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’s Calories Burned App Reveals Top 10 Calorie Burning Exercises

       Dated: Dec 22, 2010 launches Calories Burned app that lets you compare the number of calories burned in
       activities from running and swimming to gardening and cooking

       With the New Year just around the corner, millions of people will be making resolutions to exercise
       more--looking for the fastest way to burn the most calories or searching for ways to burn calories without
       going to the gym.’s ( newly launched Calories Burned ( App can help you do just that.

       10 Exercises that Burn the Most Calories (http://

        Cross country skiing (1,125 calories)
        Running/8 minute mile (850 calories)
        Biking (850 calories)
        Boxing (820 calories)
        Rowing (820 calories)
        Jump roping (820 calories)
        Squash (820 calories)
        Swimming (750 calories)
        Rock climbing (750 calories)
        Rugby (715 calories)
        (All numbers reflect calories burned per hour for the average 150lb person.)

       How to Burn 1,000 Calories Without Renewing Your Gym Membership (http://

        Gardening (3 hours)
        Interior/household repairs (3.5 hours)
        Interior decorating (4 hours)
        Playing/taking care of children (4 hours)
        Cleaning the house/Interior cleaning (4 hours)
        Pet and animal care (5 hours)
        Kitchen and food clean up (5.5. hours)
        Cooking (5.5 hours)
        Arts and crafts (6.5 hours)
        Laundry (6.5 hours)

       ### is based in Santa Barbara, California and run by Kevin O’Connor, serial entrepreneur and
       co-founder of DoubleClick.

        Currently in beta, FindTheBest is an objective, socially curated comparison engine focused on organizing
       products and services on the Web. Edited by researchers, updated by users and personalized with social
       tools, FindTheBest assists people in making faster and more informed decisions.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

The goal is, no matter how big the Internet becomes, you—the user—will always have a place to go that
will cut out the marketing schemes and allow for easy objective comparison in digestible formats.

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