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25th Anniversary


									                        Vermont Folklife Center
                                                    2009 - 2010 Events Calendar

                                                                                         Celebrating Our
                                                                                        th A1984-2009rsary
                                                                                      25 nnive
                                        Documenting and preserving the
                                        voices and traditions of Vermont

                                                                            Middlebury, Vermont
                                                                            88 Main Street
                                                                     Vermont Folklife Center

                                                                                      Celebrating Our
                                                                               25 th Anniversary
Vermont Folklife Center
The Vermont Folklife Center, founded in 1984, is dedicated to preserving
and presenting the folk arts and cultural traditions of Vermont and the
surrounding region. Through ongoing field research, a multimedia archive and
an apprenticeship program, we document and conserve the diverse cultural
heritage of the region. Through exhibits, media, publications and educational
projects, we bring recognition to the skills, talents and traditions of Vermonters,
past and present. The Center has made preservation of the spoken word the
core of its endeavors, and the VFC archive now comprises over 3,800 taped
interviews, which have been transcribed and electronically indexed.

                               Hours of Operation
              Shop (Winter): Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm
  Shop (Summer): Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm, Sunday, 11am - 4pm
         Vision & Voice Gallery: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm
                                                                                          Vermont Folklife Center
       Archive and Research Center: Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm                                  88 Main Street
                                                                                              Middlebury, VT 05753
                     Office: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
            Vermont Folklife Center
                                            2009 Events Calendar

        May 8 – September 5                                     July 30
  Almost Utopia: In Search of the             A Granddaughter’s Recollections:
Good Life in Mid-Century America                 Elka Schumann Remembers
  An exhibition of photographs, text,                      Scott Nearing
 and audio that explores the alternative       Elka Schumann of Glover, Vermont,
 community begun by Scott and Helen            granddaughter of Scott Nearing and
  Nearing in Jamaica, Vermont, in the          Nellie Seeds. In conjunction with the
years following the Second World War.          exhibit Almost Utopia: In Search of the
Images by community resident Rebecca          Good Life in Mid-Century America. 7 p.m.
   Lepkoff, interviews conducted by
     Vermont Folklife Center staff.
                                                         July 31 – August 2
                                                Champlain Valley Folk Festival                                 25 t h A n n i ve r s a r y
                                                     The Vermont Folklife Center                                                             E ve n t
                                                 partners with the CVFF to present
                                                 the Quebecois band Reveillons!, a
                                                 group of young musicians who are                              September 26
                                                  rooted in tradition while creating
                                                                                                    Ira Glass of This American Life,
                                                   their own unique contemporary
                                                                                                              LIVE in Concert
                                                synthesis. A program in recognition
                                                of the Champlain Quadricentennial.                Join us as we celebrate our anniversary
                                                    Please visit us at the Vermont                     year with Ira Glass, host of the
                                                         Folklife Center tent.                     acclaimed program This American Life,
                                                                                                   aired on National Public Radio. Glass
                                                                                                     will bring his one-man show to the
                                                               August 6                              Flynn Theater for a special night of
                                                                                                   storytelling. Limited tickets available
                 May 13                        Scott and Helen Nearing, Pikes                        for a pre-performance reception —
                                                 Falls, and Social Pioneering                        come and meet Ira before the show
      10th Annual Governor’s                                                                                and support the VFC.
                                                 A program in celebration of Scott
          Heritage Awards                                                                                    8 p.m. performance.
                                               Nearing’s 106th birthday. Greg Joly,
Recognizing an outstanding traditional         Nearing scholar and author of Almost
artist and place-based educator. 2009            Utopia: The Residents and Radicals
recipients are 82-year-old Laotian folk           of Pikes Falls, Vermont, 1950. In
 opera singer and composer Souphine            conjunction with the exhibit Almost
 Phatsoungneune, of Brattleboro, and
  Burlington Champlain Elementary
                                              Utopia: In Search of the Good Life in Mid-                      December 4 – 22
                                                      Century America. 7 p.m.
  School teacher Colleen Cowell, of                                                                 Eleventh Annual Gingerbread
            Essex Junction.                                                                       House Competition and Exhibition
                                                               August 9                                  Register by November 25th.

           June 1 – July 31                      Cone-Blanchard Reunion with
                                                 the Vermont Folklife Center at
         In Their Own Words                      Windsor’s American Precision
  Stunning images and text reveal the                         Museum
stories of refugees who have resettled in     A reunion of employees from the Cone-
 Vermont. By Vermont documentarian               Blanchard Company, once a major
Ned Castle. Governor’s Office, Pavilion        manufacturer of precision tools for an
          Building, Montpelier.                international market, featuring former
                                                workers’ memories of the heyday of
                                              the precision tool industry in Vermont.
             June 22 – 26                         All are welcome. 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
     Discovering Community
 Students, Digital Media, and Place-
 Based Learning, a week-long summer
                                                             Late August
       institute for educators.                Launching the Website archive of
                                                Franco-American singer/activist

     June 6, July 11, August 8,
                                                         Martha Pellerin
                                               This website offers access to Pellerin’s
                                                  collections of Franco-American
     September 12 & October 2                               songbooks.

            First Saturdays
    Come join us on the front lawn                                                                         Art of Action Exhibit
     to see the work of a different                                                                  Visit the VFC during the month of
     traditional artist each month.                                                                 January as we host the Art of Action
                                                                                                      Gallery and Museum Tour. This
                                                                                                     exhibit features the special work of
                 June 27                                                                           10 Vermont artists addressing issues
                                                                                                   identified by Vermonters as essential
  In partnership with the Flynn                                                                    to our state’s future. This exhibit was
  Center for the Performing Arts                                                                    made possible by Lyman Orton and
                                                                                                         the Vermont Arts Council.
   A day-long program that includes
    the film Reveil, master classes by
Quebecois musicians, performances by
 Michèle Choinière and Genticorum,                                                                            February – April
  and culminates in an after-concert
soiree. A program in recognition of the                      September 1                              Exhibits Exploring Vermont
     Champlain Quadricentennial.
                                                 The Vermont Traditional Arts                      An exhibit series featuring exemplary
                                                     Apprenticeship Program                           student projects shaped by the
                                                    Begins its 17th program cycle,                   perspectives of ethnography and
                                                    providing stipends for master                  place-based education, from Addison
                                                 traditional artists to work with less                County and schools throughout
                                                   experienced apprentices thereby                               the state.
                                                 ensuring that living traditional arts
                                                            are preserved.
                                                                                                                    May 14
                                                                                                    Opening reception for Portraits
                                                             September 11                           of Marlboro: A Deep Look at a
                                                                                                               Small Town
                                                  Opening reception for After                       Featuring photographs, interviews,
                                                 Attica: the Prison Portraits of                     and text created by photographer
                                                    Neil Rappaport 1971-74                            Forrest Holtzapfel, an in-depth
                                                 Featuring the first public showing                  exploration of the relationship of
                 July 10                          of inmate portraits taken at the
                                                Great Meadow Correctional Facility,
                                                                                                    people and place in his hometown
                                                                                                                of Marlboro.
Gallery Talk with Rebecca Lepkoff                  a maximum security prison in
  The creative photographer behind                        Comstock, NY.
 the Almost Utopia Exhibit as part of
  Middlebury’s Monthly Art Walk.
               5-7 p.m.                                     September 12
                                                      Vermont Story Festival
                 July 23                       A collaborative between the Vermont
                                               Folklife Center, Ilsley Library and the
  Sacred Natures: The Nearings,                Henry Sheldon Museum. The festival
  Homesteading, Localvores and                  will spotlight Abenaki stories, dance
            the Way Ahead                         and art. There will be an exciting
                                               Abenaki dance and story performance
 A program by Rebecca Kneale Gould,
                                               at Town Hall Theater, followed by an
  Associate Professor of Religion and
                                               array of participatory activities at the
 Environmental Studies, Middlebury
                                                sponsoring venues. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
   College. In conjunction with the
 exhibit Almost Utopia: In Search of the
Good Life in Mid-Century America. 7 p.m.
                                            Visit us at our website:

  S PR I N G 2 0 1 0                        January 25, 2010
Class Schedule                              Getting the Word(s) Out: Multiple Settings for Audio Interviews

                                            February 15, 2010
                                            Oral History for Community Historians
Interested in learning about
interviewing techniques and                 March 8, 2010
preserving the special stories              The Tools and Techniques of Community Ethnography
of your family and community?               March 29, 2010
Join the VFC staff for our popular          Digital Audio Recording for Ethnography and Oral History
spring workshop series.
                                            April 19, 2010
                                            Preserving Digital Multimedia Files

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