Minutes from 11/9/10 semi-annual meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM at the Lower Macungie Township Community Center.

32 homeowners were in attendance.

5 proxies were submitted

Speaker: Benjamin Galiardo, LMT Enforcement Agent gave a presentation and answered questions.
A few of the points he made:
     on snow emergency routes in the neighborhood (so posted) cars have 6 hours to be removed
     unregistered uninsured cars parked on the street or private driveway are considered abandoned and will be
        towed at the owner’s expense
     a new ordinance goes into effect that snow cannot be thrown in the street and a fine will be levied
     grass and weeds cannot exceed 12” in height
     grass cannot be blown on the street or in storm drains
     no firearms to be shot on township property; archery fine 50 yards from a habitable area; bow and arrow
        fine 150 yards from habitable property
     solicitation: each person must have an ID and permit; religious groups and politicians are exempt, as well
        as placing door hangers for advertising

President’s Report:
In the absence of President Chris Ashbrook, VP Helen Hewell conducted the meeting.

Secretary’s Report: Debby James
A motion was made by Claire McCrea and seconded by Jen Bowen to dispense with the reading of the May 2010
minutes. The motion carried. A motion was made by S Rowland and seconded by Dave Sharrar to accept the May
2010 minute as written. The motion carried. Debby reported the following area representatives submitted their area
signatures electing them to the board for a two year term: Fran Detamore, Kathy Lentz and Bill Crawford.

Treasurer’s report: Art Imdorf
Art Imdorf reported that we had a balance as of October 31, 2010 of $ 41,285.62 in our account. Helen Hewell
affirmed the treasurer’s report and bank statement agreed. Art noted the following expenses: $200 for the shredding
event, $105 for the November mailing, $17 to have the old Millbrook sign removed, and legal fees of $850.59. A
motion was made by Linda Perron and seconded by S Rowland to accept the October 2010 treasurer’s report. The
motion carried. To date 1 homeowner has not paid his 2010 dues. A New York state process server has been hired
to serve the papers to the absentee owners.
2011 Budget: Art presented the budget to the membership. A motion was made by Bill Perron and seconded by
Kathy Lentz to accept the 2011 budget as presented. The motion carried.

Welcoming: Kathy Heilenman
Kathy explained that she visits new residents to welcome them and provides a directory and letter with facts about
the neighborhood and Association. She did not welcome anyone this month. She will greet the new resident on
Newton Circle. For sale in the neighborhood: 2 townhouses, 1 on Glenwood, 1 on Woodlawn, and 2 Howard
Homes. She is looking for a volunteer to help her greet.

Common Area Maintenance: Helen Hewell
Helen reported that several trees have fallen in the last six months and Natural Scapes has taken care of each one. It
was noted that many trees along the stream are old with wet roots so we can anticipate more trees falling. A
homeowner raised the concern of eroding gravel on the paths. We will wait until spring to have Natural Scapes look
into replenishing it. It was also reported that Natural Scapes is taking a wider cut along the paths.
Old Business:
Street Trees: Joe Harth
Joe continues to work with Lower Macungie Township on tree replacements. He recently spoke with Lee
Lichtenwalner, and thinks we can still anticipate at least 20 trees in late November or early December. He explained
to those present that the street trees sit in the township right-of –way which is 15ft. into the property from the street.
They are presently placed 40-50 feet apart. A resident is allowed to trim the trees, but cannot remove a living tree.
It the tree is dead, a permit needs to be obtained to remove the tree. It is wise to call the township regarding a dead
tree because they have removed them free of charge in the past.

4717 Belmont Drive: Bill Ehrlich, chair of the Approval Committee, reported that the owners of a house being
constructed at 4717 Belmont Drive have received an injunction to stop building a garage/storage area on their home.
The homeowner is not using the plans he submitted to the committee for which he received approval.

New Business:
Guidelines: Helen Hewell reported that the board will be updating the guidelines in the months to come. As
technology changes, some items need to be updated. She also noted that as the homes age maintenance issues are
starting to arise. Helen stressed the Association strives to maintain the development as it was designed when first

Neighborhood Mischief: Reports have come in regarding cars parked on Parkview Circle on weekend nights. It has
been reported to the township. A resident noted that no parking dawn to dusk signs are posted just up the street at
the park.

Car scanning area: A resident said he saw a car along Macungie Road using large spot lights to scan the fields. At
one point the car was parked in our common area referred to as the “ball field”. The thought is that he was scanning
for deer.

The motion for adjournment was made by S Rowland and seconded by Paul Slick. The meeting was adjourned at
8:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Debra Z. James,
MFHA Secretary

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