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									 Twenty Four

Monica McGill

  Project 1

                  Interactive Robot Performance Design
1 Performance Mechanics
    The story is based on the hit series 24. The robot assumes the character of Jack Bauer, while
the participant assumes the character of the agent in charge. Jack is in search of a bomb that must
be found and dismantled, or the entire state of California will be wiped from the face of the
planet. As in most episodes, Jack is faced with either trusting his agent in charge or suspecting
them of being a terrorist.

1.1 Core Performance
    The story begins in a dimly lit warehouse and Jack enters the warehouse in search of a bomb.
Jack and the agent in charge interact a couple of times. Jack’s actions are dependent on the
agents choices and whether or not the agent is a mole. The full story is laid out in the next
section and the storyboard depicts each of the choices. At the completion of the story, Jack
leaves the warehouse.
    The full performance is as follows:
         Jack enters the warehouse.
         He finds the bomb and takes a picture of it back to the agent.
         The agent confirms that it is either a bomb or informs Jack that the bomb is a decoy,
            but the agent could be lying.
         Jack is faced with choices about believing the agent, trying dismantle the bomb, or
            leaving to find a real bomb. He asks the what he should do.
         Once the choices have been made, some random behaviors occur. Jack might become
            confused and concerned the agent is a mole, he might try to dismantle the bomb, or
            might leave the building believing that the bomb is just a decoy.
    Jack’s character simulates his character on the series.

1.2 Flow
    The flow is described in the core performance. Additional details are provided in the

1.3 Characters
    The robot will represent Jack. In this story, the robot will have the face of Jack Bauer
attached to it.
    The participant will be the agent in charge. The participant will either be a mole who lies to
Jack about the bomb or a true believer.

1.4 Performance Elements
    The bomb will have a colored light (glowstick) in it that will cast a glow for the robot (Jack)
to find. The robot will sense where the bomb is based on the light. It will be glowing before Jack
enters the room.
    The computer speak Jack’s words. The agent/participant will be prompted for answers to his
questions by selecting the options on the computer.
2 Story
        This story takes place in a warehouse. Jack Bauer, the sole robot agent, is in charge of
dismantling a nuclear bomb. Jack waits for the agent (the participant) in charge to tell him when
to enter the room. But the agent might be a mole who lies to Jack. Jack wanders into the room in
the warehouse in search of the bomb. Jack finds the bomb after a few minutes of searching.
        “I am in search of the bomb,” says Jack.
        He pauses once he finds the bomb.
        “I found the bomb, I’m sending you a picture,” says Jack.
        He snaps a picture and forwards it to the agent.
        The agent either confirms it is a bomb or a decoy. But the agent could be lying. The story
is dependent on whether the agent is a mole or a real agent. There are four scenarios that play out
from this choice. These are outlined in the storyboard.
        If the agent confirms that it is a bomb, Jack asks if he should dismantle the bomb. The
agent must now tell Jack what to do. Jack’s actions become dependent on the agent’s response.
The agent has an option of Yes, No, or Lost contact.
        If the agent confirms that it is a decoy, Jack will either be sent to a new location by the
true agent or will have doubts if he suspects the agent is a mole.
        In the end, either Jack tries to dismantle or not dismantle the bomb. After this event, he
leaves the warehouse. Jack is always successful in dismantling the bomb.
3 User Interface
  This section depicts the user interface in a flowchart/storyboard set up.

3.1 Flowchart/Node Map
3.2 Functional Requirements
    The computer screen will serve as the interface for the agent/participant. Once the story
begins, the computer will speak the phrases Jack will say. In response to any questions, the user
will be prompted on the screen using the askQuestion command. Therefore, a message box will
appear with a question and one of the eligible answers.

   The functional requirements are as follows:
    The user will decide if they will be an agent or a mole. They do not need to make any
      choices at this time.
    Upon receipt of the picture from Jack, the user will receive a randomly generated
      message stating that the bomb is either real or a decoy. If the agent is a real agent, they
      will tell Jack the truth about the bomb. If the agent is a mole, they will lie about the bomb.
    The user will then, if the case warrants, tell Jack to dismantle the bomb, tell him there is
      not enough time, or will “lose contact” with Jack, leaving him on his own.

   The coding requirements are as follows:
    If statements – there are several choices that need to be made. Dependent on the random
      choices generated or those choices made by the user, the actions that follow will be
      different. An if statement will be used to code those actions.
    Loop – a loop will be used when the robot looks for the bomb.
    Random Number Generator – three instances of random number generation will be used,
      once for deciding whether the bomb is real or a decoy, and twice for choosing between
      what behaviors will be taken when the user loses contact with the robot.
    Variables – must be used for counting loops, if statement conditions, random number
      generation, taking pictures and sensors.
    Expressions – There will be a countdown of the bomb.
    takePicture - A picture will be taken as part of the story.
    Sensors – Sensors will be used to find the bomb and to move away from the bomb.

3.3 Mock-ups/Storyboards
    In this story, the storyboard is very simple. The warehouse room is 10X10, meeting the
dimensions of the requirements. The robot only moves around to find the bomb, the story with
the agent/mole unfolds, and the robot will eventually leave the room at the end. There will be
other random movements as well, based on the decisions of the agent and the random decisions
that are made.
4    Art and Video
    Only limited art will be added to the story.

4.1 Overall Goals
    The art will lend itself to the recreation of the 24 series.

4.2 2D Art & Animation
    A picture of Jack Bauer’s face will be attached to the robot. It will include the front of his
face and the back of his head, so when he turns, you will see the back.

4.2.1 GUI
   The GUI will be fairly simple. As shown in the book, the askQuestion command displays a
message box for the user to choose. No elaborate GUI is planned at this time.

4.2.2 Terrain
   For the video demo, the video will be shot on green screen. The terrain will be a jpg of a
room in a warehouse. The live demo will not have any additional terrain.

4.2.3 Performance Elements
    No special performance elements will be used in this story, other than the bomb (see 4.3

4.2.4 Special Effects
    No special effects will be used.

4.3 3D Art and Animation
     A glow stick will be used for the bomb. The bomb will be a cardboard box with many holes
in it, so the light will shine through.

4.4 Cinematics
    For the video sequence, the intro and credits for this story will emulate the intro and credits
for 24.

4.5 Video
If time allows, the video will have the into 24 sequence, the shots of the entire screen play with
the agent not being a mole (one episode with one decision made), and the closing sequence with
the pictures from the episode on the screen. Additionally, a second “what didn’t happen”
sequence will be shot, one of the agent playing a mole.
5 Sound and Music
Sound is not central to this project, however, if time allows it will be added. This will require
some additional coding from other chapters in the book and testing for timing with the
interactions. For the live performance, there may not be any sound and it may be added to the

5.1 Overall Goals
   The goals of any music that will be added is to provide context for the story. The story will
have the “feel” of 24 if the sounds from 24 are also added to the story.

5.2 Sound Effects
   Ticking sounds will be added to simulate the ticking of a bomb.

5.3 Environmental Music
   To establish the environment, some empty warehouse noises will be added.

5.4 Background Music
   The background music will be intermittent. It will introduce the story and close the story out.
The music will be the 24 intro and closing sounds.
   Tense background music

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