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									                              2010 STATE LEADERSHIP
DESCRIPTION AND             Description: While attending HOSA State Leadership
EDUCATIONAL                 Conference, students will have the opportunity to expand
OBJECTIVES                  their leadership potential and develop skills for life planning,
                            goal setting, problem solving, decision making and
                            interpersonal communication necessary in the workforce.
                            Activities at the conference will include personal and
                            professional development workshops, state competitive
                            events and motivational general sessions.

Need to provide a           Objective: To provide a learning environment that
description and objective   challenges HOSA members’ intellectual potential; nurtures
for the 2010 HOSA State     personal development through the teaching of leadership
Leadership Conference       skills and community values; and prepares them to pursue
to your administration      their goals, live a healthy life, and be responsible, involved
and school board?           citizens.
CONFERENCE DATE             The 2010 Colorado HOSA State Leadership Conference will
AND SITE                    be February 25 – February 27, 2010, at the Doubletree
                            Denver Hotel in Denver, Colorado. The conference will begin
                            with registration at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, February 25,
                            with Opening Session to follow at 12:00 noon. The closing
                            awards session of the conference will begin at 10:00 a.m. on
                            Saturday, February 27.
CONFERENCE THEME            “FromSimple Scrapes to Failing Hearts, HOSA’s
                            Where the Healing Starts” – submitted by South
                            Carolina HOSA
STATE CONFERENCE            The following forms are all important to know. They
FORMS                       are or will be posted on!
                                Conference Information
                                Online Testing Information Packet
                                Tentative Agenda
                                Online Registration
                                Special Guest Registration
                                Housing Form
                                Multiple Release Form
                                Volunteer Form
                                State Officer Candidate Information
                                State Theme Submission
                                Exhibitor Registration Form
                                What’s New with Competitive Events
                                Proposed Colorado HOSA Bylaws
                                Scholarship Application
REGISTRATION               All members, alumni and advisors are welcome. The
INFORMATION                following registration fees will be charged:

                           Postmarked on or before Feb 1                       $100.00
Online Registration will   Postmarked after Feb 1 before Feb 10                 $125.00
be available!              Postmarked after Feb 10                              $150.00

                           Special guests, parents or first time advisors:
                           Friday Lunch Only                                    $20.00
                           Awards Session Brunch Only                           $20.00
                           Regular Registration Fee                            $100.00

                           Registration Fees include attendance at all or any
                           workshops, meetings, sessions, HOSA Bowl observations,
                           Friday lunch, Friday night entertainment, Saturday’s Awards
                           Session Brunch, purchase of awards, equipment rental,
                           conference favors, and for some state executive council
                           expenses. Fill out the online registration and mail payment
                           (postmarked February 1) to:
                                                      Jen Staley
                                                   Colorado HOSA
                                                 9101 E Lowry Blvd
                                                 Denver, CO 80230

* Refund Policy*           No refunds are issued for Colorado HOSA State Leadership
REGISTRATION                                      Coming Soon!
HOUSING                    All chapters are required to stay at the hotel. Room rates
                           are as follows:
                                               $94.00 + 14.85% tax

                           Please fill out the housing form and send with payment
                           directly to the Doubletree Denver Hotel before Monday,
                           February 1, 2010. Remember to include the tax exempt
                           certificate for taxes to be removed from your bill.

                           You MAY be able to check in your room as early as 1:00
                           P.M. on Thursday, February 25. The Doubletree Hotel
                           Denver will provide a spot for luggage, if needed, until the
                           rooms are available. Regardless of room availability, your
                           students are responsible for making all scheduled events on

                           Also, any items missing from hotel rooms (i.e., towels) will
                           be billed to the school occupying the room.
CONFERENCE DRESS   Students must also follow the dress code as detailed in
CODE               Section A, page 14 of the HOSA handbook. Those not
                   appropriately dressed for sessions will be asked to leave, put
                   on the correct attire and return. Competitors that do not
                   adhere to the dress policy of competitive events will not
                   receive the bonus dress points. Only competitors
                   following dress code will be allowed on stage for
                   recognition at the Closing Session. Scrubs are not
                   appropriate session attire. See Dress Code
                   Information for details.
MEALS              State Leadership Conference registration fee includes Friday
                   lunch and Saturday brunch. All other meals are on your
                   own. The Café and Mile High Deli (in the hotel) is open from
                   2:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Many restaurants and fast food
                   options are located close to the hotel.
CHAPTER FLAGS      Every chapter is invited to participate in the Chapter Flag
                   Ceremony at the Opening General Session. Each chapter
                   should design an original flag (no size specifications) to be
                   paraded across the stage at Opening Session on Thursday
                   afternoon. All chapters are encouraged to participate in this
                   contest. Further instructions will be available at registration.
PICTURES           Want to be in the slide show at state conference? Send
WANTED!!!          pictures either by e-mail or CD by February 9th. E-mail
                   digital pictures to

BUSINESS MEETING   This year, we will hold a short business meeting during State
                   Leadership Conference to conduct the business of the
                   association. Two main items of business will be conducted:
                   State Officer Elections and Bylaw Adoption. Voting delegates
                   will be required to attend an orientation, opening session
                   and the business meeting. Additional HOSA business to be
                   addressed at state conference must be submitted in writing
                   thirty days prior to the beginning of the State Conference.
STATE OFFICER      We will be electing a new state officer team at the State
CANDIDATES         Conference. This new team will serve Colorado HOSA
                   members during the 2010-2011 school year. Encourage
                   members to run for a state office. We need committed and
                   enthusiastic officers, please encourage your chapter
                   members to apply!
PROPOSED BYLAWS    The 2009-2010 State Officers have submitted proposed
                   bylaws to the Voting Delegates. This bylaw change affects
                   the titles of the seven State Officers elected by the Voting
                   Delegates. Visit this proposal online at
2010-2011          Let your voice be heard! The 2009-2010 HOSA State
STATE THEME        Officers want chapters to submit themes for the 2010-2011
SUBMISSION         school year. The themes will be voted on by voting
                   delegates at the State Leadership Conference Business
VOTING DELEGATES   From your HOSA chapter paid membership, you can select
                   voting delegates for the State Officer Election according to
                   the following guidelines:

                   Membership                    Voting Delegates
                   5-25                                 1
                   26-50                                2
                   51-75                                3
                   76-100                               4
                   101-125                              5
                   126-150                              6
                   151+                                 7

                            Voting delegates must attend opening session
                               and be present for state officer candidate
                            Voting delegates must be available during the
                               business meeting.
                            Voting delegates must be identified thru the
                               online registration. Failure to do so will forfeit
                               your chapters voting privileges.
EDUCATIONAL        If you have an excellent speaker in mind for an Educational
SYMPOSIUMS and     Symposium at State Leadership Conference, please send Jen
EXHIBITORS         Staley an e-mail. Also, promote the opportunity to exhibit to
                   local universities, industries and fundraising entities.
SCHOLARSHIP        Colorado HOSA is offering a one/two $250 scholarship(s) for
                   a student pursuing a career in health sciences. Scholarship
                   application is available online at and is
                   due postmarked February 1.
NATIONAL HOSA      The National Leadership Conference will be held in Orlando,
CONFERENCE         Florida, June 23-26, 2010. Since the National Leadership
                   Conference is available to everyone, even members who
                   aren’t competing, all HOSA chapters should make plans to
                   attend. Members can attend health career oriented
                   workshops, experience motivational speakers and leadership
                   academies. The NLC promises to be quite eventful and
COLORADO HOSA      The Colorado HOSA competitive events are an integral part
COMPETITIVE        of the Health Science Education curriculum. These events
EVENTS             provide opportunities for individual and group demonstration
                   of knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed by HOSA
                   members through classroom instruction and clinical
Competitive Event     All events are grouped into six categories. Students may
Registration Policy   enter one event in each category. In Recognition
                      Events, students may enter as many events as they
                      choose. Please note that in order to offer selected events,
                      minimum entrants must be registered by February 1, 2010,
                      for the event to be offered at State Leadership Conference.
                      Advisers will be notified by e-mail of all events that do not
                      meet the minimum registration numbers.
ONLINE TESTING        Colorado HOSA will host online testing for all Health Science
                      Events and all events in Health Professions, Emergency
                      Preparedness and Teamwork Events with a Round One test.
                      See the Online Testing Packet for more information.
ONLINE TESTING        For online testing, the students must be registered by
REGISTRATION          December 21st. There is a tutorial available for Online
                      Testing Registration.
SPECIFICATIONS        aware of the event procedures before arriving for an
                      event. All events will be conducted using guidelines
                      from the national events. Please refer to
             for event guideline updates.
COMPETITIVE EVENT     Each year, our demand for judges becomes harder to fill.
JUDGING               Therefore, all chapters with a competitive event participant
                      are asked to provide one judge other than the expected
                      advisor(s) participation. This judge can be a professional,
                      parent, school employee, etc. Please complete the volunteer
                      form and e-mail, fax or snail mail to Jen Staley.
ONE NEW EVENT         One new Emergency Preparedness event has been added at
                      the National level.

                      MRC Partnership - Competitors work as a team with local
                      Medical Reserve Corps members to accomplish goals.
CLARIFICATION OF      Competitors must be aware of materials to be turned in
MATERIALS             before the event or at the event orientation, and should pay
                      attention if materials will not be returned.
                      For example, a competitor plans to enter State HOSA
                      competition in the Medical Photography event. Knowing that
                      copies of the photos, CD and release forms are NOT
                      returned, the competitor obtains two copies of release forms
                      when taking the photographs, and is prepared to make
                      additional print and electronic copies of the photos as
                      needed. This competitor is prepared to go all the way to the
                      NLC in June.

                      For Nursing Assisting and Personal Care competitors at
                      Colorado HOSA State Leadership Conference, competitors
                      will bring all linens and blankets.
NEW SUBMISSION   Beginning in 2008-09, the following events MUST be
PROCESS          judged/evaluated at the state level. All submissions are due
                 to the Colorado HOSA Office on or before February 15th.

                 Chapter Newsletter
                 HOSA Week
                 National Service Project
                 Barbara James Service Award
                 National Recognition Program
                 Outstanding Alumni Member
                 Outstanding HOSA Chapter
CERT SKILLS      The CERT Skills event is designed to align with the CERT
CLARIFICATION    (Community Emergency Response Team) Program designed
                 by the U.S. Citizen Corps and supported by FEMA. It is a
                 program to prepare citizens (friends, families, neighbors, co-
                 workers) to respond effectively in a disaster when first
                 responders are not available. HOSA members who are
                 trained as first responders should participate in the CPR/First
                 Aid or EMT events.
ADDITIONAL       Competitors must always follow the current guidelines as
CHANGES          posted on HOSA’s website at
        If changes,
                 updates or corrections need to be made during the year, the
                 updated guidelines will be posted on the website.

                 Competitive Event Changes/Updates:

                 Competitive Event Topics:

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