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					Career Portfolio
What to do Now, Next & Later
CTE – Agriculture
Colfax High School


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Name: ___________________                                    Career Portfolio Assignment
         What do students dream of becoming? What should they be doing today to reach those
dreams? These are two of the most important questions young people must answer. But these are not
easy questions, and most students need help: from teachers, counselors, and other trusted adults; and
from their families. Students need our help to learn about their options for the future. And, even more
important, they need our help to know what they should do now, during high school, to be ready for life
after graduation.
         In many schools, two types of students get most of the attention: the high risk and the high
achieving. But that means that many students are invisible. And that’s not fair, because the options
students face today are far too complicated to navigate alone. Every student deserves the attention of a
caring adult at school. Every student needs a plan for life after high school. And every student needs to
know what to do right now, whether “right now” is 9th grade or senior year, to be ready to succeed.
         This upcoming year will include work that will help to guide students through the process of
discovering different opportunities after school. Continuing education is a great choice, but it’s not the
only choice. This will consist of 10% of your overall grade and has several stages. Rubric provided.
     First will be biweekly career journals with the goal that you will find an ag. career of your choice.
     Second, will be the career pathway to help you plan your path to start an ag. career.
     Third, is a look at the opportunities other than formal schooling (I am going to let everyone else
         telling you about college/university. I do not believe in a “College-For-All” model of education)
     Fourth, will be your job applications and resume helping you learn how to get a job.

Biweekly Career Journals                                               Final Product = 5 - 1 page papers
    1. Use upper case letters to write the name of the specific career as a heading from “The List of
       Careers” at the end of this document.
    2. Use a minimum of two sources of information like Internet websites that enable you to
       complete the requested information.
    3. Summarize the information using a bullet format and the sub-headings listed below:
        Correct Name of the Career
        Education and/or Training Required (25 words min)
        Responsibilities and Daily Activities (25 words min)
        Salary Range (low to high, range)
        Documentation of Sources in APA format (at least two)
        Self-Reflection (30-40 words)
    4. List in bullet five (the documentation of sources) the Internet websites and other resources
       used. All sources should be listed in the proper format according to APA format.
    5. Use a few sentences to describe in bullet six (the self-reflection) your level of interest in this
       profession and why you would or would not pursue this career option.

Career Pathway                                                       Final Product = Prezi presentation
         Here you will use a to develop a career pathway, that will help guide you through how
to start you ag. career. In your Prezi you will present the following information in the same sequence.
         STEP 1. Identify your interests, abilities, and talents

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Name: ___________________                                     Career Portfolio Assignment
        STEP 2. Consider the possible ag. careers in relationship to your interests, abilities, and talents.
        STEP 3. Decide which ag. career seems to fit best.
        STEP 4. Select high school classes that are related to your ag. career.
        STEP 5. Select a method of education (if needed) and/or how you get started in your ag. career.
        STEP 6. Consider other ways to explore career preparation (i.e. job showed, volunteering)
Career Informational Flyer                                            Final Produce = 1 page digital flyer
         We live in a culture where higher education (college) seems to be the only choice one has after
high school, while this is an excellent choice, it is not the only choice. For this project you will be looking
at different ways to gain experience and education. You will make a one page informational flyer (on a
computer) about the following five opportunities.
          Job Corp
          Apprenticeship
          Technical School
          Military
          Employment
Job Applications                                                         Final Product = 1 job application
         This one is pretty easy you will be given ONE application to fill out. You will only be given one
copy. This is how it works when you apply for a job. You do not go back in and ask for another, or turn
in a scribbled on, wrinkled copy. Read and follow directions carefully. Employers notice carelessness
and assume that you will be similarly careless on the job. Work slowly and do it right.
      Use a black erasable pen and print very neatly.
      Always be honest.
      Answer ALL questions. If it does not apply to you, answer N/A, leave nothing blank.
      If possible, take the application home and make several copies of the application. Practice filling
         out the copies, fill out the original and then double check for accuracy.
      Be positive when filling out the application and sign it.
Resume                                                                     Final Product = 1 page resume
       For this section you will be creating a resume for a job that you can currently get. A resume is a
summary of a person’s education, job objective, work history, activities and references. Please comp
and paste the example resume into a Word Document and just fill it in. Reasons for having a resume:
    Helps you summarize your skills and education
    A good resume communicates your skills to perspective employers before an interview
    A good resume will get an interview.
    A good resume grabs the reader’s attention. It shows why they should hire you by focusing on
       your achievements.
    Ease of reading is a crucial, so your resume is read rather than discarded.
    The resume should take no longer than 10 to 15 seconds to be scanned
    As you create a resume be sure to promote the abilities / skills need for the job you are
     Keep it brief (one page) and stress your achievements.

                                                    Page 3
Name: ___________________                                             Career Portfolio Assignment
                                                                                                      Your Address
Your Name                                                                                               City, ST Zip
                                                                                                Your Phone Number
                                                                                                        Your e-mail

         Objective:    Identify the position that you are seeking. Then identify one or two think you would like to

        Education:     2009-Present                         Colfax High School                            Colfax, WA
                        GPA 4.0
                        Graduating June 2005.
                        Name some classes that you have taken that are relevant to the job.

  Work Experience:     2009-2011                                   Name of Place of Work                      City, ST
                       Job Title
                        Specific job skill you carried out.
                        Specific job skill you carried out.
                        Specific job skill you carried out.

                       2003-2004                                    Name of Place of Work                     City, ST
                       Job Title
                        Specific job skill you carried out.
                        Specific job skill you carried out.

         Activities:    2010                                           Name of Activity                       City, ST
                       Title or Position
                         Specific job skill you carried out.
                         Specific achievement.
                         Something else, relevant

                        2010                                           Name of Activity                       City, ST
                       Title or Position
                         Specific job skill you carried out.
                         Specific achievement.
                         Something else, relevant

                        2010                                           Name of Activity                       City, ST
                       Title or Position
                         Specific job skill you carried out.
                         Specific achievement.
                         Something else, relevant

Community Service:     2009-Present                            Community Activity                             City, ST
                       Volunteer Title
                        This can be a list of activities or a brief paragraph about what you accomplished.
                          Name of Reference                     Name of Reference           Name of Reference
                          Address                               Address                     Address
                          City, ST Zip                          City, ST Zip                City, ST Zip
                          (555) 555-5555                        (555) 555-5555              (555) 555-5555

                                                          Page 4
Name:___________________                                     Career Portfolio Rubrics

Career Journal
                   Criteria                        Point
                                                                        Multiplier   Total

Correct Name of the Career                           1                     ×1
Education and/or Training Required

     25 words min                                   1                     ×1

     High School Education                          1                     ×1

     After High School Education                    1                     ×1

     Experience                                     1                     ×1
Responsibilities and Daily Activities

     25 words min                                   1                     ×1

     One Responsibility                             1                     ×1

     Second Responsibility                          1                     ×1
Salary Range

     Low Salary                                     1                     ×1

     High Salary                                    1                     ×1
Documentation of Sources in APA format

     First Source                                   1                     ×2

     Correctly done                                 1                     ×3

     Second Source                                  1                     ×2

     Correctly Done                                 1                     ×3

     30-40 words                                    1                     ×1

     One aspect you would enjoy                     1                     ×2
     One aspect you would not enjoy
                                                     1                     ×2
       Money cannot be a factor
                                        Total       Total Possible Points = 25

                                                Page 5
Name:___________________                                                                                        Career Portfolio Rubrics

Career Pathway Prezi
CATEGORY                    4                               3                                  2                           1
             Prezi is easy to read and all     Prezi is easy to read and          Prezi is hard to read with   Prezi is hard to read and
 Clarity &   elements are very clearly         most elements are clearly          rough photos and labels.     one cannot tell what goes
 Neatness    written, labeled                  written, labeled, or                                            where.
             No spelling or grammatical        No spelling or                     One or two spelling or       More than two spelling or
Spelling &
             mistakes on Prezi with lots of    grammatical mistakes on            grammatical errors on the    grammatical errors on the
Grammar      text.                             a Prezi with little text.          Prezi.                       Prezi
             Students have used media in       Presentation is balanced,          There is a focus that is     The project has a weak
             creative and innovative ways      attractive, and easy-to            maintained throughout the    focus. May contain
             that exploit the particular       follow. It uses original           piece, but it may not be     creative aspects but those
             strengths of the Prezi format.    student work and/or                compelling, or present       aspects tend to distract
Creativity   The final product is unique,      blends existing media in a         information in a way that    the viewer from the stated
             powerful, effective, and          new and interesting way.           consistently keeps           purpose of the
             compels the audience's                                               audience’s attention.        presentation.
                                                                            0 to 8 Points Each
             STEP 1. Identified your interests, abilities, and talents
             STEP 2. Considered the possible careers in relationship to your interests, abilities, and talents.
 Content     STEP 3. Decided which career seems to fit best.
             STEP 4. Selected high school classes that are related to your career.
             STEP 5. Selected a method of education (if needed) and/or how you get started in your career.
             STEP 6. Considered other ways to explore career preparation (i.e. job showed, volunteering)

                                                                                                                Total out of 60

                                                                         Page 6
Name:___________________                                                                                   Career Portfolio Rubrics

Career Opportunities Informational Poster
    Category                          3                                    2                                 1 or 0                 Earned
 Colors and Patterns Enhance readability                  Support readability                    Detract from readability

                      Creatively enhances information Balanced, uncluttered, adequate            Not balanced, cluttered,
                                                          white space                            insufficient white space
                      All graphics are engaging,           Graphics enhance text                  Graphics do not enhance text
                      enhance text
                      All titles and subtitles are clear, Most titles and subtitles are clear,   Few or no titles or subtitles to
 Titles and Subtitles
                      enhance readability                 enhance readability                    clarify text
                      All text is clear and readable; a   Text is clear and readable; changes    Some text is clear and readable;
                      few changes in size and color       in size and color enhance              frequent changes in size and
 Text Size and Color
                      enhance understanding               understanding                          color do not enhance
   Grammar and        No grammar or spelling errors       One grammar or spelling error          Many grammar and spelling
     Spelling                                                                                    errors
                       Well written and organized,        Adequately written and organized,      Poorly written and organized,
                      clear, easy to follow               clear, reasonably easy to follow       unclear, hard to follow

                                                                    5                        3                      1 or 0          Earned
                                                          Opportunity             Opportunity              Opportunity
                                                          descriptions are clear, descriptions are         descriptions are not
                                                          complete, concise       mostly clear, could be   clear, incomplete, not
     Quality of                                                                   a little more concise    concise
    Information         Job Corp
                        Apprenticeship
                        Technical School
                        Military
                        Employment

                                                                                                            Total out of 71

                                                                      Page 7
Name:___________________                                Career Portfolio Rubrics

Career Seeking Skills – Resume
                           Category                     Possible Points   Score
General Appearance
Presented in proper format                                    8
Pleasing to the eye
Captures interest                                             3
Layout                                                        3
Easily read                                                   3
Punctuation                                                   3
Typing                                                        3
Spelling                                                      3
Personal data                                                 6
Career objective                                              6
Educational background                                        6
Work experience/skills                                        6
Special experiences, activities, honors                       6
First and proper format                                       3
Second and proper format                                      3
Third and proper format                                       3

                                          Grand Total        65

                                            Page 8
Name: ___________________                                  Career Portfolio

Career Seeking Skills – Job Application
                Description              Possible Points      Score
  Stayed in the lines                             5
  Printed clearly and neatly                      5
  Spelling                                        5
  Punctuation                                     5
  Completed accordingly
  Personal information                            5
  Employment history                              5
  References                                      5
  Education                                       5

  No Blanks (N/A in correct spaces)               4
  Consistent with resume                          3
  Signed                                          3

                           Grand Total            60

                                         Page 9
      Name: ___________________                                    Career Portfolio

                     THE LIST OF CAREERS
Agricultural Applications         Farmer/Rancher                   Microbiologist
Software Programmer               Feed Sales Representative        Mining Engineer
Agricultural Chemical Dealer      Fish & Game Officer              Park Manager
Agricultural Communications       Fisheries Technician             Physiologist
Specialist                        Food and Drug Inspector          Plant Breeder and Geneticist
Agricultural Educator             Food and Fiber Engineer          Plant Pathologist
Agricultural Engineer             Food Meal Supervisor             Pollution Prevention and
Agricultural Journalist           Food Processor                   Control Technician
Agricultural Salesperson          Food Scientist                   Produce Buyer
Animal Nutritionist               Forest Technician                Pulp and Paper Manager
Aquaculturalist                   Geologist                        Quality Control Specialist
Artificial Insemination           Geology Technician               Rancher
Technician                        Golf Course Manager              Range Technician
Bacteriologist                    GPS Technician                   Recycler
Biochemist-Nutritionist           Grain Operation                  Remote Sensing Specialist
Bioengineer                       Superintendent                   Soil and Water Specialist
Bioinformatics Specialist         Green House Manager              Solid Waste Manager
Biomedical Engineer               Hazardous Materials Handler      Solid Waste Technician
Biotechnology Lab Technician      Hazardous Materials Technician   Statistician
Botanist                          Health and Safety Sanitarian     Toxicologist
Chemical Engineer                 Heavy Equipment Maintenance      Tree Surgeon
Chemist                           Technician                       USDA Inspector
Commodity Marketing               Hydrologist                      Veterinarian
Specialist                        Information Lab Specialist       Veterinarian
Custom Hay/Silage Operator        Livestock Buyer                  Veterinary Assistant
Dairy Producer                    Livestock Geneticist             Waste Water Treatment Plant
Database Administrator            Livestock Inspector              Operator
Dietician                         Livestock Producer               Water Environment Manager
Ecologist                         Log Grader                       Water Monitoring Technician
Electronic Systems Technician     Logger                           Water Quality Manager
Environmental                     Machine Operator                 Welder
Environmental Engineer            Machinist                        Wildlife Biologist
Environmental Sampling and        Mathematician                    Wildlife Manager
Analysis Scientist/Technician     Meat Cutter-Meat Grader          Zoologist
Equine Manager                    Meat Processor
Equipment/Parts Manager           Meat Science Researcher
Farm Manager                      Metallurgist

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