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                                      iPad 3 Mania!

8 Things that will take the World by Storm!

Buzzes neighboring the iPad 3 have been dispatched frequently, and a lot are eager for some
radical leaps with Apple’s succeeding tablet. It’s broadly expected that the gadget will be the
first iPad to comprise a “Retina Display”, that would mean a double iPad 2’s display with a total
of 2048×1536 resolution.

The tablet will most likely sport Apple’s newest processor, the A6 chip which Taiwan
Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) just started producing. Some other add-ons, such as
more RAM and flash storage memory, are fundamentally anticipated as well.
The IPad 3 is clearly one of the most awaited gadgets from Apple this year.

And of course, as any Apple item about to hit the market, there are a lot of tech pundits making
rounds on the web just to get the freshest grapevines about the tablet’s specs from the iPad
aficionados’ blogosphere.

For that, here are just eight things that will take iPad believers by storm:

       1.    Operating System

The iPad 3 was said to have a major change concerning its OS. As the iPad 2 was power-driven
by the iOS 4, it was expected that the forthcoming iPad 3 will use the new-fangled iOS 5. Stories
concerning the OS even went deeper as the tablet was also whispered to run the OS X. Because
of this, analysts and tech buffs are regarding some high chances that Apple would also make
known a tablet for the OS X Lion.

       2.    Processor

The iPad 2 had the astonishing A5 chipset, 900MHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, and
PowerVr SGX543MP2 GPU that made it one of the main runners if the tablet market. As for the
iPad 3, it was said to have an A6 chip Quad-Core Processor that will make it as powerful as any
high-quality desktop computer.

       3.    Multiple Modes

Chitchats are widespread that Apple will trail the same strategies which Samsung and Dell have
implemented. Samsung bids tablets with 10.1- and 7.7-inch displays while Dell offered its Streak
tablet with a 5-inch and 7-inches display. For that matter, Apple might attempt at selling a
smaller, 7-inch kind of the iPad along with the current 9.7-inch model.

       4.    New Retina Display

The retina display was first thought to be used for the iPad 2. But now, it is said to be supported
by the iPad 3 to be equipped with a resolution of 2058X1536 pixels that can have an upscale
effect on the use of graphics when the iPad is in use.

       5.    Camera

The iPad 2 was first thought to have a camera with a flash. But this was a major disappointment
among its users. But now, people are just eyeing on the rumored camera with a built-in flash
for iPad 2. This will make the iPad experience better. The question would be who will supply the
camera and what kinds of flash will it be? Will it be Sony? OmniVision? Will there be a LED flash
for the iPad 3? Who knows! Let’s see when it comes out!
       6.    HDMI

Apple has already unveiled the iPad 2 with a HDMI playback. But there were hitches and
complaints saying that there has to be an additional digital AV adapter to be bought by the user
before it can be used. An additional $39 is needed. But as for the iPad 3, there is none. The
iPad 3 is anticipated to have it all.

       7.    Release Date

The release date of the iPad 3 was said to be this fall. But some other tech experts say that
there will be an iPad 3 this Christmas. If things don’t go out the way tech-savvies want it to be,
the iPad 3 will be released in March 2012.

       8.    4G Compatibility iPad 3

The iPad 2 had 3G, and so, it is expected that the long wait for an iPad with a 4G will be over
when the iPad 3 comes out. Will Apple have it to win against its competitors? The answer boils
down to the iPad 3’s “Big Day”.

Along with other rumored specs like the Thunderbolt port, enhanced wireless synchronization
and new SD card slot, the iPad 3 might also have a 3D screen. The iPad 3 will be an awesome
gadget to look out for and should be bought wisely when it comes available.

Selling your iPad can help save up and add on the expense. So go with the iPad 3 mania
practically. Good luck!

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