Sample Reference Letter

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									This is a template that can be used to customize a reference request letter for a
contractor. The individual or company that sends this letter is requesting the reference
of a contractor that has listed the recipient organization as a reference. The recipient is
asked to provide a brief description of their services and asks how the contractor
assisted the company. This template can be used by individuals or small businesses
that want to request a reference for a contractor or for another party.
                               Sample Reference Request Letter



    Dear [NAME]:

    [CONTRACTOR NAME] listed your organization as a reference for past work. We often
    request references from potential contractors’ previous clients in order to determine whether
    he or she is a good fit to provide services for our company. We respectfully request
    information from you regarding [HIS/HER] work at your earliest convenience.

    A brief description of your company’s projects and goals, plus the nature of
    [CONTRACTOR NAME]’s services to your business would be very helpful. We would also
    like to hear about any highlights or accomplishments during [HIS/HER] time with you, and
    any notable challenges [HE/SHE] may have overcome during the project.

    This information is only to be used to assess [CONTRACTOR NAME]’s abilities, and is not
    meant to solicit any confidential or proprietary information regarding the projects [HE/SHE]
    worked on.

    We appreciate your time and assistance and welcome any additional feedback you might like
    to provide.


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