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									B.A English Language                                 Max.Marks:    100
Paper-I                                       Max. Time Allowed: 3 ½Hrs

Q. 1 Explain with reference to context ant three of the following.               15
a) Will lie O’ night
     In the bony arms
     Of reality and be comforted
b) A poor life this if, full of care,
     We have no time to stand and stare.
c) Shine on me, sunshine
     Rain on me, rain
     Fall softly, dewdrops
     And cool my brow again.

d) Sir, in my solitude, I have grown unaccustomed to the masculine voice, and can’t
Stand shouting. I must ask you not to disturb my peace.
e) Breakfast is at 8 O’clock. It always has been as long as I have been in this house
and always be until I get further orders.
Q.2 (a) “Rappaccini’s Daughter” is a science fiction. Discuss.
 b)     Write the critical summary of the story “The Necklace”.                    15
a)      The story “Breakfast” is the story of that “Wealth does not happiness; it is
        purity of living that produces real happiness”. Discuss.
b)      “The Killer” is the story of atmosphere. Discuss.
Q.3 (a) Write a character-sketch of “Philip”.                                      15
b)      Write note on comic elements in the play “The Bear”.
a)      Write a character-sketch of “Smirnov”.
b)      Write down the theme of the play “Something to Talk About”.
Q.4 (a) Write the critical summary of the poem “Patriot into Traitor”.             15
 b)     Briefly narrate the seven stages of man’s life as described by Shakespeare.
 a)     How appropriate is the title of the poem “A Poison Tree”?
 b)     Do you agree with the poetess that art of losing things is not hard to master?
        How can we master this art?
Q.5 Rewrite any five of the following sentences after filling in the gaps with
correct option;                                                                  10
1) I can not bear _______ this insult.
(a) Off           (b) away            (c) out            (d) with
2) He broke _____ the crowd.
(a) With          (b) through         (c) open           (d) into
3) He brought ______ a book last year.
(a) Forth         (b) down            (c) out            (d) about
4) He called _______ ALLAH in difficulty.
(a) Out           (b) in              (c) upon           (d) up
5) He carries _______ stationary for sale.
(a) On            (b) about           (c) up             (d) off
6) Truth cans _____ at last.
(a) About         (b) out             (c) up             (d) on
7) This tea will go _____ for us.
(a) Over          (b) ahead           (c) away           (d) round
8) Keep _______ your work to finish it soon.
(a) Up            (b) out             (c) off            (d) at
Q.6 Change the following passage into indirect narration.                        10
Father said angrily to his sons, “Where have you been all this time? It is now 2
O’clock. I saw you here last at 9 O’clock in the morning. How foolish you are! You
waste all your time in playing silly games. Go, at once and change for dinner”.
Q.7 Synthesize any Five of the following pairs of sentence;                      10
Use ing form;
             i)    He hurt his foot. He stopped.
             ii)   He was weary of failure. He emigrated to England.
Use infinitive form;
             iii) They had no money. They could not get admission to a college.
Use Adverb;
             iv) He forgot his umbrella. That was careless.
             v)    He passed the examination. That was lucky.
Use noun clause;
            vi) It is an open secret. He steals things.
Use an adjective clause;
            vii) This the student. His result is very bad.
            viii) She was very good at English. She passed
Q.8 Letter to the Editor of newspaper about rising prices/inflation.             10
Letter to the Editor of newspaper expressing your views on National Unity.

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