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					              Accelerated Math Parent/Student Information Letter
It’s time for another great year at Summit View Middle School! I am pleased to welcome
you to the 6th grade and to the Mt. Olympus Team! Outlined below are a few things that
you (students and parents) need to know about Mrs. Kemen’s Accelerated Mathematics
class. Hopefully this information will be useful/helpful and will answer any questions
you may have. Please read and sign below, both parents and students, as this will be
collected as the first math homework grade – due Thursday, August 20th. If you
have any further questions, feel free to contact me either by telephone or by email at

I am very excited to have you in Accelerated Math this year! I hope that you find this
math course both enjoyable and challenging. We will be moving at a fast pace, so if
there is ever a time where you feel overwhelmed or lost, come see me immediately!

Accelerated Math Expectations: Accelerated Math is a rigorous course that will require a
lot of time invested in preparation, homework practice, and studying for tests and
quizzes. The course is accelerated in that students will learn regular 6th grade math
content, in addition to, 7th grade math content.

Classroom Expectations: I expect each student to be on time to class, participate in class,
write in his/her agenda every day, complete assigned work, keep organized, and to bring
all materials to class each day.

Team Expectations:
      1. Talk only at appropriate times.
      2. Bring required materials to class.
      3. Follow homework policy.
      4. Respect others and their property.
      5. Stay on task.

Materials: You will need to have the following materials for math class every day, if you
ever forget what you need, required materials will be posted in the window of Mrs.
Kemen’s classroom door – be sure to check every morning:
        1. Pencils (for homework/practice/class work)
        2. Pens (for notes)
        3. Spiral Notebook (for notes)
        4. Pocket Folder with Fasteners (to hold tests, quizzes, and filler paper)
        5. Wide OR College-Ruled Filler Paper (loose-leaf; for homework)
        6. Calculator (will be announced if needed day-to day)

Homework: In order to be successful in Math, individual practice is a must! You can
expect homework every night. I will try not to give homework on Fridays, but this IS
NOT a promise, a rule, or set in stone!
In addition, homework/any work to be turned in MUST BE COMPLETED IN
PENCIL! I will not accept work done in pen! If work is turned in and has been
completed in pen, you will receive a zero!
Make-Ups: The class follows the School Homework Policy concerning make-up work.
Tests will be made-up as soon as a student returns to school. It is the students’
responsibility to get make-up work from days missed and also to make-up any tests or
quizzes missed on days absent. If a student fails to make-up work/tests/quizzes in an
appropriate amount of time*, a zero will be given as a grade.
       *An appropriate amount of time means that if you are absent from school for 1
       class, you have 1 day to make up the work; if you miss 2 classes, you will have 2
       days to make-up the work missed; etc.*

Notes: We WILL take notes in class, which is why you need a spiral notebook. Notes
will include a number of examples and will be helpful with homework assignments. You
MAY take notes in pen.

Exit Slips: Students will be given an “Exit Slip” to complete at the conclusion of each
class. An “Exit Slip” will include 3-5 questions (6-10 points) and will ask questions
about the content taught that day in class – it could also include questions about material
taught in prior school days, but it will never include material that has not been taught to
the students by Mrs. Kemen. Students will be able to correct “Exit Slips.” Corrections
made to “Exit Slips” will need to be turned in to Mrs. Kemen one day after they have
been returned to students.

Grading Scale:
      A+       100 - 99             B          90 - 87          C-        77 - 76         F          69 - 0
      A         98 - 95             B-         86 - 85          D+          75
      A-        94 - 93             C+         84 - 83          D         74 - 71
      B+        92 - 91             C          82 - 78          D-          70

Extra Help: Don’t be afraid to come see me for extra help in the mornings before
homeroom starts if you have problems with your homework. Arrangements can also be
made for after-school help; however, arrangements for after-school help must be made in

I am looking forward to a great year!

Kristen Kemen
6th Grade Mathematics, Mt. Olympus Team
Summit View Middle School
(859) 363 – 4800 extension 5107

              (Please Cut Along This Line and Return to Mrs. Kemen on Thursday, August 20th)

Please sign below that you have read and understand the Syllabus for Accelerated Math – both signatures
(student and parent) required to receive full 10 points for the homework assignment.

Student Name (Print): ___________________________________

                           Student Signature: _____________________________________

Parent Name (Print): ____________________________________

                           Parent Signature: ______________________________________

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