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Inventory Control Clerk (DOC)


									Idaho Falls School District #91                                                FLSA Status – Non-exempt

May 2009

I.     TITLE: Inventory Control Clerk


       A.    High School Diploma preferred.
       B.    Strong computer skills including Word, Excel, and Outlook.
       C.    Able to organize and prioritize required tasks.
       D.    Physically capable of performing assigned duties.
       E.    Current forklift certification or the ability to become certified.
       F.    Able to work with staff, students and the public.
       G.    Strong math, reading and communication skills both written and verbal.
       H.    Capable of lifting up to 50 pounds.
       I.    Valid Idaho Driver’s License and the ability to drive a delivery truck.
       J.    Current Food Handlers Card and HACCP certification or the ability to obtain both.
       K.    Previous experience preferred, but not mandatory.
       L.    Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

III.   REPORTS TO: Child Nutrition Supervisor


       To support the delivery of School District 91’s written, taught, tested and reported curriculum and
       contribute to maximizing student achievement.

       To safeguard the district’s investment in materials through efficient and effective warehousing practices
       and to help transport food and supplies in an efficient, timely and safe manner to enable the cafeterias
       to operate efficiently.


       A.    Assists with the ordering of the food and supplies needed for the Child Nutrition Program.
       B.    Collects weekly grocery orders from the schools and checks against the menu for
             completeness. Contacts the schools to discuss any discrepancies. Oversees the
             distribution of needed grocery items according to weekly grocery orders and as requested
             by Child Nutrition Supervisor. Delivers unscheduled orders as needed. Prioritizes tasks and
             works to limit unscheduled delivery requests.
       C.    Receives deliveries and checks in products. Checks quantity, price and condition of products.
             Compares items delivered to items ordered. Notifies Child Nutrition Supervisor of problems and
       D.    Completes required paperwork including inventory forms, invoices, and consumption related
             records in a timely manner.
       E.    Maintains a current inventory of district warehouse, freezers, and storerooms. Takes physical
             inventory as requested. Reviews and updates the inventory record of all school storage areas
             once a month or as requested.
       F.    Keeps the warehouse organized, clean and in compliance with Health Department and
             commodity regulations.
       G.    Notifies the transportation department and the Child Nutrition Supervisor regarding the
             maintenance needs of the delivery trucks and checks to see that the maintenance is completed.
       H.    Completes food handler and safety training as required.
       I.    Substitutes for route drivers as needed.
       J.    Maintains high standards of ethical behavior and confidentiality.
       K.    Has regular and predictable attendance.

                                         Equal Opportunity Employer
Idaho Falls School District #91                                                   FLSA Status – Non-exempt


          A.    Performs all other duties as assigned.


          This position is scheduled for 8 hours per day, 220 days per year. Situations may arise that will require
          work beyond the normal work hours. Benefits will be in accordance with approved Board policy.
          Wages will be in accordance with the Classified Salary Schedule as a Grade 7.

          This is an “at will” position in that the employer or employee may terminate employment at any
          time, or for any reason consistent with applicable state or federal law. The “employment at will”
          policy cannot be changed verbally or in writing, unless the change is specifically authorized in
          writing and expressly approved by the Board of Trustees of District 91.


          Performance of this position will be evaluated annually by the Child Nutrition Supervisor in accordance
          with provisions of the Board’s policy on the evaluation of classified personnel.

This position has been given an overall physical classification of heavy duty.

                               1 – 33%             34 – 66%              67-100%
         Heavy                 >50 pounds**        40 pounds             20 pounds
      **Lifts over 50 pounds with proper body mechanics and 2 or more workers.

The following chart indicates the activities required for this position and their frequency.

                              None              Occasional        Frequent         Constant
                               0%                  1-33%            34-66%         67-100%
           Sitting            []                   [X]               []             []
           Standing           []                   []                [X]            []
           Bending at waist   []                   []                [X]            []
           Forward Reaching   []                   [X]               []             []
           Overhead Reaching [ ]                   []                [X]            []
           Climbing Ladders   []                   [X]               []             []
           Squatting          []                   [X]               []             []
           Walking            []                   [X]               []             []
           Repetitive arm/
            shoulder movement [ ]                    []               [X]             []
           Carrying           []                    []               [X]             []
           Pushing            []                    []               [X]             []
           Pulling            []                    []               [X]             []
           Driving            []                    [X]              []              []

This position is performed both indoors and outdoors. The majority of the time is spent working alone in the
Child Nutrition Warehouse. This job requires standing, lifting, walking, and sitting at a desk. This job
includes exposure to cold for extended periods while working in the walk-in freezer or checking in deliveries.

                                            Equal Opportunity Employer
Idaho Falls School District #91                                               FLSA Status – Non-exempt

Driving and backing large delivery trucks is required. This includes delivery to schools during times that
students are near the delivery area.

                                        Equal Opportunity Employer

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