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					jackson pollock
                                        abstract expressionism

                           Inspired by Navajo Sand Painting
                                     1. The action or process is
                                more important than the             actual
                                     2. He worked on a large scale,
                                and had his work laid flat          on the

                           Worked with Diego Rivera and Thomas Hart Benton
                               in the WPA artist’s project. It was there that he
                               learned to work on such a large scale.

                           Worked with a Jungian psychologist who had him
                               use automatic drawing as part of his therapy.
   Male and Female, 1942       Much of his artwork sprung from those therapy
Male and Female, 1942
jackson pollock
                                       abstract expressionism

                                    His early work had clear cut imagery. But as
                                    his career progressed, he used less
                                    recognizable images.

                                    Peggy Guggenheim presented his work in
                                    her gallery for the first time in 1943. Soon
                                    after, Pollock’s career began to flourish.

        Stenographic Figure, 1942
Stenographic Figure, 1942
jackson pollock
                            abstract expressionism

                            Line is defined with gesture
                            rather than with the edge of a shape or

                            Line, color, surface, and space are all
                            built at once.

                            There is a suggestion of depth,but it is a
                            shallow depth.

                            Pollock was the first Modern American
                            painter to have international success.
           She Wolf, 1943
She Wolf, 1943
jackson pollock
                                     abstract expressionism

                                     Pollock used his whole being when
                                     creating his artwork. He used wide
                           Action    gestures with his arms, moving with
                                     his entire body, and mentally
                                     becoming completely lost in what he
                                     was doing.
                           Balance   His art relied on his creative impulses.
                                     There was no preconceived ideas of
                                     the form before he began to paint.


  Eyes in the Heat, 1946   Energy

Eyes in the Heat, 1946
jackson pollock
                            abstract expressionism

                          Pollock hated to sign his work because it
                          implied an act of finality. He had a hard
                          time deciding when his work was

                          He would lay his canvas flat on the floor
                          and work his way around the piece in
                          much the same fashion as the Navajo
          Pasiphae,1943   people create their large scale sand
jackson pollock
                                 abstract expressionism

                             Pollock would use industrial and enamel
                             paints that would dry very quickly on the
                             canvas. This allowed him to build up
                             many layers into a densely woven

                             Harold Rosenberg wrote an article about
                             Jackson Pollock and some of the other
                             Action Painters in 1952. It was this article
                             that gave these Abstract Expressionists
                             the title of “Action Painters”. Rosenberg’s
                             article had much to do with the success of
                             the American Abstract painters.

    Simmering Nuances,1946
Simmering Nuances,1946

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