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                                            Table of Contents
Introduction .............................................................................................................................................. 5
Auto Wealth Maker Review ...................................................................................................................... 6
Cash Renegade Review.............................................................................................................................. 9
Commission Crusher Review ................................................................................................................... 11
Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Millionaire Review .............................................................................................. 13
Extreme Niche Empires Review .............................................................................................................. 15
Google Sniper 2 Review .......................................................................................................................... 17
Killer Content System Review ................................................................................................................. 19
Local Mobile Monopoly Review .............................................................................................................. 21
Mass Traffic Accelerator Review ............................................................................................................. 23
Net Space Profits 2.0 Review .................................................................................................................. 25

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As an internet marketer or person that wants to make more money online, you have probably seen
countless emails and ads about the NEWEST and BIGGEST internet marketing product on Clickbank.

If you have seen people promoting these products, you also know that a lot of these products are
likely to be scams.

The hype on the sales pages of these big Clickbank products are sometimes overwhelming.

Don't worry though...

That is why I went out to check out ten of the TOP Internet Marketing Products on Clickbank to see if
they are worth the hype or not.

I have chosen 10 of the top Clickbank IM products for 2011 and tried them out for you.

What you will read in this report is my honest opinion from checking out these products myself and
doing thorough research about them.

If you want to find out which of the gurus' IM products are worth the buck, read the reviews very
carefully to make sure its the right product that can help your business.

The products that I chose to review are a good mix of products of all the different niches of the
Internet Marketing market, so I am sure you will find something that interests you.

I hope you find these reviews very helpful.

If you decide to get one of these products, I hope that it will help you to make even bigger profits with
your business..

Remember that all of these products that I have reviewed carry a no-nonsense 100% money-back
guarantee by Clickbank, so the owners of these products take all the risk. If, after purchasing, you feel
that the products did not live up to their expectations, just request a refund from Clickbank and they
will refund you, no questions asked.

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Auto Wealth Maker Review

Auto Wealth Maker is one of the several different software that are available in the market right now. I
personally tried the software in order to see if there was any truth in the promises that it made, and
was completely surprised to see that it is actually one of those modern pieces of innovations that
actually work.

The software includes a wealth of different options for online marketing personnel, so with the help of
Auto Wealth Maker, you will be assured of having a variety of different marketing tools at your
disposal in order to ensure that you are able to maximize your earnings to the fullest.

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After having used this software for quite some time, I have written what I found to be some of its best
features in the following few lines:

The most important feature that comes under heavy consideration about any software is the price for
which it is available.

And, priced at $47, I’d rather say that Auto Wealth Maker has done a pretty nice job of keeping the
charges low while providing with good standards of service.

One of the first features of the auto wealth maker is the powerful niche keyword research option.

This option allows you to learn all about keywords and to check which ones would be the best for your
online business.

The Niche Keyword Research option would give you a rating in terms of stars, letting you assess which
keywords should you market your website on and which keywords have the chances of yielding the
best possible results. Secondly, it also has an option of Competition Analysis.

The Competition Analysis option shows you a detailed analysis of all the competitor websites that are
present in your niche.

It gives you details about the marketing methods that they are using as well as the amount of traffic
that they are managing to generate from these websites.

Hence, by keeping a tab on your competitors, you can make your website better and earn more
money in the longer run.

Thirdly, the Earnings Projection option allows you to get a projected total of the maximum amount of
earnings that you can make depending on the traffic that you are getting every day.

It gives you an estimated idea about your profits, so you can check where you are lacking and what
changes need to be made in order to make your website better.

It also offers monetization offers such as the use of Google AdSense and other options on the internet
in order to generate money.

Cloud hosting options are also provided to users of Auto Wealth Maker, which means that your
website will be up and running on a cloud computing server the second you are done building it.

A Traffic Generation option is also available, which allows you to generate backlinks and increase the
amount of traffic that visits your page.

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Having said all that, there is definitely room for improvement because there are times when the data
pulled up by the software is out of the context and unreliable.

However, this happens in extremely rare cases and overall, this is an extremely nice software to use for
those people who are thinking about maximizing their profits on the internet.

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                          Auto Wealth Maker

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Cash Renegade Review

If you’re aspiring to become an online businessman and wish to earn money by setting up money
making websites, you will need to understand the core concepts of how to divert traffic to these
websites in order to get a larger amount of recognition and profits.

Without getting appropriate amounts of traffic to your page, it is impossible for you to earn money
from your website and to make it a success on the World Wide Web.

Hence, if you are looking for ways by which you can direct traffic to your web page and to get a larger
amount of hits, making the use of a program named Cash Renegade would be a great idea.

Designed by popular online software designer Andrew X, Cash Renegade is one of those few programs
that bring with them a lot of hype and promise and actually deliver the claims that they make. There
are lots of good points that can be revealed about Cash Renegade.

First of all, you need to understand what Cash Renegade really is.

Basically, it is a software program which comes along with a detailed training course which you can
use in order to get acquainted with the features of this program.

The main function of the software program is to design and build a variety of different websites with
the help of a completely automated process and then drive large amounts of traffic towards these
websites, which will result in a large amount of affiliate sales.

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With the help of Cash Renegade, you will not have to spend a large amount of time working on the
design and construction of these websites, because the ease and effectiveness with which the
software program is designed allows you to quickly create a whole host of websites.

With the help of such methods, you can easily establish several money making websites on the
internet for yourself and reap large amounts of money from them.

The best part about Cash Renegade is the ability to drive traffic to the web pages you create. Even
though most software programs just make false promises about how to divert traffic, Cash Renegade
takes decent steps such as posting substantial backlinks as well as relevant, automated content which
attracts a great deal of visitors to your page.

The most important thing about any online money making program is the methods that it employs in
order to generate large amounts of traffic to your web pages.

This results in a greater number of affiliate sales, which leads to larger profits.

Secondly, the software program itself is very easy to use, and it will certainly not cause any problems
for beginners to learn from it due to the extensively detailed training program that comes along with

Overall, it can be said that Cash Renegade is a neat little software program that is designed for
beginners who would have little to no knowledge of how to optimize and set up content on their
websites in order to gain more traffic, and hence, more money.

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Commission Crusher Review

Making as much money from your internet website as possible is a great way to maximize your profit

One of the best ways by which you can make money online is with the help of online marketing.

With the help of the right marketing tools and proper data and content, you can easily make your
website one of the best and the most visited for your niche, which means that you can then earn
money from it as well.

However, the level of competition in affiliate marketing is very high, so you would need something
special in order to be a cut above the others. In order to become a super affiliate, you will need to
make use of various marketing tools which would be of help to you.

One of these tools is the Commission Crusher. Commission Crusher is an online affiliate marketing tool
which allows you to understand the field better and make the right steps.

It includes a variety of different tips and strategies that you can use in order to raise your level in
affiliate marketing a notch higher than others, making your website more popular and recognizable.
When you purchase Commission Crusher and log in, you will receive three extensively detailed videos,
a page with lots of resource material and one software which you can use.

Even though Commission Crusher is targeted mainly towards beginners and rookies, experienced
marketing professionals can also get value from these provided things.

The designer of this software, Steve Iser, also gives a website which is designed by professionals and
optimized according to the highest standards of search engines in order to attract as much attention
as possible.

The overall worth of the website lies somewhere around $2000.

On a simple note, Commission Crusher is an online marketing tool that you can easily duplicate on the
internet, without having to compete with anyone else.

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The most attractive feature about this website is its engine, which is entitled as ‘Ad Assault’.

This software allows you to locate thousands of different websites which are hot (those websites
which gets lots of traffic) and then singles them out.

The software then informs users about ways that they can use in order to make their website much
better and more attractive to users.

Secondly, users will not have to deal with any of the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or MSN.

Thirdly, the three videos you received come in real handy as they teach you about ways by which you
can carry out the said tasks.

However, the software is designed mainly for beginners, so they will have to go through all of the
important details mentioned in the beginning.

More experienced personnel can just skip past the introductory modules and move directly towards
the system’s core.

Overall, Commission Crusher is a great course for people who are about to establish themselves in the
field of affiliate marketing, although it won’t be recommended to people who are just starting out in
this field, as it is not so easy as people might think.

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Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Millionaire Review

Online affiliate marketing has quickly risen to become one of the most profitable online businesses in
the world today.

Getting commissions and profits from writing blogs and articles is a great way of earning money
online, but only if you know how to do so.

Without a proper understanding and appropriate knowledge of affiliate marketing, you will not be
able to go far in this field.

One of the various different software that you can use in order to get a complete idea about affiliate
marketing is Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Millionaire.

Designed primarily to teach users on how to gain excellent commissions from online product selling
websites such as Amazon, Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Millionaire includes a detailed how to course as well
as several advanced training guides and proper site building software that you can use in order to gain
maximum commission from affiliating with websites such as Amazon and helping to sell tangible
products to users.

Over the past few months, affiliate marketing with Amazon has become hugely popular.

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Even though Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Millionaire focuses primarily on Amazon, it does offer additional
modules which teach users on how to affiliate themselves with other online selling businesses and get
excellent commissions.

The overall concept of the business model revolves on creating blogs and using niche marketing and
targeting techniques in order to sell actual tangible products to people who would order them from
real stores.

These include a variety of different things, ranging from cell phones to televisions and laptops. With
the help of Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Millionaire, you can easily choose a variety of different products
from the Amazon marketplace in order to promote.

Because Amazon is one of the most successful online retailing businesses in the world, it is very easy
to turn visitors in to buyers if you make use of the right wordings and marketing techniques.

Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Millionaire is set up in a very simple and an easy to understand fashion which
teaches new beginners on how they can become affiliates for Amazon and earn commissions on the
products that they sell.

The amount of individual work input is low, as it teaches you on how to create a website that provides
sustenance for itself.

With the guidance videos and the extensively detailed guides, you will be able to thoroughly
understand the requirements and needs that you must fulfill on your website in order to make it a

In the detailed videos, you will see Dan Brock himself choose different niches and he goes about
reviewing them on his own, teaching viewers on the ways and wordings that need to be used in order
to make the product a success.

However, if you are unable to put the right training to use, you will fail miserably.

Overall, Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Millionaire is a very nice program that provides complete tutorials and
detailed videos by which you can get a clear picture of how affiliate marketing works and the amount
of effort required.

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Extreme Niche Empires Review

Niche marketing is done on a very large scale on the internet.

There are a lot of websites that carry out niche marketing in order to maximize their profits and to
increase the overall ranking of their page.

If you are operating in a certain niche, there are several methods by which you can maximize your
profits and make your website much more popular and more profitable.

If you wish to make as much money as possible from your niche marketing, then you need to learn all
that you can about it.

One of the courses that are designed to teach absolutely everything there is about niche marketing is
Extreme Niche Empires.

Written by Sean DaHoe, Extreme Niche Empires is a complete course that contains thirteen highly
detailed videos that will teach you niche marketing in a completely new manner, altering your
perspective towards niche marketing altogether.

On a complete level, the whole Extreme Niche Empires course entails around six hours’ worth of

So, what is it about the Extreme Niche Empires course that you will not find in any other niche
marketing course?

Well, simply put, the detail and extent to which Sean DaHoe has explained the concept of niche
marketing is tremendous.

He goes in to very minor issues and details in the starting and gives extensive descriptions and reasons

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about different items that might affect a website’s success when it comes to niche marketing.

Moreover, the detail and depth that Sean Dahoe uses in the Extreme Niche Empires course makes it
easy for beginners to learn a lot more about niche marketing from a learned professional and to
extract as much important stuff from it as they can.

This will later help them when setting up their own niche marketing websites. Sean leaves no stone
unturned throughout the videos, giving users lots of information.

There are thirteen different modules that are explained in Extreme Niche Empires.

These include the introductory module, the Foundation for success module, power niche research, the
Cash Core, Domains and Hosting, Installing and Optimizing your Site, Authority Content, Cash
Fountains, Auto Traffic Siphons, Auto Content Feeding, boosting your authority content, finalization
and launch and last but not the least, the Growing Your Empire module.

All of these modules explain to their users a complete list of important stuff that they can utilize
during their niche marketing endeavors.

Moreover, the best part about Extreme Niche Empires is that it also includes an auto content plug-in
that is designed primarily by Sean DaHoe himself. It comes for free with the whole course, and with its
help, you can easily generate new content in order to increase the rankings of your web page.

Overall, Extreme Niche Empires can turn out to be a really enlightening course for those people who
are just entering the field of niche marketing and would like to know the right and the best methods
by which they can increase their profits and earn as much money as possible in this field.

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Google Sniper 2 Review

Using internet marketing and affiliate marketing tools in order to earn profits is one of the best ways
of earning money online.

By investing just a small amount of your money in one of these online marketing an affiliate tools, you
can easily earn large amounts of long term rewards if you have carried out the right tricks and
methods explained in these marketing software programs.

There are at present, several different affiliate marketing tools that are available on the internet today,
and one of them is Google Sniper 2.

In brief terms, it can be said that Google Sniper 2 is the product that propelled the career of its
designer, George Brown to new heights and turned him in to one of the most successful super
affiliates in the world at present. Google Sniper 2 is a complete course designed by George Brown
which teaches users how to become a master of affiliate marketing and to learn all of the different tips
and tricks that are involved in this field.

When you order the product, you will be taken to the page which shows you some of the initial
features and help links.

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This page is known as the ‘Getting Started’ page.

There is also a very helpful video of George Brown himself teaching users on how to go through the
various teaching modules that are present in the course and how users can utilize the Google Sniper 2
in the best possible manner.

The next page gives users access to the complete Google Sniper 2 course.

The good thing about the Google Sniper 2 course is that provides plenty of helpful information to new
beginners who have just entered the field of affiliate marketing and are looking to make a quick few
bucks in the starting, while it also holds a vast amount of information for those users who are
experienced and are looking for ways and tips by which they can increase their monetary income.

Inside the complete Google Sniper 2 manual, you will get access to a variety of different individual
videos which explain all of the different sections included in the course.

You can either opt for jumping straight in to the written course material, or you can opt for going
towards the videos first, depending on your choice.

In the chapters, you will learn about keyword research and how search engine optimization should be
carried out in order to make the visibility of your web page much better.

Then, as you move forward, it explains the variety of different methods that can be used in affiliate
marketing to maximize profits and to convince more people to buy from your page.

For beginners, this is a great product as it entails complete information about the initial descriptions
and why these techniques are so important.

On a conclusive note, it can easily be said that Google Sniper 2 is one of the best affiliate marketing
products that users can make use of in order to maximize their profit potential and to make their
websites even more popular.

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Killer Content System Review

Everyone wants to earn as much money as they possibly can from their online websites.

If you have an online blog or a website which allows you to earn money from it by setting up keyword
rich content which others can click on, you can easily earn lots of money from it by using the right

However, one important requisite of having a money making website is that you will have to update it
daily with attractive data so that you can get visitors to your website daily.

However, what if you do not want to write different innovative data every day?

If you could just simply get killer content from somewhere, you would be removed from all the hassle
of spending hours and hours of your time in writing new content.

With the help of Killer Content System, you can do just that.

Designed by Socrates Socratous, this simple web tool is designed to provide simple push button
content to users who wish to get quick data for their money making sites.

When you sign up for Killer Content System, it takes you to a page from where you can access over
150,000 articles from private labels.

You can easily use these articles in order to earn money and to make your website more successful. It
also features over 986 niches for users to choose from, so you can be sure that whatever category you
are looking for, it will be available.

An automatic push button e book creator option is available, which allows you to instantly create e

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books by incorporating different articles in them.

The website also has a very powerful search engine from which you can easily dig up various different
articles of your choice.

There is also the option of using the built in custom article spinner, which you can use in order to spin
your articles and to quickly generate more content from a single article.

Support is also provided via a 6 person support team for any technical queries.

However, the major issue with the Killer Content System is that it is a membership website, which
means that you must pay a select fee every month in order to access the services of this tool.

Most people would have preferred to just pay a onetime fee and get done with it, allowing them
access to the database forever. Secondly, you will need to pay a start-up cost in order to start earning.

Even though it isn’t as high as some might think, it is still a factor that might deter people from using
it. But, for the price you pay, you can easily get a lot of salient features that would not be available
with other programs.

Conclusively, it can be said that Killer Content System is a great little web tool that can be used by
website owners to easily publish great data on their website without having to even write it, giving
you lots of generated traffic without having to do anything.

            CLICK HERE NOW To Access Killer Content System

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Local Mobile Monopoly Review

The excessive use of mobile phones has opened up an altogether new scope of marketing.

With the introduction of smart phones and the rise in text messaging, more and more people are now
able to quickly get the word across about a certain item.

Moreover, because smart phones have the capability to automatically open web pages when
prompted, it has given online businesses and website managers a great way to market their business.

One of the software programs that have been designed to help business entrepreneurs to properly
market their business on mobile platforms is Local Mobile Monopoly.

This is a web based tool so when you sign up for it, you will get access to a member’s area as well as
access to the services provided by this software program.

This is one of the best ways to practice offline media marketing, offering you complete access to a
large database of numbers to which you can send your marketing messages.

When you purchase the Local Mobile Monopoly, you get a text messaging service which is known as

This service allows you to send messages on a variety of different number databases. In the world of
today, computers are quickly being replaced by iPhones and Blackberries and more and more people
are shifting towards smart phones in order to access the internet.

Hence, there is a very high chance that you will receive a highly favorable response from text message

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This software program is designed by Adam and Tim, who are also the creative heads behind this

Upon purchase of the Local Mobile Monopoly, you get over 50 videos that are designed to help you to
get better acquainted with the service and to make your text messaging marketing more effective.

The reason why Local Mobile Monopoly is liked by many is because of the vast amount of mobile web
users that have quickly switched over from computers to smart phones.

This leads to a major increase in the amount of traffic that visits your website, which increases the
rankings and helps you in earning more money as well.

You also get a free online software program with Local Mobile Monopoly which you can use to give
your website a great boost with SEO techniques and tips in order to make your marketing more

This in turn leads to a major increase in the amount of revenue, increasing your profits and giving you
a larger incentive to set up more online money making websites.

The members’ area includes lots of other members who are willing to help users in case any issue
arises, so you can be sure that support is always at hand when you need it.

Overall, it can be said that Local Mobile Monopoly is a highly ingenious piece of software which
targets mobile users in order to increase traffic on your web page and to make your website more

However, the only downside to this software is that users would require a cellphone before they can
actually benefit from it.

             CLICK HERE NOW To Join Local Mobile Monopoly

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Mass Traffic Accelerator Review

Running an online business and gaining profits from it can be a challenging task if you do not have the
right tools for it.

For those people who earn money by writing blogs and articles and having them published on their
website, it is important that they write their blogs in a properly search engine optimized manner in
order to ensure that it attracts the maximum amount of traffic.

If you are getting higher amounts of traffic, it is extremely beneficial for your website as you can easily
place links and ads on your page and make it more popular, as well as earn money from it.

There are many websites in the world that are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars just due to
the number of clicks that are made on them.

Your website can easily join these popular pages if you are able to utilize the amount of information
that is on your page.

However, coming up with engaging and attractive content will only give you so much traffic, but what
if you want to expand your traffic base and get more clicks?

With the help of Mass Traffic Accelerator, now you can easily do this.

Mass Traffic Accelerator is a very easy to use and a highly effective tool that you can use in order to get
massive hordes of clicks on your web pages.

Simply put, the purpose of Mass Traffic Accelerator is to take the content of your blog, translate it in to

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various different languages such as French, Spanish, and Italian etc. and post it on your blog of the
respective language.

Now, for those who are wondering how this can be beneficial, there are several reasons.

First of all, the scope of competition in blogs of other languages is less, so if you write an excellent
blog in English, translate it and put it up on your website in a different language, there are chances
that you can easily get a very high ranking on Google and make your page appear in one of the first
few pages of that language.

This would ensure a massive amount of traffic from not just those people who understand English, but
you would also be gaining traffic from people who are reading your blog in other languages.

Even though this is a great way of accelerating the amount of traffic you get and making your blog
much more famous and profitable, there is a small glitch.

Often, the translations by Mass Traffic Accelerator might not be as accurate as you would like, but
people don’t get to know unless they can actually read through it. However, this occurs in extremely
rare cases, so you need not worry about it.

On a conclusive note, it can be said that Mass Traffic Accelerator is a highly ingenious tool that can be
used by people who want to get as much traffic to their websites as possible.

The price is also quite affordable, so it is easy to say you will be making the right purchase for the
value of money you will pay for it.

       CLICK HERE NOW To Download Mass Traffic Accelerator

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Net Space Profits 2.0 Review

Earning money online with the help of an online website is now one of the most popular ways of
earning easy profits.

If you are managing an online money making website, you can easily make substantial amount of
money by using online marketing as an effective tool.

If you have little knowledge about how internet marketing can be beneficial to your money making
website, there are certain tools that can be of assistance to you.

For those who are just beginning to understand and grasp the concepts of online marketing and how it
can affect your overall income, making use of Net Space Profits 2.0 is a great idea.

This is a program that is designed by Ericsson Tyler, a famed online money making guru.

Simply put, the basic design of this software is to provide newbies and beginners with the knowledge
and expertise that they require in order to create a website that is rich in content and is optimized for
maximum traffic generation.

In order to earn money from your website, you would need to attract as much traffic as you possibly
can. For that, you will need to learn how to modify the data on your web page.

With the help of Net Space Profits 2.0, you get a complete detailed review on how to modify the data
on your page with the right keywords according to your niche and to earn as much money as possible.

Earning passive income online can be a real easy task if you have the right knowledge.

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With the help of Net Space Profits 2.0, you can get complete guidance on how to make money from
your money making websites.

This software highlights the most important requirements for a successful website, which is just what
a beginner would want.

Once you have set up a few websites that are fully optimized according to the specifications set by Net
Space Profits 2, you will just have to wait and see whether it will yield profits or not.

However, it is important to note that the success of Net Space Profits 2 depends mainly on the niche in
which you are operating.

Moreover, the program requires you to take immediate actions if you wish to see any results, and it
does not provide any guarantee of the results.

This might even include spending some extra money on getting more add-ons for your web page.

The program includes a simple website designer plug-in which you can download and install on your

This plug-in allows you to set up websites easily and effectively. Furthermore, it tells users where
optimization is required and where the website is lacking, so you can easily make sure that your
website is designed in the right manner.

This program is designed mainly for use by beginners, so if you are already making a handsome
amount of money from online websites, it is useless for you.

Overall, its a simple structured program designed mainly to provide beginners that extra lift that they
require when just starting off with an online business.

It is affordable and quite easy to use, including detailed videos.

                  CLICK HERE NOW To Join Net Space Profits

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