Notice of Claim of Defective Goods

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					                          Notice of Claim of Defective Goods

Date: _____________

To:    (Name of Supplier), (street address, city, state, zip code).

We have purchased a product sold or manufactured by you described as: (description
of product).

One of our customers has advised us of a defect in the product described as follows:
(description of defect).

   Name of Customer: __________________________________________
   Approximate date of purchase: _____________
   Nature of defect: ___________________________________________________
   Injuries claimed: ___________________________________________________
   Property Damaged Claimed: ___________________________________________

In the event that a legal action is commenced against us arising from Breach of
Warranty of Merchantability respecting the product, we shall look to you for full

This notice is provided to you to give you earliest possible notice of the potential claim.

       WITNESS our signature as of the day and date first above stated.
                                            (Name of Purchaser)

                                             (Printed Name & Office in Corporation)
                                             (Signature of Officer)

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Description: This is a document that a merchant sends to a supplier of goods notifying them that their customers have found the products to be defective. A merchant is defined as a person that conducts regular business with the goods or product. This notice informs the supplier that the product is defective and demands indemnification, or reimbursement, from the supplier if the merchant is held to be in breach of any warranty associated with the product. This notice should be used by small businesses or other entities that want to ensure they receive indemnification from the supplier of defective goods.