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What to Expect About the iPad 3

…all the reasons for an iPad buyback program

Number One: No Crappy Cameras

Well, given that it was the most hated thing among the
contents of the hate mail for the iPad 2, it is pretty obvious
that it will also be the first thing that Apple will look at.
Impressive? Not really, it’s just the right thing to do.

So let’s not be bitter about the iPad 2 cameras now.
There’s a lot to talk about the iPad 3. From an iPad to
another, Apple continues to ward off any possibility of
being outrun by what they call pesky Androids.

As the iPad comes in late, these Android tablets threatens to take over the tablet slate and will be a very
competitive rival if Apple gets more delays on their very own iPad tablet. What can we expect from the iPad
3? What does it have in store for us? Let’s find out with the help of TechRadar.com.

The iPad 3 Release Date

It is also rumored that the iPad 3 will be released months after the iPad 2 launching. It was held and
confirmed by a well-known Apple watcher, John Gruber.

Gruber implied that the iPad will go on rampage in the fourth quarter of 2011. He also noted from a reliable
source that the iPad 3 "is the one to make a song and dance about."

If the esteemed Apple watcher makes a dead-on statement, this could actually mean a new iPad twice a year.

But because of some disputes with a potential Retina Display for the iPad 3, it was told that the creation of
the iPad 3 is overdue. This resulted in the possibility of three release dates for the iPad 3: November,
December or March 2012
The Specifications of the iPad 3

a. A Dual-Core Processor

There are reports saying that the iPad 3 will have the A6 chipset, the latest and most state-of-the-art
processor Apple has created thus far. It was also believed to have the PowerVr SGX543MP2 graphics, the one
used and experienced in the iPad 2.

b. A Quad-Core Processor

Rumor has it that if the iPad 3 does not come with the A6 chipset, it may be driven by a Quad-core processor
from Apple and its ARM partners.

c. Retina Display

The Retina Display was said to be used in the iPad 2 although it never turned up to be that way. But now, it is
said to be one of the most awaited features for the iPad 3, with an astounding 2058X1536 pixels.

d. HD and 3D Screen

An iPad 3 with a 3D screen and an HD resolution might just come true.

e. AMOLED Screen

The Samsung-made AMOLED screen might just go with the iPad 3.

f. NFC chip for the iPad 3

Near Field Communication might just be installed in the iPad 3. This will allow users to enjoy a tap-and-go
iWallet and a social networking device. With this, the iPad 3 will once again revolutionize the tablet market.

g. More Storage Capacities

The iPad 3 might have more than the16/32/64GB storage options. Rumors say that a flash storage with a
128GB will cause a ruckus in sales.

h. Thunderbolt Port
The accessory/display connector that brings amazing speed for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air might be an
“it” for iPad 3.

i. New SD Card Slot

This is something unexpected. This can either be good or bad for the iPad 3, but chances are, it will not
look pretty.

j. A new camera with a LED flash

A 5 megapixel camera with a built-in LED flash might just say hello with the iPad 3.

k. A Carbon Fibre Case

As Apple has employed Senior Composites Engineer Kevin Kenney just recently, there may be a big chance for
the iPad 3 to have a lightweight carbon fibre case.

The Probable Price of the iPad 3

There are a lot of predictions about the iPad 3 price. But most of these rumors say that the iPad 3 might have
an upsurge in price as it will be produced using high quality and better performing materials than the
previous ones. And of course, an expected mark down on the iPad and iPad 2 will be enjoyed.

An iPad 2 Plus?

Lastly, an iPad 2 Plus might just surface this Christmas. It will be a sweeping sendoff for the present iPad 2
with an enhanced 250-330ppi as compared to the current iPad 3 with 132ppi.

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