2008-2010 ASLS Division Focused Initiatives Implementation Plan

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					                                                                                                                                                       Six-month updates in red,
(Italics indicate new initiatives for 08-10)          2008-2010 ASLS Division Focused Initiatives Implementation Plan                                  Year-end updates in blue.

Enhance programs, services and facilities.

Implementation Strategies              Responsible   Progress                                                                                         Target /Timeline
                                                     (current as of June 2009)                                  Outcome Indicators        Benchmark   (for end of FY 08-09 unless stated)
Develop a proposal for a               HR            Proposal has been developed, presented to ASLS             Orientation proposal
university-wide new employee                         directors, and funding has been acquired for web site      developed.
orientation program.                                 development. The web site has been developed and the
                                                     programming developed for the orientation session we
                                                     hope to put into use this fall.
Renew the division’s values by         VC            Survey or focus group options are being explored. A        ASLS values renewed.
engaging all ASLS employees in a                     proposal has been reviewed by the ASLS Council. A
review process.                                      percentage of employees from each department will
                                                     participate in an exercise to rank their top value
Launch a Customer Service              VC            VC: A proposal developed by Jeff Russell was reviewed      Action Plan Developed                 Toolbox Activities:
Ambassador Program.                                  by the ASLS Council. Diane will be making the suggested    with vision and values.               • Define department CS
                                                     revisions to the proposal. Directors are identifying                                                 Mission
                                                     possible participants. Approximately 40 employees                                                • Identify Customer’s
                                                     participated in a two-day Customer Service Ambassador                                                Expectations
                                                     program on March 18th and 19th.Three subgroups have                                              • Measure Customer
                                                     been formed. Subgroup 1 presented the proposed                                                       Satisfaction
                                                     Service motto to CAC on July 20th and it was approved.                                           • Exploring Root Causes of
                                                     Toolkit Activities Completed:                                                                        Problems
                                                         • Define department’s products                                                               • Develop Performance
                                                         • Identify department’s customers                                                                Partnerships
                                                                                                                                                      • Reinforce Stout’s Mission
                                                     BPA: Susan Greene and Meridith Wentz attended the                                                    and Values
                                                     Jeff Russell training. Susan is continuing on one of the                                         • Develop/Identify Measures
                                                     committees. The BPA office has been going through the                                                of CS Quality
                                                     customer service toolkit at our office meetings.                                                 Subgroup Activities:
                                                                                                                                                      • Offer 1-2 customer service
                                                                                                                                                      • Develop a customer service
                                                                                                                                                          web site
                                                                                                                                                      • Recommend a recognition

Be active participants in the     Environmental    BPA: The Greenhouse Gas inventory has been                   Implementation of       2007-2008:                           Fall 2007: Steering committee
development and implementation    Sustainability   completed. A process is in place to update it annually       American College and    The Environmental Sustainability     functional.
of environmental sustainability   Coordinator/PP   through the applied research center.                         University Presidents   Steering Committee met 10 times      Fall 2008: Complete Greenhouse
initiatives.                                                                                                    Climate Commitment      in the last academic year (2007-     gas emissions inventory.
                                                   Environmental Sustainability/VC:                             Action Plan.            2008). The committee drafted a       Fall 2009: Develop institutional
                                                   A sustainability retreat was held on June 10th. The                                  mission and vision statement for     action plan to achieve climate
                                                   Climate Action Plan is in draft form and is in the process                           the sustainability action plan and   neutrality.
                                                   of being finalized.                                                                  awaits approval from the
                                                                                                                Energy Statistics.      Chancellor. Two students were
                                                   HS: Student Health Services invited Krista James to                                  hired to complete the green          Energy:
                                                   provide information/education to staff re: sustainability                            house gas emissions inventory.       2005: 107,175 BTU/GSF (base
                                                   and going green. Parking Services assisted the                                       The Data Steering Group has met      year)
                                                   sustainability coordinator with a rideshare board on our                             with the Applied Research Center     2008: 96,458 (10% reduction)
                                                   website.                                                                             and the students 5 times.            2010: 85,740 (20% reduction)
                                                                                                                                        Progress on the inventory is
                                                   PP: Energy Statistics                                                                ahead of schedule.
                                                   2006: 106,223 BTU/GSF
                                                   2007: 101,162 BTU/GSF
                                                   2008: 110,961 BTU/GSF

                                                   SLS: Dining service has been taking steps to move
                                                   towards more sustainable operational practices: 1)
                                                   worked with a Strategic Business Management class to
                                                   obtain research related to the feasibility of composting
                                                   dining service food waste locally 2) serving on
                                                   sustainability panel at professional development day in
                                                   January 3) attending meetings for coalition on local food
                                                   purchasing 4) switched to green cleaning and
                                                   warewashing products 4) researching and selecting
                                                   green packaging to move to 5) attending UW-System
                                                   sustainability workshop. 5) met with Veolia to determine
                                                   how to join composting program for kitchen waste 6)
                                                   planning program for reusable “to go” containers in
                                                   cafeterias 7) purchased new water and energy efficient
                                                   dish machine and air cooled walk-in compressors for
                                                   Commons dining remodel.

                                                   For 2008-09, University Housing had all new Freshman
                                                   participate in the recycling education pilot project from
                                                   2007-08, which showed that students who have this
                                                   training recycle more and waste less.

                                                   University Housing, in conjunction with the State of
                                                   Wisconsin and Focus on Energy, distributed 1,580
compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to first year
students for use in their rooms. The CFLs were free of
charge through a program set up by the State and Focus
on Energy. IRHA held the Second Annual “Don’t Blow the
Bulb” Energy Competition between halls in March 2009.

The Green Living Learning Community held several hall-
wide events pertaining to sustainability including a river
clean-up as part of the paired courses and a spring trip
to the recycling center. This group also provided
volunteer support for several campus initiatives including
America Recycles Art Competition and Recylemania.

Greensense, a recognized student organization, held its
organization meetings in Antrim-Froggett to allow easier
and increased attendance.

SLS Technical Services is replacing existing monitors,
personal computers, and servers with new, more energy
efficient models.

Darrin Witucki is currently working on a MSC
sustainability brochure, highlighting our efforts to save
energy in the MSC over the past three years. Bookstore
sells recycled paper greeting cards, notebooks, note
cards, folders, planners; World of Good products;
Collaborated with Dining Service on the Green Team
promotion (buy a water bottle and receive 10 cents off
beverage purchase); Nalgene BPA fee water bottles;
Stock bags are of recycle material.

Memorial Student Center added more recycling
containers at point of use.

All department supervisors within Urec met with Grad
student Alex Loesch on ideas for sustainability within
their areas. Alex developed a sustainable statement.
Stout Adventures and Health & Fitness purchased
Organic cleaning supplies. Stout Adventures purchased
Organic t-shirts, pre-packaged food from local vendor for
trips, and canceled magazine subscription. Instead of
printing out marketing proof, the Marketing staff is
sending pdf proofs through email for review instead.
Urec promoted “BYO eating utensils” to U-Rec
                                    gatherings; asked participants of RockFest Climbing
                                    Competition to donate to carbonfund.org to offset travel;
                                    instructed student staff to leave lights, TV and equipment
                                    off in certain facility areas until ready for use.

                                    Athletics partnered with Recyclemania effort at events.
                                    Sponsored Campus Clean-Up activity by student-athletes.
                                    Renovated offices with light sensors. Reusable water
                                    bottles for practice and games. Emailing links to NCAA
                                    and WIAC rules instead of huge paper copies. WIAC
                                    Cost Reduction Plan includes less meeting travel and
                                    more telephone meetings, reduced travel region, smaller
                                    tournament brackets = less long distance travel.
Create a model program for    SLS   A comprehensive year-long gathering of data is taking         Timeline developed for    By June 2009,
students that fosters civic         place to inventory what is already done in this area.         implementation.               • Collect baseline data
engagement.                         Discussions continue within SLS about enhancement of                                        • Establish a steering
                                    current efforts, areas of opportunity, and linking all of     Campus service hours             group of students to
                                    these efforts into a coordinated civic engagement plan.       NSSE results related to          lead this effort
                                                                                                  engaging educational          • Write a guiding
                                    The S.A.V.Y. Learning Community (Service, Advocacy,           experiences & civic              document that sets
                                    Volunteerism and You!) involved the residents of that         engagement.                      expectations
                                    floor in a number of events, including the campus rain
                                    garden planting & maintenance; Halloween kits to give to
                                    the children at the Food Pantry; advocacy speeches
                                    connected to class and service learning topic in the
                                    Menomonie Community; Menomonie Food Pantry
                                    volunteering to clean, stock shelves, distribute food to
                                    clients; holiday packs to distribute to the children at the
                                    Food Pantry; letters to military soldiers; ornament &
                                    cookie making to give out to the residents of Autumn
                                    Village Senior Center; and 16 students & 3 chaperones
                                    are traveling to Orlando, Florida in January for the Give
                                    Kids the World Service Trip. Five Legacy Interns were
                                    hired in January to work Feb-May on projects related to
                                    baseline assessment of student organization Civic
                                    Engagement, and in connection with a developing grant
                                    proposal for an Americorps/VISTA position sponsored by
                                    Wisconsin Campus Compact.

                                    Three interns attended a three-night training program
                                    held at UWEC about Creating Community Change: Tools
                                    for Advocacy and Relationship Building”, and were able
                                    to bring information back to impact on development of
                                    civic engagement. All five attended the student
organization fair in February to meet student
organization leaders.

The interns also met with Diane Simon, Exec Director of
United Way of Dunn County to gain understanding of
local agency concerns. All of the interns worked on
revising the “Thanks from Me To You” letter writing
program to deployed personnel. They also developed a
community service bulletin board educational display at
the Menomonie Public Library focused on anti-
drug/alcohol concerns. Legacy interns participated in the
UW-Extension and Human Development Family Studies
Poverty simulation programs for students enrolled in
HDFS, again to gain an understanding of community

Misty Mallott (HDFS) and Dani Poole (Business
Administration) worked on updating the service agency
directory. While Misty tried to obtain assistance from SSA
in collecting volunteer data from student organizations,
Dani was charged with updating the service-learning
rubric (last completed in 2004) as part of her co-op

Kelly Schactner (Service Management) obtained data
about volunteer activity from the Athletic department
coaches, and explored web info/comparable programs
that could be used to support the Americorps/VISTA
grant project.

Heidi Behnke(Business Administration) coordinated the
letter writing project and library display, and was also
responsible for developing the intern wiki.

Lori Cruz (graduate student, Training and Development)
was consistently involved in data collection for
Americorps/VISTA grant development, and continues as
the lead writer on the project. Lori is able to pull info
from the wiki and survey file to support the data
collection process. On June 26, Lori Cruz and Mary
McManus submitted a VISTA grant proposal.

Implementation Strategies            Responsible   Progress                                                                                                               Target /Timeline
                                                   (current as of June 2009)                                   Outcome Indicators      Benchmark                          (for end of FY 08-09 unless stated)
Implement a process evaluation       BFS/BPA        BPA: held lean session on alumni follow up Dec 10-12.      Implementation of       2006-2007:
system to streamline operations                    Developed list of action plan items and prioritized list.   Action Items.           Physical Plant reviewed work
and eliminate outdated, un-                        Held one follow-up meeting on 12/18 to discuss next                                 order process
needed, or non value added                         steps. 21 action items have been identified. 12 are
steps. The major division projects                 completed, 1 was eliminated, 2 are in progress, and 6                               2007-2008:
will review the surplus property                   are not yet started                                                                 HR reviewed the classified staff
and alumni follow-up survey.                                                                                                           hiring process
(Lean Office)                                      BFS: BFS – Surplus lean review hopefully will begin in
                                                   Spring/early Summer 2009 Project has been delayed
                                                   since UW-Stout was not chosen for the System project.

                                                   PP: Physical Plant is working toward implementing Lean
                                                   Process recommendations
Participate in the UW System         BFS/VC        BFS: Participation in the UW System travel authorization    Participation in lean
operation excellence and                           and travel expense reimbursement lean project               process.
efficiency review of travel                        completed Nov 2008. Working on implementation of
expense reimbursements,                            action items.                                               Implementation of
procurement card transactions,                                                                                 Action Items.
payments to individuals, and
choosing the best purchasing
Evaluate and implement an            HS            Maintained regular meetings with Doug Mell, Doug Wahl,      Complete
emergency communication                            Jim Uhlir and Lisa Walter                                   implementation.
system including pop-up alerts                     Defined current available communications on campus:
and text messaging.                                    • Campus wide email with specialized email
                                                           address of emergencymessage@uwstout.edu
                                                       • Utilized the campus Main web page for updates
                                                           on critical incidents
                                                       • Press releases through University
                                                       • Weather siren speaker system managed by Dunn
                                                           County E-911 (working on message templates to
                                                           enhance this process)
                                                       • Building specific PA systems available through
                                                           campus fire alarm system
                                                       • Campus Facebook page
                                                   Systems being reviewed for implementation package
                                                   within second semester of this academic year:
                                                       • Text messaging system through company called
                                                           Jyngle. System is free to campus for emergency
                                                           messaging. Members of the community must
         sign up for the system individually.
    •    Pop-up messaging on all computers logged into
         Stout server
     • Reviewing pop up systems called Net Support
         Notify and Flashbrief. These are being reviewed
         by CIO and his staff. Flashbrief provides a more
         clear pop up window and message but is not
         available for MAC users, estimating availability
         sometime in January ’09.
After systems are chosen, the group will discuss
processes, template messages and “rollout” to the
campus community.
Flashbrief was chosen by the group and purchased by
the campus. The system chosen will allow for
notifications to the campus by:
     • Text messaging (must be entered by the user)
     • UW Stout email system (automatic)
     • Pop-up messaging (must be downloaded on
         existing computers, will be part of setup package
         for new computers)
Flashbrief was tested on March 2, 2009 with just over
1,400 units downloading the Flashbrief software. The
following was noted:
     • Pop up window messaging was immediate
     • Text messages were either not delivered or very
         delayed. (due to phone company, not Flashbrief)
     • Stout emails were received, but some were very
         delayed (up to 12 hours from initial message
We continue to also have implemented the following:
     • Utilized the campus Main web page for updates
         on critical incidents
     • Press releases through University
     • Weather siren speaker system managed by Dunn
         County E-911 (working on message templates to
         enhance this process)
     • Building specific PA systems available through
         campus fire alarm system
     • Campus Facebook page
NOTE: we have stopped using the
emergecymessage@uwstout.edu email address.
Flashbrief provides the email option and we will use that.

                                         Next steps:
                                             • Ensure new computers are delivered to users
                                                 with Flashbrief software already downloaded.
                                                 Pop-up messaging will be ensured on those
                                             • Start a marketing campaign to increase numbers
                                                 of existing computers with Flashbrief download
                                             • Start a marketing campaign for all to enter into
                                                 the option of text messaging.
                                             • Communicate with Flashbrief regarding use on
                                                 MAC/Apple computers (the system is still not
                                         Test the system sometime in the first semester of the 09-
                                         10 academic year after the campaigns have had time to
                                         be completed.
Examine existing parking            HS   Completed student parking services survey. Compiled         ACT Student Opinion     May 2007:                         Increase Parking Facilities and
procedures against best practices        data. Reported data to IRHA Nov ’08.                        Survey data.            Parking Facilities and Services   Services ACT rating to 2.75 by
to optimize parking resource and                                                                     Continue student        UW-Stout: 2.43                    2013.
improve customer satisfaction.           Compiled overall parking ratings from ACT from 2002 –       survey to create more   National Sample: 2.60             Survey will be conducted in
                                         2007                                                        detailed base data.                                       2009.

                                                         PARKING FACILITIES AND SERVICES
                                                              SATISFACTION AVERAGES
                                                 UW-     Public                          Stout
                                                 Stout   >5,000   Public   National     Average
                                          2009   2.73      2.40    2.50         2.65          3.76
                                          2007    2.43     2.32    2.45         2.60          3.66
                                          2006    2.66     2.27    2.42         2.57          3.72
                                          2005    2.64     2.26    2.43         2.57          3.74
                                          2004    2.35     2.26    2.43         2.57          3.65
                                          2003    2.47     2.28    2.47         2.58          3.80
                                          2002    2.45     2.30    2.47         2.62          3.70

                                         Wrote this process within the campus AQIP submission

                                         We completed campus-wide customer service listening
                                         sessions. Results were shared with the Parking Advisory
                                         Board. The Board characterized the comments as falling
                                         into three general categories.
                                             1. Suggestions of a campus-wide impact (i.e.
                                                  shuttle from North Campus to Main Campus)
                                             2. More parking inventory/More convenient parking

                                            3. Safety concerns/issues

                                        In review of the suggestions of campus-wide impact, the
                                        Board felt, while worthy of consideration, fell outside the
                                        current scope of Parking Services.

                                        The Board supported plans regarding parking assessing
                                        locations for more parking inventory and strategic,
                                        minimum property acquisitions as are current in the
                                        overall parking plan. They were less supportive of the
                                        customer perspective that parking locations are

                                        They also support efforts to increase the sense of safety.
                                        Many of the comments regarding safety will be
                                        addressed by the permanent development of two
                                        campus lots this summer. (lots 22 & 17)

                                        Parking needed to upgrade our current T2 Parking
                                        Management System Software. Upgrade is called T2 Flex
                                        which is web based and will eventually allow for
                                        customers to do much of their activities (purchase
                                        permits, pay citations, update personal information)
                                        through this web based system with a unique logon.
                                        Financial transactions with this system will be processed
                                        through TouchNet.

Develop a plan for the            SLS   Gathering data from other campuses regarding the              Management and
management and marketing of             charging of an administrative fee.                            Marketing plans
camps and conferences including                                                                       developed.
the feasibility for potential           Reviewing the process of collecting health forms to avoid
growth.                                 having campers on campus without a health form and
                                        informing the camp engagers of the process.
                                        With the assistance of the Camp/Conference Committee
                                        and several and several collaborators we have
                                        accomplished the following thus far this fiscal year:

                                            •   Defined primary and secondary target markets
                                                for overnight camps
                                                    o Primary target markets include: Athletic
                                                        camps which utilize 3 or more of our
                                                        service providers as well as outdoor
                                                        fields and/or Williams Stadium; such as
                                                        marching bands, soccer camps, and
            football and baseball camps.
        o   Secondary target markets include:
            Youth camps of all kinds; such as
            schools, churches, 4-Hs, Boys Clubs,
            Girls Clubs. Youth are more inclined to
            use dorm living vs. motels.

•   Defined primary and secondary target markets
    for 1-3 day conferences
        o Primary target markets include:
             Community organizations and church
             affiliations of UW-Stout faculty and staff
             which utilize several meeting rooms,
             audio/Video/lighting equipment, Event
             Services technicians, and University
             Dining Services.
        o Secondary target markets include: Off-
             campus profit and non-profit businesses.

•   Marketing Initiatives
       o Researched the available dates/times for
           possible future venues.
       o Collaborated with Karen Lund, Student
           Life Promotions, for the purpose of:
           1) Researching contacts for 2009 and
                2010 summer camps/conferences,
           2) Taking photos of special events,
           3) Creating package pricing,
           4) Creating a Camp/Conference
                brochure and web presence with
                current information.
       o Renewed Unique Venues and Chippewa
           Valley Convention and Tourism Bureau
           (CVCTB) memberships and continue to
           respond to leads.
       o Collaborated with future bride offering
           wedding reception special lighting effects
           for an upscale event in return for photos
           to be used for marketing purposes.

•   Defined 1 and 2 year goals
        o We will strive to be innovative when
            accommodating and securing new
            engagers, as well as keeping our current
            clientele. Inasmuch as the MSC may be
            under renovation from May 2010 to
            September 2011 special considerations
            need to be made when recruiting new
            engagers for the next 2 fiscal years.
        o   We will better utilize all campus facilities,
            including academic buildings,
            classrooms, lecture halls, outdoor
            spaces, recreational areas, and the
            Recreation/Athletic Complex.
        o   We will increase our number of new
            youth camp engagers by 2 for the
            summer of 2010 and 2 additional for

•   Defined 3 year goals:
        o We will increase the number of adult 1-3
            day conferences/workshops by 2, as we
            may be in a new Student Center facility.
        o We will increase the number of new
            engagers of 1-3 day conferences by 3.

•   Collaborated with Menomonie Chamber of
        o Sue continues to attend the monthly
            Tourism Committee meetings at which
            restaurants, motels and other Chamber
            businesses attend for the purpose of
            finding new venues.
        o Sue now sends sales lead responses
            received from (CVCTB) to Lisa
            Montgomery, Chamber Director, who in
            turn gathers room prices from motels
            and forwards the combined information
            to the CVCTB to make our bid more

•   Collaborated with Outreach Services (OS),
    Continuing Education
        o Met with OS Marketing Coordinator Sheri
            Grant to discuss the Student Center and
            other on-campus facilities to inform her
            how they could accommodate future OS
            venues and the responsibilities of Sue as
                                                         the one-stop-shop.
                                                     o   Met with Doug Stevens who has been
                                                         newly assigned to coordinate non-credit
                                                         workshops/presentations for off campus
                                                         persons, gave him a tour of the Student
                                                         Center and offered assistance and
                                                     o   Continue to work closely with Deanna
                                                         Applehans scheduling the Student Center
                                                         and other on-campus facilities
                                                         coordinating rooms, event services,
                                                         equipment, diagrams, and set ups for
                                                         her 20+ yearly one-five day

                                         HS: SHS revised/streamlined health questionnaire to
                                         increase likelihood of completion. Meet with
                                         engagers/counselors to review health form and
Achieve accreditation for Student   HS   SHS Director attended 3 day training for preparing clinics   Recognized as a            2007-2008: annual staff training    November 2005-May 2008:
Health Services Center through           for AAAHC in Mpls Mn-June 2008                               health care unit that is   reviewing select                    Complete self assessments,
the Accreditation Association for                                                                     committed to               polices/procedures; continuation    review data, implement changes
Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).          Continue progress towards operational/medical                providing high quality     of policy/procedure                 to processes and policies for
                                         policy/procedures.                                           patient care and           review/revision/development.        each core standard area and
                                                                                                      maintains remarkable       Continue to compile operational     reassess each core standard
                                         UW-Oshkosh SHS personnel to visit late spring 2009 to        standards of               data to adhere to AAAHC             areas with implemented
                                         review current clinic status towards accreditation and       operations.                standards.                          changes. Complete pre-survey
                                         conduct a mock survey. Upon completion of visit,                                        Finalizing medical staff            questionnaire.
                                         develop and revise deficiencies.                                                        credentialing process.
                                                                                                                                 Finalizing pharmacy/prescription    Summer 2008:
                                         2007-2008 annual staff training reviewing select                                        processing.                         UW System AAAHC completes
                                         policies/procedures; continuing as time allows working                                  2005-2007: These processes          “mock” on-site survey date.
                                         on this goal. Will schedule a mock survey for Fall 2009,                                has been steady, but extremely      Application for accreditation
                                         followed by any corrective action necessary. This mock                                  slow moving as it often times get   survey and establish on-site
                                         survey is delayed due to individual from UW-Oshkosh                                     placed on the "back-burner" .       survey date.
                                         relocating during summer 2009, Complete application for                                 2004-2005:
                                         survey and site visit late fall 2009.                                                   Staff began evaluation of SHS in    Fall 2008:
                                                                                                                                 relationship to AAAHC Core          On-site survey conducted and
                                                                                                                                 Standards in spring 2004. Due to    receipt of accreditation.
                                                                                                                                 personnel issues (new hires,
                                                                                                                                 training, etc.) progress was
                                                                                                                                 halted. However, SHS
                                                                                                                                 implemented changes to the
                                                                                                                                 supplies to comply with standards
                                                                                                                                 in Fall 2004. Also implemented
                                                                                                                                 changes to the SHS facility to
                                                                                                                                 comply with standards. Visit
                                                                                                                                 planned with UW-Oshkosh SHS
                                                                                                                                 re: AAAHC process/procedures.

Implementation Strategies        Responsible   Progress                                                                                                              Target /Timeline
                                               (current as of June 2009)                                  Outcome Indicators     Benchmark                           (for end of FY 08-09 unless stated)
Develop a campus master plan.    BPA           Final feedback provided to the consultant. Consultant      Campus Master Plan     2007-2008:                          12/2008 Completion
                                               making final revisions and working on brochure.            Developed.              Stakeholder listening sessions
                                               Completion anticipated in February 2009 Master Plan                               complete and consultants are
                                               finalized. Still finalizing brochure.                                             developing 3 concepts.
                                                                                                                                 Consultant has been selected.
                                                                                                                                 Estimated completion date is
Promote and secure enumeration   BPA           Architect selected in December 2008 Comments have          Harvey Hall Phase 1:   2007-2008:                          08-09 Design Complete
for the major projects in the                  been sent to architect for 35% review                      Theatre is under       Harvey Hall A/E request
Capital Plan. Major projects                                                                              construction.          comments received from System.
include:                                                                                                                         Campus needs to respond to
     • Harvey Hall Renovation                                                                                                    System comments before it is
         Phase 1: Theatre                                                                                                        forwarded to DSF for consultant

                                                                                                                                 Harvey Hall Phase I was included
                                                                                                                                 in 07-09 budget. A/E request
                                                                                                                                 was submitted.
   •   Hovlid Hall Remodeling    BPA           BPA: Final review meeting held on 12/19/08.                Design and Bid         2007-2008:                          Construction Start: May 2009
       and Addition                            Construction to begin in May 2009                          Complete.              Project is in design.               Construction Complete: July
                                               The Hovlid Hall Renovation & Dining addition project was                          2006-2007:                          Occupancy: August 2010
                                               approved by the Board of Regents on October 3 and by                              Hovlid Hall has been enumerated.
                                               the State Building Commission on October 15.
                                               BPA’s role in this project is complete

                                               SLS: Bids were done, contracts awarded, and
                                               construction began on May 18.

   •   Memorial Student Center     BPA/SLS    BPA: BOR approved inclusion in 2009-2011 Capital           2009-2011               2007-2008:                             Construction Start: May 2010
       Remodeling                            Budget in fall 2008. Governor Doyle approved the 2009-      Enumeration.            SDS Architects & Perkins+Will          Construction Complete: July
                                             11 State Budget which includes the Memorial Student                                 were hired for the Memorial            2011
                                             Center project.                                                                     Student Center remodeling. Two         Occupancy: August 2011
                                                                                                                                 workshops were held spring
                                             Architect selection anticipated in September 2009.                                  2008. Final presentation in fall

                                             SLS: On October 28, 2008 the Thirty Ninth Congress of
                                             the University Student Senate of the Stout Student
                                             Association approved bonding of an eighteen million
                                             dollar renovation project for the Memorial Student Center
                                             through a segregated fee increase. On December 5,
                                             2008 the Board of Regents authorized the UW-Stout
                                             University Centers Renovation and Infrastructure Project
                                             in the 2009-11 Capital Budget. On March 19, 2009 the
                                             the State Building Commission approved the project. In
                                             May 2009 the MSC Renovation received support from the
                                             state Legislature Joint Finance Committee.

                                             June 29, 2009, the Governor “enumerates $18 million
                                             program revenue supported borrowing for the University
                                             of Wisconsin-Stout Memorial Student Center renovation”
                                             in the state budget.

Manage the major projects in the   PP        Construction in progress.                                   Jarvis building under   2007-2008:                             10/07: Design report
Capital Plan including:                      August 2009 – Occupy, Phase 1                               construction.           Construction has begun.                July 2010: Occupancy
    • Jarvis Science Wing                    June 2009 – Start Phase 2
                                                                                                                                 Consultant selected 11/2006.

                                                                                                                                 2005-2006: A/E services
                                                                                                                                 request is at DSF, architect will be
                                                                                                                                 assigned is September 2006.
                                                                                                                                 Split Harvey Hall project into two
   •   Price Commons Second        BPA/SLS    BPA: Construction to begin in March 2009 BPA’s role in     Price Commons under     2007-2008:                             Fall 2008: Bid
       Floor                                 this project is complete                                    construction.           Submitted for BOR meeting for          March 2009: Construction Begins
                                                                                                                                 authority to construct and             July 2009: Substantial
                                             SLS: Project bids awarded at total cost of $2,571,612,                              additional funding.                    Completion
                                             includes add-alternate for generator. Pre-construction                                                                     August 2009: Service in New
                                             meeting held December 11th Contracts signed first week                              2006-2007:                             Areas
                                             of January. Construction progress meetings set up.                                  A/E request submitted to system.

                                         Plans being formulated for vacating 2nd floor by March
                                         16th when contractor take over this area. Jason Jenson
                                         & Grady Richartz have served as a Technical Consultants
                                         to the Price Commons Second Floor Renovation Project
                                         Implementation Committee.

                                         Nathan Castillo has served as a Technical Consultant to
                                         the Price Commons Second Floor Renovation Project
                                         Implementation Committee Successfully moved all
                                         cafeteria, cart, concessions and summer camp operations
                                         into student center and Tainter hall.
Develop a residence hall renewal   SLS   A consultant was hired – SDS Architects. Phase 1 was         Plan developed.    March 2009 - Phase one
plan.                                    approved, which includes included gathering information,                        complete:
                                         reviewing previously developed materials, documenting                              • Information Gathering
                                         existing conditions, and identifying deficiencies. Phase 2                         • Review Previously
                                         includes included the analysis of information gathered in                               Developed Materials
                                         Phase 1, developing solution options for the deficiencies,                         • Document Existing
                                         providing precedents for consideration, and developing                                  Conditions
                                         schedule and phasing options. The cost of the Phase 1 is                           • Identify Deficiencies
                                         $44,955. The plan was completed and presented to the                            Date to Be Determined - Phase
                                         campus on June 25.                                                              Two:
                                                                                                                            • Develop Solution
                                                                                                                                 Options for Deficiencies
                                                                                                                            • Develop Budgets for
                                                                                                                            • Provide Precedents for
                                                                                                                            • Develop Schedule and
                                                                                                                                 Phasing Options

Develop a lab renewal plan.        BPA   Timeline developed and initial discussions have been held    Lab renewal plan
                                         with the ASA space committee. Anticipate spring 2009         developed.
                                         completion. Draft lab renewal plan was presented to
                                         Issues group. Some modifications were suggested and
                                         Diane and Doug are working on updating the document
                                         based on those suggestions.

Innovate through Technology.

Implementation Strategies          Responsible   Progress                                                                                                                   Target /Timeline
                                                 (current as of June 2009)                                    Outcome Indicators       Benchmark                             (for end of FY 08-09 unless stated)
Implement PeopleSoft modules       BFS/HR        BFS: Implementation on schedule for July 2009 go live.       Status of PeopleSoft   2007-2008:                             July 2009: Student Financial
for Student Financials and                       Working with System to get GL interface up and going.        implementation.        SFS financials successful              deployment.
Human Resources.                                                                                                                     implemented along with upgrade
                                                 HR: The work continues for the implementation of the                                in Feb 08. All functionality
                                                 HRS system. It is requiring more time of the HR staff to                            working well. Student Module
                                                 give input for this implementation. A request for a half     Identification of      implementation work on schedule
                                                 time LTE has been submitted. Time frame for                  Fit/Gaps for HRIS.     for go live in Spring 09.
                                                 implementation of HRS has been compressed and work                                  P&MM-Fixed Asset Module will be
                                                 progresses toward data conversion, training, identifying                            implemented soon as a
                                                 shadow systems, developing systems to solve issues,etc.                             standalone module. To be
                                                 Work is progressing at a stepped up pace.                                           integrated with Financials on the
                                                                                                                                     top of the UW System IT Data
                                                                                                                                     Teams list for conversion. SFS
                                                                                                                                     asset management implemented
                                                                                                                                     to track capital assets. All capital
                                                                                                                                     has been added.
Implement the Housing              SLS           The RMS software and demographics interface from             Functional for 09-10   2007-2008:
Management System.                               Peoplesoft to RMS are live. Significant training of select   students.              The process is complete and a
                                                 Housing staff took place. Newly admitted students for                               vendor has been selected.
                                                 2009-10 were downloaded into the system beginning in
                                                 December. Interfaces with PeopleSoft were developed.
                                                 Data was entered into the system. New students
                                                 completed their housing & dining preferences on-line.
                                                 The program assigned new students to their rooms.

                                                 Incoming Demographics interface is “live”. Room
                                                 assignments have been completed for incoming freshmen

                                                 Staci Kaufman has served as a Technical Lead on this

Implement a workflow and e-        BFS/BPA/VC     BPA: Space request process under development; work          Status of
approval process forms including                 flow created; anticipate early 2009 implementation.          implementation.
the budget transfer, account                     Budget Transfer workflow developed and working on final
maintenance, space request and                   processes for BPA office. Will have a few areas pilot
rate request forms.                              beginning in January, plan to have process in place
                                                 beginning July 2009. Digital signatures have been
                                                 implemented for both the space request and budget
                                       transfer forms. Paper signatures on the budget transfers
                                       will no longer be accepted after July 1. Paper signatures
                                       will no longer be accepted on the space requests after the
                                       testing phase is complete.

                                       BFS: Begin Spring 2009 with Rate Forms and Dept
                                       Account Maintenance Form. Lisa will be setting up a
                                       meeting with Sue Krings for early March to being
                                       planning. Kristi Krimpelbein is drafting the proposed
                                       workflows for these two forms.
Implement Total Maintenance       PP   TMA Trainer will be on site to train supervisors and         Status of TMA     2007-2008:                         Room Inspection module
Authority (TMA) room inspection        explain program options in February.                         implementation.   Installed TMA Upgrade              implemented in Summer of
and mobile TMA modules.                4 maintenance works have implemented Mobile TMA– no                            Implemented Key Module             2009.
                                       longer turning into tracking of daily labor sheets. 4                          Implemented I-Service Desk
                                       craftsworkers will start using mobile TMA February 1st.                        Visited UW-Whitewater

                                       Request Module Log: All work requests are received                             2006-2007: Room audit almost
                                       through the I-Service Desk and are then turned into work                       complete. Residence halls still
                                       orders and distributed to the proper staff. Phone calls                        need to be complete.
                                       and paper requests are no longer needed.                                       iService Desk was implemented in
                                         Effective 7-1-09, all Housing Key Replacement requests                       July 2007.
                                       will be done through the I-Service Desk. Paper copies will
                                       no longer be used. Charges will be for time and material,                      2005-2006:
                                       instead of a flat fee to Housing. More accurate and less                       TMA labels for buildings
                                       time-consuming than using the flat fee.                                        continues.
                                         Two additional staff members have been trained to turn                       An LTE was hired to complete an
                                       the electronic work requests into work orders.                                 audit of rooms/areas on campus.
                                       Mobile TMA: Nine staff members have been trained to
                                       use the PDA’s to track their time on work orders. Three                        2004-05:
                                       of those staff members no longer turn in paper                                 Key Module is complete and
                                       timesheets.                                                                    Storeroom module is on-going.
                                       Room Inspection Module: This was to be                                         Tagging of building equipment
                                       implemented by Linda Anderson this summer. One hall                            continues.
                                       was set up to begin testing in June. However, she is on
                                       an extended leave, so it has been put on hold.

Celebrate Differences.

Implementation Strategies        Responsible         Progress                                                                                                          Target /Timeline
                                                     (current as of June 2009)                                   Outcome Indicators     Benchmark                      (for end of FY 08-09 unless stated)
Hire a LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay,      SLS                 SLS: Julie Miller was hired and began her duties in late    LGBTQ Student
Bisexual, Transgendered,                             October. While the position is supervised out of            Program Coordinator
Questioning) Student Program                         University Housing, most of the actual orientation and      hired.
Coordinator.                                         day-to-day communication has happened in the I&L
                                                     department. Office is located in I&L, adjacent to Ally
                                                     Center – thus providing immediate access and availability
                                                     to students, faculty and staff.

Provide diversity programs and   SLS/All Directors   HR: Invited the LGBTQ to staff meeting and discussion.      One program provided   2007-2008:                     Target number of total diversity
workshops for students and                                                                                       division-wide.         26 in-hall programs offered    programs (new and ongoing): 21
employees.                                           HS: The Student Health Center invited the new LGBTQ                                                               events.
                                                     Coordinator to speak to a staff meeting on how the clinic                          2006-2007:
                                                     can be open and safe to LGBTQ students. On the                                     23 new and continuing events
                                                     recommendation of J. Miller, all SHS forms reviewed, and
                                                     revision to forms that indicate gender to be: F (female),
                                                     M (male), Other. Many H&S staff also attended the
                                                     screening of “Divided We Fall” that was hosted by BFS.

                                                     SLS: University Housing provided 21 many diversity
                                                     programs for residence hall students in the fall.
                                                     University Housing, in conjunction with the LGBTQ
                                                     Inclusivity Committee, provided a month of activities for
                                                     LGBT Awareness Month in October. Housing also
                                                     presented the “Boxes & Walls” program on February 2, 3
                                                     & 4. Keith Edwards, Diversity Speaker from Macalester
                                                     College, MN, presented two in-services directed toward
                                                     Hall Director and RA staff regarding understanding their
                                                     personal development related to diversity.

                                                     ALLY CENTER OFFERINGS:
                                                        • “Did you see that YOUTUBE?” (weekly topical
                                                            video discussion series)
                                                        • “Let It Out!” Dialogue (monthly topical series)
                                                        • Inter Group Dialogue symposium on Dec 6 had 9
                                                        • The Bible Tells Me So film screening & and post-

         film panel discussion, 187 attendees
         Issues of Humanity – guest Keith Edwards,
         Macalester University Held on Monday, March
         9, 2009. His programs included an overview of
         Ally Development (mid-day; 40 participants) and
         a presentation about how men can become
         better Allies to women (men against violence
         programs- evening; 100+ participants). He
         spent a few hours with the University Housing
         staff and was also engaged in discussion about
         program delivery and content with the Ally
         Center staff members.
         GET ON THE BUS! A regional civil rights &
         social justice van trip for 5 students, led by HDFS
         Intern Jessica Padellford (Mar 14-18), and
         development of promotional video. Ms.
         Padellford used this project as her 4 credit
         independent study practicum. This trip will
         return in spring 2010.
     • (cooperative program with Blue Devil
In the summer of 2008, the Ally Center staff attended a
program in Des Moines to gain better ability to articulate
programs and ally support. Efforts for spring 2009 will
reflect these lessons.

Blue Devil Productions, a recognized student
organization, advised by I&L staff, produced 3 events
that had diversity components. This includes an Asian-
American comedian, a comedian with cerebral palsy, and
a co-sponsored film screen and panel discussion of “The
Bible Tells Me So”, a film dealing with Christianity and

University Housing trains staff on Oppression Theory,
which includes information about all types of diversity.
The department also has a Diversity Committee, which
works with all kinds of diversity in the department.

Regular Users of the Ally Center (for scheduled meetings
and other):

HSSO, Out@Stout, Latinos Unidos. Minority Faculty Staff
Network, LGBTQ initiative, Womens’ and Gender Studies
                                                  Committee, an informal group of Muslim students, and
                                                  tutors from the Math TLC and the Writing Center.

                                                  All departments within Urec (Intramural Sports, Stout
                                                  Adventures, Swimming Pool, and Health & Fitness
                                                  Center) conducted diversity training in September for
                                                  student staff. Information from Affirmative Action was
                                                  shared and discussed with student employees.
Develop a structure to expand the   HR            Work continues on this as contact has been made with       Program expanded to
Career Exploration Program to the                 outside agencies to assist in obtaining individuals        community.
community.                                        interested in the program. This has been accomplished
                                                  this year.

Communication Plan
Convey a positive image of the ASLS Division through promotion of division activities and contributions. Communicate our role as valuable members of UW-Stout and the Menomonie
Community. Provide up-to-date information in a variety of forms.

Communication Plan, Goal 1
Increase the visibility of division to our target audiences. (UW-System, UW-Stout, ASLS employees, Chancellor, UW-Stout Students, Parents, and the Menomonie Community.

Implementation Strategies           Responsible   Progress                                                                                                             Target /Timeline
                                                  (current as of June 2009)                                  Outcome Indicators    Benchmark                           (for end of FY 08-09 unless stated)
Hold “Chat with the Chancellor”     VC            The units scheduled for Chat with the Chancellor this      Chat with the         2007-2008:                          2 sessions held.
sessions.                                         year include one session for SLS and one session for VC,   Chancellor sessions   2 sessions held. One for PP and
                                                  BPA, BFS, HR, and H&S.                                     held.                 the other for SLS.

                                                  32 employees attended the SLS session. 15 employees                              2 sessions held One with BPA,
                                                  attended the BPA, BFS, HR and H&S session.                                       VC, HR and the other with
                                                                                                                                   Student Life Services.

                                                                                                                                   2 sessions held. One with
                                                                                                                                   Physical Plant and the other with
                                                                                                                                   Student Life Services.
Submit division press release to    VC            19 press releases were submitted.                          Press releases        2007-2008:                          > 12 releases submitted.
community and campus                                                                                         submitted.            12 press releases submitted.
                                                                                                                                   7 press releases submitted.

                                                                                                                                   2005-2006: 16
Distribute annual report and      VC                 Focused Initiatives distributed September 22nd.            Annual Report and       2007-2008:                        Focused Initiatives – September
focused initiatives.                                 Annual Report distributed November 3rd.                    Focused Initiatives     Focused Initiatives – September   Annual Report –
                                                                                                                distributed.            20th                              October/November
                                                                                                                                        Annual Report – November 9th
Host departmental open houses     All Directors/     BFS: Open house held Jan 2009 for Std Business             Open houses             2007-2008:                        As needed due to activities and
as appropriate to function and    ASLS Training      Services.                                                  coordinated.            BPA: held Halloween open          function.
activities.                       and Development                                                                                       house in October, 2007
                                  Team               HR: No immediate plans for this in the 08-09 year.                                 HS: hosted a holiday open house
                                                                                                                                        on December 10, 2007.
                                                     SLS: Student Life Services hosted an open house on
                                                     December 23, 2008.

Communication Plan, Goal 2
Increase knowledge of division activities and contributions.

Implementation Strategies         Responsible        Progress                                                                                                             Target /Timeline
                                                     (current as of June 2009)                                 Outcome Indicators       Benchmark                         (for end of FY 08-09 unless stated)
Distribute “News and Views” e-    VC                 14 News and Views emails distributed.                     Frequency of
mail from Vice Chancellor on a                                                                                 distribution.
regular basis.
Distribute division newsletter.   VC                 Newsletter distributed on a quarterly basis.              Newsletter distributed                                     4 newsletters distributed.
Conduct an annual All Division    VC/ASLS Training   The 8th annual All Division meeting was held on October   All Division Meeting     2007-2008: The 7th Annual All     Annual meeting held to update
meeting.                          and Development    2nd with over 165 people in attendance. Employees         Held.                    Division meeting was held on      employees on plans and
                                  Committee          participated in a walking tour of the south campus                                 September 25th with 165 people    accomplishments.
                                                     gardens and informational sessions from Bob Salt and                               in attendance. Employees
                                                     George Acker.                                                                      toured the Child and Family
                                                                                                                                        Study Center.

                                                                                                                                        The 6th Annual All Division
                                                                                                                                        meeting was held on October
                                                                                                                                        12th with 125 people in
                                                                                                                                        attendance. Employees toured
                                                                                                                                        the heating plant.

                                                                                                                                        The 5th Annual All Division
                                                                                                                                        meeting was held on September
                                                                                                                                        22, 2005. Attendance = 180
                                                                                                                                        Tour = Red Cedar Hall.

Increase opportunities for        VC/All Directors   BPA: BPA action plan and annual report are posted on      Unit plans and year-end     2007-2008: Unit reports   Annual update.
departmental sharing of reports                      our website. The BPA office presented the 2007-08         reports shared with all     posted online.
and plans.                                           annual report at ASLS Council meeting. Reports            employees within the
                                                     continue to be posted on the website. We have also        unit and posted on unit’s
                                                     recently added a BPA page in the fact book. Minutes       website.
                                                     from BPA office meetings continue to be shared with
                                                     ASLS directors

                                                     BFS: reports (Annual report, Action Plan etc.) added to
                                                     website. Minutes from meetings distributed

                                                     HR: This is done.

                                                     HS: We started sharing staff meeting minutes this

                                                     VC: Each unit presented on their annual report and
                                                     action plan at a ASLS Council meeting.

                                                     SLS: Gave report to ASLS Council. Annual report and
                                                     action plans are shared at SLS Leadership Team
                                                     meetings and were added to the SLS website.

Communication Plan, Goal 3
Recognize actions supporting our mission, vision, and values.

Implementation Strategies         Responsible        Progress                                                                                                        Target /Timeline
                                                     (current as of June 2009)                                 Outcome Indicators          Benchmark                 (for end of FY 08-09 unless stated)
Send congratulatory and           VC/All Directors   BPA: congratulatory and recognition letters sent out
recognition letters.                                 throughout the year, mostly through email. “Good
                                                     news” items have been submitted to Heidi throughout
                                                     the year as well. George was selected as the
                                                     Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. Wendy was
                                                     nominated for the Outstanding Researcher award. Sally
                                                     received the Classified Employee of the Month award.

                                                     HR: Have been accomplishing this.

                                                     HS: H&S Director wrote to thank all Police Officers for
                                                     excellent service during homecoming week, 2008. The
                                                     H&S Director recognized the City Public Works Dept.
                                       and the County Health Dept. recently.

                                       Student Health Services sends on campus/off campus
                                       presenters thank you notes and a small token of
                                       appreciation, i.e. on campus presenters received legacy
                                       chocolate, off campus presenters receive UW-Stout
                                       mug/cup, etc. SHS staff receives written thank notes
                                       from director for outstanding accomplishments/going
                                       the extra…

                                       On-going: Students/patients send notes of appreciate
                                       to MD, RNs—copies kept in personnel file.

                                       VC: 60 congratulatory and recognition letters
Promote and recognize             VC   The collaborative group reception was held June 17,       Committee recognition     2008: 126 people                    >100 people receive certificates
collaborative teams, ad hoc            2009. 122 individuals were recognized on 14 teams or      reception held & number   2007: 147
groups, programs, and services.        groups.                                                   of certificates issued    2006:123 people received
                                                                                                 each year.                certificates. 69 people from
                                                                                                                           ASLS, 54 other
                                                                                                                           6/7/2005: 121 total: 73 ASLS, 48
                                                                                                                           6/8/2004: 100 total: 55 ASLS, 45
                                                                                                                           * 4 committee members from
                                                                                                                           Credit Card Software
                                                                                                                           Investigating Committee should
                                                                                                                           have received certificates.
                                                                                                                           6/10/03: 108 total: 61 ASLS, 47
                                                                                                                           6/12/02: 78 people received
                                                                                                                           7/31/2000: 28 people received
                                                                                                                           certificates 6/29/2001: 84 people
                                                                                                                           received certificates
                                                                                                 Number of collaborative   2008: 13                            > 12 teams recognized
                                                                                                 teams, ad hoc groups,     2007: 16
                                                                                                 programs, and services    2005: 16
                                                                                                 recognized.               2004: 14
                                                                                                                           2003: 15
                                                                                                                           2002: 22
                                                                                                                           2001: 81

Occupational Safety and Health Plan

Provide UW-Stout with an environment free of workplace hazards.

Occupational Safety and Health Plan, Goal 1
The Occupational Safety and Health Plan document procedures, responsibilities of administration, safety director, supervisors, and employees, and identifies initiatives for the university.

Implementation Strategies            Responsible   Progress                                                                                                    Target/Timeline
                                                   (current as of June 2009)                                    Outcome Indicators        Benchmark            (for end of FY 0 8-09 unless stated)
Continue and complete the            HS            The confined space rescue exercise was held in               Confined space rescue
confined space rescue planning                     summer, 2008. Also, the summer 08 H&S intern                 planning project
project with the Menomonie Fire                    completed mapping of all steam and utility hole              complete.
Department.                                        confined spaces. A meeting to present the maps and
                                                   discuss procedures will be set up in spring 09 with the
                                                   Fire Department to sustain this program. Maps are 50
                                                   % complete as of July, 09. Project due for completion
                                                   in 2010.
Adapt the recent Supervisory         HS            Due for fall, 2009. Project pushed back to 2010.             Program provided to
Training Program given to new                                                                                   other departments.
Physical Plant supervisors for use                                                                              Frequency.
with other university
Create an online safety training     HS            Recently purchased safety training program though JJ         Program created.
program for student employees.                     Keller. Specific sections will be sent to appropriate        Frequency.
                                                   depts. (e.g., Art & Design) for training purposes. Art
                                                   department has been using the MSDS section of the
                                                   program. Safety & Risk Management has been using
                                                   the safety materials in their training.
Revitalize the Safety and Workers    HS            Several new members have been attending meetings.            Committee revitalized.
Compensation Committee and                         It appears the committee will have a safety awards
encourage their assistant with                     program ready for fall semester of 2009. A new chair
occupational safety and health                     has been selected for this committee. The group has
issues.                                            made progress with the safety award program, and may
                                                   have it complete in fall or winter.
Review the Return to Work            HS/HR         H&S met with HR in summer, 2008. Some recently-              Recommendations for
Program and provide                                injured employees have been given meaningful light           improvement identified.
recommendations for                                duty work assignments. A revised policy on light duty is
improvement.                                       estimated to be ready for fall, 2009. A light-duty
                                                   assignment was successfully planned and completed for
                                                   a Police Officer who was recently injured. We have yet
                                                   to revise the overall campus policy, and will work on this
                                                   again this coming year.

Implement post-offer essential      HR/HS                HR: This is progressing with testing beginning with        Screening and              2007-2008:
job function screening and                               custodial, dining and law enforcement. Details being       background check           HR: In final stages of
background checks.                                       finalized on other positions. Progress has been made in    procedures                 preparation for testing and
                                                         the completion of all selected titles for testing and we   implemented.               using. We are ready to begin
                                                         are now in the final two or three then will be completed                              testing when we get another
                                                         and able to test for all positions.                                                   custodial position. We are
                                                                                                                                               reviewing how the paperwork
                                                         HS: EJF screenings are approximately 95% completed.                                   will flow.
                                                         They have been used by several departments.
                                                         Estimated completion of this program is in 2010,                                      HS: Procedures have been
                                                         although we likely will present papers and submit award                               developed. Final steps are being
                                                         applications for this later in 2009. EJF screenings are                               taken and presentation to
                                                         on-track for completion by the end of July, 09.                                       Administration will take place in
                                                                                                                                               the near future. We plan to have
                                                                                                                                               Univ. Communications assist us
                                                                                                                                               with the promotion of this
                                                                                                                                               program upon its completion,
                                                                                                                                               and before “roll-out.”
Provide safety inspections on a     HS                   Ongoing Safety & Risk Management is looking at             Safety inspection
regular, scheduled basis.                                changing the safety inspection process to be more of an    schedule developed.
                                                         audit, with possible input from supervisors and maybe      Number of safety
                                                         safety committee members.                                  inspections completed.

Training and Development Plan
Provide training and development opportunities to employees that contribute to excellence in performance, quality in Division services, and a positive and safe work environment.

Training and Development Plan, Goal 1
Provide training for new employees, including the basic information needed to understand the work environment and the employer’s expectations.

Implementation Strategies           Responsible          Progress                                                                                                                  Target
                                                         (current as of June 2009)                                  Outcome Indicators         Benchmark                           (for end of FY 08-09 unless stated)
Provide an orientation for new      Vice Chancellor/     VC meets with all new employees and reviews the ASLS       Formal orientation         2006-2007:                          All new employees provided
ASLS employees to the University,   All ASLS Directors   organization, mission, vision, values, and focused         process provided at        Orientation programs                orientation.
Division, and their department.                          initiatives.                                               division and unit level.   implemented.

                                                         BPA: has a written orientation checklist for new
                                                         employees (mostly students) that is updated annually.

Offer an orientation program for   VC                   Sessions held on Financial Systems reporting, Lean            Orientation program for   2007-2008:                        Orientation program in place
new ASLS supervisors and                                principle training, Health and Safety, Affirmative Action     new directors offered.    Three sessions have been held     Spring 2008.
directors.                                              and Values and Ethics.                                                                  on Chancellor’s Vision for UW-
                                                                                                                                                Stout & Priorities for Academic
                                                        HS: participated in this program and also presented a                                   and Student Affairs, UW-Stout
                                                        session in spring, 2009.                                                                History and
                                                                                                                                                Human Resources Policies and

Training and Development Plan, Goal 2

Address mandated training needs.

Implementation Strategies          Responsible          Progress                                             Outcome                                                              Target/Timeline
                                                        (current as of June 2009)                            Indicators         Benchmark                                         (for end of FY 08-09 unless stated)
Conduct sexual harassment          All ASLS Directors   BFS: Have contacted the affirmative action           All ASLS units     2007-2008:                                        Dec 07: Custodial
prevention training.                                    office to schedule the training during the           attend sexual      BFS: Has not been scheduled.                      February 08: Grounds
                                                        spring semester.                                     harassment                                                           April 08: PP Engineering,
                                                                                                             training.          BPA: Sessions have been scheduled for the VC,     Maintenance, and Administration
                                                        PP: Engineering, Admin and new employees                                BFS and HR offices in September.                  May 08: Heating Plant
                                                        participated in training on August 6, 2008.                                                                               June 08: BFS
                                                                                                                                HR: Sessions have been scheduled for the VC,      September 08: Vice Chancellor’s
                                                        SLS: Donna Weber conducted sexual                                       BFS and HR offices in September.                  Office, Internal Audit, BPA, HR;
                                                        harassment training in August for all                                                                                     University Dining Services
                                                        permanent and student management staff in                               PP: Custodial: 4/22, 4/24, 4/29 & 5/20            October 08: University Housing,
                                                        UDS.                                                                    Grounds: 4/29                                     November 08: University
                                                                                                                                Maintenance: 4/29                                 Centers, SLS
                                                        Currently waiting for division office to schedule                       Heating Plant: 5/20                               Administration/Budget &
                                                        trainings for our other departments.                                    Engineering and Admin: To be scheduled            Technical Resource
                                                        Departments will be scheduling training with                                                                              December 08: Health and Safety
                                                        EE/AA Office.                                                           VC: Sessions have been scheduled for the VC,
                                                                                                                                BFS and HR offices in September.
                                                        BPA/HR/VC: Training was conducted for VC,
                                                        HR and BPA offices September 16th and 18th.

Provide safety training and        HS                   HS: Ongoing Student Health Services-Annual           Match ASLS         2007: Training and inspections continue monthly   Conduct sessions on 25 training
inspection programs in                                  training for the following: Bloodborne               safety training    for the 25 OSHA topics.                           topics.
compliance with OSHA.                                   pathogens, fire safety, severe weather,              topics with OSHA   2006: Conducted sessions on 24 OSHA training
                                                        ergonomics, oxygen tank use, AED usage,              requirements.      topics Did not conduct the welding and grinding
                                                        CPR/AED training/certification for nursing staff,                       session.
                                                        staff immunization review/update, flu shots,                            2001-2005: Conducted sessions on 25 OSHA
                                                        review sharp safety, CERT trainers.                                     required training topics

                                                    SLS: Dining Service provided agreed upon         Total number of                       Training                      40 sessions, with 1400
                                                                                                                          Fiscal Year                    Attendees
                                                    annual safety training to staff in August and    safety sessions                       Sessions                      participants.
                                                    January for all permanent staff and student      offered.           2002-03               44            1351
                                                    managers.                                                           2003-04               46            1447
                                                                                                                        2004-05*              44            1483
                                                    MSC Building Managers received training                             2005-06               45            1449
                                                    regarding CPR, AED, blood borne pathogens
                                                                                                                        2006-07**             44            1092
                                                    and the use of fire extinguishers.
                                                                                                                        2007-08               36            1038
                                                    Housing staff were trained in fire safety and                       2008-09               34             903
                                                    risk management, bloodborn pathogens, and                           * For efficiency, sessions were combined
                                                    crisis management.                                                  this past year instead of holding several
                                                                                                                        separate ones on the same topic.
                                                                                                                        ** included with this total and counted as
                                                                                                                        only 10 “sessions” were 10 programs and
                                                                                                                        each program had 3 different sessions
                                                                                                                        covering the same topic with different

Training and Development Plan, Goal 3

Encourage personal and professional growth through activities that enhance effective interaction with and response to the work environment.

Implementation Strategies       Responsible     Progress                                    Outcome                                                                             Target/Timeline
                                                (current as of June 2009)                                                                                                       (for end of FY 08-09 unless
                                                                                            Indicators      Benchmark                                                           stated)
Support career path training.   All Directors    BPA: Sally Bosshart and Michelle Young     Tuition         2007-2008: Eleven (11) total submitted requests for reimbursement
                                                received tuition reimbursement and are      reimbursement   either by their dept or the division for Fall 2007. 12 submitted
                                                pursuing degrees at UW-Stout Sally and      offered.        requests for reimbursement either by their department or the
                                                Michelle are still pursuing degrees.                        division for Spring 2008.
                                                Meridith attended the Management
                                                Development Program at Harvard in

                                                BFS: 2 in both Fall 2008 and Spring
                                                2009 (Wahl & Heuschele)

                                                HR: Always ask at evaluation time if
                                                there is any training individuals want to
                                                receive. When CMI is up and running
                                                would like to have Deb Gehrke attend.

                                                HS: Student Health Services: all
professional staff maintain current
licensures in their select disciplines (Med
Tech, RNs NP, MD, Health Educator)

SLS: Mary McManus is working toward
her doctorate.

Urec professional staff:
- Lori, Tim and Anoop all hold American
Red Cross Training Certifications
- Tim is certified in Wilderness First

Ellen Anderson, Dave Hackel, Grady
Richartz participated in the 2-day Jeff
Russell Customer Service Ambassador
Training Program.

Grady Richartz is a member for the
Customer Service Ambassador Group
serving on the Training & Development
Advisory Group.

Ellen Anderson is serving on the
Recognition Group.

Grady Richartz attended ASLS New
supervisor training program.

Provide leadership training to   HR   The 2008-09 session was offered to    Leadership &                                Average Ratings                           Maintain “Useful” to 8.0
employees through the                 directors, supervisors and business   Professional      New evaluation form used in 2007-2008.                              or better; maintain other
Leadership & Professional             managers.                             Development                                       2007-   2008-                       ratings in the 3.5 range.
Development Certificate                                                     Post-training                                     2008    2009
Program.                                                                    survey results.    Overall Useful Application      8.66    7.85
                                                                                               Logistics/Administrative (1-    5.66    5.28
                                                                                               Content (1-6)                   5.66    5.08
                                                                                               Design (1-6)                    5.58     5.2
                                                                                               Trainer/Learning Facilitator    5.85    5.58

                                                                                                                  2002-03 2005-06*          2006-07
                                                                                                Useful (0-11
                                                                                                hi)              8.29        7.9                   8.22
                                                                                                (1-4 hi)         3.71        3.74                  3.61
                                                                                                (1-4 hi)         3.73        3.6                   3.73
                                                                                                le (1-4 hi)      3.83        3.6                   3.75
                                                                                                Facilities (1-4
                                                                                                hi)              3.41        3.4                   3.39
                                                                                              *Average Ratings (evaluations collected in 5 of 8 sessions due to
                                                                                              coordinator turn over)
                                      22 participants                       Leadership &      2007-2008:                                                          Average 25 people per
                                                                            Professional      •     14.83 average attendance                                      session.
                                                                            Development       •     6 sessions held
                                                                            Training          2006-2007:
                                                                            session           •     24 people registered
                                                                            attendance        •     22 completed the program
                                                                            data.             •     6 sessions held
                                                                                              •     22 = average number of people attending each session
                                                                                              •     19 people registered
                                                                                              •     8 sessions held
                                                                                              (attendance not collected at all sessions)
                                                                                              2002-03 Data:
                                                                                              • 28 people registered to attend all sessions
                                                                                              • 26 = average number of people attending each session
                                                                                              • 8 sessions held
Offer administrative training to   HR                                               EDGE Post-        Average Ratings                                                    All results > than 4.
employees through the Stout             In 2008-2009 we offered core sessions       training survey   (scale of 1-5 with 5= excellent)
Employee Development Growth             once a year and non-core sessions every     results.
& Enrichment (EDGE) Program.            other year. Sessions were scheduled
                                        every other week to allow for a break
                                        between sessions. Optional sessions
                                        were decided based on feedback from
                                        evaluations. A total of 13 sessions were
                                                                                                                       2002-    2005-     2006-     2007-    2008-
                                        EDGE presentations were made available                                          03       06        07        08       09
                                        online on the EDGE website and archived
                                        for two years.                                                  Visual         3.8      3.56      4.331      4.22      4.20
                                                                                                        Handouts       4.0      3.47      4.171      4.03      4.31
                                                                                                        Pace           3.9      3.71      4.218      4.25      4.12
                                                                                                        Time of Day 4.2         3.52      4.396      4.44      4.33
                                                                                                        Usefulness     4.1      3.83      4.401      4.48      4.25
                                                                                                        Knowledgea                                   4.68      4.53
                                                                                                                       4.5      4.02
                                                                                                        ble                               4.668
                                                                                                        Format         4.2      3.95      4.503      4.56      4.30
                                        Sessions held: 12                           EDGE Training     2007-08 Data:                                                      Average 12 people per
                                        Average attendance: 19                      session               Sessions held: 12                                              session.
                                        Total Attendance: 223                       attendance            Average Attendance: 15.2
                                                                                    data.                 Total Attendance: 182
                                                                                                      2006-07 Data:
                                                                                                          10 sessions held
                                                                                                          Average attendance: 22.2 per session
                                                                                                          78 Total attendance
                                                                                                      Fewer sessions were offered this year, allowing new topics to be
                                                                                                      added. The result was higher attendance per session.
                                                                                                      2005-06 Data:
                                                                                                          18 sessions held
                                                                                                          Average attendance: 12.19 per session
                                                                                                          195 Total attendance
                                                                                                      2002-03 Data:
                                                                                                      • 415 = total actual attendance
                                                                                                      • 23 = average number of people attending each session
                                                                                                      • 9 Semester I sessions; 9 Semester II sessions
Coordinate a spring professional   HR   Is being worked on. ASLS Training and       Spring            2007-2008:
development day for classified          Development committee assisted with         professional      Nick Mezacapa presented on How to Fly a Small Airplane with 100
staff.                                  planning and hosting this event.            development       attendees.
                                        It was held on Thursday, April 16th, 2009   day held.
                                        in the Great Hall at the Memorial Student
                                          Center. Two sessions were held: one in
                                          the morning and one in the afternoon.
                                          We had Claire McCarty Kilian as our main
                                          speaker. She was very well received.
                                          Her presentation topic was “Being
                                          Persuasive: The Art (And Science) of
                                          Influence.” 69 attended morning
                                          session, 32 attended the afternoon
Encourage participation in    All ASLS    BPA: BPA staff are members of AIR,         Employees
professional organizations.   Directors   AIRUM, SCUP, NACUBO, AEA BPA staff         participate in
                                          continue to be members of these            training
                                          organizations                              opportunities.

                                          HR: Encouraged if funds are available

                                          HS: Police Department continues to be
                                          active with IACLEA and FBI National
                                          Academy by attending local meetings of
                                          same, and by being thrifty with
                                          occasional regional meetings. Student
                                          Health Services: All staff encouraged to
                                          participant in continuing education
                                          throughout the year via professional
                                          readings, attending conferences,
                                          workshops, teleconferences, webinars,

                                          All professional staff maintains current
                                          licensures in their select discipline
                                          (Medical Tech, RNs, and MD)
                                          July: Dr. L. Murel attended a week-long
                                          international conference: Psychological
                                          Impact on Medical Practice
                                          October-April: Janice Ramaeker,
                                          Leadership & professional Development
                                          Certificate Program
                                          October: Janice Ramaeker attended the
                                          North Central College Association Annual
                                          March-K. Green, Adolescents Health
                                          Care-Mpl, MN
                                          Medical Staff/Lab : In –house audio
                                          conferences: Flu Update, eating
disorders, Tobacco Cessation, Suicide,
Pap interpretation
Medical Staff/Lab: Participant in a
number of on-line educational sessions
to keep current and earn CMEs.
Office Staff: attended various EDGE
programs, Administrative Professional
Development Day activities

SLS: Lisa Eierman attended the
Wisconsin Dietetics Conference. Ann
Thies, Brian Kalscheuer and Lisa Miller
attended the NACUFS National
Conference. Jim Selz, Darlene Frey and
Maria Butkowski attended Food Pro
Users conference. Jim Selz attended
UW-System Purchasing Conference. Ann
Thies, Maria Butkowski, Mike Kuhlman
and Jim Selz attended NAUCFS regional
conference. Managers and staff
attended National Restaurant Show.

Lucy Nicolai attended the fall meeting of
the WI Union Directors in Green Bay,

Becky Wolf has attended a drive-in
workshop for Greek Life; and attended
the WiNap meetings held August 2008 in
Green Bay WI.
Emily Ascher attended the WiNap
meetings held August 2008 in Green Bay
WI. Emily Ascher attended the National
Association of Campus Activities (NACA)
Regional conference along with 12
student delegates held in April 2009. in

Emily Ascher attended the NACA Concert
Management Institute held in June 2009
in Milwaukee, WI.

Darrin Witucki attended the WiNap
meetings held August 2008 in Green Bay
WI. Darrin Witucki attended the UW-La
Crosse Learning Outcomes Workshop,
Jan. 09.

Mary McManus – WINAP Aug 08 UWGB;
regional Synergy conference fall 08 at
UWRF (and member of visioning
committee for the Synergy conference);
continuing member of Girl Scouts of NW
Great Lakes Women of Courage,
Confidence and Character selection
committee and event emcee (held each
October); attended the Integrative
Leadership-leading across boundaries for
the common good” conference at
CIL/Humphrey Center, U of MN in
October; attended International society
of public administrators conference at
Humphrey center, U of MN fall 08; Early
childhood educators conference April 09
(3 presentations)

Housing staff participated in the
     • UMR-ACUHO Conference
        attendees included Martin Fritz,
        Ann Hoffman, Ben Markl, Andrea
        Fults, Jen Parker, Justin Fults,
        Kelly Podach, Dana Fritz, Diane
     • UMR-ACUHO Program Presenters
        included Ben Markl, Jen Parker,
        Kelly Podach, Diane Hausler, and
        Ann Hoffman.
     • UMR-ACUHO Case Study Judge
        was Martin Fritz.
     • WCPA committee member was
        Aaron Pabst (Residence Life
     • WCPA Conference Attendees
        included Aaron Pabst and Shawn
     • Wisconsin Counseling Association
       presenter and attendee was
       Chad Cartier.
   •   NASPA (Student Affairs
       Administrators in Higher
       Education) Conference attendee
       was Michelle Hargrave.
   •   National Meeting on Alcohol and
       Other Drug Abuse and Violence
       Prevention in Higher Education
       attendee was Amy Nord.
   •   ASJA (Association for Student
       Judicial Affairs) Gehring
       Academy for Student Conduct
       Administrators attendee was
       Amy Nord.
   •   RMS User Group Conference
       attendee was Martin Fritz.
   •   UW System State Conduct
       Meeting attendee was Martin
   •   UW-Stout Teaching & Learning
       Center’s FYE Teaching Workshop
       attendees included Amy
       McGovern, Amy Nord, Michelle
       Hargrave, Kelly Podach, Chad
       Cartier, Justin Fults, and Jen
   •   UW-Stout Teaching & Learning
       Center invited Amy McGovern to
       present three programs this past

Urec Professional Staff:
       Tim attended the Association of
       Outdoor Recreation and
       Education Conference in San
       Diego. Tim also presented at
       this conference
       Tim & Lori attended the
       Wisconsin State Intramural-
       Recreation Sports Conference in
       Green Bay, WI
       Anoop attended a 2 day fitness
       seminar “Functional Movement
       Anoop earned his American Red
       Cross CPR/First Aid/ AED
       Instructor Certification
       Tim recertified his Wilderness
       First Responder Certification
       Lori serves on the Chippewa
       Valley Sports Commission
       Committee (off campus

Students and professional staff in Urec
continue to strive for professional
development opportunities by attending
State and National conferences such as
the Association for Outdoor Recreation
and Education (AORE), National
Intramural-Recreation Sports Association
(NIRSA), NIRSA Symposium for Facilities
and Wisconsin State workshop.

Urec Student Professional Development:
        Mike Conlin supervised the
        Intramural Sports Department
        Lindsay Lindner supervised the
        Marketing Department
        Tanner Steinlicht got certified in
        NSCA (National Strength &
        Conditioning Association)
        Personal Training Certification
        Maggie Thompson got NETA
        Group Fitness Certified
        Jill Klegin, Maggie Thompson,
        Megan Flanagan got Bosu Ball &
        No equipment Needed
        Laura Freund got Turbo kick
        Kelly Seawell received a student
        scholarship to the Association of
        Outdoor Recreation and
        Education Conference in San
        James Jaderborg served on the
        Search & Screening Committee
        for the Assistant Director of
        University Recreation
        Justin Dall‘Osto received his
        Wilderness First Responder
        Certification (80 hour course)

AORE National Conference attendees
include: James Jaderborg, Kelly Seawell,
and Patrick Whaley. Kelly and James
presented on Encouraging Sustainable
Practices within an Outdoor Program

Ann Thies is serving on the National
Conference Planning Committee for the
2009 NACUFS Conference and has
attended planning meetings. Ann Thies
serves on the National Benchmarking
Committee for NACUFS.

Housing staff that served on UMR-
ACUHO committees/offices include Ben
Markl (Membership Involvement), Jen
Parker (Diversity Action), Kelly Podach
(Communications), Dana Fritz
(Professional Development & Training),
Diane Hausler (Program), Martin Fritz
(Awards & Recognition); Ann Hoffman
serves on the Executive Committee and
is one of the Members-at-Large.

Becky Wolf sits on the Special Events
Committee for the NODA region V
conference committee

Tim Mertz was voted in to serve a 3 year
term on the Board of Directors for

Grady Richartz is a steering committee
member for Menomonie Young
Professionals. Grady Richartz will
become the Vice-President in 2010.

                                                  Dennis Shaw continues to serve as Vice
                                                  President of the Academic Staff
                                                  Professionals Representation
                                                  Organization (ASPRO) and was chosen
                                                  by his peers to serve as Convener/Chair
                                                  of the UW System Academic Staff Reps

Training and Development Plan, Goal 4

Provide job-specific skill development opportunities.

Implementation Strategies        Responsible      Progress                                         Outcome                                                                Target
                                                  (current as of June 2009)                        Indicators             Benchmark                                       (for end of FY 08-09 unless stated)
Offer training on customer       VC/Customer      Proposal in the development stages. A two-day    Customer service and   2006-2007:                                      1-2 opportunities provided.
service and office etiquette.    Service          workshop was held in March. A subcommittee       office etiquette       Attended Art of Giving Great Customer Service
                                 Ambassadors      will be coordinating customer service training   training offered.      Training Session.
                                                  HS: Kristi King, Student Health Services
                                                  Serves on the customer service ambassador
                                                  committee/training & development sub
Offer training on content        ASLS Webmaster   2 training meetings with Barb Button were held   Content management                                                     >6 participants.
management system.               Group            to prepare for CMS conversion. Another is        system training
                                                  scheduled for 2/27/09. Monthly training/work     offered.
                                                  dates have been set to allow team members to
                                                  work unimpeded on websites with IT staff
                                                  available to help.

                                                  HS: Lisa Walter and Kristi King are trained on
                                                  using Common Spot and continue to improve
                                                  our web pages.

                                                  SLS: SLS has at least 5 7 staff and students
                                                  who are now trained on using the new Common
                                                  Spot CMS. We are in the process of converting
                                                  websites to the Common Spot. The Athletics
                                                  site is converted. SLS, Housing, Campus Card,
                                                  University Dining, SLS Technology, and
                                                  University Centers conversions are underway.
Conduct training on retirement   HR               Will be accomplished, right now very busy        Retirement training                                                    2 sessions.
system options.                                   working with people on retirement. No update.    offered.
Offer one session per year on      BPA   Planned for spring 2009. 2009 training will use     Session on quality       2007-2008:                                            20-30 Participants.
a quality training or continuous         internal instructors and will focus on aspect of    training or continuous   Session on running effective meetings held in
improvement topic.                       CQI. Initial proposal for certificate program       improvement topic        November with 20 participants.
                                         developed and shared with Diane. Working on         offered.
                                         revising it. Quality training certificate program                            2006-2007:
                                         has been recommended and approved. It will                                   Facilitator Training was offered with 20 attendees.
                                         be implemented in 2009-10. Introduction to
                                         Quality Tools training held in spring 2009 with
                                         10 attendees.
Provide basic emergency            HS    Supplies and course materials have been             Training offered.
management response training             ordered and received. Actual training is delayed    Number of
through the Campus                       due to state delays in instructor training          participants.
Community Emergency                      program schedule. Est. completion date for the
Response Team (C-CERT)                   initial five- building pilot project is December,
program.                                 2009. The first C-CERT class of 13 staff and
                                         faculty members was held in May. Trainers
                                         from the Police Dept.., Safety & Risk
                                         Management, Student Health Services, and
                                         University Counseling team-taught the class.
                                         The program had many hands-on exercises, and
                                         received extremely positive feedback. We plan
                                         on another class for fall ’09 and one for spring


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