The Scientific Method by liaoqinmei


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   If you did not finish the Practice Lab WS
    from yesterday Finish It!
   When you are done, list 10 things you
    learned about science labs from
    yesterday’s Practice Lab.
The Scientific Method
  The Scientific Method

The scientific method is the only scientific
way accepted to back up a theory or
idea. This is the method on which all
research projects should be based. The
Scientific Method is used by researchers
to support or disprove a theory.
  The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method involves 6 steps:
          Purpose or problem
          Data or Observations
    The Scientific Method

Purpose or Problem
Always worded as a question!
“How can we……?”
“Why does……..?”
“What does the scientist want to learn about?”
               AH—Look at this!
    The Scientific Method

Research-Gathering of information:
internet, books, journals, magazines,
interviews, etc.
However, it is important to evaluate
the reliability of your sources.
The purpose of research is to help you
understand the topic, express the
problem, and design an experiment.
    The Scientific Method

Hypothesis- This is an idea about
the answer to your question
based on knowledge and research.
You should word your hypothesis as
an “if/then” statement and list the
facts you based your hypothesis on.
       The Scientific Method
Method -Write the step-by-step process used to
test the hypothesis. In addition to giving directions
for replicating your research, you should identify
the variables of your experiment:
Independent variable: the thing you
purposely manipulate or change.
Dependent variable: the variable that
changes in response to the independent
variable. It is what you are observing
and measuring.
Controlled variables: variables that
are not changed.
       The Scientific Method
Data or Observations:
Collect data: Make table or chart to record data
Observations: Write what you saw, what happened
Graph: Make graph from your data table
      The Scientific Method
State Conclusion- You state whether
your prediction was confirmed or not
and try to explain your results.
Controls and Variables
   When designing and performing
    experiments, scientists test different
    scenarios to see what happens.
   Some variables are changed while
    others stay constant
Controlled Variables
   The experimenter makes a special effort
    to keep other factors constant so that
    they will not effect the outcome.
    Those factors are called control
   Controls are not tested and only used
    for comparison!
Experimental Variables
   The factor that is changed is known
    as the independent variable.
   The factor that is measured or observed
    is called the dependent variable.
 Test your knowledge!!

Complete the Simpsons Variable Review!
On the back…
   Design your own experiment! You must
    test 1 variable across 3 different
    groups. Be specific!!! What are you
    testing for?
   Identify the following…
       Control Group
       Controlled Variables
       Independent Variable
       Dependent Variable

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