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                               North West Disability Case Management Action Group - CMAG Bi monthly Forum Minutes

Details:     16th March 2011, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm

Venue:       MCM Training Room, 230 Normanby Ave Thornbury

Elizabeth Pisani (VMI DHS), Charmaine Leone (Villa Maria), Andrea Russell, Jeni Burton, Simone Rosewall (SWEP), Danielle Archer (MoneyHelp), Louise
Sunnerfors ( HR&SS), Cynthia Naidu, Mohammed Tipu Sultan (PVCH), Vicki Cavalieros (CPSN), Shiji Thomas ( DHS), Gavin Rieschieck, Suree Ercan –
Dow (Melbourne Citymission), Shireen Dass ( DHS), Christi Tsafos, Helen Dubberly ( MCHS), Sarah Jamieson, Joy Campbell, Casey Tabone, Lauren
Baldan, Grace Chiodo, Veronica Sullivan, Lim Yiew ( Melbourne Citymission), Carol Schmidt ( DCH), Donna Wagon ( Melbourne Citymission), Karan Verum,
David Maxwell ( Independence Australia), Ramona Arnold ( MFS), Lynne Moore (NCHS), Michelle Harmer (CMAG)

Chair:       Jen D (Director Children‟s and Disability Services Melbourne Citymission)

      Item                                                     Discussion                                                              Action
                  MoneyHelp is a not-for-profit initiative of the Victorian Government to provide free, confidential
                  and independent financial advice to Victorians who have experienced, or are facing, job loss or
 Money Help       reduced working hours or mortgage or rental stress.
Danielle Archer                                                                                                        Case managers can find out more
                  MoneyHelp is a suite of products and services comprising:                                            about money help by visiting the
                                                                                                                       website www.moneyhelp.org.au
                        a free phone financial counselling service (including an interpreter service);
                        a website (www.moneyhelp.org.au);                                                             If you would like Danielle to present
                        referral to face to face financial counsellors;                                               this information to your team please
                        a free information brochure including a budget planner;                                       contact her directly:
                        free promotional materials including a poster, flyer and wallet card; and
                        a MoneyHelp Liaison Officer to promote and disseminate MoneyHelp services and                 Danielle Archer
                         products.                                                                                     Money Help Liaison Officer
                  MoneyHelp is managed by the Consumer Action Law Centre, a campaign-focused consumer
                  advocacy, litigation and policy organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.
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                  Funding for MoneyHelp is provided from the Victorian Property Fund on the approval of the   Please see Danielle‟s presentation
                  Minister for Consumer Affairs Victoria, Australia.                                          attached.
                  The Victorian State-wide equipment program (SWEP) provides people with a permanent or long-
  Statewide       term disability with subsidised aids and equipment to enhance independence in their home,
  Equipment       facilitate community participation and support families and carers in their role.
   (SWEP)         The key principles underpinning the SWEP are to improve outcomes for individuals and aim to
                  achieve a customer focused service through:
 Jeni Burton,                                                                                                            Please see SWEP presentation
   Simone                                                                                                                attached.
  Rosewall,          Streamlined and timely access to an integrated and coordinated service delivery system.
Andrea Russell       Transparent processing, prioritisation and equitable access.
                     Efficient and cost effective use of resources.

                  See attached Frequently asked Questions

                  Further advice and clarification as to the current process available to those wishing to apply for
Once off Urgent   urgent one off and interim funds around: Clarity of process – intake, N&W IP&S‟s role, access,
Funds             and guidelines was sought with a letter being sent to Tiff Carroll and Dale Fulford on behalf of the
                  CMAG Executive.

                  There has been a commitment to providing the following outcomes:
                    - One (e)mailbox for requests to be sent to
                     - One form to complete (this will be similar to the existing CMAG once off urgent funding
                         application form)
                     - Clear access pathways

                  In the meantime the process for applying for these funds will remain the same, workers can             Once this information is available
                                                                                                                         Michelle will circulate to the
                  submit applications using the CMAG form and send requests via email to
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Victorian     Jen informed members of the VIDP and they ways in which CMAG/ Melbourne Citymission are
Industry      proposing to respond to the key objectives:
Plan (VIDP)      -   Creating Individualised Support Responses – supporting people with a disability to lead
                     decision making the at affects their lives.
                 -   Workforce Planning and Development – skilled and qualified workforce within the sector.

              Michelle - One of the ways CMAG has been/ will be involved in this is through the work being
              done around supporting those for which in home care is no longer possible:

              Each organisation participated in a mapping exercise to jointly share experiences of this issue
              through case management practice.

              Responses from organisations were collated and used at a workshop facilitated by Glen Ochre -
              Groupworks Institute in October 2010 to collate the case management sector‟s wisdom to clarify
              the tension points in the current system, and determine what strategies can be put in place to
              address this issue (both in the short and long term).

              Outcomes from the workshop include::
                 1. CMAG Best practice group to work on an agreed framework or process that workers could
                    use to guide their actions and have a clearer understanding across agency (CSO- DHS-
                    Housing Services) of possible pathways.
                 2. CMAG will be hosting a Housing Expo/ forum in 2011. CMAG Best Practice group are
                    currently planning for this event and will advise network when more details come to hand.

              Members wanting to know more about the VIDP can contact Michelle at cmag@mcm.org.au or
              call 9487 9213.
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              National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
              Every Australian Counts is the campaign for the introduction of a National Disability Insurance
Information   Scheme. The NDIS will revolutionise the way people with disability, their families and carers and
sharing       all Australians are supported in this country.

              There are two public information session and feedback forums coming up. NDIS information               Please see attached flyer
              session flyer circulated to members

              Autism Spectrum Disorders Awareness Training
              Training dates for 2011 have been released. You can find these on the CMAG website along with
              the course outline and registration forms. Go to: http://www.cmag.org.au/events/2010/autism-
                                                                                                                     Michelle to keep CMAG members
              Autism Victoria are facilitating this training with CMAG handling the registration process. Those      notified of places remaining in each
              wanting to attend will need to send their completed registration forms to cmag@mcm.org.au , this       session via enews and website under
              then acts as your expression of interest in the training. You will be notified of your secured place   „Events‟
              in the training via email.

              * A completed registration form signed by your manager is required before your place can be

              Disability support Register (DSR)
              Members requested some information and advice/ training on the Disability Support Register;
              Including:                                                                                             CMAG to organise DSR information
                  - Guidelines,                                                                                      session.
                  - Process,
                  - Access to and definitions of one off/ urgent/ non recurrent funding.

              Housing Option
              David and Karan from Independence Australia spoke about a housing option available through
              their agency.

              Accommodation Services – Independence Australia has “nomination rights” for properties
              managed by community based housing associations (Housing Choices Australia, North East
                                                                                                   Auspiced by

Housing Association & Yarra Housing). These properties are funded through the Ministry of
Housing Transitional Housing Programme. Tenants in these properties have completed an
application for a Ministry of Housing property & have been accepted as needing a fully modified
property (wheelchair accessible).

They have a Segment Two classification. Clients are offered one of these properties whilst they
are waiting for a Ministry of Housing place. As part of the agreement with the housing
associations Independence Australia provides a support service to our clients around
maintenance problems & resolving disputes related to their tenancy.

For further information regarding this accommodation service please contact Karan
Verma, Outreach Support Worker, Independence Australia, phone 9418 0406

             Next meeting: Wednesday 11th May 2011, 10.30 – 12.30pm, 230 Normanby Ave, Thornbury

                                                 RSVP essential

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