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									How To Use Google Plus

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 How To Use Google Plus
 By Dan Rowinski / June 29, 2011 11:20 AM / 1141 Comments

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                                   Waiting for a Google Plus invite? Google is rolling out the service in
                                   waves and you can expect it to become a ubiquitous social option in the
                                   coming months. We have been playing with the service since getting
                                   invites yesterday and there are a lot of things to like about Google's new
                                   social initiative.

                            Unlike Google's last big invite-only rollout of a social initiative - Google
                            Wave - users will not be confounded on just what the heck you are
 supposed to with the service when signing up for the first time. From Friendster, Friendfeed,
 MySpace and Facebook, users are familiar with how a social platform is theoretically supposed to
 look. At its core level, Plus is not that much different. Yet, there is so much more. How do you get
 started with Google Plus? Let's break down the nuts and bolts.

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 Create Your Circles
 Imagine the ability to break down Facebook into its various constituent parts and keep them
 separate from each other as opposed to one giant feed. That is what Google has done with Plus.
 There is one main stream where all your friends updates show up then the option to see updates
 from only certain groups like "Work," "Friends" or "Family." This is the essence of Circles.

 From the initial interface, you will see four buttons - Home, Photos, Profile and Circles.
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How To Use Google Plus

 The first thing you are going to want to do is set up your circles. Click on the tab and it will bring you
 to a interface where all of your contacts in Gmail (not just Gmail addresses, but all of your contacts)
 are listed in a panel on top of the screen. Below is a panel that has your various circles. To add a
 contact to a circle, drag from the top of the list to the appropriate group. Contacts can be added to
 multiple circles.

 One of the initial problems I had from the circles interface was that I added a couple of "Friends" into
 my "Work" circle and could not figure out how to get them out. You can do this from the user
 streams by hovering over the person's name and hovering over "Add to circles" and clicking the
 appropriate boxes. Yet, from the circles interface, that was not readily apparent. To take people out
 of a circle, hover above the circle, grab their icon and drag it back into the people plane.

 One of the great differentiators between Twitter and Facebook is the "unbalanced" or "balanced"
 follow. Facebook was initially a two-way follow paradigm - I friend you, you friend me and we see
 each other's updates. This has been changed with the ability to "like" groups, brands and pages
 without them following you back. Twitter has always been a one-way follow - I follow you and you do
 not necessarily have to follow me back.

 This line has been blurred in circles. If a person is in your contacts, they can be added to a circle
 and will get a notification that has happend (but not what circle they have actually been added to).
 There is also a "follow" circle. Just like Twitter, you can follow people and see their updates without
 them having to follow you back. As your circles evolve this could allow to track different interests,
 like Twitter lists.[11/10/2011 22:46:15]
How To Use Google Plus

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 Once you have set up your circles, go back to the Home screen to see the results. Below the profile          Login
                                                                                                                          You need to be logged into Facebook
                                                                                                                          to see your friends' recommendations.
 picture you will see the choices of stream. You can view your entire stream at once (à la Facebook)
 or by particular circle.
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 There are two other options below your circles - Incoming and Notifications. Clicking incoming will
 bring you to messages that have been sent by people outside of your circles. Notifications will show
 you when people in your circles have commented on something you have posted, or something you
 have commented on.

 Below the circles and notifications there is a tab dubbed "Sparks." More on that below.

 One of the killer features of Gmail, or any Google product, is Chat. It has made its way into Plus and
 sits in the familiar left-hand, bottom-right portion of the screen that it is found in Gmail. Users with a
 lot of Circle and Chat contacts will like the ability to enable chat for particular groups. Want to
 surface friends and family but not acquaintances? Plus will let you do that.

 If you are using Plus in a Chrome browser, desktop notifications do not pop up when someone
 sends you a message like it would in Gmail.

 Posting a status update in Plus is not like sending a Tweet or updating Facebook. The core
 functions of an update are present - photos, links, video and location - but when you hit "share" it
 doesn't automatically post your message to everybody in your circles. You have the option to decide
 which circles your update is posted to, from individual groups to all circles, to extended circles, or
 just a single person.[11/10/2011 22:46:15]
How To Use Google Plus

 An interesting feature in the user stream is that conversations will surface back to the top of the feed
 when subsequent comments are made on a thread. This, according to Google developer Jean-
 Baptiste Queru, is called "bumping." Google Buzz has this same capability and it was also a feature
 of FriendFeed.

 Photos in Plus are relatively self-explanatory. Users can update photos from their computers or from
 their phones, see photos that people in their circles have uploaded. With the Android app, there is a
 way to upload any photo that you take with your phone straight to Plus, an interesting if slightly
 disconcerting feature.

 When you add a photo, it will prompt you to create an album. Once that album is created it will ask
 which of your circles you would like to share it with. This is a prime differentiator from Facebook
 where all of your photos are visible to all of your friends by default (you can change who can view        POPULAR TAGS
 certain photos in Facebook preferences). You can also pick an individual to share photos with
 instead of an entire circle.
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 Photo uploading is easy within Plus. Just like adding a picture or an attachment to a Gmail
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 document, you can drag-and-drop from your desktop or click the on the upload button and browse
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 your computer for pictures.
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How To Use Google Plus

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 Users can also add photos by posting them in status updates or by uploading them through the                 Senior Product        IT Business
                                                                                                              Marketing Manager -   Applications Analyst
 Profile tab.                                                                                                 Pe...                 II
                                                                                                              Yoh                   University Hospitals
                                                                                                              Gloucester, MA        Cleveland, OH
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 If you use any Google products and have a Google account, you have a Google Profile. Profiles are            Post a Job >
 unknown to most of the Internet because, until now, it was relatively useless to anyone but Google.

 Your Google Profile is now the hub of you Plus experience, the backbone that everything else is            RWW PARTNERS
 built upon. There are six tabs in your profile page - posts, about, photos, videos, +1s and Buzz.

 A significant change to your profile page is that there is now a location where your +1s live. Until
 now, when you clicked +1 on content on the Web, nothing happened. The information was sent to
 Google and integrated into some type of esoteric search algorithm. Users can now see what people
 have +1ed through their Google Profile. Unlike the Facebook share/like/recommend buttons, it does
 not go straight into your stream but rather to the profile page.

 Sparks and Hangouts
 Hangouts is a new feature rolled out with Plus. Essentially it is an area where your circles or a select
 group of friends can video chat all on one screen. To start a Hangout, go to the "Welcome" button in[11/10/2011 22:46:15]
How To Use Google Plus

 the home tab. It will prompt you to start a hangout and invite individuals or entire circles. Up to 10
 people can be in a hangout at once and it will be seen in that circle or users' stream.

 Sparks is the part of Plus where you can find content on the Web that you are interested in. In the
 "Field Trial" version of Plus, it looks like Sparks is a randomized version of content and news
 generated through Google News. Sparks can be a dashboard for things you are interested in on the
 Web. When you do a search in Sparks, it will predict what you are searching for with a drop down
 menu (like old Google search, not quite like Google Instant). You can pin particular topics you
 search for to the Sparks dashboard for quick access.

 You can share articles found in Sparks with a share button on the bottom of every article that
 surfaces in a search. Like everything else in Plus, it can be shared with a specific person, circle,
 group of circles or the general public.

 For more information, check the videos that Google made explaining Plus and all of its aspects --
 Circles, Hangouts and Sparks.

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How To Use Google Plus

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            Brandon Schaefer

          CircleGuru specializes in compiling relevant lifestyle interest circles and sharing them back to
          you. Google+ began to see an extreme rise since the “Circle Sharing” feature was introduced
          within Google+. With the new “Circle Sharing” any plus user can now share their list of
          favorite circles with the public. Examples of our most popular shared circles on Google+ are:
          entrepreneurs, photographers, extreme sports, teachers, celebrities and so much
          more...let CircleGuru update your circles and do the work for you! Submit your Google+ ID
          today and watch you circles grow like crazy -

          1 day ago                                                                                    Like Reply

            Roshan Thapa

          Hi everybody please invite me on

          3 days ago                                                                                   Like Reply



          So when you have many people in 1 circle they don't see each other ?


          4 days ago                                                                                   Like Reply


          can i have invite please

          5 days ago                                                                                   Like Reply

            vikas lohiya

          its good

          1 week ago 1 Like                                                                            Like Reply

            sumit bagthariya

          it's very useful

          1 week ago                                                                                   Like Reply

            Gene Codera

 add me in google+ thank you :)

          2 weeks ago                                                                                  Like Reply[11/10/2011 22:46:15]
How To Use Google Plus

            Shailendra Thakur

          Any one Please invite me..... Please

          2 weeks ago                                                                         Like Reply

            Abdelmajid El Khatab

          d’autres utilisateurs n'arrivent pas à s'inscrire ,

            veuillez m'envoyer comment inviter qq à s'inscrire ,plusieurs collègues sont motivés à cette
          nouvelle opération : google plus ,

          2 weeks ago                                                                         Like Reply

            Abdelmajid El Khatab

          Bonjour , comment envoyer un message e-mail pour inviter quelqu'un à utiliser google plus ?

          J'ai trouvé google plus intéressant ( écrire des docs, envoyer des leçons aux élèves , ajouter
          des vidéos conférences ....) J'espère qu'il progressera par la suite et améliorer ses
          outils techniques.

          2 weeks ago                                                                         Like Reply


          any one there ?????

          2 weeks ago                                                                         Like Reply

            Jine Dufresne

          How do you write on someone's profile in Google plus?

          2 weeks ago                                                                         Like Reply

            matin Qane'A

          I'm sure Google+ can break down facebook until next month.

          2 weeks ago 2 Likes                                                                 Like Reply

            matin Qane'A

          google + is the new thing ,that is better than facebook
          I love google+ and I need a generous person who invite me to G+
[11/10/2011 22:46:15]
How To Use Google Plus

          2 weeks ago 1 Like                                                                  Like Reply

            Nandkishor Balsaraf

          invite me

          2 weeks ago                                                                         Like Reply

            Xna As HAr

          how to jn google +++++++++++=

          2 weeks ago                                                                         Like Reply


          I am looking forward to a new experience with Google Plus ..... I'm dropping Facebook like a
          BAD Habit !!

          2 weeks ago 3 Likes                                                                 Like Reply

            Pieter Uithol

          I HATE Facebook!! Now I will be able to hate Google too.... Yay.......

          2 weeks ago 2 Likes                                                                 Like Reply

            Savithri Venugopalan

          pls. invite on

          2 weeks ago 2 Likes                                                                 Like Reply


                   i like the concept of google+. i think, it is going to kill facebook

                   5 days ago in reply to Savithri Venugopalan                                Like Reply

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How To Use Google Plus

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