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                                                                                                      NEWS &
                                                                                                      I N F O R M AT I O N
                                                                                                      FOR PHYSICIANS
                                                                                                      AT WA K E M E D

                                                                                                      SPRING 2009

                                                                                    We are due for a five-day Joint
                                                                                 Commission survey, starting anytime
                                                                               after January 1, 2009. This unannounced
                                                                              survey can occur anytime throughout the
                                                                              year. Please help us prepare by following
                                                                                   the guidelines inside on page 3.

     RALEIGH CAMPUS TO OPEN                                                  >> table of contents
                                                                             M E D I C A L S TA F F O F F I C E R S . . . . . . . 2

       Dedicated TIA Center                                                  JOINT COMMISSION SURVEY
                                                                             P R E PA R E D N E S S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

        his month, the Raleigh Campus will formally establish a

                                                                             ZEN AND THE ART OF JC PREP                        . . . .4

        center designed to quickly and effectively treat patients who        INDUCED HYPOTHERMIA . . . . . . . . .5
        have suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA). The                 WORKING TOWARD HIGH
        American Stroke Association (ASA) defines a TIA as a                 RELIABILITY          . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
        “warning stroke” or “mini-stroke” that produces stroke-like          C O N S T R U C T I O N U P D AT E . . . . . . . . . 7
symptoms but no lasting damage.
                                                                             NEW SERVICES, NEW PROVIDERS . . .8
In the United States, nearly 300,000 patients a year present to              E X P A N D E D P S Y C H I AT R I C
emergency departments with symptoms of a TIA, and unfortunately,             C O N S U LT T E A M     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
many of those patients go on to suffer a stroke days or weeks later. In      BALLOON SINUPLASTY                     . . . . . . . . .10
fact, 15 percent of ischemic strokes are preceded by TIA. The ASA
                                                                             C O N U P D AT E     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
indicates that recognizing and treating TIAs can reduce a patient’s risk
                                                                             R E S O U R C E S F O R M E D I C A L S TA F F . . 1 2
of a major stroke and significantly improve patient outcomes.
                                                                             FA M I LY C A R E L I N E . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 3
Four beds in Observation Unit 3 will be dedicated to serving TIA
                                                                             STROKE CARE EXCELLENCE . . . . . .14
patients, and a dedicated team will ensure patients receive the
necessary diagnostic testing and treatment in an expedited manner,           P R E V E N T I N G C A PA C I T Y C R U N C H      . .15

which may include vascular studies, brain imaging and other relevant         NEW SEPSIS PROTOCOL                     . . . . . . . .19
testing procedures. The team will also focus on patient and family           S P I N E S U R G E R Y AT C A R Y H O S P I TA L 2 0
education and identifying risk factors that could lead to a future stroke.
                                                                             S TA R K L A W U P D AT E       . . . . . . . . . . .21
Observation Unit 3 will serve only TIA patients whose primary                P H Y S I C I A N I N V O LV E M E N T I N
diagnosis is TIA and whose symptoms are resolved within one hour of          S E R V I C E L I N E S T R AT E G I E S     . . . . . .22

admission. Patients who have symptoms lasting longer than one hour           OF NOTE        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
or who have significant comorbidities will be admitted and treated on        NEW PHYSICIANS . . . . . . . . . . . . .28
an inpatient basis.
                                       continued on page 16
                         WakeMed Raleigh Campus                     Medical Staff
                                  John E. Perry, MD
                                                                  Officers Elected
                        WakeMed Faculty Physicians –           Welcome to our Medical Staff Officers.
                                  Internal Medicine                   Thank you for your continued
                                         PRESIDENT                        commitment to WakeMed.

                                   Sharon Foster, MD
                          Raleigh Pediatric Associates
                          CHAIR, MEDICAL EXECUTIVE
                                                                WakeMed Cary Hospital

                                 Jim Palombaro, MD                    J. Richard Daw, MD
                       Wake Emergency Physicians, PA     Wake Heart & Vascular Associates
                                 PRESIDENT - ELECT                            PRESIDENT

                              Wm. Charles Helton, MD                  Robert S. Alphin, MD
                              Carolina Cardiovascular            Critical Health Systems of
                                  Surgical Associates                        North Carolina
                                MEMBER -AT-LARGE                         PRESIDENT-ELECT

                                Eugene Maynard, MD                     Lemuel G. Yerby, MD
                          Benson Area Medical Center           Triangle Surgical Associates
                                 MEMBER -AT-LARGE            IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT

                               Michael Ferguson, MD               Michael L. Anthony, MD
                                   WakeMed Faculty           Cary Obstetrics & Gynecology
                                   Physicians – ENT                   MEMBER-AT-LARGE
                                MEMBER -AT-LARGE

                                   Karen Bash, MD                   Donald P. Hanna, MD
                        WakeMed Faculty Physicians –                      Cary Plastic and
                                            OB/Gyn          Reconstructive Surgery Center
                                       CHAIR, MSQI                   MEMBER-AT-LARGE

                                  Duncan Phillips, MD

                         University Pediatric Surgeons
                                    VICE CHAIR, MSQI
                                        Y NEAR YOU
        T O A WA K E M E D FA C I L I T

             ur Joint Commission ( JC) survey is      • If the H&P was done within 30 days prior to an

O            coming up! We are due for an
             unannounced, five-day survey anytime
             this year. The JC has very specific
             standards of care when they review
physicians’ work. Therefore, our physicians play a
significant role in our JC survey performance,
particularly as it relates to documentation and
                                                        inpatient admission or an outpatient procedure,
                                                        an update documenting any changes in the
                                                        patient’s condition needs to be completed within
                                                        24 hours after inpatient admission or prior to
                                                        surgery. For example, if the surgery is done eight
                                                        hours after the patient is admitted, the H&P
                                                        update must be done prior to the surgery.
medical record management. Please consider the
                                                      • Mark the surgical site when appropriate.
following when you write orders, including
telephone orders, use of order sets and handwritten   • Actively participate in the time-out process prior
orders:                                                 to surgical and other invasive procedures, such as
                                                        cardiac catheterizations and radiology
• Telephone orders must be authenticated within
  48 hours. This includes not only a signature but
  also dating and timing the orders. They also        • Write indications for all PRN medications.
  expect that verbal orders will not be used except   • Use only acceptable abbreviations when writing
  in emergency situations when you are present          orders (see column on order sheets).
  and caring for patients.
                                                      • Wash your hands as you move from patient to
• Standing order sets can be initiated without the      patient. Hand hygiene is one of the best ways to
  physician present, but these also must be signed,     keep our patients safe, which is everyone’s goal
  dated and timed when you see the patient.             when providing patient care.
• All handwritten orders must be signed, dated        Please read information about our upcoming
  and timed.                                          survey as it is shared. Updates will be available in
Other key areas the JC will review include:           the physicians’ lounges, on the EPR as you log in
                                                      and posted on the inpatient units. Thank you for
• An H&P must be done no more than 30 days
                                                      your assistance as we prepare for our upcoming
  prior to an inpatient admission or an outpatient
  procedure; or it must be done within 24 hours
  after an inpatient admission.
                                                                                                             SPRING 2009 | 3
                       CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER

                                             Zen and the Art of Joint Commission Preparation
                                             (with apologies to Robert Pirsig and anyone with experiential knowledge of Zen)

                                             WEST LAWSON, MD

                              I am often asked, “How can we get the doctors to comply with this rule; sign the site/do
                              the time out; complete this form with dated and timed signatures; help prevent this kind of
                              error…” The list goes on and on. These queries fly fast and furious in anticipation of the
                              week-long, tri-annual accreditation survey by The Joint Commission (our old friend
                              JCAHO’s new moniker), which is due sometime this year at a date unknown, since these
                              are now stealthy, unannounced events. The anxiety behind these requests is genuine and not
                              unwarranted. Accreditation determines our deemed status with CMS, and JC surveyors are
                              garnering a progressively persnickety reputation. The euphemistic RFIs (requirements for
                              improvement), presented at the conclusion of the survey to the hospital as an absolute
                              “must-do” list, come with short deadlines by which time all deficiencies must be corrected.

                              So what are a medical staff member and CMO to do? How to even consider, much less
                              deal with, so many (too many!) rules, many of which seem arcane or arbitrary? Are anxiety
                              and even defiant anger responses appropriate to our callings as healing professionals? In the
                              words of Zen master Bodhidharma, “Are you kidding me? But, let’s meditate on it.” Taken
                              as a whole, the essence of JC’s requirements (and CMS’s regulations) is the promotion of
                              practices intended to assure that our patients (and communities) are taken care of in safe
                              settings, with appropriate functional and physical infrastructures, and that the care provided
                              actually meets its intended marks. While we can and will quibble with the details, this
                              resonates with our inner healers. So, the better response presents itself more naturally: We
                              can prepare ourselves for this external evaluation by focusing internally on the essence of
                              our own desires to heal. Thus, we might manifest in our actions, our decisions, our
                              behaviors those qualities which we know, experientially and intuitively, are consistent with
                              excellence. We do that by considering each situation critically, communicating carefully,
                              questioning respectfully (and respectfully receiving and answering questions), and
                              endeavoring to make excellence our modi operandi (and vivendi). As we consider, and
                              meditate upon, our own “centers of excellence,” perhaps the burdens of their expectations
                              will begin to lessen.

                              So, we don’t prepare for JC survey per se, but we seek instead to be the excellent healing
                              professionals of our callings. Then the need to date and time all entries; to sign, date and
                              time all orders within 48 hours; and to complete every form - and to do these things
                              professionally with the understanding that this is all necessary stuff- then all this need not

                              cause angst or anger. And maybe we can celebrate together an RFI-free survey.

           everal years ago, WakeMed and Wake         for the first 24 hours after they have return of

a controlled cooling of the body that has been
shown to improve neurologic outcomes in SCA
           County EMS began working together
           to administer induced hypothermia
           treatment to sudden cardiac arrest
           (SCA) patients. Induced hypothermia is

                                                       “Induced hypothermia has clearly been shown to
                                                      improve the outcomes of patients who have
                                                      suffered sudden cardiac arrests,” said Marc Silver,
                                                      MD, Raleigh Cardiology Associates. “For people
                                                      who are resuscitated from sudden cardiac arrest,
                                                      the major issues are neurologic and brain function.
During the past two years, more than 120              We know most of the time we can deal with the
WakeMed cardiac arrest patients were treated with     heart issues, but we didn’t have anything proactive
induced hypothermia. How has the treatment            to address neurological outcomes until now.
impacted outcomes for WakeMed patients? We are        Induced hypothermia is one of the few things we
proud to report a three-fold increase in the number   can do to try and improve neurologic outcomes.”
of patients who had their neurological system
                                                      WakeMed’s induced hypothermia patients have
intact after suffering sudden cardiac arrest.
                                                      ranged in age from 18 months to 96 years old.
Research shows that some patients who regain a
                                                      WakeMed credits a community-wide, collaborative
pulse after cardiac arrest may suffer injuries from
                                                      effort and the work of physician champions Paul
blood flow resuming too quickly to the brain, often
                                                      Hinchey, MD, and Brent Myers, MD, for the
resulting in brain death or severe brain injury.
                                                                                                            SPRING 2009 | 5

                                                      successful implementation of the induced
Multiple studies have demonstrated improved
                                                      hypothermia procedure and protocol.
neurological outcomes for patients who are cooled
                       V I C E P R E S I D E N T, Q U A L I T Y & P AT I E N T S A F E T Y

                                                    Working Toward a
                                                    High Reliability Organization (HRO)
                                                    MEERA KELLEY, MD

                       The delivery of health care is very complex. It          Key characteristics of high reliability organizations:
                       requires input from many different people with
                                                                                1) Preoccupation with failure. Rather than assume
                       different training to coordinate efforts, even though
                                                                                   things will go fine, staff are vigilant about
                       they may not be at the same place at the same time.
                                                                                   looking for what might go wrong.
                       Some complex industries have implemented
                       systems such that they have an exceedingly low           2) Commitment to resiliency. Once errors or less
                       error rate, in spite of their complexity. Three             than safe conditions are identified, teams work
                       examples of such “high reliability organizations”           together to implement systems that make it
                       (HROs) are aviation, nuclear power, and aircraft            much less likely for the risky event to occur, and
                       carriers.                                                   make it much more likely to identify the issue
                                                                                   early and mitigate the effects if it does occur.
                       But health care is arguably more complex than
                       these industries. Our patients get sick, and some        3) Open communication about errors and near
                       will die in spite of the best, or even perfect care.        misses or “good catches”. If we do not openly
                       All of this is true. Yet we still identify preventable      and frequently discuss problems, they will not be
                       errors in care every single day, such as a wrong-site       top of mind, making it unlikely we will be
                       operation, a patient getting too much warfarin and          preoccupied with failure.
                       experiencing an intra-cerebral hemorrhage, or a          4) Sense of a just or fair culture. Staff and
                       patient who gets a medication intended for                  physicians must freely acknowledge that
                       someone else.                                               everyone makes mistakes, even the best of us.
                       While these events aren't frequent, they occur in           We must trust that we will not suffer any kind of
                       hospitals with some regularity-certainly more often         punitive action for reporting a concern that we
                       than seen in the HROs. And less severe incidents            were part of. We must trust that we will be
                       occur quite frequently.                                     encouraged and will work together to make the
                                                                                   system safer. This does not mean that there is no
                       In spite of our differences, can we learn something
                                                                                   accountability. Accountability must also be there
                       from HROs? I believe we can, but it will require a
                                                                                   in the much less common cases of repeated
                       change in the way we think about things, the way
                                                                                   errors not seen among similar colleagues, or
                       we go about our days and the way we interact with
                                                                                   intentional risky behaviors.
                                                                                As we continue our journey to provide the best and
                                                                                safest care possible, we will be sharing these

                                                                                concepts with staff and physicians. We invite any
                                                                                suggestions to expedite our progress toward
                                                                                becoming an HRO.
                                         Construction Update
Raleigh Campus
Loop Road Closed – A portion of the road that loops
through the Raleigh Campus remains closed to
accommodate construction of the Raleigh Campus
Patient Tower and P1 Parking Deck. The road will
remain closed until mid-April.

In the meantime, visitors continue to have access to
Loop Road for parking. They can reach the P5
Parking Deck by entering at the Emergency Entrance
and following the road past the Andrews Conference
Center, Medical Office Building and Patient
                                                           Dr. Michael Weinstein, Raleigh Pathology Laboratory
Please pardon the inconvenience as we continue to
                                                           Associates, makes his mark on WakeMed history as he
grow our campus. Visit for
                                                           signs a Raleigh Campus Patient Tower construction beam.
additional information and a downloadable map.

Patient Tower Topping Out – On December 15,                full-service, 28-bed Medicine Unit, managed by
physicians, administrators, Foundation members and         Justin Kott, RN.
employees gathered outside the Heart Center entrance       1 East – A proposed plan calls for the relocation of the
for a traditional Topping Out ceremony to                  six-bed Neuro Care program from 5B Raleigh Campus
commemorate the placement of the final beam on the         to 1 East at Cary Hospital. Neuro Care is a specialty,
building. In keeping with tradition, a fir tree to         acute license program managed in the rehab continuum
symbolize growth, was placed on the beam before it         to care for patients with severe neurological
was lifted by crane to the top of the structure.           impairments who are not ready for rehab hospital care
Individuals also had the opportunity to sign the beam      or too medically and functionally complicated for a
throughout the day and at the ceremony.                    nursing facility. The Neuro Care’s relocation will
Scheduled to open in early 2010, the new patient tower     expand the program’s bed capacity from six to 10 and
is a 168,000-square-foot, four-story addition that will    will help WakeMed respond to the increased demand
house Wake County’s first dedicated children’s hospital,   for this specialty level of care. Available space on 5B
82 more medical/surgical and rehabilitation beds, 20       will be used for acute Neuro patients. Carolina Rehab
intensive care unit beds and support services. A new,      and Surgical Associates will continue to serve as
1,200-space parking deck will connect directly to the      attending physicians for the Neuro Care program at
new tower via an elevated and covered walkway. For         Cary Hospital.
more details about the Raleigh Campus Patient Tower,       Women’s Pavilion & Birthplace – Ten new labor and
visit                                     delivery rooms recently opened in the newly expanded
                                                           Women’s Pavilion & Birthplace. The spacious new
Cary Hospital                                              rooms include many comforts, such as spa-inspired
2 East – All 1 East patients and equipment were            showers, flat-screen TVs and futon sofas for support
recently relocated to 2 East in order to streamline        persons. The rest of the Women’s Pavilion & Birthplace
                                                                                                                      SPRING 2009 | 7

operations for physicians and staff. 2 East is now a       will be renovated in phases, beginning with the oldest
                        WakeMed Introduces New Services, New Providers
                                                                                         ENT Practice Expands
                       New Pulmonary Consult Service
                                                                                         In the past six months, WakeMed has
                         n December, WakeMed Faculty Physicians (WFP)

                       I established a new Pulmonary Consult Service for Raleigh
                         Campus inpatients suffering from a broad range of general
                       pulmonary conditions such as pneumonia, COPD, lung
                                                                                         added two new physicians to its
                                                                                         growing ENT practice. Both
                                                                                         physicians will serve patients in the
                                                                                         WakeMed Faculty Physicians and
                       masses, pulmonary hypertension, asthma, or chest X-rays.          Wake Specialty Physicians practices.
                       WFP intensivist Dr. Linda Paradowski has transitioned to a
                                                                                         Esa A. Bloedon, MD completed his
                       full-time pulmonary consult physician. Dr. Paradowski and the
                                                                                                               medical school
                       WFP Pulmonary Consult Service work closely with Dr. Hart,
                                                                                                               and Otolaryn-
                       who has single-handedly managed almost all pulmonary
                                                                                                               gology training
                       consults at the Raleigh Campus for a number of years.
                                                                                                               at Thomas
                       “This new service allows us to consult patients suffering from                          Jefferson
                       pulmonary problems more quickly than ever before, which can                             University in
                       improve patient outcomes and reduce complications and length                            Philadelphia. His
                       of stay,” explains Dr. Paradowski. “We are pleased to work                              clinical interests
                       with Dr. Hart to offer a higher level of service and to improve                         include pediatric
                       the continuity of care we deliver to our patients together.”      and adult ENT disorders, sinus
                                                                                         diseases and thyroid surgery. Dr.
                       Maternal Fetal Medicine Service Grows                             Bloedon is happy to return to this
                         n late 2007, WFP-Maternal Fetal Medicine was introduced         area, having spent his undergraduate

                       I on the Raleigh Campus to meet the needs of high-risk
                         maternity patients. The practice, led by Dr. Steven Wells,
                       began with one sonographer, one RN and two patient account
                                                                                         years at UNC-Chapel Hill. He is
                                                                                         married with two boys and a girl.

                                                                                         Carol Shores, MD, PhD, FACS comes
                       representatives. Two additional sonographers and a genetic
                                                                                                                to WakeMed
                       counselor are now on staff.
                                                                                                                from the
                       Services available at the practice include preconception                                 University of
                       counseling, comprehensive obstetrical ultrasound (Level II is                            North Carolina,
                       available), gynecological ultrasound, neural tube defect and                             where she has
                       chromosomal abnormality screenings, amniocentesis, and more.                             spent the past
                       Between 350 and 400 ultrasounds and 100 non-stress                                       eight years as a
                       antepartum tests are performed at the practice each month.                               highly valued
                       Dr. Wells also conducts daily rounds on high-risk pregnancy                              faculty member
                       patients. Currently, Dr. Wells is located at the Raleigh          in the Division of Head and Neck
                       Campus, but he will have a Cary office location in the near       Surgery. She brings a great deal of
                       future.                                                           experience and a wealth of knowledge
                                                                                         in the treatment of head and neck
                       “Our practice represents a higher level of service that our
                                                                                         cancer, and WakeMed is extremely
                       patients truly appreciate,” explains Dr. Wells. “Because we
                                                                                         fortunate to have recruited someone

                       work with our high-risk patients throughout their pregnancies,
                                                                                         of her status to our hospital to fill a
                       we feel confident that we are improving patient outcomes and
                                                                                         vital need in this community. She is
                       providing a service that is needed in our community.”
                                                                                         married and has two grown sons.

WakeMed Expands Psychiatric Consult Team
                           akeMed is pleased to welcome Jeffrey Childers, MD, to

       W                   the WakeMed Faculty Physicians – Psychiatry practice.
                           As the newest member of the Raleigh Campus
                           Psychiatric Consult Team, Dr. Childers brings a new area
                           of focus to the team with his years of training and
       expertise in child and adolescent psychiatry. The addition of Dr. Childers
       also gives us greater capacity to meet the mental health needs of WakeMed
       patients. The Psychiatric Consult Team includes (pictured above, l to r),
       Elaine Youngman, CNS, Dr. David Gittelman, Dr. Jeffrey Childers, and
       Dr. Manish Fozdar. As a result of the practice expansion, physicians can
       expect greater availability and faster response as it relates to psychiatric

       “With the growth of WakeMed’s pediatric patient population over the years,
       this new level of expertise is an extremely valuable addition to the team,”
       explains Dr. Gittelman. “The addition of another psychiatrist also allows us
       to offer a higher level of coverage and availability to our patients and their
       physicians. We can now provide mental health and substance abuse
       counseling seven days a week for both adult and pediatric patients.”

       In addition to providing inpatient consult services, this team now has the
       capacity to serve as backup for the Emergency Department Behavioral
       Health Team who provide mental health and/or substance abuse assessment
       and intervention/disposition to our emergency patients. The team can also
       perform daily rounds on patients who are awaiting bed assignment at
       Dorothea Dix Hospital. Our psychiatrists will also have the ability to
       discharge patients as needed.

       The Psychiatric Consult Team along with an agreement with Haresh
       Tharwani, MD, and Elena Matthews, MD, also offers psychiatric consult
       services seven days a week at WakeMed Cary Hospital.
                                                                                        SPRING 2009 | 9
                                                            New, Minimally Invasive Surgical
                                                             Technique for Chronic Sinusitis
                                              atients who suffer from chronic sinusitis can benefit from a new, minimally invasive surgical

                                     P        technique instead of medical therapy or conventional sinus surgery. Balloon sinuplasty is
                                              performed by placing a small, flexible balloon catheter into the blocked sinus passageway.
                                              The balloon is then inflated to gently restructure and open the sinus passageway, restoring
                                              normal sinus drainage and function.

                                     Until recently, sinusitis patients were limited to two treatment options: medical therapy such as antibiotics
                                     and nasal steroids, or conventional functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), which requires the
                                     removal of bone and tissue to open blocked sinus passageways.

                                     Wake Specialty Physicians – ENT, Head & Neck Surgery is one of the first practices in the area to offer
                                     this technology. All the physicians in the practice perform the procedure, and they expect case volumes to
                                     grow as patients learn about it. “As physicians, we know that minimally invasive surgery is always a great
                                     option for patients when it comes to recovery time, comfort and reducing surgical complications,” explains
                                     Michael Ferguson, MD, practice director. “While balloon sinuplasty is not a substitute for all standard
                                     sinus surgery, it gives us another wonderful addition to our growing armamentarium of ways to deal with
                                     sinus problems.”

                                     In addition to the providers at Wake Specialty Physicians – ENT, Head & Neck Surgery, physicians at
                                     several practices throughout the area offer balloon sinuplasty at WakeMed facilities. They include
                                     Carolina ENT (Raleigh), North Carolina Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat and Mann Ear, Nose & Throat
                                     Clinic (Cary), and Anita Jackson, MD, MPH (Clayton).
10 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S
                     akeMed is pleased to announce
                                                                 CON Update
W                    that we were awarded Certificate
                     of Need (CON) approval to add
                     41 licensed acute care beds to
                     North Healthplex for women’s-
focused inpatient services. The new beds will be
added to the 20 acute care beds already approved for
relocation from the Raleigh Campus, making North
Healthplex Wake County’s fifth full-service hospital
and the county’s first and only women’s hospital.       surgery, imaging and laboratory services. The
Competitive applications were submitted by              proposed addition will be 72,300 square feet.
WakeMed, Rex Healthcare and Novant.                     Construction is expected to begin in February 2010.

The new 61-bed women’s hospital will offer              Additionally, WakeMed’s CON application to add
comprehensive preventive, diagnostic, and               two operating rooms (ORs) at North Healthplex
therapeutic care, including a full range of obstetric   and two ORs at Cary Hospital has been denied.
and gynecological services. These new services will     Many thanks to all the medical staff members for
be supported by the facility’s existing emergency,      all your support throughout the CON process.

                                  WAKEMED FACULTY PHYSICIANS
              First Endovascular Neurosurgeon Joins the Staff
                      WakeMed is pleased to             Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress
                      welcome Kimberly Livingston,      of Neurological Surgeons, the Charles Kerber Society
                      MD, who has officially joined     and the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery.
                      WakeMed Faculty Physicians
                                                        With more than 15 years of experience in
                      (WFP). Dr. Livingston sees
                                                        endovascular neurological surgery, Dr. Livingston’s
                      patients in the WFP Vascular
                                                        clinical interests focus on evaluation, counseling and
                      Practice in suite 1130 (first
                                                        management of vascular lesions of the nervous
                      floor) of the Raleigh Campus
                                                        system, including:
                      Heart Center.
                                                        • Diagnostic neuroangiography
Dr. Livingston established the area’s first             • Minimally invasive (catheter-based) adjunctive and
endovascular neurosurgical service at WakeMed with         definitive treatment of:
Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic in 1993, following her        • Subarachnoid hemorrhage
neurological surgery residency at Ohio State               • Intracranial aneurysm
University in Columbus, Ohio, and fellowship in            • Intracranial AVM
endovascular neurosurgery at the State University of       • Vascular tumor of the brain
New York at Buffalo, NY. She is board certified in         • Occlusive neurovascular disease
neurological surgery and a member of several               • Acute stroke intervention
                                                                                                                 S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 11

professional organizations, including the American
                                        Resources Available to WakeMed Medical Staff

                                     W                 akeMed offers several services and resources to medical staff members as benefits of
                                                       membership. Resources and instructions on how to access them are available online.
                                                       Click on “For Our Physicians” at to access them or call
                                                       WakeMed Physician Relations at 350-5824 for assistance.

                                        To Access the AHEC
                                                                         • Remote access to WakeMed patient data systems
                                                                           • Including ED, inpatient and outpatient
                                        Digital Library (ADL)              • For initial set-up instructions, visit and click
                                           and UptoDate                      on “For Our Physicians” to access the Remote Access for
                                     • ADL From within a                     Physicians link or call 350-5824 for assistance.
                                       WakeMed facility – You            • Pathology Laboratories Physician Services
                                       automatically have access.        • Online Forms
                                       Visit the WakeMedWeb                • English and Spanish versions
                                       (intranet) and click “For the       • Anesthesia
                                       Employee” > “AHEC Digital           • Informed consent
                                       Library.”                           • Authorization for release of medical information
                                                                           • Imaging Services requisition
                                     • ADL From your home or               • Remote Access application
                                       office – Submit a WakeMed           • Library registration
                                       Medical Library Registration      • Medical Staff Services
                                       Form. Download it by going          • Staff is available to assist with processing applications and
                                       to, click             medical staff reappointments for physicians, advanced practice
                                       on “For Our Physicians”,              nurses and physician assistants. Call 350-8595 for assistance.
                                       then click on “Physician          • Inclusion in Doctor Choice – Physician referral program
                                       Forms.”                             • A free referral service for community members who are looking
                                                                             for a primary care physician or specialist.
                                     • UptoDate access within
                                                                           • Call 350-8900 to register
                                       WakeMed – Access the ADL
                                                                         • Continuing Education
                                       through the WakeMedWeb
                                                                           • Grand Rounds – Regular monthly specialty education
                                       (intranet). Go to the top left        conferences
                                       side of the page and click          • Continuing education through Wake Area Health Education
                                       “Databases.” Then, click on           Center (AHEC),
                                       “UptoDate.”                       • Full Access to the Wake AHEC Digital Library
                                                                           • Online databases, such as MEDLINE, CINAHL, Cochrane
                                                                           • Online journals
                                                                           • 1,500+ full-text journals
                                                                           • 75+ full-text searchable books
12 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                                                           • Patient education materials in English and Spanish
                                                                           • Literature searches – Visit
                                                                         • UptoDate Medical Reference
                                                                           • An electronic information source that includes 7,400 topics in 13
                                                                             subspecialties and more.
                                  INTRODUCING THE

                                                           RALEIGH CAMPUS
           his December,                                 EXT. 04444 OR 350-4444

T          WakeMed introduced
           the Family Care Line, a
           new service for inpatients
           that allows family members
or loved ones to call and report a
significant decline in their loved one’s
medical condition when immediate assistance is
                                                            CARY HOSPITAL
                                                         EXT. 06600 OR 350-6600

needed. The service has been implemented on the
Raleigh Campus and at Cary Hospital.

An extension of the Rapid Response Team (RRT)
program, this new service immediately connects             physician, or taking whatever action the situation
concerned loved ones with a clinical administrator         requires.
(CA), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While the first
                                                           Physicians are encouraged to explain this new
step for family members will always be to talk with
                                                           service to patients and their families and to help
the patient’s nurse, this service offers peace of mind
                                                           educate them on when to call.
for families in the event their nurse isn’t
immediately available and they feel significant            How It Works
concern for their loved one. It is designed to give        If a family member notices a decline in their loved
patients’ loved ones yet another method for                one’s condition, they should:
communicating with the WakeMed team.
                                                           Step 1: Immediately notify nurse or caregiver staff
The CA has a dedicated phone line with a special
                                                           Step 2:    Explain the concern and what has changed
ring tone just for Family Care Line calls to ensure
                                                                     in their loved one’s condition
they are answered immediately. When the CA
receives a call, they will talk with the family member     Step 3: If the family member feels the patient needs
to understand the concerns. The CA will respond                    additional help, call the Family Care Line.
                                                                                                                  S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 13

accordingly, whether it requires immediately visiting
the patient, calling the nurse, care team and/or
                                                                         WAKEMED RECOGNIZED FOR

                                                                                  Excellence in
                                                                                   Stroke Care

                                                 his October, WakeMed proudly earned its      Criteria for achievement of the Silver Performance

                                     T           recertification as a Primary Stroke Center
                                                 by the Joint Commission for four
                                                 WakeMed sites including the Raleigh
                                                 Campus, Cary Hospital, North
                                     Healthplex and Apex Healthplex. Additionally, the
                                     Raleigh Campus, which cares for approximately 100
                                     stroke patients every month, has been recognized
                                                                                              Achievement Award from the American Heart
                                                                                              and Stroke Association included maintaining an
                                                                                              85 percent or greater compliance with the
                                                                                              requirements in the American Heart and Stroke
                                                                                              Association Get With The Guidelines program for

                                                                                              12 consecutive months. Get With The Guidelines-
                                                                                              Stroke is a quality improvement program that helps
                                     with a silver award from the American Heart and          ensure quality care for patients with stroke.
                                     Stroke Association for excellence in stroke care.        WakeMed will be eligible for the Gold Award after
                                                                                              maintaining these high standards for two years.
                                     As the only certified primary stroke center in Wake
                                     County, WakeMed has proven its ability to provide        The requirements include acute stroke treatment and
                                     quality care to stroke patients by following national    secondary prevention measures. This 12-month
                                     standards and guidelines designed to significantly       evaluation period is the second in an ongoing self-
                                     improve outcomes for stroke patients.                    evaluation by the hospital to continually reach the
                                                                                              85 percent compliance level needed to sustain this
                                     This expertise has benefitted over 1,700 patients
                                     since the Raleigh Campus and North Healthplex
                                     were originally certified as primary stroke centers in   For achieving the silver award status, the American
                                     August 2006. The Raleigh Campus and North                Heart Association recognized WakeMed and 517
                                     Healthplex were recertified during an on-site review     other hospitals around the country in U.S. News &
                                     this past August. Cary Hospital and Apex                 World Report’s July 2008 Best Hospitals issue.
                                     Healthplex earned their designation as certified
                                                                                              “Change is never easy, but when it came to making
                                     primary stroke centers this year.
                                                                                              changes to improve the care we provide to stroke
                                     Certification and Award Criteria                         patients, our caregiver team really stepped up,” says
                                     Introduced in 2003, the Joint Commission’s               Keith R. Hull, Jr., MD, Raleigh Neurology
                                     Primary Stroke Center Certification is based on          Associates, PA. “Our hospitalists and intensivists do
14 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                     the recommendations for primary stroke centers           an excellent job of following recommended
                                     published by the Brain Attack Coalition and the          guidelines, and our ED doctors play a key role in the
                                     American Stroke Association’s guidelines for             acute treatment part of stroke care. Thanks to a great
                                     stroke care.                                             team, we have an excellent compliance rate.”
          Preventing Gridlock and How Physicians Can Help
                    e all know WakeMed Raleigh Campus and Cary Hospital are

W                   busy places. During the winter, we are busier than ever and
                    experience numerous days in “Gridlock” status, which means
                    there are either very few or no beds available. We recognize this
                    impacts our patients, physicians and caregivers at all levels.
Even with WakeMed’s effective and sophisticated patient placement system, we
must all work together to ensure our patients get through the system in the most
efficient way possible. That’s why we need your help to prevent gridlock. Here are
a few things you can do.

• Identify all potential discharge candidates the day prior to discharge and
  communicate effectively with the patient, family and nursing staff.

• Have discharge/transfer orders written the day prior to discharge or transfer.

• Round on your potential discharges first thing in the morning, even before
  visiting the ICUs. If all surgeons visit just one patient a day in the morning to
  get the discharge process started before going into surgery, we could significantly
  increase our capacity.

• Consider ordering consultation services on an outpatient basis for non-urgent
  services such as follow-up diagnostic testing.

• Take note of the capacity reports that are posted each day in the physician
  lounges at Cary Hospital, in the physician parking deck on the Raleigh
  Campus, on the EPR Dashboard and in surgical areas. When you see “Orange:
  Gridlock”, please work harder than ever to discharge appropriate patients.

Thank you for your support. Working together, we can enhance our ability to meet
the health care needs of the community.
                                                                                        S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 15
                                                          WAKEMED AND WILSON MEDICAL CENTER

                                                    Announce Cardiac Services Affiliation
                                                   n October 23, 2008, WakeMed and               “We know patients and their families are concerned

                                     O             Wilson Medical Center (WilMed)
                                                   announced a comprehensive cardiac
                                                   services affiliation. This mutually
                                                   beneficial relationship will closely align
                                      WakeMed Heart and Vascular Services with
                                      WilMed’s Cardiopulmonary Services, enhancing the
                                      cardiac services available to Wilson County residents.
                                                                                                 about access to care, cost, and most importantly,
                                                                                                 quality of care,” explained Dr. Bill Atkinson,
                                                                                                 president and CEO. “When it comes to the care of
                                                                                                 one’s heart, this affiliation addresses many of these
                                                                                                 concerns by strengthening the depth of cardiac
                                                                                                 services available in Wilson. Both organizations bring
                                                                                                 a lot to the table to make this affiliation a win for
                                                                                                 patients in Wilson County.”
                                      This affiliation was driven in part by a formal
                                      contract forged between Wake Heart & Vascular              By leveraging the support and clinical capabilities of
                                      Associates, a 23-member physician group based in           the WakeMed Heart Center, WilMed can add
                                      Raleigh and one of the primary practices serving           programs for patients to receive cardiac care closer to
                                      patients in the WakeMed Heart Center, and Wilson           home. Plus, WilMed patients needing specialized
                                      Cardiology Associates, the sole cardiology practice in     treatment from a tertiary referral center will have a
                                      Wilson. Together, the groups will recruit more             direct link to the Heart Center. The organizations
                                      physicians to serve the area’s needs.                      continue to work together to identify opportunities
                                                                                                 for expanded services for Wilson-area residents.

                                     continued from cover

                                     While the TIA Center will begin by treating TIA            Dr. Keith Hull, a neurologist and medical director of
                                     patients who present to the Raleigh Campus                 the WakeMed Stroke Program, provided the initial
                                     Emergency Department, future plans for the service         vision for the center. This innovative idea has grown
                                     include physician referral. This would allow               into an outstanding collaborative effort by WakeMed
                                     community-based physicians who have a patient with         Neurosciences, Emergency Services, Radiology,
                                     TIA symptoms to refer their patients immediately to        Cardiovascular Imaging, hospitalists and Laboratory
                                     WakeMed’s TIA Center for a full stroke work-up,            Services. The TIA center concept is critical in helping
                                     24 hours a day, seven days a week. Oftentimes,             providers determine the etiology of the event so
                                     patients with TIA symptoms are scheduled for               appropriate preventive treatment and risk factor
                                     diagnostic testing several days or even weeks              modification can be implemented promptly.
16 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                     following their symptoms. Since research indicates
                                                                                                The TIA Center also supports our Joint Commission
                                     the risk of suffering from a full stroke following a
                                                                                                Primary Stroke Center designation and our growing
                                     TIA is greatest within the first 48 hours, immediate
                                                                                                Neurosciences capabilities.
                                     and comprehensive care is critical to improve
                                     patient outcomes.
              Jeanne Lansing, MD, (WakeMed Faculty Physicians - ENT/Audiology Practice) tests
               the da Vinci Surgical System with the assistance of a da Vinci sales representative.

    WakeMed’s da Vinci Surgical System Gains Momentum
          he da Vinci Surgical System®, a surgical        hysterectomies and repairing hernias. In fact, more

T         robot that offers 3-D visualization along
          with greatly enhanced dexterity, precision
          and control in the operating room, arrived
          at the Raleigh Campus in October 2004
and at Cary Hospital in September 2007. Since then,
the da Vinci has helped surgeons on both campuses
perform minimally invasive surgical procedures using
                                                          than 20 members of the WakeMed Medical Staff are
                                                          currently using the da Vinci on the Raleigh Campus
                                                          or at Cary Hospital for surgical procedures in the
                                                          following areas: Urology, OB/GYN, General Surgery,
                                                          Cancer and Cardiac Care. Many procedures are also
                                                          being performed as a result of the collaboration
                                                          between different specialty physicians, enabling a
advanced robotic technology. Benefits for patients        broader range of complex surgical procedures that
include less pain, blood loss and scarring as well as a   would have previously required open surgery. For
shorter recovery, decreased hospital stay and fewer       example, Sam Chawla, MD, urologist (WakeMed
complications.                                            Faculty Physicians-Urology) and OB/GYN
                                                          Catherine Dingman, MD, (Woman Care of
Until now, the da Vinci has primarily been used by
                                                          Raleigh), work together using the da Vinci system to
urologists at WakeMed to treat prostate cancer,
                                                          perform sacrocolpopexy to treat pelvic organ
ureteropelvic junction obstruction and kidney
                                                          prolapse. As additional physician specialists become
cancers. Now, however, more OB/GYNs and general
                                                          experienced with the da Vinci, more patients will
surgeons are beginning to explore the use of the da
                                                          benefit from this advanced robotic technology.
Vinci for procedures like removing uterine fibroids,
correcting pelvic organ prolapse, performing

                                       Three WakeMed Critical Care Units
                                         Earn National Awards
                        Congratulations to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit and
                        Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit staff and physicians. Their extraordinary commitment to
                                                                                                                 S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 17

                        high-quality, critical care standards earned them national Beacon Awards for Critical
                        Care Excellence.
                                                                         Physician Spotlight
                                     J. Michael Weeks Awards                                 Ministries and to caring for the underprivileged
                                                                                             in Wake County. He was also very committed to
                                                           Juan L. Granados, MD, and
                                                                                             his patients and colleagues at WakeMed, where
                                                           Stephen P. Montgomery,
                                                                                             he served as president of the Medical Staff, chief
                                                           MD, received WakeMed’s
                                                                                             of Orthopaedics and on various committees
                                                           annual J. Michael Weeks
                                                                                             throughout his tenure with the health system.
                                                           Humanitarian Award.
                                                                                             Dr. Montgomery passed away in 2008. His wife
                                                            Granados is a long-time          (pictured left) accepted the award on his behalf.
                                                            physician with WakeMed           He is deeply missed by many.
                                                            Faculty Physicians –
                                                                                             The J. Michael Weeks Humanitarian Award was
                                     OB/Gyn and served as the director of the
                                                                                             established in 1989 by the WakeMed Medical
                                     practice for 20 years. He specializes in treating
                                                                                             Executive Committee to honor providers who
                                     high-risk pregnancies and works tirelessly for the
                                                                                             devote extraordinary time to teaching or to the
                                     underserved in our community, particularly the
                                                                                             care of those less fortunate; one who has
                                     Hispanic population.
                                                                                             participated significantly in an event which
                                     Montgomery practiced at Raleigh Orthopaedic             visibly demonstrates a commitment to those less
                                     Clinic from 1980 until 2007. His love for the           fortunate; or one who has demonstrated
                                     community and loyalty to the facilities he was          leadership and participation in a significant
                                     involved with were evident to all those who             project which directly contributes to the welfare
                                     worked with or received care from him. He               of the citizenry.
                                     devoted much of his time and talents to Urban

                                     Hands of Health Award                                   Welcoming WakeMed’s First
                                                           Jerry Bernstein, MD,
                                                                                             Gynecological Oncologist and Surgeon
                                                           pediatrician and co-founder                              This October, Dr. Monica
                                                           of Raleigh Pediatric                                     Jones joined WakeMed’s
                                                           Associates, was honored as                               Medical Staff as our first
                                                           one of two recipients of the                             and only gynecologic
                                                           2008 John Rex Endowment                                  oncologist and surgeon.
                                                           Hands of Health Award for                                Practicing out of the Cancer
                                                           his vision in improving and                              Centers of North Carolina
                                     raising the standard of pediatric health care for all                          in Raleigh, Dr. Jones joins
                                     Wake County children. Dr. Bernstein provided            our Medical Staff from the Mayo Clinic College
                                     the guidance and vision to build WakeMed’s              of Medicine in Rochester, MN, where she
                                     Children’s Emergency Department, which                  provided care as a consultant and served as an
                                     opened in 1997, and he is now helping lead              assistant professor for the Department of
18 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                     WakeMed’s efforts to create the first children’s        Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Mayo Clinic
                                     “hospital within a hospital” in Wake County.            College of Medicine. Dr. Jones is board certified
                                                                                             in gynecologic oncology as well as general
                                                                                             obstetrics and gynecology.
“Taking an interdisciplinary approach, I am                Institute, and a fellowship in gynecologic oncology
committed to working with other physicians and             in Rochester, MN.
subspecialists to build a comprehensive service to
                                                           Dr. Jones is accepting referrals and treats women
meet the needs of women who are facing
                                                           with a variety of gynecological problems including
gynecological malignancies,” explains Dr. Jones.
                                                           but not limited to primary, metastatic or recurrent
“From general gynecologists and oncologists to
                                                           uterine, ovarian, fallopian tube, endometrial, cervix,
radiology oncologists to regular radiologists, there is
                                                           vagina and vulva cancers. Available surgical
a full team of physicians and subspecialists who are
                                                           procedures include abdominal and vaginal
all involved in caring for these women. My goal is to
                                                           hysterectomy; staging and cytoreductive surgery
work together with the medical community in Wake
                                                           including pelvic and paraaortic lymph node
County to serve the women who need our services.”
                                                           dissections, omentectomy, splenectomy, diaphragm
Dr. Jones completed her residency and received her         resection, bowel resections and urinary diversion,
doctorate from the University of Cincinnati. She           among others.
also completed fellowships at the National Cancer

             New Protocol Aimed at Improving Outcomes for
                          SEPSIS PATIENTS
                n October 1, 2008, the WakeMed               central venous catheter placed to measure the

   O            Raleigh Campus joined many hospitals
                throughout the country in
                implementing a new bundle protocol
                aimed at improving outcomes for adult
    emergency department patients with severe sepsis
    and septic shock. The new protocol is based on
    recommendations made by the Surviving Sepsis
                                                             filling pressure and oxygen saturation of blood
                                                             going into the heart. Depending on the values, the
                                                             goal directed protocol guides the resuscitation team
                                                             to provide intense medical therapy, more oxygen or
                                                             blood transfusion(s) to improve the patient’s
                                                             perfusion of vital organs and tissue. By bundling
                                                             these therapies to meet the needs of individual
    Campaign (SSC), an international collaboration           patients, the protocol has shown significant
    between the European Society of Intensive Care           improvement in clinical research studies.
    Medicine, the International Sepsis Forum, and the
                                                             “A study to measure the efficacy of the early goal
    Society of Critical Care Medicine. The Campaign
                                                             directed therapy protocol reveals that the risk of
    was developed to improve the management,
                                                             in-hospital mortality from sepsis can be reduced by
    diagnosis, and treatment of sepsis throughout
                                                             16 percent,” notes Anita L’Italien, MD, Wake
    the world.
                                                             Emergency Physicians, PA. “We hope the protocol
    One of the primary goals is to identify sepsis signs     will help us recognize septic patients early and
    and symptoms early since we know that sepsis is a        provide focused and aggressive treatments to
    rapidly progressing condition with high mortality        improve their outcomes.”
                                                                                                                    S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 19

    rates. WakeMed patients who meet the strict
                                                             Plans are being developed to implement the
    inclusion criteria for the protocol quickly have a
                                                             protocol at all WakeMed EDs in the future.
                                                                     his fall, Cary Hospital unveiled an important new

                                                          T          service for patients with the introduction of spinal
                                                                     surgeries performed by experienced physicians. This
                                                                     new service comes to Cary Hospital through the
                                                                     collaboration of orthopaedic spine surgeons
                                                          Gurvinder Deol, MD, (Wake Orthopaedics) and Sameer
                                                          Mathur, MD, (Cary Orthopaedic) as well as Maria Maag, RN,
                                                          director, (Operative Services - Cary Hospital) and the Cary
                                                              Hospital Operating Room (OR) staff.

                                                                       Since the introduction of the new service in
                                                                         October, numerous successful spinal cases have
                                                                          been conducted in Cary Hospital’s OR,
                                     Cary Hospital Introduces              varying from minor to more complex.
                                                                            Offerings include procedures to treat chronic

                                         Spinal                             back pain; minimally invasive lumbar
                                                                            fusions, which relieve pressure on the spinal
                                                                             cord or nerve roots; minimally invasive

                                        Surgery                              kyphoplasty surgeries to repair fractures that
                                                                              occur when part of the spinal column

                                                                              collapses; and minor laminectomies, the
                                                                               most common type of surgery to relieve
                                                                                pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots
                                                                                caused by age or to treat spinal injuries,
                                                                                 herniated discs or tumors.

                                                                                  Of the more complex procedures
                                                                                  performed by Dr. Deol and Dr.
                                                                                   Mathur is the anterior cervical fusion,
                                                                                  a procedure that treats nerve root or
                                                                                 spinal cord compression. All spinal
                                                                               surgeries have incorporated fluoroscopy, a
                                                                              moving X-ray used to obtain real-time
                                                                             images of the patient’s internal structure
                                                                           and target areas of concern.

                                                                   “We are so pleased to be able to offer this elevated
                                                                   level of care to patients in and around the Cary
                                                                    community,” commented Maag. “Our patients will
                                                                      truly benefit from receiving treatment closer to
                                                                        home, which presents a safer, more comfortable
                                                                          and more convenient option when undergoing a
                                                                            surgical spinal procedure.”

                                                                             In conjunction with Dr. Deol and Dr.
20 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                                                              Mathur, Maag and her team look forward
                                                                               to supporting the continued growth of
                                                                                Cary Hospital’s spinal surgery program.
                                               STARK LAW UPDATE
                                                            Its Impact on Medical Staff

                     akeMed is currently drafting       3. Compliance Training Exception – WakeMed

W                    procedures and policies related
                     to Stark II, Phase 3, which
                     prohibits WakeMed from
                     providing non-monetary
compensation to physicians, their immediate family
members and their office staff. The type of
nonmonetary compensation referenced in the law is
                                                           can sponsor compliance training for physicians
                                                           and their staff as long as the provider practices
                                                           in the local service area. The training must be
                                                           related to basic compliance program elements or
                                                           requirements of federal and state health care
                                                           programs, or federal, state or local laws,
                                                           regulations or rules governing provider conduct.
considered a Business Courtesy. Business                   The exemption applies if compliance training is
Courtesies include gifts, entertainment (including         the primary purpose of the program. Costs of
dining) and educational or business activities that        refreshments must be tracked.
have monetary value and are offered free or at a
discount to the recipient. There are three
                                                        In the Works: Compliance Policy
                                                        While WakeMed’s final Stark Law compliance
exceptions related to Business Courtesies:
                                                        policy is in development, we know that the law
1. Non-monetary Compensation – WakeMed can              requires us to better track and monitor all
   extend a Business Courtesy to a physician, a         nonmonetary compensation and benefits we offer
   member of the physician’s immediate family or        to our physicians, their office staff and families.
   the physician’s staff if the Business Courtesy has   WakeMed is committed to following federal
   nothing to do with past or expected volume,          guidelines. Therefore, physicians may begin to
   value of referrals or business generated by the      notice some changes related to the provision of
   physician. In addition, the Business Courtesy        nonmonetary compensation such as meals,
   cannot exceed an aggregate limit of $355 in a        seminars, CME credits, etc… Stay tuned for
   calendar year.                                       details. As always, thank you for choosing
2. Medical Staff Incidental Benefits Exception –        WakeMed and for your commitment to caring for
   In general, WakeMed can extend Business              our community.
   Courtesies to its hospitals’ medical staff
   members as long as the value of the Business
   Courtesy is less than $30 per occurrence, and it
   is extended to (but not necessarily accepted by)
   all medical staff members in the same specialty.
   The following examples meet this exception
   • Free parking on WakeMed campuses
   • Modest meals and snacks in physician lounges
                                                                                                               S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 21
                                                          Physicians Help Guide
                                           SERVICE LINE STRATEGIES
                                        n an industry as complex as health care, planning for the future isn’t easy, especially

                                     I  when you consider the growth predicted for Wake County and the Triangle area
                                        during the next 20 years. We want to be sure WakeMed continues to meet the growing
                                        demand for health care services and that we offer the services and capabilities our
                                        patients want and need.

                                     That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of our physicians in numerous specialties as we evolve
                                     our strategic plan. Over the past few years, physicians have become actively involved in the
                                     Board’s Strategic Planning Committee, and strategic service line planning teams in several
                                     key areas including pediatrics, women’s services, ambulatory services and neurosciences,
                                     among others, to share their thoughts and ideas to determine the best processes for our
                                     patients, the community and the physicians who support WakeMed. The information
                                     we’ve learned through this process has been invaluable and has helped us establish a
                                     successful model for involving our physicians in our planning process.

                                     Heavily involving our physicians in the strategic planning process began several years ago
                                     when we began discussing the future expansion of our pediatrics services. At this time, we
                                     established an interdisciplinary Pediatrics Planning Committee that included physicians
                                     from all specialties involved in caring for children, including orthopaedics, pediatric
                                     surgery, emergency, neonatology and obstetrics, among others. With numerous key
                                     physician leaders, including Jerry Bernstein, MD, an organized committee came together
                                     to discuss the needs of our patients and how physicians and WakeMed could work
                                     together to expand capacity and services to meet the growing demand for care. This group
                                     is responsible for the development of the children’s hospital currently under construction
                                     on the fourth floor of the new Raleigh Campus Patient Tower. The committee continues
                                     to evaluate and plan for the introduction of new children’s services needed in Wake
                                     County over the next several years.

                                     “The Pediatric Planning Committee has been an outstanding success and helped us
22 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                     establish a well-thought-out plan that we feel confident will allow us to better meet the
                                     needs of our pediatrics patients for decades to come,” explains Deb Friberg, executive vice
                                     president and chief operating officer. “After months of meeting, the committee established
                                     a shared understanding of the needs of our patients, our physicians and WakeMed. This
planning model has really helped us do a better job of preparing to
meet the health care needs of the community, and we sincerely
                                                                           Physicians Take Active
appreciate the time and energy offered by our physicians.”
                                                                            Roles in WakeMed’s
Women’s Services                                                             Strategic Planning
The success of the Pediatric Planning Committee has led to the
                                                                        “The Physician’s Perspective.”
development of a number of planning groups. One of these groups
                                                                        That was the theme of the most
helps to guide the future direction of our Women’s Services.
                                                                        recent annual planning retreat of
Involving numerous specialties including obstetrics, gynecology,
                                                                        the WakeMed Board of Directors
radiology, gynecologic oncology, urology and general surgery,
                                                                        and Medical Executive
among others, this committee has been working for the past several
                                                                        Committees. WakeMed Medical
months to discuss how we can best meet the growing demand for
                                                                        Staff members took center stage
women’s services in the community. While the group is fairly new,
                                                                        to share with Board members the
there is already significant interest and enthusiasm among the
                                                                        challenges, issues and priorities
committee, and we anticipate great ideas to emerge that will allow
                                                                        they face and how addressing
us to better serve our patients.
                                                                        them within the strategic plan will
Neurosciences                                                           help shape the future success of
In late 2008, a group of Medical Staff representatives, service line    WakeMed, particularly from an
leaders and administrative support staff conducted an organizational    operational perspective.
review of neurosciences-related services, technology, staffing and
                                                                        The chairman of the WakeMed
costs as an analysis of the market position. The preliminary findings
                                                                        Strategic Planning Committee
revealed that WakeMed has a lot to offer, especially in the areas of
                                                                        created a special Physician Task
physician expertise, breadth of specialization, technology, dedicated
                                                                        Force to determine the key points
inpatient facilities and nursing staff.
                                                                        that were presented and
Because many physician specialists are involved in the care of a        discussed during the retreat. The
neurosciences patient, representatives from numerous areas will be      task force included 15 physicians
engaged in the neurosciences planning process as it unfolds at          from 15 different specialties.
WakeMed.                                                                WakeMed administrators are very
WakeMed North Healthplex                                                pleased to have physicians
An interdisciplinary steering committee is in place at North            actively engaged in planning
Healthplex. The committee is addressing the expansion of the            processes.
facility into a full-service women’s hospital after WakeMed received
CON approval for an additional 41 beds. The preliminary
committee includes physicians from numerous specialties, including
                                                                                                              S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 23

obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, pediatrics, neonatology
                                          continued next page
                                                     Surgeon Preferences Influence Change
                                         n 2008, WakeMed distributed a survey to more            Campus implemented a new surgical tray/tool

                                     I   than 200 surgeons throughout the WakeMed
                                         system to gather feedback on how well WakeMed
                                         meets their needs related to equipment, staffing,
                                         OR throughput and management, among other
                                     topics. More than 40 percent of those surveyed
                                     responded, providing valuable feedback that was
                                     shared with Surgical Services leadership teams. From
                                                                                                 tracking system that has helped standardize processes
                                                                                                 and improve operations. At North Healthplex,
                                                                                                 surgeons appreciate that the staff is being educated
                                                                                                 on surgeon’s individual preferences and that those
                                                                                                 needs are being met.

                                                                                                 Dr. Lisa Roberts and her colleagues at Gynecology &
                                                                                                 Laparoscopic Surgeons are now meeting with the
                                     there, individual action plans based on surgeon
                                                                                                 North Healthplex Surgical Services leadership team
                                     feedback were developed specifically for each facility.
                                                                                                 on a quarterly basis to discuss OR operations. “We've
                                     Teams throughout the system have been working
                                                                                                 been very pleased with the leadership and staff ’s
                                     hard during the past six months to implement
                                                                                                 responsiveness to our concerns and suggestions,” says
                                     changes and improve operations to better meet the
                                                                                                 Dr. Roberts.
                                     needs of our surgeons, and each facility has made
                                     great progress. In fact, since the survey was               Thank you to all of our surgeons for your valuable
                                     conducted, Cary Hospital has updated 100 percent of         feedback. We will continue to work together to
                                     surgeon preference lists and has made outreach visits       enhance our operations to meet your needs.
                                     with each surgical specialty. Similarly, the Raleigh

                                     SERVICE LINE STRATEGIES                  continued

                                     and anesthesia. The committee will likely expand to         commitment we have received from the dozens of
                                     include other specialties such as cardiology and            physicians who have participated in these committees
                                     urology. The committee meets regularly to guide the         and teams, and welcome involvement from all of our
                                     strategic direction of the first women’s hospital in        Medical Staff.”
                                     Wake County.
                                                                                                 Get Involved
                                     “Hearing from our physicians early in the strategic         Groups will continue to form to discuss service lines
                                     planning process has been invaluable, and will              and strategies. Operational plans will be developed
                                     ultimately benefit our patients and the community,”         from the information that is shared in these groups.
                                     explains Friberg. “Our physicians understand their          Do you have ideas to share? All physicians are
                                     patients, the market and the demand for services, and       welcomed and encouraged to get involved. Contact
24 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                     they offer a different perspective that is truly critical   Deb Friberg directly at 350-8104 or
                                     to the planning process. We appreciate the time and
   Cary Hospital to Welcome Senior Vice President and Administrator
                     Following a comprehensive              fully engaging as a business leader in the community –
                     national search that attracted         all of which are critical factors for Cary Hospital
                     hundreds of well-qualified             today and in the future.
                     applicants, WakeMed is pleased
                                                            Raynes joins WakeMed from Northcrest Health
                     to announce that Scott Raynes,
                                                            System in Springfield, TN, where he has been serving
                     MA, MBA, has been named the
                                                            as president and CEO since 2005. Northcrest has
                     new senior vice president and
                                                            been very successful as a stand-alone facility
                     administrator of Cary Hospital.
                                                            competing in the highly competitive Nashville, TN
Raynes will begin his role at WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                                            market area. Prior to this role, Raynes served as
on May 4.
                                                            president and CEO of Preston Memorial Hospital in
As senior vice president and administrator of Cary          Kingwood, WV. He brings more than 15 years of
Hospital, Raynes will be responsible for leading,           experience in health care leadership.
defining, and executing the overall direction of Cary
                                                            Raynes holds a bachelor of arts degree in business
Hospital. Raynes clearly stood out among the
                                                            administration from the West Virginia Institute of
applicants because of his dynamic leadership style and
                                                            Technology, a master of arts degree from Morehead
proven ability to enhance a hospital’s success by
                                                            State University in Morehead, KY, and a master of
growing market share, services and medical staff
                                                            business administration degree specializing in health
membership. On the ambulatory side, Raynes brings
                                                            care from West Virginia University. He and his wife,
a successful track record of leading 15 surgery centers
                                                            Shawna are natives of West Virginia, and they have
across three states. Finally, he has a strong interest in
                                                            two daughters.

WakeMed Names New Senior Vice
President of Physician Practices
                    WakeMed is pleased to announce
                    that Susan Weaver, MD, has been
                    named senior vice president of
                                                            New Wake Specialty Physicians Practice
                                                            WakeMed is pleased to announce a new company
                    WakeMed physician practices. In
                                                            under the WakeMed corporate umbrella – Wake
                    this role, Dr. Weaver oversees the
                                                            Specialty Physicians, LLC, which is a “spin-off ” of
                    operations of WakeMed’s multi-
                                                            WakeMed Faculty Physicians (WFP). WakeMed’s
                    specialty physician practices
                                                            growing physician practice network now includes Wake
                    including WakeMed Faculty
                                                            Specialty Physicians, WakeMed Faculty Physicians and
Physicians, Wake Specialty Physicians and Wake
                                                            Wake Orthopaedics.
Orthopaedics. She will provide oversight for our
teaching programs with Wake AHEC and the                    The new Wake Specialty Physicians includes the
University of North Carolina (UNC) School of                private, community-based practices that have grown
                                                                                                                     S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 25

Medicine.                                                   out of WFP over the years. This new model was
                                                            established to differentiate them from the WFP
                                     practices and to give our physicians the opportunity to
                                     practice in a variety of settings. Thus, the new Wake
                                                                                                 down. Dr. Thurber, who was named Cary Hospital’s
                                                                                                 first full-time hospitalist in 2003, will continue his
                                     Specialty Physician practices include many of the same      clinical patient care responsibilities at Cary Hospital
                                     physicians who practice at WakeMed Faculty                  and participate in other hospital activities. Recruitment
                                     Physicians. The new Wake Specialty practices include:       for a permanent director of the program is ongoing.

                                                                                                 The program welcomes two new hospitalists, Dr. James
                                     WakeMed North Healthplex
                                                                                                 Cho and Dr. Saif Afridi. The practice has also
                                     • Wake Specialty Physicians – ENT, Head
                                                                                                 implemented a 24/7 on-call pager that can be used to
                                       & Neck Surgery
                                     • Wake Specialty Physicians – Facial Plastic                reach the on-call hospitalist at 393-0425. This pager
                                       Surgery and Premier Med Spa                               should be used for all new admissions, consults or
                                     • Wake Specialty Physicians – General Surgery               outside transfer requests, as well as after-hours cross-
                                     • Wake Specialty Physicians – Urology                       cover on hospitalist patients. A swing shift has been
                                                                                                 added to expand coverage during the busy hours of
                                     Wakefield HealthPark                                        approximately 2 pm to 12 am.
                                     • Wake Specialty Physicians – Women’s Center
                                                                                                 Just For Kids Kampaign Update
                                     WakeMed Brier Creek Medical Park                            The WakeMed Foundation’s Just For Kids Kampaign to
                                     • Wake Specialty Physicians – Gastroenterology &            raise funds for the creation of Wake County’s first
                                       Hepatology                                                dedicated children’s hospital, got off to a great start
                                                                                                 with the generous donation of $1.5 million made by
                                     The WakeMed Faculty Physicians name will remain
                                                                                                 Raleigh-based General Parts International Inc. To date
                                     with the practices based on the Raleigh Campus. These
                                                                                                 donations total $4.2 million. Another $15.8 million is
                                     WFP practices will continue to:
                                                                                                 needed by 2011 to bring the new WakeMed Children’s
                                     • Serve patients at our Raleigh Campus-based clinics;
                                                                                                 hospital-within-a-hospital project to fruition. For more
                                     • Provide 24-hour call coverage;
                                     • Offer specialty physician services to inpatients; and
                                                                                                 information about the WakeMed Just For Kids
                                     • Provide graduate education for our UNC residents.         Kampaign, call 350-7656.

                                     Breast MRI Now Available at Cary Hospital                   Outstanding Bond Market Performance
                                     WakeMed Cary Hospital’s Imaging Services providers          In just three days, WakeMed sold approximately $170
                                     now offer breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to        million in fixed rate bonds and has issued an additional
                                     improve the search for malignancies. The American           $75 million in variable rate bonds. Combined, these
                                     Cancer Society now recommends an annual MRI – in            bonds will fund numerous construction projects and
                                     addition to a mammogram – for women who have a              provide us with a higher level of cash on hand.
                                     20 percent or greater lifetime risk of breast cancer. The   “Our ability to sell so many bonds in such a short
                                     technology’s ability to provide sharper soft tissue         timeframe demonstrates the community’s pride and
                                     contrast than radiation-based equipment is the primary      confidence in WakeMed,” says Dr. Bill Atkinson,
                                     reason it is becoming a first-line screening tool.          president & CEO. “Thank you to all of our employees,
                                                                                                 physicians and friends who work hard every day to
                                     Hospitalist Program Changes at Cary Hospital                instill this confidence in our community.”
                                     Christy Henry, MD, has assumed the administrative
26 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                     functions of the hospitalist program at Cary Hospital
                                     as the interim program director. Dr. Henry replaces
                                     David C. Thurber, Jr., MD, who recently stepped
CMS Retires AMI-6 Beta-blocker at Arrival                  current evidence base for the administration of oral
Effective March 31, the Centers for Medicare and           versus intravenous beta-blockers differs. The new
Medicaid Services (CMS) will no longer track the           guideline recommends that early intravenous beta-
administration of a beta-blocker within 24 hours of        blockers should specifically be avoided in some patient
arrival for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) patients.    populations. These factors make decision-making too
                                                           complex for performance measurement. Thus, the
In 2005, trial results revealed that while beta-blockers
                                                           measurement has been retired.
reduced the risk of death from arrhythmia and
reinfarction, they significantly increase the risk of      Mechanisms are now in place to suppress public
cardiogenic shock within 24 hours of admission in some     reporting of measure AMI-6 and cease submission of
patients with a heart failure history. In 2007, the        data elements unique to it. Providers are encouraged to
American College of Cardiology and the American            use the “Reason for No Beta-blocker on Arrival”
Heart Association in their updated guidelines for          exclusion to remove high-risk patients from the
patients with ST-elevation AMI acknowledged that           measure. After March 31, data elements associated
some patients are not appropriate for early beta-blocker   with AMI-6 will no longer be required for submission
therapy. In addition, the guideline stated that the        by CMS or The Joint Commission.

  E P R U P D AT E
  Transition to Soarian by March 15                        • Assessments – Case management, dietary
  Please see the following overview of several               counseling and respiratory assessments are now on
  important changes that have been made to                   Soarian.
  WakeMed’s clinical information systems.
                                                           HMED Access
  Moving from MIM to Soarian                               If you would like HMED access to view active
  Because ED charts are now available in Soarian, we       ED patient information, contact Julie Phipps at
  will stop using MIM as of March 15. Please contact       350-7762 or Access the
  Dr. Alexander at 630-5207 if you need training or if     HMED chart from the EPR dashboard once you
  you have a problem related to the transition. Here       have a user ID.
  are the latest Soarian features.
  • The Ability to View Full ED Charts – The chart is      Remote Access
    generated after the patient is dispositioned in the    Please use to access the
    ED. It will appear in the Documents list in the        EPR dashboard and all clinical systems from a
    Soarian Clinical Summary or Patient Record.            remote location. Older remote access gateways (i.e.
    Active patients who are still being seen by ED; are
    physicians will not have ED records in Soarian for     now inactive. Please contact Ben Hoch at 350-0623
    the current visit.                                     or if you need assistance.
  • The Ability to View ECG Images – Access ECG
    images the same way you access X-ray images:           For Cary Users
    Click the icon in the Results section to view the      The medication administration system (MAK) is not
                                                                                                                     S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 27

    report and then click View Image.                      available to you through remote access. Information
                                                           Services hopes to resolve this problem soon.
                                     NEW PHYSICIANS

                                     Durga Alahari, MD                 Srivani Reddy Ambati, MD        Scott Gary Anderson, MD           Chudaratna Bhargava, MD            Esa Alohilani Bloedon, MD
                                     Department of Pediatrics          Department of Medicine          Department of OB/GYN              Department of Medicine             Department of Surgery
                                     Specialty: Pediatrics             Specialty: Internal Medicine    Specialty: Gynecology             Specialty: Internal Medicine       Specialty: Otolaryngology
                                     WakeMed Cary Hospital             WakeMed Cary Hospital           WakeMed North Healthplex          WakeMed Raleigh Campus             WakeMed Raleigh Campus
                                                                                                                                                                            WakeMed North Healthplex
                                     Office:                           Office:                         Office:                           Office:
                                     Excel Pediatrics                  Peak Cardiology, PA             Blue Ridge OB/GYN Associates      WakeMed Faculty Physicians-        Office:
                                     721 Tilgham Drive                 1051 Pemberton Hill Road        11001 Durant Road                  Hospitalists                      WakeMed Faculty Physicians
                                     Suite 300                         Suite 202                       Suite 100                         3024 New Bern Avenue                ENT
                                     Dunn, NC 28334                    Apex, NC 27502                  Raleigh, NC 27614                 Suite G03-Hospitalist Dept.        3024 New Bern Avenue
                                                                                                                                         Raleigh, NC 27610                  Suite 200 – ENT
                                     Medical School:                   Medical School:                 Medical School:
                                                                                                                                                                            Raleigh, NC 27610
                                     Siddhartha Medical College        University of Health Sciences   University of Texas               Medical School:
                                      (1990)                             (1996)                         Southwestern (2001)              Vijayanagar Institute of Medical   Medical School:
                                     Gunadala, Vijayawaa,AP, India     India                           Dallas, TX                         Sciences/ECFMG (1996)             Jefferson Medical College of
                                                                                                                                         Bellary, India                      Thomas Jefferson University
                                     Internship:                       Internship/Residency:           Internship/Residency:
                                     Rotating Internship               Internal Medicine               OB/GYN                            Internship/Residency:
                                                                                                                                                                            Philadelphia, PA
                                     University General Hospital       Allegheny University Grad.      Louisiana State University        Internal Medicine
                                     Gunadala, Vijayawada, AP, India     Hospital                      Shreveport, LA                    Coney Island Hospital              Internship:
                                                                       Philadelphia, PA                                                  Brooklyn, NY                       General Surgery
                                                                                                                                                                            Thomas Jefferson University
                                     Pediatrics                        Fellowships:
                                     Brookdale Medical Center          Cardiology
                                                                                                                                                                            Philadelphia, PA
                                     Brooklyn, NY                      East Carolina University
                                                                       Greenville, NC                                                                                       Residency:
                                                                       Cardiac Imaging                                                                                      Otolaryngology
                                                                       Duke University                                                                                      Thomas Jefferson University
                                                                       Durham, NC                                                                                            Hospital
                                                                                                                                                                            Philadelphia, PA

                                     Debra L. Blue, MD                 Alan Phillip Boehm, DPM         John Grant Buttram, MD            Mary Elizabeth                     Antonio Miguel Carbonell, MD
                                     Department of Medicine            Department of Orthopaedic       Department of Surgery              Traylor Capps, MD                 Department of Surgery
                                     Specialty: Family Practice         Surgery                        Specialty: Neurological Surgery   Department of Pediatrics           Specialty: Plastic Surgery
                                     WakeMed Raleigh Campus            Specialty: Podiatry             WakeMed Raleigh Campus            Specialty: Pediatrics              WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                                                       WakeMed Raleigh Campus          WakeMed Cary Hospital             WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                     Office:                                                                                                                                Office:
                                                                       WakeMed North Healthplex
                                     Hospice of Wake County                                            Office:                           Office:                            Viserage Plastic Surgery
                                     1300 St. Mary’s Street            Office:                         Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic      Growing Child Pediatrics           300 Keisler Drive
                                     4th Floor                         Raleigh Foot and Ankle Center   5838 Six Forks Road               11130 Capital Blvd                 Suite 102
                                     Raleigh, NC 27605                 1418 East Millbrook Road        Suite 100                         Wake Forest, NC 27587              Cary, NC 27511
                                                                       Raleigh, NC 27609               Raleigh, NC 27609
                                     Medical School:                                                                                     Medical School:                    Medical School:
                                     Rush University (1990)            Medical School:                 Medical School:                   University of Florida College of   Georgetown University Medical
                                     Chicago, IL                       Temple University School of     East Carolina University (2002)    Medicine (2001)                    Center (1969)
                                                                        Podiatric Medicine (2002)      Greenville, NC                    Gainesville, FL                    Washington, DC
                                                                       Philadelphia, PA
                                     Family Medicine                                                   Internship/Residency:             Internship/Residency:              Internship/Residency:
                                     University of Wisconsin           Residency:                      Neurological Surgery              Pediatrics                         General Surgery
                                     Madison, WI                       Podiatric Surgery               University of Tennessee at        Vanderbilt University Medical      U.S. Public Health Science
                                                                       Temple University Hospital        Memphis                           Center                             Hospital
                                                                       Philadelphia, PA                Memphis, TN                       Nashville, TN                      San Francisco, CA
                                                                                                       Fellowship:                                                          Residency:
                                                                                                       Complex & Minimally Invasive                                         Plastic Surgery
                                                                                                        Spine Surgery                                                       University of Illinois Hospital
                                                                                                       University of Tennessee at                                            Medical Center
28 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                                                                                        Memphis                                                             Chicago, IL
                                                                                                       Memphis, TN
                                                                                                                                                                            General Surgery
                                                                                                                                                                            OSF St. Francis Medical Center
                                                                                                                                                                            Peoria, IL
Jennifer Ann Chancellor, MD        Robert Gene Dawkins, MD          Gourisankar Prasad                German Dy De Joya, MD             Gurvinder Singh Deol, MD
Department of OB/GYN               Department of Medicine            Degala, MD                       Department of Medicine            Department of Orthopaedic
Specialty: Obstetrics/Gynecology   Specialty: Family Practice       Department of Medicine            Specialty: Pulmonology             Surgery
WakeMed Raleigh Campus             WakeMed Raleigh Campus           Specialty: Gastroenterology       WakeMed Raleigh Campus            Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
                                                                    WakeMed Raleigh Campus                                              WakeMed Raleigh Campus
Office:                            Office:                                                            Office:
                                                                    WakeMed North Healthplex                                            WakeMed North Healthplex
WakeMed Faculty Physicians         Horizon Family Medicine                                            WakeMed Faculty Physicians –
                                                                                                                                        WakeMed Cary Hospital
 OB/GYN                            236 Butternut Lane               Office:                            Intensivists
3024 New Bern Avenue               Clayton, NC 27520                WakeMed Faculty Physicians –      3024 New Bern Avenue              Office:
Suite 306                                                            Gastroenterology                 Suite G03                         Wake Orthopaedics
                                   Medical School:
Raleigh, NC 27610                                                   3024 New Bern Avenue              Raleigh, NC 27610                 3009 New Bern Avenue
                                   Northeastern Ohio Universities
                                                                    Suite 301                                                           Raleigh, NC 27610
Medical School:                     College of Medicine (1993)                                        Medical School:
                                                                    Raleigh, NC 27610
UNC School of Medicine (2004)      Rootstown, OH                                                      R. Magsaysay Memorial Medical Medical School:
Chapel Hill, NC                                                     Medical School:                    Center (1988)                UNC School of Medicine (1996)
                                                                    Kempegowda Institute of           Quezon City, Philippines      Chapel Hill, NC
Internship/Residency:              Family Medicine
                                                                     Medical Sciences (2001)
OB/GYN                             Aultman Hospital                                                   Internship/Residency:             Internship:
                                                                    Bangalore, India
UNC Hospitals                      Canton, OH                                                         Internal Medicine                 General Surgery
Chapel Hill, NC                                                     Internship/Residency:             Muhlenberg Regional Medical       Penn State College of Medicine
                                                                    Internal Medicine                   Center                          Hershey, PA
                                                                    Henry Ford Hospital               Plainfield, NJ
                                                                    Detroit, MI
                                                                                                      Fellowship:                       Orthopaedic Surgery
                                                                    Fellowship:                       Critical Care Medicine            Penn State College of Medicine
                                                                    Gastroenterology                  University of Pittsburgh School   Hershey, PA
                                                                    Henry Ford Hospital                of Medicine
                                                                    Detroit, MI                       Pittsburgh, PA
                                                                                                                                        Michael & Myrle Baker Research
                                                                                                                                        Penn State College of Medicine
                                                                                                                                        Hershey, PA
                                                                                                                                        Spine Surgery
                                                                                                                                        Rush University
                                                                                                                                        Chicago, IL

Sarath Dommaraju, MD               Badriprasad Donthi, MD           Donna Helen Edwards, MD           Bulent Ender, MD
Department of Pediatrics           Department of Pediatrics         Department of Medicine            Department of Medicine
Specialty: Pediatrics              Specialty: Pediatrics            Specialty: Internal Medicine      Specialty: Gastroenterology
WakeMed Cary Hospital              WakeMed Cary Hospital            WakeMed Raleigh Campus            WakeMed North Healthplex
                                                                    WakeMed Cary Hospital
Office:                            Office:                                                            Office:
Apex Pediatric and Adolescent      Maruthi Pediatrics               Office:                           Wake Internal Medicine
 Clinic, PA                        3528 Davis Drive                 WakeMed Faculty Physicians –       Consultants
1701 Center Street                 Morrisville, NC 27560             Raleigh Hospitalists             3100 Blue Ridge Road
Suite 101                                                           3024 New Bern Avenue              Suite 300
                                   Medical School:
Apex, NC 27502                                                      Suite G03                         Raleigh, NC 27612
                                   JJM Medical College (1989)
                                                                    Raleigh, NC 27610
Medical School:                    Davangere, India                                                   Medical School:
Sri Venkateswara University                                         Medical School:                   VCU Medical Center (1987)
  Faculty of Medicine (1991)                                        East Tennessee State University   Richmond, VA
Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, India                                     (1999)
                                 Medical College of Ohio at                                           Internship/Residency:
                                                                    Johnson City, TN
Internship:                        Toledo                                                             Internal Medicine
Rotating Internship              Toledo, OH                         Internship/Residency:             University of Maryland
SVRR Hospital                                                       Internal Medicine                 Baltimore, MD
Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, India                                    University of New Mexico
                                                                    Albuquerque, NM
Residency:                                                                                            Gastroenterology
Pediatrics                                                                                            University of Texas Medical
Brooklyn Hospital Center                                                                               School at Houston
Brooklyn, NY                                                                                          Houston, TX
                                                                                                                                                                         S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 29
                                       NEW PHYSICIANS

                                     Bryan David Garruto, MD           Kevin Wesley Gilchrist, DDS      Pankaj Gupta, MD                  Michael Jon Hodos, DPM            Andrea Lake Bingham
                                     Department of Surgery             Department of Surgery            Department of Surgery             Department of Orthopaedic          Honeycutt, MD
                                     Specialty: Ophthalmology          Specialty: General Dentistry     Specialty: Otolaryngology          Surgery                          Department of Medicine
                                     WakeMed Raleigh Campus            WakeMed Raleigh Campus           WakeMed Cary Hospital             Specialty: Podiatry               Specialty: Internal Medicine
                                                                                                                                          WakeMed Raleigh Campus            WakeMed Raleigh Campus
                                     Office:                           Office:                          Office:
                                                                                                                                          WakeMed North Healthplex
                                     Southern Eye Associates           Drs. Pfefferle and Kindrachuk    NC Eye, Ear, Nose/Throat                                            Office:
                                     2801 Blue Ridge Road              7800 Six Forks Road              4102 North Roxboro Road         Office:                             WakeMed Faculty Physicians –
                                     Suite 200                         Raleigh, NC 27615                Durham, NC 27704                Wake Foot and Ankle Center           Hospitalists
                                     Raleigh, NC 27607                                                                                  853-B Wake Forest Business          3024 New Bern Avenue
                                                                       Medical School:                  Medical School:
                                                                                                                                         Park                               Suite G03
                                     Medical School:                   UNC School of Dentistry (2006)   Northwestern University Medical
                                                                                                                                        Wake Forest, NC 27587               Raleigh, NC 27610
                                     UMDNJ – New Jersey Medical        Chapel Hill, NC                    School (1992)
                                      School (2001)                                                     Chicago, IL                     Medical School:                     Medical School:
                                     Newark, NJ                                                                                         Temple College of Podiatric         UNC School of Medicine (2005)
                                                                       Pediatric Dental                 Internship:
                                                                                                                                         Medicine (1994)                    Chapel Hill, NC
                                     Internship:                       University of Kentucky           General Surgery
                                                                                                                                        Philadelphia, PA
                                     Transitional                      Lexington, KY                    Northwestern University Medical                                     Internship/Residency:
                                     Bassett Healthcare                                                   School                        Residency:                          Internal Medicine
                                     Cooperstown, NY                                                    Chicago, IL                     Podiatry Surgery                    UNC Hospitals
                                                                                                                                        Montgomery Podiatry                 Chapel Hill, NC
                                     Residency:                                                         Residency:
                                                                                                                                         Associates/Elkins Park Hospital
                                     Ophthalmology                                                      Otolaryngology
                                                                                                                                        Huntingdon Valley, PA
                                     University of South Florida Eye                                    Northwestern University Medical
                                      Institute                                                           School
                                     Tampa, FL                                                          Chicago, IL
                                     Cornea & External Disease
                                     University of South Florida
                                      College of Medicine
                                     Tampa, FL

                                     Michael Andrew Huening,           Cary Scott Idler, MD             Salim Farouk Idriss, MD           Thomas Steven Ivester, MD         Fellowship/Teaching
                                      PhD, MD                          Department of Orthopaedic        Department of Pediatrics          Department of                      Appointment:
                                     Department of Pathology            Surgery                         Specialty: Pediatric Cardiology    Obstetrics/Gynecology            Maternal-Fetal Medicine
                                     Specialty: Pathology              Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery   WakeMed Raleigh Campus            Specialty: Obstetrics             University of Tennessee Health
                                     WakeMed Raleigh Campus            WakeMed North Healthplex         WakeMed Cary Hospital             WakeMed Raleigh Campus             Sciences
                                     WakeMed Cary Hospital                                                                                                                  Memphis, TN
                                                                       Office:                          Office:                           Office:
                                     WakeMed North Healthplex
                                                                       Orthopaedic Specialists of NC    Duke Children’s Cardiology        WakeMed Faculty Physicians
                                     Office:                           847 Wake Forest Business Park     of Raleigh                        OB/GYN
                                     Raleigh Pathology Lab             Suite 202                        3713 Benson Drive                 3024 New Bern Avenue
                                      Associates                       Wake Forest, NC 27587            Suite 202                         Suite 306
                                     3000 New Bern Avenue                                               Raleigh, NC 27609                 Raleigh, NC 27610
                                                                       Medical School:
                                     Raleigh, NC 27610
                                                                       University of Medicine and       Medical School:                   Medical School:
                                     Medical School:                    Dentistry of NJ (2007)          Duke University School of         ECU Brody School of Medicine
                                     University of Medicine and        Newark, NJ                        Medicine (1996)                   (1996)
                                      Dentistry of New Jersey                                           Durham, NC                        Greenville, NC
                                                                     Orthopaedic Surgery                Internship/Residency:             Internship/Residency:
                                     Newark, NJ
                                                                     San Francisco Orthopaedic          Pediatrics                        OB/GYN
                                     Internship/Residency:             Residency Program                Rainbow Babies and Children’s     Christiana Care Health Services
                                     Anatomic and Clinical Pathology San Francisco, CA                    Hospital                        Wilmington, DE
                                     Duke University Medical Center                                     Cleveland, OH
                                                                     Fellowship:                                                          Fellowship:
                                     Durham, NC
30 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                                                     Spine Surgery                      Fellowship:                       Maternal & Fetal Medicine
                                     Fellowship:                     Kaiser Permanente Medical          Pediatric Cardiology              Columbia University Medical
                                     Cytopathology                     Center                           Duke University Medical Center     Center
                                     Duke University Medical Center Oakland, CA                         Durham, NC                        New York, NY
                                     Durham, NC
Benazeer Fatima Jawaid, MD     Casey Jenkins, MD                   Christopher Patrick Johnson,      David Neil Johnson, MD            Monica Brown Jones, MD
Department of Pediatrics       Department of Orthopaedic            MD                               Department of Medicine            Department of
Specialty: Pediatrics           Surgery                            Department of Emergency           Specialty: Neurology               Obstetrics/Gynecology
WakeMed Raleigh Campus         Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery       Medicine                         WakeMed Raleigh Campus            Specialty: Gynecology
                               WakeMed Raleigh Campus              Specialty: Emergency Medicine     WakeMed Cary Hospital             WakeMed Raleigh Campus
                               WakeMed Cary Hospital               WakeMed Cary Hospital
Capitol Pediatrics and                                                                               Office:                           Office:
                               WakeMed North Healthplex
 Adolescent Center                                                 Office:                           Raleigh Neurology Associates      Cancer Centers of North
10831 Forest Pines Drive       Office:                             Wake Emergency Physicians         1540 Sunday Drive                  Carolina
Suite 100                      Wake Orthopaedics                   1900 Kildaire Farm Road           Raleigh, NC 27607                 4101 Macon Pond Road
Raleigh, NC 27614              3009 New Bern Avenue                Cary, NC 27518                                                      Raleigh, NC 27607
                                                                                                     Medical School:
                               Raleigh, NC 27610
Medical School:                                                    Medical School:                   West Virginia University School   Medical School:
Boston University School of    Medical School:                     Virginia Commonwealth              of Medicine (2003)               University of Cincinnati College
 Medicine (2002)               Wayne State University School        University (2005)                Morgantown, WV                     of Medicine (1993)
Boston, MA                      of Medicine (2002)                 Richmond, VA                                                        Cincinnati, OH
                               Detroit, MI
Internship/Residency:                                            Internship/Residency:               Internal Medicine                 Internship/Residency:
Pediatrics                     Internship:                       Emergency Medicine                  West Virginia University Hospital OB/GYN
University of Miami-Jackson    Surgery                           Duke University Medical Center      Morgantown, WV                    University of Cincinnati Hospital
  Memorial Medical Center      University Hospitals of Cleveland Durham, NC                                                            Cincinnati, OH
Miami, FL                      Cleveland, OH
                                                                                                     Neurology                         Fellowship:
                               Residency:                                                            UNC Hospitals                     Gynecologic Oncology
                               Orthopaedics                                                          Chapel Hill, NC                   Mayo Clinic
                               University Hospitals of Cleveland                                                                       Rochester, MN
                               Cleveland, OH
                                                                                                     Neuromuscular Fellow
                               Fellowship:                                                           Duke University
                               Hand, upper extremity and                                             Durham, NC
                               Duke University Medical Center
                               Durham, NC

Alice Lorraine Kamil, MD       Suzanne Bukrey Kaminski, MD         Paul Jason Kerner, MD             Residency:                        Robert Lacin, MD
Department of Medicine         Department of                       Department of Orthopaedic         Orthopaedic Surgery               Department of Surgery
Specialty: Internal Medicine    Obstetrics/Gynecology               Surgery                          Drexel University College of      Specialty: Neurological Surgery
WakeMed Raleigh Campus         Specialty: Gynecology               Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery     Medicine                         WakeMed Raleigh Campus
                               WakeMed Raleigh Campus              WakeMed Raleigh Campus            Philadelphia, PA
Office:                                                                                                                                Office:
                                                                   WakeMed Cary Hospital
WakeMed Faculty Physicians –   Office:                                                               Fellowships:                      Raleigh Center for Neurosurgery
                                                                   WakeMed North Healthplex
 Internal Medicine             Heaton, Williams, Benavides,                                          Orthopaedics                      4414 Lake Boone Trail
3024 New Bern Avenue            MD, PA                             Office:                           Beth Israel Medical Center        Suite 402
Suite 301                      3809 Computer Drive                 Triangle Orthopaedic Associates   New York, NY                      Raleigh, NC 27607
Raleigh, NC 27610              Suite 201                           120 William Penn Plaza            Foot & Ankle                      Medical School:
                               Raleigh, NC 27609                   Durham, NC 27704                  Brown University
Medical School:                                                                                                                        Universite De Lausanne (1986)
Ross University School of      Medical School:                     Medical School:                   Providence, RI                    Lausanne, Switzerland
 Medicine (2002)               University of Michigan Medical      SUNY at Buffalo School of
Dominica, West Indies           School (2004)                       Medicine (1997)
                               Ann Arbor, MI                       Buffalo, NY
Internship/Residency:                                                                                                                  St. Vincents Hospital Medical
Internal Medicine              Internship/Residency:               Internship:                                                           Center
Rochester General Hospital     OB/GYN                              General Surgery                                                     New York, NY
Rochester, NY                  UNC Hospitals                       Drexel University College of
                               Chapel Hill, NC                       Medicine
                                                                                                                                                                           S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 31

                                                                                                                                       Neurological Surgery
                                                                   Philadelphia, PA
                                                                                                                                       Northwestern University
                                                                                                                                       Chicago, IL
                                       NEW PHYSICIANS

                                     Adeyemi Adekunle Lawal, MD        Emili Rachele Mack, MD           Amit Malhotra, MD               Sameer Mathur, MD                Elena Milaneschi
                                     Department of Medicine            Department of Pediatrics         Department of Medicine          Department of Orthopaedic         Matthews, MD
                                     Specialty: Gastroenterology       Specialty: Pediatrics            Specialty: Internal Medicine     Surgery                         Department of Medicine
                                     WakeMed Raleigh Campus            WakeMed Raleigh Campus           WakeMed Raleigh Campus          Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery   Specialty: Psychiatry
                                     WakeMed North Healthplex                                           WakeMed Cary Hospital           WakeMed Raleigh Campus           WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                                                                                                                        WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                     Office:                           Oberlin Road Pediatrics          Office:                                                          Office:
                                     WakeMed Faculty Physicians –      1321 A Oberlin Road              WakeMed Faculty Physicians –    Office:                          Elena M. Matthews, MD
                                      Gastroenterology                 Raleigh, NC 27608                 Raleigh Hospitalists           Cary Orthopaedic and Sports      1323 Westfield Avenue
                                     3024 New Bern Avenue                                               3024 New Bern Avenue             Medicine Specialists            Raleigh, NC 27607
                                                                       Medical School:
                                     Suite 301                                                          Raleigh, NC 27610               1120 SE Cary Parkway
                                                                       UNC School of Medicine (2002)                                                                     Medical School:
                                     Raleigh, NC 27610                                                                                  Suite 100
                                                                       Chapel Hill, NC                  Medical School:                                                  University of Bologna (1987)
                                                                                                                                        Cary, NC 27518
                                     Medical School:                                                    Ross University (2005)                                           Bologna, Italy
                                     University of Lagos, Nigeria                                       Dominica, West Indies           Medical School:
                                                                       Pediatrics                                                                                        Internship/Residency:
                                      (1992)                                                                                            University of Pennsylvania
                                                                       Children’s National Medical      Internship/Residency:                                            Internal Medicine
                                     Lagos, Nigeria                                                                                      (1999)
                                                                         Center                         Internal Medicine                                                University of Virginia –
                                                                                                                                        Philadelphia, PA
                                     Internship:                       Washington, DC                   Drexel University College of                                       Roanoke-Salem Program
                                     Rotating Internship                                                  Medicine                      Internship:                      Salem, VA
                                     Lagos University Teaching                                          Philadelphia, PA                Orthopaedics
                                                                       Pediatrics                                                                                        Residency:
                                       Hospital                                                                                         SUNY – Brooklyn College of
                                                                       Duke University Medical Center                                                                    Psychiatry
                                     Lagos, Nigeria                                                                                       Medicine
                                                                       Durham, NC                                                                                        University of Virginia –
                                                                                                                                        Brooklyn, NY
                                     Internship/Residency:                                                                                                                Roanoke-Salem Program
                                     Internal Medicine                                                                                  Residency:                       Salem, VA
                                     St. Luke’s – Roosevelt Hospital                                                                    Orthopaedic Surgery
                                       Center                                                                                           SUNY – Brooklyn College of
                                     New York, NY                                                                                        Medicine
                                                                                                                                        Brooklyn, NY
                                     Hepatology                                                                                         Fellowship:
                                     Mount Sinai Medical Center                                                                         Ortho Spine Surgery
                                     New York, NY                                                                                       Rush University
                                     Gastroenterology                                                                                   Chicago, IL
                                     Medical College of Wisconsin
                                     Milwaukee, WI

                                     Lee William McLain, MD            Sean Edward McLean, MD           Lindsee Ellen McPhail, MD       Mary Kathryn Menard, MD          Kelly Westbrook Mitchell, MD
                                     Department of Medicine            Department of Surgery            Department of Surgery           Department of                    Department of Medicine
                                     Specialty: Neurology              Specialty: Pediatric Surgery     Specialty: General Surgery       Obstetrics/Gynecology           Specialty: Internal Medicine
                                     WakeMed Cary Hospital             WakeMed Raleigh Campus           WakeMed Raleigh Campus          Specialty: Obstetrics            WakeMed Raleigh Campus
                                                                                                                                        WakeMed Raleigh Campus           WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                     Office Mailing Address:           Office:                          Office:
                                     PO Box 17247                      UNC Pediatric Surgery            WakeMed Faculty Physicians      Office:                          Office:
                                     Raleigh, NC 27619                 CB 7223, Ground Floor – 170       General Surgery                UNC Hospitals OB/GYN             WakeMed Faculty Physicians –
                                                                        Manning Drive                   3024 New Bern Avenue            CB 7516                           Hospitalists
                                     Medical School:
                                                                       G196 Physician’s Office Bldg     Suite 304                       Chapel Hill, NC 27599            3024 New Bern Avenue
                                     Duke University School of
                                                                       Chapel Hill, NC 27599            Raleigh, NC 27610                                                Suite G03
                                      Medicine (1961)                                                                                   Medical School:
                                                                                                                                                                         Raleigh, NC 27610
                                     Durham, NC                        Medical School:                  Medical School:                 University of Medicine and
                                                                       UNC School of Medicine (1998)    UNC School of Medicine (2003)    Dentistry of NJ (1985)          Medical School:
                                                                       Chapel Hill, NC                  Chapel Hill, NC                 Newark, NJ                       UNC School of Medicine (2004)
                                                                                                                                                                         Chapel Hill, NC
                                     Duke University Medical Center    Internship/Residency:            Internship/Residency:           Internship/Residency:
                                     Durham, NC                        General Surgery                  General Surgery                 OB/GYN                           Internship/Residency:
                                                                       Washington University, SOM       UNC Hospitals                   University of Pennsylvania       Internal Medicine
32 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                                                         Barnes-Jewish                  Chapel Hill, NC                   Health System                  UNC Hospitals
                                                                       St. Louis, MO                                                    Philadelphia, PA                 Chapel Hill, NC
                                     University of Pennsylvania
                                     Philadelphia, PA                  Residency:                                                       Fellowship:
                                                                       Pediatric Surgery                                                OB/GYN – Maternal Fetal
                                                                       University of Michigan – Mott                                     Medicine
                                                                        Children’s Hospital                                             UNC Hospitals
                                     Columbia Presbyterian Medical
                                                                       Ann Arbor, MI                                                    Chapel Hill, NC
                                     New York, NY
Julie Robinson Molina, DDS        Rasheeda Taliaferro               Ricardo Daniel Moreno, MD          Charu Nanda, MD                   Ramadevi Nanga, MD
Department of Surgery              Monroe, MD                       Department of Surgery              Department of Medicine            Department of Pediatrics
Specialty: General Dentistry      Department of Pediatrics          Specialty: General Surgery         Specialty: Internal Medicine      Specialty: Pediatrics
WakeMed Raleigh Campus            Specialty: Pediatrics             WakeMed North Healthplex           WakeMed Cary Hospital             WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                  WakeMed Raleigh Campus
Office:                                                             Office:                            Office:                           Office:
Dr. Robert D. Elliott Pediatric   Office:                           Triangle Surgical Associates, PA   WakeMed Faculty Physicians -      R&R Pediatrics
 Dentistry                        Raleigh Children and Adolescent   115 Crescent Commons Drive          Hospitalists                     3100 NC Highway 55
540 New Waverly Place              Medicine                         Suite 200                          1900 Kildaire Farm Road           Suite 202
Suite 300                         2800 Blue Ridge Road              Cary, NC 27518                     Cary, NC 27511                    Cary, NC 27515
Cary, NC 27518                    Suite 401
                                                                    Medical School:                    Medical School:                   Medical School:
                                  Raleigh, NC 27607
Medical School:                                                     Harvard Medical School (2000)      Jaw Aher Lal Nehru Medical        SRI Venicatescoara Medical
UNC School of Dentistry (2005)    Medical School:                   Boston, MA                           College (1997)                    College (1995)
Chapel Hill, NC                   ECU Brody School of Medicine                                         India                             Tirupati, India
Residency:                                                          Surgery                            Internship:                       Internship:
                                  Greenville, NC
Pediatric Dentistry                                                 New York University Medical        Rotating Internship               Rotating Internship
UNC School of Dentistry           Internship/Residency:               Center                           SMS Medical College               SVRR Hospital Government
Chapel Hill, NC                   Pediatrics                        New York, NY                       Jaipur Rajasthan, India             General Hospital
                                  UNC Hospitals                                                                                          Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India
                                  Chapel Hill, NC
                                                                                                       Family Practice                   Residency:
                                                                                                       Peninsula Hospital Center         Pediatrics
                                                                                                       Far Rockaway, NY                  Brooklyn Hospital Center
                                                                                                                                         Brooklyn, NY
                                                                                                       Internal Medicine
                                                                                                       North Shore University Hospital
                                                                                                         of Forest Hills
                                                                                                       Forest Hill, NJ

Russell Joseph Norris, MD         Eric Lee Olson, MD                Raveendra Orugunta, MD             Branson Halsted Page, MD          Suji Park-Idler, MD
Department of Orthopaedic         Department of Medicine            Department of Pediatrics           Department of Emergency           Department of Medicine
 Surgery                          Specialty: Pulmonary Medicine     Specialty: Pediatrics               Medicine                         Specialty: Internal Medicine
Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery    WakeMed Raleigh Campus            WakeMed Cary Hospital              Specialty: Emergency Medicine     WakeMed Raleigh Campus
WakeMed Raleigh Campus                                                                                 WakeMed Raleigh Campus            WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                  Office:                           Office:
WakeMed North Healthplex                                                                               WakeMed North Healthplex
                                  WakeMed Faculty Physicians-       R&R Pediatrics                                                       Office:
WakeMed Cary Hospital                                                                                  WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                   Intensivists                     3100 NC Highway 55                                                   WakeMed Faculty Physicians-
Office:                           3024 New Bern Avenue              Suite 202                          Office:                            Hospitalists
Wake Orthopaedics                 Suite G03                         Cary, NC 27515                     Wake Emergency Physicians         3024 New Bern Avenue
3009 New Bern Avenue              Raleigh, NC 27610                                                    3000 New Bern Avenue              Suite G03-Hospitalist Dept.
                                                                   Medical School:
Raleigh, NC 27610                                                                                      Raleigh, NC 27610                 Raleigh, NC 27610
                                  Medical School:                  SRI Venicatescoara Medical
Medical School:                   University of Vermont College of   College (1991)                    Medical School:                   Medical School:
UNC School of Medicine (2002)       Medicine (1999)                Tirupati, India                     UNC School of Medicine (2005)     University of Medicine and
Chapel Hill, NC                   Burlington, VT                                                       Chapel Hill, NC                    Dentistry of New Jersey
Residency:                        Internship/Residency:            Pediatrics                          Internship/Residency:
                                                                                                                                         Newark, NJ
Orthopaedics                      Internal Medicine                Brooklyn Hospital Center            Emergency Medicine
Greenville Hospital System        UNC Hospitals                    Brooklyn, NY                        UNC Hospitals                     Internship/Residency:
Greenville, SC                    Chapel Hill, NC                                                      Chapel Hill, NC                   Internal Medicine
                                                                                                                                         California Pacific Medical Center
Fellowship:                       Fellowship:
                                                                                                                                         San Francisco, CA 94114
Orthopaedics                      Pulmonary/Critical Care
UT College of Medicine            UNC Hospitals
Chattanooga, TN                   Chapel Hill, NC
                                                                                                                                                                             S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 33
                                      NEW PHYSICIANS

                                     Stephen Frederick                Dwight D. Perry, MD               Allen Stuckey Porter, DMD         Crystal Goodwin Privette, MD       Pablo Martin Rabosto, MD
                                      Parsons, MD                     Department of Surgery             Department of Surgery             Department of                      Department of Medicine
                                     Department of Pediatrics         Specialty: Ophthalmology          Specialty: Pediatric Dentistry     Obstetrics/Gynecology             Specialty: Internal Medicine
                                     Specialty: Pediatrics            WakeMed North Healthplex          WakeMed Raleigh Campus            Specialty: Obstetrics/Gynecology   WakeMed Raleigh Campus
                                     WakeMed Cary Hospital                                                                                WakeMed Raleigh Campus
                                                                      Office:                           Office:                                                              Office:
                                     Office:                          NC Eye, Ear, Nose/Throat          Carolina Pediatric Dentistry at   Office:                            WakeMed Faculty Physicians –
                                     WakeMed Faculty Physicians -     4102 North Roxboro Road            Heritage                         Kamm, McKenzie, Harden,             Hospitalist
                                      Neonatology & Special Infant    Durham, NC 27704                  2824 Rogers Road                   Smith, Bass, Marston, Saacks      3024 New Bern Avenue
                                      Care                                                              Suite 201                          and White                         Suite G03
                                                                      Medical School:
                                     3000 New Bern Avenue                                               Wake Forest, NC 27587             3805 Computer Drive                Raleigh, NC 27610
                                                                      UNC School of Medicine (1980)
                                     Neonatology                                                                                          Raleigh, NC 27609
                                                                      Chapel Hill, NC                   Medical School:                                                      Medical School:
                                     Raleigh, NC 27610
                                                                                                        Medical University of South       Medical School:                    Universidad Nacional De
                                     Medical School:                                                     Carolina Dental School (2003)    ECU Brody School of Medicine        Asuncion (1996)
                                                                      Internal Medicine
                                     UNC School of Medicine (1999)                                      Charleston, SC                     (2004)                            Asuncion, Paraguay
                                                                      State University of New York
                                     Chapel Hill, NC                                                                                      Greenville, NC
                                                                                                        Residency:                                                           Residencies:
                                     Internship/Residency:                                              Pediatric Dentistry               Re sidency:                        Internal Medicine
                                     Pediatrics                                                         Virginia Commonwealth             OB/GYN                             National Hospital of Itagua
                                                                      UNC Department of
                                     UNC Hospitals                                                       University – School of           Pitt County Memorial Hospital      Paraguay, South America
                                     Chapel Hill, NC                                                     Dentistry                        Greenville, NC                     Internal Medicine
                                                                      Chapel Hill, NC
                                                                                                        Richmond, VA                                                         St. Vincent Hospitals & Health
                                     Neonatal Perinatal Medicine                                                                                                               Services
                                     UNC Hospitals                                                                                                                           Indianapolis, IN
                                     Chapel Hill, NC                                                                                                                         Fellowship:
                                                                                                                                                                             Geriatric Medicine
                                                                                                                                                                             Duke University Medical Center
                                                                                                                                                                             Durham, NC

                                     Shilpa Rajagopal, MD             Edward Christopher Ray, MD        Dina Kataun Royal, MD             Jessica Beth Salansky, MD          Aimee Lynn Schimizzi, MD
                                     Department of Pediatrics         Department of Surgery             Department of Pediatrics          Department of Pediatrics           Department of Orthopaedic
                                     Specialty: Pediatrics            Specialty: Plastic Surgery        Specialty: Pediatrics             Specialty: Pediatrics               Surgery
                                     WakeMed Raleigh Campus           WakeMed Raleigh Campus            WakeMed Raleigh Campus            WakeMed Raleigh Campus             Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
                                                                      WakeMed Cary Hospital                                                                                  WakeMed Raleigh Campus
                                     Office:                                                            Office:                           Office:
                                                                                                                                                                             WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                     Capitol Pediatrics and           Office:                           Stepping Stones Pediatrics        WakeMed Faculty Physicians –
                                                                                                                                                                             WakeMed North Healthplex
                                      Adolescent Center               Southpoint Plastic Surgery        10941 Raven Ridge Road             Pediatrics
                                     10831 Forest Pines Drive         5007 Southpark Drive              Suite 105                         3024 New Bern Avenue               Office:
                                     Suite 100                        Suite 110                         Raleigh, NC 27614                 Suite 307 – Pediatrics             Wake Orthopaedics
                                     Raleigh, NC 27614                Durham, NC 27713                                                    Raleigh, NC 27610                  3009 New Bern Avenue
                                                                                                        Medical School:
                                                                                                                                                                             Raleigh, NC 27610
                                     Medical School:                  Medical School:                   Washington University School of Medical School:
                                     University of Hong Kong (1999)   Mayo Medical School (1998)          Medicine (1995)               University of South Florida          Medical School:
                                     Hong Kong, China                 Rochester, MN                     St. Louis, MO                     College of Medicine (2005)         UNC School of Medicine (2001)
                                                                                                                                        Tampa, FL                            Chapel Hill, NC
                                     Internship/Residency:            Internship:                       Internship/Residency:
                                     Pediatrics                       Surgery                           Pediatrics                      Internship/Residency:                Internship:
                                     Duke University Medical Center   University of Rochester Medical   Kaiser Permanente               Pediatrics                           General Surgery
                                     Durham, NC                         Center                          Los Angeles, CA                 UNC Hospitals                        University of California
                                                                      Rochester, NY                                                     Chapel Hill, NC                      San Diego, CA
                                     Primary Care Research            Residencies:                                                                                           Residency:
                                     UNC/Sheps Center for Health      Surgery                                                                                                Orthopaedic Surgery
                                      Services Research               University of Rochester                                                                                University of California
34 | S T E T H O S C O P E N E W S

                                     Chapel Hill, NC                   Medical Center                                                                                        San Diego, CA
                                                                      Rochester, NY
                                                                      University of Southern                                                                                 Hand and Upper Extremity
                                                                       California School of Medicine                                                                         St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital
                                                                      Los Angeles, CA                                                                                        New York, NY
Jonathan Todd Scott, MD            William Todd Stoeckel, MD          Stephen Graham Struble, MD       Derek Philip Watson, MD          Scott Morgan Wein, MD
Department of                      Department of Surgery              Department of Orthopaedic        Department of Medicine           Department of Orthopaedic
 Obstetrics/Gynecology             Specialty: Plastic Surgery          Surgery                         Specialty: Physical Medicine &    Surgery
Specialty: Obstetrics/Gynecology   WakeMed Cary Hospital              Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery    Rehabilitation                  Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
WakeMed Cary Hospital                                                 WakeMed Raleigh Campus           WakeMed North Healthplex         WakeMed Raleigh Campus
                                                                      WakeMed Cary Hospital                                             WakeMed Cary Hospital
Office:                            Wake Plastic Surgery                                                Office:
                                                                      WakeMed North Healthplex                                          WakeMed North Healthplex
Brannon and Rogers OB/GYN          300 Keisler Drive                                                   Orthopaedic Specialists of NC
530 New Waverly Place              Suite 102                          Office:                          847 Wake Forest Business Park    Office:
Suite 301                          Cary, NC 27518                     WakeMed Faculty Physicians –     Suite 202                        Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic
Cary, NC 27511                                                         Orthopaedics                    Wake Forest, NC 27587            3515 Glenwood Avenue
                                   Medical School:
                                                                      3024 New Bern Avenue                                              Raleigh, NC 27612
Medical School:                    University of Cincinnati College                                    Medical School:
                                                                      Suite 302
University of Mississippi           of Medicine (2002)                                                 Brody School of Medicine         Medical School:
                                                                      Raleigh, NC 27610
 Medical School (2004)             Cincinnati, OH                                                       (2004)                          UNC School of Medicine (2002)
Jackson, MS                                                           Medical School:                  Greenville, NC                   Chapel Hill, NC
                                                                      UCLA Medical Center (2000)
Internship/Residency:              Plastic & Reconstructive                                            Internship/Residency:            Internship/Residency:
                                                                      Los Angeles, CA
OB/GYN                               Surgery                                                           Physical Medicine &              Orthopaedic Surgery
University of Mississippi School   Wake Forest University Baptist     Internship:                        Rehabilitation                 University of Virginia Hospital
  of Medicine                        Medical Center                   General Surgery                  Pitt County Memorial Hospital    Charlottesville, VA
Jackson, MS                        Winston-Salem, NC                  UCLA                             Greenville, NC
                                                                      Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                                                                        Hand and Upper Extremity
                                                                      Residency:                                                        Indian Hand Center
                                                                      Orthopaedic Surgery                                               Indianapolis, IN
                                                                      Los Angeles, CA
                                                                      Adult Reconstructive Surgery
                                                                      Ortho Carolina
                                                                      Charlotte, NC

Kerry Neal Whitt, MD               Marili Uno Witt, MD                Justin Ja-Li Wu, MD              Lawrence Jon Yenni, MD           Sailaja Yerrabapu, MD
Department of Medicine             Department of                      Department of Radiology          Department of Orthopaedic        Department of Medicine
Specialty: Internal Medicine        Obstetrics/Gynecology             Specialty: Radiation Oncology     Surgery                         Specialty: Internal Medicine
WakeMed Raleigh Campus             Specialty: Obstetrics/Gynecology   WakeMed Raleigh Campus           Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery   WakeMed Cary Hospital
WakeMed North Healthplex           WakeMed Raleigh Campus             WakeMed Cary Hospital            WakeMed North Healthplex
Office:                            Office:                            Office:                          Office:                          WakeMed Cary Hospital –
WakeMed Faculty Physicians –       WakeMed Faculty Physicians -       UNC Physicians & Associates      Orthopaedic Specialists of NC     Hospitalists
 Internal Medicine                  OB/GYN                            4420 Lake Boone Trail            847 Wake Forest Business Park    1900 Kildaire Farm Road
3024 New Bern Avenue               3024 New Bern Avenue               Raleigh, NC 27607                Suite 202                        Cary, NC 27518
Suite 301 – Internal Medicine      Suite 306                                                           Wake Forest, NC 27587
                                                                      Medical School:                                                   Medical School:
Raleigh, NC 27610                  Raleigh, NC 27610
                                                                      Duke University School of        Medical School:                  Kurnool Medical College (2001)
Medical School:                    Medical School:                     Medicine (1990)                 Kansas University Medical        Kurnool, India
University of Virginia School of   Virginia Commonwealth              Durham, NC                        School (1996)
 Medicine (2001)                    University (2004)                                                  Kansas City, KS
                                                                      Internship:                                                       Internal Medicine
Charlottesville, VA                Richmond, VA
                                                                      Medicine and Pediatrics          Internship:                      Moses Cone Memorial Hospital
Internship/Residency:              Internship/Residency:              UNC Hospitals                    General Surgery                  Greensboro, NC
Internal Medicine                  OB/GYN                             Chapel Hill, NC                  Naval Hospital San Diego
University of Alabama at           UNC Hospitals                                                       San Diego, CA
  Birmingham                       Chapel Hill, NC
                                                                      Radiation Oncology               Residencies:
Birmingham, AL
                                                                      Duke University Medical Center   Orthopaedic Surgery
Fellowships:                                                          Durham, NC                       St. Joseph Medical Center
Gastroenterology                                                                                       Patterson, NJ
University of Tennessee at                                                                             Kansas University Hospital
                                                                                                                                                                          S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 | 35

 Memphis                                                                                               Kansas City, KS
Memphis, TN
Transplant Hepatology
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York, NY
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                                                     Medical Staff. This will allow us to share information in a more
                                                     timely and efficient manner, while saving resources and paper.

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