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									Creating The Flow Chart

        Storyboard your site map
   Because of the nature of their design, web sites don't lend
    themselves to traditional, linear outlines.
   Instead, create a simple site map with a flow chart.Your
    topmost box will be your splash page.
       Identify the major areas of your site.
       Identify the areas subordinate to each main area. Be careful to
        keep similar areas parallel in the flow chart.
       Use the flow chart to get a sense of the framework of your
        site and the relative importance of the various elements of
        your site.
What is it?
   A flow chart, or storyboard, is an illustration of the
    relationships among the various individual files (i.e., web
    pages) that constitute your site. The storyboard will be a
    picture of the levels of your site.
       You might want to base your storyboard on your sentence
       You might want to start with a blank sheet of paper and Post-It
        notes: write the titles of topics and subtopics on the Post-It
        notes and experiment with their arrangement on the blank
       You can use the organization chart software that comes with
        Microsoft Word to create a storyboard.
       High-end web page editing software can also help you create
        your storyboard.
A Simple Storyboard Site Map
   For this site you are likely to want a home page with links
    to the major sections of your site.
Moving On
   As you develop the individual pages in each area of your site,
    you will add boxes subordinate to each of the boxes listing the
    main areas of your site
       Use the flow chart to keep track of your navigational structure.
       Each page should also link back to its parent page.
       Each child page should also link back to its parent and its aunts and
       In addition, all pages should contain your address file (i.e., an e-mail
        address to contact you as author of the site and a Last Update date)
        and a link to your home page.
   Remember that your storyboard structure must reflect the
    structure of your web site and your web site should take
    advantage of the nonlinear structure of the web itself.
Incorrect Storyboard

   Sometimes, however, an early storyboard will project a
    linear view of the web site, a view that implies that the
    visitor will be directed to view your files in a particular
   Here is a storyboard that implies that a site section is to
    be viewed in a linear fashion:
Correct Storyboard

   But in a typical well-designed web site, a section of the
    site has a cover page. From that cover page, the site
    visitor can access any of the other pages related to that
   Here is what such a storyboard would look like:
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