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A Life-Saving Legacy by dfgh4bnmu


									                                           october/noveMber 2009

University of MissoUri HealtH systeM

 Dr. Mitchell’s
 Trauma center at
 University Hospital
 meets highest
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                                        Dr. Mitchell’s
                                     Trauma Center at University
                                         Hospital meets highest

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2 OctOber/nOvember   2009 Archives
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                                                                                                     OctOber/nOvember 2009

                                                                                           Archives is published for staff members
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     the Frank L. mitchell Jr., mD, trauma center has earned the                           Health System.
     highest national recognition a trauma center can receive.
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                                                                                                      OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives           3
A hands-on leader at
University Hospital for more
than 50 years, Frank mitchell
Jr., mD, has improved the
care of trauma patients
throughout the country. the
Frank L. mitchell Jr., mD,
trauma center is named in
his honor.

           Frank L. Mitchell Jr., MD,
           recognized for contributions
           to modern trauma medicine                                          legacy
                              ver 50 years, Frank L. mitchell Jr., mD, has          to make that possible, mitchell has ensured University
                              left his indelible fingerprints on University   Hospital is always at the forefront of trauma care.
                              Hospital. colleagues describe him as a                In the 1960s, mitchell founded mid-missouri’s first hos-
                              visionary and a man of action. However,         pital ambulance service. mitchell recognized that patients
                              when asked about his accomplishments,           needed expert care before arriving at a hospital and began
          mitchell sums up all of his hard work and long hours by             the state’s first paramedic training program in the 1970s.
          explaining exactly why he does it.                                  When hard-to-travel country roads delayed getting life-
                “everyone at University Hospital plays a role in saving       saving care to rural missourians, mitchell introduced central
          lives,” he said. “the people of missouri deserve the best           missouri’s first emergency helicopter service in the 1980s.
          possible medical care. We are the University of missouri, and             because of his efforts and achievements, mitchell is well
          I think that University Hospital and the medical school should      known at University of missouri Health care. even after 50
          serve as an example for optimal medical care.”                      years, he plays an active leadership role with University

  4 OctOber/nOvember            2009 Archives
                                                                         preceded today’s four-year degree — mitchell wanted to
                                                                         bring his experience back home to serve missourians. When
                                                                         he arrived at two-year-old University Hospital, it offered state-
                                                                         of-the-art health care. but state-of-the-art trauma care then
                                                                         was different from today.
                                                                              In the 1950s and 1960s, most trauma victims in the
                                                                         United States were transported to hospitals in the back of a
                                                                         funeral home’s hearse. the majority of hearse drivers had no
                                                                         medical training. regardless, from the time a trauma victim
                                                                         was picked up by a hearse to the time the patient arrived
                                                                         at the hospital, he or she was alone because the back of a
                                                                         hearse was too small to provide care.
                                                                              So in 1968, mitchell collaborated with the mU School of
                                                                         engineering to custom-build an ambulance with lights and
the Staff For Life Helicopter Service transports more than 1,000
                                                                         a siren, medical equipment and space in the back for the
patients yearly.
                                                                         patient and a staff member who could perform procedures
                                                                         such as cardiac massage, airway control and running an Iv.
Hospital’s Frank L. mitchell Jr., m.D., trauma center —                  He also introduced a radio system, so hospital staff would
which carries his name in gratitude for his contributions to             know beforehand when a trauma patient was en route,
building central missouri’s only Level I trauma center. What             and he helped expand radios to hospitals around missouri.
some people may not know, however, is how far mitchell’s                 mitchell recognized that time is critical when caring for trau-
reputation spreads beyond the borders of his home state.                 ma patients.
     “Frank mitchell is a member of an elite group of pio-                    “I don’t think Dr. mitchell and the other doctors slept in
neers who paved the way for trauma care, both nationally                 the hospital, but somehow, they were at the hospital when we
and internationally,” said Stephen barnes, mD, chief of the              came in the door,” said carey Smith, mbA, manager of regula-
Division of Acute care Surgery for University of missouri                tory affairs, who served as a paramedic with mitchell in the
Health care. “the world knows who Frank mitchell is. He                  1980s. “they would be here at 2 o’clock in the morning already
helped make modern trauma care what it is today. He did                  when we walked in the door with a bad trauma patient.”
it modestly and quietly, with his top concern always
what is best for the patient.”
     mitchell came to University Hospital as a resident
physician in general and thoracic surgery in 1959
after serving two years as a surgeon in a U.S. Army
hospital in Germany. He had been drafted into the
Army during his residency at vanderbilt University in
nashville, tenn., after completing his four-year medi-
cal degree at Johns Hopkins University School of
medicine in baltimore.
     In the Army, capt. mitchell treated soldiers
injured in automobile wrecks on treacherous
German roads and victims of tank-crew training
accidents in europe. He also saw glimpses into
the future of civilian trauma care, in the form of
Army medical evacuation helicopters, which had
been first used only a few years before during the
Korean War.
     “We saw a lot of trauma,” mitchell said. “I got
a lot of experience caring for trauma patients with
the Army.”
     A native of excelsior Springs, mo., and a
graduate of mU — with an undergraduate degree
                                                         Arriving on the scen
and a two-year medical degree, which                     flig
                                                                             e of a vehicle accid
                                                                                                 ent are
                                                               ht medic; and Jared                        brian Steen, emt,
                                                                                     Jarding, emt, param                    paramedic; Paul La
                                                                                                        edic.                                 nglotz,

                                                                                                           OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives               5
            After the introduction of more ambulances in missouri,             “frank Mitchell is a member of an elite
       mitchell recognized that if emergency responders had more
       consistent, specialized training, the responders could pro-             group of pioneers who paved the way
       vide better care in the field and en route to the hospital. In          for trauma care, both nationally and
       1974, he began the state’s first paramedic training course.
       It grew in popularity, and in 1978 he started training instruc-         internationally. the world knows who
       tors to travel throughout the state to teach more paramed-              frank Mitchell is. He helped make
       ics. mitchell also worked with the state to institute licensing
       requirements for paramedics, making sure they had the most              modern trauma care what it is today.
       up-to-date lifesaving skills.                                           He did it modestly and quietly, with
             Don Stamper, of columbia, mo., was trained by mitchell
       and became one of missouri’s first 200 paramedics. He                   his top concern always what is best for
       worked with and was mentored by mitchell for two decades                the patient.”
       at University Hospital and later served as manager of emer-
       gency medical services at University Hospital.                          Stephen Barnes, MD, chief of the Division of Acute Care
             “I probably can’t count the number of paramedics he               Surgery for University of Missouri Health Care
       has taught and the places he has traveled to teach para-
       medic classes,” Stamper said. “And there were literally                       standard ambulances, so he introduced a trial program using
       hundreds of medical students and residents that he has                        the missouri Highway Patrol’s helicopter as an air ambulance.
       influenced.”                                                                  the program showed that the hospital should save lives with
             Always interested in improving the quality of patient                   a helicopter. In 1982, University Hospital’s permanent Staff
       care, mitchell conducted a study in 1980 that found 40                        for Life Helicopter Service was born.
       percent of trauma victims who died from serious injuries                            His Staff for Life colleagues note with a laugh that
       might have lived if they received quick medical care. central                 despite mitchell’s dedication to academics — with more than
       missouri’s rural roads presented obstacles for                                two dozen articles and book contributions — he is a hands-
                                                                                     on leader. take, for example, the time flight nurses told him
                                                                                     the helicopter landing pad needed a gurney ramp.
                                                                                           “Dr. mitchell said, ‘OK, we are going to fix that,” said
                                                                                      Leeann Johnson, rn, assistant manager of the helicopter
                                                                                      service. “He went to the hardware store, bought some
                                                                                      asphalt and built us a ramp himself.”
                                                                                            In 1987, mitchell used the expertise he gained in
                                                                                       missouri to help improve trauma care throughout the
                                                                                       country, cementing his reputation among leading trauma
                                                                                        surgeons nationwide. He played a key role in the American
                                                                                        college of Surgeons’ committee on trauma and its efforts
                                                                                        to create the verification and consultation program, serv-
                                                                                         ing as the verification review committee’s first chair from
                                                                                          1987 to 1996. the verification program sets standards
                                                                                          that trauma centers must meet to show they provide the
                                                                                          best trauma care available. mitchell and other committee
                                                                                           members traveled to hospitals throughout the country.
                                                                                           they inspected hospitals, showed the staff how to
                                                                                           improve trauma care and verified those that complied
                                                                                            with the stringent guidelines of the American college of
                                                                                            Surgeons’ committee on trauma.
                                                                                                   “I was working closely with Dr. mitchell as the
                                                                                             verification and consultation program was moving
                                                                      raph taken of          out of its infancy,” said erwin thal, mD, professor of
                                                        ed this photog
                                          tion,” publish
                           arbook, “mUta                                                   surgery at University of texas Southwestern medical
              medicine’s ye           in 1988.
the School of           ademic office                                                      center in Dallas, who served as chair of the committee
           mD, in his ac
mitchell Jr.,

6 OctOber/nOvember         2009 Archives
                                                                                   team members at the Frank L. mitchell Jr., mD,
                                                                                   trauma center include: (front row) James Kessel,
                                                                                   mD, associate professor of trauma surgery and
                                                                                   medical director of trauma services; Paulette
                                                                                   martel, rn, pediatric trauma nurse; carol nierling,
                                                                                   rn, trauma manager; and (back row) Jeffrey
                                                                                   coughenour, mD, assistant professor of general
                                                                                   surgery; Stephen barnes, mD, associate profes-
                                                                                   sor and chief of the Division of Acute Surgery; and
                                                                                   nicholas mannering, rn, trauma nurse clinician.
                                                                                   not pictured is Allan David macIntyre, DO, assistant
                                                                                   professor of surgery.

                                                                                  i    n June 2009, University Hospital’s
                                                                                       Frank L. mitchell Jr., mD, trauma
                                                                                       center was verified by the
                                                                                  American college of Surgeons (AcS)
                                                                                  as a Level I trauma center, the highest
                                                                                  national recognition a trauma center

    Stamp                                                                         can receive.
                                                         University Hospital is one of only two Level I trauma centers in missouri veri-

      of                                            fied by the AcS committee on trauma. becoming verified is a challenging process
                                                    that shows the hospital is dedicated to providing immediate response of staff and

   approval                                         resources to care for trauma patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
                                                          Speed is essential in trauma care. Providing treatment in the first hour after
                                                   injury, known as the “golden hour,” can save lives.
                                                        “trauma is the number one killer of two- to 45-year-olds in the United States and in
                                                 central missouri,” said Stephen barnes, mD, chief of the Division of Acute care Surgery.
                                              “Having a Level I trauma center here in central missouri means patients don’t have to travel
                                           to St. Louis or Kansas city. It helps mid-missouri patients receive the care they need during
                                        that golden hour when it is crucial to treat life-threatening injuries.”
                                       verification by the AcS is a testament to the teamwork and commitment of every person at
    University Hospital to providing the best trauma care available, said James Kessel, mD, director of trauma services.
         “A trauma center is not a building, but rather, is a collection of individuals dedicated to the care of trauma victims,” Kessel
    said. “this verification re-affirms University Hospital’s dedication to the care of acutely ill and injured patients.”

on trauma when the verification program began. “I used               of trauma patients throughout the country.
to always look forward to going with him to review trauma                  “You can’t overstate the accomplishments and contri-
centers — he obviously knew the program backwards and                butions of Frank mitchell. the fear is you will understate his
forwards since he was essentially the one who created it. He         importance,” Stamper said. “I think trauma care in this coun-
was trying to help the centers who were pursing verification         try would be very different if he hadn’t been around to help
or consultation. He always felt that we were there to help           lead it.”
them improve their trauma care.”
     through his service with the American college of                 Story by Colin Planalp
Surgeons’ committee on trauma, mitchell improved the care

                                                                                                    OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives             7
    bringing the
    best to Mizzou
     Lauriello leads new psychiatric
     services team

     J    ohn Lauriello, mD, joined University of missouri’s School
          of medicine in June as professor and chancellor’s chair
          of excellence in Psychiatry. He serves as medical director
     of the University of missouri Psychiatric center (mUPc).
          Lauriello comes to mU from the University of new
     mexico, where he served as professor and vice chair of
          During his 15-year tenure at the University of new
     mexico, Lauriello served nearly a decade as executive
     medical director of the Unm Psychiatric center. He directed
     the Unm Schizophrenia research Group, and he served as
     a Unm site principal investigator for the mental Illness and
     neuroscience Discovery (mInD) Institute.

    Top 10 questions for Dr. Lauriello
         In June, the Missouri Department          as mid-mo) and realized a lot of federal      surgery, needs medical services or has
    of Mental Health closed Mid-Missouri           money could not be accessed for taking        a pure psychiatric problem. A general
    Mental Health Center, and MU Health            care of patients. mid-mo was one of the       medical hospital must have the ability for
    Care opened the Missouri Psychiatric           few remaining acute care hospitals oper-      patients to undergo psychiatric evalua-
    Center (MUPC). Lauriello answered              ated by a state in the United States.         tions. If you find out that your patient has
    some of our questions about                           regardless of if the University        a psychiatric problem, you need to have
    the transition.                                opened the missouri Psychiatric center,       the ability to refer him or her to the right
                                                   the state needed to change mid-missouri       facility, whether it’s an outpatient clinic or

    Q:     Why did University of
           Missouri Health Care
                                                   mental Health center. I think it is a good
                                                   change to become part of the University
                                                   because ultimately the University prides
                                                                                                 an inpatient facility such as the missouri
                                                                                                 Psychiatric center.
    open the Missouri Psychiatric
    Center?                                        itself on a high standard of care as well
                                                   as a commitment to missourians. A state       Q:        What goals do you have
                                                                                                           for MUPC?

    a:        A lot of things came together
              at the right time for this to hap-
    pen. First, the mU School of medicine’s
                                                   university is a great option for a facility
                                                   like this.
                                                                                                 a:        Our goal is to provide services
                                                                                                           to patients that are up to the
    Department of Psychiatry was recruit-
    ing for a new department chair. All of
    the finalists agreed that the University of
                                                   Q:     How will this new center
                                                          align with the University’s
                                                                                                 same high standards of all University of
                                                                                                 missouri Health care services, whether
                                                                                                 it is surgery or medicine or pediatrics.
    missouri Health System needed to have                                                               One of my goals is to continue
    an inpatient service for psychiatry. At the
    same time, the state was looking at mid-
    missouri mental Health center (known
                                                   a:      Psychiatric care is embedded
                                                           in almost all hospital func-
                                                   tions — whether a patient is undergoing
                                                                                                 the missouri Psychiatric center as a
                                                                                                 regional institution but to integrate it
                                                                                                 fully with University Hospital. A lot of

8 OctOber/nOvember       2009 Archives
the building components of mid-mo had            improve the day-to-day life and environ-      and counseling as needed, and assisted
already been connected to the hospital,          ment of the patients, including adding        with determining where to get outpatient
including the pharmacy, food and general         bathrooms to patient rooms and adding         treatment.
utilities. this makes it more transparent        some semi-private rooms.
and eliminates redundancies created
because the mental health center was a
                                                       We have an ambitious plan to use
                                                 the money the state has been gener-           Q:      Does MUPC have
                                                                                                       a Web site?
separate institution.                            ous enough to allocate to us in the best

Q:       How will your background
         and experience be a ben-
                                                 way to improve the center for patients
                                                 and their families. I want families to feel
                                                 that they are bringing their loved ones
                                                                                               a:       Yes. to learn more about mUPc,
                                                                                                        please visit
                                                                                               and select “missouri Psychiatric center”
efit to the psychiatric center?                  to a center that is as good as the medi-      from the drop-down list for hospitals
                                                 cal services or the surgical services of      and clinics.

a:        I think one of the things that I
          bring to the table is that I have
                                                 University Hospital.

a lot of connections around the country
to recruit people to bring some new
expertise here that over the next few
                                                 Q:       How did the transition
                                                          affect patients?
                                                                                               Dr. Lauriello at a glance …

years really can bring the standards up
to the best possible practice. I think we
accomplished that in new mexico while I
                                                 a:       the transition was designed to
                                                          be virtually seamless for both
                                                 patients and employees. When it comes
                                                                                               Hometown: Stamford, conn.
                                                                                               College: Yale University in new
                                                                                               Haven, conn.
was there.                                       to taking care of patients, there is no
                                                                                               Medical School: temple University
                                                 difference whether you are working at

Q:    What types of patient
      units are offered at the
                                                 a private hospital or a public hospital or
                                                 a hospital in new mexico, new York or
                                                                                               in Philadelphia
                                                                                               Residency: new York Presbyterian
                                                                                               Hospital’s Payne Whitney Psychiatric
Missouri Psychiatric Center?                     missouri. You simply have to take care of
                                                 patients and address their needs.             clinic

a:        the center’s inpatient beds are
          divided among three units. A
child unit serves pre-adolescents ages           Q:       What is your message to
                                                          the community?
                                                                                               Additional study: Fellowships in psy-
                                                                                               chopharmacology and psychobiology
5 to 12 and adolescents ages 13 to 17.                                                         in california at Stanford University and
two units serve adults. the missouri
Psychiatric center also offers an emer-
gency room assessment unit to help with
                                                 a:       this is a unique center. It is a
                                                          regional anchor for multiple
                                                 counties. We would like to expand it and
                                                                                               the University of San Diego
                                                                                               Specializes in: Diagnosis and treat-
                                                                                               ment of psychotic disorders, most
crisis stabilization, intake and discharge       provide more care for people who have         notably schizophrenia
planning for patients.                           used mid-mo — so that people who
                                                                                               Family: Wife, naomi; children,
      mid-missouri mental Health center          would have gone to Kansas city or St.
closed one unit within the past year             Louis for psychiatric care can receive the    Anthony, 18; Sophia,16; and Anna, 11
because it could not be sustained. Our           same services in columbia. Our ultimate       Hobbies: Watching my children play
goal is to improve the reputation of the         goal is to be a center of excellence.         sports, running and gardening
services and consider adding another                                                           Pets: two dogs and two cats
unit in the future. We’re not obligated to
do that, but I see it as an opportunity to       Q:       What are some of the ser-
                                                          vices provided at MUPC?
                                                                                               Reading: I enjoy reading about cur-
                                                                                               rent events, history books and The
provide more care.

Q:    How much money is
      the state allocating for
                                                 a:        As an inpatient hospital, we
                                                           are here to provide a safe envi-
                                                 ronment for people who are in crisis.
                                                                                               New York Times.
                                                                                               Music: I listen to whatever my kids
                                                                                               listen to and also like national
renovations?                                     this includes people who are suicidal,
                                                                                               Public radio.
                                                 potentially homicidal or suffering from

a:        We’re supposed to receive a
          little over $13 million. this facil-
ity could not move into the next century
                                                 a psychiatric illness for which we have
                                                 well-established treatments. All patients
                                                 are assessed, admitted when necessary,
                                                                                               Story by Matt Splett
without some facility improvements. the          treated with the best available medica-
                                                                                               Photography by Justin Kelley
vast majority of the money is going to           tions, supported with psychotherapy

                                                                                                    OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives        9
                the University of missouri Health System thanks our employees who have served
                the health system for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years* at University of missouri
                Health care, the School of Health Professions (SHP), the School of medicine
                (SOm) and the mU Sinclair School of nursing (mUSSOn).

                Susan Bauer, RN, MSN                              charles redmon, medical education                       Wilford Garton Jr,, It technical Services
                Maternal-child clinical nurse                     c. David roberts, School of Health                      Patty Harrison, Decision and
                specialist for Developmental and                    Professions (SHP)                                       reporting Support
                Behavioral Pediatrics                             carol Sommers, Physical medicine and                    mary Leyba, It technical Services
                                                                    rehabilitation clinic                                   at mrc
                   i was hired in at $3.60 an hour                Grace Sun, biochemistry                                 Karla malaney, University Hospital’s
               in 1974 and i felt rich, but a brand-              Freda tapp, Labs                                          5 West
               new volkswagen beetle was only                     evelyn tyler, registration                              marian minor, Physical therapy at SHP
$3,000. two months after i started, they decided                  carol Walker, medical records                           carolyn Sapp, ellis Fischel clinics
to make the medical center air-conditioned. they                  Lynn Wheeler, medicine                                  Dasi Schlup, crH Social Services
started with labor and Delivery because nothing                                                                           Diane Sheley, Food Services
could be worse than being in labor and hot.                                                                               cathryn taggart, Sourcing and
                                                                                         Rhonda S.
                                                                                                                            Supply chain
          35 years of service                                                            Brown, CPC                       Donald Wood, Surgery Services
                                                                                         Manager for University
          Susan bauer, Developmental and                                                 Physicians Professional
              behavioral Pediatrics
                                                                                         Coding and Revenue
                                                                                                                          25 years of service
          rhonda brown, University Physicians                                                                             virginia Allen, Pastoral care
              Professional coding and revenue                                             everything has
                                                                                                                          Doreen bempah, children’s Hospital’s
          Paula bullock, Infection control                                             changed since i
                                                                                                                             Pediatric Intensive care Unit (PIcU)
          Paul cary, toxicology and Drug                             started working here, but i believe the
                                                                                                                          Denise boland, Surgery
              testing Laboratory                                     biggest changes have been in technol-
                                                                                                                          carol conley, Labs
          michael cooperstock, child Health                          ogy. i’ve enjoyed serving here for 35
                                                                                                                          Sherry corwin, controller
          Gwendolyn curtis, Orthopaedic Surgery                      years because i have the opportunity
                                                                                                                          nancy Dawson, Labs
          Hattie Gatewood, Food Services                             to learn something new every day.
          Sue Glasgow, therapies                                                                                                              Paula bullock, Med,
          David Holmes, Distribution Services                     30 years of service                                                         Mt (ascP), cic
          michael Hosokawa, Family and
              community medicine                                  Alan bernhardt, It clinical Applications                                    Infection control professional
          Steven Huffman, Labs                                    Gordon brown, Health management                                             for Infection Control
          carol Hunt, Pharmacy at missouri                           and Informatics
                                                                                                                                                   technology has changed
              rehabilitation center (mrc)                         roberta cooke, Family and
                                                                                                                                                through the years — we have gone
          ellis Ingram, Pathology and                                community medicine
                                                                                                                                                from having no phones in patient
              Anatomical Sciences                                 Debra cram, University Hospital’s 5 West
                                                                                                                              rooms to laptops in patient rooms. the way
          Dorothy martin, Adolescent Unit                         victoria Duncan, Labs
                                                                                                                              infections are transmitted hasn’t changed, though.
          Daniel mayfield, Pediatric cardiology                   victoria eichhorn, missouri Institute of
                                                                                                                              Hand washing is still the no. 1 means of
          Patra mierzwa, medical Pharmacology                        mental Health
                                                                                                                              preventing infections.
              and Physiology                                      barry Gainor, Orthopaedic Surgery

          *The service anniversaries are determined by employees’ length of benefit-eligible status. List provided by Human Resources.

  10 O c t O b e r / n O v e m b e r   2009 Archives
                                                                                                    Thank you
                                                                                                     for your
                                                                                                   hard work
                                                                                                and dedica

                                                               nancy Shaw, children’s Hospital’s      Janice Degraffenreid, cIcU
Paul cary, Ms                                                  neonatal Intensive care Unit (nIcU)    teresa Delima, nIcU
Coordinator of the Toxicology and Drug Testing Laboratory      Shivendra Shukla, medical              Karen edison, Dermatology
                                                               Pharmacology and Physiology            Sharon Fair, Housekeeping and Dietary
   two keys for my success are the generous and
                                                               Deborah Smith, nIcU                    rita Ferguson, SOm Finance
sustained support from a first-class organization and
                                                               elizabeth Smith, Decision and          Laverne Fisher, Ophthalmology clinic
a hard-working, dedicated staff. i just steer the ship
                                                               reporting Support                      Deborah Flattem, mrc’s
— when allowed by my staff.
                                                               Sally viehland, Pediatrics                nursing Services
      Aimee erard, Student Health Services                     marilyn Wheeler, medical records       brenda Forsee, missouri
      Susan Friess, Patient care Services                 Susan Winkelmann, Obstetrics,                  Ob/GYn Associates
      carolyn Gibbons, Family and                           Gynecology and Women’s Health
                                                          Steven Zweig, Family and
        community medicine                                                                                                Hattie Gatewood
      manijeh Heidari, molecular microbiology               community medicine
                                                                                                                          Cook for Food Services at
        and Immunology
                                                                                                                          University Hospital
     mimi Hess, It technical Services                  20 years of service
     matthew Hile, missouri Institute of                                                                                      i most enjoy the people. i served
                                                       mary Andersen, Pulmonary and                                       19 years on campus in the bakery on
        mental Health
                                                          environmental medicine                                          rollins. it was the central bakery
     virginia Huxley, medical Pharmacology
                                                       Kent babel, It networking                                          on campus, located below bingham
        and Physiology
                                                       Sandra bailey, ellis Fischel Oncology Unit       commons. i came here when they closed it down.
     Suzanne terrell Jennings,
                                                       Gaye baker, Ophthalmology                        the biggest change i’ve noticed since i began is the
        Helicopter Service
                                                       barbara basnett, radiology                       room service at the hospital.
     eileen King, Social Services
                                                       Joseph batal, University
     Dian braun Kittle, Anesthesiology
                                                          Hospital’s Pharmacy
     William Lane, Housekeeping
                                                       Susan bingaman, medical Pharmacology           William Freese, It Administration
     Jeannie Lawless, University Hospital’s
                                                          and Physiology                              Donald Friedrich, Food Services
        Surgical Intensive care Unit (SIcU)
                                                       elaine brady, clinical Lab                     cheryl Fry, Iv therapy
     michael Lefevre, Family and
                                                       Alzina britton, emergency Services             Janice Gartman, endoscopy
        community medicine
                                                       Donna cargile, mrc’s nursing Services          Kathy Gehrig, Student Health Services
     William mccord, radiology
                                                       Deb collins, cardiac Intensive care            James Green, Obstetrics, Gynecology
     christine meler, ellis Fischel
                                                          Unit (cIcU)                                    and Women’s Health
        Professional Services
                                                       Karen cox, clinical Outcomes                   Jim Gwinner, the Staff for Life
     raley montgomery, nephrology
                                                       carolyn Davis, crH’s Antepartum and               Helicopter Service
     Karen nickell, It clinical Applications
                                                          Postpartum Unit                             David Harris, mrc’s Plant engineering
     carol nierling, trauma Services
     Shirley Owen,                                                                                       and maintenance
        Orthopaedic Surgery                                                                           Wanda Hillerman, ellis Fischel
                                                            Gwen curtis                                  Oncology Unit
     Donna Pace, Labs
                                                            Clinic coordinator at the Missouri Hip    rosemary Hogan, School of
     brenda Petree,
        Food Services
                                                            and Knee Center and the Missouri Foot        Health Professions
     elizabeth Pfeiffer, crH’s Well                         and Ankle Center                          Lynn Houg, Plant engineering
        baby nursery                                            Probably the biggest change i’ve      Ali Hussam, SOm communications
     twyla robinson, Accounting                             seen is the way the hospital’s physical   ricky Jackman, Food Services
     cindy roller, Labs                                     appearance has changed. it has come       teresa Janney, the Staff for Life
     reggie Scott, It Operations             a long way from a revolving front door and a little         Helicopter Service
        and telecommunications               candy shop as you walk in. What has remained the         Deon Jones, Housekeeping
                                             same is 35 years’ worth of lifelong friends.

                                                                                                          OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives               11
                 sue Glasgow
                 Rehabilitation therapy aide for Therapies
                      i enjoy working with a wonderful
                                                                                                                  Gere Harmon, Patient Financial Services
                  staff in acute rehab and helping people.   15 years of service                                  Sandra Harryman, medical and
                  loving what i do and seeing miracles
                  every day has kept me here. through        richard Ackerman, missouri Institute of                 neurosurgical Intensive care
                  35 years, this remains a good place to       mental Health                                         Unit (mnSIcU)
                  work if you like keeping busy — and        timothy Freese, It technical Services                Karen Hendrix, Public relations
i still run one flight of stairs every day.                  Lori Argo, Adult medicine Services                      and marketing
                                                             David bank, respiratory therapy                      Sally Hibbs, radiology
                                                             Kathryn baylor, Family and                           melanie Himmelberg, child Health
           Lisa Kile, clinical engineering
                                                               community medicine                                 tzyh chang Hwang, medical
           Kathy Lamere, molecular microbiology
                                                             cindy bennett, mrc nursing Services                     Pharmacology and Physiology
              and Immunology
                                                             Lorie bousquet, Family and community                 Jane Josten, mrc nursing Services
           Donald Leimkuehler, 5 West nursing
                                                               medicine                                           Kevin Kane, Family and
           robert Lim, medical Pharmacology and
                                                             tamara bowne, employee Health clinic                    community medicine
                                                             barbara brinkman, SHP’s                              mary Kerr, Pediatrics
           Anna Logan, Food Services
                                                               communication Sciences                             marydell Khan, Off-site Family medicine
           Penny Lorenz, Physical medicine and
                                                               and Disorders                                      Deborah Kluthe, mrc Physicians
                                                                                                                        robert Koch, cooper county
           mark martin, biochemistry
           roxanne mcDaniel, Sinclair School                             David Holmes                                   memorial Hospital
                                                                         Coordinator in Distribution Services           James Lamb, Food Services
              of nursing
                                                                                                                        carmen Lara, Labs
           Willard miller, ellis Fischel’s                                   interacting with all of the coworkers      Peggy Laughlin,
              Ambulatory Infusion Unit (AIU)                             here at the hospital is the best part of       Outpatient Services
           Kirby nichols, mailroom                                       my job. they have become my extended           charles Lee, Surgery Services
           Lisa Olisah, Anesthesiology                                   family. there will always be sick people       Dennis Lubahn, biochemistry
           rebecca Oyelola, Pediatrics                                   in need, and there will always be a great      Stephen Lyon, It technical Services
           Phyllis Pendleton, mrc’s                                      group of people to work with here.             Helen mann, nIcU
              Physical therapy
                                                                                                                        Pia mcclain, Family and
           Paula randall, ellis Fischel’s
                                                             Dexter burns, respiratory therapy                       community medicine
              Oncology Unit
                                                             Jean campbell, missouri Institute of                 Jennifer mcclellan, nIcU
           Sharon rawlings, Off-site
                                                               mental Health                                      ramonna mcKinzie, University Physicians
              Family medicine
                                                             Stephanie coleman, Food Services                        Payment Services
           Karen rhodes, missouri Institute of
                                                             Kathy cook, cIcU                                     elaine meier, University Physicians-
              mental Health’s continuing education
                                                             tony cook, Family and                                   calloway clinic
           Linda rockers, mrc’s nursing Services
                                                               community medicine                                 Denice mendenhall, Sinclair School
           mohammed roohparvar, mrc’s
                                                             Susan curry, nIcU                                       of nursing
              nursing Services
                                                             Darla Dorward, Psychiatry                            valerie meyer, crH Labor and Delivery
           Linda ruiz, Labs
                                                             Jeri Doty, executive Administration for              John montgomery, emergency medicine
           Paul Schoephoerster, Family and
                                                               University of missouri Health care                 ruth morgan, Student Health Services
              community medicine
                                                             erma Drobnis, Obstetrics, Gynecology                 Helen newcomer, mrc Storeroom
           thomas Selva, child Health
                                                               and Women’s Health                                 Susan Pereira, Family and
           Georgia Sims, registration
                                                             ruby eddington, mrc nursing Services                    community medicine
           Leeclair Smith, respiratory therapy
                                                             monica elliott, medical Pharmacology                 charlotte Phillips, biochemistry
           val Solomon, Accounting
                                                               and Physiology                                     Lisa Porter, Surgery Services
           Julie Squires, Internal medicine
                                                             Kelley Faup, Ophthalmology                           Leslie Prothero, University Physicians-
           Sherry turbyeville, Adult
                                                             brandi Forman, General Surgery                          Woodrail medicine clinic
              medicine Services
                                                             nancy Franklin, SOm’s
           mark Waller, Linen and Sewing
                                                               rural Health Area Health                                 steve Huffman, Mt
           min Wang, center for reproductive
                                                               education centers program
              Science and technology                                                                                    Assistant manager for Labs
                                                             marta Fuemmeler,
           michele Wright, crH’s Labor
                                                               Hematology and Oncology                                      i’ve had several mentors who have
              and Delivery
                                                             Gail Garcia,                                               taught me how to be better at my job.
           mary Wulff, Orthopaedic clinic
                                                               business Development                                     i’ve enjoyed the University setting.
           robert Zitsch, Otolaryngology –
                                                             Dennis Handley, cooper                                     i like being involved in teaching
              Head and neck Surgery
                                                               county memorial Hospital                                 students, as it keeps me current on
                                                                                                                        new technologies.

   12 O c t O b e r / n O v e m b e r   2009 Archives
               Michael charles
               Hosokawa, ed
               Professor of family and
               community medicine                        John Acton, engineering Services               marilee bomar, Family and
                   i grew up in colorado and spent       Donna Adkins, crH                                 community medicine
                most of my previous professional life      Outpatient Surgery                           tommy bommel, engineering Services
                in oregon. When i came to Missouri,      naomi Aghedo, child Health clinic              Henrietta botts, crH medicine Unit
i could not believe people could live in this climate.   tammy Aldridge, mrc                            robyn boustead, mImH
the people at the University and the community             nursing Services                             melinda bower, radiology Services
have kept me here for 35 years. My colleagues in         Shannon Amelunke, nIcU                         Daniel brightwell, radiology Services
family medicine have been a marvelous group. My          terri Anderson, registration                   Lisa brockman, University Physicians-
association with the medical students brings constant    Judith Andrews, crH’s Intensive care              Keene Family medicine clinic
joy and admiration for the people who will be              Unit (IcU) and cardiac care Unit (ccU)       marie brown, nursing Administration
tomorrow’s physicians.                                   Kevin Ashley, It technical Services            Sandra brumm, radiology Services
                                                         Karen Ashrafzadeh, emergency Services          mary bruner, crH
                                                         Amy Aubuchon, respiratory therapy                 electroencephalography (eeG)
          Darlene racinowski, University
                                                         Susan backe, revenue management                Kenneth buchmann,
             Physicians-calloway clinic
                                                         Harland bagley, crH’s                             engineering Services
          Ann reberry, center for education and
                                                           respiratory therapy                          Harold burgeson Jr, clinical Lab
                                                         clarinda baker, children’s Hospital            Lauren burton, nursing Administration
          erika ringdahl, Family and
                                                           Support Services                             rochelle butler, Psychiatry
             community medicine
                                                         Janet baker, Off-Site Family medicine          Sandra butler, crH medicine Unit
          Debra ritchie, Otolaryngology –
                                                         b. Sonny bal, Orthopaedic Surgery              robert bynum, Family and
             Head and neck Surgery
                                                         Kari ballenger, Food and                          community medicine
          bridgett robbins, Staffing
                                                           nutrition Services                           Deborah campbell, case management
             Support Services
                                                                                                        Doreen campbell, Housekeeping
          tobias rojas, clinical Lab
          Kristyn Sanders, employee Health clinic                            ellis                      Joseph carlos, Housekeeping
                                                                                                           and Dietary
          Jenna Sapp, SHP’s rehabilitation                                   ingram, MD                 Dawn carter, Food and nutrition Services
             continuing education Program
                                                                             Pathologist and director   Lorna carver, recovery
          Joni Schupp, radiology
                                                                             of MU Health Care’s        David casteel, Plant engineering
          colleen Sheets, Diabetes center
          Gina Silvey, Family and
                                                                             cytology laboratory        martha chapman, radiology
                                                                                                        carol clark, Sourcing and Supply chain
             community medicine                                                  What i most
                                                                                                        rosetta clayton, mrc Housekeeping
          Andrew Simpson, Infectious Diseases                                enjoy about my job
                                                                                                        coy cobb, Ophthalmology clinic
          Dale Smith, Plant engineering                    is making diagnoses (that is the work
                                                                                                        Jo coffelt, crH Outpatient Surgery
             maintenance at mrc                            of the pathologist), working with the
                                                                                                        Deborah coffman, crH’s IcU and ccU
          Jingzhi Song, crH’s Antepartum Unit              wonderful techs in the cytology lab
                                                                                                        Stephen colbert, Plastic Surgery
          tammy Strawn, cardiology                         and seeing patients to do fine-needle
                                                                                                        Susan conaway, mrc Labs
          Ajab taj, medical records                        aspirations.
                                                                                                        James connors III, radiology
          Kenneth taube, Plant engineering
                                                                                                        Donna connot, medical research Office
          nancy taylor, radiology
                                                         Susan barker, ellis Fischel Oncology Unit      Stacie connot, General Pediatrics
          Angela thomas, radiology
                                                         Jeffrey barnes, transport Services             brian cooper, radiology Services
          terri Watts, Off-Site Family medicine
                                                         mary barnette, crH Outpatient Surgery          Jonna cope, mrc Dietary Services
          Patricia Wells, center for education
                                                         Diane basinger, University Physicians-         Sheila corey, Orthopedic Surgery
             and Development
                                                           Keene Family medicine clinic                 barbara cornell, Surgery
          Daryl Williams, transport Services
                                                         Anita beall, materials buying                  Deborah countryman, missouri
          Donctella Williams, cardiology clinic
                                                         bonnie beedle, SOm Development                    Ob/GYn Associates
          Sherralyn Williams, neurosurgery
                                                         Jo benne, nursing Administration               Deborah creason, medicine Unit
          mary Winterbower, Housekeeping
                                                         Douglas bennett, Surgery Services              brenda creed-baker, cardiovascular Lab
          Ann York, mnSIcU
                                                         marilyn bentley, Patient Financial Services    Daniel crouch, It Application Services
          rachel Yung, University Physicians-
                                                         Diana blevins, mrc Housekeeping                Spencer crump, engineering Services
             Fayette clinic
                                                         constance blow, SHP Physical therapy           travis crump, radiology
                                                         regina boelsen, nursing Administration         Julie cunningham, mrc management
          10 years of service                            Joan bohn, Sterile Processing                     Information Systems and
          tsghe Abraha, Pathology and                    mark bollinger, It Administration                 Data Processing
            Anatomical Sciences

                                                                                                            OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives         13
                 Dorothy Martin, lPn
                 Senior licensed practical nurse
                   i work in children’s Hospital on the   barbara Fennel, Ultrasound                           Surgery clinic
               adolescent Unit. i enjoy working with      Jamie Fessler, therapies                          mardella Hausman, Utilization review
               the teenage clientele. i started to work   nancy Fible, crH’s IcU and ccU                    cecilia Haverstick, Surgery
               here thinking it would be just a short     Shellaine Frazier, Pathology and                  robert Hawkins, Pharmacy
               time while i attended school, but i           Anatomical Sciences                            Sara Hawkins, Sterile Processing
               completed schooling and stayed on.         mary Fuemmeler, mUSSOn                            nancy Heisler, registration
the biggest change i have seen is how technology has      Jeana Fuller, University Physicians-              Jamie Henderson, respiratory therapy
advanced through the years.                                  Woodrail medicine clinic                       Kristi Henke, Orthopedic Surgery
                                                          Pamela Fuller, missouri Hip and                   Helen Hester, radiology
           mary cunningham, missouri                         Knee center                                    tammy Heuer, nIcU
              Palliative care                             robert Furlong, Housekeeping                      Patrick Hilden, engineering Services
           Alicia curtis, Patient Financial Services      Stacey Furlong, communications                    teresa Hinkle, clinical Lab
           Ousama Dabbagh, Pulmonary and                  Karen Gaffey, Food and                            Gilda Hobbs, crH Admitting
              environmental medicine                         nutrition Services                             Lois Hobbs, Labs
           cindy Dahms, ellis Fischel clinics             Lianna Gallup, Surgery Services                   Linda Hoffman, Orthopedic Surgery
           Hollis Dale, Anesthesiology                    Pamela Garfias, ellis Fischel                     terry Holmes, mrc Plant engineering
           Shari Dale, respiratory therapy                   Administration                                    maintenance
           christine Dampier, Housekeeping                Julia Garner, emergency Services                  Angela Holt, crH’s Antepartum and
           Klista Daniel, mrc Storeroom                   Arlon Gelder, emergency Services                     Postpartum Unit
           rebecca Danker, Pharmacy                                                                                Jeffrey Holt, University Physicians
                                                                                                                   Surgery clinic
           Wanda Davenport, nursing                                  charles redmon
              Administration                                                                                       Sandra Hoover, crH
                                                                     Electronics technician in the School          electrocardiogram (eKG)
           everett Davis, engineering Services
                                                                     of Medicine’s Department of Medical           rebecca Horn, University
           Janis Davis, registration
           Judy Davis, crH
                                                                     Education and Curriculum                      Physicians Payment Services
              Outpatient Surgery                                        i really enjoy working with the            Gerald Hoskins, crH computed
           nancy Day, missouri center for                            people here. We have good people.             tomography (ct)
              reproductive Health and Fertility                                                                    tracy Hudson, clinic Administration
           rebecca Day, cardiopulmonary                                                                            Stephanie Hunt, Adult
              Services                                    Debi German, crH’s medicine Unit                     Step-Down Unit
           Justin Delap, missouri bariatric Services      Gregory Gibbs, registration                       eddie Hurd, Housekeeping
           Jim Deline, emergency medicine                 robert Giboney, nursing Administration            Debra Hurst, crH magnetic resonance
           marilyn Diekmann, crH Administration           melinda Gifford, Orthopedic Surgery                  Imaging (mrI)
           connie Dorflinger, mU Health care              erin Gillespie, Adolescent Unit                   cynthia Hyde, Ophthalmology clinic
              executive Administration                    rich Gleba Jr., SOm communications                Donna Ianke, center for education
           Debra Douglas, Health management               Daniel Golian, Housekeeping                          and Development
              and Informatics                             Sherry Golian, crH Step-Down Unit                 Janice Janssen, SOm business
           Dorinda Douglas, Outpatient                    Jennie Gorham, mrc Physicians                        and Finance
              Procedure Unit                              carla Grayer, Patient Financial Services          Daniel Johanningmeier, crH
           Wei Du, School of Health Professions ItS       Gerald Green, nuclear medicine                       respiratory therapy
           therisa Dunn, registration                     maureen Green, Diabetes center
           Laura east, mrc Dietary Services               vilas Gregg, endoscopy                                      c. David roberts,
           Kimberly echelmeier, missouri                  Ann Hagan, materials buying
                                                                                                                      PhD, crc
              Perinatal clinic                            Les Hall, mU Health care executive
                                                             Administration and SOm                                   Professor of research at the
           Paula edwards, nursing Administration
                                                          mary Hammer, medical transcription                          School of Health Professions
           Janice englander, Pharmacy
           Donna epperly, Finance                         Jean Hansen, Senior care                                        i’ve most enjoyed a variety
           Kerri epperly, Surgical Intensive care         Sandra Harper, clinical Lab                                 of challenges, opportunities to
              Unit (SIcU)                                 Karen Harris, Service excellence                            participate in organizational
           edith evans, Housekeeping                      mary Harrison, radiology                   change and travel. the biggest change i have
           tyrone Falles, Housekeeping                    Donna Hartley, University Physicians       noticed is the continuing growth of the MU
           Dana Farquhar, Patient Financial Services         Surgery clinic                          community, but it has remained a caring
           Aaron Feltner, Orthopedic Surgery              Helen Hatton, University Physicians        community through the years.

   14 O c t O b e r / n O v e m b e r   2009 Archives
            carol sommers, lPn
            Licensed practical nurse in the
            Department of Physical Medicine and       James Linville, Patient                   Pamela nielson, crH Step-Down Unit
            Rehabilitation                            Financial Services                        thomas Odum, crH recovery
                i can’t think of anywhere else        Dennis Lipper, nursing                    Helen Oetting, SOm Development
             i would want to work. We have great      Administration                            Kenneth Ogawa, Student Health Services
             patients and coworkers.                  Jamie Lloyd, It Operations and            Jean Oneal, Patient Financial Services
                                                      telecommunications                        myrtle Osborn, Pharmacy
                                                      Kimm Long, cIcU                           Leigh Osborne, Surgery Services
Patricia Johanningmeier, recovery                     nancy Lowry, Surgery Services             Lisa Oswald, corporate compliance
renee Johnmeyer, clinical engineering           Gary mackie, mrc Administration                 James Pace, engineering Services
   and Informatics                              Amy martens, radiology                          Jeri Patrick, Surgery
barbara Johnson, Housekeeping                   barbara martin, crH mrI                         Anita Peeler, endoscopy
Dorothy Johnson, University Physicians          Holly martin, University Physicians             Julie Perkins, University Physicians-
   Payment Services                                Payment Services                                Woodrail medicine clinic
Garry Johnson, Anesthesiology                   Sherry martin, nursing Administration           Lora Perkinson, UH Pharmacy
Gerald Johnson, It technical Services           Susan martin, clinical Lab                      michele Petersen, crH IcU and ccU
rebecca Johnson, mUSSOn                         merry matters, medicine Unit                    Gertrude Peterson, Food Services
terrance Johnson, transport Services            randy mattson, Pharmacy                         marius Petruc, Food Services
carolyn Jones, Internal medicine clinic         Donna mccart, Pharmacy                          Gordon Phillips, Security
Linda Jones, Housekeeping                       teresa mccollum, respiratory therapy            Sandra Phillips, nursing Administration
Yolanda Jordan, clinical Lab                    michael mcGuirk, It technical Services          Gary Pickett, Pharmacy
Kavita Katti, radiology                         Sandra mcHugh, Surgery                          Joyce Piotrowski, crH eeG
robyn Kaufman, crH                              Forest mcKee Jr, Food Services                  Deborah Pohlman, Labs
   Outpatient Surgery                           rebecca mcQueen, Plant engineering              connie Popejoy, medical transcription
Janice Kelly, Pathology Lab                     Laura meissen, registration                     Kevin Popejoy, It Operations and
Kathy Kennell, Dermatology                      Angel mesenbrink, cIcU                             telecommunications
christine Keown, registration                   David meyer, Security                           Karen Powell, contracting Services
James Keown, Pharmacy                           Penny miles, It technical Services              Susan Prenger, Dermatology
Greg Kidwell, Orthopedic Surgery                Janet millen, ellis Fischel clinics             Diana Price, University Physicians
Alice Kimble, University Physicians                                                                    Payment Services
   Payment Services                                                                                    Phyllis Proctor, medical records
betty King, Orthopedic Surgery                             Grace y. sun, PhD                           Susan ragan, crH Labor
Darale Kingry, mrc                                         Professor of biochemistry                   and Delivery
   nursing Services                                                                                    Deepak raghu, radiology
                                                               i enjoy the freedom to do research
Louese Kirk, nursing Administration                                                                    rebecca rastkar, University
                                                           to improve the health of mankind. i
Yasuyo Knoll, Health                                                                                   Physicians-Woodrail medicine clinic
                                                           also like the environment of a college
   Sciences Library                                                                                    Gwen ratermann, SHP center for
                                                           town. columbia’s growth has been
mary Kramer, respiratory therapy                                                                       Health Policy
                                                           the biggest change i’ve seen in the
Sharon Kuschel, Adult                                                                                  Priya ravindran, Gastroenterology
                                                           past 35 years.
   Step-Down Unit                                                                                      Joanne reed, clinical Lab
Anthony Labarbera,                                                                                     Stephanie reid Arndt, SHP
   Supply Distribution                          charlotte milster, respiratory therapy             Health Psychology
Linda Lake, Orthopedic Surgery                  Donna minner, mUSSOn                            carin reust, Family and
robert Lancey, General Internal medicine        marcella mitchell, respiratory therapy             community medicine
e.m. Landrum, engineering Services              tamara moomey, Surgical Intensive care          teresa rhoades, Food Services
David Lane, Pharmacy                            Kirk morefield, respiratory therapy             Jennifer richards, neurology
cary Lang, clinical Lab                         Amy morgan, nursing Administration              rhonda richards, Plant engineering
melissa Lawson, child Health                    Donna morris, medicine Administration
Karen Lechner, crH Labor and Delivery           James muckerman, engineering Services
ronda Lenzini, medical transcription
                                                                                                 freda tapp
                                                nancy mueller, Patient Financial Services
ching Liang, Housekeeping                                                                        Hospital laboratory technician
                                                Pamela mulholland, Family and
cheryl Lindahl, ellis Fischel                      community medicine                                two of the biggest changes i have seen are the growth
   Ambulatory Infusion                          Donna nale, child Health                         of the emergency room and construction of the critical
Stacey Lindsey, ellis Fischel                   Kecia nelson, Social Services                    care tower.
   Oncology Unit

                                                                                                       OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives              15
              evelyn tyler                                   mary Smith, crH’s Antepartum and                        tom vanbooven, Food/nutrition Services
              Office support staff member in the                Postpartum Unit                                      Dondra vasquez, 5 West nursing
              Department of Registration                     rebecca Smith, Physical medicine                        Sue vest, Health management
                                                                and rehabilitation                                       and Informatics
                  i’ve always liked the work i do and
                                                             rhonda Smith, missouri Institute of                     Amy vogelsmeier, mUSSOn
              the great benefits. i enjoy my hours and
                                                                mental Health                                        Daphne Walker thoth, missouri Institute
              the variety of things i do. i have a
                                                             carmen Spurling, center for education                       of mental Health
              wonderful boss, terrie Grimes.
                                                                and Development                                      Jodie Watring, cardiology Outreach
                                                             rashmi Srivastava, child Health                         Darcy Watson, blood bank
        William richardson, technical Support                Andrea St. Omer, University Hospital                    Lyndia Watts, nuclear medicine
            Services (ttS) and ItS                              Pharmacy                                             Donna Weber, Hospitality and
        Suzanne ridenhour, Gastroenterology                  Wilma Stanfield, Sterile Processing                         valet Services
        robert rinacke, engineering Services                 elizabeth Stanley, Orthopedic Surgery                   brenda Weilmuenster, medical records
        melissa rish, managed care contracting               melisande Statz-Hill, mrc’s                             Frances Welch, It clinical Applications
        Donna robb, ellis Fischel clinics                       nursing Services                                     Frances Welek, emergency Services
        Daniel roberson, Housekeeping                                                                                       James West, Surgery Services
        timothy robertson, Informatics                                                                                      Jennifer West, SOm Development
        Starla robinson, Staffing                                           carol Walker                                    richard White, Orthopaedic Surgery
            Support Services                                                Certified reimbursement assistant in the        Linda Willis, medical records
        curt rohlfing, Pathology and                                        Department of Medical Records                   betty Wilson, materials buying
            Anatomical Sciences                                                                                             Judy Wilson, Plant engineering
                                                                               the computer has really taken
        clarabelle roland, Housekeeping                                                                                     David Wiss, engineering Services
                                                                            over at my workplace. i work in
        Krista romanetto, medical records                                                                                   michelle Woltering, nursing
                                                                            medical records and we are working
        Jill ronnebaum, Orthopedic Surgery                                                                                  Administration
                                                                            on an electronic medical record. i
        Jodi rush, crH Administration                                                                                       Donald Wooten, Food and nutrition
                                                         have even done some of my work from my home.
        Irene Sackreiter,                                                                                                   Services
                                                         What remains the same is the great patient care we
            the Health connection                                                                                           connie Wyatt, Purchasing
                                                         give at the University. i feel good telling people: ‘Why
        colleen Sanders,                                                                                                    Dean Yeager, It Application Services
                                                         not go to the University for your medical care?’
            cardiovascular Lab                                                                                              Saba Yemane, Health management
        Karla Santoyo, nuclear medicine                                                                                     and Informatics
        Juanita Scherrer, nursing                             Shiral Steward, medical records                        marilynn Young, medical transcription
            Administration                                    Kristine Stewart, clinical Lab                         Iris Zachary, Health management
        Patricia Schmidt, medical records                     brandy Stockton, Surgery                                   and Informatics
        Susan Schnetzler, medicine Unit                       mary Studer Logsdon, Patient                           randy Zillig, nursing Administration
        mary Schultz, Internal medicine clinic                    Financial Services                                 cynthia Zimmerman, crH eKG
        mary Schumacher, Student                              robin Studer, Orthopedic Surgery
            Health Services                                   Keith Sublette, materials buying
        Deborah Self, ellis Fischel Administration            Kwok Sum, It Operations and                                        lynn Wheeler, rn
        carol Severson, mrc Housekeeping                          telecommunications                                             Unit educator on University Hospital’s 4 East
        Katherine Shaw, Pathology Lab                         Jennifer Sundall, Pediatrics
        marvin Sheley, transport Services                                                                                            When starting with the University, my
                                                              Stephen Swan, Orthopedic Surgery                                   plan was for temporary employment.
        Laurie Shellhart, Surgery                             George Swisher, SOm business
        Pamela Shiflett, Patient Financial Services                                                                              However, i began working with an excep-
                                                                  and Finance                                                    tional boss, Howard Kincaid, in human
        Jamie Sieveking, registration                         Karen talmage, crH’s Labor
        Jeffrey Simmons, tSS and ItS                                                                                             resources. i held numerous positions, from
                                                                  and Delivery                                                   clerk to executive staff assistant with
        Keri Simon, columbia regional                         Deborah taylor,
            Hospital Administration                                                                          Howard until he spoke of retiring. the University’s excel-
                                                                  SOm Dean’s Office                          lent educational program beckoned and gave me the oppor-
        Agnes Simonyi, biochemistry                           David thiessen, mrc
        mitzi Sims, Surgery                                                                                  tunity to return to school, which i did at the sinclair school
                                                                  Support Services                           of nursing. the University provides many opportunities to
        Jo ellen Skidmore, Patient                            Susan thompson, It clinical
            Financial Services                                                                               staff who want to advance themselves.
        teri Slate, Ophthalmology                             nicole thomson, mImH
        Amanda Smith, clinical Lab                            Paula thornhill, Housekeeping
        Deborah Smith, Health management                      Jennifer townsend, medical
            and Informatics                                       research Office
                                                              Scarlett tremaine, Housekeeping

16 O c t O b e r / n O v e m b e r   2009 Archives
Quality                                                                              Kristin Hahn-cover, mD, internal medicine
                                                                                     physician and director of the Office of
                                                                                     clinical effectiveness, visits with patient
                                                                                     betty Powell of columbia, mo.

It all          adds up
  ‘Secret mathematician’
  named Office of Clinical Effectiveness director

                         here is no easy         realized that medicine was
                         equation for quality    an ideal field for her.
                         improvement, but              During her medicine
                         having a penchant       residency at the University
                         for numbers certainly   of texas Southwest
                         helps. Leading quali-   medical center in Dallas,
  ty improvement projects requires many          where she also attended
  talents of Kristin Hahn-cover, mD —            medical school, she con-
  communication, teamwork and persis-            tinued to surprise herself
  tence, among others — but to prove             with her evolving interests.
  University of missouri Health care’s                 “I started with inter-
  efforts are effective, her studies in mathe-   nal medicine and actu-                             be in this role as director of the Office of
  matics have proven invaluable.                 ally requested that as my first rotation           clinical effectiveness,” Hahn-cover said.
        “I think my secret mathematician         because I knew I didn’t want to do inter-          “the work is very exciting and the Oce
  heart really likes the notion that to make     nal medicine,” Hahn-cover said. “With              team is one of the hardest working and
  quality improvement truly meaningful,          hindsight, every rotation I did after that I       most talented groups that I’ve had the
  you need to have a graph, chart or some        was comparing against internal medicine.           privilege to work with.”
  kind of data that really helps to show         I loved it.”
  whether your work has positive results,”             She came to mU in 2000 and
                                                                                                   Dr. Hahn-cover, at a glance …
  she said.                                      serves as a primary care physician.
        After serving as associate direc-        before joining the Oce, she served               Hometown: richardson, texas
  tor of the Office of clinical effectiveness    as associate director of the School of
                                                 medicine’s Internal medicine residency
                                                                                                  Family: Husband of 18 years, mark
  since September 2008, Hahn-cover was
  named director in July 2009. She suc-          Program. In 2007, she first became               cover; sons Paul, 10, and Will, 7
  ceeds Les Hall, mD, chief medical officer      involved in quality improvement as direc-        Hobbies: my main activity away from
  for mU Health care, in the position.           tor of the residency clinics at University       work is being a mom. I also enjoy
        “Dr. Hahn-cover has consistently         Physicians-Woodrail General Internal             cooking, gardening and reading.
  shown over the past year that she has          medicine clinic and the University
                                                                                                  Pet: roux, a labradoodle (I’m chief
  the skills to successfully lead the Office     Physicians-Fairview General Internal
  of clinical effectiveness,” Hall said. “She    medicine clinic.
  has quality-improvement expertise, great             Hahn-cover attended a pro-                 Favorite movie: the Sound of music
  leadership and interpersonal skills, and       gram by the Institute for Healthcare             Favorite book: the cider House
  a strong relationship as a mentor within       Improvement and was captivated by                rules, by John Irving
  the Oce.”                                      the possibilities. She pursued her new
                                                                                                  Three words that describe me:
        Her round-about path to medicine         interest, working with health care qual-
                                                                                                  Diligent, cooperative and caring
  demonstrates a trait that suits her to         ity improvement experts including Hall,
  health care improvement: an interest in        Doug Wakefield, PhD, director of the             People are surprised to learn: I’m
  learning and tackling new challenges.          mU center for Health care Quality,               married to my high school sweetheart.
  Halfway through her college experience,        and Linda Headrick, mD, mS, director
  while majoring in math and serving as a        of the School of medicine’s education
                                                                                                    Story by Colin Planalp
  peer counselor in the University of texas      Innovation and Improvement Program.
                                                                                                    Photography by Stephen Bybee
  at Austin’s Student Health center, she               “It is an incredible privilege for me to

                                                                                                         OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives            17
         T      he 2009 excellence in nursing                           •	 Julie Bonnot, RN, staff nurse in the medical and
                                                                           neurosurgical Intensive care Unit at UH
                Award winners were honored by                           •	 Karen Bradley, RN, charge nurse at missouri Ob/GYn
                their peers at ceremonies on their                         Associates at University Physicians-Smiley Lane
                                                                        •	 Tracy Carter, senior LPn at University Physicians-callaway
         nursing units. Winners include nurses at                          clinic
         children’s Hospital, columbia regional                         •	 Lorna Carver, RN, staff nurse in the Post-anesthesia care
                                                                           Unit at crH
         Hospital (crH), ellis Fischel cancer                           •	 Lisa Choate, senior LPn on Hearnes 4 at missouri
         center (eFcc), missouri rehabilitation                            rehabilitation center
                                                                        •	 Natasha Christian, senior LPn in the Interventional Pain
         center (mrc), University Hospital (UH)                            medicine clinic
         and University Physicians clinics.                             •	 Deborah Clutts, RN, staff nurse on 5 east at UH
                                                                        •	 Chrissy Collom, RN, staff nurse in Labor and Delivery
                                                                           at crH
         Congratulations to our winners!                                •	 Anne Cotton, RN, staff nurse in the Ambulatory Infusion Unit
         •	 Tammy Aldridge, senior nurse technician on Hearnes 6 West      at eFcc
            at mrc                                                      •	 Mary Creger, RN, nurse supervisor in the George David Peak
         •	 Georgia Anderson, RN, staff nurse in the Operating room        memorial burn and Wound center’s burn Intensive care Unit
            at crH                                                         at UH
         •	 Lynette Baker, RN, nurse clinician in children’s Hospital   •	 Susan Curry, RN, staff nurse in the newborn Intensive care
            Support Services at University Hospital                        Unit at crH
         •	 Laura Ball, RN, staff nurse in Orthopaedics at crH          • Jamie Darr, senior LPn in the Surgical Oncology clinic
         •	 Lisa Beckman, RN, nurse clinician in the Division of           at eFcc
            neurosurgery at UH                                          •	 Judy Dawson, senior LPn in the nursing office at mrc
         •	 Amber Bettis, RN, staff nurse in the children’s Hospital    •	 Charles Donigian, RN, staff nurse in Diagnostic cardiology
            Pediatric Intensive care Unit at UH                            at UH
         •	 Janet Blaise, RN, staff nurse on 7 West at UH

18 O c t O b e r / n O v e m b e r   2009 Archives
ng nurses

                                                                      •	 Katie Merrill, RN, staff nurse in the Surgical Intensive care
                                                                         Unit at UH
                                                                      •	 Ruth Morgan, RN, nurse practitioner at the Student Health
                                                                      •	 Amy Murdock, RN, staff nurse in the children’s Hospital
                                                                         Adolescent Unit at UH
  •	 Lorinda Estal, RN, nurse supervisor in the children’s Hospital   •	 Theresa Nation, RN, University Physicians-Green meadows
     Pediatric Unit at UH                                                pediatric clinic supervisor
  •	 Mary Freiburghaus, RN, nurse practitioner at the                 •	 Vanha Nelsen, senior nurse technician on Hearnes 5 at mrc
     cosmopolitan International Diabetes center at UH                 •	 Jennifer Newman, RN, flight nurse for the Staff for Life
  •	 Janice Gartman, RN, staff nurse in endoscopy at crH                 Helicopter Service
  •	 Marcia Goodman, RN, staff nurse on Hearnes 6 at mrc              •	 Barbara Nicholson, senior LPn on Hearnes 5 West at mrc
  •	 Vickie Grieshaber, RN, staff nurse in the Invasive cardiology    •	 Matt Nusbaum, RN, nurse supervisor on the 4 West Adult
     Lab at UH                                                           Step-down Unit at UH
  •	 Mila Guevara, RN, staff nurse in the Same Day Surgery            •	 Faith Phillips, RN, clinical educator at the center for
     center at UH                                                        education and Development
  •	 Jessica Hanna, RN, staff nurse on 5 West at UH                   •	 Starla Robinson, RN, staff nurse in the Staffing Support
  •	 Jean Harmon, RN, charge nurse at the Urgent care clinic             Services Flex Pool at UH
  •	 Shauna Hess, RN, advanced practice nurse at missouri             •	 Amanda Schoengarth, RN, nurse clinician at the missouri
     Ob/GYn Associates                                                   center for maternal Fetal medicine and Ultrasound
  •	 Denny Hill, RN, staff nurse in the Post-anesthesia care Unit     •	 Cathy Schreiber, RN, staff nurse in the Surgery clinic
     at UH                                                            •	 Terri Schremp, RN, staff nurse in the Antepartum Unit at
  •	 Kim Innes, RN, staff nurse in Iv therapy at UH                      crH
  •	 Judy Johnson, RN, staff nurse in the cardiac Intensive care      •	 Michele Schutte, RN, staff nurse in the Gynecologic
     Unit at UH                                                          Oncology clinic at eFcc
  •	 Lana Karhoff, RN, staff nurse in the emergency Department        •	 Cliff Selkoe, RN, StAt nurse in Staffing Support Services
     at UH                                                               at UH
  • Joe Kellenberger, senior LPn in the Dermatology Oncology          •	 Rebecca Sherwood, RN, nurse clinician at missouri center
     clinic at eFcc                                                      for reproductive medicine and Fertility
  •	 Debbie Kennedy, RN, staff nurse in the intensive care unit       •	 Sue Sinele, RN, staff nurse in cancer Screening Services
     at mrc                                                              at eFcc
  •	 Cora Kite, RN, staff nurse at University Physicians-Surgery      •	 Kathy Slaughter, RN, staff nurse in radiation Oncology
     Associates                                                          at eFcc
  •	 Pam Kite, RN, staff nurse in the Operating room at UH            •	 Erin Spears, RN, nurse clinician in the margaret Proctor
  •	 Carrie Kuster, RN, staff nurse in the Post-partum Unit              mulligan breast Health and research center at eFcc
     at crH                                                           •	 Julie Starr, RN, advanced practice nurse at the missouri
  •	 Kelly Lister, RN, staff nurse in the newborn nursery at crH         center for Female continence and Advanced Pelvic Surgery
                                                                      •	 Linda Sypkens, RN, staff nurse on 6 West at UH
                                                                      •	 Sherry Thompson, LPN, charge nurse in the Department
                                                                         of Family and community medicine at University Physicians-
                                                                         Smiley Lane
                                                                      •	 Janet Weaver, RN, staff nurse in the medical Surgical Unit at
                                                                      •	 Cassie Wilbanks, senior LPn in the medical Oncology clinic
                                                                         at eFcc
                                                                      •	 Beth Wright, RN, staff nurse at the ent and Allergy center
                                                                         of missouri
                                                                      •	 Eric Yount, RN, staff nurse on 4 east at UH
                                                                      the human resources staff and Anita Larsen, rn, mbA, chief nursing
                                                                      executive and interim chief operating officer, presented excellence in
                                                                      nursing Award winners with a pin, certificate and gift. From the left: Larsen
                                                                      congratulates beth Wright, rn, at the ent and Allergy center of missouri.
                                                                      Larsen presents natasha christian, senior LPn, with a pin at the University
                                                                      Physicians-Green meadows clinic. cora Kite, rn, cathy Schreiber, rn, and
                                                                      Lynette baker, rn, are honored at University Hospital.
                                                                                                    OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives               19
                Travel and the Best of Show                                                                  Flowers
                “Wild in the city” by Genevieve de la cruz, pharmacy technician                              “mU Wildlife Pond” by Allen rogers, health facilities architect
2009 Staff Photo ConteSt

                           The eyes have it
                           More than 10,000 votes cast in employee photo contest

                                      pproximately 140 entries were submitted in the 2009 Staff Photo contest. L.G. Patterson, contributing photographer to
                                      Inside Columbia and the Columbia Daily Tribune, narrowed the field down to the top five per category, resulting in the
                                      50 finalists. the finalists were displayed for voting at mU Health care facilities during April and may and were available for
                                      online voting. more than 10,000 votes were cast.
                                the winner for each category was announced during a June reception, along with two new awards, the People’s choice Award
                           and the best of Show, selected by Jennifer Perlow, owner of PS Gallery. Winners received a certificate of recognition and a framed
                           copy of their photographs.
                                the winning photographs were also displayed throughout October at PS Gallery in columbia, mo., and are rotated quarterly at
                           columbia regional Hospital, ellis Fischel cancer center, Quarterdeck and University Hospital.

                Animals                                                                               Missouri Life
                “Little blue Heron” by Genevieve de la cruz, pharmacy technician                      “Great burr Oak at Sunrise” by Shelly nail, hernia surgery
                                                                                                      program coordinator
     20 O c t O b e r / n O v e m b e r        2009 Archives
MU                                                       Still Life and the People’s Choice Award
“truman’s Day Off” by Judy Johnson, rn, staff nurse      “Shadows” by mary Schnell, rn, nursing supervisor

People                                                   Seasonal
“ever Watchful” by Doreen Goldsmith, rn, unit educator   “Winter in vail” by vicki Jennings, rn, staff nurse

Landscape                                                Architecture
“canadian Serenity” by Greg Leonard, financial analyst   “church in Wales” by robin Shook, project development specialist

                                                                                    OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives      21
   To your health

                                            chapped Lips                                                          Scrumptious
                                            Dos and Don’ts                                                        pumpkin
                                            Contributed by Katie Wilbers,
                                                                                                                        Jill Schremp, rD, LD, a
                                            RPh, pharmacist
                                                                                                                  clinical dietitian at University
                                                                                                                  Hospital, submitted this
                                                  At one time or another,                                         Weight Watchers recipe for a
                                            everyone has had chapped                                              scrumptious pecan-topped
                                            lips — lips that are dry,                                             pumpkin dessert. “this
                                            scaly, cracked and sensi-                                             recipe was served at a child
                                            tive. Following these dos and                                         Health luncheon and was
                                            don’ts, along with advice                                             very good,” she said.
                                            from your doctor or phar-
                                            macist, will help you prevent                                         Praline-pumpkin Cake
                                            and treat chapped lips.
                                                                                                                  cooking spray
 DO use protectants.                                                                                              15 oz. canned pumpkin
      Lip treatments like carmex moisture Plus, blistex and                                                       12 oz. fat-free evaporated milk
 chapstick are protectants. these products contain ingredients                                                    1/4 c. fat-free egg substitute
 approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to                                                       1/2 c. sugar
 provide a barrier from the wind and cold that cause chapped lips.                                                4 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
 Apply protectants before going outside and reapply frequently while                                              18 1/4 oz. unprepared white cake mix
 your lips are exposed to the weather.                                                                            1/2 c. pecan halves, chopped
                                                                                                                  1/4 c. reduced-calorie margarine, melted
 DO use hydrocortisone.
      this cream has been approved by the FDA for topical appli-                                                       Preheat oven to 350°F. coat bottom and sides of a 13 x 9 x 2-inch
 cation to treat minor skin irritations. Hydrocortisone 0.25% to 1%                                               baking pan with cooking spray.
 is available over the counter. Apply hydrocortisone several times                                                     Stir pumpkin, milk, egg substitute, sugar and pumpkin pie spice
 each day to heal chapped lips.                                                                                   together in a medium bowl until smooth; pour into pan. Sprinkle dry cake
                                                                                                                  mix over pumpkin mixture and gently press it into pumpkin mixture to
 DON’T use products with salicylic acid.                                                                          moisten. Sprinkle cake with pecans and then drizzle margarine evenly
      Salicylic acid causes the outer layer of skin to peel off,                                                  over top.
 exposing the healthy skin underneath. However, the same                                                               bake, uncovered, until knife inserted in center of cake comes out
 action that causes the peeling also harms the new skin,                                                          clean, about 50 to 60 minutes. cool completely before slicing.
 causing it to chap as well.                                                                                      Makes 16 servings.

 DON’T lick your lips.
      Saliva evaporates very fast and leaves your lips dryer than
 they were before.

                                                                                             eat year!

                                                                                    Have a gr

 calendar of events                                                               January
                                                                                     T   W   T  
                                                                                                  F   S
                                                                                                                       S   M  
                                                                                                                                  T   W   T  
                                                                                                                                   2  3  4 
                                                                                                                                               F   S
                                                                                                                                               5  6   
                                                                                                                                               12  13   
                                                                                                                                                                                  S   M  
                                                                                                                                                                                    7  8 
                                                                                                                                                                                              T   W   T  
                                                                                                                                                                                              2  3  4 
                                                                                                                                                                                               9  10  11 
                                                                                                                                                                                                           F   S
                                                                                                                                                                                                           5  6   
                                                                                                                                                                                                           12  13   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ready for 2010?
                                                                         S   M                                                                                                                     17  18  19 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      to request a 2010 calendar, please
                                                                                                     2                             9  10  11                                         14  15  16 

 Dec. 4 “current topics in traumatic brain Injury,” 21st annual
                                                                                                                         7  8                      20                                              24  25  26 
                                                                                                   8  9                                17  18  19                                     21  22  23 
                                                                                      5  6  7                             14  15  16                27   
                                                                           3  4                        16                              24  25  26                                                   31 
                                                                                          13  14  15                       21  22  23                                                  28  29  30 
                                                                            10  11  12                 23   
                                                                                          20  21  22 

 rusk Lectureship sponsored by the School of medicine’s
                                                                             17     19*                                  28 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 contact colin Planalp, senior information
                                                                                                                                                                                                      MU spring brea
                                                                                           27  28  29 
                                                                              24  25  26 
                                                                           31                                                                                                                                    F   S
                                                                                                                                                                                                    T   W   T  
                                                                                                 ter begins
                                                                                    *Spring semes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 specialist, at (573) 884-1935 or
                                                                                                                                                                                        S   M                3  4  5 

 Department of Physical medicine and rehabilitation, 8:45 a.m.
                                                                                                                                         W   T   F                                                 1  2 
                                                                                           April                           S   M   T                      1   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 11  12   
                                                                                                                                                                                                     8  9  10 
                                                                                                     F   S                                       
                                                                                        T   W   T                                                                                         6  7                   18  19   
                                                                            S   M                        3                                             7  8                                          15  16  17 
                                                                                               1  2                                   4  5  6                                              13  14                           

                                                                                                                           2  3                            15                                                24  25  26 

 to 4 p.m. at University Hospital’s bryant Auditorium, m105.
                                                                                                      9  10                               12  13  14*                                            21  22  23 
                                                                                         6  7  8                            9  10  11                       22   
                                                                              4  5                                                        19  20  21 
                                                                                             14  15  16  17                  16  17  18                                                      27  28  29 
                                                                               11  12  13                                                                   29   
                                                                                             21  22  23 
                                                                                                          24                               26  27  28 
                                                                                18  19   20                                   23  24  25 

 to register, visit                                 25  26  27 
                                                                                              28  29  30

                                                                                              MU spring brea
                                                                                                                               30           semester end

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sep     tember
                                                                                                                                                                                                         T   W   T  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      F   S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  include your name, department, number
                                                                                                                                               August                                        S   M                    3  4   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of calendars you would like and mailing
                                                                                                                                                           F   S                                            1  2 
                                                                                                    July                                     T   W   T                                                 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      10  11   
                                                                                                                                 S   M                      6  7                                          7  8  9 

 Dec. 12 missouri bariatric Services informational seminar,
                                                                                                           F   S                              3  4  5                                          5   
                                                                                              T   W   T                           1  2                          14                                            15  16  17 
                                                                                  S   M                        3                                   11  12  13 
                                                                                                     1  2                          8  9  10                                                     12  13  14                 25   
                                                                                                                                                                21                                            22  23  24 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   address (Dc code).
                                                                                                            9  10                                  18  19  20                                    19  20  21 
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                                                                                    4                                                               25  26  27                                                 29  30
                                                                                                       15  16  17                                                                                 26  27  28 

 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 12, at columbia regional Hospital. to                        11   12  13  14            24                   22   23*  24 
                                                                                                   21  22  23 
                                                                                      18  19  20                31                    29  30  31
                                                                                                   28  29  30                                    *Fall semester 
                                                                                       25  26  27 
 register, contact missouri bariatric Services at (573) 882-5673.                                   October                          S   M  
                                                                                                                                              Nov        ember
                                                                                                                                                 T   W   T  
                                                                                                                                                             F   S
                                                                                                                                                             5  6   
                                                                                                                                                                                                   S   M  
                                                                                                                                                                                                               T   W   T  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1  2 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                7  8  9 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            F   S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             3  4   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            10  11                 To view the University of Missouri Health
                                                                                                               F   S                             2  3  4                                             5  6 
                                                                                                  T   W   T                             1                    12  13                                                 15  16  17* 
                                                                                      S   M                   1  2 
                                                                                                                                                  9  10  11                                           12  13  14                 25   

 Dec. 18 mU fall semester ends
                                                                                                                                       7  8 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Care calendar of events, please visit
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                                                                                                       13  14  15                        21  22  23                                                     26  27  28 
                                                                                         10  11  12                        
                                                                                                       20   21  22  23 
                                                                                          17  18  19                                      28  29  30
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        *Fall semester 

                                                                                                        27  28  29 
                                                                                           24  25  26 

 Dec. 25 christmas Day                                                                   31

                                                                                                                                                                              or information edu.
                                                                                                olidays                                                         Planalp, seni
                                                                                            Paid h                                                                                alth.missouri.

 Jan. 1 new Year’s Day
                                                                                                                                                ase call Colin      planalpc@he
                                                                                                              hite               calendars, ple     935 or e-mail
                                                                                                  aydays in w                        at (573) 884-1
                                                                                       Biweekly p
                                                                                                   ydays in bo
                                                                                       Monthly pa

22 O c t O b e r / n O v e m b e r   2009 Archives
                  And so it
      Site preparations start for
  seven-story patient care tower

                onstruction crews armed           will be located on the tower’s
                with hammers and heavy            first two floors, encompassing
                equipment are busy at             100,000 square feet. It will
                University Hospital preparing     include space for radiation
for construction of the new patient care          oncology, expanded radi-
tower. the first steps toward construction        ology and imaging capa-
began in August with the start of demoli-         bilities, chemotherapy
tion of Dockery-Folk and Hadley-major             treatment, outpatient
halls to clear the site for the new building.     surgical proce-
       the patient care tower will be con-        dure rooms and
structed north of University Hospital’s           recovery areas, 36
main lobby, adjoining the hospital’s critical     examination rooms,
care tower.                                       the margaret
       “the new patient care tower repre-         Proctor mulligan
sents a giant step toward helping us fulfill      breast Health and
our mission of advancing the health care          research center,
of all people, especially missourians, and        cancer Screening
also in helping us continue to provide            Services and
exceptional clinical service and support          missouri’s only lymph-
the education and research missions of            edema center.
the University of missouri,” said Harold                 “With this new ellis
Williamson Jr., mD, vice chancellor of the        Fischel facility, we will be
mU Health System.                                 able to provide state-of-the-art
       the patient care tower will house          cancer care, not only for now, but
a new facility for ellis Fischel cancer           for future generations to come,” said                     Floor plan
center, 60 private patient rooms, space           charles caldwell, mD, PhD, medical
for future expansion and new surgical             director of ellis Fischel and cancer          Seventh floor:    Shelled space for 30 private
                                                                                                                  patient rooms
facilities, including operating rooms and         research center missouri chair in
                                                                                                   Sixth floor:   30 private patient rooms
pre- and post-operative rooms.                    cancer research.
       “the tower will provide a state-of-                                                         Fifth floor:   30 private patient rooms
the-art facility for our health care profes-      Story by Colin Planalp                         Fourth floor:    Pre- and post-operative rooms
sionals to provide patient-centered care,”        Photography by Gene Royer                        Third floor:   Surgical services, including
said clarissa easton, AIA, chief facilities                                                                       operating rooms
officer. “With private patient rooms, new                                                       Second floor:     ellis Fischel outpatient services
waiting lounges for loved ones and a                      By the numbers                           First floor:   ellis Fischel outpatient services
tranquil healing garden, the new tower                                                          Ground floor:     Support services
                                                         Cost: $203 million including
will offer our patients and visitors a com-                    $52 million for ellis Fischel
fortable atmosphere.”
                                                       Building Seven stories
       ellis Fischel outpatient services        specifications: 280,000 square feet
                                                    Schedule: Site preparations began
                                                              in August 2009
                                                                 construction begins in early
                                                                 2010, building completed
                                                                 in early 2013                          OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives                23

            Miracles for Kids Radiothon                                                                                       art in health Care concert

the children’s miracle network raised
more than $225,000 to support children’s
Hospital during the miracle for Kids
radiothon from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2.
Above: barbie Underwood of columbia,                                                                                          Jourdan Urbach poses with t.J., the children’s
mo., watches as her son, Derek, speaks                                                                                        Hospital mascot, before his performance at the
about his experiences at children’s                                                                                           missouri theater of the Arts in columbia on June
Hospital. top right: columbia residents                                                                                       7. University of missouri Health care’s Art in Health
Denise mcDaniel and her daughter,                                                                                             care program and the missouri Symphony Society
Amanda, are interviewed about Amanda’s            Former children’s Hospital patient nathan Fischer and his                   hosted the concert featuring Urbach, a teen violin
experiences as a cancer patient.                  father, Steve, drove from their home in Kansas city, mo., to                prodigy, and the missouri Symphony Orchestra,
                                                  volunteer at the radiothon’s phone bank.                                    directed by maestro Kirk trevor.

            Mizzou Spirit Day

mike Anderson, head basketball                Gary Pinkel, head football coach, visited families at children’s Hospital   University of missouri cheerleader Kelsey Sisco, a
coach, presents patient Levi colvin           on Oct. 15, including patient Jacob Pearson with his parents, tony          junior from moberly, mo., leads cheers at a spirit rally
with a team poster in the children’s          and Amanda.                                                                 in University Hospital’s main lobby on Oct. 15.
blood Disorders and cancer Unit.

    24 O c t O b e r / n O v e m b e r   2009 Archives
    national Cancer Survivors’ Day                                            eSPn Children’s hospital visit

ellis Fischel’s third annual national cancer Survivors’ Day celebra-
tion on June 6 attracted approximately 100 survivors to the lawn of
the cancer center. Participants enjoyed time with family and friends,
speaking to other survivors and reuniting with caregivers.
                                                                              Above: University of missouri
                                                                              children’s Hospital mascot, t.J.,
   Jay Dix Challenge to Cure race                                             and patient marlo Hill Jr., 9, pose
                                                                              for a picture with eSPn’s chris
                                                                              Fowler, Jesse Palmer, craig
                                                                              James and erin Andrews during
                                                                              their visit to the hospital on Oct.
                                                                              7. the tv personalities were in
                                                                              columbia for eSPn’s broadcast
                                                                              of the missouri tigers football
                                                                              game against the nebraska
                                                                              cornhuskers. right: eSPn report-
                                                                              er erin Andrews signs the cast of
                                                                              patient marlo Hill Jr.

                                                                              “Decorate-a-Bra” fundraiser

more than 600 sets of feet pounded the pavement during the Jay
Dix challenge to cure race in downtown columbia, mo., on April 12.
Proceeds from the event totaling $15,000 will be used to support
cancer research and education at ellis Fischel cancer center.

           Speaking of Women’s health
                                              natalie Harris, rrt, respira-
                                              tory therapist for University
                                              of missouri Health care,
                                              talks to rebecca bailey
                                              about lung health at the
                                              Speaking of Women’s
                                              Health event on may 1
                                              at the Holiday Inn expo
                                              center in columbia, mo.
                                              mU Health care sponsored
                                              the first day of the event,     the “Decorate-A-bra” fundraiser was a smashing success, raising $8,500
                                              which drew hundreds of          for breast cancer patient care programs at ellis Fischel cancer center.
                                              women interested in learn-      entries were displayed at a reception and a silent auction of the bras on
                                              ing more about health           Oct. 6. the “novel H1n1 (Swine Flu)” bra claimed first place in the “F cup:
                                              issues for themselves and       Funny” category. Pictured with the bra are decorators eloy montenegro,
                                              their families.                 meichele Foster, Dawn nunez, mary beth brown, eileen Hasser, rose
                                                                              Hayden and brenda eggebrecht. not pictured is Jerry Kiesling.
                                                                                                                OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives              25
                                                                 recommendations using a            of American medical colleges, showed

                                                                   multidisciplinary approach.      that mU medical students significantly
                                                                      the teams then presented      outscore a majority of their peers on

                                                                       their findings to a panel    licensing exams and residency reviews.
                                                                        of judges, who evalu-             concerns regarding the quality of
                                                                        ated each presentation      care and patient safety in health care
                                                                         in the context of real-    were raised following an Institute of
                                                                         world standards            medicine report in 1999. According to
                                                                        of practice.                the report, as many as 98,000 Americans
                                                                               Dine, the nursing    might die each year due to medical
                                                                       student, said the stu-       errors. With a lack of communication
                 MU wins national patient                             dents worked together to      cited as one possible cause of the errors,
                 safety competition                                 identify sentinel events, or    interprofessional education has emerged
                                                                 factors that place a patient at    at the forefront of health care curricula
                                                              increased risk for injury.            nationwide.
                                                                 “It was interesting to see               robert DeGraaff, PhD, the mU
                                                          what each of the different areas          group’s faculty adviser and assistant pro-
                                                          brought to analyzing the case,”           fessor and director of graduate studies
                                                          Dine said. “each of us had some-          for the health management and infor-

                   hree-year-old Rafael                   thing unique to contribute.”              matics department, said mU students
                                                                trueblood said working with         worked together to go beyond other
                   Santos arrived at a                    team members allowed him to               schools with their clinical and financial
                   Chicago hospital after                 see other health professionals’           analysis of the case.
        a small coin he swallowed got                     perspectives. this was not entirely             “their explication of the sentinel
                                                          new to him, however, because of           event, quality of root cause analysis,
        stuck in his throat. Six weeks and                the School of medicine’s problem-         thoughtfulness of recommendations,
        $750,000 later, Rafael returned                   based learning curriculum.                application of evidence-based practice,
        home to his parents. How could                          “We work in small groups            thoroughness of financial analysis, and
                                                          from day one until we graduate,”          overall professionalism all contributed
        health care professionals have                    trueblood said. “We even do               to their first-place case analysis and
        prevented the family’s unneces-                   case analysis like this as an inter-      presentation,” DeGraaff said. “One of
        sary suffering and expenses?                      professional activity with nursing        the really valuable things about the
                                                          students.”                                cLArIOn competition and experience
                                                                A 10-year study on the cur-         is the importance of interprofessional
              that’s the question a winning               riculum, published in Academic            collaboration and learning from each of
        team of mU students answered at the          medicine, the journal of the Association       the other professions.”
        cLArIOn national Interprofessional
        team case competition in April.
              Four students from the University
        of missouri represented different parts of
        the health care team – Jennifer Dine, a
        graduate student in the Sinclair School
        of nursing; Sahil Hebbar, a graduate stu-
        dent in the School of medicine’s health
        management and informatics depart-
        ment; Wesley trueblood, a fourth-year
        medical student; and cindy thomas, a
        public health graduate student. together
        they brought home first place and a
        $6,000 team scholarship in the competi-
        tion that included eight other universities.   the mU team that earned first place in the
              each team was given the same             cLArIOn competition includes (from left) Sahil
                                                       Hebbar, graduate student at the School of
        patient case, instructed to create a           medicine; Wesley trueblood, medical student;
        presentation analyzing the case and            robert DeGraaff, PhD, assistant professor of health
        asked to give quality improvement              management and informatics graduate studies;
                                                          Jennifer Dine, a nursing graduate student; and
26 O c t O b e r / n O v e m b e r   2009 Archives        cindy thomas, a public health graduate student.
Service Excellence Heroes

     e       mployees are recognized as
             service excellence champions
             for providing exemplary service
     to patients, visitors and staff.

                                                   University Hospital’s 5 West          is evident in the quality of service he
                                              Team was nominated by Haili crafton,       provides, the respect that he shows our
                                              rn, a critical needs nurse for staffing    patients and the integrity of his actions.”
                                              support services. She was impressed
                                              with the team’s care of her husband,
                                              Dustin, following a motorcycle accident.
                                                    “It really helped decrease some
                                              of my stress and anxiety to have such
                                              a great group of people caring for my
                                              husband,” Haili said.
                                                    “Dustin had a favorite nurse — I
                                              think all patients do — named missy
                                              Hicks,” she said. “missy has the per-
                                              fect mix of personality and skill that
    Joyce Hollis and Dan smith                makes her such a great nurse.”

        Stephen Colbert, MD, assistant
                                                    Lorena moyer nominated
  professor of surgery and reconstructive
                                              Alan Streb, food service worker at                 sofia edwards and amanda truitt
  surgeon, and staff nurses Joyce Hollis,
                                              University Hospital.
  RN, Kae Dee Schroeder, RN, and                                                              the wife of a University Hospital
                                                    “A patient who has stayed with us
  Dan Smith, RN, were nominated by a                                                     patient nominated Thomas Aleto,
                                              on several occasions was so grateful
  patient who underwent a double mas-                                                    MD, assistant professor of orthopae-
                                              for the time that this young man took
  tectomy procedure at University Hospital.                                              dic surgery and orthopaedic surgeon;
                                              to talk with him and make him feel wel-
        “All of the ones who took care of                                                Sofia Edwards, anesthesiology tech-
                                              come that he contacted Alan after his
  me were very good and caring,” she                                                     nician; nursing technicians Megan
                                              discharge,” moyer said.
  said. “Some who really stood out in                                                    Cunningham and Amanda Truitt;
                                                    the patient sent Streb a thank-you
  their performance were KaeDee, Dan                                                     and staff nurses Wendy Hale, RN,
                                              letter and a gift of $500.
  and Joyce,” she said. “Dr. colbert is a                                                Jessica Teschner, RN, and Erin
                                                    “Alan did not seek such a gift
  very good and skilled doctor. He is a                                                  Moore, RN. the 87-year-old patient
                                              from this patient; in fact, he has been
  doctor that you can talk to and know                                                                     suffered a stroke after
                                              working with our
  he listens, along with his staff.”                                                                       hip surgery. His family
                                                    and the Office                                         made the decision to
                                                    of corporate                                           limit his care to pallia-
                                                    compliance                                             tive care.
                                                    to determine                                                 “Any problems
                                                    the proper                                             which arose were
                                                    disposition of                                         addressed rapidly and
                                                    the gift,” she                                         professionally,” she
                                                    said.                                                  said. “You are com-
                                                          “Alan’s                                          mended for the cus-
                                                    commitment                                             tomer service that is
                                                    to the values                                          obviously a priority for
                                                    of University                                          the hospital.”
                                                    of missouri
                                                    Health care
   University Hospital’s 5 West team                                            alan streb
                                                                                             OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives            27
Service Excellence Heroes

                                   Herschel                 Roland Ragan, RN, assistant                  “their efforts show the security
                             Hammonds                 manager of University Hospital’s 4           department and our hospitals that they
                             was nominated            West, and Stephanie Hunt, RN,                are proud of the work they do, even
                             by the nursing           education nurse, were nominated by           when sometimes that comes at a sac-
                             staff on University      Annie ruh, rn, staff nurse, and mary         rifice,” Phillips said. “It speaks to their
                             Hospital’s 7 east        Williamson, rn, manager of surgical          dedication to the security department
                             following his first      oncology.                                    and their fellow officers.
                             day working on                 “both are excellent listeners,
                             the unit.                responsive, and never appear to stand
                                   “He greeted        in judgment of others,” ruh said. “they
                             all of us by tell-       truly inspire me by the examples they set
                             ing us his name          for professionalism, without losing sight
                             and that he was          of the human aspects of their work.”
                             working on our                 Williamson has worked with
                             floor this week          ragan since the ellis Fischel inpatient
                             and to please let        unit was moved to University Hospital
                             him know if we           nine years ago.
Herschel Hammonds            needed anything,”              “We no longer have any contract
                            they said. “Our           agency staff working on 4 West,”
       8 a.m. rounds were different because           Williamson said. “I truly believe that
       in every patient’s room, Herschel was          Stephanie and roland are the major
       there greeting the families, mopping           reasons we were able to hire and                        tony Jaco and Mitch Perez
       the floor and making sure that the             maintain so many new staff.”
       patient and their family had everything
       they needed.                                                                                                         Dawn carter,
             “He also thoroughly cleaned the                                                                          food service worker
       tub, the infant tub and the shower,”                                                                           at columbia regional
       they said. “On top of all of this,                                                                             Hospital, nominated
       all room discharges were cleaned                                                                               food services super-
       promptly.”                                                                                                     visors Tony Jaco
                                                                                                                      and Mitch Perez.
                                                                                                                            “tony and
                                                                                                                      mitch deserve this
                                                                                                                      award because they
                                                                                                                      both have worked
                                                                                                                      really hard to make
                                                                                                                      our patients happy
                                                                                                                      with the meals they
                                                               tim stockley, randy baskett                            order,” carter said.
                                                                   and David Meyer                             She said their previous
                                                                                                          experience working at restau-
                                                           Gordon Phillips, security guard         rants has benefitted the cafeteria’s staff
                                                      sergeant, nominated columbia                 and customers.
                                                      regional Hospital’s security officers             “tony and mitch used their skilled
                                                      Randy Baskett, David Meyer and               technique to coach us,” she said.
                                                      Tim Stockley for helping fill in for eight   “thanks to them, we raised our patient
                                                      weeks while waiting for an empty posi-       satisfaction scores and have helped
                   roland ragan, rn and               tion to be filled.                           our department earn eight gold stars
                    stephanie Hunt, rn                                                             from the “It begins With me” progr

 28 O c t O b e r / n O v e m b e r   2009 Archives
                                                                                            “Patient assistant coordinators are
                                                                                      employees from all areas of the hospital
                                                                                      who volunteer to work beyond their regu-
                                                                                      lar responsibilities,” benson said. “they
                                                                                      serve as listeners, visitors, problem solv-
                                                                                      ers and advocates.”
                                                                                            Patient assistant coordinators
                                                                                      include: Susie barnes, cathe cardin,
                                                                                      marge cheesman, terri cordova,
                                                                                      brandi Hillman, clista nunez, Kathleen
                                                                                      Osborn, Phyllis Pendleton, eddie
                                                                                      racicot, Donna roach, charity Shelton,
                                                                                      Shannon Smith and ryan Woodall.

                                                            brandon rinker                 Shannon
                                                                                      Smith, senior
april orr and Zach Weldin with steve                  Jane nelson, office sup-        clerk at mrc, was
Patterson, executive director of Mrc            port staff member at missouri         nominated by Karen
                                                rehabilitation center, nominated      benson, patient
     Dianne Shaw, a speech and lan-             Brandon Rinker, patient account       assistant coordinator.
guage pathologist at mrc, nominated         representative, for his help with props        “After being
April Orr, RN, nurse clinician, and         for an employee “Family Feud” tourna-     assigned a patient on
Zach Weldin, maintenance service            ment hosted by the center’s service       the tb unit, Shannon
attendant, for their assistance during a    excellence staff.                         approached me
storm that caused a broken window in             “brandon designed a PowerPoint       with the sugges-
her work area.                              template that I could use so I didn’t     tion that since she
     “April helped me find another          have to write all the answers by hand,”   has one patient on
room to do therapy in,” Shaw said.          she said. “Wow, what a time sav-          that unit, she may
“About 10 minutes later, Zach Orr           ings! It is great to work with people     as well serve all of
walked down the hall. I didn’t have
                                                                                                                   shannon smith
                                            like brandon who are not just good        the patients on that unit,”
to explain anything. He went right in,      employees, but do more than their         benson said.
repaired the window and contacted           day-to-day work to make life a little          “Shannon is always timely in her
housekeeping to clean the room.             easier for the rest of us.”               weekly contact with patients and in
      “In the meantime, the power went                                                submitting contact sheets,” she said.
off several times,” she said. “Knowing          Karen benson, patient assistant       “Her notes are always thorough and
that I was in a new room with a three-      coordinator at missouri rehabilitation    she follows up on the problems she
year-old child in the dark, April brought   center, nominated patient assistant       encounters, while keeping me informed
us a flashlight so he wouldn’t be           coordinators at MRC.                      on what is going on.”

                                                                                      to nominate a faculty member,
                                                                                      staff member, student or volunteer,
                                                                                      please e-mail serviceexcellence@

                            Patient assistant coordinators shannon smith,
                                 terri cordova and charity shelton
                                                                                          OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives            29

                                                                              page. this was my first experience with a doctor not asking,
 “Dr. romayne Kurukulasuriya, is incredible.                                  ‘why are you here today?’ She was already so familiar with the
 she is so cheerful and always laughing and                                   tricky case that she was able to summarize it correctly on her
                                                                              own. Dr. Khan was highly competent and explained serious
 she has always taken the time to listen and ask                              procedures using layman’s terms. She was one of the best
 questions. i never feel rushed and i feel like                               physicians I have ever been in contact with.
                                                                                    “Jane was extraordinary as well. Jane has a bedside
 she really takes the time to review my files and                             manner that cannot be beat. the friendliness and gentle
 frequent tests. i really feel comfortable telling                            nature of her demeanor is matched by no one. Please accept
                                                                              our sincere appreciation for a job very well done!”
 her anything, and that means so much.”                                                         Melissa S. Passe, MA, CCC-SLP, Kirksville, Mo.

 Michelle Shipp, Columbia, Mo.                                                UnIverSItY HOSPItAL AnD cLInIcS
                                                                                    “First, let me re-introduce myself to you. I was the quality
       cHILDren’S HOSPItAL                                                    and risk manager at columbia regional Hospital until my retire-
                                                                              ment in 2004. In 2009, my daughter, Kathy Wilkerson, had sur-
             “my two-year-old son, Sam, was a patient in the operating        gery at University Hospital under the care of Dr. Stephen colbert.
       room. thank you for showing that you truly care about him and          She received excellent care from the medical and nursing staff. I
       for showing kindness toward me. From the smiles and greet-             was particularly impressed by the outstanding customer service.
       ings of those who passed me in the hall or who were waiting for              “Of particular note were:
       the elevators to the angel who located and delivered creamer to        •	 Jane	Cook	at	the	reception	desk	in	the	Same	Day	Surgery	
       this needy mom, thank you! It’s not about the creamer; it’s the           waiting room. She kept me and my son-in-law updated on
       willingness to help and the encouraging words that were given.            the progress of my daughter from pre-op to surgery to post-
             “You made us feel like family. blessings upon you all and           op care. I have had family members as patients at different
       keep up the good work!                                                    hospitals and have never been kept as well informed as I was
             “P.S. It goes without saying that Dr. Durwood neal is               on this occasion.
       delightful and “Dr. Joshua” put me at ease. Leslie Weed is a           •	 Leissa	Beckmann	made	us	all	feel	at	ease	and	kept	us	
       keeper! thank you.”                                                       informed. the informed consent given by the anesthesiologist
                            Tish Anderson, RN, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.            and nurse anesthetist was excellent. I, of course, noticed that
                                                                                 they followed the Joint commission standards perfectly.
             “We wanted to send you a note of thanks for all Dr. Harsha       •	 The	5	West	staff	used	good	infection	control	practices	with-
       Patel did during our visit. We were very impressed with the               out exception. they also had good customer service skills
       services we received. thank you for getting us in to see you so           and even moved my daughter to a private room because her
       quickly and being open about explaining our son’s mrI.                    roommate was in pain post-op.
             We appreciate the time you took to answer our questions.         •	 The	staff	members	in	the	surgical	and	pre-op	clinics	were	very	
       It meant so much to me as a mom when you acknowledged                     good. In particular, Karla malaney, a clinical nurse specialist
       my son, russell, by talking to him and patting his head. I’m sure         with the Division of Plastic Surgery, was very helpful.”
       this means a lot to most parents of special needs children.                  “thank you for a very good experience.”
             “I’m not sure if the pediatric doctor who was working on                                           Norma Johnson, Pilot Grove, Mo.
       the pediatric floor was working with you, but she was wonder-
       ful. Her first name was calille.                                             “the desk staff in endocrinology, Pam and nathan, are
             “Again, thanks for all that you and your staff did for us dur-   great. even when it is busy and some folks just aren’t the
       ing our stay.”                                                         friendliest, they are always calm and polite and willing to lis-
                             Eric, Robyn and Christian Russell, Ozark, Mo.    ten and help.
                                                                                    “my doctor, Dr. romayne Kurukulasuriya, is incred-
       eLLIS FIScHeL cAncer center                                            ible. She is so cheerful and always laughing and she has
            “I accompanied my friend, connie Ikerd, to a visit at ellis       always taken the time to listen and ask questions. I never
       Fischel. She was seen by Dr. Uzma Khan and her nurse, Jane             feel rushed and I feel like she really takes the time to review
       Guthrie. As a speech and language pathologist and director             my files and frequent tests. I really feel comfortable telling her
       of truman State University’s Speech and Hearing clinic, I have         anything, and that means so much.
       had the opportunity to visit many medical centers and work                   “Dr. Scott Litofsky, my neurosurgeon, and his assistant,
       with countless physicians and nursing staff. the care that             Lisa beckman, are amazing. they, too, take the time to look
       connie received at your hospital was exemplary.                        at my files and listen to my concerns and always provide a
            “Upon arriving, Dr. Khan verbally reviewed connie’s com-          comfortable and productive visit.”
       plicated case with us to make sure we were on the same                                                    Michelle Shipp, Columbia, Mo.

30   OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives
                                                                                                                    Good Neighbor

 True tigers
                                                                 ven though the University           Unit. “It is an opportunity for the kids and
                                                                 of missouri football team’s         their families to have a fun outing and a
                                                                 homecoming game wouldn’t            normal outing. Another part of it is to let
                                                                 be played for another month,        the mid-missouri community know about
                                                     children’s Hospital cancer patients and         what we do at children’s Hospital.”
                                                     survivors had their own homecoming                    the event has been important for
                                                     celebration during Gold ribbon Day on           megan’s family since it began in 2001.
                                                     Sept. 19.                                       It gives them an opportunity to catch
                                                          “I love the doctors and staff here,”       up with children’s Hospital staff and old
                                                     said megan Wood, 15, of Lebanon, mo.            friends dating back to when three-year-
                                                     “they are like family. It’s like a home away    old megan was treated for rhabdomyo-
                                                     from home.”                                     sarcoma.
                                                          Gold ribbon Day is an annual                     “We come every year that I am not
                                                     event hosted by children’s Hospital for         playing sports,” megan said. “I play lots
                                                     childhood cancer survivors, patients            of sports. Last year I had a volleyball
                                                     and their families. this year, approxi-         game, so we couldn’t come.”
                                                     mately 30 families attended the event.                LeAnn reeder, child life specialist,
                                                     the kids were treated to a party                said Gold ribbon Day is important for
                                                     designed for them, complete with                patients and their families. While under
                                                     cake, face painting, barbecue and t.J.,         treatment, they can take a day to for-
                                                     the children’s Hospital mascot.                 get about their illness, and after treat-
                                                          After their tailgate party, the families   ment, they are able to catch up with
Top left: Joseph Wilkey enjoys the tiger             traveled to memorial Stadium, where they        friends. but the event is also important
football game with his mother, Anita, on Sept. 19.   rooted for mU against Furman University,        for the staff.
Top right: With tickets in hand, monie Wood and      which the tigers beat 52-12, in a special             “everyone here enjoys these fami-
her children, matt and megan, walk to memorial                                                       lies,” reeder said. “On Gold ribbon
                                                     section with tickets donated by the mU
Stadium. Bottom: LaDante Hyler-Wilson dons a
pair of sunglasses so he can clearly see all the     Athletic Department.                            Day, we get to share an event with the
tiger plays.                                              “Gold ribbon Day is about the              families that is different than a regular
                                                     kids at children’s Hospital, and it’s also      hospital stay. ”
                                                     about childhood cancer awareness,”
                                                     said thomas Loew, mD, director of the           Story by Colin Planalp
                                                     children’s blood Disorders and cancer           Photography by Justin Kelley

                                                                                                          OctOber/nOvember 2009 Archives            31

         U offensive lineman Kurtis Gregory and linebacker Sean Weatherspoon prove their toughness on
         the football field. Jaden proves his toughness, too, since his first days in the Neonatal Intensive Care
         Unit at Children’s Hospital. Sean, Kurtis and Jaden share a fighting spirit and determination. Please
join Sean, Kurtis and the Mizzou Tigers in cheering on Jaden and the dedicated specialists at MU’s Children’s
Hospital. To support Children’s Hospital, please call (573) 882-7500.

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