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vitamins                   minerals                 carbohydrates                                protein                   First Aid                                    Xenofit refresh
Xenofit HEISSES C          Xenofit Magnesium+ C     Xenofit competition                          Xenofit protein 3plus     Xenofit                                          outcomes
Xenofit HEISSES C plus
Xenofit HEISSES C light
                           Xenofit Kalium,
                                   Magnesium + C
                           Xenofit mineral energy
                                                    Xenofit carbohydrate bar
                                                    Xenofit carbohydrate gel
                                                                                                                           second skin
                                                                                                                           deer musk sports lotion                10 liter
Xenofit CALCIUM C          Xenofit mineral light
Xenofit MINERAL C          Xenofit refresh                                                                                                                                       for
Xenofit ZINKAKTIV C                                                                                                                                            sparetime & teamsport

              results/eventinfo:                    Available in pharmacies                                              Official supplier of minerals and
                                                    and sportstrade.                                                     vitamins for numerous solo and
                                                    Xenofit GmbH, Midgardstr. 7                                          team sports including national
                                                    D-82327 Tutzing                                                      league football, professional and
                                                                                                                         amateur skiing and bicycle sports
                                                    Highquality from

                                                                                  Druck: 07/07
                                                    Verla       Pharm

                                                                                                                                   Official supplier for the
                                                                                                                                 German national skiing team

    vitamins                   minerals             carbohydrates                                     protein               equipment                          www.xenofit.de
                                           n Xenofit Vitamin C drinks                                                               n Xenofit Heisse Hexe
                                           Vitamin C drinks from Xenofit taste good whether they’re taken                           This special vitamin drink is bewitched - but in a very healthy way!
                                           hot or cold, just according to the weather conditions. Their special                     Calcium and all the vitamins included offer a worthwhile contribu-
                                           composition means that the valuable vitamin C in the drink is not                        tion to healthy nutrition, for instance during body growing and
                                           impaired when mixed with hot water. Especially in times of physical                      development phases. Just one single portion of this hot drink cov-
                                           exertion and other phases of generally higher demand we need                             ers 50% of daily-recommended consumption for the vitamins
                                           ample supplies of vitamin C to support the body’s own defence                            included. Supplementary calcium and glucose makes the Heisse
                                           mechanisms. This is why daily vitamin C is fundamental for our                           Hexe (Hot Witch) a practical powerdrink with unmistakable rasp-
                                           immune systems but also of great importance for healthy skin,                            berry taste. As with all Xenofit granulates the special manufactur-
                                           bones, teeth and many metabolism processes taking place within                           ing process gives vitamins that retain their nutritive value even
                                           our bodies. Xenofit has developed a large range of tasty vitamin                         when served in a hot drink. The original produce with the small
                                           C granular products for individual requirements that without                             witch can be prepared hot or cold - a pleasure for the entire family.
                                           exception satisfy through their especially fruity taste and good
                                           digestibility. Each single drink portion actually supplies as much                       …the vitality-power
                                           vitamin C as a half litre freshly-pressed orange juice. Everything
                                           goes well with Xenofit, good health for the whole family.                                           with junior-prescription
                                           n Xenofit Heisses C
                                           Even a single sachet delivers as much vitamin C as 1/2 litre of
                                           fresh-pressed orange juice.
                                           n Xenofit Heisses C light
                                           The “slim“ sachet portion sweetened with saccharin for every-
                                           one wanting calorie reduced Heisses C. Suitable for diabetics!
                                           n Xenofit Heisses C
                                           With valuable elderberry extract and honey flavour - a worth-
                                           while plus especially in the cold and wet months.
Xenofit Heisses C plus                     Xenofit Heisses C                           Xenofit Heisses C light                                     Xenofit Heisse Hexe
type Elderberry / honey                    type Lemon                                  type Lemon                                                  type Raspberry
Nutritional value data 200 ml Drink        Nutritional value data   200 ml Drink       Nutritional value data  200 ml Drink                        Nutritional value data   200 ml Drink
calorific value         147 kj (35 kcal)   calorific value          150 kj (35 kcal)   calorific value        96,6 kj (22,7 kcal)                  calorific value          139 kj (33 kcal)
carbohydrates             8g               carbohydrates              8g               carbohydrates                5,57 g                         carbohydrates                   7g
vitamine C              225 mg             vitamine C                    225 mg        vitamine C                  225 mg                          calcium                      180 mg
                                                                                       bread unit                  0,46 BU                         vitamine C                    30 mg
                                                                                                                                                   niacine                        9 mg
                                                                                                                                                   pantothenic acid               3 mg
                                                                                                                                                   vitamine B1                  0,7 mg
                                                                                                                                                   vitamine B6                    1 mg

Vitamin classics                                                                                       – hot and cold –
                                                  n Xenofit Calcium C
                                                  The tingly-fresh healthy drink with citrus/lime taste is ideal for
                                                                                                                          …the portion of health
                                                  supporting daily calcium supply. Calcium is especially valuable
                                                  during growth for healthy and strong bones and teeth as well as
                                                                                                                          for the whole family
                                                  for functioning of muscles and nerves.

                                                  n Xenofit Mineral C                                                     n Xenofit Zinkaktiv C
                                                  Those who move around a lot and are physically very active also         The ideal vitamin C drink for active people – cleverly combined
                                                  need ample vitamins in their diet. Xenofit Mineral C, the vitamin       with the trace element zinc to help ensure, for example, a heal-
                                                  drink with the extra portion magnesium, potassium, calcium and          thy immune system and clear skin. The grapefruit flavoured drink
                                                  zinc is ideal for supporting daily requirement. A good supply of        supplies 200 mg vitamin C and 5 mg zinc per sachet.
                                                  minerals is important for everyone - not only athletes
                                     Foto: Exel

Xenofit Calcium C                                                               Xenofit Mineral C                                       Xenofit Zinkaktiv C
type Citrus/lime                                                                type Orange                                             type Grapefruit
Nutritional value data 200 ml Drink                                             Nutritional value data 200 ml Drink                     Nutritional value data 200 ml Drink
calorific value       123 kj (29 kcal)                                          calorific value        131 kj (31 kcal)                 calorific value        149 kj (35 kcal)
carbohydratess               5,7 g                                              carbohydratess             6,4 g                        carbohydrates              8,3 g
calcium                     400 mg                                              vitamine C              200 mg                          vitamine C              200 mg
vitamine C                  200 mg                                              magnesium               100 mg                          zinc                       5 mg
                                                                                potassium               100 mg
                                                                                calcium                 160 mg
                                                                                zinc                     2,5 mg

 vitamins + calcium + magnesium + zinc
                                         Magnesium is indispensable for support of high performance
                                         capacity. The more we exert ourselves, the more magnesium we
                                                                                                                                 n Xenofit mineral energy
                                                                                                                                 This carbohydrate-rich sports drink contains potassium, magne-
                                         need. Magnesium is very important for the musculature and for
                                                                                                                                 sium and supplementary iron. The combination with iron is parti-
                                         the interaction of muscles and nerves.
                                                                                                                                 cularly valuable because this trace element supports blood cell
                                                                                                                                 formation and thus oxygen transport through the body. Extra
                                         n Xenofit Magnesium + Vitamin C                                                         carbohydrate ensures energy right on-call.
                                         A concentrated dose of organic magnesium citrate for specific
                                         supply when requirement is increased, for instance through                              Recommendation: Xenofit composition means a litre per day
                                         intensive muscular exertion.                                                            can be consumed.
                                         Recommendation: one sachet daily
                                         n Xenofit Kalium, Magnesium + Vitamin C                                                 n Xenofit mineral light
                                         Both the "fitness minerals“ potassium + magnesium in combina-                           Ready in a small tin is this reduced-calorie version of the ”mine-
                                         tion – ideal for specific supply during increased requirement (e.g.                     ral power“ that can be found in Xenofit mineral energy.
                                         through strenuous muscle activity). But also suitable for special                       Recommendation: Ideal for all those participating in sports and
                                         nutrition for diabetes mellitus within a diet plan.                                     wishing to limit their calorie intake.

Xenofit Magnesium + Vitamin C            Xenofit Kalium, Magnesium+Vitamin C      * Also suitable in      Xenofit mineral energy                    Xenofit mineral light
type Orange                              type Blackcurrant                                                type Blood orange                         type Lime
                                                                                  special nutrition for
Nutritional value data 150 ml Drink      Nutritional value data 150 ml Drink                              Nutritional value data 500 ml Drink       Nutritional value data 500 ml Drink
calorific value        46 kj (11 kcal)   calorific value        67 kj (16 kcal)   diabetes mellitus       calorific value       513 kj (120 kcal)   calorific value       147,5 kj (35 kcal)
protein                       0g         protein                       0g         within a diet plan.     protein                       0g          protein                      0g
carbohydrates              0,89 g        carbohydrates              1,9 g                                 carbohydrates            27,6 g           carbohydrates            5,65 g
fat                           0g         fat                           0g                                 fat                           0g          fat                          0g
magnesium               315 mg           potassium               430 mg                                   potassium               430 mg            potassium               430 mg
vitamine C               80 mg           magnesium               180 mg                                   magnesium               157 mg            magnesium               157 mg
                                         vitamine C               80 mg                                   fer                        9 mg           fer                        9 mg
*                                                                                                         vitamine C               80 mg            vitamine C               80 mg

Minerals for professional and amateur sports
n Xenofit competition The Xenofit competition isotonic energy power drink is developed especially to meet
body requirements during extended periods of exertion. Long-term physical exertion over several hours
means the body’s carbohydrate/glycogen reserves in the respective muscles involved are not sufficient for
adequate energy supply. Xenofit competition delivers extra energy that is rapidly available and that supports
the stabilisation of blood sugar level through its balanced content of valuable carbohydrates. Also in the drink
are short-chain readily available sugars including fructose, glucose and sucrose (mono and disaccharide) with
the long-chain carbohydrate maltodextrin (oligosaccharide) drink’s main component. Through it’s optimised
composition of carbohydrates (80g/litre) in association with sodium (400 mg/l) Xenofit competition ensures the
extremely important rapid absorption of liquid into the bloodstream. Additionally the drink contains the spec-
trum of B vitamins, vitamin C and minerals magnesium and potassium crucial to carbohydrate and energy
 Criterion                Recommandation             points           competition                competition         points
                                                                        fruit-tea                citrus-fruit
 osmolalitaty             _
                          < 330 mOsm/kg                2         287-308 mOsm/kg             260-280 mOsm/kg             2
 carbohydrates                60-80 g/l                2               80 g/l                      80 g/l                2
 acidity                     pH > 4,00                 2             pH* 3,60                    pH* 3,70                1
 sodium                    400-1100 mg/l               2             400 mg/l                    400 mg/l                2
 potassium                   < 225 mg/l                1             120 mg/l                    120 mg/l                1
 chloride                   < 1500 mg/l                1             620 mg/l                    620 mg/l                1
 calcium                    0 - 225 mg/l               1              0 mg/l                      0 mg/l                 1
 magnesium                   < 100 mg/l                1              75 mg/l                     75 mg/l                1
                                                                            *ph at 20° German Water hardness

 maximum rating:                                      12                                                                11

The following table shows the criteria for an optimal beverge for athletes developed by the Nutritional Research Centre
at the University of Limburg in comparison with the values for “Xenofit competition”.
Evaluation and award of points:
excellent = 11-12, good = 9-10, medium = 8, unsatisfactury = 7, bad = < 7;                                    Marathon
Source: F. Brouns/ E. Kovacs; Leistungssport 4/95                                                               TIPP

Xenofit competition
type fruit tea, citrus fruit
Nutritional value data               500 ml drink              100 g              500 ml*                       sehr gut
                                                                                   drink                          05/03
calorific value                           69 6 kJ              165 6 kJ
                                        (164 kcal)            (38 9 kcal)             -
protein                                       0                     0                 -
carbohydrate                               40 g                  95 g                 -
of which sugar                            14, 7 g                35 g                 -
fat                                         0g                    0g                  -
roughage                                    0g                    0g                  -
sodium                                   20 0 mg               47 6 mg                -
chloride                                 31 0 mg               73 7 mg                -                 Bestes Sportgetränk
potassium                                 60 mg               142, 8 mg               -                      09/2005
magnesium                                37, 5 mg              89,3 mg             12, 5 %
vitamine C                                30 mg                71, 4 mg             50 %
niacine                                    9 mg                21, 4 mg             50 %
pantothenic acid                           3 mg                 7, 1 mg             50 %
vitamine B6                                1 mg                 2,4 mg              50 %
vitamine B2                               0, 8 mg               1, 9 mg             50 %
vitamine B1                               0, 7 mg               1, 7 mg             50 %                 Tip: : Fruit Tea is especially mild for the
* % of daily requirement/portion                                                                         stomach. The energy-boosting drink is also
                                                                                                         ideal for aiding convalescence. One litre deli-
                                                                                                         vers 80g of readily available carbohydrate.

                                                For greater stamina –
                      carbhydrate –                                                                                           isotonic
        n Xenofit carbohydrate bar                                                  n Xenofit carbohydrate gel
        Through its composition of carbohydrates, fat and proteins this             This gel is the logical and ideal comple-
        energy bar fulfils the modern requirements of such a product in             ment to the carbohydrate bar in the
        sport. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends more                   Xenofit energy bar range and to the isotonic
        than 50% carbohydrate energy in a sports bar. The Xenofit carbo-            energy drink Xenofit competition.
        hydrate bar delivers around 70% energy and contains only natural            The carbohydrate gel comes in two fruity
        fat sources with valuable unsaturated fatty acids. Rolled oats is           flavours and contains a highly concentra-
        main ingredient with no supplementary taste-enhancing fat                   ted carbohydrate mixture that delivers
        required. Xenofit carbohydrate bar also contains important                  energy quickly thus supporting stabilisation
        vitamins, particularly the energy metabolism important vitamins             of blood sugar levels. Another stimulating
        B1, B6 and niacin as well as the “sport mineral” magnesium and              ingredient of Xenofit gel is an extract of
        the “bone mineral” calcium.                                                 mate tea that banishes symptoms of tired-
                                                                                    ness and supports fat metabolism. Among
        Xenofit carbohydrate bar                                                    other characteristics mate supplies natural
        type pineapple/carrot         apricot
             banana                   chocolate/nut                                 caffeine. The carbohydrate gel is mild and
             wild berry                                                             easily digestible. In cases of extreme
        Nutritional value data**          100 g       1 Riegel (68 g)    %*         exertion up to 10 sticks can be consu-
        calorific value                  1545 kj          1095 kj                   med, always with abundant drinking water.
                                        (366 kcal)      (248,9 kcal)
                                          10,8 g
                                          65,6 g
                                                            7,3 g
                                                           44,6 g
                                                                                    The individual dose of 25g/stick has pro-                                  …with
                                                                                    ved suitable in training and competition.
        vitamine C
                                           6,7 g
                                         92,4 mg
                                                           4,6 g
                                                          62,8 mg       154 %       The practical packaging can be opened                                      natural
        vitamine E                       15,4 mg          10,5 mg       154 %       with one hand. Even in winter weather the
        vitamine B1
                                         15,4 mg
                                          3,0 mg
                                                          10,5 mg
                                                          2,04 mg
                                                                        85 %
                                                                        214 %       agreeable consistency of the gel does not                                  caffeine from
        vitamine B6
                                          3,0 mg
                                         400 mg
                                                          2,04 mg
                                                          272 mg
                                                                        150 %
                                                                         50 %
                                                                                                                                                               mate extract!
        magnesium                        150 mg           102 mg         50 %
        * % of daily requirement/portion
        ** composition of wild berry

        The intelligent carbo-                                                                       Xenofit carbohydrate gel
                                                                                                     type citrus-mix
        hydrate-kick for all who                                                                           redberry
        need a maximum energy                                                                        Nutritional value data 100 g       %*
        boost. Ideal during every                                                                    calorific value          1151 kj     -
                                                                                                                           (271 kcal)     -
        physical exertion..                                                                          carbohydrates             67,8 g     -
                                                                                                     protein                      0g      -
                                                                                                     fat                          0g      -
                                                                                                     vitamine C                40 mg    67 %
                                                                                                     vitamine B2             1,43 mg    89 %
                                                                                                     vitamine B6             1,57 mg    78 %
                                                                                                     * % of daily requirement

                                                                                                                                                                       Short-chain sugars
                                                                                                                                                                       Long-chain sugars


                                                                                                                                               Blood glucose
sehr gut

                                                                                                                                                  .......increased constancy of blood sugar
                                                                                                                                                  levels for greater stamina

             Carbohydrate                                                       for rapid energy supply
                                          n Xenofit protein 3plus
                                          Triple protein power + L-carnitine
                                          A drink powder with 87 % protein content for producing a protein-rich drink with added L-carnitine, vitamins and minerals.
                                          Apart from water, protein is the main component of muscles. The innumerable protein compounds in the body are necessary for funda-
                                          mental body functions including growth and development, building-up and maintenance of muscle. Body protein requirement can increa-
                                          se, especially when extreme extended exertion takes place or in muscle building phases of weight training.
                                          Xenofit protein 3 plus contains a triple protein complex with proteins from milk, whey and eggs supplying all essential amino acids. Even
                                          a single portion (prepared with 250 ml of low-fat milk) supplies 30.4 g protein in the form of 18 amino acids and thus represents an
                                          important contribution to daily protein requirement. The intake recommendation of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) is 0.8 g protein
                                          per kg bodyweight. Recommended are 1 – 2 portions daily. The high protein content of Xenofit protein 3 plus means that carbohydrate
 Triple protein                           and fat calories can be precisely replaced by protein calories. The supplementary L-carnitine plays an important role in the burning-up of
                                          body fat. Other components are the vital minerals calcium and magnesium, the trace
 power with                               element iron as well as 6 B vitamins and vitamin C. Xenofit protein 3 plus
                                          with tasty vanilla/banana favour is thus ideal for active people who like to
 L-carnitine                              look after their bodies.

                                          Ideal for athletes to meet increased protein requirement, especially
                                          following extreme physical exertion and for muscle building phases in
                                          weight training.
                                          More than a matter of taste!
                                          n High quality natural protein sources
                                          n All essential amino acids supplied in ideal amounts
                                          n 500 mg L-carnitine per recommended daily portion
                                          n Combined with vitamin B6 for metabolization of the proteins,
                                            supplementary vitamins, minerals and trace elements

                                                                      Xenofit protein 3plus
                                                                      type Vanilla/Banana
                                                                      Nutritional value data   100 g powder   25 g powder   25 g in 250 ml
                                                                                                                             milk (1,5%)
                                                                      calorific value            1587 kj         397 kj         913 kj
                                                                                               (379 kcal)      (95 kcal)     (219 kcal)
                                                                      protein                     87,0 g         21,8 g         30,4 g
                                                                      carbohydrates                 1,9 g         0,5 g         12,3 g
                                                                      fat                           1,6 g         0,4 g           4,5 g
                                                                      vitamine B1                 3,0 mg        0,7 mg         0,8 mg
                                                                      vitamine B2                 3,5 mg        0,9 mg         1,3 mg
                                                                      vitamine B6                 5,0 mg        1,2 mg         1,4 mg
                                                                      pantothenic acid          14,9 mg         3,7 mg         4,6 mg
                                                                      niacin                    29,5 mg         7,4 mg         7,6 mg
                                                                      vitamine B12                3,0 mg       0,75 mg        1,83 mg
                                                                      vitamine C                84,2 mg        21,0 mg        25,4 mg
                                                                      calcium                   58,0 mg        14,5 mg       319,2 mg
                                                                      phosphorus                74,6 mg        18,6 mg       253,6 mg
                                                                      magnesium                243,0 mg        60,8 mg        91,7 mg
                                                                      iron                      13,7 mg         3,4 mg         3,5 mg
                                                                      L-carnitine               1000 mg         250 mg         250 mg

Score* 100%…
The essential amino acids
constitute 50% of the protein
combination which has the
highest possible PDCAAS
(protein digestibility-corrected                                for targeted body conditioning
amino acid score*) of 100%.
* From the FAO/WHO proposed meas-
urement to determine protein quality in
nutrition with regard to digestibility.   Protein-Power                                                            that tastes great
n Xenofit second skin
This deer tallow sports cream protects like a second skin and is
ideal for all sportsmen and women including bikers, joggers,
triathletes, mountain climbers and hikers. The cream protects
from irritating saddle chafing, helps to avoid pressure sores and
friction burns and soothes dry, rough and raw patches of skin
but also gives welcome relief from the pressures of tight sports
clothes. Xenofit second skin – a natural product with deer tallow
and lanolin for frictionless sport enjoyment

  …helping you
     smooth away the
  aches and pains

   Everything for sport

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