Sample Sales Proposal

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									This is a sales proposal outlining a bid to provide products or services to a prospective
client and is usually submitted in response to a request for a quote or after initial sales
calls. This proposal includes an introduction, describes the products or services offered,
provides pricing information, and details a delivery timeframe. This proposal should be
used by small businesses or other entities that want to submit a bid for their services to
prospective customers.
[Provide information on your company, capabilities, products and services, vision/mission, and unique
selling proposition. This information should also include contact information]
Who We Are
[This section is your opportunity to sell your company and reputation. It should comply with branding
guidelines and support your marketing goals while providing critical information to the prospect.]
ABC Data Products, founded in 1975, delivers a full range of forms, paper, and electronic storage media,
and inventory software to support the ever increasing need to capture and store information. As the needs
of business change, ABC Data stays ahead of the curve, providing up-to-date solutions to support product
sales, distribution and delivery.
Our sales center in Anytown, Michigan, is staffed 24/7 by dedicated sales associates ready to assist
customers in finding the products that will work for their operations. Our central distribution facility, co-
located in Anytown is a state-of-the-art warehouse staffed by operations and quality assurance personnel
who use automated pick list verification, product inspection and packing controls to ensure the right,
defect-free products are delivered to you quickly.
Our Focus
[Elaborate on mission and vision, in terms of how it benefits the customer.]
We understand that your business needs can’t always wait for “typical business” hours. Your business is
unique, and we are committed to making you uniquely successful by providing the latest data storage and
paper products in the quantities you need at the prices you deserve.

Customer Service Commitment
[Describe the customer service philosophy and approach, including how customers can provide feedback
and methods for contacting the company.]

[Provide product service descriptions]
ABC Data specializes in the following products and services
       Logistics software solutions
       Standard forms
       Form-feed, laser, and offset papers
       Custom forms design
       Electronic storage media
                                                                                                 Sales Proposal

[Lay out the specific products and services, and pricing for each. The following chart provides a
Top Notch Small Business employs 20 people in four locations. Based on the monthly sales volume, we
recommend the following products and services to support your sales cycle.

   Software Solutions                                                       Price

   <software product> licenses                                              << Insert Cost >>
   Upgrades & Technical Support fees                                        << Insert Cost >>
   Installation & Configuration services                                    << Insert Cost >>

   Total                                                                    << Insert total >>

   Paper Supplies

   17” greenbar pinfeed (case)                                              << Insert Cost >>
   20 lb bright white laser (case)                                          << Insert Cost >>

   Total                                                                    << Insert total >>

   Storage Media

   2 gigabyte USB flash drive                                               << Insert Cost >>
   100 gigabyte removable hard drives                                       << Insert Cost >>
   USB cable and driver                                                     << Insert Cost >>
   Shipping/Handling                                                        << Insert Cost >>

   Forms Design Services

   Total                                                                    << Insert total >>

                    Total Estimated Amount                                  << Insert total >>

                    Total Estimated Monthly Amount                          << Insert total >>

                    Total Estimated Yearly Amount                           << Insert total >>

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                                                                                                 Sales Proposal

Standard Disclaimer: The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate for the projects
discussed. The above Estimate in no way constitutes a warranty of final price. Estimates are subject to

[Provide a timeline for delivery of products and services, use the following table as a starting point.]

Description                                             Due Date

Receipt of signed contract [purchase order]             <XX/XX/XXXX>

Approval of order entry and picklist form design        <XX/XX/XXXX>

Product/quantities confirmation                         <XX/XX/XXXX>

Shipment of Product                                     <XX/XX/XXXX>

Product Training for sales associates                   <XX/XX/XXXX>

Receipt of first shipment                               <XX/XX/XXXX>

Distribution to locations                               <XX/XX/XXXX>

Second Shipment                                         <XX/XX/XXXX>

Follow-up merchandising/sales training                  <XX/XX/XXXX>

Payment issued                                          <XX/XX/XXXX>

Note: all dates are subject to revision based on receipt of a signed purchase order/contract.

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                                                                                                                             Sales Proposal

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