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									Bathroom tips
•   Replacing a single flush toilet with a 6/3 dual flush can save up to 8 litres per
    flush (or for the average family 36,180 litres per year)
•   Leaking toilets can waste up to 16,000 litres per year
•   Don't leave the tap running while you brush your teeth
•   Older style shower heads can use up to 24 litres per minute. Install a AAA rated
    shower head (9 litres per minute), depending on water pressure, location and
    quality of pipework.

Water-saving bathroom tips:
    •   Install a low flow showerhead (WaterWise and some council rebates apply) -
        it can save your household more than 1,800 litres a week.
    •   Use a shower timer – cutting your shower time from 7 minutes to 4 minutes
        can save up to 36 litres.
    •   Use a bucket to catch water while the shower warms up and while you are
        showering, and reuse in the garden.
    •   Turn off the tap while cleaning your teeth, shaving or washing hands – you
        can save 7 litres a minute.
    •   Turn off the water while washing and conditioning your hair – you can save up
        to 180 litres a week.
    •   Instead of shaving your legs in the shower, fill a container of water and use it
        to lather up and shave before you shower and rinse your legs.
    •   Choose a shower over a bath - a 4 minute shower uses only 48 litres
        compared to a full bath which uses 150 litres.
    •   If you bath, of if you bath small children, use as little water as possible. Put
        the plug in before your turn on the tap and fill to less than a third. Reuse the
        bath water by bucketing on the garden.
    •   Install a dual flush toilet (WaterWise and some council rebates apply) – you
        can save up to 6 litres of water per flush.
    •   Unnecessary flushing is one of the biggest wasters of water – don’t flush
        needlessly, and never flush tissues and other rubbish down the toilet.
    •   Think about saving water when you’re away from home, too.


•   Rinse your razor in a plugged sink and turn off the tap when shaving
•   Catch water that's usually wasted while you wait for shower water to reach the
    right temperature - keep a bucket in the shower to collect it and use this water for
    your pot plants and garden

•   Turn off the tap when soaping hands

•   If everyone reduced their shower time to four minutes, the city would save 32
    million litres of water a day

•   If you have a single flush toilet, change to a dual flush - dual flushes use about
    60% less water

•   Install a hot water system tempering valve to reduce hot water
•   Replace showerheads with water efficient ones - they can use as little as nine
    litres of water per minute compared with 20 litres for older models

•   If you have an instantaneous hot water system, check with the manufacturer if a
    Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards showerhead can be used

•   Check all your taps and toilets for leaks - this could save thousands of litres of
    water being wasted

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