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									                                              Traffic Committee Composition

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A. Cherry Chaicharn, AICP            Albany              > Hi Steve:
Transportation Planner/Coordinator                       > I was able to locate our blue curb policy document. I hope this is helpful to you.
City of Albany                                           >
1000 San Pablo Avenue                                    > As for implementing traffic calming measures in the City of Albany, we are guided by our
Direct line: (510) 528-5759                              Traffic Management Plan (TMP) that covers everything from stop signs, speed humps, etc.
Main line: (510) 528-5760                                >
FAX: (510) 524-9359                                      > If a citizen finds out that their street is not included in the TMP, they can make a request to
"Cherry Chaicharn"                                       our Traffic & Safety Commissioners in person or in writing to consider changes/addition to
<>                                their street (this is usually done during the generic public comment period at the beginning of
                                                         the Commission meeting).
                                                         > Commissioners are appointed by City Council representing the various
                                                         neighborhoods/districts in the City.
                                                         > The Commissioners in turn will request that the item be placed on next month's agenda in
                                                         order allow discussion in detail.
                                                         > Usually staff will have to the usual leg work and report back findings, and
                                                         recommendations to the Commission at the next meeting or two. Once this is completed,
                                                         then the Commission will make a recommendation for implementation or what not.
                                                         > Let me know if you want a copy of our TMP -- unfortunately, it's not available in electronic
                                                         file -- I can send it to you. Also, if you have additional follow-up questions - I'll try to answer
                                                         > Cherry

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                                             Traffic Committee Composition

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"Dan Schiada"                    Benicia                     Here's how we do things in Benicia:
                                                             - Requests for red curbs, and other routine traffic control devices go thru our engineerng
                                                             Dvision for review. Routine requests that prove to be warranted, we can move forward at a
                                                             staff level. Issues, such as new all-way stop signs, will typically be scheduled for review by
                                                             our Traffic Committee.

                                                             - Requests for neighborhood traffic controls go to our Engineering Division for evaluation,
                                                             then they are all scheduled for review by our Traffic Committee.

                                                             - Our Traffic Committee is established by City code and consists of 2-councilmembers,
                                                             Director of PW, Chief of Police and our City Engineer. They are established as an advisory
                                                             committee to the Traffic Engineer and City Council. Their recommendations can be acted
                                                             upon without going to Council if consistent with the Traffic Engineer's recommendations
                                                             AND do not require additional expenditures from the budget. All other recommendations go
                                                             to City Council for final approval. This committe meets every quarter.

website                          Beverly Hills   7 citizen   The Traffic and Parking Commission has the responsibility to act as advisory to the City
                                                 members     Council in all matters which relate to parking and traffic; advise and counsel with the
                                                             Transportation/Engineering Official and the Police Chief as to ways and means t

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                                                 Traffic Committee Composition

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Allan Morgan                          Clovis                The committee meets on an "as-needed" basis and consists of regular members from
City of Clovis Engineering Division                         Engineering, Planning, Police, Public Works, and the School District, with other
(559)324-2362 Fax (559)324-2843                             members/persons invited as applicable to specific issues.

                                                            Speed humps are a petition process that does not go through committee, but does ultimately
                                                            go to Council. Other calming measure proposals would almost certainly go through both.
                                                            I've included our code sections here for reference, but in general, most traffic issues are
                                                            handled by our traffic engineering section under the direction of the City Engineer. These
                                                            include safety issues such as 4-way stops, signals, handicapped, no parking, etc. Our traffic
                                                            committee is called into service on issues of a political nature where communities may be
                                                            divided or polarized, on issues that present concerns for multiple departments, i.e. Police,
                                                            Public Works, and Planning, etc., and on those thorny problems where good solutions are
                                                            not readily apparent.

                                                            The committee meets on an "as-needed" basis and consists of regular members from
                                                            Engineering, Planning, Police, Public Works, and the School District, with other
                                                            members/persons invited as applicable to specific issues.

                                                            Speed humps are a petition process that does not go through committee, but does ultimately
                                                            go to Council. Other calming measure proposals would almost certainly go through both.

                                                            From our Municipal Code:

                                                            Section 4.5.250 City Engineer.

                                                               The City Engineer is responsible for the duties of traffic engineering. The City Engineer
                                                            shall exercise the powers and duties as provided in this chapter and in the traffic laws of the
                                                            City. Whenever the City Engineer is required or authorized to place or maintain official traffic
                                                            control devices or signals, he may cause such devices or signals to be placed or maintained.
                                                            (§ 1, Ord. 390, eff. December 1, 1965, as amended by Ord. 94-6, eff. March 24, 1994)

                                                            Section 4.5.260 Powers and duties of City Engineer: Delegation.
"Kleeman, Ed"                         Coronado              Good Morning Steve: Traffic Operation Committee meets monthly composed
<>                                   of Directors of police, fire, engineering, community development and
                                                            public services. Engineering acts as staff. Committee recommends to
                                                            City Council. Sincerely, Ed Kleeman, Senior Planner

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                                            Traffic Committee Composition

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Vince Mastrosimone                 Covina              Our committee is scheduled to meet once per month. It is made up of five
<>                        citizens and two reps from each of two school districts in the City. Staff
                                                       does not sit on the committee.

                                                       I type of items we present to them are typically, stop signs and school
                                                       issues. We do not give them curb painting issues. Also, I would give them
                                                       anything that has the potential to be controversial.

                                                       We have had good success send the members to the traffic commissioner's
                                                       workshop help at Cal Poly Pomona in the fall. It is very worthwhile.
"Ginger Russell"                   Dublin              Hi Steve. Dublin has had a Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) since 1986, &
<>                       I'm pleased to have been a founding member. Ours is a staff committee,
                                                       and we generally just meet among ourselves, although we will
                                                       occasionally invite a resident or other guest (like a school official)
                                                       if needed for a specific discussion. Our group consists of: traffic
                                                       engineering staff, maintenance staff, and police representatives. Our
                                                       standing agenda includes updates on road construction, proposed changes
                                                       in traffic control, budget needs, and anything else that is relevant.
                                                       We meet on a monthly basis.

                                                       As far as the process for resident requests is concerned, we have them
                                                       send a written request, either by mail or e-mail, and discuss whether it
                                                       is necessary to go ahead with a warrant study and/or whether there is an
                                                       interim solution to try first. For example, we just had a request
                                                       related to speeding in which the resident asked for stop signs that we
                                                       know will not meet the warrants, and so we agreed to try additional
                                                       speed limit signs and pavement markings, along with increased police
                                                       enforcement, as a first measure. If the resident is still not
                                                       satisfied, we would probably go ahead with the warrant study. Since our
                                                       staff has a limited ability to approve traffic control devices, we do
                                                       have to go to Council for approval of stop signs, or for review of the
                                                       request if the resident does not agree with the TSC's recommendation.
                                                       The process for parking zones is about the same.

                                                       We don't have any written procedures or bylaws as to how the committee
                                                       operates. I hope this helps. If not, please feel free to ask any other

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                                                   Traffic Committee Composition

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"Ed Krulikowski" <ekrulikowski@ci.el- El Cajon                  These are all thru the City Traffic commission (appointed citizen) per guidelines developed>                                                    by the commission.
                                                                Call me at 619 441 1651 if you need more information.

Ray Towne,P.E.                       Foster City                Attached are copies of our Municipal Code sections related to the formation of our Traffic
City Engineer                                                   Review Committee and also it's duties and responsibilities. We meet once a month unless
City of Foster City                                             there is no specific items to discuss. Agenda items can come from residents, staff or city
650-286-3288                                                    council. Depending on the nature of the action is what determines the need for the City
                                                                Council action/approval. Stop signs, curb painting (of any type), traffic signal modifications
                                                                (phasing), etc are examples of items that require CC approval.

                                                                Title 10 VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC
                                                                Chapter 10.08 TRAFFIC ADMINISTRATION

                                                                10.08.080 FCC traffic review committee--Establishment--Membership.
                                                                A. There is established a technical review committee on traffic, to serve without
                                                                compensation, consisting of the director of public works or designated representative, the
                                                                chief of police or designated representative, the fire chief or designated representative, a
                                                                member of the planning commission, the city engineer or designated representative, the
                                                                community development director or designated representative, and a resident of the city
                                                                appointed by the mayor with the approval of the majority of the council for a term of three
                                                                years commencing January 1, 1996. The term of the existing resident member shall
                                                                terminate on December 31, 1995. Removal of the resident member shall be upon a two-
                                                                thirds vote of the council. The resident member of the committee shall be eligible for
                                                                reappointment to a second three-year term. Short terms and appointments to fill vacancies
                                                                shall not be considered as three-year terms for the purpose of this section, provided,
                                                                however, that service for a continuous period of three years or more prior to December 31,
                                                                1995 shall be considered as a three-year term.
                                                                B. The traffic review committee shall only make advisory recommendations to the city
                                                                council. The chair may appoint ex officio members to the committee who shall take part in all
                                                                activities of the committee but not be voting members.
Gina Ayers                           Gardena        dept head   Staff committee since 1976 of PD Chief (Traffic authority), FD Chief, CDD, PWD, Rec
Assistant to the Police Chief                       committee   Services, and Transportation Dir. Meet monthly when needed (1st Tuesday). Take less
(310) 217-9601                                                  projects to them now that pref parking and street sweeping have been established where
                                                                needed throughout city.

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                                                  Traffic Committee Composition

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"Foy, Tim" <> Glendale                 All traffic calming and preferential parking requests are processed by the
                                                             city's Public Works/Traffic & Transportation Section through the city's
                                                             Transportation & Parking Commission. The Transportation & Parking
                                                             Commission is comprised of five Glendale residents who are approved by the
                                                             City Council to serve four-year terms. Appeals to City Council are
                                                             permitted. All of the other requests (stop signs, red curbs, other traffic
                                                             controls) cited below are handled at the staff level by the Traffic &
                                                             Transportation Section.
"Steve Castellanos"                  La Canada-              In the City of La Cañada Flintridge requests for stop signs must be in writing, so the anti stop
< Flintridge              sign-people do not blame staff for starting the process. Stop sign requests are reviewed by
gov> 818-790-8882                                            the City Traffic Engineer and if they meet the warrants we take the matter to a Public Works
                                                             & Traffic Commission, where we hold a public hearing. If the Commission is swayed to
                                                             install a stop sign, they make a recommendation to the City Council for the installation of the
                                                             stop sign. We handle curb marking, time-restricted parking and traffic calming related items
                                                             in the same manner. We do not install handicapped parking fronting residential properties.
                                                             That way, we hold public hearings, and the Commission's recommendations are tempered
                                                             with the public comment we receive from the neighboring residents.

                                                             Staff makes recommendations to the Commissioner's, who make recommendations to the
                                                             City Council. The Commission's decisions are appealable to the City Council. The
                                                             Commission meets monthly and they are citizens with some public works or traffic
                                                             background, or persons with a good enough interest in the subject sufficient to convince the
                                                             Council to appoint them. They are appointed by the City Council for 4-year terms. A
                                                             Commissioner with a favorable track record is generally reappointed for a second 4-year
                                                             term. They are paid a stipend of $50 per meeting. Look up Public Works & Traffic
                                                             Commission at

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                                                 Traffic Committee Composition

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Fred Buss, AICP                     La Canada-              Steve,
Senior Planner                      Flintridge
La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011                              --Such requests are handled through the city's Public Works and Traffic Commission, a
"Fred Buss"                                                 body appointed by the City Council.
                                                            Requests for speed humps, diverters, or other traffic calming devices,
                                                            preferential (neighbhorhood) parking permit zones, and other
                                                            neighbhorhood traffic issues

                                                            --These are also handled through the Public Works and Traffic Commission.

                                                            In particular, I'm interested in what type of public process, committee
                                                            vs. staff (administrative) review is necessary. If by committee, is it
                                                            a special committee (Traffic Committee) or other that also handles
                                                            traffic, such as a Public Works or Planning Commission. If a traffic
                                                            committee, are the members staff/professionals or citizens. If you have
                                                            any rules or bylaws, I'd appreciate a copy or weblink reference.

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                                           Traffic Committee Composition

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Kathy Feilen                     La Mesa              According to our City's Municipal Code, the following require City Council approval.
Engineering Project Manager                           Traffic Signals
City of La Mesa                                       One-way street or alley
8130 Allison Avenue                                   Stop signs
La Mesa, Ca 91941                                     Permit parking zones
(619) 667-1144                                        Diagonal parking zones
"Kathy Feilen" <                        No stopping zones>                                           Disabled persons parking spaces
                                                      Truck routes
                                                      Commercial parking restriction
                                                      Parking Meter zones
                                                      Speed limits
                                                      Traffic Calming (new, not in Muni yet)

                                                      Everything that requires City Council approval goes to the Traffic Commission first for their
                                                      recommendation. The Traffic Commission meeting is held the first Wednesday of the month
                                                      at 9am and notices are mailed to affected residents inviting them to the meeting. The Traffic
                                                      Commission consists of five members of the community. They are not required to have any
                                                      traffic education or other technical knowledge, we provide basic traffic training. The Traffic
                                                      Commission has been in existence for a little over two years, before that, the Traffic
                                                      Committee consisted of staff such as the Public Works Director/City Engineer, Community
                                                      Development Director, Police Chief, Fire Chief, and a representative from the School District
                                                      Transportation office. The members of the Traffic Commission are more empathetic with the
                                                      residents requesting help from the City for their traffic concerns.

Tom Odom, City Administrator     Lomita               Steve, the City of Lomita has a Public Safety and Traffic Commission and a
<>                                   support staff called the Traffic Technical Advisory Committee or TTAC for
                                                      short. The TTAC is composed of the Planning Director, Public Works
                                                      Director, Community Services Director, a fire dept representative, sheriff
                                                      dept representative, building code inspector, our traffic engineer and
                                                      myself, the City Administrator. The TTAC reviews all traffic related
                                                      requests including proposed developments and makes a recommendation to the
                                                      PS&T Commission. This has been in place for about a year now and seems to
                                                      working. We are also developing a set of traffic guidelines for the
                                                      community so we can process their requests. The City of Concord was used
                                                      as the model and is an excellent tool. Please feel free to contact me or
                                                      Greg McPherron, Community Services Director if you would like additional

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                                                Traffic Committee Composition

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Jim Porter                         Los Altos               Steve, the City of Los Altos has a Traffic Commission that acts as an advisory body to
Public Works Director                                      Council on traffic issues. The requests described in your email are all handled by staff.
<>                            Staff makes a recommendation on the requests, sends the recommendation to the Traffic
                                                           Commission, and then on to Council. Staff's recommendations tend to be based on
                                                           engineering principals and are generally accepted by both the Commission and Council, but
                                                           not always.

                                                           Steve, the Traffic Commission is a group of seven citizens appointed by the Council. The
                                                           Commission is only about a year old and at this point, they only have power to make
                                                           recommendations to Council. I've attached a copy of the ordinance that created the
                                                           Commission. Hope it helps. If you'd like to talk more about this, give me a call at (650) 947-
                                                           2622. Jim
David Lamon                        Marysville              We have a traffic committee that all traffic-related requests go to first.
City Services Director                                     Two council members, police chief, PW director, and Caltrans traffic
City of Marysville                                         engineer (since we have 2 state highways in town). I would recommend that
530-749-3902                                               you look at City of Sacramento - they have a good program for dealing with                                    neighborhood traffic claming requests. It gives the people a process to
                                                           use, and deals with some of the "knee-jerk" requests that we all get.

Eduardo C. Serafin, PE, AICP        Napa                   DISCUSSION:
Senior Traffic Engineer
City of Napa Public Works                                  In February of 1994, per Resolution 94-025, the City Council established the Traffic Advisory
Department                                                 Committee to provide advice and make recommendations to the City Council, Planning
1600 First Street (Community                               Commission and staff regarding significant traffic related matters. The committee currently
Services Building)                                         consists of two City Council Members, the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, the Planning Director,
Mail: P.O. Box 660, Napa, CA 94559-                        the Redevelopment/Economic Development Manager, and the Public Works Director. In
0660                                                       addition, a member of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Bicycle and Trails
Tel: 707-257-9408; Fax: 707-257-                           Subcommittee also sits on the board as a non-voting member. The Traffic Advisory
9522                                                       Committee was formed for an initial 2-year period. On February 15, 2000, per City Council                                    resolution R2000-27, the Traffic Advisory Committee was re-authorized for an indefinite
                                                           period beginning immediately and continuing until abolished.

                                                           At the August 12, 2004 Traffic Advisory Committee meeting, a proposal to modify the
                                                           committee membership to include one Planning Commissioner as a voting member was
                                                           presented. The committee approved the proposed modification and directed staff to seek
                                                           Council authorization.

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                                                 Traffic Committee Composition

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"Steve Hallam"                       Oakdale                   City of Oakdale. City Business and Transportation Commission reviews
<>                                     these requests you've mentioned and is the "action" body for most
                                                               requests. Major issues, such as "road closures", they would be a review
                                                               body to first consider the request/proposal and make a finding and/or
                                                               recommendation to the Planning Commission and City Council, where
                                                               required by law, for formal action.

                                                               BT Commission functions like most Commissions, posted agenda, advertised
                                                               meetings, minutes, staffed by Department of Public Works. Commissioners
                                                               are citizens appointed by City Council.
                                                               STEVE HALLAM
                                                               City of Oakdale.
                                                               I will see if they have by-laws.

"Jamie Herbon"                       Orange                    Please visit our City Website at, look up Municipal Code and go to
<>                                     Chapter 10 - Traffic and Transportation. Section 4 defines the responsibilities of the City's
                                                               Traffic Engineer and Section 6 defines the responsibilities of the Traffic Commission. Most
                                                               of your questions are handled by the Traffic Commission.

"Steve Kersevan"                     Pleasant Hill             Hello Steve, I too am a Steve and I am the traffic engineer for the City of Pleasant Hill. In
<>                             Pleasant Hill we have a Traffic Safety Committee that was established by the City Council.
                                                               The Committee is made up of 4 citizen members, the Public Works Director, Community
                                                               Development Director, chief of Police and Traffic Engineer. My particular style has been to
                                                               only bring those items that I cannot resolve with citizens. These are typically small things
                                                               such as red curb, crosswalks, etc. The big ticket items (speed humps, traffic signals, etc) go
                                                               to the TSC. If you need any further info please feel free to either e-mail me or you can reach
                                                               me at (925) 671-5203.
"Fran Dunajski"                      Riverside                 Here in Riverside stop signs can be installed administratively. We do
<>                                    not install blue (handicap) curbs because it is almost impossible to
                                                               make them legal according to ADA standards. The majority of the other
                                                               traffic control devices need to be approved by our Parking, Traffic and
                                                               Streets Commission and the City Council. The Parking, Traffic and
                                                               Streets Commission is comprised of citizens at large appointed by the
                                                               City Council. There are nine members on the Commission and they meet on
                                                               the first Wednesday of every month provided there are agenda items for
                                                               them to consider.

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                                               Traffic Committee Composition

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Gary Heap                         San Mateo               The City of San Mateo has adopted policy and procedures documents for all
Senior Engineer                                           of the issues mentioned below. We have documents for Curb Markings,
Public Works Department                                   Handicap Spaces in Residential Neighborhoods, Traffic Calming, Stop Signs
City of San Mateo                                         and will be taking our Residential Parking Permit Program to City Council
<>                                in January for final approval. All these documents can be reviewed on our
                                                          City web site at
                                                          All actions are reviewed by the Public Works Commission in a public hearing
                                                          format. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

                                                          The commission is made up of volunteers that are appointed by City Council
                                                          to four year terms. They are the body who hears public hearing issues of
                                                          traffic concern unlike Burlingame, for instance, who has a separate traffic

"Bob Brown"                       San Rafael              San Rafael has a Traffic Coordinating Committee that is an internal staff function. It is
CDD                                                       chaired by our Traffic Engineer, and includes reps. from Police, Public Works and Planning.
<>                           It responds to community requests (in writing) and internal proposals. The group is informal,
                                                          does not have meetings or hearings with the public, is not subject to the Brown Act (it's not a
                                                          decision-making body, but makes recommendations to the Traffic Engineer and coordinates
                                                          inter-departmental activities related to parking, stop signs, traffic calming, events, etc.) and
                                                          does not have by-laws.
                                                          Bob Brown, CDD, San Rafael

Ray Luna                          Santa Ana               We do have something similar to a traffic committee; it's called the
Traffic Engineering                                       Environmental and Transportation Advisory Committee (ETAC). Seven of its
City of Santa Ana                                         citizen members are appointed by City Council and a local high school
(714) 647-5623                                            student is chosen as an eighth member.
                                                          From a traffic perspective, ETAC is only involved in the review and
                                                          recommendation to City Council of speed humps and neighborhood traffic

                                                          Our traffic engineering staff has the latitude (through MUTCD, AASHTO and
                                                          other industry standard guidelines) to review for consideration all other
                                                          parking and traffic control devices (i.e. residential permit parking zones,
                                                          loading zones, stop signs, red and blue curb, etc.)

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                                                    Traffic Committee Composition

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"Siobhan O'Neill" <SOneill@ci.santa-   Santa Cruz                 Hi: The City of Santa Cruz has a Transportation Commission (used to be>                                                       Traffic Commission). Some items are considered administrative, while others,
                                                                  such as neighborhood traffic calming plans or parking permit zones have been
                                                                  directed through that advisory body. The commission agendas/minutes,
                                                                  by-laws, purpose, etc. are posted on the city's website either through
                                                                  "Advisory Bodies" or Public Works Department. Hope it helps.

                                                                  P.S. Our neighborhood traffic calming budget was cut so improvements are very

Beth Rolandson                         Santa Monica no formal     Neighbor-initiated petitions for humps, with designated emergency routes. Blue curbs by
(310) 458-8298                                      committee     criteria and parking availability. Calming meeting criteria goes straight to City Council.

website                                Seattle       City       Deliberates and makes recommendations on legislative matters relating to city-wide and
                                                     Council    regional transportation policies and planning, street maintenance and rehabilitation, traffic
                                                     members    control and parking policies; to neighborhood planning as it relates to tra
                                                     sit on

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                                                   Traffic Committee Composition

Contact                              City           Summary   Comment
Susan Kelly                           Sebastopol              Steve,
Asst. to the City Manager/Engineering                         In an effort to manage these requests, the City put together a program that
Director                                                      is described in the attached documents. The intent was to weed out the
City of Sebastopol                                            random, one-person requests and get neighbors to discuss these issues with
(707) 823-2151, Ext. 106                                      each other, and also, be willing to pay for special improvements that the
                                                              City cannot finance. This program has virtually eliminated requests for the
                                                              costlier, more involved improvements like speed bumps and other physical
                                                              changes to roadways--I think because when folks are faced with paying an
                                                              application fee to get their question answered, it becomes less urgent to
                                                              them--that, or they reconsider frivolous requests. The program is
                                                              administered by our Chief of Police, Jeff Weaver.

                                                              We still get requests for stop signs and other minor changes from time to
                                                              time. These are grouped together and analyzed by Chief Weaver, myself, our
                                                              City Traffic Engineer (when required) and other appropriate staff, and Jeff
                                                              takes a batch of them to the Council a couple of times a year with
                                                              recommendations either for minor changes (signage, striping) or denial,
                                                              along with implementation costs and proposed source of funds. This has
                                                              allowed us to stop having to drop everything and react to individual
                                                              requests throughout the year--saves a lot of wear and tear on staff--and the
                                                              public, by and large, has been satisfied with the answers received.

                                                              You might want to contact Chief Weaver to discuss at more length. You can
                                                              reach him at 829-4400.
Barry O'Regan                        Stockton                 The City of Stockton does not have a traffic committee. Requests for
Deputy Public Works Director/                                 stop signs, red or blue (handicap) curbs, preferential (neighborhood)
City Engineer                                                 parking permit zones, etc are dealt with by staff as the requests are
Public Works Department                                       received. We do not allow the use of speed humps.
City of Stockton, California                                           Requests for neighborhood traffic calming is handled through our
barry.o'                               Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. To learn more about our
(209) 937-8400                                                program visit our web page at


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                                               Traffic Committee Composition

Contact                           City          Summary      Comment
Bill Nebeker                      Susanville                 The City of Susanville has a traffic committee consisting of the Community
City of Susanville                                           Development Director, Police Chief and Public Works Director. We get
Community Development Director                               together as needed to discuss most of the items on your list. We have no
530 252-5114                                                 written rules or bylaws.
"Bill Nebeker"
Pat Echols                        Tiburon                    We have a Traffic Safety Committee, comprised of the Police Chief, Police
Director of Public Works/Town                                Lieutenant, Public Works Director, Deputy Public Works Director and
Engineer                                                     Community Development Director. We met in response to requests for traffic
Town of Tiburon                                              safety improvements. Minor requests (like curb painting, stenciling) are
1505 Tiburon Boulevard                                       typically handled directly by Police Chief and myself.
Tiburon, CA 94920
(415)435-7388                                                Meetings are held 'as-needed', typically when we have several requests of
                                                             'substance' or that may be controversial. We've typically had 2 to 3
                                                             meetings per year. The agenda is posted and meeting is open to the public.
                                                             Not all dept heads attend, just PD, DPW & Comm Development.
Ted Semaan                        Torrance      7 citizen    The Traffic Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on street and traffic
Transportation Planner                          members      improvement such as speed limits, transit and truck routes, the placement of crossing
(310) 618-5990                                  meet         guards and changes to the select street system.
                                                monthly --
                                                1st Monday
                                                at 7pm
Richard J. Seanor, PE             Ukiah                      The City of Ukiah handles requests for Stop Signs, bus loading zones, speed
Deputy Director of Public Works                              zones, etc. through our Traffic Engineering Committee. I generally receive
City of Ukiah                                                all of the calls from the public requesting items to be considered by the
300 Seminary Avenue                                          committee. We have a policy to require the public to send a letter stating
Ukiah, CA 95482-5400                                         their request in writing. I then review the request and prepare staff
voice phone: (707) 463-6296                                  reports for the committee. We are fortunate that our Chairman, who is one of
"Rick Seanor"                                                the public members, is also a civil engineer.
                                                             I have attached the following excerpts from City Code, Ukiah, California:

                                                             7030: CITY TRAFFIC ENGINEER; OFFICE ESTABLISHED:
                                                             The office of City Traffic Engineer is hereby established. The office of
                                                             City Traffic Engineer shall consist of a committee who shall serve without
                                                             additional compensation, consisting of the City Manager, the Chief of
                                                             Police, the City Engineer, the Planning Director, the Superintendent of
                                                             Public Works or their duly appointed representatives, together with a
                                                             representative of the local transit authority, and two (2) City residents of

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                                          Traffic Committee Composition

Contact                       City         Summary     Comment
"Andrew Benelli"              Visilia                  In response to your question on traffic committees: I used to be Public
<>                            Works Director in Reedley. They had a Traffic Safety Commission that
                                                       processed all traffic requests. There were five members; one from the
                                                       school district and one from the police department, the other three were
                                                       citizen members appointed by the Council. The Commission met quarterly.
                                                       A written request was required to have an item placed on the agenda. We
                                                       usually tried to get a petition. Decisions could be appealed to the
website                       West         5 members City Council (I'd recommend a small charge for any appeals). The system
                                                       The Transportation Commission was created on December 5, 1989 and consists of five (5)
                              Hollywood    appointed members, appointed by individual Councilmembers, and two (2) members appointed by the
                                           by each     Council as a whole (at-large). Each member of the Commission shall serve a two-year

"Pascoe, Maureen"             West                     I am a resident of Sacramento, and recently served on my neighborhood
<maureen.pascoe@ci.west-      Sacramento               traffic management committee. The city of Sacramento has been using this>                                      procedure for about five years to respond to neighborhood traffic
                                                       concerns. In response to citizen requests, a committee comprised of
                                                       neighborhood residents is formed. Each neighborhood committee is
                                                       assigned a staff person who attends all meetings and provides leadership
                                                       and technical expertise. After some education in traffic management
                                                       techniques, the committee devises a plan. That plan is then voted on by
                                                       the neighborhood; if approved by at least half of the voters, with at
                                                       least 25% of households responding, it goes to the city council for
                                                       adoption. Here is a link to the webpage for the program.


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