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Retina Display: Cause of Delay?

An iPad 3 Report

Have you ever wondered about what’s keeping Apple from releasing the iPad 3?

Well, there’s a story to tell.

There had been a lot of internet buzz about the upcoming iPad 3 tablet of Apple. Whether it
the claim of a launching this September or a release in March 2012, the tech blogosphere

seems to have a lot of things to say about it.

But if we look at the data gathered from these blogs, they all point out a similar issue of delay.

What is it? It’s the Retina Display Supply issue.

The next generation iPad 3 was said to be the first iPad tablet that will have the ‘Retina Display’

– the very same thing that a lot of people praised about the iPhone 4 – a 9.7” display panel with

an amazing 2048x1536 resolution.

As more and more people desire this new iteration of what seems to be an iconic device,

people are getting impatient and craving for what good it might bring. The only problem is if it’s

true that Apple is suffering from a supply shortage of these high-resolution panels, when will

the iPad 3 come out?

Just like Apple’s behavior towards the iPhone 5, they have been quiet about the specifications

the iPad 3 will have. However, sources in-the-know points out that there will definitely be a

Retina Display for the iPad 3. If this turns out to be a fact, then the iPad 3 will have an

astonishing leap over its predecessor, the iPad 2, for about four times in terms of display pixels.

Considering its big bezel, the iPad 3 might just conquer an even stronger and bigger market

share towards its other tablet rivals. The challenge making this come true for Apple is that they

have to find a way to get enough of these state-of-the-art displays so that a total number of six

million iPad 3 tablets will be manufactured.

According to DigiTimes, Apple only has one supplier in the works for these ultramodern displays
who can give out something with an Apple-like quality and reliability. Sharp, among Samsung

and LG, was said to be the only company successful in dealing with the orders.

As there had been problems with Apple and Samsung, the Retina Display feature might have to

come from a long way and longer period of time. Meanwhile, LG was said to have failed in

meeting the yield standard and quality control stated by Apple.

In a normal sense, having issues regarding things that are new is something usual. Many tech

pundits believe that Apple should have done this thing when it was about to launch the iPhone

4. As the iPhone 4 was said to be the first major hiccup that Apple has ever created, they say

that they should not be able to commit the same mistake with the next generation iPhones and


However, analysts say that there will just be three things that can happen in this particular

problem. There are only three choices they can choose from. To be able to meet their demand

for quality and their customer’s demand for gadget, they have these three options:

Option 1: Apple would have to pay more than expected to have these materials products

double-time so they can release the gadget on time – March 2012 – following the usual iPad

release cadence.

Option 2: Apple can ignore the issues with supply and just take their time of finding a company

who can contribute these high-class parts to ensure the good quality of the device.

Option 3: Apple can go with it and get the high-resolution displays with anyone who can make

it despite lower-yield and average quality just to keep the market to newer tablets coming out
in a new york minute.

In the first option, Apple can keep up with their demands for quality outputs and therefore can

release a new gadget in time with all other release of tablets from Android, Samsung, and HP.

The only drawback would be the additional cost that would probably make Former CEO Steve

Jobs a bit disappointed.

Meanwhile, the second option might be something better if the other tablet manufacturers

would be able to steal a considerable percent of the table slate. If Apple fails to release a new

iPad tablet, there will be an adverse effect on their sales.

Lastly, the third option might just ruin Apple’s reputation. So, when will the iPad 3 come out?

The answer lies still, with Apple.

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