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									This is a sample report that can be used to customize a summary of the outcome of a
business project. As an introduction, this report captures the project’s original goals and
objectives. The original project goals and objectives are compared with the outcomes
by assessing a post-project summary that analyzes the achieved objectives and scope,
accomplishments, lessons learned, and closure activities. This sample report can be
used by small businesses or other entities that want to thoroughly summarize the details
of a completed business project.
[Project Name] Project Closeout Report

For Project Management

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[Document Creation Date]

[A Project Closeout Report is a summary of the project just completed. The report captures the
activities, achievements, an assessment of the success of the project, as well as what was learned that
would be of value for future projects.

For this template, the bracketed and gray-shaded text is for instructional use, and should be deleted
prior to publishing the document.]

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                                                                               Project Closeout Approval Report

Project Description
[The Project Description should be a brief overview of the project, primarily for future readers to
understand the original goal of the project. This section should be copied from a Project Charter, or
Project Request where the original needs were documented.]

Project Objectives & Scope
Project Justification
Stakeholders, Roles & Responsibilities
 Stakeholder                  Project Role                         Responsibilities to the Project

 [Name]                       Project Sponsor                      [Responsibilities. i.e., responsible for
                                                                   championing project, assuring
                                                                   appropriate resourcing and funding,
                                                                   and approved scope changes]

 [Name]                       Project Manager                      [Managed project, approved task
                                                                   completion, planned project activities,
                                                                   assured documentation of

 [Name]                       [Additional Role]                    [Responsibilities]

Milestones & Key Deliverables

[Provide the list of milestones and key deliverables for the project. If milestones or deliverables were
modified or added, you may wish to provide some sort of visual indicator, and provide more detail on
the modifications in the Change History section.]

                                                                          Scheduled           Actual
Item                                                       or
                                                                          Delivery Date       Delivery Date

[Project Kick-off]                                         M

[Finalized Project Scope]                                  M

[Approved Project Scope Document]                          D


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                                                                              Project Closeout Approval Report

[Provide the approved project schedule or timeline. It may be helpful to illustrate the planned and
actual timeline. Deviations from the planned timeline should be detailed in Change History and
assessed in the Post Project Assessment. The project plan or illustration may be included from MS
Project, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint, or simply in a table.]

[Provide the project budget, with both estimated and actual expenditures. Again, use the Change
History section to describe any deviations from the estimated budget, and provide a detailed
assessment the following section.

  Budget Item                     Estimated          Actual              Comments

  [Facilities]                    $                   $

  [Equipment]                     $                   $

  [Personnel]                     $                   $

  [Consulting Services]           $                   $

  [Other Additional Costs as
                                  $                   $

  Total                           $                   $

Change History
[No project goes exactly as planned. It is crucial to record the changes to the plan to better understand
the impact of the project as it was implemented, to accurately assess the results, and to improve future
project planning efforts. You may wish to provide Change History in a table format with a column for
comments to provide some context around a particular change.]

Item                              Category of              Date of      Comments
                                  Change                  Occurrence

[User Acceptance Plan]            Milestone                             [Complexity of project
                                                                        necessitated creating a plan
                                                                        around performing user
                                                                        acceptance testing on all

[Business/Functional              Timeline                              [Added two weeks to project
Requirements expansion]                                                 schedule to complete
                                                                        requirements gathering

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[Parallel Testing early            Timeline                              [Results from parallel testing
completion]                                                              period showed such marked
                                                                         improvement; the timeframe
                                                                         was reduced by three weeks.]

Post-Project Assessment & Summary
[This section of the report assesses the results of the project: what objectives were achieved, is the
project seen as a success, and if so, for what reasons? Also include lessons learned that can be used in
future projects.]

Achieved Objectives & Scope
[Comment on how the objectives for the project were achieved. Include changes and factors that
impacted achievement of objectives. Describe if and how scope for the project changed, and what steps
were taken to manage scope.]

Project Success
[Comment on whether the project was a success or failure. Include any necessary documentation that
would be of value for future project managers.]

[Comment on the accomplishments of the team as a whole, as well as outstanding contributions from
individuals. Even projects that do not succeed in achieving overall objectives have accomplishments that
should be recorded. Describe accomplishments from the project and organizational perspective to
emphasize the link between the project and organizational objectives.]

Lessons Learned
[This section provides valuable knowledge that can be utilized by future project teams. Include items
specific to the project, as well as items related to productivity in general and ways to improve processes.
This should be a bulleted list of lessons learned that can be easily extracted and communicated to the
project management community or management.]

Next Steps
[Depending upon your organization and the context in which the project has been completed, this
section may provide a path to planning and making the business case for one or more additional
projects. ]

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                                                                             Project Closeout Approval Report

Closure Activities
[Formal administrative closure activities ensure that all details of the project have been wrapped up and
accounted for. These include, but may not be limited to the following.]

Final Project Status Report

Approval of the Closure Report

Release of the project team

Delivery of maintenance documentation/policy & procedure updates

Archival of project documentation

Contracts Closure

[Contracts with consulting firms, various vendors, and internal agreements must be completed and
closed out prior to final closure of the project]

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                                                                              Project Closeout Approval Report

Closeout Approval
This document establishes formal acceptance of all the deliverables for the <Project Name> project. The
<Project Name> project has met all the acceptance criteria as defined in the requirements document
and project scope statement. A project audit has been performed to verify that all deliverables meet
performance and product requirements. The project team completed the post-project review, and
lessons learned have been documented.

[The following paragraph generally applies to IT projects, but can be modified for other types of

[Transition to Operations has been completed. The live system has been handed over to Operations and
the transfer of knowledge from the Project Team to Operations has also been completed. All training
has concluded and formal operations & maintenance documentation has been handed over.]

The Project Manager is authorized to continue with the administrative close out of this project, including
archiving of project documentation, release of the Project Team, and closing out all procurements. Once
the closing process is completed the Project Sponsor will be notified and the Project Manager will then
be released from the project.

[Signature blocks below may be copy and pasted for as many as are necessary]

Sponsor Acceptance
       Signature:                                                           Date:

       Print Name:



Project Leadership Acceptance
       Signature:                                                           Date:

       Print Name:



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Project Documentation

[Provide a list and/or links to project documents, such as the Charter, Scope, Requirements and various
planning documents.]

Version History

[Depending on the size and complexity of the project, and the formal project methodology followed by
the organization, you may need to record changes to the project report document.]

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