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					           General Updates

         Claire L. Parkinson
        Aqua Project Scientist

 Aqua Science Working Group Meeting
Turf Valley Resort and Conference Center
           Ellicott City, Maryland
            November 18, 2002
    Aqua Science Working Group Meeting
            November 18, 2002
• Welcome and general updates ……. Claire Parkinson
• Headquarters perspective …………..……. Jack Kaye
• AMSR-E validation activities ……..……. Elena Lobl
• MODIS validation activities ……. Vince Salomonson
• CERES validation activities ………... Bruce Wielicki
• AIRS/AMSU/HSB validation activities … Eric Fetzer
• AMSU/HSB precipitation measurements
  over the Arctic …………………………. Dave Staelin
• AMSR-E/SSMI water vapor movies ….. Frank Wentz
• Update on Aqua mission operations …… Angie Kelly
• Workshop on EOS data …………………. Dan Ziskin
         Checkout Period and Beyond

• The May 4 Aqua launch was followed by a highly
  successful 120-day checkout period of the spacecraft
  and all the instruments.
• On September 1, the checkout period ended and the
  official transition took place from the Aqua Project,
  headed by Phil Sabelhaus, to Earth Science Mission
  Operations and Systems (ESMOS), headed by Paul
• The new Aqua Mission Director is Bill Guit; the EOS
  Mission Operations Manager is Angie Kelly.
• All instruments continue to perform well.
                    Image Advisories
• Image advisories are images with captions that are being put on
  the web site to provide a sampling of what is
  being obtained from Aqua.
• Please send potential advisories to Steve Graham at Images and text are reviewed
  by Claire Parkinson and, when available, Ramesh Kakar.
• Most recent advisory images:

Tropical Cloud Systems from CERES            Flooding from Hurricane
                                             Isidore, from AMSU-A
         Status of the Aqua Special Issue
           of the IEEE Transactions on Geoscience
                and Remote Sensing (TGARS)
• Total of 32 papers submitted, spring 2002
   –   26 papers accepted
   –   2 papers withdrawn
   –   3 revised papers back in the hands of the reviewers
   –   1 paper not yet resubmitted
• Paper distribution
   –   18 from the AIRS/AMSU/HSB Science Team
   –   6 from the U.S. and Japanese AMSR-E Science Teams
   –   5 from the MODIS Science Team
   –   1 general Aqua overview
• Guest Editors: Mous Chahine, Chris Kummerow,
  Claire Parkinson, Vince Salomonson
• Scheduled publication date: February 2003 (lots left
  to be done: copy editing, proofing, layout, etc.)
               Aqua Special Sessions
                 planned for 2003
• Optical Society of America, February 3-6, Quebec
   – AIRS special session
   – Organized by Mitch Goldberg and Jim Yoe
• ASPRS, May 5-9, Anchorage
   – Aqua special session
   – Chaired by Phil Sabelhaus
   – Invited Speakers: Phil Sabelhaus, Mike Donnelly, Vince
     Salomonson, and Mous Chahine
• IGARSS, July 21-25, Toulouse
   – AMSR-E special session
   – Organized by Elena Lobl
• AGU, December 8-12, San Francisco
   – Aqua special session
   – Organized by Steve Graham
   – Chaired by Claire Parkinson
  Aqua Honored with a Popular Science
      “Best of What’s New” Award

• Aqua is a winner in the Aviation and Space category.
• You can place the “Best of What’s New” logo (below)
  on your web sites.
• You can vote for Aqua for a “People’s Choice” award.
   – Go to
   – Click on the “Best of What’s New” logo.
   – Click on “VOTE NOW” right below “Click
     the button below to vote for Aqua.”
           AIRS Team Leader Wins Major Award
• At the World Space Congress meeting
  in Houston in October, Mous Chahine
  was awarded the Nordberg Medal from
  COSPAR, for “distinguished contribu-
  tions to the application of space science
  to the study of the environment.”
     MODIS Team Leader Wins Major Award

• On November 15, Vince Salomonson
  was awarded the William Nordberg
  Memorial Award for Earth Science,
  from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight
  Center, for his “outstanding,
  sustained leadership in the NASA
  Earth Science space and
  applications program and for his
  leadership and research in
  advancing spaceborne technology
  and remote sensing for the
  investigation of the Earth from

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