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                      iPad Buyback for iPad 3!

Know how 12 reasons make it all worth it!

The world’s most famous tablet, the iPad, was reported to be the biggest-selling tablet
holding the largest market share in the tablet slate today.
This tablet computer is particularly loved by people for its amazing platform for audio
and visual media. A person can enjoy a lot by using this piece of technology using its
touch-controlled interface and incredible display.

As the iPad 3 is now coming, a lot of people engage with an iPad buyback program so
they can enjoy the iPad 3’s rumored specs. And these are:

1. Operating System
The iPad will be operated by the new iOS 5. But there are also rumors that the iPad 3
can either be powered by the OS X and the OS Lion. If this comes true, the iPad 3 can be
as fast and as efficient as the MacBook. Is there anything cooler than that?

2. Processor
The iPad 3 will have the A6 chipset which is an A6 chip Quad-Core Processor with a
900MHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, and PowerVr SGX543MP2 GPU. This will
make the iPad experience more interesting.

3. Multiple Modes
Apple might create a smaller, 7-inch kind of the iPad along with the current 9.7-inch
model. This will give customers more options to choose from.

4. New Retina Display
A retina display amounting to 2058X1536 pixels might be supported by the iPad 3.

5. Camera
The iPad 3 might have a better camera with a built-in flash. LED or not, this is of course,
another breakthrough for all the iPad generations.

Say good bye to the $39 cable for HDMI. The iPad 3 will have it less, and when it’s less, it
means more benefits.

7. Release Date
There are actually mixed rumors about this. One rumor says that the iPad 3 will come
this fall. Yet another rumor says that there will be an iPad 3 come Christmas. But if these
two dates fall short, there might just be a March 2012 iPad launch for the iPad 3.

8. 4G Compatibility iPad 3
The iPad 3 was said to have the 4G compatibility against the iPad 2’s 3G.

9. Thunderbolt Port
Rumors say that the iPad 3 will have the thunderbolt port which can only be found in
10. Enhanced Wireless Synchronization
The possibility of enhanced wireless synchronization might be one of the very accurate
rumors surrounding not just the iPad 3 but also the iPhone 5.

11. New SD Card Slot
A new SD card slot which was not available with the iPad 2 might just come true with
the iPad 3.

12. 3D Screen
Just like the rumor about a 3D screen for the iPhone 5, the iPad 3 might just sport a 3D
screen minus the 3D glasses.

If you have an iPad or an iPad 2 that you would like to sell for the iPad 3, here is your
chance to learn how to do it. Make sure that you will take note of the important things
about the iPad buyback so you can get the most out of it.

The iPad Buyback
The iPad buyback is a service offered by refurbishing companies to individuals who want
to sell their iPads. The iPad buyback is accessible to all iPad users from companies like
cashforipads.com irrespective of its current condition.

The Process of the iPad Buyback
The iPad buyback can be completed by first understanding the process. Read the terms
of agreement of the company you chose to get the service from. Then, you should
remember if certain mishaps occurred to your device so you can identify these accidents
once you are asked about it. These information are useful in an iPad buyback deal.

Next, you have to check if the company’s iPad buyback program has been tried and
tested by other customers. You have to make sure that the processes of the iPad
buyback will not put your iPad at risk if other people have successfully sold their iPad to
the company without any conflicts.

After this, you can now begin the iPad buyback transaction by getting a quote. Specify
your iPad model, and lay down its present condition. Indicate problems encountered
with it if there is any and check its parts if there are glitches . Get all these done and
receive your money either through PayPal or mailed check.

Get an iPad buyback program for the iPad 3! Be practical and be a smart e-consumer
from now on!

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