Celebration hand painted silk scarf by liaoqinmei


									Celebration hand painted silk scarf
Permanent black marker
Tracing vellum
Mechanical pencil/ #2H lead
3 ½ yards woven seam binding
Push pins
Canvas stretcher 17”X 62”
Watercolor brushes
Typing paper

White silk scarves (15”X60”)
Silk fabric paints These are just suggestions in colors to use . Pick your own colors to fit your design
          Royal blue
          Skyline blue
          Garden green
1oz applicator bottle clear
Silk resist

Hand wash scarf in warm water; press smooth while still damp. (be careful when pressing silk it burns
Hand baste seam binding securely to rolled hems of scarf, making sure most of the bindings width is
extending beyond scarf.
Darken all lines of the pattern with a black marker. Tape pattern taut on work surface: tape scarf right side
up, over pattern. Center one end of scarf over pattern: when done transferring repeat on the other end . Fill
in center portions with additional small triangles and dots, spacing them more widely then on the ends.
Very lightly using the mechanical pencil, trace pattern onto scarf.

Assemble canvas stretcher . center scarf, right side up , over stretcher , use push pins to secure seam
binding to wood all around., starting in the center of each side. Placing push pins approximately 1” apart.
Then all around the edges. The scarf should be held even and taut. DO NOT PLACE PINS IN SCARF
MATERIAL ITSELF IT MAY TEAR OR RUN. Only put pins in binding.

Applying resist: pierce the tip of the sild resist bottle with a pin. Hold bottle vertically(up and down) with
its tip pressed firmly against the fabric: squeeze bottle gently while drawing the tip toward you along all
pencil lines of pattern. The line of resist should be 1/16”-1/8” wide: move bottle at a steady speed to keep
line uniform width. When you are finished hold your work up to the light and check that the resist has
penetrated all the way through the fabric and that there are no skip lines or gaps. If there are skip lines or
gaps , touch up where you missed. Allow to dry for 30 minutes.

Painting: stir your paints only. Stir the paints thoroughly before use. Dip brush into paint and apply it
sparingly (not a lot ) to the center of the resist outlined area.. Do Not use brushstrokes, but guide the paint
from the center of the area to the resist outlines. Be very careful not to go past the resist lines.

Finishing: allow paints to dry for at least 12 hours. To set the paints sandwich scarf between layers of
taping paper then ironing the sandwiched scarf on top of the typing paper . Set your iron a high permanent
press . Iron for 2 minutes . Keep moving the iron to avoid scorching of the scarf or paints.
To remove the resist soak the painted scarf in lukewarm water or have it dry cleaned.

Wear this beautiful hand made scarf to the next party you go to or even church and the compliments will
come your way.



You can enlarge the pattern below on your computer in ¼ sections. Or you can use it the size it already is it
is up to you to make the design you desire.

When enlarging the pattern make all sections the same size and match up then tape together for a full size
pattern. Have fun with it make it your own.

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