6400 Set Cheat Sheets by jamiemccoy


									                                           6400 Set Cheat Sheets

Transferring Calls:
      -Press Trnsfr
      -Dial number where the call is to be transferred
      -Press Trnsfr
      -Hang up

Conference Calls (up to 6 parties):                                                      Where is the Prog button?
      -Press Conf, dial another party, and announce the call                                  Press the Menu button
                                                                                       Press Next until Prog is on the display
      -Press Conf again to join all parties                                             Use the softkey below it to program
      -Repeat for additional parties to be connected

To Program the Abbreviated Dial (AD) buttons:
      -Press the Prog button or lift the handset or press Spkr and dial *0 (Program Code)
      -Press the AD button to be programmed
      -Dial the number you want to store (24 digits max)
      -Press # when dialing is completed                              What are soft keys?
                                                                   Soft keys are the buttons directly below
                                                                   your display screen. You can program
PROGRAMMING AND LABELING SOFT KEYS                                         them to store numbers

The following instructions are for Series 6400 WITH a display.

1. Press Prog button. Your speaker will activate.
   Display: “Press button to be programmed.”
2. Select the softkey. (Press MENU then PREV or NEXT to find the correct AD softkey)
   Display: “Change Number? Yes=1 No=2”.
3. Select 1 for yes.
4. Use the dial pad to enter the telephone number you want to speed dial followed by #.
   Display: “ Change Label? Yes=1 No=2”
5. Select 1 for yes.
   Display: “Enter Label.”
6. Use the dial pad to spell out a 5 character (maximum) label followed by #.

Note: Pressing the dial pad key once enters the first letter on that key; if you want a different letter continue to
press the same dial pad key until the letter or number is displayed. (For example: Pressing 2.A appears. Press 2
again. B appears. Press 2 again. C appears. Press 2 again.2 appears.) If the next letter for this label is on the
same dial pad key, press the * key to advance to the next space.
You will hear a confirmation tone and “LABEL SAVED” appears on your display.


7. Press the Spkr button when finished to store the information.
   Note: Your labels will not be displayed until you disconnect.

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