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					Create website with
   Open, register yourself with your
       Name, email address and desired password.
   After registration a page will appear asking you for
       your website title and website type. Insert your website
       title as per your choice and website type, and then
       press continue.
   Then next screen will appear asking you about your
       domain      name.        Your    website     will    be, replace XXX with any name
       you want for your website. The system will then check
       whether the website name is available or not. After
       choosing correct domain name press continue.
   A weebly editor page will open; there you can see
       Elements, Design, Pages, Editors and Settings.
   First click Design and select theme for your website,
       after that click elements.
   In elements you can see:
  1.     Paragraph with title
  2.     Paragraph with picture
  3.     Picture
  4.     Title
  5.     Paragraph
  6.     Video
  7.     Contact Form
  8.     Two column layout
  9.     custom html
  10.    Google adsense
   Select appropriate elements to design your website,
     just drag elements from top and drop it in webpage
     below and edit.
   You can upload pictures with paragraph with picture
     or picture elements.
   Get any type of data from search engines like google,
     yahoo etc and simply paste it in paragraphs.
   Create 4 paragraphs, and you need to put custom html
     code in between these paragraphs. That will be
     discussed after your registration to Pay Per Click
     programs is done.

After you finish uploading all your data click pages, and
click advance setting.
There you can insert keywords for your site and click on
save button.
Now click on publish button to publish your website.
Now your site is ready for registering for Pay Per Click
Create blog in few Minutes

   Open
   If you are using any Google services like Gmail, Orkut
     etc then enter your login e-mail and password
   If you don’t have any email registered with Google then
     click “Don’t Have Google Account”
   Complete the Registration Form and click Continue
     (Open your email id and verify Google Blogger account
     in separate window)
   Click on “ Create Your Blog Now”
   Enter Blog Title and Blog Address (URL) and click on
     “Check availability”. The message needs to appear
     “This Blog address is available”, so accordingly put
     blog address to find availability. Then Click Continue.
   Select   the   appropriate   Web   template   and   click
   “Your Blog has been created” message will appear click
     “start blogging”
   Page will appear where you can post any data, enter
     Title and click on compose. Type or paste any data
     related to your Title
   After entering data click on “Publish Post”
   Now click on “Designs”, and then click on “Edit HTML”
   In HTML script you can see <head>, take cursor at the
     end of <head> and press enter to take cursor on next
   Type this in that space:
  <meta content='KEYWORDS' name='keywords'/>
 Replace with any keywords separated by commas like
  money, forex, pay per click, affiliate programs, music,
  dance, dating etc
 So it will look like: Type this in that space:
  <meta content='money, forex, pay per click, affiliate
  programs, music, dance, dating' name='keywords'/>
 Insert as any keywords between ‘ ‘.
 Then click on “Save Template”
 Now go to page elements, there you can see something
  called “Add a Gadget”
 This is required to insert your Ad code, so this step is
  done only after getting your ad codes.
 Select your ad codes templates in your Pay Per Click
  program such a way that it suits your blog template
 Select it like this, for Bidvertiser and Clicksor select
  Horizontal, For and Adproud select square.
  Use text links instead of Banners.
 Once your blog is ready, register your blog to
  Bidvertiser, Admaya, Clicksor and Adproud
 Get the ad codes from these and paste it your blog.
 Now to paste click on “Add a Gadget”, a separate
  window will open in that you can see “HTML/Java
  Script”, click on it
 A page will open where you have to Put Title and below
  that in content paste the ad code and click “save”
 Select proper “Add a gadget” as per your Ad size i.e. for
  horizontal template use horizontal space and for
  square use side “Add a Gadget”.
 Now you are ready with your blog to earn.
Get Ad codes for your website
After successful registration login to
with your username and password as publisher. After login
you can see Bidvertiser Publisher Page. Ad website/blog,
choose     Language    as   English,   category   and    click
save/submit. To get ad code first click on Ad Templates,
separate window will open with different Ad Templates. By
default the Ad Template will be Full Banner. Click on save.
Then click on Get Ad code. Copy the Ad code and paste it
only in notepad for further use.
Login to and click on Ad Display Code, then click
on Create new Desktop Ad Unit. Put any Tracking name,
and generate HTML code. Save it in notepad.

Login to Clicksor and click on Get Ad, select your site id and
click next. Click on Generate New Ad Code, next page will
open and there select regular setup. On next page select
only Banner & Text Link and Inline Text Link and click Next.
Further Select Banner Format as Show Text and Graphical
Ads and Banner size leaderboard (728x90) , then click Next.
Then you can change your Ad template colour and then
click next, and on next screen again click next. Don’t put
any thing in URL space and click next. Copy the Ad code
and save in notepad.
Log in to Adproud with your username and password. Click
on Ad display code, then click on Create New Desktop Ad
Unit. Put Tracking name and click generate HTML code.
HTML code will generate. In HTML code there will be “Code
for content related Ads” and “Code for Keyword Specified
ads”. Click on Code for Keyword specified Ads and copy in
notepad. In that html code you can see Keyword”<your
keywords Here>”. Delete <your Keywords Here> and put
different key words like music, fun, food, fruits, dating etc
between “ ” . and save.

Now you are ready with ad codes. Insert the ad codes in
website with instructions given.

How to insert ad codes in your website:
This tutorial assumes that you already have ad codes. First
copy the ad codes for Bidvertiser Ads. Drag the Custom
HTML element and drop it in below website at the top to
your page just below HOME link. Take the cursor to the left
hand side of the custom html and click. Paste the ad codes
and click outside to save. Similarly drag another custom
HTML element and drop it between 1st and 2nd paragraph.
And insert ad code for
Then between 2nd and 3rd and insert Clicksor ad code and
between 3rd and 4th paragraph insert contextweb ad.
Then click on publish to publish your website.
Now check your website to see that all your ads are
displayed properly.
You    are    now     ready   to   earn   just   login   to and register. Follow the program
and earn a lot.

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