapted - since presented, that
the "file header" can have different formats.

V2.80.ß7        2002-08-15
- In the "not registered Version" was the Menu "WS2500" closed - wasn't
- The edition of "Numbers with decimal places" in the export and Internet
part now use the defaultet "Comma separator"

V2.80.ß6        2002-08-11
- New variable: %ws_available[x]=Yes,No% and %thermicstress_value%
- if a file "longtime.html" will be found in the Html-folder, a selection
will be included in the "Weather Data Menu"

V2.80.ß5        2002-08-10
- Bug fix at combined sensors

V2.80.ß4        2002-08-07
- Can take over the weather files of the weather stations WS2300 and/or
WS2500 under "File" "Converting weather data".
  The data format should be recognized automatically and is announced
then correspondingly.
  The "sun dates" are only taken over, if a "WS2500" is as Weather
station selected.
  In case of incorporation of the dates of a WS2300 station every
"weather station" can be chosen,
  however it must be noted, that the air pressure correction factor was
entered correctly (under "Weather" "Location"),
  to be stored there the air pressure values as station air pressure
(therefore no retention of the sealevel pressure!).
  Dates of the WS2300 before 1.1.2001 are put onto this date !!!

  Conversion: When select "Create weather data files", the data are "a l
l w a y s" appended.
  Therefore you must choose the "correct" start date or delete the
weather date file before "by hand" !!!!

- Display of the brightness/cloudiness: if the sun correction is chosen,
during the "correction" a "*" is
  announced with. For example "cloudy*"
- Bug fix at rain values in the weather symbolic file and selected unit
- Bug fix at uninitialized wind distribution graphics (only at pie view).
- Bug fix at "Update Graphics/Tables" and week selection.
- Possibility in the "time" view to overcome the day limit.
- Adaptation at cloud height calculation - with entry in wswin.cfg
[Settings] AltKondNiveau=0
  -> return to the old calculation
- Possibility to "remote-control" with the file "ws_controll.cfg" the
program during the on-line operation.
   -> after processing of this file, this file is renamed to
    -> for supported "sections"+"entrys" look at "ws_controll_ex.cfg"
 - Adaptation while "scanning" the rain amount per hour for the
historical data
   -> jetzt werden auch die WMx-9x8-Station berücksichtigt und zusätzlich
bei den
   -> now also the WMx-9x8-Stations become considered and additional
with the weather interfaces after
      the read-out, the current viewing period (only day) will be
automaticly "scannt" -
      -> who "reads" out the dates once per day, is now current also at

- Heat index edition in the weather symbolic file when value < > outside
temperature and besides the edition
  of the thermal stress chosen.
- Email report preparation
- Change of the viewing unit (km/miles) at visibilitiy: When "ft" and
"knots" is choosen, the display show now "km".
  normally dependently on the attitude of the height unit > m = km ; ft =
- Enlargement of the statistic graphics with integration in the weather
data selection menu
  -> who would like to have computed "Wind Run", the corresponding option
must activate in the statistics.
  -> In addition Consider: If in the graphics the month value are covered
over, you have the possibility with the
     mouse (hand symbol) to move this to another position (for example to
save the graphics)
- For the entries of the weather data selection menu one can default
other character size/font.
- Preparation for sending of the dates to Citizen Weather Observer
- new "Weather Calculator" !
  -> if next to the values a "red call sign" is represented, one of the
calm values is outside of the
     defaulted specifications: for example with the heat index the
temperature must be in the range >= 26.7°C/80°F !!!!

- "Cursor" is now in color and thick (color changeable)
- in the wind distribution graphics now, besides the %-Value, the "Calm"
is reported.
  -> adaptation with calm of 0 k.p.h. on <0.3m/s (is only with the ELV
systems relevant, there only these devices
     register wind values < 1.1 km/h)
     -> all wind directions show 100 % - is, however, seen the difference
of 100 - calm percentage.
- new variable

V2.80.ß2        2002-05-29
Attention: The graphics (for current.html) "hour.gif, day.gif, week.gif,
month.gif, year.gif" are named and/or
expected now as: houricon.gif, dayicon.gif, monthicon.gif, yearicon.gif
Pleas rename this files in your Html-folder and transfer it too to your

- Bug at variables with user handicap and "=" in the text eliminated
- Representation priority taken back at the temperature sensors (because
of representation of combined sensor)
- At "Update Graphics/Tables" the minigraphics generation functions now
also at the months
- Possibility to generate only "one" week graphics
- For all available sensors you can choose now separately for the year
graphics, whether the Min. /Max lines
  with are supposed to be represented.
- New statistics graphics
- All minigraphics/statistics graphics are considered/bound in now also
in the weather date main menu.
- New alarm option: Email -> functions only in case of available,
activated Internet combination (provisional)
  (Look at properties "Control", "FTP adjustments", "Email")
  also txt-file attachements are supported: to model ws_email%index%.txt,
this file must be in the
  data folder (can also one, through "customised. File" modified Files"
be) - at which %index% is the
  index number of the corresponding sensor and/or "0" for email-testing.
- Restructuring "Menu" -> "FTP" was deleted without being replaced

V2.80.ß1          2002-05-09
- new single sensor of minigraphics and/or single sensor display
  (select sensors under "Internet" "Properties" "Sensors"
- Possibility of the display of the sunshine times as an own diagram
  the scaling for that, is defaulted by me firmly this time
- Possibility for the display-/ and/or Min./Max. bar to choose other
background colors and/or other fonts/-colours.
- Possibility for 3 view profiles.
- Possibility to make automatically for each day some own graphics
- Change/enlargement at the Properties "Internet"
- Adaptation at the degree days
- Display of the horizontal view sight in the weather forecast
- Calculation of the mean values of the minimal-/Max values for the
display period's (in tables).
- Enlargement of the statistics around Min. /Max temperatures for
- new variable (for example Minimal average temperature) ... look at
- new variable Items with user handicap (%ws_isdaynight%,
- all variable with "%unit_off%" consider this "counter" now too.
- with the long-term values one can subsequently let register the hourly
rain amount with the aid of
  the "cursor" in the day view
- New option "end program around specific time" with
  possibility after that Windows restart or computer (provided that the
built-in Motherboard supports the Power-Off-Mode).
- possibility in the "Menu weather selection" to insert an own "footer
text" for example for email address.
- Measure against the "Readin problems" of the interfaces
- error solved while making the wind direction distribution graphics
- correction at the rain values - and/or defaulted year nought value

V2.79.3          2002-04-10
- Correction at the "Long Time value" for the 2. Temp Sensor - there was
the Date/Time from the MinValue
  duplicated to Date/Time for the MaxValue
- When under Weather, Weather forecast the Option "show Weather forecast"
is not selected, then in the Minidisplay
  the weather forecast icon (graphics) isn't more shown.
- new variable for the highest sun elevation each day

V2.79.2          2002-04-05
- Adaptation of the sun time correction during sun rise/sun set: the
limit values do not refer anymore to the
  position of the sun, but onto a time - please check your entries.
  After my determination the "factor" must also be increased to "32".
(concerns hardware Juergen)
  In this connection: If the sun value is announced in the Min./Max.Bar,
also the position of the sun (Elevation)
  is shown here now in degree.
- The comparison function for the months and years is again back (a lot
of thanks for this purpose at Peter)
- Change of the read-in routine for the weather station WM-918

V2.79.1          2002-04-01
- Bug at calculation of the max. Rain/Hour (Long time value) solved
- Bug at the date of the "Long time value" and prepared 2 character
Windows year date format (d.m.yy) solved.

V2.79.0          2002-03-30
- Additional View of the wind distribution as Windrose, change to "GIF"
graphics format
  and integration of the graphics in the weather selection menu
- 2 additional user-definable limit values (<= and/or >=)
- Enlargement in the statistics (around these dates to gotten, the year
view must be chosen again)
- Possibility of the edition of Head-/Foot line in the tables (for
example for copyrights)
- Change with the minidisplay - if sufficiently place, now the moon is
represented, also without wind/baro graphics.
- new variable

V2.78.5a/b       2002-03-11/14
- Option for Computer with only 256 colour graphics-card:
  In the file Wswin.cfg in the section
   [MiniDisplay]        add this entry (isn't autom. created!!)
   MiniDispGifArt=1     -> Default and/or no entry present

   Available values:
   1:   Reduce to optimal 256 color windows palette
   2:   Do not perform color reduction
   3:   Reduce to optimal 2^n color palette
   4:   Reduce to the Windows 20 color system palette
   5:   Reduce to the Windows 256 color halftone palette (Only works in
256 color display mode)
   6:   Reduce to the Netscape 216 color palette
- Bug at air pressure data in APRS-File solved (bug since V2.78.0)

V2.78.5         2002-03-09
- General Adaptation at year representation (no firm representation of 31
days monthly more).
- Bug resolved for the first initialization of the correction factor for
wind rate/gust
  (was set to -255 and/or 0 -> with that no recording of these sensors)
- Adaptations of the HTM tables (also current.html) for representation
with Netscape V4.x

V2.78.4           2002-03-06
- Bug at year-average calculation solved.
- Showing of the wind direcetion distribution corrected (bug since
- You can't show the "Enhanced Windows Meta Format" at wind direction
  Start program, end program, search in wswin.cfg for the "Key"
Normalwmf=0 and change there to
  Normalwmf=0 -> then Standard -WMF-file will be created.
  You search for a very good Graphicviewer/converter, look at "IrfanView"

V2.78.3           2002-03-05
- Correction at year rain amount.

V2.78.2           2002-03-04
- Additional Properties (Print, Create Graphic, Change Sorting) at
Distribution wind direction.

V2.78.1           2002-03-03
- Bug at averages and rain amount calculation in the year-view solved.

V2.78.0          2002-03-02
- Adaptation calculation Sealevel-pressure (no more factor /9 - as at the
ELV weather stations)
  -> now factor 8.5 (entered site altitude is patched automatic onto this
  -> in addition, possibility the patched air pressure "temperature
compensated" let represent
     -> and accuracy highest with that (Feeling as at the Davis
VantagePro stations)
     with this calculation representation of the air pressure with a
decimal place is readjusted on automatic.

  Attention! Attenion!
  Who wants the new calculation "temperature compensated" use, means,
very probable (in most cases) must patch his "site height" after below
and/or set to the actual site altitude. Here it is, in addition
necessary, that the selected outdoor sensor supplies valid data !!!
  In case of use of this calculation means, the showing pressure at
available "displays" are no more absolutely identical with the values in
the software!!!!!!!!

- Supports "Black" background color in minidisplay - state kind text is
now a complementarily color for this purpose
- Changes with display (Air pressure display)
- Possibility to employ the new Wind chill calculation
- Calculation and edition Heat, Cool-, and Growing-Degrees-Days with
possibility to change the purchase temperature
- Calculation and display of the wind direction distribution.
- Adaptation of the calculation of the average values at the solar sensor
- Possibility to reinitialize the sensor texts (for example at language
- Possibility to change completely the units metrisch/us-units (and back)
- New statistics: Rainy days at rain >0mm; >2mm; >20mm
- Error correction at times 15 min, 1 hour->here no 23:00 for FTP
- Error correction at gusts of wind - automatic scaling functions now too
- Change at plausibility correction - if a value "0" is received, then
those values are now correted too
   -> formerly that ran out, that this sensor is not anymore available ->
concerns mainly WM-918
- Display of the snow line in the weather forecast during the "winter
- Preparation for standard deviation of the rain amount for month/year
(still not ready ...)
- Support for two new template files "template_m_noaa.txt" and
- Possibility of the updating/generation of HTML table and graphics for
the completely available database.
- Possibility of entering of a "factor" for the sensor value correction
(additional to the adjustment value)
  -> the adjustment values become during the "write-out" and "Import -
employed here in selectable form".
- smooth "sensor values" are made recognizable in the diagram with one
now to additional "*" according to the sensor
- almost all "new things" are supported with the corresponding variables

V2.77.0          2002-01-13
- Showing of the Standard deviation for temperature in the Min.-/Max.
Display Bar,
  into which month-/year- tables and as variables available
  -> condition temperature levels must under "Weather", "Statistic dates"
"Properties" brought to be
  and the display of the temperature average line must be activated
- new option for statitics dates: "read only"
  -> in case of choice of these options, older dates are not overwriten
  -> also preparation for coming possibility these dates to
  (only currently to change directly in the file "ws_hist.txt")
- At Comparison Viewing, you can for the compare data now a folder select
  -> with comparing (only graphics) the possibility exists to view the
dates of two weather stations.
- preparation for correction of the air pressure dates on site height
with consideration of several factors.
  You can already see comparative value with new calculation under
"Weather" "Location" ...
  (Thanks for this purpose at Mr Gebauer) -> with that the software will
decollate, however, of the
  display of the "displays" that work with fixed adjustment values.

V2.76.7a         2002-01-04
- Correction for jumping always to last year 2001 (only after online-
  please select Year 2001 viewing once again (for correct values for

V2.76.6/7        2002-01-03
- corrections at week displays (... w2002_52.htm)
- additional variable at "month_only" merged (look at custom_en.txt)
- adaptation because of not reseted sun month times
- possibility to consider at the import sensor adjustment values.
- Change "Clouds" in "Brightness" at weather symbolic file

V2.76.5         2002-01-01
- error correction for Week selection (-"paging") for the year 2002
- additional options for minidisplay - you must control your
- Menu item "Statitics dates" (under "Weather") unlocked; if your values
are not as expected here,
  choose the corresponding year representation still once
  - in addition, you must here default your years-/month average
temperature levels
- when you have entered the years-/month temperature averages, you can
let represent this "value" besides
  in the diagram.
- smaller changes (Weather forecast, weather conditions, sun time average
- since the V2.76.4 a installed TCP/IP-protocol no more absolutely is
  (however, the parts of the program that base on that, do not function

V2.76.4         2001-12-23
- Error correction at "Cool days" in Month view

V2.76.3         2001-12-14
- Support for modified humidity sensor as a solar sensor
- new statistical value "Cool days Tmax < 10°C" - for evaluation, please
select once Year view!
- new variable "Ice warning/text" - for this purpose look at
  Caution! The corresponding graphics "ice.gif" and "no_ice.gif" is not
supplied !!!!
  -> For the text variable %icewarningtxt% a text is shown only in case
of ice warning else "Blank"
- New display of the wind direction as points (only in day
  -> this display is turned on as a default and must be eliminated
possible again
  (under "View" "Adjustments")
- if files y2001.html (y2000.html and so on) are found in the Html
folder, they are integrated into
  the "selection menu" under tables, corresponding year (for example
2001), months and here as "Summary".
  The example year template "template_y.txt" was changed, so that now
y2001.html files are created.

V2.76.2         2001-11-30
- error correction - now the user-defined files (htm/wml) are saved again
- unlocked for the users the sun position correction factor, control
range 5-50
  -> necessary, if other "hardware" used than from Juergen (for example
also at the WMR stations)
  standard: 18 (Circuit Juergen) - 12: circuit for WMR station

V2.76.1         2001-11-29
- Change at modif. temp sensor (now >8 allowed)
- Support for yesterday and week-day graphics
- Changes at variables and rain/suntimes (now consider the control
variable %unit_off%)

V2.76.0a        2001-11-25
- No Pixel-correction at aktuell.gif (and all day graphics).

V2.76.0         2001-11-24
- possibility for the graphics height to make a pixel correction.
- new variables, error correction at variable longitude-/latitude(was
- additional sensor in minidisplay
- change at alarm
- change at sun time calculation when position of the sun correction
- change at location (other countries) and decimal place display at air
pressure correction value
- change at APRS/template menu (no input limit more, direct folder
- option menu split -> besides new properties menu for view
- statistics: The values are announced since the last year representation
  -> the current day is not considered usually.

V2.75.7         2001-11-12
- Change for saving the statistics dates
- For template result files there is now a own folder - But with Template
created "htm/html"-files are stored
  always in the Html folder
- APRS-CallSign is safeguarded now and is available as variables
- At "hour_only" is considered now, when "Gaps" are contained

V2.75.6         2001-11-11
- moon representation adapted to the southern Hemisphere.
- Option for sun time display between corrected and normal view
  possibility of different correction parameter for Sunrise and Sunset
- adaptation of the standard display of air pressure: change from the
last 6 hours
  onto the last ones 3 hours.
- Introduction of statistics (Ice days, cold days, summer days, hot days)
- all changes with supporting of corresponding new variables

V2.75.5         2001-06-11
- Error correction at Templates and a Template line length > 255 chars

V2.75.4          2001-11-04
- For the First Time you can for the solar sensor (modif. Temp.Sensor) a
position of the
  sun correction for the sunshine times (- dration) activate:
  It becomes with a position of the sun >0° and < 12° and carried out
Sunshine >0% a correction.
  In recognizable form at the diagram line, that in this case with the
value, that was entered
  for "Sunshine" (for example 85 %) runs.
  The upper position of the sun value (12 degrees) can possible in a
field of 6 - 24° to be varied.
  This option is not activated as default, there is required, by the
extensive calculations, a computer
  of the 1GHz-class or a lot of patience (in particular at year
- new control variable "%ansitooem%" - only validly in template - for the
  (look at custom_en.txt)
- change at sun/moon - if a value could not be computed at the sun dates
  all times was no display (---)
  -> now only for the not computable value (mainly twilight
astronomically in June)

V2.75.3         2001-11-31
- Error correction in the display bar for standard sensors and "no
- changes at %justify_on% - for example if sensors are not available,
also positionings
  are carried out now
- More Flexible File Allocation about "Template" - look at custom_en.txt
- adapted the results at the Min/Max table and/or Html-tables for
modified temperature sensor
  (no min values more, display of the sun hours)

V2.75.2         2001-10-28
- Error correction at adaptation on summer time at the ELV interface
(with OEM's)
  the correction of the read dates was ended an hour too late.
- Error correction with timer
  with information of, for example 07:00 - 23:00, were carried out the
"FTP operation"
  in spite of that from 00:00

V2.75.1         2001-10-27
- error correction at Wonderground - the times landed around 60 days in
the past
  (while converting on UTC time forget on minutes back assign)
- additional variable -> daylength, sungif and control variable
  adaptation at the variables for wind text
  -> new example template_d_en.txt -> the functionality of the day
template file uses and
  "Weather symbolic file = current.html" can replace with that.
- Possibility of the display of the day length, sunrise and sunset in the
day diagram
- Possibility over "Weather data" to call an user-defined page
(List/file/Html side).

V2.75.0          2001-10-21
- Global adaptation to complete Timezone-Supporting with corresponding
summer times.
  That is (and other) that the sun-/moon symbols in the diagram now
according to the
  Daylight saving-/normal time to the date are represented.
- Supporting of "Templates" and combined with that, by besides more than
200 (exactly 263) new variable
  look at "custom_en.txt"
- Introduction of "Control variables"
- with the now available variables you have "access" on almost the
complete database of the program.
- Possibility of the generation of an APRS file
- In the menu "Sun/Moon" the Local Times are represented now as default
(UTC time is optional).
  Besides that, are represented here the "twilight times" of the sun
(civil nautical astronomical)
  and the position of the sun (elevation and azimuth).

V2.74.3         2001-10-07
- support of the Degree for modif. temperature sensor in the chosen
temp.-units (°C/°F)
- besides for those ones 0 %/100 % values edition of the default values
as "tool tip"
-> with these changes, it it was again possible to pack the EXE file

V2.74.3         2001-09-30
- for the combined Sensor 8-15 and 9 Sensor-Working also allows the
"Internet selection"
- Mistake during the representation (no diagram lines more) eliminates.

V2.74.2           2001-09-29
- error correction: For arbitrary moon-/sun dates (under Weather) the
defaulted times were ignored
  -> always Current time
- error correction () only ELV and OEM's concern, at the Export-/Import
of the monthly file rain amount
  was falsified (the safety closure built-in in the summer for much too
high rain amount was applied much
  too low) - now first effective, when rain amount > 300 mm per range
- Recording interval changing now are considered at the sun times.
- Changes at wind/gust for the weather stations WMR-9x8.
- at an available modified Tempsensor as a solar sensor becomes now for
the abbreviation no more H(umidity)
  but (defaulted to S)un, for the weather stations WMR-9x8 the modified
temperature Sensor is now shown as
   a percentage instead of the actual humidity in the "online" display.
- in the weather symbolic file the "rated time" is shown now -> new
variable %daylightname%
- for the Elv systems, there is now a selection for the combined sensors
up to sensor 15.
- Display of the rough cloud low limit in weather conditions and in
weather forecast
  (computed from temperature/dew point).
  Function is from Christian Weber (Author of Meteorology master).

Reference: Display times of the sun/moon symbol in the diagram:
The times are computed always from the current viewing time point - for
example, if for the viewing
time point is now daylight saving there, the daylight saving time is
included also for the period outside
of the daylight saving time.

V2.74.0         2001-09-14
- Support for French language.
- New variables for solar sensor.
- Program help now current.

V2.73.7a       2001-09-10
- all texts translated also into the English and Italian language now
- now the sunshine duration of the day, week, month, year's are shown the
  and also cloudiness in "Text"

V2.73.7        2001-09-09
Attention! At the moment not all german texts are translated!
- For location coordinates also a "second" input is now possible
  -> please complement your dates according to that!
- The menu item "Wireless-interface" was renamed to "Weather station"
- Preparation for solar radiation support (modif. temp sensor ->
  -> new menu item "Weather station" "Special sensors"
- Possibility for no "line representation" with wind direction and wind
rate "0"
- Possibility with the Htm tables and represented absolute humidity
besides also the
  relative humidity represent.
- Possibility at the month/year Htm tables besides the relevant day to
  represent min./max. values (with date).
- Possibiltiy to change the name for the start page (default: start.html)
- Note, that this time the new, following options are activated as
  -> display sun rise/sun set symbol in the day diagram
  -> edition of the relative humidity in Htm tables, at chosen absolute
  -> edition of the min./max.- values at month/year Htm tables.
- new graphical symbol for stormy at weather forecast: "awind.gif"

V2.73.6        2001-08-14
- Error correction: if there was in more than one customised Html/WML-
files "time"-variables used, only in
  the first file the correct time values was inserted (error since

V2.73.5        2001-08-10
Consider! the TCP/IP-protocol must be installed !!!!
- Error correction for the indoor sensor (=temp./hum.) for the selection
in the start.html - no entries was
- Error correction for the export of the wireless-interface
meteorological data (values over 20 k.p.h. for
  wind were stored only as "0") - concering only the wireless interface
from ELV with OEM's.
- changes during the read-out of the dates from the radio interfaces -
former error correction at
  "Buffers empty error - was taken back - should be finished now by the
actual routine without error.
- changes at the moon-/sun time representations in the Html files (better
worldwide time support)

V2.73.4        2001-08-08
- New option for mini-display (but mini-display not yet ready)

V2.73.3        2001-08-05
- Error correction for not visible minidisplay and weather station WMx-
9x8 and the making the mini
  display graphics file -> Wind chill was not posted
- Minidisplay graphics type changed from JPG ot GIF
- Minidisplay graphics are stored now immediately after the read-out -
(provided that option chosen)
- With properties "without interface" and chosen option "Use Ftp" &
"before transfer post the Internet
  files" & "before transfer post the customised Html-Files" and setting
of the option in the wswin.cfg
  under [Settings] UpdateMoonSun=0 to "1" can one according to the chosen
FTP time always a
  customised Html file with the current sun and moon times create (look
at sunmoon.txt
  [possibly rename to custom.txt]).
- one can limit the transfer times for Ftp (Period of/to for example from
07:00 - 00:20) - outside
  of this period more are not carried out a FTP-Uploads/Updatesn
(Standard = 00:00 - 23:59 ->
  therefore always).
- Adaptations during the updating of the Internet files at current
recording (only WMx-9x8 concerns)
- Program tested under Windows XP RC1

V2.73.2          2001-07-21
- Changes with the thermal stress index -> Personal good feel
- new variables and graphics for personal good feel ->
  graphics: "thermic.gif" = heat, "thermic0.gif" = Neutral,
"thermic1.gif" = cold
- direct choice of the sensor for Windchill-, dew point calculation (no
more over wswin.cfg)
- direct choice of the options for the Minimal-/Max-Bar groin (Air
pressure gradient, wind in BFT,
  wind with direction) -> no more over wswin.cfg
- new option for the minimal-/Max Bar and humidity: Possibility of the
simultaneous representation of
  the absolute humidity and the relative air humidity (alternate)
- Powerdown (command line parameter /down) should function now also under
Windows 2000
- change during the summary-representation (Windchill,Dew point,Baro
changes 1h) in the minimal-/Max Bar:
  The representation must be chosen now explicit, can chosen also for the
positions 4-8 and
  shows now also the PMV value (=Predicted Mean Vote = Personal good
feel) as well as
  the air pressure change of the last 6h.

V2.73.1         2001-07-10
- Additional safety assessments with the autom. Convert of the very old
ELV meteorological data's
  into the new format - with that, these dates should be converted now
even if scrap values occur.
- If near the Combined Sensors a sensor was changed, the indication with
the new dates is posted
  after the leaving of the "option" menu.
- Unlocked to autom. scaling also for the humidity sensors (because of
absolute humidity)
  Consider ! The data for the absolute humidity must be recalculated each
- Text export: with calm absolute humidity, also these data are exported
now correspondingly
  (not only rel. humidity in [%])
Caution ! If you change the background color of the diagram (no more
white) then the made graphics
          become importantly bigger.

V2.73.0         2001-07-08
- New options at minidisplay (Representation problems not solved in case
of enlargement yet ...)
- Thermal stress index (new variable %thermicstress%) (new graphic
- Absolute humidity (g/m3)
- Combination of 2 sensors
- Background color diagram
- New option for old interfaces (V1.x)

V2.72.1        2001-07-01
- for the WMR-918/968 stations and the sensors 1 - 3 there was wrong Gif-
file-names generated - corrected

V2.72.0         2001-06-26
- changes for showing of the wind direction texts for NE-E, SE-S, SW-W,
NW-N, also changed the
  correspondingly graphics. (please update your wind graphics (in file:
- Wind directions of "0 °" in the online operation are stored effective
immediately from "360 °"
  as a wind direction.
- Relief with Skyview log files also for the unformatted log files =
  -> such files are accomplished if in the SkyView data logger folder the
file "maxmin.bin" is missing
  -> logger program wasn't installed in the same folder, as the
WeatherView software !?
- Program completely now also in Italian (not program help file)
  Many thank to Prof. Giancarlo Grasso for his translation
- changes while creating customised files
- new option in wswin.cfg for WMR-918/968:
  Section [Settings] ForceDCF=1 -> with the received "hour information"
from this weather station
  the PC clock will be allways updated (besides necessary: Option
"Synchronize PC clock with DCF")
- in the Weather Data main menu the selection frame windows will be now
created with a fixed "width".
- Correction: in the English version no entries were made in the
StartMenue for air humidity.
- Correction: With air pressure tendencies the "hPa"-values were spent in
case of edition "inHg" and/or "mmHg".
- minnor bugfixes
- Changes at updating in FTP transfer - now each Option can be selected
individual - no more generally
  everything was selected, when option "before transfer post the Internet
files" was chosen.
  The chosen options under Internet have priority for the FTP transfer
options, and when
  chosen there, the corresponding options are ignored under FTP.
- Notice! There are two kinds for the program-minimization:
  - application minimize: with that the main window and the open windows
are minimized
  - windows minimize: for example: minimizing only main windows and
letting display-windows representedly.
- in the Display one can let announce instead of the humidity also the
dew point values of the chosen sensor
- New freely configurable Mini-display:
  Font character size from 8 to 16 pt selectable
  every arbitrary font, which is installed, selectable
  bar display (Solution +/-10hPa) at the air pressure has following
  of to the left of beginning air pressure -24 H, -12 H, -6 H, -3 H, -2
H, -1 H, current (=Deviation 0)

  . Following Restrictions still are with the Mini-Display:
  . If through the selections the "display becomes bigger" (other font,
more sensor display) becomes partial
  . not posted correctly.
  . If the display is reduced by the configuration, the saved graphics
file minidisplay.jpg didn't consider
  . If the position of that display was changed and then the
configuration is started, then the position is
    put back onto the original start position.

  So that the changes become correctly effective, it is nesessarey to
close the program and to restart it.

  When the "menu" is switched off, the position can not be changed

V2.71.0        2001-06-02
- Changes at "FTP transfer" - here especially "before transfer post the
current-/Internet files"
- possibility to show the dewpoint for all available temp./humidity
sensors in the "display"
  (instead of humidity)
- changes for the edition of the weather forecast in the weather survey
- possibility to listen/print the new-/full moon times for a whole year

V2.70.5        2001-05-21
- error correction: the changes for those ones under "Internet" -
"Sensors" chosen sensors was not saved

V2.70.4        2001-05-13
- Correction of the display at the moon times, if no values can be
computed and/or the times lie
  outside the current day's.
- additional uploadtime of 5 min for FTP transfer
- with the option "Use FTP" and the option "before transfer post the
current/Internet-files", these files
  are updated in the indicated time period - with option "Use external
FTP program", these files are transmitted
  then also correspondingly.

V2.70.3        2001-05-07
- with the FTP-Option "before transfer post current-/Internet-files" the
Weather symbolic file
  (current.html) and the customised html/wml-files are updated too, even
if the Option under Internet is
  not selected.
- new Option for the wswin.cfg:
  section: [Html]
  entry:   DateTimeChange = 0    -> if someone will display the date
before the time in the
                                    sun-/moon dates, must change here
form "0" to "1"

V2.70.2     2001-05-06
- Error correction for Showing the choose of external Ftp program
- Secletion of 15 min for Ftp-transfer was never saved

V2.70.1a    2001-05-03
- Button "Report" for weather watching reports was not active! (forgotten
- Now ADO is not anymore urgently necessary

V2.70.1     2001-05-02
- Correction for weather symbolic file (current.html) - missing text for
"rain last 24h" - only german version affected
- Correction for rain, now the "Column" alone can be displayed again

V2.70.0     2001-05-01
- Weather conditions
- Adaptations for the Ftp transfer (aktuell-files post before Ftp)
- Possibility of the calculation of the weather forecast
- Sun-/Moon-data=calendar
- new customised variables (among other things: %windd_gra%, %seaforce%)
- the winddirection in the current/customised Html-files can now, with a
new selectable option,
  are represented with corresponding wind direction graphics.
- Plausibility controll of the DCF time for the ELV-(with OEM's) wireless
interfaces for the setting
  of the PC time with the DCF-Time
  (is carried out only, if the DCF deviates from the PC time During max.
+-2 hours)
- UTC time error correction for Wonderground (Had forgot Daylight
- On the user-defined pages, for not available sensors also the
  are replaced with " - - " - formerly the variable names conked out.
- internal adaptations: Program should behave itself now again so,
generated as with old compiler
- Error correted, while converting the data from V1.15/1.14 (= old
- own folder for "wml-files" = WAP-Internet-pages
- for all sensors (only at day representation) the diagram lines can be
- Caution ! Change of the function of the function keys "F12" and "F5"
  -> "F5" = now refesh View
  -> "F12" = Day-Normalview
  -> "Shift F12" = Day 24h-View
- Possibility at the "updated Internet files" to omit the GIF graphics
- Experiment, to import also the unusual Weatherdisplay log files without
- Adapted Skyview log files, that also "omitted values - with reception
problems", in particular
  near the 3 additional sensors, to be considered (Edition "0" and/or
previous value).
- Now with the import of Skyview log files only newer data are taken over
  (no more overwriting of available data)
- and much more ... and a lot of things, which had to be displaced ...

V2.62.7     2001-02-24
- now Help-file is current
- direct support for WAP customised WML-files (see example wap_.txt)
  and read the info in the help file for "customised HTML files"
  You can consider WML files also without WAP Handy -> for example WEB-
Browser OPERA from V4.x necessary !
- minor changes
- Display of Rain amount in inch unlocked

V2.62.6     2001-02-17
- In the 24-hour View one can choose now over "Choose period ..." the
last hour to be represented
  (in the Online operation always the last hour to be represented is the
"next current hour")
  -> for better use "Hour data -> Wunderground"
- the display of the max. air pressure gradient with reference to an
arbitrary hour can be disabled
  (only in wswin.cfg) - for weak computers
- Javascript complements for "Start page"

V2.62.5b    2001-02-15
--> the problems with windows2000 resolved, I hope, that I found all ...
  (There was problems under Windows2000 [Access violation ... after
closing program], since least V2.51 ...
  - these problems are not found under Windows95/98)

V2.62.5a    2001-02-14
- for the weeks, month's, year's min./max. data now also the
corresponding times are shown
  (Min./Max. bar, table and/or Html tables)
- Change at "hour data -> Wonderground", the announced hour dates will
transmit there now for the selected day
  (no more yesterday data!!)
- Indication of the atmospheric pressure change in the last hour (only
day, week view)
- Indication of the max. atmospheric pressure gradient with reference to
an hour (only day-, week- view)
- by Skyview log files the last choosen import folder is saved now.

V2.62.5     2001-02-09
- in Skyview log files are considered at now too, when in that there are
no min./max values.
- Bug with Skyview log files eliminates - the 1. entry of the values was
not imported.
- Now there is the possibility for the "start.html" to enter a URL for
the table/graphics
- help-file not yet current ...
V2.62.4     2001-02-04
- Option for additional display of wind/gust in Bft in the tables
- Option for additional dispay of wind/gust in Bft in the weather survey
- Option for "blank" between the values and units (especially in
customised Html files)
- Option for additional air pressure trend values in the weather survey
- Display at wind/gust besides in "Bft" in that one Min./Max bar
(deselectable in wswin.cfg)
- Display of air pressure change (Delta with reference to last hour) at
time and day view
  in the Min./Max.-bar
- Possibility of smoothing of the air pressure curve in time and day view
- Additional variable for Beaufort and air pressure tendency, as well as
last week graphic
  and last month graphic (see custom_en.txt)
- Displaying of the two announced days at "24h-View"
- Example "current.txt" of substitute "current.html" complemented with
the new variables !
- the diagram line of the outdoor temperature has priority before the
Winchchill curve again here

V2.62.3     2001-01-27 (will not be released as limited version)
- minor changes
  - air pressure plausibilty control for WM-918 (was not done here)
  - display which weather station, when display chosen
  - possibility to save complete graphics with min-/max bar and display
bar as gif file

V2.62.2     2001-01-23
- Bugfix after rain calibration
- unexplainable error during the paging through the data (->) defined
- worked at rain representation as a column

V2.62.1     2001-01-21
- Color selection for background color from Windows system color changed
to right Web colors
- Bug in week-, month-, year -view by weather stations WMx-918 corrected
  -> for Windchill and Dewpoint there was no values calculated -> Display

V2.62.0      2001-01-20
- for all standard Html files background colors and/or background
pictures are now configurable
  (system-dependent the background pictures have priority).
- for the representation of the rain amount in the "current.html" is
checked now,
  whether the "Internet files are current", otherwise, the data are
calculated again.
- new option "to not update start.html in this case"
- complete week data in the week view can be sent to "Wonderground" !
V2.61.3     2001-01-16
- Bug in the export with "fixed column spacing" eliminates
- Bug at the variable %ws_weekgif% eliminates

V2.61.2     2001/01/14
- new variables (see custom_en.txt)

V2.61.1     2001/01/13
- Once more changes for Windows2000/WMR-91x stations.
- Variable added

V2.61.0     2001/01/13 (will not be released as limited version)
- Support for own WEB pages (support up to 393 variables) -> see
- new option for aktuell.htm -> data for each hour
- Consideration of rain during the day at rain-days
- With the new Compiler there are now 400 000 entries in the interface-
protocoll available (formerly only 65 000).
- Through adaptation to new compiler the error at converting and free
harddisk space > 2 GB war eliminated
- Adaptation to new compiler

V2.60.3     2001/01/03 (only for registered user)
- Consideration of rain change during the day for week-,month-,year rain
- After the hardware test for WS2000_PC interface the error number is now
again visible (was cut off)

V2.60.2                 2001/01/01
- bug in editing of the WMx-91x-Data eliminated
- bug eliminated, if Option "update Internet files automatic" was
selected, the progam hung in the new year
  (the error was week 0, but there is no such week)

V2.60.0                 2000/12/29
- Rain amount adapted -> from this version the data files with older
versions are,
  in particular also with the 16-bit-Version, no more compatible,
- start.html can be adapted with the start.txt onto own needs.
- At 0 Grad also a correct Dew point value is spent now
- With importing of the Skyview log files also the inside sensors are
stored now.
- In the online operation a changing of WMR-918 to WMR-968 is and vice
versa possible.
  Formerly only a changing was supported from WMR-918 to WMR-968.
- Valid-value-change for wind and gusts for the station WMx-918 are
reduced from 45 30 k.p.h. .
- Single option per sensor for plausibilty correction are stored now
- Inadmissible scale values (=0) for increment are patched during the

V2.51.4                 2000/12/07
- english help-file available

V2.51.3      Status 2000/11/28
- german help-file updatet

V2.51.3     2000/11/28
- now is by the alarm values and there by max-value the "Green display"
also selectable.
  is for both the min. and max values the "Green display" choosed, then
the values between this points
  are faded green.
- changes for 2 monitor operation and full display mode
- new function "Cursordata -> Wunderground"
  here you can transfer the data under the "Cursor" to your Wondergrond-

V2.51.2     2000/11/23
- On the Huger weatherstation the DTR-line is switched on; with this,
the passthrough operation with the
  Skyview data-logger is possible.
- UTC time is fetched at every start from windows environment - can be
modified, however.
- Changes during the start because of not available printer (Printer
inquiry occurs now completely at the
  End during the initialization of the program).

V2.51.1     2000/11/20
- supports WMR-968

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